The Emotional Cycle


Hi everyone and welcome back to the show a Balanced Life For You where you design the life of Your Dreams. I'm your host Rhonda Cimorelli. I'm an Acc redited Transformational Coach as well as an NLP practitioner. And I'm super excited that you're here with me today. The whole purpose of this show is to provide you with tools and resources that will inspire and motivate you so that you can love your life not just live your life and today I have a topic for you that could potentially change your life. I recently came across a piece of material that had helped me in my last business as I was working with the women in my team I mean I had a unit of thirty plus and quite often. I would have to evaluate (((((her or help evaluate) where she was in her business and what was causing her to either act in a certain way or react in a certain way. It comes down to something as simple as your Emotions (((((your or feelings). You may or may not be aware that thoughts or a series of thoughts will create or trigger your feelings your emotions and those emotions are what guide our actions or inactions in life. And it's those actions that we take or the lack of action that we take that ultimately lands in the place that we currently are here o you have landed you are because T his brings to the topic of the day your emotional cycle. I read As and reviewed this emotional t made me concept applies to every single area of our life ----all eight areas that I coach in which includes business, relationships, finance, health, fitness and so much more. As with anything, no matter what you are doing, when you start something new do. ((key That's that you want to do.) You're looking forward to T hat initial feeling you have is Excitement! You are so excited because of the possibilities that you have just opened up now again. I've mentioned that this is true for every area of your life. So let's think about this; if you have decided to start a new business opportunity for what purpose did you start your new business opportunity? Chances are, you want to make some money. You want to make an impact. You want to make a difference. Let's think about this. Let's say it was your idea to venture into a new relationship, whether it's a new dating relationship or marriage, you're excited about what your future could possibly hold for you. you Wa begin hen new health routine or new diet or a new exercise; (f rankly, I don't like the word diet. I don't diet because I have a healthy lifestyle.) For what purpose did you start it? Well, because of the amazing potential possibilities that lie ahead for you. You can get l ook feel the way that you did five, ten, twenty years ago. It's the ability to spend more time with your children or grandchildren. The benefits of your weight loss can include things like lowering lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure and just a general overall better physical mental and emotional wellbeing. All right, so the second phase (or the second stage) that we will all hit an any given time is something called Frustration. in your business frustration could be due to cancellations, or unforeseen obstacles. Maybe you have friends that you've been trying to get to try your product. You've wanted to have them try your products. And they're not responding maybe puts posts out on social media about. Your Business and no one is responding to you in the area of your relationships. Think about this new relationship that you've entered. It can be very frustrating if you find out that your partner snores, doesn't pick up after him self or herself or perhaps is a poor money manager. How frustrating might be thinking about your health situation so you started this diet. You're all excited about the possibilities. But now you can't get to the gym workout as you planned. It's difficult to go grocery shopping plan for these meals and even worse. It's so hard to prepare for yourself and your family or kids because your children are not necessarily eating the same thing that you are on his new diet. So where are we now on this emotional cycle? We've gone from being excited to frustrated. The next thing that comes is quickly shock and denial so. How did these emotions impact you shock is a point where you say? I can't believe it. I thought it would be so easy. This comes as a total surprise or was it actually surprise because it sounds more like a little bit of denial. Yes that is the next phase. Denial and in denial base. You can find yourself withdrawing procrastinating avoidance and. You might even decide to overcompensate with things like cooking eating sleeping and drinking these are all things if you think about it when you do them they make you feel good. I like to sleep. It makes me feel good. Why because I get to avoid what's going on. I want to eat a lot. Why because I love food food makes me feel good? Drinking makes me feel good and of course smoking makes me feel good. If and when you can move yourself from this point of Schalken deniel you'll most likely find yourself in. A state of fear. Fear is asking myself. What if what if? I can't do this. What if I fail? What if they laugh at me in my business? What if I don't make enough money? What if I lose the house? What have I lose the business? Fear in relationships. What if he or she leaves me? What will I ever do? What if I get hurt? How can I be alone and in your health if you fail? What will that look like? I will never get my health back on. Never feel like playing with my kids. What if my blood pressure and high cholesterol never go down? I could die. Are you noticing a common theme with the fear? Fear is an anticipation of pain in the future. That is all fear is an anticipation of pain in the future. I'm not going to get into that topic today because I want to. Continue on with your emotional cycle. The next phase is in two parts anger part one anger part to. What does that look like the first part of anger is you ask yourself well? Why didn't they tell me I'm so angry. And then I want to blame everyone except for me because that would come later. It's too easy to blame myself. And take responsibility in business. Why didn't they tell me it would be so hard. I had to work so many hours to get this business up and running. Why didn't they tell me I was going to be exhausted from working my regular J. O. B? While I worked my business plan to an entrepreneur. Why didn't they tell me? Relationships are really a lot of work. Why didn't anyone tell me it was going to take awhile to see the results. Now we're GONNA move into anger part to this is where you have decided. It's really not their fault and you realize I'm the one that made this decision. I'm the one that jumped in and wanted to start this business. I'm the one that jumped in and wanted to start this new diet and health routine. I'm the one who wanted to jump into this relationship. Step into this relationship for the future possibilities the wonderfulness of it all this is a very key part of your emotional cycle because you are owning your feelings in your owning and taking that responsibility of yourself and your life. But here's the good news. Once you do that. You have set yourself absolutely free free to be the victor no longer the victim you have now become more empowered. You are in control and guess what now you get to jump back in to make that commitment recommit yourself to those goals and those dreams and become excited once again. So I'm really curious at this point. Does any of those resonate with you? Do you see patterns of how does emotional cycle affects you throughout every area of Your Life Your Business Health relationships recreation play even? Where are you today? How you dealing with your current present reality. This pandemic that we're dealing with not being able to socialize. Not being able to go out and see friends. Are You finding yourself frustrated. Are you in denial of the things that you do have control over? Are you coping? How are you coping? Are you eating drinking sleeping smoking? What is it that you're doing for coping? Let's move? You passed all of this and re commit yourself to be an absolute in taking control of your own life your actions will dictate will dictate your results and remember those actions come from the emotion the emotional state that you're in at any given moment but keep in mind. These emotions are triggered by a thought or series of thoughts. So over the next twenty four hours after listening to this episode is a challenge for you do check in with yourself a couple of times during the day ask yourself how am I feeling am I in that frustration or denial or fear phase might be an angry at the world. Am I blaming the world might justify everything that's wrong in my life? Am I angry at myself for not taking responsibility? Where are you and then ask yourself what you have identified how you're feeling ask yourself? What am I thinking about? What have been listening to. And that's my challenge for you. I'd love to invite you to check out. My facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash a balanced life for you because. I've been doing a twenty one day challenge for the month of April showing up for you face to face and yes it's a little challenging for me personally because video has not been my favorite thing but I am really making friends with it and again with the facebook with the podcast. My goal is to inspire empower you to take control of the things that you are able to take control of and learn to leave the rest behind so that way you can love your life not just live your life. Well thanks again for listening. I really appreciate you being here today. If you find that this episode was helpful value to you please give it a five star rating. You'RE GONNA find this show on on all your favorite podcast platforms including some new and listen APP. Which is where you and I can actually have a little conversation based on what you're hearing on the show whether it be tidbits or the interviews. There's a new platform. Audrey and of course the standards I tunes tune in and everything in between so share it with a friend and together. Let's empower the world. Thanks and I'll see you next week.

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