The Mueller Report Cheat Sheet # 960


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show. That's not immune to the facts with your host. Dan Bongino, by the Dan Bongino show police, Joe, how are you today? Happy Wednesday morning Daniel good to be here. Brother, not happy. Now. I'm tired. It's not happy. Tired? I tell him these cases wherein me out. Is it not happen at ways, it's mentally draining? I gotta tell you, folks. I'm getting tired of this back and forth with these nonsense with these imbeciles on social media, Email and elsewhere. These people don't understand the grave situation. Where in throw everything that's going on right now. I mean, we are facing probably one of the biggest constitutional crises in our in our Republic in modern times. And there are people in the media like this, lunatic jerk. I don't even know trying to keep this somewhat family friendly. Joe Scarborough this lunatic on MSNBC comes out yesterday and says, hey, man, all the spying was done by the book. Yeah. Yeah. It was done by the book to communist manifesto. That's the book you're referring to you dope. I mean, I can't believe how many people are skewering. Their reputations are taking like shish kebab on open charcoal. Flames skewering their reputations for the rest. Of their lives to go on the record on their own television shows and defend the defend the police states when they know all of this is going to come out in the long run. It is just stunning. It is stunning. How many people who want you to take them? Seriously. Rachel, Maddow, Chuck Scarborough. Or Joe Scarborough, Chuck's Cobra was a guy in New York. Joe Joe Scarborough that Brian Stelter Costanza at CNN all these lunatic conspiracy theorists. Who are I mean, drew burning their reputations in an open garbage can because they just can't get past. The fact that Aren JR. Man, bad. We don't like Trump. It is disgusting. Oh, sorry, folks. I don't really open the show like that. But I I'm really I'm not lying to you. Is this show is ROY motion show. There's no teleprompter. There's no scripts and get what I got every day today. You got a little bit of anger. It's funny. I was just reading on Facebook some lady said can you talk a little lower on your show? No not today. It's already may wanna be fast forward to tomorrow show while waiting for the Muller report to come out tomorrow that's going to be huge. That's going to be a big show. Here's what I got for you today. Rant over. I'm going to prep you for what to see in this report. What to look for? There's a scam. He's pulling I'm expose the scam for you. Don't worry. I also want to get this tax stuff. And some Bernie stuff to show you what hypocrites these Democrats are. And how little they know in this black hole of knowledge a living. All right. Today's show brought to you by our buddies that Genucel this we love Genucell in this house. They make the best products for skin everybody in my house uses it, my mother-in-law. 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Genucell works for men. It works for women divers altering twelve hours or less and Genucel immediate effects is also included free order now get free three day shipping. Text young two seven seven four five three or go to Genucel dot com. That's Genucel dot com. All right. Let's go. Give me something to get me. What I'm going to start with this first because I don't know how long this is going to take its import the Muller probe is going to drop tomorrow. The Mahler report I should say covering his witch hunt. This disgraceful stain on American history probe of a president for a crime that never happened. Ladies and gentlemen, if you're a regular listener to the show, and I cover this. This is this is where I'm going in book to my second book on this exonerated, the failed takedown of Donald Trump, and this please pick it up you've been really helpful in helping us get an idea what the preorder is going to look like. The whole purpose of the Muller probe. Ladies and gentlemen, is for Muller to keep the attention on Donald Trump. And this is I believe what is reported is going to say keep the heat on Donald Trump keep the heat away from Hillary Clinton, the DOJ and others. And the purpose of the Muller probe was to keep it open as long as possible to keep said he'd on Donald Trump now to keep the heat on Trump and to rescue the reputation of department of Justice and FBI we track in Joe, please tell me is the audience this make sense because what I'm going where I'm going to go with this preparing you for this drop tomorrow, you will be more prepared than anyone when you're done with this show. We'll makes sense if you don't understand that I will Muller probe has to rescue the reputation of the DO and keep the heat on Donald Trump. How will they do that the reputation of the department of Justice in FBI, they won all in on one particular thing to save themselves? What was it? Hey. You put me in a better mood. Good. I was really dizzy blanked off. Whether you get it when I got on the air, really fear. Joe Scarborough Saint fan everything. The buck. Yeah. Joe, okay. You smoke in bonds in your office. Joe is here as you would make a hidden hidden hitting the skunk weed in the office, the chocolate, Ty, what are you doing back there, folks? I think that was when I was a kid my neighborhood. I did not drug. So listen kids, if you're listening don't do them. I didn't do. But a lot of people around me did New York City. I remember all kinds of funny names. Yeah. I'm sure in the music field. Joe you have no experience with this. Dude. Yeah. I can only imagine what Joe stories we may have to NC seventeen chill for that. So this guy he was a music. That's the way it looks like L A and the author stand. The FBI based its entire case on the dossier. That was planned be okay. Plan b for them, not the FBI with the Obama administration in general, the larger picture plan was to spy on on political opponents, Mike Flynn and others using human assets, the phone Halpern, others unmasking, basically wiretapping people and misuse of the NSA database that was their original plan when that broke down Devon newness talks about a well, I talk about playing, but he calls it the legal spying. So the FBI needed. Now illegal reason with a lot of that broke down because people started to say, hey, what's going on over here with the NSA database? I think they were afraid of whistleblowers they wanted to put a legal face on the spine. So they go to the Pfizer court. They go to the Pfizer court with this Russian collusion fairy tale that comes from one spot sorry for rehashing this, but it's important and one spot only Joe Biden math one spot only one spot only. Hey comes from the dossier. I'm putting up four fingers for you audio listeners. So for Bob Muller to rescue the reputation of the FBI that sunk their legal Pfizer court spying sunk their reputation into the dossier Muller has to do what? He has to put some teeth on the dossier and make it appear semi-legitimate. So that later on his buddies and pals in the FBI Komi Baker remember Muller's career insider will look like, well, this was just an honest mistake. We got a warrant to spy. It was a credible source and Christopher Steele and information just turned out to be bad in the end. But look in the end, we eventually got some really bad guys in jail. I wrote it down like this the FIS as plan b the dossier is the Pfizer Muller follows the dossier as a roadmap. That's the whole point of book to how Muller and their final chapters. How Muller follows the dossier like a roadmap to rescue is buddy Komi in the FBI to make it appear that the dossier had some meat on the bone. Okay. Is that makes sense? Yeah. Yeah. You're cool ombudsmen Joe. And it's just too hard. Oh. All right. I just I haven't got an e mails where people are confused in a long time. So that's why I rely on. And I know some of you, and I understand you say, well, will you repeat yourself? I do I get it. And I understand that ladies and gentlemen, but I do it. So when you leave this show, there's no doubt. So I believe the mullahs report which is going to drop tomorrow, then Yana is going to cover two basis base. Number one is what I just described. It is going to be a report that tries to legitimise the dossier. That is illegitimate. It is going to do that by making the people in the dossier and the spying component seem legitimate. Because the people they were spying on were really bad guys. Okay. Secondly, the new standard the Democrats have put out for information that will be in this Muller report. I have no doubt is well, it's going to contain a lot of negative information about Trump, and we should use that negative information. Wow. That's hysterical. Joe negative information is the new standard. Are we serious negative information? So just to be clear. There's no probable cause to charge him with a crime, the Trump team and Trump himself ready collusion. Right. How do we know that? Because there are no one was charged with a crime for nobody popadopoulos. Not Flynn Cohen. No one was charged with conspiracy to collude with the Russians on behalf of the Trump team to overthrow the results of the election or toss him in a cast. Nobody was charged with that. So there was no evidence of a crime. So the Democrats who can't let that go will say, well, if there's enough negative information we're gonna use that I find this hysterical. Why Joe because Jim Comi gave July fifth twenty sixteenth speech about Hillary Clinton and our Email scandal that was about twenty straight minutes show of negative information about what Hillary did how they used horrible judgment. How they set up a private server in the original speech, they talked about her emailing Barack Obama from foreign soil that was wiped out later. This is all Joe gave information. Yes, sir. But notice how would it's negative information on Hillary and democrat cronies we're supposed to forget all of that dole. Ju- worry. That's not these are not the joy, you're looking for. This is not the negative information. You're looking for. But when it's negative information on Trump, then yes that negative information as Kostel should be used for impeachment. Character assassination should be used for repeated political attacks. The Muller report will serve up. I'm sure a bevy of negative information not related to any crime whatsoever. If I investigated, Joe Paula or anybody else with the assets applied to the Muller. Prob- I assure you, I'd find negative information. To definitely the question is was a crime committed and the answer is no. So when you're friends bring up the negative information standard, you should ask. Well, there's a negative information about Hillary count. What about the negative information about the Trump Tower meeting where the people that showed up had connections to Hillary Clinton and people weren't that's negative for that matter? No, no, not that negative information. Now, what about the Ukrainian lawmakers, sir? Hey, Lukashenko who Nellie your admits? They were getting information from fusion GPS while they were under contract with Hillary. In other words, the textbook definition of foreign collusion. What about that then negative if no that negative information doesn't matter either? This is your answer. I'm setting you up crowd ball ground ball, bugged, you go. But you want to keep the bat they descend to the bad high. When you're bumping it's important if you different low you'll pop it up. I love baseball my favorite keep DEP. Remember catch the ball with the bat. There you go. This is a bunt member. My big fat Greek wedding. It's a bunch of cake. A a bud member that about what members they bring you bundt cake. I love thought what's up? This is a bunt when they tell you. I let full of negative information. Okay. Great. So negative information is all the new standard for destroying the character. Let's go down the list Hillary connections to the people and Trump that Trump Tower means that matter on that do you cranes? What about that? What about the Hillary Email skill the stuff that came out with that that scandal that was Obama what about Benghazi IRS fast? Various that was all negative information. No, no. No. No. None of that matters. Moving on. That's the Meghan of information. I'm telling you heard it here. I you're going to hear and you're gonna laugh now I had a bunch of information in there the second point on. This Muller report is going to be to character. Assassinate people involved in the largest components of the scandal to rescue the dossier in the reputation of the FBI. Let's go to this Paul Sperry piece. I in real clear investigations. Let me say see we're working on a trick. Here. My wife, and I my. Nice my wife, and I were engaged in verbal judo before this Paula the lover it at that. But she's mad at me right now, Paula how married are you me at a scale of one to ten. She's a fifteen I'm not kidding. By the way. This is a real show. This is a real husband wife duo, very upset me. But we work in on a sign because sometimes when we do this stuff, I don't give the proper queues. So this is my sign. Why folks if you're missing this on audio YouTube dot com slash bunch of one more time with his on swing? So she inside it was right up there. You like to sign. Yeah. This is not a comedy show today. I'm sorry. I'm just really fired up about all this crap. Gone mean, it I'm really upset, and I've tried to put on a good show for you the room, I rage. It's burning in me. Right. Yeah. Thank you you like so real clear investigations, Paul Sperry. A terrific researcher. I highly recommend you follow him on Twitter. He has this piece up the GOP fears Muller's collusion bias lives on in a final report. I've told you from the start the whole purpose of the Muller investigation is the cover up all this nonsense. Right. So Sperry writes in the piece that they're afraid that it's going to be tainted. And it's going to be tainted in such a way to make this collusion story appeal reappear real why Joe because remember defies is plan b the dossier is the Pfizer. If Muller can make collusion at least appear real in his report, it will make the dossier seem somewhat credible and save the reputation of the F B. Okay. Sperry writes in the piece, I nip it. There you go. Now. Everybody is going to wait for the sun. Okay. Senior Republicans committees on Capitol Hill or reviewed some of the same evidence Muller's investigators have examined complain that the special counsels team of mostly democrat prosecutors have shaded evidence charging documents filed against a number of Trump associates for process crimes on related to collusion mostly lying to investigators to suggest the broad conspiracy. They say that the special counsel and prosecutors misled the court, and we go and the media by among other things editing the contents of emails listen to this gets great to cast the sinister shadow on otherwise innocuous communications among Trump advisors. And by omitting exculpatory information, why that was a really. Long way of saying the Muller team or a bunch of hacks that are fabricating a story out of thin air about Russian collusion selectively using emails, and when the Email say the opposite of what they want you to believe that Trump colluded with the Russians what do they do they leave those emails out exhibit one? Here we go. George Papa D Papa diso Papa D is the key. I did the sign sign sign. They cite. Here we go about popadopoulos. In charge documents against popadopoulos quoting pulse. Berries piece. This is fascinating. They cite charging documents filed against Trump advisors. George popadopoulos Michael Cohen, and Lieutenant General Flynn is examples the indictments that were made by the mother team are very questionable, and there's pieces of them that read like Russian spy novel said Republican Devin newness, the top Republican on the house Intel committee. This was done on purpose. He added to create a narrative to make the American people think as they were indicting these people that this someone had this had to do with collusion with Trump campaign and Russia, what is newness referring to at one point in the charging documents. There's a footnote that sites in Email with pop mentioning popadopoulos or and mentioning low level campaign surrogates going Russia. Russia's tries Tucker Carlson to watch out. Joe? They got him today. God him. Bingo. Win a win a chicken dinner in the charging. Document for popadopoulos to be clear. There's a footnote in there about low level campaign surrogates in other words, popadopoulos going to Russia. That's it Joe. What else we got it collusion? Stun maybe go hook line at secrets efficient Poland here. We got him get him in. What's the problem with that? Well, what's left out of the charging document an Email from the Trump campaign saying we won't be doing these meetings forbidding them from going to Russia? Yep. Dude, dude, dude. This is what I'm talking about. Let me have set my buddy to seventy nine too busy brings this up. All the time. Ladies and gentlemen evidence. Does not mean a crime was committed. Okay. Right. Can we be clear on this? That's why it's called evidence and not proof. Joe simple question. I'm going to go back to why this matters Republic and how disingenuous this Muller scam is okay. If a Bank is robbed in your neighborhood. I know where Joe lives and Joe is near that Bank. And the time it is rob would that be considered evidence that you could have robbed the Bank could be. Yes, yes. They could be correct now is that proof beyond a reasonable doubt or evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. That you know, there are a lot of reasonable doubts, right? Joe could have been going to the supermarket Joe could have just been driving by while the Bank was robbed. If we find out later that Joe in fact has receipts that he was in the TJ Maxx down the block at that time. It was just passing by and is on video camera timestamped in the TJ Maxx, while the Bank is being robbed. There is evidence show was there at the scene of the Bank robbery and evidence suggesting joke, didn't rob the Bank. Thank you. Now, do you think you put you do you understand? Now, why negative information? Neg. There's information about Trump is not a standard negative information. Meaning was that George popadopoulos is in some Email chain about low level campaign surrogates going to Russia. Wow. That sounds pretty negative. You're trying to prove Russian collusion until you read the Email with the Trump campaign telling them, we're not going to Russia, and you're not either. We will not be doing these meetings. That's at the evidence. What they're stand. Now, why the Republicans are worried? Folks to be crystal clear, nobody rational in DC on the Republican side or even a rational democrat. If there is one left anymore his worried about Trump collude. There's no collusion. It's dead. Forget it's not going to happen. Don't worry about that. That is not going to be in there. But they are legitimately worried that the mullahs report is going to contain evidence entirely out of context, context matters. There was a mugging on Armacost corner. Joe how to do it? How do we know because he was home at that time? So what does that mean? Well, he was in the area. So no, so we're five thousand other people, but how to be Joe because I think he colluded with the Russians. What are you talking about? This is what Muller is doing. He is painting a picture for you pretty pretty little tree like Bob Ross. Put a little lake little river for his cautious or the waterfall member. Bob Ross little rushing over there yet. Rush said right, Bob solar Muller is the Bob Ross of federal prosecutors little low level campaign worker right over happen campaign. To stop. You're gonna make me laugh. I was more fun. But I was at a bad mood. I'll make me laugh. Okay. So just style back a bit here. What we're talking about again, two things in the report negative information out of context, which I wouldn't be surprised about it all and efforts to rescue the dossier. Popadopoulos portion of it is going to be an effort to rescue something other than the dossier. The popadopoulos portion is going to be an effort to rescue the DOJ the FBI or because we're not sure who was managing this the international Intel community that actors friendlies with the United States from their entrapment scheme using Josef Mifsud against popadopoulos. Paint popadopoulos is really bad guy that way when it comes out that friendly Intel agencies. We're trying to entrap George popadopoulos on behalf of the Obama administration Intel officials and others who wanted to make them look like a bad guy to destroy the Trump campaign and paint them with this Russian colluded label that didn't that was nonsense. If we can pay pop it up. Listen to Muller report is a really bad guy. We will rescue component one the entrapment scheme. Component to that needs to be rescued. Is going to be the spying scheme, which intersects with Carter page and the dossier. They're not discreet elements, but somebody initiated this human spying scheme. So again, I'm telling you the Muller report. I find it highly likely based on Muller's previous behavior in charging documents that the second component of this is going to be to paint Flynn as a really bad guys. Well in his report, he prosecuted popadopoulos, he prosecuted Flint now, we're basing this and sperry's piece is about Mike Flynn on sperry's peace and his reading of the charging documents, which we've covered on the show before remember in the charging documents for pajamas. Hold that up there. Hold up, the first thing and the charging documents for popadopoulos. He doesn't mention that the, you know, the emails about don't go to Russia. Look what happened with Flynn? From the peace. Republicans say the special counsel also demonstrated collusion bias and its complaint against Mike Flynn. Former prosecutors say. Muller charged the retired general with lying FBI investigators about his conversation with the Russian ambassador during the transition, even though one of the investigators Trump critic Peter stroke, quote had the impression at the time. That Flynn was not lying or did not think he was lying. According to the FBI's own internal documents. In fact, former FBI director James Comey has said Flynn provided truthful answers and wasn't intentionally misleading. Investigators on January twenty four twenty seventeen when he was questioned. Folks, we sensing a little bit of a pattern here. So popadopoulos gets prosecuted by Muller for nothing related to collusion. But writes about a whole bunch of ridiculous Russia nonsense, and the charging documents unrelated entirely too misstatements to the FBI popadopoulos made in there. He leaves out the scope Atari information telling popadopoulos, oh, there's not to go to Russia. And he repeats the exact same pattern with Mike Flynn. Now would pop it up. They gotta keep the heat off the entrapment. They tried to entrap him with Flynn. They have to keep the heat off the human spying component. Which was being. I've no question anymore was being managed through Stefan helper, a noted informant for the CIA FBI that appears has a bug in for Flynn. I don't know who puts them up to it. But as far back as twenty fourteen appears to be informing on Mike Flynn who is a noted critic of the Obama administration and their policy on Bo terrorism and the Iran deal. They have to pay Papa D is a bad guy. Because then they can say what Joe well, we were trying to entrap them because we thought he was Russia. He was dealing with the Russians they have to paint Flynn as a bad guy. Why were you spying on Flint using a human intelligence s a spy? Well, he was a really bad guy. Joe? So we just had to do it. Okay. Cool. Watts. Watch for this in the Muller Muller report watch for how they write about popadopoulos watch to see if they include the Flynn, the fact that the F B, I didn't think he was lying even though they charged with lying watch. How that is all magically left out. It's not information watch. If you don't know that the negative information is spin left out of context, you'll be under the assumption that this isn't some way damaging in Email to set up a foreign meeting and Russia isn't even damaging itself. It's even less damaging when you find out the campaign said, we're not doing those meetings. I got one more here for you. Get to this ad. These are great companies or here with us. They love to be here. They love to talk to you. And I like work with today's show. Also brought to you by buddies at policy genius. He believes already APRIL's crazy time is a habit of getting away here. 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A one stop shop for financial protection. So if you need life insurance and new, but you're short on time head to policy, she needs dot com and compare quotes policies says easy, it saves you money and not to belabor the point. But it is fast. Go to policy genius dot com. We love him really really easy to use. Okay. Third guy that I want you to look for in this piece and how he's written up in. This piece is going to be Michael Cohen in his connections to feel Acceder from the peace. Nice. Nice sharp, a third troubling example. Republicans point he was a special counsel's complaints against Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen, which like other court documents included, tantalizing hints of collusion. They gotta save the dossier. Joe Collins, a key figure in the dossier, except it's all fake tantalizing hints of collusion that dissolved upon closer inspection. They say Muller used the so-called Moscow project talks Trump's hope to build a skyscraper in Russia to connect Trump directly to flatter me or Putin during the campaign while withholding from the court details that would exonerate Trump of such collusion. Again. Another example of them painting Cohen and his role is a middleman. Coens on a good guy, by the way. I don't trust Cohen as far as I can throw them. And I couldn't throw him far. But they're trying to paint cO. It is some kind of conduit between Trump and Vladimir Putin, remembering the dossier Coen's, the guy who sets up the payments for this whole scandal to get the DNC emails from WikiLeaks and the Russians and the payoff these key figures in the Russian government. It's all fake. That's the problem. So Papa D. They got to save in trapping. And the reason for doing it with Mike Flynn. They gotta save themselves from the use of a foreign spy. Wow limits. A bad guy with Cohen, they have to save the dossier. Cohen is a key figure in the dossier. And I will say it again, the FIS was plan b. And the dossier is the Pfizer in order for Mollah to save their reputation. He has to put meat on the bone. He has to show Cohen is a really bad guy who was working with the Russians and had deep connections of ladder, MIR Putin, what's the problem? Joe? They didn't have those connections in the pulse. Berry piece in the show notes is a hilarious part. Whereas. The Muller team junk emails to Putin. Folks. It was it was like an online dress that went to the basically like you Email in the White House with the public Email address sounds like they were very they were like this show. They were really coming. Couldn't even get in private Email address for anybody in the Kremlin. Oh, wow. Was he was he in deeper what he was like the Sammy the bull. John gotti. Are you kidding me with this stupidity? So the point of choline is mother leaves out in significant charging documents the fact that all of these communiques with Russia about building a project over there one. We're totally legal. There's nothing illegal about a real estate developer building real estate in Russia or anywhere else as they don't skirt the law here, and that's not what anybody's alleging that's never been charged. And even worse making it seem like there was some back channel as pulse. Berry says in the piece he quotes an inside over there's absurd Cohen had such a backchannel Joe that they had an Email like, hey, Email us at info at White House. Whatever. You know, where that goes in the circular fall somewhere, right, folks. There's no backchannel. This is just Muller trying to rescue the dossier. It's sad. It's pathetic. It's pretty gross too. All right. Let me move on. Because I really hammered this over the last few days. But I think now if you really pay close attention to that, you know, exactly what's coming negative information, which you should respond back immediately. While negative information is not criminal, correct? Because if that was the case Hillary Clinton would be jailed ten times over also negative information. Followed up by scope attourney information means that the negative information wasn't really negative. Wasn't. You didn't do any of that homework. Did you get ready and read it for how it tries to paint a picture of Russian collusion that doesn't exist? There was no back channel. There was no Russian that met with popadopoulos agent of the Russian government. Mike Flynn was spied on. He was not connected to the Russians. He was not compromised by the Russians. This is all made up. It is a hoax. Ran a big one. You know, I just realized I want totally out of order for the show. So Paula will go back in order now. So not happy with me at all. Now that I went out of order. She's probably even less happy with me. It's like the war of the roses in here today. Remember that movie? Oh, yeah. Was that? Kathleen was that. Kathleen. No, no. That was the lady. Yes. It was Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas. Yeah. We're the roses. Yeah. I remember that movie. That's what it's like in here. Today's a little rough. We're going to have to draw a line don't they draw a line down the middle of the house. From what I've just kidding, folks. It's not that. But just messing with you. It's you know, I gotta get Nabet because I'm. Right enough may complain. Bernie Sanders, and I told you I had a few more cuts from the disastrous townhall for birdie now for FOX the ratings were through the roof. It was the largest view down. All I take on any network, and I thought Bret Baier and Martha McCallum did a pretty darn good job. Listen, I don't say that. Because I worked there. I thought they did I wouldn't be using the sound bites. Otherwise, my show FOX doesn't tell me with the put on his show. There was one outstanding one. I thought was really classic when they McCallum tries to pin Bernie down a why he such a grotesque hypocrite again on taxes. He wants everyone else to pay more taxes, of course. But he doesn't want to pay him this as a good one. Asking you about the wealthy and how much higher you would make you said joint agreement seventy percent. What would your number be campaign two thousand sixteen? We talk about fifty two percent. All right. So pitchy percent. So would you be willing to pay fifty two percent on the money that you made you can volunteer? You can send volunteer to we how the. In your. More Kawano huge. If you make more money than Ryan. Well, tax and she's not running for pros big. We're gonna fight for well talks. And we're going to demand that we end the absurdity where major corporation after magical. But you know, what? Tax Bill, but you walk defending families like the corporate. Louis like the coke brothers. Get billions and billions of dollars in savings. Dotty is absurd. Trope watts to repeal the entire state tax you tax breaks for billionaires. You know, the question many questions. Listen, we wanna get subsidies. We wanna get deep and the audience has a ton of questions. You know, there's this cat my gym, right? This is cool guy. But he's like, I don't know he's sixty or so he looks younger than that. But I'm guessing he works out a lot, and he must be like a ballroom, dancer or something like that. Because he's always in there with one of those like unweighted bars, and he's always doing like, some odd, not a dancer. I'm I'm as flexible as a fire hydrant, I couldn't. Although this guy no says identify my wedding. And did a good job. There's significant portions of my wedding. I do not remember I had nothing to do with the alcohol. I'm just saying someone told me I was good dancer. Paula was I good dancer. Yeah. She says I was excellent. I don't remember that much but the guy in gyms dance. He does this these really smooth to and people watch him. Sometimes why am I bringing? Did you see Bernie dancing? Morton McCallum asks him a simple question, Jude while she doesn't call him, dude. But I can tude you're proposing. A fifty two percent tax for millionaires who are a millionaire. Why not just pay the tax retired about the coke prowlers? Let me tell you about Donald Trump. It's a matter of fact, I saw this movie once when I was a kid old yeller. This was a really good movie. Cisco neighbor gave it to thumbs up. It was the story Bernie what the hell are you talking about? I asked you a simple question. Are you gonna pay tax rate? You want the other millionaires like you to pay? Let me tell you about the burgers at McDonalds my corner, they are good burgers. Let me tell you. They put extra pick. Calls on McDonald's. Burgers on the corner. Yeah. There's is a good burger. I don't want to be told McDonald as a bad Berga. Bernie come. We're going to try this one more time. Okay. You are suggesting millionaires like you limousine. Libs and limousine conservatives to you are suggesting they should pay a fifty two percent tax rate. Are you gonna pay that rate and lead by lot to-? You Marta, you make more money than I do Marta Martin with a great comeback. Hey, Bernie, I'm not running for president. And I'm not suggesting a fifty two percent tax rate. Knuckleheads marta. Let me tell you about the coke brothers. Yeah. Or are they the Koch brothers? I don't know because I have a hard time, spelling they are really bad matter of fact, a coke brothers. I saw this guy one time what at a brothers. And I wanted a backhand. And I couldn't do it. Because it's a guest the law mater, Marcus got to be looking at this guy. Like, I'm sorry, folks. I'm enjoying this. Bernie Sanders stuff way too much. That was the worst answer I have ever and birdie takes this town hall was a huge success. Let me just put a little meat on the bone for you on like Bob Muller putting fake meat on the fake bone of the dossier. Speaking purely. Ideologically? What we stand for him what the lip stand for. We conservative Stanford economic freedom. We believe taxes should be collected and paid for it to pay for constitutional functions of government that there's widespread disagreement on. I mean, excuse me agreement on. Our military. Our military. Maybe the courts, I don't think we everything should be taxed at the local level. But you get the hand. There's no Apocrypha see there. Liberals want a tax to pay for economic growth. They want taxes to pay for schools. They want taxes to pay for everything your healthcare your retirement via social security. Yet. Liberals don't want to voluntarily pay that what's my point here. My point folks is there is no hypocrisy with conservatives. We donate extra money to things like charity and things like that. Because we believe it is a net. Good, my wife, and I thank too many of you by some of our products out there, especially some of the shirts. We we sell it a website. We donate all of our proceeds to charity no-one forces us to do it. It's not written in our contract with the t shirt company. We went up nor we looking for anybody's Pat on the back. We do it. Because we genuinely believe it will change someone's life for the better. We've joke. I know. Joe gives a lot of time to church. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to Joe if you're with it, if you're not you can you control the podcast, you can go out yourself school, but just tell policy she cut it had a video. But Joe donates a lotta time church. He's a performer in a lot of time. I know it's time because sometimes I talked him and he's tired on Monday. Nobody forces Joe to do it. Nobody. He does it because he thinks he's creating a net public good. It's a spiritual experience. He wants people to feel the tunes. They don't wanna have to pay someone. So Joe does it no one forces them to do it. My point here folks is the liberal philosophies that government is a public. Good government should pay for economic growth should pay for your retirement, you pay for your school should pay for your hair care should pay for your toenail care your healthcare everything because it's a public good. So why don't people like Bernie voluntarily give extra money like conservatives due to charity? Why why do they have to be forced? I. Bernie has to be forced how do we know? Because Martha asked him if he gave the extra money over and he wouldn't answer. Well, not give extra body. Let me tell you about Burger King. He doesn't want to answer the question. Because he's a fraud. You're not a fraud. Be proud of that. You know, what's also fascinating. One more thing in this ranking a couple of things here. Jim sorry. They constantly. I played a clip awhile back. No, Miki constant other liberal who was on Tucker Carlson show, who I know more. I'm gonna say person, but only personal for it. But I know from FOX he's not personally, but she said something interesting sick. Well, these individual choices to pay more taxes aren't gonna make a difference. Ladies and gentlemen, the whole world is individual choices people in government who vote vote individuals that they don't have a collective hive mind, folks. So what you're saying is individuals won't make a difference because they can't be trusted to do the right thing and have to be forced to pay higher taxes than why are the same individuals when we elect them to government. Why can they be trusted? If you can't trust individuals. This is the sound of me scratching my head on the YouTube. Have you? Do you understand how every argument liberals? Make is just dumb. You can't trust individuals to pay higher taxes because they won't do it. Why? Because they're bad. Okay. Well, who makes the choices on the tax rates and covered individuals. I thought you said they were bad. No, no. When they get government or good. Oh, okay. That makes sense. Thank you. Thanks for clearing that up fellas. All right. Another gem of a Bernie moment. This one is this. I heard this and the car I was in the car with my daughter. I think I was with Isabelle my daughter, and I said to Isabel did you hear what he just said. This is Bernie Sanders. They're asking a question about felons in prison voting this answer. I'd say shock you. But giving his Bernie it might not. Murderers, and rapists or themes, try molester should have the right to vote from prison pushing this was in my state. Recently research. It turns out that our constitution in the state of Vermont for hundreds of years. Everybody has the right to vote. Okay. So I think you make this division. If somebody does something terrible, their rapists, murderers, we send them away. Sometimes we sent him away from life. But I also think that integral to who we are as Americans about what kind of terrible things you you're paying the price. Maybe you're jail for the rest of your life. But you have the right to. I'm not kidding. My looked at my daughter. I said is about did you hear it? He's you said is Pollock get his about is this chief she in. I'm not making this up. I I said I turned to in the car is did you hear what this country said this guy wants murderers and rapists in prison to be able to vote Joe has this guy taught this to. Yes, are the murderers, rapists mode. There's a what did he say? By the way, this is. This is not who we are. Yes. No it. We are not murderers, rapists, birdie, Bank, fully that's a very small sliver of the population. Who says not who we all stopping murderers and rapists. No, wait is birdie. Murderers, rapists, felons in prison. Don't get the vote. Joe has he thought through the potential conundrum that may be here Imos prisoners can vote and prisoners, by the way who largely have to change their residency requirements because they're in prison and are all populated in one specific area. Say they're in a prison in western Maryland area. Joe's familiar with with prisons. You would have a bunch of prisoners. Some who don't even didn't even grow up there who are in jail who can vote on the local policies impacting their own sensing elsewhere. Oh, isn't that a great idea? By the way, a lot of these prisons are concentrated minority communities. How does that make you feel don't worry folks in minority communities? The Democrats are in it for you. They want people transplanted into your communities in prison. Murderers, rapists to be able to vote in your community. Good job. Well, done Democrats way to be in it for the little guy. Oh my gosh. The knucklehead wishes I wanna is about to do a guests appears. To not there come on is about the audience never seen. You didn't even know what you look like they loved Amelia's appearance. But plus she was just asking for an opportunity to be on the show. All right. If she winds up showing up policies, welcome on eight. All right. Finally today, another great company. My patriot supply. I am not only a podcast host trees ads from my patriot supply. I am also a consumer I've lots of their products. They are terrific products. You have to be prepared, folks. Let me ask you something. What do you do when you install any virus software? He plays smoke detectors in your house. Right. You sign a marriage pre-nup. That's. Preparing preparing to ensure you computers and Accu preparing for escape should a fire breakout in your home or to protect your financial incher should love, and then divorce it will not today. I've loved my wife, even though she's a fifteen on a ten scale of angry. Dan bongino. 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When you go to prepare with, Dan dot com. That's prepare within dot com. These emergency food kits include meals that lasts up to twenty five years in storage twenty five Joe Biden language, twenty five years. Gotta stop I can wear. I wear choke out like nobody else where at twenty five years in storage this food will last for a long time prepare yourself Serrano surprises. Go to prepare with Dan dot com. Prepare with Dan dot com. Pick up a couple. You will not regret it. Please insure your food supply and only make sense. Okay. Enough with Bernie, we've already lost thirty to forty IQ points on Bernie. Hey, I mean, it's one more things some hypocrisy by another darling of the liberal left Alexandria, Casey Cortez. It was in the Washington Examiner. Alexandria, case Cortez, Joe blue Amazon out of New York in twenty nineteen over tax breaks. But demanded one for self in twenty twelve by John gage, April sixteen twenty nineteen again, don't let any of that Apocrypha. Get in the way of telling us, how sees a real warrior for the cost. She ran Amazon out of New York over a tax break. And then the story the story describes excuse me book company. She was. And in this book company, she wanted to get a tax break. So you don't like tax breaks unless they benefit you. But again, the AFC support it doesn't matter. They were tweeting me all day 'cause I have it up on dot com to this is Parker. See Adam son's a big company, and she's small company in that tax break is different. Yeah. Okay. Whatever did you find you. Keep telling yourself that that makes sense to you. I'm very short does your skull. What is that about four? There's your skull your skull protrudes out to here. You gotta go. Marshon helmet. I got this laser thing. Right. That helps me with my joints. Maybe this laser thing. It's like this help your brain activity to right gosh. I mean, he to rescue brains matter of fact, we take a beat twelve Charlotte. That's the beat the vitamin twelve. I mean, maybe it'll save some Noorani after listening to Bernie. We're on a roll today. Joe? Yeah. I got an Email some supporter of the show was like man, I love your show. But he thinks the UT thinks the mic the Mike here. He thinks that distracts from the show. I don't think it's the real, Mike. It's not like, rob, folks. This wire goes to an amp and we record the podcast audio different. That's why it sounds different the podcast for the for the videos right here. You see this little thing here. Sometimes you can see it. So it's not a prop. This is how we do the show. And I'm sorry. If it bothers you a little bit, but he thinks some YouTubers don't like to see microphones. Hey, so I love you too. But it's part of the show always has been. All right. Final story today. CNS news, which there's some really great reporting this story in the show notes bore taxes theory breaking out Joe the misinformation on what's going on with tax policies countries, legion here's a piece by Terence. Jeffrey who does a lot of phenomenal work on this topic Joe hundred? And fifty million people filed their one hundred fifty million let me just say this correctly. There were a hundred fifty million tax returns filed right in the season. Fifty million a third of those filers paid zero dollars or less than income taxes? So ladies, you want to be clear because you burn it. We're gonna pay the. Yeah. The rich are not paying sure it is on the poor. Actually, Bernie, a third of people are paying no taxes at all. Listen, I get it. I know Bernie's you burn field field burns. I know you're not interested in facts and data. Okay. I know that but to the same people out there. Listen to my show, a third of people who file taxes or third of the filings are no tax liability at all. And a snapshot from this piece describes it right here. Thirty three point four percent were classified is non-taxable returns meeting people who follow them pay zero dollars less. Here's the kicker. It gets better at the same time. Joe eighty percent of all income taxes. In other words, eighty cents of every dollar of income taxes paid that year. Where paid by tax return filers at adjusted gross incomes, one hundred thousand dollars of your gut tough pay your fair share? Okay, Bernie, so people who make one hundred thousand dollars or more are currently paying eighty dollars out of every hundred dollars in income taxes. What is your fair share? Bernie. Let me tell you a story. I have this nail clipper, and this will clip a nail like no tomorrow. It's got a little thing on the side for the ladies a little blue for the jets. And if you get a hangnail, this is the nail clipper for you. Birdie you ever going to answer the fair show? Let me tell you about this remote control. This will control. This TV just one. Oh, all right Bernie. Thank you. Okay. Clearly, not going to get to the fair share thing. People making over one hundred thousand paid eighty percent of the taxes. Another portion of the back. Snippet from it. This was that. No, no. That wasn't sorry. It was all two point say see, I'm confused on my wife. I'm confused. My wife who was already a fifteen and is clearly annoyed at my Bernie Sanders. We may be implying this often. To the chagrin of Betty on another piece. This is that this is the tax misinformation segment Matt Palumbo. My resident fact checker Bongino dot com. Read wrote, a great piece will be the show say please read it please supporters work, by the way, he has a book coming out. What's the name of his book? Oh, man, Paula you remember the name of his book. I forgot the name of it. Hold on, folks. I gotta look this up because you please support Matt. This is a great book Palumbo. I'm actually looking up now in Amazon is it. It's really fantastic Palumbo. See what comes up spy gate book. He helped me research with whole lot folks. Listen to it's not a live show. But I treat it like a should just give me a second. Because this is such a good book. And I wanna give this here. It is here. It is the book is called the bunk. This shattering liberal is it is available on Amazon. This is an awesome book. I've previewed a copy I wrote the forward go check it out the bunk by Matt Palumbo if you ever. Wanted to the bunk arguments by liberal friends. This is the way to go. Matt wrote a great piece most Americans believe this liberal lie on tax day. Well, he covers to specific things piece. Number one is that well, we didn't get a tax cut. The Trump plan basically screwed us over we're in the middle class. And we're we're we're poor. We didn't get a tax cut that is not true as Matt points out in the peace and does a really good job. He's read it a better way to look at the Trump tax brackets, and how they affected the rich and poor would be to look at how it changed the distribution of taxes before the Trump tax cuts the bottom eighty percent of earners paid roughly thirty three percent of all federal income taxes, but ladies and gentlemen, they received thirty five percent of the benefits from the Trump tax cuts. The bottom eighty percent received thirty five percent of the benefits despite only paying thirty three percent of all the taxes. The top one percent pay twenty seven percent of all federal taxes but only received twenty one percent of the tax cut. According to the center left leaning tax policy center. The only. Who ended up paying more to the Trump tax cuts with those weather deductions capped at ten thousand for state and local taxes those caps affected eight percent of tax payers, but most still saw that benefits from the tax cut. Folks, if you don't think you gotta tax cut. The probability is you are wrong. The probability is high that you have been misled. Second point that only the rich benefited from this Matt brings up in his piece, which is a good one as well. I'm sorry. He's talking about the misinformation campaign now, I want to show you how the left is actually celebrating the misinformation campaign to get people to believe a few things what we addressed in the CNN piece that the middle class bear most of the tax Pertz, not true the upper middle class and the wealthy deal. Secondly that the that the poor being raked over the coals by our taxes. And it's not true. Fifty percent. Thirty percent of tax filings fifty million of them show, no income, tax liability at all. The income tax Trump cuts by Trump only benefit the rich. Not true just showed you that. Again, how the largest percentage of the tax benefits went to people at the bottom of the income spectrum there eighty percent at the bottom eighty percent, not the top one percent. But look at this tweet by noted propagandist than gas lighter, Mattie. He glazes who blocked me on Twitter, which is cool. I block everybody in the universe to at times. Mattie, glaciated vox vox with V not f-, not FOX vox, this is a left leaning site. He's proud of himself. John harwood. NBC guy tweets wonder, the Trump GOP tax cut is so unpopular just seventy percent of Americans think their taxes were cut. That is not the case folks, the overwhelming majority of America's got a tax cut. Listen to Mattie, gracie's, Tweety, seventy celebrating this show. Nobody likes to give themselves credit for this kind of messaging success, but progressive groups that are really good job of convincing people that Trump raise their taxes when the facts say clear majority got a tax cut. They love it. The left is celebrating the fact that they lied to. You remember gas lighting is? Gas lighting is telling someone ally, your taxes weren't cut saying confidently. Everybody knows your taxes weren't cut and then repeatedly saying it while isolating people from the truth. The truth is the overwhelming majority of Americans upwards of eighty ninety percent of them did. In fact, get a significant tax cut when you isolate people from the truth, and you don't put that out there. Of course, they're going to believe your gas lighting lies. All right, folks. Thanks for tuning please. Again, pick up a copy of match books. So I think we want back and forth on the title of few times. And he's just putting the finishing touches reason. I couldn't remember it. But it's fantastic book the bunk this he's a good friend. He writes, great articles on the website to bunk this available on Amazon by Matt Palumbo. Go. Check it out this all kinds of tidbits of information. Like, this you need to debate your liberal friends prior to twenty twenty election. Hey, thanks again for tuning him. The visuals on this show. Maybe a little different. We're going to have to Jerry rig some stuff, but we will be there for you for the mall report. Don't worry. Please check us out YouTube dot com slash bungee. There's going to be a lot to talk about get ready, folks. Buckle up. It's going to be an interesting few days. See you tomorrow just heard the Dan Bongino show. You can also get Dan's podcasts on I tunes or soundcloud and followed in on Twitter twenty four seven at dbongino.

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