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Perspectives on Higher Education with Seaton Brown


Welcome to the PODCAST. Entrepreneur perspectives building. In protecting. Your Business. One podcasts at a time a cast production in this episode I chat with seat and Brown director of Mba admissions at the College of Charleston. We discuss higher. Ed Emotional content in Charleston South Carolina. This episode is brought to you by the kesslers brand podcasts. PODCAST is your podcast production team. You know how many business leaders need help communicating their story through audio. That's what we do. PICA strategy creation and distribution for business leaders this provides opportunities relationships and platform for you and your business. Why do we do this because it podcast? We exist help you create and share amazing content through podcast learn more by visiting podcasts. Dot Com it. When I was looking through are linked in one day I came across this post? Obviously I went to the College of Charleston and following connected with many people that went there. That work there and randomly. The News is how social media can work. Sometimes I came across the Post and you had made this post and you were talking about a student. That was moving to Chicago and it was looking for an opportunity to work at a company in Chicago. And you had made this post and then you know obviously saw from the Charleston so sure enough. That's just interesting in and of itself and then I see a little bit more. Is that watch your the director of admissions for the NBA at the College of Charleston. And I said well there's something there and before we hopped on here. We were talking about emotion and and there's an emotional connection when I think about the College Charleston and then there's an emotional connection I think about just content in general and peace people are posting things on on Tuesday link Dan or social media wherever they might be their website. That hit me because here is a someone who's bringing people into the an MBA program at sea of Z.. And they're out there trying to help their students take the next level in their journey in their career right and that was from you and that was just a connection point in that made me reach out to you and enact more and then we connected more than we had a conversation and on and on and on and then here we are are talking on this podcast today. There's something to be said because Higher Ed. There's there's a lot of stuff being pushed out there and no doubt you need to talk about the University College. You need to talk about these different things and all that but there's another aspect of it is if you're going to be posting content and it might as well be genuine right and I saw that with you because you're helping your students out you're helping your MBA. The people that move on the next career. So I just wanted to go on that little tangent because that is how we connected it was linked in conversation. Here we are and there's a lot going on with that but I just thought it was fascinating because of a college that I'm very fond of you. Have this person out here. WHO's helping connect to the next level of a student's journey saw gone on too much but I just had to start with that and it's important because you don't see that every day so anyway here you are and just want you to talk a little bit about that as being a director of MBA? Why it's so important for you to help? The students get to that next level. Short short will didn't i. If you're not seeing that every day from a program that you're considering Gimme the look at another program it is. I feel it is my responsibility. See that even though I might be the admissions director that I have a role to play in ensuring that these students who are going through our one year. Mba Program am are able to bind that job within three months of graduation. That's that's what we try and guarantee that's what we hope for and needless to say we we've done a fairly good job of it US World Report rated US in two thousand. Eighteen is at the top in the country for job placement within three months of graduation with one hundred percent placement rate and returned very well since then as well. But you're looking at programs and you're not feeling that familiar millio connection with it. Then it's time for you to go with your gut and go where you're going to be the happiest where you can acknowledge that. I'm looking looking at this program and this program. This program may be offering me this amount of scholarship dollars or this incredible opportunity but over here. I'm going to be able to develop open network. That is going to go beyond just my program. It's going to help me in my academic and professional pursuits. Not only within three months of graduation that you're looking for that job but after that whether you become an entrepreneur or move out of the southeast or go internationally kind of connection that you and I had where in different locations but we had something some experience at the College of Charleston Education and I hope that that's one thing thing that we continue to provide Alverson undergraduate or graduate the opportunity to develop their networks and their connections to that they're part of this larger family family and community pissed graduation. And you start off by saying how you see. It's your responsibility in in. That's amazing to hear but to play it out to live Out I think is what's most important you hear whether it's a large company or institution or college for that matter used these big words and then when you go and live in that world old you realize those are those are just words and there's no actions behind it well. It's obviously play now. It's not a surprise. You know if I as I read about you learn a little bit more or about you. I saw this award you while you're in school to College Charleston Unselfish contributions to the student body in the CFC community. That's the word it's unselfish right. You're out there. Of course course you have means you have things you have to do right and accomplish in that you want to accomplish your on your objectives and and all that but you have a way of doing it of giving if you give especially at a place like a university. Well you'd better be giving because there's so much to that so it's not again like like I said it's not a surprise that you see that as your responsibility because it seems to be playing out in your career you know whether it was in college or Post College and here you are as a director. Mba School so it's interesting though because there's a lot of news out there about colleges the cost of colleges you talk about NBA. There's issues and with return on investment. Smith is a big word that's thrown out and I think there's a lot more to our y than just. Hey I spent this much money. How do they get out of it? Sometimes you just cannot measure the experience like you're talking about but that said there's a lot out there about it and I think college of Charleston probably has their own way of explaining this students get possibly go into debt. But you've already explained how if you go to the school. Will you have a top ratio of getting your students placed into a career within the first three months which is obviously a very big deal. But I'm sure you've heard it. I'm sure you've heard the arguments you read the different papers burs and the periodicals and it says you know be careful of choosing to go the NBA route but talk a little bit about the MBA program at the College of Charleston. And what your the thoughts are on that topic. Sure it will let me share two MBA programs nationally internationally as XENA DECLI- and a decline Kline in admissions and applications and enrollments. That's not new. We've been able to see for a few years The Graduate Management Admission Council has been sharing that data data on a biannual basis or a review you mentioned the financial component of it. G MAG had a a white paper a little awhile ago that talked about Meyer students especially younger students not pursuing their degrees or graduate degrees and for a lot of them it tends to be that they have pre existing debt from Undergrad. The undergraduate universities especially public ones are not receiving the appropriate funding for them to be able to offer merits. End need based aid to the students. Who need it most that they can graduate in limited debt if none at all for them to be able to pursue Assu a graduate level coursework whether it be masters where PhD? I think it's about if I remember. The paper correctly is out thirty. percent of the students have identified that they are being held back by loans from their previous education so affordability is a huge component of Recruitment recruitment and enrollment in in graduate education for us. In what g Mac his also said is that there's actually an increase in a rise in the number of universities offering being one year programs one year programs are great because you're only out of the job market for one year hours happens to be fairly affordable and coming in right under thirty thousand dollars right. Now you're only forgoing one year's worth of salary in your back in a job market where you're earning a significant increase in percentage. Each of the salary that came in with so it does at that higher return on investment for US Being Public University. We continue to struggle in the amount of scholarship scholarship dollars that were able to hand out and even though we are incredibly affordable and I dare say that the the most affordable in the country for the most part. It's still a struggle to be able to lure. Students from other programs is other programs are able to offer a significant amount of scholarship dollars. There's even though the the airline that they might be seeing might be lower in consideration of a comparison to college of Charleston. So I I think that that's just a assistant issue that we have in public education anyway in that our tax dollars are not funding education as it should if it were then we could be cooking more students out there with significant findings. So that they don't have to graduate in debt but the the Roi tends to be one of the highest considerations incinerations for our students that in one thing that the colleges MBA program services will times obviously a factor in this because you mentioned the one year program and they're around the rise as you said. Gee Max noted that it's obviously important is if you're someone who's ready to get going on your career but you realize you need more time in the academic world one year yet it it. It's a lot less right south taffy too so I I could see where that would play a role and like you said the affordability. It's still under thirty thousand dollars. It's still a big number is still something to think about the same time. Compared to other programs it's less and it's one year is that the main reason one year programs. I have done well. And then how does say a one year program compete with the typical MBA programs. That have been around for say hundred you know very long time. And they have this brand recognition where now you're taking university where I believe. Mba Program is for you know compared to some of these ones that have been around for a long time is fairly new compared to that. How does that play itself out when you're talking to prospective students about that store wanted? We require interviews of Oliver Perspective students than we asked that question. What what is it about our program that you find so attractive? The number one is always Charleston. Yes of course. It is Charleston semester incredible city in the nation and I can certainly understand why they would want to come and spend the next year of their life here but the second one is the one year and that makes us competitive additive among some of the more rain recognized universities across the country because in the end it there plenty of arguments out there if the brand recognition actually gets you an increase in percentage pay in those more well known programs are going to say that there is but I can almost say there isn't because in the end you're earning your masters degree. That's they're looking for the last three letters at the end of your name at the top of your resume to save that you have pursued higher education in such way because you have a commitment to business successful in it to furthering your knowledge in how to manage or developing Your focus in in finance or marketing or whatever it may be the one year I think is one of the most exciting parts of it. Because we're still putting the exact same information that you would get into your program into one year. It tends to be about thirty six credit hours even for two year programs. The only thing different about ours is that you're not getting the internship between the first and the second year now. We don't require an internship unless unless you're in the hospitality Revenue Management Focus area of degree program. But I can tell you about two thirds of our forty eight students right now all had internships or job outside of the program when our Dean went out ten years ago to identify the best practices of different. Mba be programs around the country. He put a list in front of him and said all right rather than focusing on one of these areas in pursuing it. Holy Eh in doing just that one thing really. Well we're going to focus on all of them and do all of them really well so to your programs to offer offer international immersion trip. We offer that to that offer mentoring program. We offer that as well executive coaching cohort style. Focus this areas. We have three in marketing. Finance and Revenue Management Those are the sorts of things that you can get at our program just as well as you could get it added to your program that right there as far as being able to differentiate yourself right off the bat and understanding what it is. You're trying to accomplish and having write your dean. Go go out some years ago and identify that. This is what we're going to do. You have a vision and clearly. There's a vision with this with college of Charleston and everything that's around it and and you mentioned the city itself so and these conversations I love to bounce around and we're GONNA come back to all different. Mba stuff as well. But you mentioned city. Because I used to vacation with with my family down in the islands Q.. Island and I remember being at the airport one day and sure enough. There's a kiosk and this Charleston is beautiful picture of the university the college and looking at it. And I'm like wait a second. You can go to school here and we want so we looked into it next thing. You know we're case on their love this city you you know. We spend more time outside of the city than we actually do in it so going to college would still be something. I really not that familiar with and certainly living in downtown Charleston. Sure enough end up At the College of Charleston now for four years the city is a draw. My met my wife there but she is actually from my hometown as well. Our parents were friends as long story. Right agree on the same elementary school. We got to know each other in Charleston South Carolina being from Buffalo New York. It's pretty wild when you think about it right. That's and we became friends and and and so on. Her parents fell in love with the city after sight unseen. Never seen it before. There's something about that place and then you're there and you're talking to people when I'm there. Where are you at School College of Charleston? And where is that. It's in Charleston South Carolina basketball. ASK PROGRAMS COMING UP. John Cress XLII in the way when I was in school there. That was like their heyday. Let's say of of their basketball program. It was interesting to watch them be put on the map as a result of that absolutely had an impact because I know more and more students were coming from the northeast or the mid Atlantic so I have friends from Washington. DC Area and they were. Some of the first students is to go down to Charleston. Like I was from western New York. Now I'm watching it and I'm seeing people in and you know there's people come to our house to babysit her kids when they were younger. And they saw the College Charleston flagged like. Oh my God. That's my first choice. I hope I get in there right but the so much of it goes back to the city and the growth because now people are saying you've seen it living there. The growth of that place is unbelievable. Growth a lot of cities especially in the southeast Charlotte. Seen it as well. It's a draw by itself at the College at the MBA program. There's a lot of other reasons is to be there along with that. One definitely talk about the city of Charleston and how that has been you know how they work together to make it what it is today but also the challenges that face with it because you have people from all over you have traffic. There's only so many places you can build in Charleston because you've got water basically all around it so the the college and Charleston are truly inextricably connected like you would bake ation here as a kid head and you could walk through campus in not really identified that your on campus now walking through you say how. How could people not see that? This is a campus. Of course I is from when you think about its role in the history of the city. The college was founded in seventeen seventy actually next week January thirtieth we will be celebrating our tutoring fiftieth anniversary. That was on that day. Lieutenant Governor William Bull recommended to the colonial legislature. The development comment of three schools in the country went into country wanted to low country nailing. One does still exist. Today is the one in the low country and that happens to be Charleston's college and we have played a role in the development of the city for the past two hundred and fifty years coincidentally. The city is celebrating. Its Three Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary in twenty twenty as well we have been able to use the city to our advantage in so many different ways in particular with the NBA program. It's the amount of industry that's here in the industry. That has come here a really sense of what I would call. Charleston's second renaissance in that was all under the leadership of Mayor Joe Riley when he served as mayor for the city for forty years but we have companies like Volvo like BMW. In the state at Boeing is here Google is here. We have a a number of logistical firms. Year Mentoring Shipping Company the South Carolina Port Authority is also here as well as a number of smaller all or are you may never have heard of but they have billions of dollars in their portfolio that those are undergraduates in our graduates graduates are working with with our hospitality. Revenue Management Program is truly a revenue management program. But it's taught through the Lens of hospitality. Because why wouldn't it be. Where in the number one destination in the country? The top small city in the country is rated by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. So why not not use that to our advantage so that students are getting real world experience while they're while they're in education and I got here in two thousand five then then you'll remember. The city didn't really go north of Calhoun Street. That was still kind of a a no-man's-land at least for undergraduates. In now now here we are fifteen years later and I tell my friends when they ask you. Is it still the same. It's still Charleston. It may not be exactly what you remember. But it certainly rhymes with it. The development of the city certainly areas are being gentrified there's an incredible credible development with the hospitality industry and the number of hotels. It continued to be built in around the peninsula. Yet like you mentioned all of that comes with his his own struggles. We have terrible time with traffic and congestion. Our transportation system has not caught up with it. I think we're getting there. It's it's just a matter of leadership in the mayor's office also in City Council for us to be able to start to bond better reroute Carter the Charleston Area Regional Transit Authority in addition to flooding. And something that a lot of coastal cities are having to deal with. We just recently completed. What was called the such dialogues? We had a number of people from the Dutch government. Come in in consumer buys on what we can be doing to protect ourselves while sea level continues to rise. But what I find most interesting that all of these conversations you can always find an alum of the college. You can always find a current student. Whether they're an intern. Turn or they're working there part time or they they happened to have graduated fifteen years ago and they've come back now with their family. There's always going when to be a call Detroit than alumnus or Alumna in the conversation that will go to prioritize and to benefit the city. Because if if there's one thing that we all love is Charleston and what I tell a lot of my students is the number one conversation started that you're going to have as soon as an employee unemployable studying or when you're going into apply for a job they're gonNA look at your resume and they're gonNa say while you spent some time in Charleston you lived in Charleston. Tell me about that. We love that play right. Boston always brings people to conversation. Yeah it's it's a great connector a love what you said it rhymes with it rhymes with what it used to be. There's no doubt there's a difference right like King Street you go down. King Street area used to go and it's different right. It's gotTa feel like a outdoor mall almost but like you said now you go north Calhoun. I mean I remember being there. Never go on spring in Cannon Street will now some of the best restaurants are springing chemistry. And you enjoy the walk down the street. We lived on Bogart Street. Right Gardens Saint Philippine. I remember when I was moving in. This was two thousand six in the Charleston City. The paper on the front page published New Pizza Plays at Dallas on Andrews. Drive by pot as that's my mother saw said. Where are you living area in? It wasn't that great honestly. I I happen to live in a renovated house and to the right right was a rundown house into left was run down houses. I'm sure that they were selling something that they shouldn't have been across the street in Alya go of their in. Every house has has been restored or renovated where I had a fraternity brother live at the other end of the corner which I would never go to because disgusting apartment is now an incredible restaurant in town. Called Chubby fish anchored on the other side of Bogart Street. is Dell Sandra. Zina's says it's a matter of Development in the city and it's always started with students that's where they live because is the cheapest housing and then the city kind of follows them. It really is amazing thing as sharing with somebody. The other day I remember King Street north of Calhoun when all the sidewalks concrete there were no street lights and while so I was a sophomore replaced. All of the sidewalk they widened. Sidewalks replaced it with blue slate and put New Light Poles all the way way down and that was just such a simple thing but encouraged to come in Putting new businesses and put in restaurants. Then that's that's really what made King Street grow. Yeah you get the feel as it's interesting This past summer last summer I was there. My son went to the College of Charleston soccer camp. And that's just over the Patriots Point yes absolutely and loved it. I mean it was really cool for him to be there and since I know Charleston I spent some time there have clients there and people that I connect with their. I stayed for a few days. And you're just explaining it like that. Walk which I would take every night and after a meeting or something like that or having dinner just walking up and down the street and it's a lot of people all from all over the place and include students includes people vacation in there because like you said it's the number one place to go for so many people were four. It was like wait. Where are you and no doubt Charlotte? North Carolina Allina has a lot of that stuff going on in a different way. Charlotte's got land but they didn't expect this influx. So you see it's just doesn't bottleneck the same way it would in Charleston. Sometimes sometimes you look at Conde Nast or travel and leisure some of these magazines like they're number one. You like stop being number one because Bill Murray like Charleston's not that that great stuff coming your but it is a draw. There is a lot of places like you said. Now you have the large companies which I'm assuming which I know would have a great impact on the college on the NBA on what it is that you're doing. And then there's the alumni base that's there and the alumni base is also spread out right Charlotte we run a lot of people here and you go to Atlanta Washington. DC Chicago and it's just continuing to expand out from just being Charleston. Which I think is a big deal? It's funny to You mentioned north. Calhoun street I hear the name. Calhoun so I lived in college lodge. And that's where I live in. Its calhoun street so our dog our first dog was named CC so reasons. Charleston Schroeder College of Charleston. So that was our dog unfortunately passed away some years ago. Our dog that we got five years ago is named Calhoun and we. We just got a puppy and sure enough. This is a small dog now. His name is Clyde so after car. So we're still connected to it and so it's funny because we aren't living there anymore but we have so much exposure in there and we've named her dogs effort right so we'd like it's always going to be part of your life. Town is as Saint Assigns Island in Georgia and we have the saying the Saints Saints. Time insane is in your shoes. You'll come back again and again and it is very similar controls. I think is like like we talked about at the beginning. Is the emotional connection that you have with the place that that keeps it at the forefront of your life one of my best friends recently had his second child and named Him Charleston. I've got plenty of it. You mentioned Your dogs I don't know how many Charlie dogs I know or Trad had your Calhoun or hey on and on our cooper that's always the biggest on. Yep that's my nephew's name so we couldn't name our dog cooper. It's funny you say Charlie my I should also mention this and my parents. Obviously they've loved the city and they're they're down there quite often. They had a dog named Charleston. Golden retriever and and it's like you said so much of it is based on that emotional connection and when you get it is hard to explain and you just get it in even if like like I say even if I'm not there for not they're always thinking about it it's like you said it's part of your life and that's a draw to what you're saying that this is a reason to come here. This is because you get a become a part of this and it might only be a year right and that goes fast and that year's going to go I very faster especially for a student but there is that connection to it and you just that something is something you want to hold onto. And it's pretty awesome that you have the opportunity to I mean and again you have to sell the program and all that but it becomes so much easier to just talk about. That's the perfect marketing is when you're talking about a place like this with this type of vision and and these incredible leaders and we could touch on all different topics you can go back just talking about by a new president comes in President Shoe and everything you see and read in here about this is like this is the type of person you want leading the next starting off the next two hundred and fifty years. You've obviously had interaction with him. Talk a little bit about you. Know what it's meant to bring on the new president and what you see going forward absolutely I am a big history buff insight. I enjoy learning more about the college and ended presidents. Now where it's role has been in history and in the modern era of the college I would say nonsense. We are also the twentieth century. We've had a few visionary presidents one of which Harrison Randolph who actually came to us from University of Virginia Nya as a math instructor at the right bold age of twenty three to be president of the college. And of course how has a different era but he served almost fifty years ears as the colleges Is the one who started athletics. Started Greek life started housing folks on campus in dormitories offering I'm state scholarships. He saw what the college could be pursued. It of course we honored him with naming what we call the main building. The time is now at Randolph Hall at the top of the cistern yard. In addition to that anything Ted touched turned to gold the city would not have spoleto festival. USA Essay had it not been for the friendship. That Ted Stern Developed Regime Colin Manati. who was the founder of Vallejo Festival here? In the states emit mayor Riley. It was also the one that created the graduate school at called. The Charleston moved us from the designation as a college to a university. He was the one that integrated the university. Diversity and expanded our academic programs as well as the enrollment on campus. Also Lee Higdon. Who I think was here while you were a student? Then I was also that visionary. He saw the development of Asleep College in saw what it could be in the vast majority of the new buildings rulings that we have on campus were developed while he was president here. And I love George Benson Glenn. McConnell Steve Osborne has our interim president just rushed year. We've had some great leaders but I think the president shoe is going to redevelop who we are as a university. He's going to develop it engineers program. He is going to expand athletics. He's going to increase the amount of funding and whether come from the stage or from private donors in next. Next week we have our sea of sea day which one day fundraising campaign that coincides with the College. June fifth anniversary president shoe who has all the workings to be one of those milestone leaders in the college's history and I expect great things from him. He's he's only been office technically July and already you're starting to see things redevelop on campus in very honest about things which is what I appreciate and seeing in in a leader and a manager. It's not going to be. The conversation is not going to just stay. Within the walls of Renault Hall in the Administration is going to bring that conversation out to the mini faculty and staff that we have on campus. Where a lot of times in in business? Those folks are under appreciated cheated and underpaid in adult feel like they had value or worth in the in the machine as a whole presents. She was very different because even in in his first few months of being here is been with us at different events. He goes all the basketball games. He's having conversations with the staff feel to be or needed. It'd be as changes within the administration and we love him for it. I've never seen a president post seventy his people whether they were students faculty or staff. I'm even surprised. Did the students know who he is but not only do they know who he is but they loved him and they like to show that love as well so I'm very excited to see what will happen during his tenure. We're here we'll leaderships we talk about it often. Obviously leadership's important in having a vision what that leadership is and then getting out there helping spread that message said heard he had open forum or something along those lines. At Hall Steakhouse House and Area Business leaders would come and they're just anyone really could come in and have an opportunity to chat with him and talk to them and feel more and more connected to to the college Alexandra President that though the judge absolutely so in so you see that in with so much growth in this area you absolutely. We need that type of leadership and vision to take it to that next step and everything that I see out there is just high praise for him in with messaging comes for example basic. A sick things little things. It's not always like these big announcements you being on this podcast. It's your Lincoln posts that you make that you're putting out there. I was actually going back through it again. Dan because there's a lot of content out there and I wanNA talk a little bit about that but there's this video that you made that you're a part of this video and it was about. It was about this. It was about the college and it was about the city of Charleston. It wasn't about one or the other because they're interconnected like you said and that video that's a video you watch that in at least you would want. I wanted the opportunity to continue to learn more about what's going on there. That might be something I wanna be a part of. What was that via because it looks like you're a part of it? Obviously you had had a video company. That was a part obviously. The narration was incredible and we talked about at the beginning. There's a lot of emotion part of that. That's a big selling point As to this all but talk to us a little video. Obviously we'll put a link to that in the show notes of this podcast but when you hear your side of that the shore that video I I mean ago little rogue and in my conversation with all of this and for years. I've been asking our marketing office to put together videos similar to that and Getting a commercial and granted they were great the the videos that are marketing communications division but together are exactly what they need to do you. But it wasn't what I was looking for like. You mentioned I I wanted it to be a connection really for anyone. Anyone being able to watch it. I wanted. It's a tug at their heartstrings. than in maybe a tear down her face whether they be a prospective student at current students along the or the parents of any any of those constituency groups so I I was overseeing the development of accepted student weekend which was a two day event bringing in accepted students around the country we would host about thirty five hundred people on campus for forty eight hours and the opening ceremony each year. I wanted to come up myself and and so. This was really the pinnacle of what I'd done. I think I got permission to go outside of the university to put together a what I was looking to do. I had an alum share with me though you should reach out to set by their to. CFC ALUMNI couldn't jake contro-. They've been doing great work mark. They were really kind of at the forefront of drone footage and over had a meeting with them we sat down decided on the prize and move forward forward. Now tell you the script on that came with a couple Bourbon. Drink me just sitting on my back. Porch writing it out in a kind of writing what my own experience France was like at the college and as you saw is kind of a long video I mean five minutes. It was not intended to be a quick thirty second clip. That could be played between between commercials local TV stations. You know in myself in the folks at five account went back and forth on you know. Is this really appropriate. Should it be this long and we got it down to two five minutes and what they did with. Just the visuals of it just truly encapsulated. The words that we'd written down as well in the voice over was a judge sanders you mentioned earlier. who was a former president at the college and early is no better voice? That could really that people would be able to identify with the college or with Charleston. It he I just. I think you'll agree. He was perfect for that just made for that role. Yeah the the whole thing draws you in and like. You're explaining the footage what you wrote in in narration in College. You know you need the scene right. You could take the greatest video in the world but if you're looking at nothing that's special you're going to lose it right. You'RE GONNA lose interest at about thirty seconds off to you. Go to the next Youtube video right. And that's that's all right now and that's not that great. This is something that you definitely WanNa spend some time with. So yeah the on video we he posted at the college won't post it because they don't believe it to be on brand or showing the correct president and the graduation the scene or whatever center Actually had posted it on my facebook. Initially and what I remember I believe at this point. It's garnered over her half a million views now when people decided on private I it on Youtube as well. That one's got a couple thousand views but it is is certainly certainly makes its way around social media and hopefully people identify with it in in fall in love with the place just like we have yet. It's talking talking about content and and you said it like you didn't WanNa commercial and that's hard right because you there is a motion to it and this is why it's so important to curate. Sometimes your own content. What is your story? What do you believe what you WANNA share? How do you want to help people out and you just post in that stuff online din and I mean you could say okay well? Let's go find someone who's the director of admissions at an MBA program been a school. That's been around for two hundred fifty years well often time. You're going to get what you expected. And it's going to be the same mundane staff and here's about awesome. Here's the commercial and here's the flyer years and it's great and there's nothing necessarily at the end of the day. If you go to that situation you might get something out of it. There's more to this and that's where you come in the content that you're sharing whether it's pictures of of you with the students are not even you a descendant of just showcasing the students and helping them get a job in Chicago or whatever it is Mark Creighton Creighton a video. There's something there and that's what we do right so we're looking at like. Let's pull the true story out of this. What is your story? What do you WanNa say because you understand it? You have a Great College Evergreen Evergreen Program. We have great students grade alumni at all matters. What is it that you want to truly talk about? And it's not you can't always Nell it with one piece of content. Sometimes you can and but a lot of in that video obviously does that. There's more to it right because then you gotta get into some of the specifics. The content is what it's all about. I think that's at the core of it because that allows oh someone in the middle of the country. Let's say to say what is going on in Charleston South Carolina. I need to learn more about it. Or they see it for the seven-time or someone explained explains to her. They have a friend whose kid went to the school. And I've been hearing about it then. I saw this video and then I saw this post. This guy's trying to help his students get a job in Chicago and there's just us something there and that's why we're so just in love with creating content either that's kind of our mater is what it says. Loyal sons sons and daughters. That's doesn't experience all of us. I don't you know it could be creating content on my behalf but I am not alone in this. You know there's so so many other social media post from the Faculty and staff on campus that they're trying to do the same thing and we we had the business dozens perspective of This is this content and we can get interactions with it but it's really just our college acting like a family and I mentioned earlier that I have a responsibility. Yes I- responsibilities. My program in to try and help that student find a job because that's going in to help us in our rankings than what we report to. US News and World Report Her Business Week or Jamaica. Whatever it may be but we also have a responsibility spots ability you and I as alumni our faculty? They have a responsibility for their programs and to to engage students that at a completely different level all but as it relates content. We're we're humans. Humans likes story that from the dawn of time. That's that's how we express ourselves ourselves. That's how we explain. Things was to put a story behind things. So it's obviously going to be something that that we connect with and so being able to provide those stories stories out into the public people. Have they had the opportunity to connect with them at Conroy. has a great quote in a wonderful country writer. Who Has Britain might my favorite books and also speaks a lot to the Charleston? Lifestyle is now passed away but one of my favorite quotes by him as the story left. Untold told it could be the one that kills you so why not for us as members of this community. Why not share the story with them so that they can share their own story? Also I'm glad you brought that code a- amazing and there's so much there we spend entire podcast probably talking right and what you're right because obviously I'm speaking to you. Some speaking about what you're doing but I've felt like going back when I last my high school in no doubt there is. This is very high academics. And there's a lot of work in it prepared me for a lot of different things but I didn't have that had experience with friends and certain people not with the faculty realty not with the professors or whoever was working with when I got to college and I had the opportunity to connect with them in realizing while I can form a relationship with Kim I could seek help I seek opportune. Whatever that might be it was with open arms like every single time especially if I push did a little bit because you know they want you know? A professor wants their student to be engaged. And if you show that you're engaged I tell my kids this all the time is show that you care like you genuinely care. Don't make believe it if you do who care. They're going to want to help you because they want to help you be do better in whatever it is that you're doing so there is that and I could see if they're able to express themselves. which is you know so much has happened in the last ten years or five years of the middle person's been cut out? Now you can just go and post it like you said on your facebook page on your linked him. You can go share with a friend while you're grabbing a cup of coffee. You can do these things now that were harder to do in express historian. I'm sure that the people at the College of Charleston are able to do this in that would resonate with so many different people and so it's exciting to be part of it and like you said and that's also the alumni. It's that's why it's a great opportunity to talk to you if I can help in some small way whether it'd be someone who works at the college or someone who went to the college love connecting with students that right now because I see their where they're going and you never know we might WanNa bring someone in here. We're looking for great communicators. We're looking for marketing people. There's so many different things to say. How can we help out that way? Well having you on this podcast I feel like maybe that could help in some small way. I don't know because these conversations are what it's all about and someone might be able to hear you say. Wow this is Seton I wanNA talk to seat and I want to learn more about what he's thinking about in two as We don't get into higher ed for the money. I can tell you that right now what we do on a day-to-day basis. Cisse's work with students provide the resources for them to be successful. And that's a really key thing even for our program whether I was working on the undergraduate Edgewood cider hearing the graduate school you could have a stellar transcript end. Maybe not the best G. Mat score. But you have this certain grit about you you that I think you're going to be successful in the program and if you can show that to me if you can communicate with me and tell me about your story then I want you here. You don't have to have the best grades in the world to be able to be successful outside of our program in when you are successful. We want to be able to celebrate that we wanted to be able to posted in social media. We Wanna be able to tell our friends. We will want to write an article about you in the Alumni magazine we want. I want everyone to know about your success. Because you are a product of us you represent the best things about your Alma Mater. That's what is important portent to so many of us whether is here at the college or anywhere in higher education. The students are that they're succeeding in that. We were able to to play a small role in that. Entrepreneurship is a big word. Because people are some people aren't even going to school and they're certain businesses out of high school right and there's a lot of different things and you can take them so when they come out of an MBA program. Obviously a lot of what we talked about is. They're getting jobs within three months of being at the College of Charleston an MBA program. Do students building their own businesses. Because I believe you know you even had students. I saw Lincoln page that I think it was a salesforce competition. They had created something and they won this competition or place very high in this competition got as far as the MBA program is concerned entrepreneurship. Is there a connection there. There's certainly he has been so the one of the aspects of the program that I like to highlight is our mentor. Ship Program and as we've talked about people love Charleston people love also love Charleston to retire it to a great community where you have everything within walking distance of of your home or short drive. It could be concerts concerts or Or it's decibels are winding food or the southeastern wildlife. Thanks Power Bridge run. Whatever it may be so we have a lot of former C. suite executives? It is who are living here in the city. They may get tired of playing golf every day over at Kua and they want to be part of something. They want to be part of something larger larger than themselves that may not necessarily be in the corporate world so they turned higher. Ed these mentors are advising the students one on one and so they don't have multiple people that they're advising the students tell us what they're looking are wet industry. They're looking to go into function. They're looking to go into his graduation. And we pair them with one of these either current or retired C. suite executives and they give them industry inside and provide background and advice but they also have a network that they're able to introduce them to a number of students will go on informational interviews with folks in the industry so that they can learn and glean as much as they can. The vast majority of our students are looking to go into a job and then be an entrepreneur later. That hasn't stopped some of our students from the entrepreneurial spirit being lit and then they go directly into post graduation and and we we want to be able to support that as well so being able to have these as mentors that can guide them through. That process is a really exciting part of what that mentorship is. It's a big deal to have have mentors. I mean sometimes we look at our organization and it's a mentor ship in many ways of helping people along the way because I looked back to say the mentors of the people that helps you get to where you are if you utilized it correctly and the ones that weren't mentors. You always wonder like wow imagine. If you ever get in this position and you can mentor. Somebody else can imagine you know retired executives business leaders business US owners getting back into. It's a big deal. It just goes to with everything that you've talked about of helping. Not just on the academic side. There's so much more to it but speaking talking about this and getting into this world and he said why didn't get into it for the money. How did you get into this place? How did you get in the position? Because it's always funny. How people get into a certain industries and here they are in there doing great at it? Sure so my undergraduate degrees are in business in hospitality. Tourism Management. Luckily my parents who gave me the the gift of Gab from an early age and like my mother and I don't think I've met a stranger but or her debris wallflowers not know the difference aside. Hopefully not that bad but I was an undergraduate tour. Guide an office of admissions and had a blast with it. There's nothing like being able to talk about the college in share with folks the history of the institution and that share my own experience and I we did have an incredible experience so when I graduated was in two thousand and is right in the middle of the recession silly were no jobs available billable or non that really clicked with me that that I wanted to pursue our director of admissions at the time at Jimmy Foster shared with me that he wanted wanted to start a new program what he was dubbing roadrunners where they would take young recently graduated alumni. Give them a territory and and go out and recruit inside was on a temporary contract and went to ethnic by. My original territory was Alabama Tennessee Long Island in New Jersey. You can probably tell my accent. I and barely southern As much as I admit to be at least in I remember going out to WHO Long Island assuming that it was going to be like my little island back in Georgia and it certainly was not going to. Miles was about an hour and a half drive live in Long Island so not a culture shock necessarily but certainly a learning experience and after Long Island I was miserable. Got Into New Jersey in and just fell in love with New Jersey. New Jersey was actually the only territory that I had a seven years than I was in undergraduate admissions and it quits gently. It was successful. Well when I first started we got about one hundred applications from the State of New Jersey. By the time I left we were almost at thousand applications applications and that was seven years of hard work in recruitment to end a developing relationships with high school students and families in alumni that I was really proud of but over the years my responsibilities grew they moved me from from just being roadrunner giving me a full time position that may and covered vast majority of southeast for a couple of years when we were looking to expand out west might territory covered pneumatics pneumatics co up in over except for California in addition in addition to New Jersey and I was lucky that all my state sad increase in application location numbers increased enrollments. And by the time I left New Jersey was the largest feeder state to college outside of South Carolina all closely asleep behind Georgia my home state which is also part of my territory over the years but I love the higher education environment out. Love Getting to talk about the college. It's it's a sales job in the end but I don't see it as selling I I really don't i. I just talked about the features and benefits of what the university has a lot of times compared to other schools that Eh. The student is looking at in shared with you earlier. It's it's okay. If they decide to come here it's okay if they decided not become here. You need to go where you're going to be the person. Listen that you were meant to be in. I truly believe that then. After working in Undergrad admissions moved over to development for two years in giving in the moved over to the NBA be programmed in December of twenty eight so as being back in the admissions industry. Nice being in my undergraduate school of business where I graduated from as well. But I've have loved every minute of it in as I continue to be more involved in the academic environment and loving the bureaucracy of a shared between twenty administration in faculty is Just A. I found a new passion for it my parents long ago when I was first coming to see the gave me a Pat Conroy book I one called the water is wide in talks about PAT's experienced Being a schoolteacher on Small Island in South Carolina and the the lack of funding in an attention and accessibility that these students had to a proper education. It was a turning point in my life it even though I didn't realize I wanted to be in the education until I was actually a now had I tried to do the same thing. Accessibility continues to be a huge huge concern of mine thing. It's important that we look diverse populations in recruit in work with them be successful in our program than to be be successful graduates as well. I don't think the schools in general are doing enough to as secure that you look at programs around around the country that are now removing eight-year. Act they're going test. Optional is widely considered that those tests tend to be biased towards traditionally white white males. We need to do a better job in the academy to remove those barriers of entry as that education can be available to everyone. You're well said and there's a lot in there. One of the things is you dealt with some adversity. You're coming out of college. It'd probably the wrong time in the last maybe fifty years thirty years ears. Whatever it might be to say? What's the job market? Well there's not but you relied on relationships and different connections you have made throughout your years to then lean into that a little bit and like you said he didn't even know that that was maybe a possibility and it's funny because I look at my kids and I tried to expose them to these different things because he didn't realize you could do that job or this shop you just hear like the generalizations of what you can do this work you can go do that work. It's very specific because like well there's so much you can do like you can work for college. You can be a professor you can be you know and the list goes on. You'd be director of admissions at the College of Charleston Right. There's so much that you can do and you didn't even realize it until you got into it. That's might be what you really like to to do. And you will be other students. You said that it's very specific. And you help them do that. And just giving them the exposure right to maybe even think about it or are you did it and you didn't like it but at least you tried it and now you don't you don't like him and those are some statements that have been made for a long time. Nothing that we're just discovering right now but there's so much to it because every one of these students and even yourself you're going through these things for yourself for the first time so you have to live through the different experiences to them. Say I liked. That didn't like that. Yeah I think that you hit on the head with exposure. I mean. That's that's the most important thing that any sort of educational too and can provide as to any multitude of things that in diversity of academia geography and raised. I mean is it continues to lose just continues on and on and that's that's only with the we're going to be able to evolve as as a society adding that you continue to expose people to things that are different than themselves while also exposing them to different opportunities of of employment I know yes as I was very good at talking to others and building relationships and then quote selling different things. But as I've been in this industry of had to you also can learn expose myself to other facets of it like enrollment management for mean an actually really any other industry three now because the Higher Ed is just as much business as anything else we have to Beta constantly. Big Data is our friend using. CRM Like salesforce is our friend and we've got to be able to maintain these relationships in and go to where the people are and and share with them. What they want to know so that we can expose them to these different opportunities whether that the the academy or elsewhere so for this program that you're leading who is was it for who is the ideal candidate for to have the opportunity to be in this program? Sure I mean what I love about putting together our core were. Is that myself my colleagues. We get a really diverse group of thugs that I think would benefit from our program. So is two way street. St Francis I want to benefit from them being in the cohort by want them to be able to benefit so we will have a number of fifth year students or cohort. Hoyt about fifty. You can guess about a quarter of them be fifth years so that means that. They've just left their undergraduate degree program. End will be coming in two hours hours. The remaining folks average age is going to be about twenty six so they'll have about six to ten years of experience in the business world now. I've had had folks that come in with music. Degrees Landscape Architecture Degrees Finance and coaching than arts management hospitality. It's all different kinds of myriad of programs and they all bring something unique to the table for the fifth year student. They're just having having to move into an Higher heightened I can make mindset of graduate coursework for the folks who have been out for a number of years they I need to bring their experience into the program ensured that with the students who haven't had the professional experience that they've had but the figure students can also teach this folks coming back into Grad. School did time management and how to get back into the academic mindset. So I don't think that there is one perfect student for the program but one who is looking to advance their career either early on or career that they're already in the function that they're already in or someone his looking for that career change. Those are those are the two folks that would really benefit from our program. We'll seton everything you shared with us and you talked about the story being left until I appreciate you coming coming on here and sharing the story the Charleston. Your story just a lot of background on it like I said at the very beginning and I know it means a lot to you. It means a lot to me that you would even take the time to talk with us in to share what amazing things are happening at the College Carlson in the city of Charleston itself Florida. I'll be down there soon. Hopefully we can get together and meet one of the great restaurants on Springer Cannon Street right and Partake if you will but I really appreciate your time and energy to this and you know helping leading college Charleston Charleston. Too many great things to come by more than anything else. Thank you for your time. Erica's has been a pleasure chatting with you of I'll I'll send you a calendar. Invite for drink at Charleston. A barrel right. Let's do it. One of my favorite things about castle is the opportunity to chat with amazing. Amazing business leaders and entrepreneurs. We hope you enjoyed the conversation. If you WANNA connect you can find me on linked in or visit US CAZAR DOT com. Thank you for listening to this kesslers. I production entrepreneur perspectives building. In protecting your business one podcast at a time in this episode is brought to you by the cazadores brand podcasts. PODCAST is your podcast production team. 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