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Toyota Confirm Ogier, Evans and Rovanper For 2020


Welcome to Grovel Nick. So David do I have to sign up every time. That welcome to government David Evans think really but people know what they say. They know they know why they're coming here. The know what to expect. I've talked for fifteen seconds now. All all people want to know is about Toyota. Didn't want to know that I'm David Evans. And this things go grab showing me. I probably should. Let's jump straight into the big news the week. which isn't whether I should or shouldn't say welcome? Travel next a starter podcast. I probably will continue to do so. Let's forget that. Let's get onto Toyota so today Wednesday November twenty seventh killer days later than we expected. to-to has revealed its lineup for next year's World Rally Championship. Are there any surprises. Actually no we completely expected Sebestyen Zsa Elvin Evans and Kelly Rav Impera to be announced as soon as citron revealed last week that they were walking away from WNYC and obviously talked a lot about OJ's decision to leave the team. We knew that the French you WANNA go into one place in fact before that you know we kind of saw it coming. Elvin was out in pupil in Finland at Toyota Gazoo. Erasing Tommy McLennan's factory in October last month and from what we can understand he did is deal pretty much there and then he has a two year you deal with turtle two years in Oj. There's no statement from him about whether next year is going to be as finally Eh. It's a one year deal that he signed for twenty twenty or thirty two and mine. The standing is that he will still retire at the end of the end of next year. There's there's no real changes nothing to to point to the fact that he wants longer in the sport the one thing that we do know he wants is the chance to win a seventh driver's championship with a third manufacturer factor. Here obviously when he won four with Volkswagen to them support and the hope was that he would match you Qingchen degree. You are in Kenan. Who won with with Lancia Pirjo Toyota across group? B and Group pay. It's rations of cars in the championship. He wanted to recall call. What what Cancun's done nobody else's ever managed to do that apart from you? So that's a big opportunity for Sebestyen next year there are plenty out there And you know in the fallout since sexually now. I've dug around a lot talked to a lot of engineers talked to a lot of people a lot of drivers. We spoke to lappy. Of course last week has a Pekka lappy does a good few people out there who think that all JAS chances would have been as good at Citron if he'd Stayed The C.. Eighty three has taken a lot of development is moved forward. Clearly we've seen night you know and the real one of the real frustrations for me is that we won't see how good that car will be could have been next year could have won a championship and who knows but what we do have to remember here is that. OJ's joining a new team so that brings things new relationship with engines new working practices. Everything is new for him. You know it's not just the way the car feels where to Congress. It's it's it's it's a whole different way of working perhaps Toyota and all of the experience learned all of the the the study it got to know I'm become very familiar with et cetera. Last year it would have helped him through next year so maybe he gets a performance gain at tertre but does that come at the cost of that that feeling of familiarity within the team who knows either way. Whatever he's putting in a wheelbarrow he will still be capable of winning rallies and possibly the championship? We will oh safe but for sure you know. Australia is going to be excited in his own words. He does say that The fact that it's three new drivers coming to the team is going to make. Things is a little bit more difficult for for more challenging in his words. There's no benchmark for the mets today. You know there's no tax. There's no Christmas there's no Yari Matti Latvala to to say yet on fast right hand. One is a camera or something here. The car tends to do this. They've got to learn over them. Selves Shaw told me maximum will know. He's he's a driver himself. He's driven the car himself. And you hennion is. They're all you know potentially is going to be around potentially area mattie level. It could still be around He's that's what we're hearing at the moment and And certainly accurate Toyota in in his in his words in Toyota's communication Asian the last words to to let velour. Let's keep in touch so does that. Keep a door open for further fan. I duNno we're GONNA come onto twitter to Toyota who is of course the president of Toyota Motor Corporation later on in about five or ten minutes. I say five or ten minutes down every time and then inevitably this thing go on and on with yeah I do WanNa talk to you about Turkey because really quite an interesting story very interesting story with him so where were we the lack of a benchmark in a team. That's difficult that does make it quite tricky to understand them to really hit the ground running with the car and the other thing that we definitely know is that it's difficult in the WAC to learn a new car very quickly. Because you know you have Monte Carlo Sweden Sweden Mexico three massively different events so you know what works in French Alps probably work in the frozen wastes wastes of northern Scandinavia and only went work at high altitude and baking heat in northern America and North America Mexico. So yeah it's going to be difficult old but equally. OJ's one of his two primary title rivals next. Jay Tonic is doing the same time except for obviously he does have have the benchmark there in fact he has three of them with with tearing avail. Sebastian and Dani Sordo. So we'll see but very exciting news as gone. elven elven Evans huge huge huge. Huge opportunity for the Welshman now I feel hugely as as I said about fifteen. Sometimes I feel very excited for Alvin. He's waited for that very unfair to say he's waited for an opportunity because Malcolm Olsen and what have given him plenty of opportunities but you know this this is different this is on a different scale. Lino it at all. I think we're all very well aware that the budgets are very very tight and it's it's not always the most straightforward place to be should. Should we say put it. That's different again. That's absolutely no reflection on the way. Malcolm runs a team way. Richard Mellon the runs a team. It's just the fact that ain't a lot cash around so it's good to see Alvin. Get an opportunity. I must say I do feel a little bit. Sorry for for. They have invested in Elven since he won. WRC Academy in Two Thousand and eleven or twelve eleven twelve two thousand twelve. Of course it was. Somebody has written out on a piece of paper and shoved Infants Mondays. I always get that confused because obviously bring you on in in two thousand and Eleven Elvin in two thousand twelve two thousand twelve Craig Brain One S. WC BACK to back world champion easy to forget that superstar Irishman I'm sport has given Elvin plenty of opportunities lots and lots of opportunities he's taken his first and only. WRC Win Fiesta. In fact he started every every single. WRC round in a Ford Fiesta of some sort so yeah it's going to be difficult for short to say goodbye to him. It's going to be a real culture. She change for for Alvin. You know everything that he's known is based around the hall in Cumbria and now he and Scott and we'll go away and go to a completely completely new team so yeah it's going to be an interesting one but as a a great opportunity and great for elementary backwards. The best you know Jay again you know those. I used to work very well together. Through two thousand seventeen eighteen an og was was one of the primary drivers and bringing Alvin with him I'm from what I can understand. The discussion walls eternity. And who do you want a teammate. And he said Alvin straight away having said that MacKinnon's been absolutely honest east and said that you know he has followed in for lots of years. And that's true because you know I've had numerous conversations with with Tommy about Alvin and his potential and also some cracking talking conversations about the times when when Tommy battled with Gwyndaf Alvin father for group. I think did not beat Tommy in Rally Rally Finland in group in one year. I'm sure he did. I'm sure he did so. Yeah a great chance for for Alvin to to move on and his any one of his primary objectives tissue next year is to win rallies on a on a regular basis and. I think he can do that. The big thing is you know. How quickly can these guys set Atlanta Yeras? It hasn't been the most difficult of cost to drive to learn from what I can understand. You go somewhere like Turkey where you need to Jack. The car up little bit and it is is a bit more difficult but we'll see we'll say the one guy who is unbelievably excited about getting any hours for the second time is nine Hundred Zero Kelly Robin Para who has been confirmed as third driver. Kelly of course drove the car on a test when he was sixteen and Mckinnon told me not long ago that at that test on that same that a road he the sixteen year old Kelly was quicker than Esser pappy and tame you soon and who also testing down the road on the same day so identing anybody can doubt just how capable Ruben Perez is. We've seen some ups and downs this year. But what we've seen in this year is his ability to deal with the Knox and the downside really with incredible maturity and understanding of what's needed on the next round. He had a rotten start here. Then he bounced back with those four wins Back to back wins in. WAC to pro and then took the title and Wells. He Ed Bouchette his own. Admission has a huge amount to learn. He really does you know. This is a massive step up for him but he's ready for it but you know what we need to do next year is we need to be ready with our expectations. I think I've outlined before on this podcast. Rallying is different formula on. We cannot expect in the way that you unexpected. Someone like mattress tap into come in and win races and Challenge Championship really quickly. You can't do that in. WRC It's simply not possible these these rallies we talked earlier Monte Sweden Mexico three events was just so different in nature and aspect in setup and the way you have to approach them from a strategy perspective and a guide as a teenager that has gone and done. Those events wants four four twice in in some cases. It's just not going to be enough you know it's not enough because they are five is vastly different car to a current world. Rally car it is going to take time you know. I don't doubt that we will see some exceptional times. You know Kelly's probably going to be running quarter preferable place on on the road on a Friday so we can expect to see him. Perhaps leading one leading in Mexico on Friday. You just don't know I'd say we'll get further into the year. Potentially Portugal Sardinia Seniors. Someone like that. He could be leading on a Friday. But we'll see some stage wins. That's for sure I'm we all see some some really really exciting performances. I'm sure coming from him. And it's just wonderful to see a young guy like that coming into the into the championship from being given the trust and put unity from sunlight. Tommy macklin. There is part of me that feels. Obviously there is real sadness at CITRON's loss. The fact that we've we've lost one four manufacturers but it's impossible now not to you. Start to feel the excitement building as these. These storylines really start to emerge for for next year. You know we talked about Hyandi Tannock Tanna going to find out who's GonNa win that that battle to win over the hearts and minds of that Hind I team would it be. Tannock will be strong enough to to get one over Terry Neville early doors or will villes relationships within the team. Serve in very well and and perhaps finally you know he can get the better tannock. There's that side of things is Toyota. What is this new team have to offer and can can they bring more championships to back to improve your does that an equally? There's this whole specter of eight drivers now chasing one seat dot. It's almost unprecedented. And it's it's fascinating to see who who is going to end up with with that seat now. I do need to name all eight. Don't I so we have got from Chris Meek Yari Matti Latvala from Citron we've got ESA Pekka lappy three Gus Greensmith. Of course who's WHO's in there fighting man's Osberg Craig Craig Breen and of course Hayden Patent I for me pattern. I've said it a million times now deserves another shot absolutely deserves another go. So yes there his eight of them. I think that's eight pleased. Anybody countless say that's any seven. I'm sure he's eight. Yeah it must be eight so people around clearly weren't paying attention as is nobody's counted and nobody's told me so. Let's trust me. It's eight and yeah you know one of them. Maybe to you know if they could run a third car short There could be two seats available But it's it's tremendously exciting and if you know if we could get lappy Latvala meet somebody like that. Interact any of those boys patent brain then. They all potential rally. One is for sure. There's no doubt about that. And we know that M. Sports got more development coming with the CARDIS. I believe there's some engine work the scenario that some transition so coming already. We know that they fiesta. Is Capable of winning. You know it's there you know Elvin could have one in Wales as things have been a bit differently nearly so nearly one in Corsica. Didn't he the cars right there. So if they can get the right package together get the right person in the car and then you know anything can happen. But as I say there are these amazing storylines emerging and one of the things. I'm literally weird with this sort list of one of the things that I get really excited about four this season. I don't know if you're like me. But it's all about obviously new cars new drivers Blah Blah Blah La. But it's also about seeing blokes in different outfits now is honestly. This is nothing strange. I got me onto this line of thinking was in nine hundred ninety nine when we first saw Colin McRae wearing something other than those five blue and Yellow Subaru overalls before Rothmans overalls and then of course early shall Gemini overalls when he was at Ford but for so long with only seen calling in and blue and yellow of of five and then a Subaru so to seem Martini Ford overall in one thousand nine believable. And it's not just the overall seeing him in and a different wooly hat in a different jacket. We're going to see all of that and we're going to the best but here's the really cool. where the only place to gather and see all of that and all of those drivers Riva's in all of their new kit is at autosport international January the eleventh? If you go to one event in January next year make make sure it's at the NEC Birmingham to come to launch of the World Rally Championship. Sl you'll see them all our new kids and we can we can. Let's talk more about this than I did. Mention something else. There's two other things that I wanNA mention actually three because Roy in front of me now has just landed another mince pie see. We didn't expect the podcast to take that sort of a turn did we. I've got I've been eating mince pies now for a month. In fact clearly anybody who knows me just from my side profile can tell. I've been eating wins for years. What do we think is it too early? I I'm bemused that people might even consider. It's too early. I met calling clog walk the Great Calling Clark for coffee last weekend and I offered him a men's Pie and he was appalled. Shocked sh absolutely the shock to the anybody could be eating midsize November. What's wrong with these people you know? I've been playing band aid since September. Now I promised you some acute Toyota story which is brilliant and was was revealed by Toyota's PR department In accurate or the president you know one of the most important man in the whole world of cars and automotive and everything he talked walked in his quotes about how he first attended rally Finland in two thousand fourteen and the thinking behind getting to getting toward back into the WNYC. I see so he came to rally Finland and really Finland's quarter. It's almost a unique event in that you come into service. Balkan in the middle of the service pop between between kind of rally. HQ and where all rally show is and the actual service. There's a there's a hotel beautiful hotel. which if you if you to go and stay there tonight on a week night in November it would probably cost you sixty or seventy euros? Possibly one hundred years perfectly fine. Very Nice Hotel go go there on Rally Week and it can be as much as six hundred euros. It's ridiculous it's an absolutely rip off is the only thing that's bad about rally. Finland is the ridiculous cost of hotel rooms but this hotel is the center point for every kind of social chats or whatever that goes on because all of the teams and drivers stand there. And if you want to if you want to get an autograph or just see the rally unfolding. You can just go stand in in reception. And that's what exactly acutally did in two thousand fourteen. He went into the to the reception on stood there to greet the drivers as they came in first driver in Eerie Matti Latvala. Now my haven't been able to talk to your matthew at this but my feeling is that Yari Matti didn't know exactly who Akio Toyoda was but being comanche he stopped and chataway to him and Toyota talks about levels enthusiasm and his stories As we can imagine the endless stories about Jerry massie driving us a leaker and a Kerala and all of these kinds of cars and I really should just read you the actual quote because it's almost unprecedented these kind of quotes that we get from from Toyota and from Kyoto it he. He talks with such commotion and Talk to the Drivers in his quotes. So when I visited Finland for the first time in two thousand fourteen toe to had not yet decided to come back to the w Osei I was so excited because it was my first visit and I stood in the hotel lobby to see drivers in-person Yari Matthew. VW drives the first to arrive. When I excited AH excitedly greeted you? You said a friendly. Hello while chatting. You noticed me as someone from Toyota and you happily talk to me about your Kerala and Selita. This was the moment. I made the decision to come back. Imagine that and then he he talks a little bit later about the one being moved by the wonderful fate eight year mattie actually drove for his team from twenty seventeen almost Frankly speaking I didn't expect that the beginning of the season that we could win in our first season the target was to get a podium finish within a year however you brought to to to the pope podium immediately in Monte Carlo and then you bought us at the top of the podium the following month in Sweden it was a dream experience. I was so glad we could finally stand together on the podium last year because obviously towed hadn't attended an event that he had been on the podium. When I look back at our pictures afterwards I notice that I sprayed the champagne bottle given by ought to wards? You're saying the page you at first. I believe it shows how much I got excited for my podium together with you you could say if I didn't see such a friendly. VW driver back then and then maybe Toyota would not been the WRC now. How amazing is that? And how cool is he. I have to say I was very very fortunate at last. CA's rally Finland. The Idar stepped him. He was there with a huge entourage in tow service doorstep on. I think Saturday or Sunday. Good morning really early. I service at a whole six ams or thing And did everything. I could talk a lot to return to be out of is. Is there any chance I could get a word with him not really know very difficult. Then you have to go through the Japanese bureaucracy as well and eventually I was given given some time with him. The two of US sat down and we were immediately surrounded by a number of people who are very keen to to hear what he was saying. Just kind of make sure that we kept the thing on track and they wanted just to know what I would ask him beforehand and I have to say. What an amazingly lovely bloke who is just the biggest rally fan and immediately one one or two or three minutes became ten minutes fifteen minutes? I'm we chatted for ages. And he you know it was a real insight for me to to meet a guy that is right at the top you know arguably you believe the biggest and most important man in the biggest car company in the whole wide world and we were chatting about you know whatever in all sorts of stuff from from Ronnie fantastic that we have such a strong advocate for sport at such a an elevated position in the auto world so that Os ended a bit serious. It didn't what was the other thing I wanted to talk to you about our ACO rally. That's the final thing crikey. We're nearly at twenty five minutes. I promise this is the last bit you know those things things where you you kind of go through the thinking. Yeah I must get onto that. I must get out salted and time passes you by and suddenly it's here clearly. Christmas isn't isn't like that in this in my will because I've been celebrating Christmas in September but wanting which did creep up on me and I'm so stupid for allowing to creep up on. Oh Me is the Roger Albert Clark Rally which was last weekend for those who don't know what this is. It's a historic event. But obviously that's now open to o'cuiv acres Roger Albert Clark. It was one of the greatest British row rally drivers in history. Two time winner of the of the rally so he's play on the the acronym isn't a rally Roger Abbott really but it's an event that is run very much in the same vein as the as the original RAC RAC- rallies. It started on Thursday evening in Leominster Hertfordshire when tend to Radner for two stages which are both would have been in the dark back to lobster and restarted for day through wells on Friday Friday night after it finished in halfway down in in south Wales on happened finish their at Har Three four o'clock on Friday and jump straight on. Am Six and drove all the way up to carlisle just exactly as it would have been on the old our AC started in incur. Show first thing the next morning. Nine o'clock when through kill the all day Saturday back to collar on Saturday night Sunday into borders and we're talking proper stages a twig lease casler creek great great stages stages. I actually competed competed on. You'll be astonished to hear the Daihatsu Challenge in one thousand nine hundred nine something like that and that's another podcast. For Another Day Sunday all the way through the through the borders and back down to Carlisle on Sunday night and back into kill the on Monday day for stays like four stern abuse off and I mean great grey stages and by the end of the event they had done practically the three hundred competitive miles and the winner was a multi McCormack. Who won by his total accumulated? The time was an astonishing five hours. That's a genuinely great genuinely great event and one that I absolutely will not miss ever again. I've been meaning to go on it. It's clashed a few times stuff. I think is a biennial event but enormous. Congratulations to to the organizers of that of that event and count me in for twenty twenty one or whenever it runs next. Because I'm all in for a Thursday Thursday late afternoon star all the way through to A alternative finish. Let me go back to Ternary. Finish was a half past four on Monday afternoon. I mean how cool is that. And you're on the road on them. Six you up and down the place and fabulous yet. I'm all of that. And also congratulations across the multi McCormack for winning nothing. It took him more than five hours to do. But it the guy that I also want to talk about and I promise this is the end Wayne citizen who was fourth in Mitsubishi Galant VR. Fall a AH one of the cars that you kind of forget for an aggressive air or that you and then you watch our. That was such a cool guy and it was running that citizen livery the blue and the red just exactly as it should be but that result is even more timely because it comes thirty years crikey thirty is after curricular won the rally in in the same Kinda group a Glenn Awful so fabulous good result for for Wayne System great result from Ati McCormick exceptional result for the organizers rotor clock Riley and very very exciting times coming clearly from Toyota for next year And there we. Are we all done now. It's time for me to go into the midst pie so catchy next week bye bye.

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