Privacy series -Part 1, Google


What if you had your own personal recruiter to help you find a better job now? Ziprecruiter's technology can help do that for you. When you download the ZipRecruiter job. Search apple it puts your profile in front of the right employers for you. If an employer likes your profile ZipRecruiter, let's, you know, so you can apply. Download the free ZipRecruiter app today. It's Jefferson Graham. You're listening to talking tech we are kicking off a new by the c series this week looking at the various ways, the Google Facebook Amazon, Apple all track, our every move and restarting today with Google. You've probably heard me talk about this a little bit on earlier episodes about how I got out of the car went into a hotel looked up their phone number two days later and was told that I had been there two days earlier, and then I started looking at my location history and saw that they knew about this hike. I took up a hill. They knew about when I pulled off the road to take a picture of a bridge, all without any, Google apps open because location history was turned on. That's where I started diving into the fine print of location history. The companies all say that we opt in for it. I don't remember opting. In fact, I could probably prove to you that I never. Did because they never say to you click this button, and we will now track every move you make they don't use those words, they say go to settings on your phone and change your location history. So we can offer you this feature whether that's match on Google maps where they will make you recommendations about in restaurants. Whether that's real time traffic updates based on your current location, whether that's Google photos to help improve auto organization, and search right? They're going to a better job of searching, if they follow, my, every move from the moment, I wake up to the moment, I go to sleep. It's time for us all the say, no, it's time for us to scream and yell that we won't take it anymore. Sorry for the network reference, but it's true. They're getting away with this stuff, and they're not using real words to pull off their evil scheme. I say evil because they say it's all about showing you more personalized ads that are relevant to you. Yeah, I like the. Relevant ads. They know I like photography and music, so they show me a lot of photography and music. And, but it's so creepy to go to Azure ama- or be NH Amazon, and then have these ads follow. You everywhere I would just say no to all. How about you listeners will be back at you tomorrow with our look at Facebook, who's more grievous face burger Google? And then we're to look at Amazon and apple. I'm Jefferson Graham. Let me here for the U on Twitter where I'm at Jefferson. Graham. Listening to talking tech, please subscribe to show wherever you listen. Online audio and I said, keet tomorrow with a look at Facebook in privacy. Thanks for listening. Finding a job can feel like an actual job. It's tough to find a position that really suits you. But what if you had your own personal recruiter to help you find a better job? Ziprecruiter's technology can do that for you. Just download the ZipRecruiter job search app. Let it know what kind of jobs. You're interested in and its technology starts doing the work the ZipRecruiter app. Fines jobs, you'll like and puts your profile in front of the employers who may be looking for someone like you, if an employer likes your profile ZipRecruiter, let's, you know, so if you're interested in the job, you can apply. Download the free ZipRecruiter job, search apt today and let the power of technology work for you. Don't wait. The sooner you download the free, ZipRecruiter job search up the sooner it can help you find a better job.

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