REShow: Carson Palmer. Hour 2 (01-04-19)


Orig- is on demand. Your show your schedule. Fifteen minutes after ball dot com. Check out the casts at richeisenshow dot com. All right hour, number two of the rich Eisen show is on the air. We at a GERD I our chat with Daryl Maury, the general manager of the Houston Rockets whose whose team is on fire. Six wins in a row James harden, putting together some of the best offense of basketball that we have seen in recent memory all time. I mean, he's had five straight games. Now forty or more points. He's had nine straight games. Now at least thirty five points and five assists. That's an NBA record in. That regard last person to have six straight forty point games was Jerry West the logo. What year was at zero nineteen sixty three think he told me earlier freaking logo. Nineteen sixty five pardon me, sixty five. Wow. So he's going for that in Portland tomorrow night to these look at that. How how long would it take for Jerry to grow the beard like that? No he's ever had a, but if you missed that go to our app apple app store. Google play also hit the link at the top of our Twitter handle if you want to vote on our poll question, which is which home team this weekend? Do you think is the best chance to make the similar win? It what did you make the Somme age? Okay. So you can go there right now. Get an update on that. In a in a short moment. You can also check on all the videos of of this show on our app, and you can download our podcast and listen to them offline whatever you wish so it's an on demand situation of to use all your data to stream it 'cause we've redone our app just specifically in part to do that. Also, you know, we've been putting out on our Twitter handle last couple of days in honor of the passing of Boban Stein. Funkhouser is the July two thousand and eleven edition of the rich Eisen podcasts. Specially and the show is born out of a podcast. We used to do back in the day at the NFL network. And in advance of season. Eight of curb we got Larry David Jeff Garlan, J, B smooth and Bob Einstein sit down together, and we went down memory lane. And we put those videos up there. Check it out on our on our on our Twitter feed at richeisenshow, you're gonna let you need a laugh laugh, it's all been really fun to go back and watch these last so funny seven years old seven plus years old crazy L D. What grade haven't age today? It's just I it was just a fun chat from back in the day. We're showing video of it right now on the screen and so anyway, go to our our Twitter feed at richeisenshow for exactly that one of our favorite guests. As a matter of fact, let me make sure I got this correctly. The NFL network went on the air. And he was in the middle of his first season with the Cincinnati Bengals as the first overall selection sitting there watching waiting now, he's a retiree on behalf of FedEx Aaron ground a man who had many many football's thrown at him by from Larry FitzGerald and walk-throughs back in the day. I mean, the number of times latter fits Joe through a ball at this man in a walk through and stormed off and then wound up on a reality show. Singing in a blue hippopotamus outfit. I've lost track. Some Carson Palmer's here on the show. How are you? Carson rhythm. Great. How are you? That was happened. Right. You and Larry FitzGerald got into arguments walk through such prima Donna, don't you think? I mean such a show boater, you know, all every time. He scores a touchdown. He gets flagged. He does some extravagant dance. He's such a show butter. What whatever got into him. You never used to be that way. So, you know, did you ever have a radio show? Carson you ever do that radio show thing on a Tuesday or a Monday or Tuesday. Did you have one of those? No, I stayed away from my off days were were my off days. So you never went on the radio like Big Ben and had an opportunity to review things that people thought needed blame signed and passively aggressively went ahead and assigned it to your teammates. You never did that Carson I always felt like those every city I played in those opportunities came up, but I always felt like you're just opening the door for there's not a lot of good that can come out of it only the drama gets brought up and then then gets put in a situation where he's got to answer questions about that as opposed to the game. They beat the Bengals. I just always I always stayed away from that kind of stuff. Yeah. I know like unless it was your show, but you never offered me not pretending Carson. I always set traps for you. You know, and they see you'd always stay away. Always set those traps for you. You know when you walked right into every time. So then you start your own, you know, everything how how's life for you? How's everything? Great great. As you know, we we moved to Idaho bumped into you. And and had a glass of wine or dinner timer to wait for the next one. But I'm in New York City. I got out of the mountains in New York City. I'm working with FedEx and promoting the set x air and ground players of the year. It's a terrific honor for myself, and and it's exciting time of year the opening they open the the voting just today, actually, Moses on the thirty first of this month. So make sure you log onto to NFL dot com. Backslash FedEx or to Twitter NFL homepage and vote the air finally the nominees for the air award of the year. Drew Brees, Mahomes and Philip rivers just moments before you joined the program here Carson, the all pro team was announced and the first team all pro quarterback is Patrick Mahomes over breeze and everybody else. I mean, would you? I I know you wanna put your thumb on the FedEx air award winner scale here. But. This kid has been remarkable. Carson is the best cubing league. Do you think it's tough? He had the best season in the league. It's tough to to crown somebody after one one season. But I mean the guy through fifty touchdown passes. I don't think the general public and the NFL fan base understands. Just how many touchdown passes fifty is in fifty dollars thirties a lot of touchdown passes. But fifty it was truly amazing. He's a ton of fun to watch. And I can't wait to you have to wait a whole week to watch him play again. But I can't wait six field again. Now, all that said. So he it's his first foray in the playoffs. Same with desha Watson same with Lamar Jackson same with Mitchell Trubisky going into this weekend. What is it that makes it so difficult for the first playoff appearance? And I understand what yours was. But what what difference is it playoff two regular season that makes it so. Difficult for quarterbacks to perform well in their first ever playoff game. Where it's not that the game speeds up guys hit extra hard or guys are playing, you know at a different pace or playing with a different intensity. It's just that. You're losing your done. You lose you. Go home you work so hard to get that far. And you know, if you lose your done, and then you gotta watch other teams play. I think that's the biggest challenge. And that's the biggest challenge for these guys to not think about Patrick just needs to go out and play and do what he did to get here. Because what he did to get. Here is good enough to win a playoff game or two or three playoff games. But once you try to put too much on it. And and you just start listening to all the hype around you you put a little too much pressure on yourself. So really these young guys just need to go out and play their game. And and do what they did to get it. So it's not like a different crucible sort of like, I guess in the NBA where it's more of a half court game in Roach. Nations. Get tightened when the playoffs hit it. There really is no different style of play in the playoffs. It's just the the mental aspect of knowing you're done, if you if you screw it up or you don't get the execution, downright. These teams are good teams. And these coaches know that they they are on good staff. So they wouldn't be here. And they have good players will say wouldn't be here. So these guys aren't going to you know, the Kansas City. Chiefs are putting in a bunch of new place. The LA chargers aren't gonna change what they're doing that. They're going to do what they do best. You know, when when you when you talk about the San Diego Chargers they're going to run the ball with Gordon now that he's back and healthy, you know, and they're gonna take their play action shots. They're not gonna you know, Rian Ville reinvent the wheel so to speak and change what they do. I it's an exciting time of year. And I think the most exciting thing about these playoffs. Everybody's in it. You know, every you could easily say any one of these teams, maybe not maybe not Baltimore. But anyone of these teams you could see when the Super Bowl, and I feel like you really have that kind of feel going into the post the Baltimore Carson. I just don't love their defense. I just feel if they get behind and they have to throw. They're going to be in trouble. Where all these other teams. They can run it. They can throw it. They can play good defense. But Baltimore so built on that defense and that running game that if if they catch a, you know, a fourteen point deficit and their position where they got dropped back and throw it. They're just not built that way. Right now is that because you hardly ran the ball yourself as a quarterback in the league. Carson are you are you just coming back from retirement from the retirement share just being spiteful because of lack of bread. I was an absolute thorough. What was your forty time? My forty time was great is it didn't I ran like I ran four six eight I could run straight line fast. It's as soon as I had to make a move. I might pop an achilles tendon or break my knee and half. I could go and I had to go straight ahead. But as soon as I am, and unfortunately, there were no, you know, just straight past ins, and you always had to run or juke or get out of somebody's way. And I just didn't have that ability. But I don't. Gotta stack there look at the forty times. Apparently what what is it? Chris brown. Four six five. Carson Palmer hilarious. Larry FitzGerald, four six three. Carson Komen nothing would be sweeter than if he ran for six six. See he did he did footballs at you and walk throughs. I knew it. Do you know off the top of your head? Mr. I don't think Lamar Jackson can do it your number of rushing yards and careers for your career. Would you know, you're? I don't know. On your tremendous slouch three hundred one yards. Our sacks taken. No you had eight rushing touchdowns. Okay. That's not too bad. You're six five eight rushing. Rich. I honestly feel like you could do that. Yeah. If you played football for fifteen years, I think you could find a way to scoring touch. What did you see Brady finally amassed his one thousand career rushing yard? Did you see that? But do you also see that in the game in which he did it? He took victory formation knee and made sure that the referee did not spot the ball behind the line of scrimmage. So he did not lose the record of one thousand. There's a number of reasons he's the greatest. So before let you go the ground award finalists are girlie Zeke and saquon Barkley where do you stand on the subject of Barkley over Eli and folks in New York think that did the wrong thing by drafting of running back instead of potential future in Sam darnold, fellow USC Trojan Carson what you stand on that subject question. I mean, I think saquon is is a game changer. And and he's absolutely worth the first second third fourth pick. You know, I just there's not going to be another say Qantas draft. And maybe not another one next year in the way that position is valued. Now is is you draft them high. And then you let somebody else pay him because once they hit that kind of twenty seven twenty eight twenty nine age, then they start, you know, production drops and and the contract start to go down. And everything's kinda set up right now the way the league and. That positions valued to draft one high and you give them a ton of carries. And you get everything you can. And then you let somebody else pay them. And that's kind of unfortunately, that's kind of what's happened to lady on those. He's produced produced produced produced, and then when it's time to get paid and sign a long term deal. They're just not gonna do it. And they're gonna have somebody else do it. But I I like the pick. You know, he life felt like he had another year left. The team felt like he had another year left. The defense had a great year the previous year. So they thought they might have shot, unfortunately, didn't work out for him. But you know, they'll they'll probably get one more year out of ally. But they'll have saquon until that rookie year deal that rookie contract is up. And then I'll move forward. Do you have a couple of quick hitters for you in the college football world Carson you haven't eaten two cents on. What's happened in the Pac twelve and obviously USC is suddenly now on a down and out despite having the ability to recruit the people that clay Helton, Ken recruit. Do you have a theory on this at all? I think it's just cyclical unlike SEC the Pac twelve has some years where and US's good UCLA's, good organs. Good. And there's always like an outlier like a Washington state or in Arizona. You know, it's it's just quickly. I think you know, it won't be forever. It won't be for five years. I think within the next five years you'll have a team out of the pack twelve going to to the playoffs and then another team going to a big a big bowl game. So, you know, I don't think all of a sudden everybody's leaving the west coast and going to school in the south. I just think it's cyclical you don't have the same amount of players staying on the west coast at the south has with all those players that stay in the south, and and there's more tradition. And and and just, you know, figure football, you know, bigger fan bases in the south in the SEC. And so they consistently always have a team in in the playoffs. They consistently always have a top top ten. Team or two or three top ten teams where the Pac twelve is just unfortunately, it's just a cycle every year every couple years there's one or two really good Pac twelve teams and then every couple of years. There's no good Pac twelve teams. I think in the next couple of years, Oregon get hot again, you still UCLA it'll get better with chip Kelly, and hopefully these blind and last one for you who did you vote for in the Heisman voted forgotten Murray? I thought he was the best player in the country. You know, I think after watching him play against two in in last week's game. I still felt that way. I still felt like he might have been the best player in country. Just to have a lot more talent on both sides of the ball around him. But he he's one of the most fun players to watch since since Johnny Manziel's last year at Texas. Am all right Carson. I've just been told by our stat people that ally manning has three hundred eleven career rushing yards. If you if you've ever wanted to come out of retirement, maybe. He just one ten eleven yard run. And and then tap out. Go back to. What was he lies forty times? Do we have forty time? Chris Brooklyn four nine two. Cragg backpedal faster than him. Molasses? That's what he is. Send my best to the family. Carson let's chat soon, you do the same things Richie. It's Carson Palmer here on the rich Eisen show. Drew Brees Mahomes rivers is the air there. The air finalists girly Zeke Elliott saquon Barkley the ground finalists. Fedex is gonna make twenty thousand dollar donation to the USO in the name of both the winning quarterback and running back and you go to NFL dot com slash FedEx and vote. And I'm going to give out the word. I believe NFL honors the night before the Super Bowl. Speaking of college football news, just in fields is of poor reportedly decided on where he's transferring out of Georgia, and where he's landing is an eyebrow. Raiser to say, the least if it is. In fact fact that's next along with Chris Brockman news update before John scene and carry champion. Join us and our three get them only getting good at eight four four two four ritual. Take your calls as well. That's next on the rich Eisen show. Hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors. And all of you, great listeners for supporting this podcast. Certainly couldn't do this show without either of you. And I wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast one dot com. Clicking on the support this podcast button. And there you'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that help make this show possible. So thank you for downloading subscribing. And of course, supporting now back to the show college football NFL football the greatest time of year. No more waiting. The time has arrived for you to get in all the action. Don't wait any longer to make your own line wages and head over the bed. Online dot AG to take into the best bonuses in the business. You've promo code podcast want to receive a fifty percent. Sign up bonus today that's podcast one to receive a fifty percent signing bonus. Whether you love college NFL football bet online dot AG has off you to get in the action today, and they're our exclusive partner of podcast one sports net. Sign up today. Online data. AG and use promo code podcast one to receive a fifty percent bonus. When you sign up take advantage of this incredible offer now bet on dot AG, bent, online dot AG your own line sportsbook expert. All right. Welcome back to the rich Eisen show. I I'm looking down to my right here behind the desk. And I have the remains of the two playing cards that John Doran boss have me rip. Only to have one of them. Appear in the piece in a box that he had placed on the desk when he came out. He he had a deck of cards in his hand in the box. He placed on my desk with a bag of checks mix on top of it. See had me removed the checks mixed bag and then shake the box. The empty box of cards at now had a piece of the card that he had just had me rip up moments before placed in it. And it fits perfectly. I mean, it is the same card. This is no question as he didn't replace the Cardi. He didn't. I don't know. How the hell he did it and the this ten of hearts one than have. You're my hand I ripped this in four pieces. It's now on my hands in two. And then the part where was ripped up the three of the four pieces. That's reconstituted. He had this in the bag of checks mix, which I ripped open myself. And, you know, look, we're very proud of our our studio here and the situation we have very very proud of. Of the situation that we put our guests in carry champion will be here soon, and she will see the we're very we're very very proud of the experience guest has here. That's it. It's not a very large variety of snack. Joyce, okay. So he had no idea that we had back their checks mixie couldn't have done it him sink could've brought the bag with him. He had no idea hasn't been here in two years. Right. So what I'm saying is there was no chance that he knew any of this stuff beforehand. How do we put? We put video right me too. I can't on our Twitter feed. Check it out at richeisenshow. It's really, it's awesome. Eight four four two four rich number two dollars. Go to Nathan here in Los Angeles. Having spoken in a while. It's his call. What's up? Nathan. Hey, how's it going happy new year to you seem to you? What's on your own? I wanna talk about the fact that I think the injury the chest injury to Nick foles as being a little bit underplayed and a little bit underrated. As terms of power to affect the game. You know, it was two weeks ago. They got hammered and got the original injury. And then last week he gets hurt again. And he openly admits in interviews that he's in pain. Now, it's not an injury of any kind that you can fix in a in a split second something you'd have to get surgery on. But so it's just a pain tolerance thing. But I really feel like he's walking on eggshells. And that if he gets hit by Khalil Mack or anybody else, and I'm not talking about anything legitimate just any random hit. You may see him. We may see Sut fell. I'm loath to say any of what I'm about to say. That's my caveat. Nathan, okay. Is that gal, you know, a ribbon? Juries very difficult for quarterbacks to have to deal with. He was a full participant in practice on Wednesday. Got it understood. But here come the Chicago Bears defense, and if Nate Sud fell comes in. That's right. You can't go full Sud felt don't go full should go full ROY a playoff gone January. That's game plan point the game plan is you're still the defending champion. Philadelphia. Eagles that everybody overlooked every single week last year. That's why I'm loath to say what I just said they're going to be one tough out. Nathan big thing. No part of it has to be considered. I know thanks for the call. It is obviously we'll keep an eye on it. Who's to say Sud fell can't come in? And be this year's foals lot of people. But that said last year they had every home game. They went under dog the dog masks, hashtag run it back. I'll tell you this for this weekend's events. I've been pretty good hooked on a feeling. I think my hooked on a feeling has been more accurate than sneaky good. You're feeling rich is questionable. Yeah. But what do you mean, by the way, what do you could solving yourself where you're picking teams that are like one point underdogs coin flip, dude? Half the time when I'm picking Cleveland and in Denver, really. Oh, yeah. Just because Vegas says something always right? They really thought it was gonna that football game. Like deep down like flat up straight up. No points. You thought Cleveland was going to go in on a Saturday night and win that football game. I picked it. Okay. Don't Peterson said, hey. Appears to be the same old, Nick. So let me just say this, my feeling is this forget my caveat. Even though I'm proud of it. Okay. I like the colts. I like to see hawks. I like the ravens. And Sunday this Sunday afternoon game. It's very cloudy. Very very cloudy. I can't the magic eight ball is coming back with asking for another shake every single time. I think of it. Because because if you could play fast on that bears defense and keep going like some sort of two minutes real nonstop to Mitchell. Just keep going fast play fast. They can't substitute. They can't get just Aaron Rodgers made that comeback week one because they start playing fast start playing fast. Let's move SCO flits go in foles can play fast. Let's play fast. Let's join hit him with these runs up the middle sometimes run at that run at the rush RPO. There's hurts. There's Al show Jeffrey I could see them winning this football game. One dunning the bears and say next year's your chance. Just like last year's Rams got one and done by the falcons at home. Same thing can happen to the pairs here is the defending Super Bowl champs, and they are going to be one tough out. And I'm trying to talk myself into right now with the eagles. I'm trying so hard. How many times last year overlook overlooking? I didn't pick them once. We all did nobody did by no. All right, still hour and a half to go in the show. I'm not ready to do. But my feelings are like the colts fix point like the Seahawks. And I like the ravens is much as I know that that the chargers have the have have one thing that nobody that's face. The ravens with Lamar Jackson have been able to have this year. Nobody's come into a game. Like the chargers can which is having seen it before every single time. The ravens Lamar Jackson has played somebody. It's the first time they've seen it. It's the first time Lamar's facing someone for the second time, and it's his first time in the playoffs and every single time the chargers play a game. They're not supposed to win or not expected to win. They win in every single time. They play a game where they're expected to win they lose. But how are you gonna take four road teams on wildcard? Weekend. I am not. Yeah. That's you can as much as I'd like to happen. I'm taking the ravens an shake the magic eight ball before the shows out on that last one. In chicago. It's got a news update. Brought to you by friends at Honda. Brockman, the federal live report. Rock men with the new Honda CR. V is the perfect vehicle for your winter adventures, thanks to its available all wheel drive and seating for five. Hurry to the happy Honda day sales event for a great deal on the CRV at your local Honda dealer. Christopher what do you have the Texans? You do. Okay. Head word castle. One of the one of the visitors, and I'm sticking with it and Shawn Watson and his first game. I'm really fired up for it. Yeah. Home of a ball hall of fame. Finalist announce yes, yes, sir. I do have it in front of me at water champ Bailey. Tony Selley Isaac. Bruce. Don, coryell, Alan Fanta, Tom Flora's, Toni Gonzaga's Steve Hutchinson. Edrich James tie. Log John Lynch. Kevin mewa. Ed Reed, Richard Seymour. You only get five from that list. Who do you got? Well, obviously at reads, the first ballot hall of Famer champ, Bailey's, the first bell and all Famer, right? Twenty dollars twenty dollars. I bel- Famer. So we got. Pick. No my word. Hutcheon Tyler go blue. Blue bias aside. I actually think you're spot on their Tony Boselli deserves it make a great case for every every last one of these people deserve Trump floors. It's about time come on now to championships. Please. Come on. Edgerrin James finally made it John Lynch. I mean, everyone will tell you Sapele tell you all that entire Tampa to defense. It was all built to funnel towards Lynch. He'll tell you that. And we've had Dan Fouts on number of times. Always town. Don coryell innovated the game the vertical passing game. I all pro announced chiefs and bears lead the way four players each from Kansas City, Patrick Mahomes, tyreek hill in the flex position. Travis. Kelsey Mitchell Schwartz bears got four defensive player Schwartz. Good for him. And is. That is it. The only person more pissed Jeff Schwartz that Mitchell Schwartz doesn't get the attention. He deserves Stonestreet here. Right. I mean, you ask you ask von Miller who's his toughest assignment, and he'll tell you. It's Mitchell Schwartz. Good for him bears. Got coil MAC on D. Eddie Jackson cow fuller. Tariq Cohen, you're put retur. How 'bout Quinton Nelson is Leonard for the colts rookie first team all purse rookie teammate since gale sayers. And dick Butkus in nineteen sixty all that could you Jen standing our Aaron Donald unanimous got fifty out of fifty his fourth straight for steam over Michael Dixon. You're you're all pro punter. Also interesting Zack Martin for the Cowboys. He's been in the week five years five time. I team all pro how that's hall of fame stuff right there that is that is it is. Okay. Okay. NBA last night. The other big story line. Leonard return to San. Antonio man. It was it was ugly. It was it was I Danny green also involved in that trade e returned as well. We'll play this pretty hilarious. The raptors introduction last night. And k. Six. Fourteen Danny green. State member to enter. Hilarious. A new in New England ways at hilarious. We didn't turn that up very different figure. It's meetings for those two guys. Kawhi Leonard talked about it after the games. Point. It's interesting who he blamed here. Okay. Pointed at all given your history here and everything that you guys accomplished as a team. No it wasn't. You know, me it as a great job to stir people mind knowing fourth in this stinking certain way. So mardi knew how that was won't be the way to media words. Wow. Media puts it on the media for. Look, I don't know what the local has been discussing down there. I don't know. I don't I don't read the local newspaper there either. It was obvious. There's no doubt that the Spurs were passive aggressive in talking about his injury. He adds to it by saying nothing nothing. He said nothing. The only thing we heard from him was somebody saying he wanted to go to Los Angeles, which is obviously going to piss off people in San Antonio Gregg Popovich, also good for him play the. Badly about it. Choas high character guy, we all make decisions in our lives, but were to do their futures. And he has that same right as any of us. So I felt badly in all honesty. When are we going to find out if he's running for president pop twenty twenty when we do that. The ticket. Look, he's exactly right. But like I said he's not in San Antonio anymore for a reason. Right. I'd love to know. Eventually what that reason is. He did have a a remarkable run there. They have a. MVP of banner because of it. Yeah. Okay. But fans are fickle and many of them can be fickle. You see one that was heckling him and his mom was Arkan back, and you know. After the game Popovich went up to him. They had kind of a nice. Well, I mean, he Popovich did most of the talking any do the camera. I'm wondering if it was the first time that they been able to speak in weeks wouldn't be suppressed maybe since he left. All right. So now, that's that's put to bed, but he hugged him. And then, you know, Popovich brought them over. You know to shoot away the cameras he brought him over towards the bench. And I'm it looked like it was another assistant or was that? Or was that the general manager of of? The spurs. They had a long talk. So it's it's a bummer all point out. You mentioned Justin fields Georgia quarterback five star recruit came in. But of course, didn't play that much here. He is rumored to be transferring to a higher state now Bruce Feldman tweeted out that he saw the reports confirms adjusted fields is on campus today Tate Martell is trending because he's the kid that's supposed to take over for joint Askins. But I guess not so fast, my friend. So of Ryan, I mean, just fields didn't beat out Jake fromm. So yeah, I don't know. But he competition. He was the number one ranked quarterback coming in. When he went to Georgia. You take would you trade up to the number one spot to take Dwayne Haskins? Yes. You would you would call up Arizona right now. He's really if you're the giants you wanna move up six spots to one and put him in the New York mock market, and let's go that's what you do. Right now. Do you think the giants can just wait and get him at six? No, you don't. You know, what I shouldn't say these things. Yeah. If you'd said to me like literally turn back the clock to January fourth two thousand eighteen. Hey, rich. Do you think Baker mayfield's worthy? First overall pick. Crazy. No, absolutely not should be Sam darnold. I was saying they should trade up from three three two and just take darnold. Take saquon rip the knob off and go to work and they take Baker Mayfield and the kid ward who bought out very well to he was great instead of Chubb. We have our fog. I in Pittsburgh, rich. Yeah. Have our fall guy. Joey porter. Yeah, I'm back. It's joy Puerto will not be coming back to Pittsburgh. I'm telling you guys. It's the first time. I'm getting the sense that. That Mike Tomlin will go into the two thousand and nineteen regular season on a hot seat coaching job guessing. I believe so. I really firmly believe it. I mean, he's been there. He's been there for twelve years. Thirteen years is what Mike McCarthy was thirteen in out. Also, also guys happy anniversary rich happy anniversary on epi anniversary nineteen years ago. Bill check resigned his h c the NYJ. Wow. Congratulations. Congratulations to you. I have no explanation for congrat-. No. I do remember what it was. It was the jets were being sold from from the Hess family too. I don't know if it was already identified as the Johnson family. And Bella check. Got a got out. Put on a cocktail napkin, he resigns as the great decision. A great decision by him. Because you know, because at the time who knew that there was a Michigan man in his future. Two thousand they weren't too hot. I know well round choice came walking through that door. They were five and eleven two thousand look I I say to you who do I say to the other day. That whenever you need a Michigan man, you turn to the Michigan man for life altering success. Wasn't the Graham, right? I think so. Yeah. Anytime. That's what you need to do. Please. When we come back. Mike del tufo weather report, which you haven't done in a while. No. And I love it. Because for some reason, you flop sweat like crazy. I four. Hang on. It's four games. Two of them are indoors Ceesay piece. Geico, hold on. We'll find out tip. You would say tiptoe through the rain or the light comes on Mike lights coming on right now. I'm fine. Okay. Kerry champions watching. That's right. All right. That's next year on the rich Eisen show in sports trade can make or break your team a good one can mean a championship. But a bad one can set your franchise back for years, and it is no different. 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Join Chris Horwood del inference each week as they cover the biggest stories in sports with shows like tales from the association the underdog sports NFL show, and you're wrong. And here's why can't rely on draft picks. A lot of times with quarterback. There's two five quarterbacks drafted in the first round that are completing bus, check checkout. All these exciting shows on the underdog sports network every week on podcast one or whatever you get your favorite podcasts. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of AP news headlines, right after this podcast. Third hour coming up carry champion in studio. She's in the titan games along with Dwayne Johnson on we've got a WWE star of some note before that John scene is gonna call into the program. You think he's a patriot fan red sock? You'd think he's doing the whole the whole mass whole full mass. Only think I mean, you think what do you think Massachusetts Springfield college? Civil that's coming up. You're ready for your weather report of hit your. Off. Gel tufo with the weekend weather update. You want to you want to say the game. And then I give you the weather issue. Like, it's your it's your segment, my K got it. What do you got for me? Well, we have two games Saturday into Sunday, as we all know and Saturday, you guys just wanted me to make of course, a mistake because it's inside a dome both of the games are inside domes. But of course, both of those domes can be opened. So the weather there in both Houston, and in Dallas will both be clear and kind of sunny during the day, and of course, at night, it'll get dark like it does everywhere because I want you guys understand that because you guys want me to sit here and kind of fumble around and I'll I'll play along. I'm doing a great job, which I love. So the I prefer both of the roofs to be open Houston, and in of course, eighteen stadium douse playing so Sunday. We have the charges at the ravens. And then we have eagles folly graphically right now. Course, they can't you know, me. So what Sunday's game Sunday games charges? The ravens and the eagles at the bears. I love my peanut gallery back here. So kickoff in Baltimore, of course on the east coast will be forty five degrees. And it'll feel about thirty eight with a light wind about fifteen miles an hour. Okay. That game will be basically clear. So there won't be any rain thing though, bother that game. Goodson L second game. He was at the bears. It'll be thirty eight degrees at kickoff. It'll feel like thirty oh with the wind chill does not that. And they'll be light wind at about ten to about thirteen Mike del tufo weather for everybody. I mean, they'll get dark out. Also at the second game on Sunday. Like, it does everywhere in the world to know. But just saying thank you son comes up and in the sun. I just want to let you guys know that. Thanks good job. Good job. So we just showed a whole bunch of old. Sportscenter commercials. At Stuart Scott was in that he SPN tweeted out and cut me out of at least three by my count. But they also left out my favorite one that I did with Stewart which was a holiday one. Okay. We totally made up out of whole cloth. They came up in late November to do a sport center spot that the two of us were in. I forget which one it was. But we came up with like, hey is there any holiday one? And they're like no like how about we do one. And we came up with Stuart night where I'm sitting at my cubicle. He comes up to me and hands me a little box. Like he's proposing to me. Okay. Because we all he would he would always call me. His TV wife short game. We've that's referred to each other because we did so much together so little box, and I opened it up, and it was my earpiece. And I we totally I think we honestly I didn't want her to takes because that's all it was. It was my earpiece, and I fit I'm like, wow. You knew my size and everything. And then we did one of those awkward kind of like, you know, do we hug do we not like bro hug and the just like backed off? And that was it. We did it in like, maybe one or two takes. And then there's another one I was cut out where he's washing his hands in the bathroom. You know, jockey walks out any thinks nothing of it. But then the horse walks out. And he's like what what's that all about? I was the first one to walk out before the jockey in the horse. And I said to the director, I'm like, I've got a problem with this. What's your problem? And I'm like I have to wash my hands before I leave the scene I'm coming out of a toilet. I cannot give off the impression that I do not wash my hands after going inside a stall like I'm opening up a stall door, right? Like, we all know what I'm doing. Like for a thirty second spot. You can't do it. At least have the water running. Let me pass my hands through it. And somebody pulls me aside, like the polls me son 'cause rich. It's always more important. Have you clan? Hands clean before you go into the bathroom. You know what I'm saying? And I'm like, no, I don't know what you're saying. So I was a good soldier. I went ahead and did it. Sure. Enough cut to six months later at the World Series in Yankee Stadium covering the World Series of which one it was somebody screams. My name out, y'all rich. I turn around guy looks at me goes, why are you wash your hands? When you go to Kane. I told that to Stewart he laughed so hard. He could hardly breathe. John Kerry champion coming up from all your friends at podcast one. Thank you for a wonderful twenty eighteen and we hope twenty nineteen is even better hates, Adam Corolla. Visit Heather Dubrow from headed you grows world HD bulbs from Steve Joe, hey, rob Riggle, Sarah Tian angles takes this is Keith Bristow from off the vine this Kelsey from the lady gang happy new year from odd cast. Jut down day fourteen. I'm Ed Donahue with an AP news minute at a meeting over border security, the White House. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer says President Trump says the partial government shutdown could last a long time and Ceridwen years. Did the president say that I did? Absolutely. I said that I don't think it will. But I am prepared. And I think I can speak for Republicans in the house and Republicans in the Senate, they feel very strongly about having a safe country a Bill in the house would end the partial shutdown, but it does not have the money. President Trump wants for a border wall. I'm very proud of doing what I'm doing. I don't call it a shutdown. I call it doing what you have to do for the benefit. And for the safety of the president says, this is a serious subject. Not playing games we have to do it. And just remember Uman traffickers, remember drugs. Drugs are pouring into this country. The president says there will be more meetings this weekend at the White House. I may Donahue.

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