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Cardinals at Rockies Series Preview


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It's become great trade through the last seven starts historic since earned runs became an official stat in the National League in nineteen twelve cardinals current starting rotation an er a point four two over the last seven games stretch lowest ever single season ever in cardinals history. That is how good they have been. There are thirty seven and eighteen since the all-star break second best winning percentage in baseball. Chris Rabi will dive into what this series means for the cardinals coming coming up you can face off against your friends for ultimate bragging rights at Westport social located in Westport Plaza Westport Social Classic Bar Gaming Lounge Seven Classic Games botchy. Papa shot floor table Shuffleboard Ping Pong and the list goes on and on West port social really a fun place place to be visit Westport Social Dash S. T. L. Dot Com for more information. They have live music on the weekends. 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It is officially been one month since the cardinals turned things around in a big way on August ninth before their game against the Pittsburgh pirates at Busch stadium after the Owen five trip through California the cardinals were fifty eight and fifty five in third place in the National League central and four games games behind the Chicago cubs since then the cardinals along with the braves have put up the best record in baseball twenty three and seven and a couple of games in front of the best records in the American League Tampa and the Houston Astros cubs meanwhile fourteen and fourteen since that point the brewers are fifteen nine and twelve the cardinals eight games better than the cubs over that span as they had into Colorado tonight to begin a three-game series against Iraqis rockies who have been a major league baseball worst eight and twenty one over that stretch matching the Miami Marlins Detroit Tigers and the Baltimore Orioles Israel's. 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Don't forget to score one dollar hotshots Tacos any day after the cardinals score aid or more runs hotshots proud home accardo pan since one thousand nine hundred ninety your home for all the Games all the time find hotshots location near you hotshots net dot com cardinals have won twenty three of their last thirty games and have done just about everything everything right with numbers popping off the charts collectively the cardinals continued to pitch and pitch and Pitch Jack flirty wrapping up another start on Sunday and cardinals getting series win over the Pittsburgh pirates with eight shutout innings flaherty has been perhaps the best pitcher in all of Major League baseball not I just over the last thirty days but since the all star break collectively cardinals pitching has posted a two point eight nine earned run average since August the ninth easily easily the best in baseball and more than half front in front of the Atlanta braves a team that has kept pace with them. It's ironic. The cardinals haven't made up any ground on on the Atlanta braves over the last thirty days. They have been simply fantastic but that could be a story for the first round of the playoffs. The braves two point six seven starters starters. Era over the last month since the night of August is just in front of the cardinals two point six eight the only teams that are below three and are both half front better than the Cleveland Indians the cardinals bullpen has been fantastic as well but the execution and the management of the pen by Mike. Show Mike Maddox and Brian ever skirt the cardinals have the best bullpen era in the National League over the last month at three point two seven and second in baseball only to the Minnesota sort of twins offensively during this great stretch. We've seen the cardinals put up pretty good numbers as well as a team. They're batting average of two sixty. Nine is sixth best in major ager league baseball. They've posted a three fifty on base and a four forty five slugging percentage. So what comparisons can we draw from now to two thousand fifteen the last time the cardinals held the lead this large division at this time of year ironically. It was the cubs who put on a late season sprint in two thousand fifteen as the cardinals also played about five hundred baseball similar to what the cubs are doing this year. The colonels were fifty eight and fifty five through one hundred thirteen games this this year as they tried to chase down the Chicago cubs beginning with that series in Pittsburgh on the ninth of August back in two thousand and fifteen through one hundred thirteen eighteen games. The cardinals were seventy three and forty. The cubs were sixty five and forty eight over the next thirty games. The cardinals went sixteen and fourteen over the same stretch. The cubs went twenty one and eleven so they did start to close the gap through the first nine games of September the mark mark that we've reached already this year the cardinals have gone six and three in two thousand fifteen the cardinals went three and six the cubs have gone four and fourth through the start of September this year sure they went seven and two back in two thousand fifteen over the entire month of September and October. The cardinals played just under five hundred baseball fifteen and sixteen and the cubs twenty three and thirty nine so what was different in twenty fifteen and what will be the difference this year. The answer is simple. The answer is pitching. Remember all those numbers I just rattled off as how the cardinals pitching has fared since they started their run of twenty three wins and thirty games back in the first week of August there at the top of every category in major league baseball the cubs are at the top of every category Major League Baseball back in Twenty fifteen and and it was their pitching that carried them to ninety seven wins in the National League Championship series it was their pitching that closed the gap from an eight-game deficit the first week of August two just a three-game deficit behind the cardinals as the season wrapped up and they headed to Pittsburgh to win a wildcard game and then eventually knocked the cardinals often four games in the National League divisional series. I'll take you back to September of two thousand fifteen the Chicago cubs lead baseball on almost every pitching category a league best two point four five. Era Their starters two point four there relievers two point five six a league best two point seven eight fielding independent pitching a strikeout rate second best in baseball of nine point four one per nine innings a major league baseball best walk rate of two point. Oh eight a sparkling one point six three walks per nine innings by their starters and an eye popping six point four wins above replacement by their pitching staff their starters accounting for five point three wins above replacement one win about replacement for their relievers the cardinals meanwhile treaded water on their way to a five hundred record at about league average bridge marks now. This isn't to say that the cardinals were dealing with some injuries Carlos. Martinez was shut down late in the year. Adam wainwright was still working his way back from an Achilles Italy's debt would land him in the bullpen. I'll be effective role in the postseason but the cardinal's collectively posted a four point one eight. Era a four point one three fielding Alina independent pitching their walk rate was fifteen database bond three point four five and they're pitching wins above replacement just one point four twenty third in baseball simply put the cardinals pitching was just okay in the month of September that's why they were fifteen and sixteen and that's why despite the fact that they won one hundred games they finished his three games in front of the cubs and eventually would lose the cubs in the NL DS. This year is a much different story as the cardinals pitching has been great and shows no signs of slowing down the cardinals also get the luxury of facing the Colorado rockies for three games before coming home from acid stand against Milwaukee in Washington and then wrapping up seven of their final ten games against the cubs that'd be Michael Walker against Chichi Gonzalez Tonight Hudson and sent to tell it tomorrow Michael Nicolas Melville on Thursday a matinee before the team heads home but I can imagine it will be a much different flight from Colorado to Saint Louis and the flight from the West Coast back on August the seventh after dropping a heartbreaker to one as the dodgers walked off the cardinals against you you guessed it eight sterling from Jack Flaherty Carlos Martinez coughing things up in the ninth cardinals pitching his carried them to this point and although twenty eighteen fifteen shares the fact that their adverts had a lead in the middle of September that they appear to potentially be in position to have next week. Things are much different different. The cardinals are executing. The pitching appears to be getting better and the cubs mirror more than one hundred fifteen cardinals than the twenty fifteen cubs. Certainly only seven of the last ten against Chicago will go a long way in determining things and things could change before next weekend series at Wrigley but for right now for the cardinals staff and their club Bob it's full steam ahead to the rocky mountains for scoops with DOT COM. I'm Chris Rabi Hair Saloon for man proud sponsor of scoops with Danny Mac dot com home home base in Saint Louis founded in nineteen ninety seven sixteen locations. You'll receive the perfect haircut complimentary Beverage Relaxing Shampoo Tavlin amend complimentary shoeshine all for just twenty two dollars for an extra five dollars. Get a stress relieving scalp. This is hair saloon for men sixteen locations. There's one near you hair saloon for man.

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