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Live, from NPR news in Washington I'm Windsor. Johnston. President trump will travel to northern California today as more than two dozen major wildfires continue to burn across the state NPR's amy held reports. The president will attend a briefing in Sacramento County President. Trump. is expected to gather with local and federal fire and emergency officials in McClellan Park where the nearby August complex has now been declared the biggest in California history it's burning about one hundred miles north largely on federal land. Go trump has blamed the state's forest management for recurrent blazes. Experts point to climate change for extending and intensifying the fire season. NPR's held reporting tropical storms sally is gaining strength in the Gulf of Mexico as it makes its way toward the US mainland. NPR's Debbie Elliott reports the storm is expected to become a major hurricane. By the time it makes landfall. Tomorrow officials are warning residents from Louisiana to the Florida panhandle to rush preparations Dave Roberts with the National Hurricane Center says, the biggest threat from sally will be a life threatening storm surge the highest near the Louisiana Mississippi State. Line. Of Seven feet up to possibly eleven foot, and that's within the storm surge warning area further toward the east are still looking at five to eight all the way up to the Mississippi Alabama border and southeast Louisiana. Evacuations are underway on barrier islands and for areas outside of the LEVEE system that protects New Orleans Debbie Elliott NPR News Orange Beach Alabama the national. Hurricane. Center says it's also tracking Tropical Storm Vicky the twentieth named storm of the season. A foul smelling gas detected in the clouds of Venus's puzzling planetary scientists who wonder if it could be a sign of life NPR's Nell, Greenfieldboyce has more. The gas is called phosphene here on earth it's produced by microbes that survive without oxygen and now two different telescopes at two different times have found. It's chemical signature in the clouds of Venus while the surface of Venus is a furnace where temperatures exceed eight hundred degrees. Fahrenheit conditions are milder up in the clouds although those clouds. Contain. Highly concentrated, sulfuric acid and almost no water in the journal. Nature Astronomy the researchers say they've racks their brains trying to think of a non living process that would put the gas there and are at a loss. The startling find will surely add to calls to send a probe to Venus, which remains largely mysterious despite being Earth's closest planetary neighbor Nell Greenfieldboyce NPR news stocks are trading higher on Wall Street. The Dow was up three, hundred, thirty, five points. This is NPR news. India has reopened its parliament after more than five months lawmakers are returning to New Delhi as the country continues to report a record number of new corona virus infections. India has surpassed Brazil for the world's second largest caseload of covid nineteen. Four men have been arrested in Zimbabwe charged with trying to smuggle more than two dozen apes from. The Republic of Congo to south. Africa. Ish mathon equal reports DRC is one of the few countries where endangered great apes are still found the man to Congolese Malawian, end Zambian accused of using fake documentation to enter end travel across Zambia, before being arrested at a border crossing into Zimbabwe Zimbabwe. National Party spokesperson to Nassir row says the primates are now in quarantine we are now in touch with the authorities in Zambia Inter, Indira's so that we can deposit them to. For now headed, the apes will most likely destined for countries outside Africa where they are in demand as exotic pets for NPR news I M is. Inanity Japan's ruling party has picked a leader to replace Prime Minister Shinzo Ave yo Shahida. Suge one today's internal vote to succeed Ave who announced in August that he would step down due to health problems suge is expected to easily win a parliamentary vote on Wednesday. On Wall Street the Dow up three, hundred, forty, nine points. This is NPR news.

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