Diabetes Health in The News Podcast: Children with Type 1 Diabetes Taper Adherence on Weekends and Holidays


Hello I'm not Al Samra Diabetes. You're listening to diabetes health in the news today story. Children with type. One diabetes tapered adherents on weekends and Holidays. Summers here but has your child's daily medication fled with the April showers according to a study conducted by the women's and children's Hospital in North Adelaide Australia Children's adherence to their medication tends to taper off during the holidays and over the weekend. This can pose a number of difficulties for those who require daily doses to help manage chronic conditions like type one diabetes researchers found that. This lowered adherence was true regardless of gender age diabetes dose or Body Mass Index the takeaway. Badging diabetes isn't easy and it's important to ensure that your children take the necessary medication. Even their holidays. Consider working directly with your clinician to develop a strategy to keep them on track regardless of the season. These findings were published by physician briefing on June eighteen. Twenty nineteen from diabetes health. I'm not out Samri.

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