Pay Yourself First with Curtis Ray


Boom shake the room fire Nation Jail D. here with an audio masterclass on how you can pay it yourself. I in the drop these value bombs. I brought Curtis Ray on the Mike. He's in Arizona native married with five children in the author of the best selling book. Everyone ends up poor. He's also the adventure of the financial strategy. 'em Pie in a business owner with revenues of seventy five million million dollars fire nation. We're GONNA be talking about a lot of valuable things today like how Financial Freedom can be the pinnacle to happiness and how we can achieve it will also break down the four principles principles of money to maximize exponential growth in your life and they're gonNA talk about retirement and how people define it in correctly all this and so much more after we get back from our sponsor the biggest needle mover in my business funnels. The software used to build my funnels. 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I've started sharing that because it's part of my story but if you have one of those days you know what I'm talking about. It does not feel very good. What a Shawnee and I don't want to go. Oh Two D. but can you give us the basics of that. Because that's that's pretty brutal. It was pretty brutal. It's part of my story about business and entrepreneurship preneurs tip on how we we focus so hard on getting home runs and growing our business and scaling our business with out considering the risk that's in our business yes and if you don't take in consideration the risk your business and go out of business in a blink of an eye whether it was your fault or not and that's kind of how. I got where I am today. Hey on helping people understand why we're in business the purpose of business and not to not to do the mistakes. I have in avoid the pitfalls that the majority of entrepreneurs do bill because we have this mindset that we can always make more money and we're we're taught that is as entrepreneurs were go getters and we just go kill it and then when we lose we shrug our shoulders and and say hey we'll just make more money again and that is my story to the world that it has nothing to do with how much money we make but how efficient we are with the money we make and I I love that message and that's one thing really. GonNa be focusing on today fire nation and I guess that if you're going to hear that full story of how curtis loss to minnows and one day you can have to go check out his websites in see where you can uncover that story that is brutal to hear but maybe a lot of value bombs within and I know my audience Audience Curtis. They want more freedom however they define that word freedom because freedom is the pinnacle happiness because then you're doing what you wash your helping who you want your supporting charities. You're supporting your family. Your loved ones. You're traveling. You're living where you want to like. That is freedom to do what you want where you want with whom he wants. How do we achieve that very elusive goal funniest because one thing I say almost every presentation is money does not buy happiness but it does buy freedom and what you do with that freedom can equate to happiness and so I've taken the last <hes> I mean my pitch the world and everything I tried to explain to the world is how you not make make money but how you understand money because there's too big distinction between how you make money and how you keep it and efficient with it and grow it and all that and all the different things that come with money and most people in this world don't know what that means. They don't know the difference we've been taught like I said to get home runs and when we strike out we shrug the shoulders when the key to actual financial freedom which equates the freedom we're all looking for lies in singles and doubles not taking risk being slow. Oh steady simple insecure and if you understand the rules of the game there's a quote that says money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws which govern its acquisition. So why are we not pay putting more time in understanding money and not only just making the money so let's talk about paying yourself first. What do you mean mean by that. And how can we as entrepreneurs as small business owners. Take that advice in start making freedom so pay yourself first as the I will of money it comes from a book called richest man in Babylon. If you've ever read that book it's one of the most inspirational money books possibly can be because it took money which is extremely complicated and simplified it and said if you want to be financially secure and you want the freedom to be able to do what you want when you want where you want with whom you want. This is exactly exactly the blueprint but it's not exciting. It's simple and the first rule of money is pay yourself first and what that means is making a decision where your future it yourself. Thank you for making the decision because there's a lot of things when I I gave a talk in church the other day in front of three hundred four hundred people and I said the key to happiness and the key Cheetah freedom is pay yourself first and put yourself first and you can only imagine in church. What would what was the say something like that. 'cause it sounds completely opposite go. No it's exactly the way it's supposed to be because selfishness is where you make a decision. You regret it. You make a decision. You're like Oh man. I wish I went to done that or you. Just don't feel good about it but when you pay yourself first it's making decision where your future self. Thanks you for it how that equates to money and how that relates the money is. I started a business in two thousand four. I was twenty two years old. I had never had a job in my whole life. I was a collegiate athlete. I wrestled at Arizona State. I was a three sport athlete in high school so I was never required to have a job. My parents just say go train train train and maintain good grades and you're good to go at twenty two years his old. I had one of my friends come. We're playing ping pong in his basement and his older brother comes downstairs and says hey curtis. Hey guys we should totally start a granite countertop top company. There are so much money granite countertops and me being twenty two years old never having a job I said man I love money. I WANNA make a bunch of money. Let's do this. What's what's granite countertops. I'd never been someone granite countertops. It was right before the construction boom and but this guy said let's make a bunch of money so I said let's do <music> this thing so as I was going for the next ten years I build this granite countertop business and I made two or three hundred thousand dollars in my first year net profit and I was twenty two years old and and there was like I had more money than anybody I've ever met and every single year from that point on all the way up to two thousand fourteen. I made more money every year. After the following area the previous year to the point where I was making millions and millions and millions of dollars and then two thousand fourteen happened did it was a partnership dispute something so small as a partnership dispute with an investor who had a whole lot more money than me and we started butthead and all of a sudden. I realized I would lawyer fees and all the different things that add up. I ran out of money really really quickly and it happens so often and and so I had this multi million indoor business that I did everything that I was supposed to do. I took all my profits. I- reinvested back into my business I scaled my business. I paid for all my inventory paid eight for all my real estate. Everything was paid for in cash and I still lost. I still lost on that day and why because I never understood the single Google simple concept of pay yourself first meaning. I'm in business for what reasons to make sure my future self is protected and there are million million examples out there and I'm just one of millions of examples of people who grow their business and build their business and have you know a millions of dollars of real estate or all the different things in a blink of an eye. It's gone we can we can look at two thousand eight. You can look at you know someone dies on the job site. Someone sexual harassment partnership ship dispute a market turn evolution toys R. US Blockbuster Blackberry Hainault sears. I mean we we have these so many examples fools that you can't trust your business that I'm a prime example. I put all my trust in my business. I grew it to ten fifteen million dollars of annual revenue avenue and then of a blink of an eye. It's gone however if I would have understood. Pay Yourself first and that my business I'm only in business to protect protected secure my future self to provide this freedom that we're looking for. I could have easily shoveled off one hundred to two hundred three hundred four hundred thousand dollars a year every every single year and it won't even hurt my business. I wouldn't even have noticed and when two thousand fourteen happened guess what would happen to to four million dollars in a bank account compounding for me and I could easily restarted or I could have just done whatever I want. I would have achieved the freedom I woulda worked my butt off and got to the point where I was secure secure and I had the freedom I wanted but instead just like millions of entrepreneurs just like me. We hit a home run. Then we strike out then we hit another home run struck out again and then we had another home run and one day I just got really tired of it and I went on a four year journey from two thousand fourteen to two two thousand eighteen. I became obsessed with the laws that govern wealth the principles of money the principles of how you maintain wealth how you keep it how oh you transfer it to your beneficiaries. What do billionaires millionaires don't because there's no real difference there. They don't have a different skill set all they do. Is they understand the simple laws that governed wealth. I am in business to make sure my future self is protected fire nation. E need to hammer that phrase into your ahead over and over again. You're in business to make sure your future self is protected. If you're always saying that to yourself you are going to take the steps necessary to pay yourself. First is to have the cushion necessary for when that struggle that obstacle that challenge that is ahead of you actually happens so curtis. We can talk about a lot a lot right now but I want to talk. Very briefly about the lie about money talked about that lie about money. The lie about money is that our financial financial freedom and that everything that we do to work is about making more money. You know we go to these conventions. We buy these seminars seminars. We'd read these books. That is about go. Kill it today. Make it today all the stuff because you need to make more money in order to accomplish what you want. But the problem with that is you're never satisfied. There's always another convention. There's always another deal. There's always something out there that tells you that you can. You just need to make more money because you're close. You have one million crap. That's not enough. I don't feel secure enough. I need two million. I need four million ten million and you never ever ever get there everything we've ever been taught and I say almost everything almost everything we've ever been taught about money and wealth and security and the freedom that we're trying to accomplish -CCOMPLISH in our life is backwards. It is all designed in the wrong order. We're all doing everything in one order when if we just understood the simplicity the of money and the simplicity of how wealth accumulated and then maintained and secured and accomplished all the way through our life we gotta flip the whole script around don't and the moment we do that. It becomes real easy and don't you want me to go directly into what that means. Yeah let's go into what that means and I also going to talk talk about that exponential thinking versus linear thinking kind of a loop that in yeah and so typically how people understand wealth and money and and freedom is where tot typically is you start a business and these are for entrepreneurs since that's mostly who's listening to this. Is you start a business you you make money and what's the the first thing we're typically told to do. Reinvest back into our business grow our business and then once we get to some point where we're growing our business was the second thing we're told to do. Pay Off our debt. Everything is about getting our debt paid off and and making sure you don't have that liability over your head and then we go and start buying stuff and then we go start having recreation and then finally what do we do. We pay ourselves. We start putting money away. We started getting in our fifties and we're like Oh crap. I'm getting really close to retirement age and I still don't feel secure at all so I need to start saving money but the rules of money are slightly different than that the roles of money are require us to think about our future right now. There are two types of mindsets. <hes> Forbes magazine just came out with an article on March thirty first the two thousand nine hundred nine so we're talking six weeks ago and it was hell. Compounding is the key to your long term success. There is linear mindset and exponential mindset. The two different mindsets are polar opposites of each other one is about immediate gratification the immediate win right now. We're told you know you gotTa have your immediate win. You gotta fill the benefit right now. You need all the different things in some linear results things that were taught that produce linear results are pay down your mortgage faster. Pay Off your debt. It real estate rentals risk-based investments going for home runs immediate cash flow passive income deferring your taxes in a retirement plan worrying worrying about your net worth and equity all these things give a short game wins the the short immediate satisfaction of we one however however there's another side of this story and it's called exponential but there's a problem with exponential linear wins in the immediate idiot linear will outperform linear functions or linear things that produce a linear results win in the first five to ten years so if you're to to go invest in to compound interest or you to go pay down your mortgage you are better off paying down your mortgage in the first five to ten years but investing last thing in compound interest in secure investments and paying yourself first from year ten to year thirty will outperform the other one by three to five hundred percent now three to five hundred percent more money so when people go well how I feel so good when I pay off my debt and I got this real estate rental that I'm making five hundred bucks cash flow flow or immediate passive income. It's awesome. That is really really good however if you if you flip the order and put yourself I put it into compound interest interest put it into security understand how leverage works working on things that give your future self the benefit not your immediate self your retirement income and your freedom that you're seeking from near ten on will be ten twenty fifty one hundred two hundred three hundred percent more money any as time goes on and that's how you accomplish true freedom understanding that the exponential growth curve. It's something I wrote this really nerdy he s- Assan on called the exponential growth curve because it allows for you dollar for dollar investment one here in all the things you've ever been told or one in the thing that Albert Einstein called the greatest discovery of all time the most powerful force in the whole universe the greatest invention man's ever come up with if you can believe in that but wait for five to ten years all of a sudden it snowballs it doubles and then doubles and then doubles and it outperforms all the other traditional investments we do by three to five hundred percent in retirement fire nation want to give you a breakdown of exponential thinking versus linear thinking linear wins in the immediate exponential wins over time. You have to absorb that quick summation. Pay Yourself first. Give your future herself. The benefits not the present self in you will thank your future self will make yourself believe me that will happen and we're going to dive into through the four principles of money to maximize exponential growth in your life fire nation as soon as we get back from thinking our sponsor as a small business making great hires as critical to your success and when it comes to hiring background checks are a must have unlike big companies with big H._R.. Departments small businesses may not have the resources to manage background checks or easily access screening tools but now there is Trans Union sharable for hires an online employment screening service built specifically to help small businesses quickly screen applicants with reliable data from a trusted source with traditional screening services. 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That's e o fire dot com slash click so fire nation. We're back in as promised. Curtis is GonNa dive into the four your principles of money. That's going to maximize exponential growth in your life so break those four principles downforce Cardis thank you so there are four laws that govern exponential growth and when I do a presentation I have a lot of visual so if anyone wants to see what these visuals look like it may make a little bit more sense but but there's this really nerdy equation that Albert Einstein really pushing he goes. This is the most important thing you can ever learn in your whole life. How you achieve that the exponential exponential growth curve unfortunately all the books seminars don't do that? They almost get there but they fall short and here are the four laws that govern exponential growth curve. I lost pay a yourself. I it is the most important decision any entrepreneur or human being can make because it is the first law of wealth. No one has ever become become wealthy superwealthy because there's a difference between rich and wealthy wealthy has been able to sustain it be able to keep it grow it well transfer generational wealth wealth all that things but pay yourself first money going to your future self and it's exactly it's actual dollar bills. I know we hear this concept of invest in yourself which is totally good. It's totally good but this is a little bit different concept. You pay yourself first money going to yourself the second thing the second rule or law of exponential social growth is compound interest understanding positive and negative compound interest. This is something that's mind-blowing that most people people don't know and even when I talked to financial advisers and I go why don't you put more attention to negative compound interest than you do because a lot of people don't realize that negative compound interest has more impact on your future and your freedom and your retirement income than that of positive compound interest what that means is imagine you at ten thousand thousand dollars or let's go one hundred thousand dollars inside of a retirement account or inside of your pay yourself first account. If it is at risk and you lose fifty fifty percent of it you have one hundred grand you lose fifty percent of it. How much money do you have John Fifty thousand dollars fifty thousand? If you gain fifty percent back you have zero percent average. How much money do you have seventy five thousand dollars? Seventy five thousand the financial world and the Typical Investment Asmat world will tell you you broke. Even you're still negative twenty five percent a negative fifty percent from the dot com bubble or close to the you know the two thousand eight crash required a hundred percent return just to break even just to start over so the race didn't even get started for three to five more years after that whatever you lost in two thousand eight you didn't have back until two thousand thirteen and in that timeframe the world was telling you do we're kicking but we got twenty percent of this year twenty eighty five percent eighteen percent thirty percent and you're like oh my goodness my portfolios killing it right now. You didn't even understand that you didn't even break even yet. Most people don't don't realize that and so understanding the second law that governs the exponential growth curve of understanding positive versus negative compound interest so what is the third law that governs exponential growth protect if you lose you have years and years and years before you make it back up so the first row third role of money is protect your money at all costs never lose you have to understand that losing is the enemy risk is the enemy to all freedom risk is the enemy to all wealth and if you can eliminate that then then you're on your way so those three things are the exponential growth curve unfortunately when you take those three three things it takes about sixty to a hundred years to really get the snowball to really get that point where albert einstein called it the most important thing you could ever learn your whole life the most powerful force in the whole universe so that's where we throw in the fourth rule the fourth roles called opium other people's is money how you leverage but there's one little caveat to this how you securely leverage typically leverage and security are polar opposites they cannot coexist in the same sentence because the second you take someone else's money and you start trying to gain money off if you lose all all of a sudden you still owe that money and you lost all the money you've a double whammy and that's why two thousand eight in the real estate world completely and utterly collapsed and the baking world completely class 'cause because they were using someone else's money to double dip to supercharge to amplify their returns and then when you went you know you had the down market you you just had a i mean it was armageddon but what if john what if you could leverage without risk without the traditional risk risk of leveraging what if you could do that how often should you do that all the time all the time that is correct and so anyway glossing over i'm getting like all all of these questions right you're saying even financial advisers are getting wrong can i get a gold star please yes i have a book so i wrote this book it called everyone ends up for amazon number one seller and it details a four year journey on understanding why everyone ends up poor and that's a very very very bold title right there too many books that come out and say everyone ends up poor but the true nature of it is in the traditional financial sector and investment vestment sector and all the things we do to pay off debt and pay off our mortgage and all the different things ninety nine percent of americans ninety nine retire on low all fixed income with never filling the freedom that we're trying to accomplish here fifty thousand dollars a year or less is ninety nine percent of americans over the age of sixty five with the average being thirty one thousand even the people who have 4._0._1._k.'s i._r._a.'s real estate rentals etc etc if you don't accomplish the exponential growth curve you can never have your money producing that freedom words coming in faster than you can spend it what if we could have a retirement where it's coming coming in faster than we can reasonably spend it that is what we're talking about freedom the absolute freedom to do what you want when you want where you want with whom you want nonprofit go on vacation vacation spend time with your grandkids all the different things we actually want in life ninety nine percent of people are taught something or follow something that's never going to accomplish shoot fire nation these four principles are critical in keys i kind of want to run through them real quick right now number one pay yourself first curse went through that so powerful number two compound interest it can be magical if you let it be number three protect your money from loss and the number four oh p._m. other people's money securely leverage that is such an opportunity here and i want to use this phrase the courtesy use it i loved is is that risk is the enemy to wealth and fire nation that means risk is the enemy to freedom so i don't know if you're going to be getting into it i'm just curious but what are some secure ways to leverage money like what are some opportunities out there that fire nation can actually use leverage in a secure in safe manner manner so in two thousand fourteen when i had bad day and it was november first of two thousand fourteen i took my kids out to <hes> halloween trick or treating and i got home put them to bed it and i didn't sleep that night because i went from x. to i'd eleven thousand dollars in my bank account and on that day i said i will never be vulnerable with money again ever what is it going to take that i never feel this feeling again of home runs strikeout over and over and just got tired of it and so for four years i researched everything everything 4._0._1._k. i._r._a. mutual funds index funds currencies real estate insurance products cash and i said what do they all do well how do i accomplish this thing that albert einstein said is the greatest most important thing i could ever learned my whole life why has no one ever taught us how to get that and so for four years after researching i came i came to realize that because there is no system out there that produces it it doesn't exist and that's why no one's ever retired on a four one k. i._r._a. and just said wow that was the greatest just thing i've ever done in my whole life the most powerful the whole universe is never happened because it mathematically could not happen there are people who are billionaires who just make a bunch of money you know those makers there's nothing nothing wrong with that because that's awesome that's a piece of the puzzle is pay yourself first making money so me and my brother we sat down for four years and literally systematically said said what does the 4._0._1._k. do well mutual funds index funds things like that and where do they fell where do they fell and not accomplish what this exponential growth curve service because it is compound interest but why does it never actually achieve the exponential growth curve real estate where real estate is compound interest also it's money doubling in growing and all that other stuff but where does it fell because why does it never achieved the exponential growth and one by one we saw the pitfalls and it's an algorithm it's pretty easy to notice once you really go after one reason and one reason only and that is the exponential growth curve and so we saw all the benefits and all the pitfalls false and one by one we all carted we said what does index funds do well we want that what do insurance products do really well we want that what is cash to well we want that what does real estate do really well we want that and we made a system we legitimately created something it's in patent pending right now it's an invention on the only way and when i say that i'm not trying to understand that or sound overly arrogant the only way to date that you can securely leverage there's no other way to do it at least that i'm familiar whether anyone's ever presented to me but there is one way to securely leverage and i ended up taking this we finished it in two thousand thousand seventeen at the end of two thousand seventeen we finish and it was like it was a hot moment that i've never like it was one of the best moments of my whole life 'cause we finished it and on paper deeper is says that this system if you do it like a science and take the emotion out of money 'cause emotion doesn't belong in money if you take the emotion out of money and you say a how do i achieve what i want and that is financial freedom all of a sudden became really easy and when i did it on paper it would outperform warm any i._r._a. four one k. mutual funds index funds real estate rental portfolio cash or insurance products by three to four hundred percent in every single scenario back dating at one thousand nine hundred we took every scenario and backed and said up to three to four hundred percent every single time so i was really excited right i'm i'm this guy outta gilbert arizona who's like i got a thirty six on my a._c._t.'s in math a sixteen in english i don't read very a well but i can do math right but i didn't graduate in finance i you know i'm not formally trained but i am a sinker and i did take this and so i ended up writing this his thesis called the science of retirement and said hey if you do it exactly like this it is so easy to accomplish the exponential growth curve and once you accomplish it it is a force force that albert einstein called the most powerful in the whole universe so this giant company i'm not gonna call their their name because we're not supposed to do that for compliance three since but this giant company said holy crap we just read your seats thesis giant i mean billion dollar company we read your thesis and this thing's pretty insane there's no way some guy gilbert arizona created a system that outperforms our best are actuaries are m._i._t. actuaries by three to four hundred percent percent and i go we'll tell me where i went wrong two or three months later they called me up and said holy crap it works i told you worked there how did you come up with with this and i go because i came from a different direction i did not care about my rate or return to my early years i cared about my return to my later years how do you get the exponential growth how do you the definition of exponential growth is who rate becomes more rapid over time it's gotta get faster over time not slower and traditional stocks and bonds john's and real estate and business and health and life we always slow down as time goes on we can only run so fast and then we start jogging and then we start walking now so everything is designed is get the immediate win today and go sprint sprint sprint and then slow down as time goes on i came up from this hey let's jog out of the gate and then let's run and then let sprint and then if you if you flip the script it becomes real easy so this company read my thing they had their actuaries actually tried to break it they came back to me said holy crap this works let's let's coop let's take this national let's let's take this to the public that it was in october of two thousand eighteen the next thirty days i wrote my book i documented my last four years and said here's everything that's happened since i was born all the way till now and now we have a system and it's called everyone ends up poor y financial planning's all backwards and how to fix it now we have a system and it's it's the coolest story john tell people is it does not matter how much money you make it's about how efficient you are with the money you make so you can make thirty grand a year you're thirty thousand dollars a year and if you understand pay yourself first compound interest protect your money at all cost and let's leverage the money you are saving you can how freedom twenty to twenty five years you can be retired with more money than you're making today same thing with you're making fifty thousand one hundred thousand million it does not matter it's just about about the efficiency of money not the home run of money not the excitement of money take the excitement out and i promise you in fifteen twenty twenty-five years when you look back you'll i'd be like holy crap best decision i ever made because i took the time to not understand how to make money but i took the time how to understand money itself and the the laws that govern it this is a cliffhanger what do we cliffhangers is what i'm good at right so it's funny as i'm writing a second book right now and i'm not doing this to sell l. books because as you know you you've written a bunch of books we make like a dollar a book like the book itself it's about the education that provides the world but my second book is called hold everyone ends up rich literally i'm calling it everyone ends up rich and there's an algorithm out there there is a Follow this blueprint a one hundred percent success rate. You will find the financial freedom you're looking for and so this what this system is. It is is the best of a life insurance policy it is the best of the index concept is the best of cash concepts and it is the best of real estate concepts merged into one and so what it is is. There's this there's this. I don't know if I WANNA get lost in the weeds on this because visuals work way better when I'm talking about this but I designed day life insurance policy. Why did I build it inside of life insurance inside of life insurance you get something special to three very special things one life insurance has tax and legal protections like nothing else? When your money goes into life insurance it is now? There's a system designed where you have one hundred percent tax free retirement income no capital gains tax and one hundred percent inheritance tax. It always confused me. Why billionaires have life insurance plans? It didn't make any sense. They don't need life insurance right but billionaires have life insurance plans because they can stuff millions ends are billions of dollars in two of them and now they're one hundred percent tax exempt. They don't have income tax they don't have capital gains tax and they don't have inheritance tax because they want to generational originally wealth transfer their money rockefellers and and Rotschild and all them they know how to transfer all their money without taxes. The second thing is is insurance companies. What is their job? They are rhys mitigators. Nineteen Ninety nine and insurance company designed this really cool feature inside died of a retirement plan that existence life insurance and that is you cannot lose money inside your plan. It's called the zero percent floor. You have no risk Tsk of your money. Inside of of this retirement plan with no risk means what you never take negative compound interest. You never have those makeup periods where you lost lost a bunch of money and now you have to make it up so the insurance company comes out and says hey would just give you slow steady and simple secure. We'll give you something that will make you about seven percent rate of return. Turn on your money nothing great no one's going to get hot and bothered by that. The financial world is going to say it's week and they can go get more but we're never going to give you a home run but you're never ever ever going to strike out so what just happened right there. Pay Yourself first just happened in nineteen ninety nine. They created the first system that will pay yourself first. I can get about seven percent compound interest and you never lose money each just satisfied. The three rules the first three rules roles of the exponential growth curve but we don't have sixty to one hundred years like I said to actually maximize it so here's where opium comes in here's my invention and how we we do it. In two thousand seventeen the two thousand seventeen people always ask why has never been done before Curtis 'cause it couldn't be done. It just happens to be that I was researching it. Extremely I mean obsessively in the moment. The fourth piece of the puzzle was brought to the table therefore piece of the puzzle and three of them were always there. They're one of them was lacking and that fourth piece of the puzzle was opium. The insurance world came out with this feature where you could leverage money from the insurance this company at a fixed rate for life fixed rate for life. It will never have a variable it is fixed for life and that fixed rate it ranges between four and five percent depending on the carrier so now you could go borrow money from the insurance company at four to five percent. We we have a system over here. That is protected that has no risk of losing money gaining US around seven percent. You can connect the dots here all all of a sudden we can leverage money at four make seven on it so we're making a three percent secured on average a three percent secured interest on someone Nelson money without the risk of the down market. You're always protected with zero percent floor when you add all four of them up together slow low steady simple secure. We're just going for singles and doubles. We never need to look for the home run. As long as we never strike out. We're just GONNA get seven percent on our money all of a sudden John we can leverage it. We're going to get seven percent on the leveraged money also but it's gonNa cost us around four now. We're making three on their money seven on our money money when you add those two together what's the result financial freedom without all the stress and anxiety and frustration of the stock market fire nation as Curtis Lou. This is obviously stuff this a lot easier to comprehend and understand visually and he has a lot of those visuals org be appointing U._2. Pretty quickly here but I think as you can tell we've gone through these four principles of money to maximize exponential growth in your life paying so first compound interest protect your money from loss and of course but we've just been going off on which is securely leveraging money in a very powerful way so what I want to join now curtis is have you you give us the one theme the one takeaway you WanNa make sure fire nation gets from our chat point us to where we can go learn more with the stuff that you have for us and then we'll say goodbye nine perfect the most important thing I try to tell especially entrepreneurs because we're at least I'm going to stay me but I know a lot of entrepreneurs. Is that man we just believe we have to make more money the most important decision I believe people can make especially the ones out there who are just killing it because that's what we do is it has nothing thing to do with how much money you make but how efficient you are with the money you make and why pay yourself first and understand the laws that govern wealth is literally literally the most important decision you can make put yourself. I make it so that you you're the first person who benefits from your hard work. Not your debt not more inventory. Grow your business a little bit slower because you never know how long it's going to be there for but if you can pay yourself first and be tremendously efficient <music> with your money in ten to fifteen years you can be fully retired on six figure income. I have ample clients who intend to fifteen years. Obviously it's only four years old right so we don't have the person who's done it but we're on the path to get there through that security in the four roles but in ten to fifteen years you can be one hundred percent that freedom and retirement has nothing to do with not working because I love to work you love to work John. I can just tell your totally it is about the freedom to do what you want. When you want where you want and with whom you want because maybe your passion is the nonprofit or starting a business or spending meantime with your grandkids or coaching the little league but you cannot have that without the financial security and freedom you need and the system to do that is exponential growth? Go find exponential growth. Even if you don't WanNa call me about it you now know the four rules that govern it find the system that does it and it will lead back to me. Luckily right so how you get it. The first thing is a lot of people WANNA know Kurtz how this all come be because it's a really intriguing story Amazon <music>. Everyone ends up poor. You can get my book and that book. It's nine bucks or something like that audibles three dollars or something like that. I I didn't WanNa make it very expensive because it's an education piece. I don't really care about the money money's always the result not the reason and I want people to win and if we all have a bunch of winners the world's just going to be better. Society site is going to be better. Life's going to be better so Amazon. Everyone ends up poor and in about two or three months. Everyone ends up rich is going to be out then my website site W._w._w.. Dot Son core financial dot com. That's S. U.. N. C. O. R. Financial Dot Com and you can always email me at curtis at suncorp Financial Dot Com C. U.. R. S. and I will give anyone my attention and I know my wife gets frustrated straighted when I say that because I say I sometimes get my cell phone number out I go. Hey if you legitimately want to change your life and understand the rules that I love to talk about and I will talk twenty twenty four seven about it today Zur Day. Hey you're still I go. Do it. Contact me. I will never push you. I will never contact if you don't want to if you just say curse not for me case closed you. Will you know <hes> in ten to fifteen years. I believe this is going to be common knowledge and so I believe it's going to change the world legitimately intimately I personally believe poverty is going to cease to exist once society embraces exponential growth and that's what I want to provide to everyone and then also I'm on. I'm on linked in ED. I'm on link Dan Curtis Ray. I'm on instagram. That's how I met you. John Curtis the financial guy and then my facebook is Kurdish rail so fire edition. You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with in you have been hanging out with C.. R. J. L. D. Today so keep up the heat and if you do head over to fire DOT COM and type Curtis Curtis with a C. in the search bar his shown US page is going to pop up with everything that we've been talking about today best show notes in the Biz links Galore and of course check out his book. Everybody ends up poor. I don't know what it's going to be at the time of this airing fire nation but actually just bought it literally utterly on kindle three dollars and forty seven cents so I mean if that's the hot ace steel assistant I mean I was just like this is so good I just added the audible on top of it as well so curtis. You'll be joining joining me on my evening walk tonight. As I listened to the audible book everyone ends up poor and if I like it's going to anoint to go ahead and get everyone ends up rich which is of very high probability so wanted definitely encourage you to do just that fire nation and of course you can reach out to curtis at SUNCORP FINANCIAL DOT COM. That's his email Kasim on Lincoln instagram orders. CHECK OUT SON core. That's S. U.. N. C. O. R. Financial Dot Com to see what he has gone on over there and Curtis. Thank you for sharing your truth with fire nation today for that we salute you and we'll catch you on the flip side like John. Hey fire nation today's value bomb content it was brought to you by Curtis Ray and if you're ready to accomplish your number one goal how about doing one hundred hundred days the Freedom Journal is GonNa take you step by step in accomplishing that number one goal with a incredible process that I created personally so go

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