Why You Need A Podcast To Build A Long Term Online Brand


Walkin to the podcast episode twenty five. And we're back. Welcome to the podcast St. Davies from St. Davies dot com. So today, I wanna talk about why you need a podcast to build a long-term online brand. Now, I've already covered why you need blog to build a long-term online brand. And this time it's a podcast about. Yes. Podcasting. And podcasting light blogging is being around for some time with the first one launched in. I think two thousand and three so quite some time ago, not as old as blogs, but still old all the same particularly in online communications years. And actually the term podcasting comes from. It's an amalgamation of the I part, I part and broadcasting. So obviously, no one really uses the ipod these days just to give you an indication of how old and weather name came about. I actually think over time will get rid of the term podcasting because it's quite old, and we'll just call it a show. I have show an audio. Oh, and it's only today that podcasting becoming more mainstream even though it's been around for quite some time, and that's due the likes of Spotify. Investing in hafa billion dollars in two thousand and nineteen solely into podcasting and has been the influx of new podcasts over the last few years, it is becoming quite saturated market because many companies and many media companies and many hobbyists alike all launched podcasts. So why so well it's much easier to launch a podcast in this day and age than it was back in two thousand and four two thousand five through more podcast hosts available. There are a lot cheaper than what they used to be with the economies of scale does more editing software more easier to use at it himself wet, and in some cases, this free editing software. So I use or density for my podcast, which is free to download and free to use its soft. And it does the job for me. Some people say you need to use adobe audition. But I. That's you know, that's only for the professionals, really. And you can get what you need done using a free service like audacity and also with Mike. There's lots of podcasting. Mike's these days low to USB Mike's that you can use to plug directly into your computer. I have a yeti US bay Mike, which is often. The preferred choice of podcasting Mike among I'm 'as Bush. I know this better ones coming out all the time. And some more advance podcast will tell you not use the yeti and go for a different one. And also this literally devices coming out now that podcasting kits all in one. So usually if he put together a podcast, and if you're interviewing people, let's say in a certain location, you'd have to take your Queant with you you have to buy Mike and Exelon cable as records and so on but now with the likes of road, the Austrian company that makes all the great Mike's. They've brought out the row Casta pro which is essentially a podcasting show that you can take on the road with you. And you just essentially press. Record record up to four people. And does everything for you, basically? Whereas the old way there's a bit of a process to it. You have to kind of put it together you have to use the jets and so on so again, this is just the beginning of the second eve Lucien of podcasting. There's a lot more information available now with regard to podcasting. So the used to be of a lack of information lots of people didn't know how to start a podcast, and it was really just a kind of a communications medium for the geeks. It was for people who had a tech understanding and podcast early podcasts were mainly about technology. Anyway. But now it's flourished and technology keeps getting better tomorrow, consumer focused and much like blogs and social media in general that in the days if you wanted to put content online you'd probably have to understand hates the amount. But now anyone can put content online, regardless of whether they have the techno- how or not, and that's why with whites created this flourish in Konami of social media. And it's. Why everyone has an opinion these days because it's easy to put your opinion online. But like blogging podcast requires you to take a long-term approach if you want to build a brand podcast, generally, don't go viral. And instead you have to build your audience over time one person at the time. But as far as developing Broncos podcasting is one of the best online mediums you can use as long as you take a long-term approach. So here I'm gonna give you the reasons why casting is one of the best mediums to build the brand. I certainly put it up with blogging and definitely higher than social media. So firstly, it's mobile. So what is the only media that you can consume while you're driving while you're at the gym walking the dog doing any of the kind of activity audio whether that music, whether that's the radio over that's a podcast. So with reading like a blog or news article with watching like a YouTube video of the TV you have to be stationary. You have to be locked into the. Content to watch it to read us to interpret. And so on with podcasting. You can do it anywhere in. It's not legal to listen to a podcast in your car. And you can do it easily. When you're you know, you're ninety percent maxed out on the treadmill at the gym. He couldn't read an article while you do enough. So it's more ballot. You can do it possibly you can do it while you're multitasking. No, the medium gives you that benefit. Secondly, highly personal. So if you've been listening to a podcast with a podcast over weeks and months you develop a kind of intimate relationship between the podcast that and yourself because your allowing the person in your ears. You're allowing the person into your drive to work, you're lying that person into your gym session aware of so you develop more of a personal connection with the person who's speaking he developed that quirks. They providing great information. You know, you appreciate the information that giving you if you. Them funny, you know, the brighten up your day somewhat and so on so you can develop that kind of personal relationship with them. And also with podcasts we choose who we subscribe to. So yes, you choose who you subscribe to on YouTube, but seventy percent of all YouTube videos, watched Ogden through the recommendation algorithm. So when you go into YouTube chances on it's going to present to you videos that it thinks that you should watch. Now, you might want to watch them you might enjoy watching them. But it's not something that you've chosen to watch with a podcast, someone's actively subscribed to your podcast, and they get updates of your content, only when you publish it. So the algorithm there's no algorithm that says you like this podcast. Maybe like this one to you like this particular episode of podcast, maybe like this one too with a podcast, you only get the content that you subscribe to in the pug Custos that you subscribe to nothing else. And the next reason why you need to build a brand using a podcast is. Is the engagement rate is actually through the roof with podcasting. So there was a guy who did a test. It was a kind of he didn't plan out to test. But he discovered it essentially guy called Paul Culligan, and he's a podcast, but he's also Facebook page, he's got a YouTube channel. And he often goes live on Facebook CEO fire Facebook live because that's the only way to get any traction organically within the auger them these days. So he fired up Facebook live. He did a video. And I think it was about ten minutes long. And he discovered that the average watch time on the video was three percent. So the people who watch the only watch three percent of it. So that was you know, ninety seven percent of the whole content is not being viewed. So even if you have a million people viewing if the viewing three percent than you're not getting your message across so he took that video and he put it on his YouTube channel. So in terms of the average watch time on YouTube that was thirty six percent. So while Facebook video was three percent. Youtube video was thirty six percent. That's twelve times better. So a lot better. But still it's only thirty six percent. So what he did have to that. Is he stripped out the audio and he published as a podcast some terms of the average listen time for that podcast for the audio of that video. It was ninety six percent ninety six percent. So when it comes to Facebook video three percent of reg-, watch time YouTube video it was that six percent average watch time and impact cast audio. It was ninety six percent average. Listen time that is considerably more and considerably better. So in terms of engagement podcast is far better. Now, this just wasn't a one off either. He did it with multiple podcasts. Multiple people who he works with any found the same as well. So he had this guy who he works with who spends a million dollars a year on Facebook advertising and boosting his Facebook, videos and. They were getting somewhere in the region of. I think it was like nine ten percent of ridge watch time. And this is a guy that spends a million dollars. So what he's done his he's transferred all investment in all that time into crate and podcasts. So as you can see engagement rate is must've better with podcast, and that's to do with one as I mentioned already. It's mobile people can do it when the doing the things. So you know, you can listen to that podcast while you're doing the things and also it's more personal as well. So people are listening intently and developing relationship with you. So the next reason is podcast a long form. So you can develop a podcast that is twenty to twenty five minutes long in have no problem with people listening to it all the way through speaking for myself here, I've been in the car before and listening to podcasts, and I've got to my destination, and I've got seven or eight minutes left that podcast. I'm not gonna leave the car until the podcast finished. You couldn't do that. With any of the social media such a personal medium and even though. It's a long and even though it can be twenty minutes, thirty minutes. And if you're someone like Joe Rogan who apparently makes fifty million dollars a year on his podcast. They can be three hours long. He he has chats with people to three hours he is one of the most well respected. He's one of the most follows in. Listen to podcasts does in the world. So illustrates that podcasting is very much along for medium as his blogging too. So like touch on less time with blogging, you can write a long form article, and you can help people who are reading it for not just like five minutes. But in some cases, twenty minutes and more. I've got a few articles that are long form where I look at my starts in tells me that the average reading time is around twenty minutes. Now that is phenomenal given that era in which we live in where attention sponsor, very low, and it's hard to get people's attention. Because you've got so many notification so many things in emails coming through in tweets and what's ups and so on the log interface boat in the so many different things. Click on Iveco people who is spending twenty minutes reading my article. Now, that's not in the millions. We only talk about in the thousands. But I'd rather have thousands of people spending twenty minutes on my content than you know, millions of people spending a couple of seconds. So from a brand perspective. That's what you need to be thinking about impact casts phenomenal for long phone too. So next with podcasts you have a variety of different formats that you can use. So it could be like this could be just someone speaking into a podcast, and you know, you just listening to one person or could be could be an interview it could be a chat it could be an episode or it could be an asset. So what do I mean by enough set? Well, this podcast here. This isn't gonna go out date for the next couple of years. You could listen to this podcast in the information that I'm giving you in twelve months time and still be relevant. There's not much going to change the benefit to podcasting while you need to grow a pug. Is not gonna change in the next twelve months. Probably not even thirty six months. So this podcast as a NAS at will last may for three years, at least probably more. So while you could do a Nepi sewed way, you're talking about the week's news and what's going on. And that's very voluble to certain people as well. You can also create assets like this that will serve that purpose and essentially game more listeners over time for years to come. So with a podcast, you can create different kind of episodes different kind of assets different formats as well. So it all depends on what you want to achieve with a brand I would advise on creatine assets. Just because they'll grow value. They'll get more listeners, and they'll serve you for a long period of time. But again, it depends on what you need to do in the final reason why you want to build a Bryant using podcast is doing a podcast regularly will help you become a better communicator. So I'm not the best person to speak in. Microphone. I've never been the best person to speak in through telephone. It's not my preferred wave communicating, but I know if I continue doing it for a longer period of time, I'm going to get better at it. And we have to constantly challenge. Ourselves in this day and age, particularly with communication, and particularly the way the world is going. We always have to be learning and getting better. And there's no better way to help. You do that doing a podcast can help you form your thoughts. It can help you shape, your thinking, and it can help you become the communicator as well. So it's just a win win all around. And again, I know for a fact that in twelve months if I continue doing this podcast. I'm going to be a better communicate than what I am today. And that's why I don't worry about the mistakes that I make that's why don't worry about what I found light because I know incrementally each time. I do a podcast. I learned something new each time. I do one. I might learn how to edit it better. I might learn a new function on or does he I might find a new software tool that helps me kind of refine the podcast at the end. I might buy. New piece of kit that just kinda mix at that little bit better. So it's all about incremental improvement. And I guarantee you if you do a podcast now, you'll probably be pre rubbish. But I guarantee in twelve months you'll be much better. And it's all about the compound effect. Just getting that one percent better every time in a compound over time. So there was a stop that said that if you got one percent better over time, you'll be three thousand eight hundred times better at the end of twelve months assuming that you've got one percent better every day. Now, that's three hundred eighty times better than what you would be now whether we can get one percent better every day for the cost of twelve months is another question. But it just illustrates that the more. You do something the better you're gonna get. So that's me nuts. Podcasting. And that's branding. Let me know what you think. Either by Email in the comments via social media, or whatever. So I'm Steve Davies from St. Davies dot com, and I'll see you next time.

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