CBB2 | Monday Morning Live Feeds Update Feb 11


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But if rates go down your rate drops either way you win. Call us today at eight hundred quicken or go to rocketmortgage dot com, racial approval. Only valid on certain thirty year fixed rate loans. Call for cost information and conditions. Equal housing lender. Licensed in all fifty states and MLS number thirty thirty additional conditions or exclusions may apply the feeds, but I am still here. Am going to update you on everything that happened yesterday on the big brother celebrity to live feeds, I promise you there just wasn't a whole lot that actually happened. So just be prepared for that. But I am here by myself something else that I want to do for you today is to to go over a little bit of Ricky's game this season that Ricky is somebody is the is the only person that we know for sure is going to be in the final four because the veto has not been played yet. So I'm gonna go over Ricky game over the course of the season. It's only three weeks long should be a quick little retrospective of Ricky's game thought that would be interesting also thought that I wouldn't want to subject anyone else to have to do this kind of research because. Game in quotation marks. Let me update you on what happened yesterday. Got messages from home until it happened and of story, basically. Got the videos from home deana did not get a video from Lindsay Lohan, she got a video from Ali, which I feel bad. Even just saying that way because I'm sure that happens a lot with Alli like, oh, not Lindsey alley o-. But I figured people would be wondering if it would if it was from Lindsey in. No it wasn't. Was basically they actually they showed it on the feeds which was nice after all of the not nice things that have been happening in regards to the feeds. So you can check it out. The clip is is out there. I don't know if maybe they are not planning on showing it in the finale or in the episode either episode, which is why they had enough beats maybe who knows. But otherwise, we're just going to see it on the episode. So you don't necessarily need to be the clip. Anyway. That happened. That was really the main event of the day. Let me tell you. There is nothing happening on these feeds Tom Green Left the house, and it's like crickets nothing is going on. I literally turned the feeds on at one point. And it was four feeds on Ricky in the gym doing some yoga pose, but his face was smashed into the floor and his impose up and he's just like just kneeling face smushed into the floor. And it was just four feeds on that. Silence. And I was like. Yeah. That that's about what's happening on the feeds. That's about it. No veto was played. I actually knew that the veto was going to be played one on Monday today. And I still got lost yesterday with my days. And I was just like it's surely is going to happen today. But no it did not happen yesterday. It's going to happen today. It's going to happen today. So we'll finally find out who won the veto at some point today. And then we'll see what what's going to happen with it after that. The only really other conversation thing that happened is that we get with more confirmation from Lolo that she is concerned about Ricky beating her in the end, I think decent odds at this point that low low does take tame are to the final two, even though she still refuses to give any kind of like, very solid promise that she will do it Lolo really really thinking that Ricky has this thing in the bag. You know? He he's so he's so well-spoken. He's though is in who how could he not win? So that's that's happening Ricky's chances of getting to the final two maybe diminishing, although Lolo may not even be there by the final four if if the veto plays out in a certain way. So that's again, really all that's going on in the house. We just have to wait until the veto plays out. If candy or Dina win, we could see Lolo leave if if Tamara wins who knows what she would do with it. I Ricky might not even try to win who knows? So some interesting stuff going on there. But other than that, it's really it. So. Unless you guys have some questions for me since it's just us. You know? No, no, no, no other parties to interfere. You can ask me some questions in the chat. Here. I've got the YouTube chat open, and I can answer any questions that you might have for me. But in the meantime, I wanna I wanna talk about Ricky because Ricky I I do think has played the best conventional game of big brother of anyone in the house. If this was regular big brother unsuccess- ter- jury were just talking about like just playing the game. I do think that Ricky has played the best. He's played the most strategically he's made some massive mistakes. I wouldn't call him a good player. But I wouldn't call anybody in the house a good player. He's probably the best of the people that we have in terms of conventional strategic positioning big brother play. And really it all starts with week one where Ricky comes into this game. He's underestimated by a lot of people in terms of how we viewed him going in a lot of people were like how's he gonna function without his? Is marijuana. He's talking about I'm watching videos of him or he's explaining that. He has like extreme social anxiety. And I'm like, well, that's not a good quality to have in a big brother house. And so he goes into the house, and he is he goes into this room this bedroom with three other women madly, low low and tame taymor, and that's gonna prove to be a good choice there for Ricky. He clearly wants to align with women. I saw somebody on Reddit talk about there was a video an interview with him where he talks about like really getting along with women a lot more than he does with guys. And I think this really really shows in his style of gameplay. He wanted to align with women, very very clearly. And so the unfortunate thing for him is that he's not included in Jonathan's big initial alliance that he creates Ricky is on the outside, and this I think. Is something that a lot of really great players have to go through in something that I usually admire player. I think to somebody like Vanessa who is on the outs of the massive alliance at the start of the game. And then weasels her way in shatters it apart and then picks up the pieces. That's basically what Ricky does this week? He certainly get some help with lo-lose volatility because there's some tension between the low low segment and the Ryan Jonathan segment of the house. And so he he capitalizes on that. He he bonds with Natalie. He makes it his goal to cause a little chaos align with the women of the house, and because of that tension he that he picks up on. He's he wins the veto. He's approached by Ryan and Jonathan who trust him enough to offer him. Proposal a proposal of hey, what if what if you use the veto? And then we back doored Lolo and Ricky says that's a that's an interesting idea. Let me think on it. And then he ran to low low, and he said, hey, Lolo, guess what? Ryan's gonna do which really just puts the nail in the coffin of this alliance and cement, Ricky as a trusted ally of these two women and really these three women with Tamar who was with them still at the time. And so this is this is Ricky's best move of the game. It's probably the best move of the game period. Maybe candy getting Natalie out is is is up there as well. But but really of the strategy. We saw this season. This was really probably the best. So I'll pause there. And and see if we have any questions here. Do you think the girls already formed the bedroom lines before? Or Ryan pitched for Ricky to win the veto. Is that why Ricky told on him? Yeah. I do I think that Ricky saw that he needed to break this this group up and that he wanted to get in with them. And that's why we saw him on the episode like I am going to stir up going to stir the pot a little bit. I'm going to. I'm really going to really gonna be throw some wrenches into the works. Like, I said it really was it the best move of the season at this point. We're all kind of thinking. Whoa. Ricky look at that best player of the game. All my. And he really was at the time, and you know, still might be, but there's some issues. So Ricky using this information. It works shockingly. Well, the women fully trust him. He gets zero blood on his hands. He has no blame for this Ricky's, really looking incredibly solid at this point, the women are starting to align with Tom and Cato. He has he is totally fine. He's protected by the by the women. He's got Jonathan on his way out the door. And everything's looking amazing. The veto is used on Tom and Ricky continues, and this is very very deliberate by Ricky after the veto is used on Tom and. Joey goes up in Tom's place. Ricky says to Lolo, hey, Ryan really wanted to put you up on the block as a replacement, but don't worry. I stopped him. I put an end to it. I told him. No, he shouldn't do that Ricky really I mean, he didn't stop him. We know this but Ricky took credit for it. This is all symptoms of a good player here. And it's right from the gate the very very early again. We were very impressed with Ricky at this point. He's also building a good relationship with candy who seems like somebody that he might be able to use in the future. Again, all things looking up for Ricky. However, things get a little shaky with Tamar because she sees or should she thinks she sees Ricky go into a room with candy that that that's that's not. Okay. It's not okay. You can't go into rooms with candy. This did not happen. We can confirm it the feeds. Did not happen. He did not go into a room with candy. He says that he did not go into room with candy. But tame mar does not believe him. She says he's lying on her. And this causes some serious damage to the relationship at least in the short term and. Taymor is really she's never going to forgive him for this imaginary slight. So that's not good for Ricky. And then then we finally see the one I think the big flaw in Ricky's game. If we're if we're saying this was the best time of his game. It was also the worst time of his game. And that is he's he's a bad day. You know, doesn't have as drugs, I guess, maybe. And it's not into not into being nice in Tom just rubs him the wrong way, for whatever reason the Thomas having a conversation with Ricky about how people change when the cameras come on. And I think Ricky was in specifically referring to tame mar when he talked about this because he kind of had a conversation with her about it. And I think that she kind of like. When the cameras went on. She kind of was like whoa, now, I'm crazy and so- Ricky's kind of having a conversation about this. And Tom is like, yeah. Of course, people change. I changed you chain tricky and Ricky I didn't chain like they get into a little bit of a disagreement here and Ricky kind of feels offended. He kind of rubbed the wrong way by Tom and in the conversation, Ricky calls, Tom appreciate. Maybe deep down here. Just a prick. He's trying to like get to the bottom of Tom's feelings. And it's just not working and this tension between the two of them is never going to dissipate rookies gonna push it even further later on where he tries to get Tom to do some standup right in front of them. And then cost Tom a coward for not being able to do it or not wanting to talk about politics, and he also refuses to name an alliance with Tom and Kato. I think at the time he didn't realize how closely he would be working with them in the future. He had a kind of alliance with the three women, and he didn't want to get caught making an alliance a separate aligns with Tom in Kato, which was what was proposed to him. So. That's that's bad too. He does some damage share with his relationship with Tom. However after he sort of realizes, oh, we're going to be working with these people Lolo tells him, you know, hey, we're, you know, we're trying to work with Lola with Tom and Cato moving forward. They're kind of mad at you. Right now, we need we need Jonathan out. Tom's kind of freaking out now that he's got a weird thing with you. And he kind of wants to save Jonathan we need to put a stop to all this. So Ricky goes oh didn't realize he goes to apologize. He tries to do some damage control. However, the damage is done, and that's really that's really the catchphrase for for Ricky's games. Like the damage has been done. Tom green is never gonna forget he might forgive. But he doesn't forget. So that's that's interesting question from Tammy catos. Biggest mistake of the game was not listening to Tom about rolling. John. And Ryan at this point. Yeah. Definitely. At least one of the big mistakes. I mean, oh boy. Kelly Taryn if you had to decide between another season of CB US or be OTT. What would you choose celebrity? I would definitely still choose celebrity. I liked I liked the the novelty of having all the feeds stuff for OT. But it wasn't a game. Even this even this is at least a game, right? So Jonathan is going to leave that week. And and I'm going to call these weeks, even though they're really evictions cycles, but vixen cycle is kind of a lame term to use them. Just gonna call them weeks week to Kato wins the wage Ricky wants to back door. Ryan Ryan, Ricky really wants to continue to get rid of these guys. He he's all about working with the women, and he has a good position there. I think he would obviously like to take some kind of shot at Tom realizing the Tom is is a danger to his game. But Kato is the wage. So Ryan is the target and they want to back door. Tom unsurprisingly is like, hey, Pat, Ricky guy, he was kind of mean to me. Hey, Kato, can we we back door him? Maybe can we target him? Kato says no the women say, no the women are all about protecting. Ricky Kato is all about protecting Ricky Kato really feels good about Ricky Ricky has done a pretty good job with Kato in terms of making him feel very comfortable with him Ricky when he's not in a bad mood is very very common presence. And he does have a level of emotional intelligence that I think gets him in trouble when he isn't a bad mood because he pushes too hard on that button. But when he is not in a bad mood. He he is able to be Kate up. We're all just one big happy family. You know, we're just we're all working toward the same goal. And I think that everything's going to be fine. And who was like, yeah. Everything's gonna be fine. And so rookie is able to keep himself safe this week despite Tom really wanting to maybe maybe make a move here on him. Ryan and Joey in the meantime, they wanna start a counter alliance. They need to they need to do something they're realizing they caught Tom and Kato and Lolo and Natalie in a meeting, and they're like, oh, those four a working together, we need to do something about this and K mart who still mad at Ricky is like, hey, Ricky's involved too. And they're like is he though because we feel like we can bring him in. He seems like a cool guy. And so they if if that contra lines ever actually amounted to anything they wanted to bring Ricky, and and so that's why mentioning Ricky has to Ricky tries to do more damage control with Tom Lolo lets him know, some of the pain points that Tom is talking about when Tom says that Ricky is a big threat, and that maybe they should target him in particular, this idea of naming the alliance so Ricky does go, and he says to Tomei your creative guy just want you to make the aligns name. And so. It's it appeared that that works. Tom afterward was like, hey, Ricky such a great guy. He said, he always creative. He wants to work with us. I'm all about Ricky. Now, however, either he was. Faking that or things reverted back to how he previously felt because Ryan will leave Tom will win H O H and Tom will now want to go back to his idea of maybe we should target Ricky, maybe we should Ricky wants Joey gone this week. But he does not know at the time that that he is the main course for Tom Cato is going to push back on the idea for a while. But but Lolo is going to be really sketchy. She's gonna talk. She's gonna long conversation with Joey it, really sketches Kato out and so- Kato. Finally goes, you know, what? All right. We can. We can get Ricky out. If that's what you want, Tom. We can do it. So so Tom decides. All right. Well, there's a there's a this weird power. That was talked about why don't we do some murder mystery? And that that can be kind of some cover for like, hey, well, I need to target Ricky what if he has the power so Tom wants to do some murder mystery this, of course, leads to the taymor blow up of your threatening. May why are you threaten me? Don't look like that on TV Tom. That's not a good look. And you know, Ricky, by the way advised him against murder mysteries. Like, I don't think. That's a good idea. Like taymor might blow up on you. And thomas. I can handle people blowing up on me. Tom how naive you're? So Tom is eventually gonna pitch this back door Ricky idea to the women and the women will not hear of it. They would rather blow up the alliance before they turn on Ricky, very very loyal to Ricky heated, a very good job of getting their loyalty and keeping it, and so they they're going to warn Ricky realizes that this point Tom needs to be gone as soon as possible he needs to get Tom out Thomas, just he's so set on him based on that prick conversation. And so Joey is going to go ahead and pitch an anti Tom position here to the women and Ricky who accept it and welcome aboard. All right. Joey, you're against Tom. We're against Tom. Let's work together. And so in the meantime, Ricky does eventually cool. Tom down the women are so against this idea of targeting Ricky that he's he's kind of already like do. I wanna piss the women off Ricky goes to Tom and Kato and has some good converse. Nations with them. And they they're like, you know, what fine. We're not going to do it. We've backed off we're not going to back door Ricky. We are. We are all good. But again, the damage is done. The alliance is dead. And so after the veto is not used with no communication between the two of them to parties. It's clear to Tom and Kate the alliance has crumbled. And so they try to flip Joey thinking that they think they have flipped Joey until there's a big blow up the next morning. And then at that point they're going to go to candy the blow up, of course, being the one where Lolo is starts calling Tom a piece of s cited not give language warning for this podcast. Everybody hates Tom here. Terrible human being your psycho, Ricky production, make Cato leave my room. That's that's what was going on with all of that fighting and blowing up it became obvious. The Joey was not on team Tom who was not exactly coming to their rescue or anything. And so. Tom decides. Hey, let's go to candy see if she's all right? So candy, of course, is on board. Hey, I'll go after the athletes I'm done with that. And so they decide that they wanna keep candy candy needs tame, our candy is able to get tame mar because of personal reasons outside the house, they have a relationship, and it doesn't feel like she can portray that relationship. So candy is going to stay here against against what no liquor wants. This is also tame taymor is going to start start calling Tom and Cato misogynist pompous. Assholes? Nuts. It's not. Okay. Things are not okay. And so she is voting for candy who's working with them? But she is definitely still anti Tom and Kato and very pro. Ricky and the women so that's that's going on that's going on. So Joey is gonna leave K marts gonna win the next h big celebration. She's so excited I'm going to get those women haters out of this house, a put them both on the block. They're going to be gone. Rickie is going to try to do a little fist bump with Tom gesture of goodwill that nearly works. But instead kind of turns into a conversation, we'd Ricky K mar and Tom where taymor is eventually going to demand an apology for Tom's threatening and bullying an inexcusable behavior, and Tom is going to be like. I feel like I didn't do that though. Like, maybe you interpreted that way. And I'm sorry if he did, but. Sorry, not gonna work not gonna work. No peace can be made. Candy is going to feel a little bit betrayed by Ricky. Because like I said they had a decent relationship forming and Ricky decided to go with Joey over candy that turns out to be a mistake because candy stayed and now she knows that Ricky was against her. Ricky does try to do some damage control here. But again, the damage is done and candy knows that Ricky turned on her. It is their prior relationship is still enough for candy to know that Natalie is her main nemesis over Ricky, which is going to be extremely important for her for Ricky in the following weeks. So that's good to hang onto. And if were if Ricky ends up winning this game, I think that we can say that Ricky one instead of Natalie because of the work he did with candy. And so that's important to note. So. Rickie is going to agree with the women that Cato is the biggest threat between him, and Tom Cato has been winning some some more conversations more conversations conversation, some more competitions. That's what happens when I start to read the chat for a second as I speak. Rick Kate has been winning more competitions than Tom. So Kato is the bigger threat tween, the two of them, and Tom and Kato are going to start wondering. Hey, one of us is probably leaving. But if we stay and we win h maybe we should make a deal with Ricky. They still feel they still respect Ricky on some level. They feel like Ricky's kind of in charge of what's going on. And so they feel like if they can make a deal with Ricky. He might be the most amenable to it. And and that might be the way forward if they win in h so KEDO is in fact, evicted and. Now, it's just down to Tom Lolo has a conversation with Tom prior to the next stage converse competition stop saying conversation so competition. My big thing. She's a conversation with Tom before the competition about Tom sort of explaining his feelings. Why things happen the way that he did? He apologizes for any misunderstandings that might have happened so on and so forth. And and Tom feels good about Lolo after this conversation. It's a very important conversation because I think it does influence Tom's motives heading into his next HOA JR. However, of course, unbeknownst to Tom by the time Lillo gets back to Natalie. She is fully anti Tom again. And she's using this conversation against it. But like I said Tom doesn't know that Tom is going to win the next h h and now that he feels good about Lolo wants to keep Lillo safe. And he's like what low lows the person I wanna make a deal with which means it's open season on Ricky all aboard. The let's get out Ricky train. Let's go. Can't he doesn't like it. Though. Candy doesn't want to get on that train? Can he wants Natalie out like I said, she thinks that Natalie is a bigger threat to her. And she is so Tom is going to have some one on one meetings. He has a meeting with Rickey it's a tale of two proposals. One proposal being Ricky goes on the block the other proposal being Ricky doesn't go on the block. Tom's pro pro Tom's proposal is going to win. It's going to win. He's the he decides candy really wants Natalie out. So she talks to Tom and she convinced Tom to put up Natalie with Ricky instead of Lolo with Ricky. And that's what's going to happen. Natalie is going to go up on the block with Ricky Ricky at this point decides. I'm done. You got me. I got nothing. I'm a fall on my sword for you. Guys. You women. I'm just here to help you away. Tom. It used to be. Never mind. Tom is gonna win the veto. Crazy stuff. What's what's Tom gonna do lo-lose? Not sure. Because lo-lose talking about how Tom used her Olympic dreams to manipulator. How dare he what a terrible person. Tom tries to pitch an idea of using the veto with two candy and candy doesn't like this. She wants Natalie gone. Tom wants Ricky gone can't he goes to tame our and she tells taymor that Tom is thinking about using the veto taymor misinterprets. What's happening? She thinks that she's the target. She goes and she blows up on Tom out dare you, Tom. You got a me up. You're threatening people. You're such a bully Tom's. Like, no don't use that word. That's not even what's happening. Tom. He's cowed the feeds cut. Apparently. This got even worse than we didn't see it feeds cut Tom goes, he hides up in his room. We know the story next day veto ceremony. Hasn't talked to anyone he decides he's going to use the veto on Ricky put slow up in his place. Ricky is saved his new life in this game is not talking about falling on any swords anymore. He's like, oh what a shame that. I can't separate Fleiss myself for you guys. But now that I'm off the block I want to keep that only because I have a better relationship with her. And I think that it's better for my game moving forward. But I'm going to pretend that I'm gonna let you decide because I knew that Natalie has a stronger will. So how do we keep Natalie? He tries to keep Natalie with Tamar it makes final two with Tamar. They do their best here. But candy and Dina will not budge. They are not able to get low low to leave. So for the second time the zen angry cult is gonna fail at it and vixen vote and Natalie is going to be the next person to leave the game. Ricky is this is important to note a lot more respectful toward Tom after the veto is used on him. He's like, you know, what he's a good guy. I'm I'm still after him in the game. But were cool that were even. Important to note because Ricky's basically, the only one of them that does this for now at least so Natalie leaves the house, and oh, it's double the vixen time. It's time for an addiction. That's doubled. Tom's gonna leave in the double eviction. We we saw this all play it live on the show. That's basically all that happens. Ricky really wasn't involved too much there. Next week week seven probably something like that. Are still mad at Tom. He deserved everything. He had come. And he's the worst. Nobody talked to him outside of this house. I hate him. Again, Ricky standing up for Tom. Hey. Let's chill. We don't need to talk about Tom anymore. He's gone. We we don't need to talk about. This is fine. Rickie Zanu h that's huge for him. Because it guarantees them a spot in the final four and it also guarantees him a spot on me recapping his game. Because I know he's in the final four because they waited to play the veto so long why wait and play the veto so long. I know I know that Ricky was desperate to be the person who's game. I recap. I so. Big win for him that anyway, he solidifies his final two with Tamar. He tries to solidify one Lolo. But like I said just at the beginning of this update lo-lose starting to get concerned that Ricky can beat her and she's probably right about that. Probably. But who knows like I said, I do think that Ricky is played the best conventional game of big brother Lolo, certainly played a bad one of both big brother and celebrity big, brother. But who knows? So Lolo she she doesn't commit. She doesn't commit to Ricky. And she. This really says some bad things for Ricky Ricky's like if Lois not going to take me that's not good and he's going to start to consider. Maybe we should take Lolo out before the final four. We don't know if that's gonna happen yet. And we usually have recaps of games before things. Go to the final fun of five haven't even had the veto the final five yet. And the feeds are dead. I know some people are like, hey, it's always died toward the end of the game which one not true and to not final five this five people in this house. I should be doing something. But anyway, that's really where we land right now. Again, the story of Ricky is the story of Ricky Bobby is. Rickie Bobby story of Ricky. Oh is that he entered the game. He got a bad break at the start with how the lines of shook out. He took control of the game. He shattered this big alliance. He inserted himself with two fantastic allies who protected him. No matter what and were more disliked than even he was he then really just crushed his way through he made a his one massive error with really antagonist, Tom who turned out to be a cop beast. Which is a very bad thing. But overall, I do think as I've said before I think that Ricky is probably the the best conventional big brother player on the season. Maybe the third best celebrity big brother player this season after candy and Dina because hey, they're doing jury management, right? Ricky has started to do jury management right toward the end of the game. He's being more respectful. I think that, you know, maybe that's just innate maybe that's not strategic, but but DNA and candy have done it better. And they do deserve to win over him. However, it is my opinion that that Ricky has played a better game and has done better jury management than low low entail, mar. And so if he is able to get to the end with either of them, he either likely will win or maybe should win in my opinion. But if he doesn't win then maybe he shouldn't have won. So we'll see. But basically the way I'm looking at the votes right now the way that I'm reading the social media. I do feel like Ricky has Tom's vote. I think that Ricky has Kato's vote over taymor and Lolo based on the tweets that they're liking. And so on. So that's interesting to know. I do I do like the count in my head has Ricky beating both of them, but kind of by slim margins potentially you never know we're going to go over the jury votes in some detail on the round table tomorrow night. So that'll be interesting. We're going to have the form to go. That's going to go out and the audience is gonna vote. So we're going to go over the potential final two scenarios and who can beat who. And so that'll be interesting. Susan wants knows candy work on taymor at all. Yes, they have talked a little bit about like, hey, if I don't do right. Yeah. Totally. But not a whole lot. Question. Do you know if they had slot yet? They had slop prepaids Jonathan was on slop he mentioned that he was on slob. What was the point of it? I have no idea. Mito is going to happen at some point today. And then there will be a recap tonight though recap episode, and then we will recap the recap after the recap tonight and then tomorrow night at eight thirty pm eastern. We will have the roundtable final round table of the season. We will lock in our stock watch picks. We'll go over the jury votes and everything like that. Yeah. It's basically what I got an inward anymore questions. Particularly if you have questions about Ricky Ricky's game or anything else than from let me know, otherwise we will start to wrap this one up here. Like, I said the feeds are Ted nothing defeats are. So this is like record-breaking dead. Let let me tell you the the discussion about the season. Instead, the fiends are dead. It's everything's dead. I'm just standing here by myself literally right now slick yelling about a season. Hopefully, hopefully, people are still watching me right now. Do I think Ricky can win if he doesn't own his game and acts like a coach with his honor and integrity. Whereas if k mart owns her game, people might respect that. It's certainly possible. Ricky can be it self righteous. But taymor is also somebody who doesn't really own the truth either. So. I'm not sure I think I think the Lolo is the one who is more likely to be Ricky because Lolo is more genuine with how she feels about things who she often feels in way, that's really bad nasty, but she doesn't. Pretend I don't know. It's kind of hard to to think about that. But honestly, I feel like the jury's votes are probably fairly locked. But certainly, I don't think it's I don't think it's a kind of thing where Ricky is not capable of losing the votes. I think anybody if they get to the final two is capable of losing the votes to win based on their behavior, especially given the kind of people that they have played the game to be. Do you think the women made the right decision working with Ricky and turning on the guys? No, I don't. Do you think Ricky through the color blast veto? He said he did to candy. I'm he said he did did he probably not. But it doesn't ultimately matter who does Ricky win against a best. I think is the best shot against tame. Are I think that Lolo is a second best shot? And I don't think he can beat or candy. Maybe maybe he has a shot. No. I don't think he does. I think I think Dino or candy any of the other three. Let's see here did Ricky deserve his Heisman overpaid McNabb. I don't know how to pronounce that one. Yes. Is my guess who is the best jury management at this point. Best jury management would go to Dina followed by candy followed by Ricky followed by Lolo, followed by tamer, in my opinion. But we will likely get a more concrete answer to that. When we see people in the final why Dina she's in. She's in rooms by yourself talking about everyone that left Jonathan I loved you, Tom. Oh, I miss you, Tom. I really, you know, I wish I wish they didn't treat you the way that they did. I think that candy is a more like respected player, which could get her votes. But it's still a candy versus Dina vote. I'm not sure what would happen. I actually kinda think Dina might take that one. So. Knows. I think is when mean something different, brother. All right. Does Ricky so on candy gone over Dina? It's really it's up in the air. I think candy is really open. I think Ricky is really open right now to any possibilities depending on what happens with the veto. So I don't think we're really going to know who goes home. I think legitimately think anybody could go home right now. Depending on what happens with the veto taymor is probably the safest. But that's just because she's the only one willing to promise Ricky, she'll take him to the final two. If Lolo starts promising things, and they start thinking about how tame mar she has this connection with candy. Who knows they could definitely still decide they want out. But she's probably the safest at the moment. What did I think this season is a good question? I haven't watched it yet. But I heard it's very good. So I want to check it out. Stay tuned. I think that's all we got is Dina winning would be a sad win. I don't I disagree. Like, I said, I think Dina's probably the second best celebrity big brother player on the season. For what it's worth I've been saying that all season long. All right. All right. There we go. That's what we've got for you today. I hope you enjoyed the Ricky retrospective. And obviously this is just my perspective on his game. What I saw throughout the season as I said, probably the best conventional big brother player he played the most strategically of anyone in the house is that enough to win the game. Who knows? But but it's how I saw his game. I went through my notes and everything so tomorrow, I will update you on everything that happens today on the live feeds we'll hopefully get a chance to update you about who wins the veto and who's going to be going home as well. As potentially talking about some of the other players games, especially once we know who's actually going to be in the final four, so. There you go. Tune into nights. Tune into Morrow morning eleven Amy's you're in tune in tomorrow night at eleven thirty pm eastern the round table and. Thank you. You can find me on Twitter at Armstrong. Tony you can find me on Instagram tearing underscore on strong where I post pictures of me in Serie fields. And yogurt, and you can find me on twitch push on TV slash Taryn Armstrong. All right. Thank you guys so much for joining me on this wonderful lonely morning. Next on. I'm Jay Farner, CEO of Quicken Loans, America's premier home purchase lender. 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