# 1495 - Q&A: How to host Pay-to-Play Fortnite parties?


Over the past year businesses have had to be super flexible. Doing all kinds of things working remotely pivoting their business models for long term survival making all kinds of changes. Well if you are in charge of hiring for your business or if you're looking to hire somebody these pivots have made your job even more challenging but thankfully there's one place you can count on to make hiring easier now be ziprecruiter dot com slash site. Us all it's no wonder that four out of five employers who post on ziprecruiter get a quality candidate within the first day. Right now you can try ziprecruiter for free at ziprecruiter dot com slash site also once again ziprecruiter dot com slash side-hustle. Let's get together and play fortnite or minecraft or overwatch or whatever your choice of online game. Is you know flex long ago. Long ago galaxy far far away my friends used to come over to play halo. This was the original halo and the original. Xbox i did in fact get the original xbox day it came out i i'm trying to think of what was now but whatever it was it was a long time ago. Two thousand. i believe something like that anyway. My friends bring. Tv's we would hook up four consoles with sixteen players from time to time when you did an extra controller so we might go to walmart and buy the controller and perhaps return it the next day i cannot tell lie i did in fact do that twenty years ago. Hopefully walmart isn't upset now. These days of course. Millions of people do this online not buying return controllers to walmart but play games online at any given moment of the day in person experiences however very different. I'm still have fond memories of them all these years later as you can tell so our listeners. Today are young. listener is taking up the mantle. He wants to host pay to play fortnite parties in his basement. 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I should listen to side hustles at the always. Been interested in making some money being a student on. Wanted to see what you thought of my job. I'd like to invite people over in church for four nine party. I have pretty good broadband. I can sell them. Snacks and energy drinks that get from costco. I'm also working on setting up a socially distance area in my basement over the more people have the vaccine soon. So that won't be a problem. How much do you think. I should charge for these parties also. Do you play portland. Thanks potty what's up man. Thank you so much for calling in so-called to know that you're out there and i think you've done a better job than me because twenty years ago. I was just playing games. I actually did start selling on ebay. A certain point but i never monetize my love of gaming so i do love the idea of raising the standard of game parties adding in some professionalization and of course getting paid for your efforts so what might help ought to get off to a good start. I think what he needs to do is create demand. Okay so rather than say something like well. Here's the price the price range. Maybe it's ten dollars you know. Probably five to twenty dollars is the price range but rather than just focus on that. He needs to get people committed so that it's a desirable experience week in and week out. This is something that people want to come to right. Because you can't just sit in your own basement play games online and maybe during the pandemic you still need to do that depending on your location and situation but once it safe wouldn't it be so much cooler to hang out with like minded people and have those snacks and play all in the same room. So i would say you know. Tell everybody the first one is free and give them give them free. Energy drinks don't charge for them. Give them free at. I invite people who are popular gamers or connectors with a wide circle. Post photos afterwards tag. Some people you'd like to attend next week's and then speaking of that that word professionalization i used earlier. Make it a regular thing like build some structure into it. Call it ottis gaming. Den that host events every friday night and every sunday afternoon. Whatever the time is whatever named choose. Make business cards or flyers like. I was thinking about that before. I recorded the answer i was like. Does that make sound even older than i already am like saying. Make business cards and maybe it does. But i think it's also a little clever could be. Who makes a business card for a gaming party that you're hosting at your house especially in this digital age. It's just something that kind of helps you stand out. Maybe it's not that points to think about how you can make this desirable experience So that people want to come once you have the demand problem solved then from there. It's easy you can charge whatever. That number is ten dollars. Let's say maybe you can sell the energy drinks or whatever else but all is going to come from demand so start with that. I of course let us know what happens semi or something tag me. I'd love to see it. But when i don't play for myself i've tried it but i think these days i mostly like single player games. So i'm playing playstation. Four games like persona five and charted That's what i've been playing but thank you for asking listeners. If you have a question come to school dot com slash questions. We will feature them throughout the year along with updates mother listeners audie has they launched their projects. Thank you so much for listening my name. Is chris gil about this. Is school bus from the onward projects.

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