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166: What the Dickens! Ad ban thank you scam


It's rather like the real thing it may take. You want to really get up to full force. And so that's an age related issue smashing security episode one hundred and sixty six. What the Dickens Ad Band? Thank you scum with Carol? -TARIO and grand clewly? Hello Hello and welcome to smashing security upset one hundred sixty six. My name is clearly and I'm corral -tario Hi Caro- fine. I feel like I talked to you a lot of times this week already. Well yes because we recorded our special bonus play trip so didn't we? We did smashing security after dark. Yeah we put it out last night. I'd love to hear what people think about it. Did you see any comments? Yes yes yes one guy says this is why I signed up for Patriot in the first place. He's very happy and someone else wants to go on a sort of like Uber Platinum Gold Tier In order to find out what particular name I said which was thankfully bleeped out for yes. Maybe label reasons. Thank God for censoring. Sometimes it's a gem but anyway what we should do is we should chuck at the end of this podcast. A bit a snippet. I mean that that patron bonus. It's about forty minutes long. We went put all of that up. But maybe we could put up a couple of minutes of it at the end of the show. Yeah deal and tempt people to become patron supporters patron dot com slash smashing security. Okay enough advertising okay. Yeah we're what's coming up on. Today's show well first. Thanks this week. Sponsors last past and main tools. Their support helps us. Keep you the show for free now. Graham is going to tell us about new content filter for twitter. And I walk us through. An-any sneaky scam all geared toward stealing your Moolah all this and more coming up in this episode of smashing security now Chum Chum we have you just say hey craw your guest. This just feels wrong not saying Jim or chaps. I still would rather say chips but you don't have a Dick case so well. Oh interesting well funny you should say that because in August twenty nine a developer going by the name of Kelsey Bressler. She had a rude awakening. Poor thing as she described on twitter. She woke up to an unsolicited DICK PIC in her direct messages okay. I'm glad it wasn't her direct messages. Pick K- not really the kind of thing that you want in the morning. An apparent apparently the way the conversation went is they they said. Hey she didn't reply and then they said. Why don't you talk to me? Interrupt your guy. Yes you guys WanNa Send Dick Pics. Can you explain it to me? Well you know I understand the only reason I could fathom that you could possibly want to send up at photo of your penis to somebody is if you have some kind of medical ailment. Oliver cooter issue then. So if if you if you so if there was a medical emergency you might want to do it. I can't really imagine why else unless someone was very very insistent that you would ever want to do such a thing and weight. She's a lot of guys that like to do it. She is that in your experience. So what come on. You're dying okay. She wasn't entirely sure how she should respond. And some of twitter followers. They suggested responses like. Oh that looks just like a penis only smaller right making it personal nice or not. Sure if that's a dick pic or sums up That you give me which I don't smoke so I thought that was Kelsey. Smarty pants developers rather than just reporting the user to the twitter police the sending offensive pictures of his skinny CIPOLLETTA to her She instead rolled up sleeves and wrote some code and on Valentine's Day just gone enough. She unleashed what will probably be her lifetimes. Greatest achievement it is. I am listening a twitter filter for Dick Pics. How Blue Yeah. What's her name again? Kelsey bressler breath nurse. She's the girl of the day. It is called safe. Dm for direct misdeed. Take note understanding that down right safety. M DOT COM. Is the place where you want to go can find out all about it. Deems of direct messages of course and there's this whole thing about slipping into your. Dm's isn't there. It's like when someone is challenge you publicly on social media but then don't you direct mischievous because they can get a little bit down in dead in a bit personal May Be sent your photograph of their penis now. Safety is a Free Service. That can block unsolicited nude photographs. Specifically Kelsey has requested that twitter users forward to her their Dick Pics. She set up a special account called. Show Yo D.C. says S. H. O. W. Fish Show and then Yo as in your D Street de Kasim de Iq sideshow Yo? D.c Make sure. Please use it correctly once again to awful trouble so if it is a photo which you are authorized to send and if you're over eighteen obviously legal okay. Double love her now. Not only as she developed a service but she's basically saying. Hey guys you need to channel. You need a vector for this Dick Energy. You need somewhere to put your Vicks Dick. Pics here love it. Send nudes for science now if you send them to that address via DM not as a public twitter message. Obviously they will be fed into Kelsey system which is basically an artificial intelligence system which is learning all about penis photographs. Are you sure she's not just taking the twitter handle and blocking it? Well that's what I do. Well no I don't think this is purely for men to send in pictures of their antics. It may be if you're a woman who has received a dick pic and you would like the filter to improve. Maybe it's one that slid past the filter you can forward and over four over to her system where it will learn your Dick over there about the characteristics of a particular penis that will block in future so it's adding to the knowledge right now. Think the lever be could google. What are they called to verify that you're human it will be like clicking all the Dick's Oh the what there was something like that. Do you remember. I think in a pasta upset David mcclelland. One of his early guest spots with us. He talked about porn website. Which was asking you to verify. Oh Yeah we've asked your age verify. You a male or something. By taking a photograph of your. I think this age was H my word anyway just to make sure you're old enough to be on saucy sites or if you've got grey hairs maybe not great kids are that could be in our title. Grief Anyway So so far over four thousand Dick pigs have been sent into the system and Kelsey reconcile her filter blocks up to ninety nine percent of the Pinas photos. So this is at weks crooks you may want to put this in place in having a serious problem that we've been talking about it on the podcast. Maybe we'll start receiving these US else. Do you think it's also picture of men that act like Dicks as well. Do you think she can move into the next version? She has specifically asked that the pictures don't include people's faces or any. Identifying information can send in tattooed penises. Which of course my of your social security number Prince Albert of this is how this works. Let's let's move on this appeal to ex imagine crow. You sent me a picture of a penis via twitter twitter darkness as I as I often do. Okay yeah so what safety em would do is it would look at my rectum. Astiz spot what it believes to be a dick pic deletes it so I can no longer see it. But sends a message back to you the sender and can even optionally block them. What if someone has wiry hair in a really long face she could get sued. I hope she's got good liability insurance place. Well there are a few problems. One problem is that the the filter takes well. It takes a few minutes to rev up so it won't necessarily if you get a flood of Cock shots. Frag rogue the real thing it may take to really get up to full force and so that's an age related issue. Don't think everyone experiences by so so so it so it might be if you're very quick on the twitter because the org a message and you go and look at it. It'll be there whereas if you will to wait a couple of minutes it may have by then got round to channelize knit twitter. Addicts are screwed. Yes yet potentially now. I haven't tested the service myself because I don't tend to receive Dick Pic ovo actually. Now that I have once received a photo of someone's Dick I was giving a speech at the Excel Centre in London. It was it was the biggest speech I've ever got. It was for Microsoft Future Dakota. There were thousands and thousands. It was like a rock stage right right. Yeah that's the balance Microsoft with. It was a huge event Zeppelin event right and my goodness it was it was like being a Madonna concert and but they got see was means dead so I went on. I did my thing and I gave my talk and coming off the stage. I thought Oh I wonder what the response was removed. Those geeks in the audience. Right and I I got people. Tell me how you shoelaces run done. Something had spread so they were little peice commits and one person in the audience. Actually just sent me a picture step penis penis. Well yes I signed. It didn't verify right or whether he took it there. In the audience thought the difference. He was so bored but yes so I did. That wasn't very pleasant. Naturally I have to say and do feel for the people who might receive more regularly the May now although I haven't tested a marvelous chaps at buzzfeed que. They went onto wikipedia where there are some penis photographs and they fed them into systems. If they'd be they also went to a ready channel. There is a red channel called well. D- Penis Well that's lots of very varied penises flaccid. Two's one's wearing overalls. You name it. They are up there and so they fed them into the system so they tried it to see how well it would actually block the messages. Nacro I wanted. I thought it might be fun To share some of these photos with you well. I'm going to do that right now. So just chuck some in the document right now which was sharing some this place to money now oopsy daisy. Let's do it like this. Yeah I'm not looking not look there will say. Oh do I have to so yep so you see it there. The most famous peanuts of the moral. So that's Michelangelo's David Statue. There prettier in Stone. So yes they are on so that one was detected. There's another one I just put in below. There isn't a penis. It'd be very unfortunate. Was that is a lipstick. Wow okay okay. This is as nature truly intended Which Astonishingly Pimas. Yep Blunt called the Penis plant identify. What is called? I think a lot of men would be envious of that. Plus I dread to direct to google it to be honest Yeah I know it's quite majestic exactly and finally finally here's one which didn't stop which allowed through it. We have a statue of what appears to be a monk. Giving a young boy Alexa. Okay we're GONNA have to put these pictures up on the website aren't you? I think what I'll do is I'll linked the buzzfeed article so people can check these pictures out for themselves. Brilliant but the one of the statue is Is quite wonderful. So now. It doesn't just look penises. Apparently it will also block letter gene as well gene so said Ladies Your Lady Gardens. They may will be both twitter. I tend to know that people to Carol's do that thing. Not the ones in my echo chamber. Okay Yeah Back dolls also. They are unwell coming off to test so smutty it is and I would like to apologize. She's trying to stop this month. So yeah her exactly now now. It's not all good news. Stop thinking that this is fantastic because of course there are dangers associated with this right in order to get this to work. You have to authorize the safety 'EM APP to link in with your twitter account exactly and I'm sure it's been written well and competently but you do have to give a huge amount of access to your account to do. Its work such as the ability to view. Picks and block uses right. That's that's what it's meant to do. And the developers are aware that he's actually got much more power than that because unfortunately twitter doesn't offer much granularity right. Yeah it doesn't allow you to say. Oh this third party APP you can access my DM's and black people but it can't follow account so he can't update my profile or it can't posted elite public tweets. So you have to give access to everything. This is a big problem for lots of Plug. Ins and security startup companies because in order for them to monitor the need to get access to a lower level to be able to kind of stop stuff from happening. Yeah but the problem. Is You have to give them permissions to do that. And in some cases I mean it's it's it's really it's a jungle out there for people. Because do you go by reputation? Do you go. Because it's a really great idea and who's to say at one point I mean I'm sure Kelsey putting lots of work. I think she's honorably much. He's doing but what if she were hacked? Or what if this tool were compromised? Dick pics everywhere. Well it'd be the reverse of what she wanted. Well potentially yes. They could stop multiplying exponentially so just imagine you think of the curve. It would be horrendous so be a little bit careful about installing things. This is nothing wrong with that as far as we can see at the moment. But if you are suffering a great deal from this sort of deluge of happiness and then what's what's French for Pinas crew us luge was trying to think of what the same Graham is it really. Yeah bit disappointed. Temp an E. ON THE END or anything. No accent of have does it. Where does the does it pennies? What is extraordinary anyway? Graham are you basically Trying to get our listeners to send in Dick pics to this woman to test her services that we are doing a public service ad here. I think it's entirely up to people wherever they won't send pictures of their businesses blessed or overseas to this artificial intelligence system. Personally it's not something. I'm racing to do myself. I feel if she has four thousand. You're busy man. We don't drink coffee. I think it's probably already been covered to a large extent. I think Looking forward looking to the future. There's no reason why this kind of tech could of course be integrated into other systems and maybe the likes of facebook and instagram and twitter should begin to do something like this themselves. Robin leave it to third parties. Instruction with you know good ideas often start with through right with your parties and the big guys just hoover it up steal it and saints their own. Yep that's true. That's often the way it is not what you want. I think more power to Kelsey elbow. I think fantastic that she's been doing all this work and hopefully it will protect some people but just be aware does sort of open. The doors to kinds of dodgy behavior going forward. Yeah Safety Dot Com and read more about buzzfeed's experiment tritter here. We come crow. What's your story for this week? Okay I'm GonNa have the wacky scenarios the mansion for a second that all the scams out there you know like phishing scams and ransomware and poisoned. Dads they're all milling about at a party using in chitchatting away right. You've got the Old Nigerian. Four one nine scammers board in the corner because no one falls for them anymore. The Romance Scammer of frustrated at being turned down left right and center Bruce in the kitchen discussing house prices. When in walks this little sneaky number and all heads turned like who is right now. I'd like to now tell you it's called Blah but it's so new. I don't think the scams kind of been named so maybe we can come up with the name together so listeners. Graham thinking caps on Joe describe it a see what we come up with. Yeah right so it. All starts with an email. This was an email that was sent to Brian. Krebs by one of his readers. Krebs didn't name him but we will. We'll call him frankie. Frankie apparently maintains a few high traffic sites and frank That's through the Google ads. Sense program right now. A few quick facts on Google at sense It's program was launched in two thousand. Three today serves almost eleven million websites and in two thousand eighteen. Seven hundred thirty four thousand. Publishers were removed from Ad. Sense as part of their quality. Control measures. Okay so I just keep that in your back pocket. So these might be scammers. For instance saw or people who are promoting dodgy things via the ads and that just trying to clean up the network. Exactly right now. Let's get back to Frankie the website guy. Webby Frankie. Frankie gets an email from persons unknown in the email says that they plan to flood. Frankie's Google ads with traffic. Now you might be thinking. Why would this be a problem? Surely this is a big kirch in moment. Right every ad click generate some money for the site owner rice but no the scammers. Promise that the flood of traffic will be direct. Bought generated web traffic with a one hundred percent bounce ratio in thousands of appease and rotation and this is where the Webby Frankie's of this world might start to get a little sweaty under the caller because they get the scam now right. The game plan is to ruin Frankie's Google ads sense account effectively. Killing his moneymaker because Google would detect that kind of behavior. And they'd think. Oh it's frankie trying to make his ad look really poplar. Some someone's making money by sending lots of traffic to that site or easily. Frankie gets this email the email basically says you know. Look we are going to be all this traffic towards you right. It's not gonNa be good traffic and by flooding your sites with shitty traffic. Google Algorithms are gonNA smell something fishy and Google is GonNa fire you a warning shot sending you this notice. They say it says ad serving on your content. is currently being limited to invalid. Traffic concerns we'll automatically review an update this limit as we continue to monitor your traffic. Course the scammers. Don't stop right. They continue to Hammer Franky sites with bogus clicks so google then temporary suspends Frankie's account and all the revenue is refunded to the advertisers. Oh Site Franken's up with empty pockets. Yes and then the scammers. Say Sure Frankie you can law Google to get the ban lifted but this usually takes about a month. They promised that if Frankie manages it they will simply just re target him and hit his ads again with a glut of shitty links. And this of course could lead to a permanent band leaving Frankie as a statistic like the one I read out earlier. Gotcha of course. There is no doubt all frankie has to do is pay five thousand bitcoin. The problem goes poof. All it is interesting because I mean over the years we have seen at Click malware an ad fraud which has generated sort of bogus traffic to ads in order for someone ultimately to make some money By Mike in their heads pay more popular and in a way. There's this'll be using the same technique. But this is really crafty. The idea of getting him kicked off. Google Many people google is it right. If you aren't making it's like you'd have to find another advertising network but of course there's no reason why another advertising network if you decided not to use Google ads Many people do of course. Brain crabs being. Brian Crabs got in touch with Google and Google declined to discuss this readers account but said that this looked like it was only planning an attack. So they say quote. We hear a lot about the potential for sabotage is extremely rare in practice. And we have built some safeguards in place to prevent sabotage and succeeding. How does how does that tell? The difference between a blackmailer Dune extortionist doing it and someone. Who's so I was thinking about this and I don't know if Google actually will really care because it's not going to happen to a jain or misperceptions holders and indeed it makes huge cash does this and has tons and tons of users so if they have to lose five percent who cares so well done on frankie going public and revealing this the world. We need more people if they have received similar threats while there is a form. Okay so go and read Brian. Krebs. There's a link in the show notes To his article but He provides linked to the form on Google where publishers can contact Google. If they think they're victims of sabotage but being victim of sabotage is in the same getting a threat of sabotage. I imagine at this stage could go would maybe do nothing and I am indeed probably didn't do anything which is why he got into Brian. Krebs in the first place right so basically google. Nothing bad has happened and the moment so we don't have to act upon anything but by the time something bad happens it takes a month for it to come back at least. Yeah but it's an interesting approach. A scammer using Google algorithms against a user. Yeah like it's using. Its own systems. Well I think the real problem ultimately here is our over reliance on single technology companies. It's the fact that when you have a company which more or less has a monopoly as you know Google has quite you know it is the Internet. Advertising company isn't it and so many people are using IT systems to get signed up with someone else. It's it's difficult to switch and even if you did switch that's the thing isn't it? They could if they really wanted to target you again. But it seems like they've deliberately targeted Google ads in this particular case and look. That is very standard. Isn't it where Tigers go after the biggest market? Use the vegetables. Like so in the same way that you know windows. Malware there's a greater number for windows malware than apple malware. I can imagine Google is going to get more heat than other services you need to do. Don't you go to Hollywood? He needs to throwback no he he needs stop doing adverts. He needs to start look into sponsorship instead. Maybe sponsors on his website. Robin reliant on Google ads that be better now What are we going to call this scam? I came up with two names. Okay got grabbed by the ED's crew today an ad band. Thank you scam. Actually come up with that at Ben. Thank you scan this morning about thirty seconds. Go your genius. Who this week smashing security podcast is sponsored by two main toes they help security analysts and threat data into threat intelligence now to maintain something special to offer listeners this week and I've got a special guest to tell us all about it. That's right Graham. A study has been done into how automation is changing. It security and specifically the staffing of IT departments. No thanks so much. And I'm guessing. Although their challenges automation can help increase the productivity of it security teams. That's correct clue and there are still some roles that are better done by human beings. So don't panic. Marvelous visit to main tools dot com slash smashing to learn more and download the report Okay I'M NOT GONNA lie to you. Passwords often are a pain in the you know where but they don't always have to be take for instance. Last passes single sign on feature now. Single sign on is very cool because it is integrated with more than twelve hundred different applications applications that your users need to do their jobs and this simplifies accessing those applications making far more streamlined. WanNa learn more. Check it out at last pass dot com forward slash smashing on with the show and we'll come back and join US favorite part of the show. The show that we like school because the week of the week is the way kids the part of the show where everyone she's saying the light could be storybooks avert a TV show movie a record a podcast website or an APP. Whatever they wish doesn't have to be security related necessarily shouldn't be unless it's really funny. Okay well my pick the week. This week is not security related and my son is away on a ski trip. Which meant that me. And My missus were able to go to the cinema and has McDonnell time right. I went to go and see not some Disney Pixar movie or something like that which would probably have enjoyed instead. We went to see the personal of David Copperfield. Oh ooh I hadn't seen well. You should go and see it. It is written and directed by the Marvelous Mando Yamanouchi Yep UK. God spaced upon a book. Grow Up Book. Is it written Chap Chucky Dickens key Dick and I don't know if he's written books but he's done pretty well if this one turned into a movie good luck to him it starts it's fantastic cast Dev Patel? He may member from the yesterday movie and I think he was in slumdog millionaire. That's right the Chili Tilda Swinton Slightly I loves actually. Rt someone who do love. Hugh Laurie like you. We all love you. Laura DERN WE JEFF gold. Let's not start that again and Peter Capacity as well as Mr Mukuba okay. So now that star cats always a fantastic cost and the movie is utterly delightful and enchanting sometimes surreal. This must have come out when I was in Canada because I didn't read about it at all. Think it might be not for a few weeks but his students and most memorably. Very very funny wonderfully entertaining. I found just utterly delightful. I just thought Watergate Mitch. I've never read David Copperfield attempting read any Charles. Dickens really ZAP embarrassing so yes cold lead. Yes I have and did you know that you know Charles? Dickens used to write for the papers right he wrote a column in the paper. Lopez Morgan but these basically formed some of his books right it would kind of and he was paid by the word. Which when you read his books you can kind of see. Well I think particularly in the case of David Copperfield. Because there's an awful lot of moving around from now. This is going to happen now. This is going to have but eighties such a Jewish joyous. I'll tell you what having seen this movie of David Copperfield. It's made me want to go and read the book so I'm on a long plane journey soon. And you WANNA plane during cannot cut or virus can arenavirus Rona virus. You know are saying needs me Cro. So I'm going to go there and bringing five mask all right okay but anyway my pick of the week is the personal history of David Copperfield. The movie by Yemen do your NUCCI and Audrey recommend it to everyone. I think. Commit to reading at least one Charles Dickens book before the set time this year. You've got to read it this year after a All right okay. The challenge going to throw him down there so I don't forget okay rights throw what's your because we well. Today's a two pronged baby. I have pick of the week and a nit-pick of the week and it's the same pick of the week so my pick of the week is a podcast by Don Denton Dont`a Dick Wolf makers of law and order thinking. Oh yeah goes dum dum doesn't it? That's I love it now. The podcast is called Hunted Kane. It's an eight parter season audio drama and it opens with an FBI agent getting the low down on four prison escapees and you basically swivel from her story and that of the four prisoners on the run. And it's fast paced action packed tightly. Scripted well-produced so good right but now for my nit pick of the week so the shows are about fifteen minutes long so that's not very long but there's about five minutes of fluff in every episodes right so at promos for other shows long trailers about going over what happened in previous shows like people aren't listening back to back a coming up for the next future shows. It's that will she all right if it were an hour long podcast but if it's only fifteen minutes and that's a whole third of the show. Exactly what's a quarter of the show isn't it? We'll find the third none of twenty minutes in total. Oh yeah all right. The shows basically the show itself is fifteen minutes long they attack on this is and it's crap so it's twenty. Yeah it's a quarter of the show is stuff you're not invested in and I think that's too high of a number. Do you think people feel about our podcast because we have this whole pick of the week section. Which isn't security related necessarily. Do you think some people skip pick of the week? Yeah I know one person that does to you yes. He's at C. You mean we can talk about. You would never know about it. Good now tell you something else. Bugs me another nit pick of the week. He's my nitpick the week never find out so they call it a podcast and like to my mind. A podcast is like a radio program like you have a host or an interview or whatever but an audio drama is different like it's an entirely different experience for the listener it has cast it has it has plot. It gets a different. I don't know and it feels like we should have a name that divides because a podcast is kind of in. My view is like people around microphone. Meaning about something. Oh I don't know I think it should be a little bit more fluid at least podcast right. The word comes from. It's like ipod. Isn't it and broadcast. I know I understand. What do you have a similar program problem over television program? If it wasn't I don't know I was just thinking that when I was saying. This is that it's like. I guess I think we need to. We need to differentiate between the two. They're all podcasts. In one's a podcast audio drama. What are we you like quasi? I'm not a huge fan of these audio dramas. Although there have been some which have enjoyed. But I think you're much more into them than me. I like all kinds of pipe. Oh what did you just say? I hear what I'm saying but most I wouldn't say audio dramas or a podcast. Just did yes. I was going to list them off a few dramas. I listen to news. Podcast I listen to interviews with celebrities. I listen to you know if features articles I listen. I listen to audio much but pick unraveled. Yeah I'm still nitpicking. It won't you. Won't you agree with me? Let me know it's annoying? That podcast means both podcasts. And Audio Drama. We we we we just sit nebulous field of podcast as just. I'd love with everybody else and then I'm saying isn't that a little bit using my shnell conversational quite casual Chitchat. Info cast what you have to make up these ugly words all the time just a minute ago you had a Wham. Bam thank you scam or whatever it was at bad thank you. That was that was at band. Thank you scam. That was brilliant and Grad by the garage. Genius now to come up with new term support colts so you think it should no. I'm saying if you've got a problem all I'm saying is that my pick of the week is broken. A podcast made by Dick Wolf. And you can judge for yourself whether you find all the interruptions irritating and I rest my case. Let's close the show. We're almost done. There's going to be a little bit of a treat of music. Yes there is folks can follow us on twitter at Smash Insecurity. No G twitter last G. Don't send us to Dick. Pics and on Reddit as well in this match insecurity sub reddit. And don't forget if you want to be sure never to miss another episode subscribing your favorite podcast App such as apple podcasts. Spotify or pocket costs we really recommend subscribing and then he won't miss and big. Thank you to this week. Smashing security sponsors last past and domain tools. Their support helps us. Give you this show for free and big love to you all for listening this week Stay tuned after the show here. Snippet of our latest exclusive forty minute long Q. and A. Session and I edited it. So you know it's going to be a little bit. Edgy checkouts macheke. Dot Com for past episodes sponsorship details and information on how to get in touch with US until next time cheerio bye bye And welcome to smashing security after dark. A special bonus episode for patriots nuts. I'm clearly Carol Theriault yes. We have got together late in the evening to answer some listeners. Question is just be honest. This is not my favorite time for us to interact because we tend to fight when both of us are tired and cranky after a hard day where. I'm not tired and cranky. Oh you will be give Me Fifteen. So we asked our followers on twitter and also on read it not are followers and facebook. Because we've got rid of it. That could be a question. Why do we earned it? Well you could have said that question if you if you didn't know I was. I was dealing with other issues. I'm not going to grow and talking to the listeners. No one else does word. We close our facebook page. That you just pretend to be nice just for this show. So who's GonNa Start? Got Hold of questions in front of us. I think we should just pick sister. Picks out the hat. Okay okay you got a question. Who's it from John Baton? Okay part of the show is making fun of the Co host. Isn't it interesting? So He's part of the show is making fun of the Co host has. What have you ever thought I've gone too far here. Have you ever part of the discussion and for this reason? John Batali have Yes every single show. We remove too far material so we get on the show and in order for the show to be funny. We GIVE OURSELVES. Cart belong during the recording right and the recording is probably what an hour sometimes nine fifteen. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah and the whole point is to go right to the limit and we regularly skid rate past it. As though we were a smear of diarrhea we just see the skid marks of the Dr. It's awful so we remove those bits because it's embarrassing thing each of us and to everyone who's listening and and it's important we do that and sometimes one of the participants in the podcast may not realize that they've gone anyone then co host tells them exactly right exactly that was quite hurtful. Stop Gas Lighting. I'm not saying which one of us might have done something that I don't worry about hurtful. I don't think you've ever hurt my feelings. Ever on the PODCAST. Resilient you to be honest sir. Moment that crow there have been a couple of times when I thought that's it. I bet you WanNa know what he said. And it's kind of sneaky trick that I cut it off right there but I just really really want to encourage you guys to become patriarch supporters. Because it's not very expensive and it would be just really great to build this kind of super cool community where you guys could support us and we could give you guys the content. You want it so if you WanNa hear more visit our patriarch page. All you have to do is open a browser go to. Www smashing security dot com. And we'll have everything you need to know about how to become a supporter and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts well. My heart doesn't have one. Yeah songs playing right now. You know what it's called you hurt me. So how beautiful fat?

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