Episode 395 - The Church of Satan


Atheist nomads absurd. Three ninety. five. The church of satan podcast. You're about to listen to includes cursing and talking about who has please be advised. Welcome their soda atheist nomads. I am dustin. We're definitely gonna have some news today but we're going to start off with dust enough degree right after this quick That i was on the zach relig- podcast so you can check that out. Got the link in the show. Notes to his podcast. Check it out. We caught up. I was on that show back on episode seven. And they're now on. He's now on to forty two. So yeah check it out and hopefully you'll enjoy that lord might be joining me for the news but we'll see but for now let's get into dust enough degree so we've talked about the rise in development of satan. We've talked about you. Know the satan of the bible. We've talked with lucien greaves from the satanic temple and covered a lot of news stories about the satanic temple we've reference satanic panic and i do want to do a desktop degree series on more on satan and satanism but before we can get into a lot of that we need to get to. What's the original satanists. And that is the church of satan and this will also tie in with a bigger series desktop degree that i'm planning on doing on the rise of these radical groups that are really threatening to destroy democracy and i'm not saying that sadness are part of that problem but the satanic panic in the nineteen eighties definitely was so this is going to be the kind of early primer on this. The church of satan was formerly established april. Thirty nineteen sixty six house in san francisco california by anton levay. He was the high priest of the church of satan until his death in nineteen ninety seven but it had already started before then just not as a formal organization. It all began in the nineteen fifties when he bought a victorian house in the richmond district of san francisco and painted a black then. He started holding friday night. Lectures on the occult at his house. While working through these it allowed him to work out his satanic philosophy and allowed him to put to use weird things that he'd studied over the years. He started doing witches workshops to teach women about seduction and manipulation through clamor and feminine wiles. And nobody knows how many people were actually in these early groups but a lot of the estimates are probably around twenty people. Then in the early nineteen sixties. Lavar started a group called the order of the trapezoid and that gradually developed into the governing of the church of saint By the mid nineteen sixties levay published the satanic bible in the mid nineteen sixties. Beauvais started writing. Levine was writing stuff and disseminating it through the circle. The papers were being called the rainbow sheets and it was a n. The essays were gathered and presented an introduction to satanism and they would be featured in the book of lucifer. There was also around that time a describing magic and how to use that for practice. And and for ritual after auto satan this the first year of the age of satan whose nineteen sixty six with the formal founding levin continued performing these these weekly meetings at his house But they turn into weekly rituals. In february nineteen sixty seven levin performed the satanic marriage of judith chase and journalist john raymond and that got a lot of publicity and he also performed the first ever recorded satanic baptism with his youngest daughter zina which also got a lot of public attention. Celebrities joined the church of satan including. Sammy davis junior and jayne mansfield. The groups spread establishing grotto's in detroit michigan dayton ohio and new york city the church of satan and started showing up in books magazines newspapers documentaries movies. Tv interviews and getting a lot more attention by nineteen seventy seventy-two levay stopped having rituals in his home nineteen seventy-three the michigan ohio and florida groups split off to form their own group which then disbanded the next year. After that members in kentucky indiana split off to form their own group as well the order temple. I say tennis. And then by nineteen seventy-five was done with the grotto's so he got rid of them and then brought him back and then get rid of them again. Then the satanic panic hit we will cover most of the satanic panic later but the actual satanic connection to it was media. Reports of criminal conspiracies within the church of satan. It ended up being enough reports of that that the f. b. i. Had to issue an official report saying there. Were no criminal conspiracies involving this attack church the church of satan zeena who had been the first person baptized in a satanic baptism by this point was high priestess of the church of satan and became the spokesperson Anton by that point was not wanting to be in the media and xena was willing to do that. So she showed up on the phil donahue show nightline entertainment tonight the late show secrets and mysteries. Sally sally jesse raphael show and more and more and more and more she even did some interviews with Televangelist bob larson l. Their members also got involved with media. Tensions trying to refute these allegations of criminal activity. Fortunately that eventually died down When levay died the church was turned over to blanche barton. His partner and carl avai also worked with her to help. Keep that going. Then in then karlovy left the church of satan to create the first attack church in two thousand one Blanche handed over to peter. H gilmore and peggy drama. Who are the current high priest and high priestess and they published the black flame the official magazine of the church of satan and they are still around the reason. Why when you hear about satanism. Now it is the satanic temple. Not the church of satan is because the satanic temple does activism and tries to get in the news. The church of satan doesn't proselytize doesn't do activism and doesn't try to get in the news they don't want to have attention. They want to be left alone on the date of six six six s june. Six two thousand six. The church of satan had its first public ritual satanic mass and forty years. And they did that. At the steve allen theater in the center for inquiry in los angeles marking the fortieth birthday of the church of satan. If you wanted to be a member of the church of satan it costs two hundred and twenty five dollars and you just have to fill out a registration statement and send off your money and then you remember for life if you want to be considered an active member you have too much more detailed application and actually be accepted as a member. Once you've reached become an active member are in the first degree. You can then work your way up to the second degree which is which or warlock you can then work your way up to the third degree which is priests or priests and at that point you're considered clergy and can do weddings and funerals and baptisms. And the like then you can work your way up to match matches stra or magister which is the first degree. but the highest level is the maga- or maga's which is the fifth degree but then of course there's also the council nine which is above that and the high priest and high priestess one big difference between the modern satanic temple and church of satan is the church of satan has got to start with the occult. There's a lot of magic in there. They are it. As an atheist movement they do not believe in a literal satan or any god or gods. They believe that anybody who believes in any supernatural beings is insane they but they do believe in it has something that is real not yet understood by science and that you can manipulate it to manipulate the world around you to use it for things like manipulating people or seducing people the classes for witches to seduce you seduction seduction and the feminine wiles to manipulate people. When you get into that kind of stuff that kinda makes sense that how that would create the satanic panic. You've got a group of people doing magic with witches seducing people in holding black masses. Yeah kinda makes sense how that got there The satanic temple rejects the church of satan as being autocratic and overly superstitious and not doing any useful activism The church of satan doesn't recognize tannock temple saying that it is air pretenders and not true sweetness that only the members of the church of satan are the true safeness which is kinda funny when considering they don't actually believe in a satan they they've view it as satan is the the adversary and the church of satan is the natural adversary to religion into the church. Not that they believe in the same supernatural beings but they believe they are the adversaries therefore church of satan works and the satanic ritual and imagery works for that that anti religious mindset One common criticism. I've heard of the the church of satan is that it is inherently hedonistic Which makes sense with the the magic and wiles and seduction and whatnot. That there'd be a lot of hedonism involved with it It's never been all that big of a movement it other than the satanic panic. It hasn't ever really gotten all that much attention and but it is worth going into that. Yes the church of satan is a thing it is not say tannock temple. That is a different thing. The church of satan as satanic bible the satanic temple does not the church of satan had anton lavar satanic temple has lucien greaves. No one from the church of satan has ever been on this podcast. Several people from the satanic temple have so the next thing next topic. We're going to cover for dustin after degree Hopefully next week if not be probably the week after will be the satanic panic of the nineteen eighty s That is a very interesting topic I'm planning from there to see if i can get lucien. Greaves back on to talk about this attack temple so in the opening i said lauren might be joining us for the news. And you're she is at this point. I think i'm feeling better than you are. Yeah coming down with something. So hopefully i'll be okay in. I still think it's his hopefully that it doesn't make it any easier though. Does it. no no not really all right. So let's get into the news during the impeachment trial. There is a bunch of religious stuff in that. Because that belongs they're gonna to guess. Which side did most of that. The league you have the republican was the actual republicans or was it the defense. Actually it was mostly the democrats. Yep so we need to have a stern talk with them. Oh yeah yeah so all right. So we'll start off with one of trump's lawyers showing he's an orthodox jew david showing okay. Last week i include a story and then decided to drop it because he had put in for getting the trial. Not have it on saturday. Because he's an orthodox jew couldn't work on the sabbath and so they did put it in on the schedule to have. They did accept that request from him and take saturday off the schedule and then after talking over the team they all decided now they can go on saturday without him so he put in a letter asking them to drop that okay. That's odd. Yeah and then while he was when he was he was doing his his parts of it during the trial. He didn't have anything on his head. Yeah normal stuff. Jewish men have. He skipped all that every time. He took a drink of water. He put his hand over the back of his head. See keep every single time as it just habit and what he ended up saying was he didn't wear a kipah because he was afraid it might offend. Somebody might i could see. Maybe afraid that he'd be that there'd be prejudiced against him. Well if you if you think about it here in orthodox jew fighting on behalf of donald trump tried to keep support from basically nazis in the senate. Yeah so don't want to offend. The nazis shouldn't have been there in. The first place explains why the team was like we don't need you. We'll we'll just go on saturday. He's like actually. I still want to get paid so never mind. But there is this thing that a lot of of a lot of jews especially the jews. The every time are eating or drinking. They recite some blessing mentioning. God which means her head must be covered whenever saying god's name oh so he didn't have anything on his head covering it so he just use his hand for that. I can see that just becoming force of habit now if we want to talk about what religion getting brought into that okay he asked for the sabbath awe as a former adventists. That's something. I fully understand gap. You believe it'd be wrong to be working that day so you try to see if he can get some accommodation to not have to work that day. Okay that's fine. He asked for that in advance and then withdrew it when seemed like it wasn't going to be necessary. And then he tried to go as normal as possible which okay if he felt like he needed to have his head covered. If if you feel like you can't offend people by being yourself. That sucks for that. He was definitely but also got paid and and also he didn't. He didn't push that onto other people. He just decided not gonna bother with that this time and putting his head hand on the back of his head every time we take a drink of water big whoop. That didn't involve anybody else. Yeah i did see some people come into this so superstition silly but Whatever but yeah. And i do want to say a one reason why we were talking about this. Enough is because or this much is because i think it's important to talk about okay. Normally this is what people think. It'd be kind of the silly religious stuff. It didn't harm anybody right and infant anybody. It didn't didn't involve anybody else. Okay so what's next dot dot dot. I'm going to start saying abc's on wednesday of last week. The democratic house managers were caught in the middle of the hallways huddling together for prayers. It pisses me right off. I have a lot of built up rage about that. Highschool man getting around in those little hallways freaking youth. Group was doing prayers sometimes. They purposefully made it so that they were taking up the entire hallway. So you couldn't pass. Yeah so i had a baritone saxophone which is basically a battering ram battering ram. So i threw him on a number of occasions. So yeah that pisses me off. So that started with an from your your stories from high school mormons and catholics. Battling yeah well. This was started by representative. Madeleine dean of pennsylvania who told jamie raskin who is one of the head people in the free thought caucus who does identify as a humanist and and jewish. Yeah so she's talking to him about this. This prayer that she'd learned from her uncle who is a catholic priest for fifty years so after she shared that with him they called the group together to huddle together for her to say they. God grant success to the work of our hands. Okay she really have to waste everybody's time with that. Waste everybody's time and get the side that's done better with maintaining social distancing to huddle together in a hallway. Yeah i bet there was immediate regret with raskin. Yeah yeah that's it. Oh god well. How did i get dragged into this. Well okay there's more Put a pin in that one. Eric sell well Reference the bible several times while talking about the police officers have defended the capital noting that he comes from a law enforcement family and said quote in many law enforcement families we pray for our loved ones and we know the scripture of by matthew five nine blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of god in the video. You will see how blessed we were on that hellish day. We had a peacekeeper like officer. Hodges protecting our lives our staff's lives and the capital and the certification process. Okay i n okay so yes that is pulling in religion but could be a lot worse than that right yeah. That's just people drawing from their life experiences to make a point he didn't call for everybody to pray or anything wrong dope so but this is this is the democrats is the democrat. Yeah they did not talk about the religion of the mob. I roll with their prayers in the house and senate chambers and crosses and all of the religious shouting and religious signs. You could say it was the white elephant in the room. Yeah so they were trying to out. Jesus the mob to try to win over as many of the white christians on the republican side that they could get fucked them on the stoop. So low yeah. Trump's team didn't talk much about religious stuff in any of the things they were talking about below here it is relevant but they would probably want to distance themselves as much as possible from that except for when they were trying to fend one of trump's tweets from that day. Oh and it actually wasn't even an a tweet from trump it was a re tweet and it refers to calvary. When you do this will bring in the calvary as in the crucifixion of christ. What oh that's not ovary calories guys on horses the backup the different spelling of miss. It has a misspelling. Fuck tired of bringing in the heavily armed troops. Yeah okay calvary. not christ on calvary. My gosh yeah okay. So then saying quote. This was from. Show the ju- on trump's orthodox jew on trump's team the tweeter promised to bring the calvary a public display of christ's crucifixion a central symbol of christian faith with her to the president's speech symbol of faith love and peace except for as a typo. Ya everybody knows it. But i guess that gives you deniability except what it actually said was. The calvary is coming mr president. You could hear the trumpets in your head can't you. I mean you know what that means is because people don't know how to spell doesn't mean that that should be a free free defense for his actions sweat and it actually isn't even different spelling. It's a difference in capitalization and just trying to say no. This isn't this isn't the normal meaning of the word. This is this different meaning of the word. Yeah well i it's basically it depends on what the meaning of is is. Oh right yeah all over again but instead of being about a blowjob it's about an armed mob trying to take over the capital. Oh hi lives have progressed. yeah There was a lot more. It was raskin. Even 'cause i just say to put a opinion that one jamie raskin did say coach. One line always stuck with me from the book of exodus as both beautiful and haunting even as a kid. After i asked what the words meant thou shall not follow a multitude to do evil. Neka mob yeah. Okay now honestly. That's the kind of polling in a line from scripture that still has resonated with you through your al`thood that i can totally understand. Yeah that's yeah 'cause if anybody had said something similar with their own religion you're just you're just solidifying your point of view you're not spreading a message so yeah the most of this was ambiguous talk and since oh and then there was one after the vote was done. Swallow was asked by. Msnbc to explain why they didn't call witnesses and his answer was we could have called god herself in the republicans weren't going to be willing to convict trump. So we're proud of the case. We put forward. No ice god curse. Yeah that was that. I like that. Yep dodd could literally be sitting there. And say i saw him do it and they wouldn't convict because they will because they explain they'll let him off on a technicality so it doesn't matter we through you're guilty or not if when it comes to a technicality. Now bring on the criminal court. Because they've made it clear. Mitch mcconnell made it clear that trump is can be tried in criminal courts for what he did while president. Everybody admitted what he he was guilty. Yeah most admitted he was guilty cruising. Holly didn't look those guys but there co conspirators. Say can't admit he's guilty or else they'd be admitting they're guilty as well i. I don't understand how the jury thing is just. It's it's very mind boggling. In this situation but it's gone it's passed. It is worth noting that with the fifty seven forty three final vote. Yes that was ten votes shy of a conviction that is not the highest vote margin that a impeachment trial has ever had andrew johnson His impeachment failed by one vote to this was the most bipartisan impeachment. Vote trial vote ever which is part of the problem so andrew. Johnson bipartisan bipartisan. Yes because they got quite a few republicans assists seven. Republicans voted with all fifty democrats But andrew johnson's it was. There weren't very many democrats in the senate at that point because there's right after the civil war All but i think it was one or two. Republicans voted to convict him. And that wasn't enough. If they'd all voted to convict him he would've been convicted and whatnot. A couple said no. This is just a political. You're just trying to get rid of them. Because you don't like him because they'd been he'd been doing everything. Congress passed an congress's overriding every single veto and so they decided just to get rid of him. Yeah you think. Our government is shit and that failed. We we have history people we have we have histories bill clinton. His was basically party line and failed. The last trump impeachment trial was one. Republican voting with the democrats right failed. This one was seven. Republicans voting with the democrats. That was big. Yeah absolutely big and it will be. I think in history the end result of that will be that impeachments not really possible well. Convicting a president in the senate is not really possible. Bright and that this was as close as come to a religiously ever gonna get ya hopefully in the future. We won't have such a loyalty issue within the parties. Moving on cow. The american atheists being joined by americans united for the separation of church and state are suing the department of education. This ensued in a while. Well they get sued all the time. They haven't been sued by atheist specifically and a couple years. Yeah it's been it's been a little while. Yeah so this is is based on a last minute. Trump administration policy change that they are trying to get overturned and this rule forces universities to fund religious student groups even if they discriminate against nonreligious or. Lgbtq students well that sucks The interestingly prior to this there was no rule. Yeah universities are doing anyway. Some did some states had rules. That didn't allow universities have campus groups that discriminated against possible members Other states didn't have those rules but some universities have policies. Yeah but not all did. This was a policy that was going to protect that it was the board it was going to it was basically saying the fellowship of christian athletes can be anti-gay and must be funded by the school. Yeah i thought that was the whole point of having dot giving funding to religious clubs and organizations yup. Because then you fall into this kind of crap. Yeah yeah So the the lawsuit is just wanting to get this rule stricken barely been in effect. Just get rid of it. But that doesn't solve the problem. No we need stronger rules. We need to make sure that public universe. There's no such thing as a public university. Everybody pays for them. Okay so this is where it gets really tricky. Yes there are public universities. Even though they are they are owned. And at least in part funded by the state. They aren't particularly cheaper any more than private universities in most states. Yeah but they all get federal funding if they can do pell grants and federal student loans. That is federal funding. That has so far. Only really been a stickler when it comes to sports titled ten. It always comes down to frigging sports when universities do realize that. We're trying to teach people stuff here right. That's why my my alma. Mata wallow now while while university had a official men's volleyball team that played almost exclusively club teams. Yeah because washington state university does not have an official men's volleyball team. They have an official women's volleyball team. Yeah and there's a men's volleyball club. Yeah and if so. That ruling applies to private schools if they want to be able to have access to federal financial aid for their students. Which if you don't accept that you better have a really good endowment or everybody accepts that so there's clearly the ability to put strings on that and it wouldn't be particularly unreasonable to put something similar in effect that you can't discriminate now. This is where it would never actually work putting an an actual rule that you can't discriminate if you get federal funding because every christian school wants the ability to discriminate. Yeah and there's no way you'd be able to get enough senators. Sign off on that. Yeah yeah they all they all come from those universities for the most part. So yeah. you're going to stick stick with your alma mater right. Although mater alma mata mata whatever mater. I do not have one. So i don't know yeah it's yeah anyway so it's a lot more clear cut when it comes to primary and secondary schools. Yeah yeah where you well. They used to be clear-cut until we got all these charter schools. Yeah we yeah working on it. He's working on it. We've got a war going to be watching the department of education very closely for the next year. Yeah and like our local charter. School has despite of the official public schools. Being closed doing distance-learning our little local charter school down. The street has been debut december. Yeah they've been open this whole time. Yep dirty grubby. Little kids running around outside with only half of the masks. Yeah yeah taxpayer-funded that they give special attention to my corgi. Love it when we go for walks there. They do do some social distancing though they play with a six foot noodles and hula hoops. Nice chevrolet spaced out evenly. Well i it's a small enough school that it's so white. You know that if they had a covert outbreak the health district shut them down. You'd think but. I haven't had one on valentine's day. Fourteen joe biden. Signed an executive order reestablishing the white house office of faith based neighborhood partnerships so that got re establishing yes was not and george w bush's. Yes george w bush. I created it. Barack obama double down on it. Donald trump ignored it and then reestablished it as the faith and opportunity initiative when he put it under the control of pentecostal mega church. Pastor paula white. No god paula white via face an opportunity initiative right which didn't really do anything now Even money a little bit and a little bit i. It really didn't do much. I was among the many things that trump tried to tear down. Apparently the office is being called within the biden administration the partnerships office if it was the government trying to get churches to pony up for a community service. That'd be great but that's not what this is a lot of it actually is. I don't know we'll see sounds to me like an excuse to fund faith edition community services with government federal government money. Yes thou want the opposite of that. Yes to play. Devil's advocate on something that i think is ridiculous. Needs to be done away with this. That's what atheists lift for. Our society is fractured. Much of the social safety. Net is missing and has been left to churches. Preschools are mostly run by churches and other faith based organizations. Yeah including the ymca homeless care yup food which homeless shelters we run into that with homeless shelters in boise where the city has lost court cases about its rules. That require you to go to a church. Run homeless shelter or jail. Yeah hospitals. Yeah healthcare like you look at huge swaths of society. That is being run by these faith based organizations if you want to be able to shape the programs. They're running for the community. You need to have a way of providing some incentive for that shaping. God knows city. Governments can't afford to do it on their own dope. Now i would love for us to rebuild society in a way where faith based community service isn't a necessary thing but that would require a lot of work. Dan socialist that's churches four. Yes same saying. I would love to see. The government run homeless shelters not churches in hospitals instead of churches. Preschools yup just bring preschools in charter schools. All of that back under the school district. Yeah someday maybe but until then you gotta work with what you what you have okay. Fair enough. devils are devil's advocate. Yeah i was having such a terrible day. I did not i. I miss that story completely. Oh that one was a couple of days ago. How valentine's day oh yes. that was. that was valentine's day. I caught it full day. I caught it before a few days before that. Oh when it was still talking about it. He was expected to sign it and he has now signed it. Okay and fortunately. That article was updated with the date that he signed it. You gotta love that in pennsylvania. State senator bryan. Sems has been one of the if not the most openly gay an openly atheist person in an elected office in this country all right and he has decided to run. he is a a state representative in pennsylvania He has been serving in his state. Senate since two thousand twelve okay and is now running for lieutenant governor great. This is the one that came under fire posting pictures with his boyfriend house earlier today. I i saw that somewhere. I don't know well. A gay man in america if he has pictures of him with your friend s going to come under fire of course the during one one notable Speech he gave on in the pennsylvania state senate was in twenty sixteen when they were debating a twenty week abortion ban. He said quote each of us put her hand on the bible and sword up all the constitution. We did not place our hands on the constitution and swear to uphold the bible No if everybody realized that. If only i wouldn't be so pissed off about them. Swearing on the bible but there are many many many people who are are running and who feel like would they swear on the bible. That's who their loyalty belongs to all right. Well we've got a blue law to talk about what i think. The last one we covered was when utah last waxing their alcohol laws. Yeah i know we had one. We covered quite a few years ago. When idaho allowed sunday morning. Alcohol sales says and it was the liquor stores to sell alcohol. Sunday's restaurants were still able to before that still need your professional But the Eskimo county florida is working on a very similar change in rules because florida is one of those states where every county can do. Whatever the hell they want. Okay oh god that's that's fun. We live in one of those states. Yeah it's a mess. Yeah and They much like idaho did before few years ago didn't allow alcohol sales release liquor sales on sundays so mary. You could probably get a bloody mary in a restaurant or bar. But you can't buy it from a liquor store but true you need the vodka. If you need one. A buddy. Mary on sunday morning. You need to have a bloody mary religion up to have a leading mary or a motza on sunday morning project. Go you can get a grocery store here but can't get vodka so that works So the the the current rule has been in place since nineteen eighty nine which seems awfully recent for blue law to be put in place. Yeah well But it allows weird weird laws put in in the eighties. It allows alcohol to be sold from six. Am to two thirty am except for sunday and the reason for that. Ordinance is to not distract people from going to church on sunday morning and they're meeting well by the time this episode actually gets out. We'll have already met that day So that should be going away soon. And i can say from living in a state where the rules have been but are variable up hazard. Yeah like that. Most recent big change only applied to the state. Run liquor stores right because we still have those and the state run liquor. Stores just didn't until noon on sunday and now they can open nine or ten. yeah So if you forgot you needed to get vodka for bloody. Marys you can go get vodka for your bloody mary. That's right needs her medicine But in idaho if you go to the eastern side of the state there are dry counties. Yeah s was something. I found very strange to discover. Because when i growing up in oregon i head which they have loosened up on on liquor would i had seen in oregon and washington was always that the state owns liquor in the state is going to get their goddamn money. So they don't give that freedom to local jurisdictions. Yeah and then it gets an idaho. It's like the state wants their goddamn money. Unless you're a mormons. There should be trying to take money from the mormons to yeah. They shed Alcoholism is a problem. Meanwhile they're trying to ban marijuana while at the same time making it legal so yep but not touching tobacco or alcohol. Oh god is such a such a mess. It's worse than trying to ban marijuana. They're trying to make it unconstitutional to even try to legalize marijuana or any other psychoactive drug. Yeah including medication potentially potentially depending on how poorly finally being written. Oh you know. These guys aren't the most literate we've talked previously about the mormon church's instant peak advisors their their financial fund investment. The church owned investment fund. Oh yeah it. The initial reporting on the give the mormon church's basement day traders right. Yeah you know. They're hundred billion dollar stock portfolio That i started getting reported a couple years ago If even that long ago with Leaks it was going onto mormonleaks website and after some investigations that the government did based on those leaks. It was figured out that. Oh yeah this is a financial institution financial institutions after you filings with the securities and exchange commission every year and so they have now started doing those filings which shows that the year twenty twenty they in one particular fund their stock portfolio part of it made six point two billion dollars which left their stock fund at forty four billion total while now. This isn't the total of their no. That's the hundred thou- content billion right It was a hundred billion in twenty nineteen. It is now had two years to continue to grow The the rest of their their portfolio is land and probably gold and who knows what else they gain six hundred fifty million dollars off of amazon without buying additional shares. Just from from growth or at least not buying much tip. if there's a pandemic yeah invest in services such as amazon. They had about a million dollars in tusla stock. At the start of two thousand twenty. They ended the year with three hundred thirty million dollars. Noise scared. that's a lot of money. That's how he hasn't even done anything. That's how elon. Musk went from being one of the richest people in the world to the richest jumping from twenty billion to over two hundred billion dollars. Yeah yeah yeah so. That's so much money. Fake money very clear. These are fake. Money's now the thing that until someone decides to try and sell out and destroy the economy. That's all fake money. Which is my big concern with the mormons holding onto this much in stocks. Because you're then you're dealing with an organization not only believes that the world is coming to an end but as betting on it. Yes they are blue 'cause it they are literally betting on the world coming to an end and they believe that when things start to go bad everything like stock markets are going to dry up so you know their plan is when it starts getting bad enough. There's that certain point where you hit sell all dumped forty four billion dollars in stocks that would crash the global economy. I have affirmed believing that no business should have the ability to crash the global economy or even the national economy and granted. That's kind of a stupid thing to say because if you crash the us economy you crash the global economy. That's the global economy. No yeah you'd end the world by thinking that the world is going to end and that's stupid terrifying. And that's why. I don't think that's why terrifies me win. And the world evangelical are running the government. Because you know they're not planning for twenty years in the future. It's all going to happen within their lifetime and you know they're supporting israel and trying to arm israel to the teeth because they want a war in the middle east frigging backwards. They want armageddon to happen. Yeah that's the only reason why. White supremacist evangelicals back. Israel certainly not a race issue. Nazis art fans of jews. But they do want to see them die in armageddon and so they will back israel an attack. Anybody who doesn't claim that anybody who doesn't pack. It's but yeah. The mormon church should not have sufficient power to tank the economy. And if you think it's kind of us centric to say that if you take the us economy tank the global economy. That's if you take the european economy you're gonna tank the global economy. Yeah china nearly tanked the global economy. Was it two years ago a year ago. Not long ago. China had some some. They almost put the whole world in a recession shortly after the pandemic started at shortly before it was like that was not remember. The twenty nineteen. The chinese economy shrunk a little bit and A little bit and it almost destroyed everything. Yeah yeah that sounds about right. And then trump pass got his tax cut passed and everything rebounded allocating the plan yup for an update on a story from december. That i talked to talk with jason about lou. Jane al hathloul was to recap her story. She was a is a feminist activist in saudi arabia. She was one of the leaders in the may twenty eighteen driving protest right right and then was arrested literally a couple weeks before the women driving in saudi arabia ban was lifted and rather than her being released. She kept getting passed around back and forth through courts until they all finally decided they didn't have jurisdiction but the terrorism court did the terrorism court convicted. Her that's bullshit but she sued right and the judge decided to couch her time served and forgive the rest yes. Hey so she has been released. Okay well at least she has been released and she is still appealing the conviction because that's still on her record. If that's principal at that point you convicted me on something that was literally legal two weeks later just under under a terrorism court. I hardly under saudi counterterrorism law. Protesting against the government is terrorism. God and surprised the. Us didn't throw that one in with the patriot act. That would have risked the whole thing being thrown out in court to easily. Yeah well and in spain. The federation of jewish communities in spain has been calling on the hate crimes public prosecutor to take a look into some crazy nazi stuff going on in spain. Okay because a lot of that stuff has been thoroughly ignored. Yes sir just in the us. In particular they are referencing. A demonstration that was held in honor of division abdul the blue division which was a volunteer military unit sent by spanish dictator francisco franco to adolf hitler invaded the soviet union So spain's old fascist dictator helping his patron invade the communists. Yeah and they're still worshiping them. Heroes in some places there marching along doing the nazi salute. Yeah that's not. That's just straight up dash straight up nazi. Yeah the spanish word for nazi probably It's always just. They're all nazis sucks. Hopefully they they have a realization that that's a problem yep feedback. This is a good one from dude man via discord. And yes you can find us on discord at atheist. Nomads dot com slash discord in. That will take you to the invitation to join our discord server he wrote. This is the only atheist podcasts that i could find that is not obnoxiously. Pro democrat. Keep up the good work sweet. We're not obnoxiously pro democrat. Yes that's the key. And i had a little bit back and forth With dude man deuce about about that because we do have a like. I might editorial policy on it. Is that to cover a story. It needs to be related to atheism humanism or skepticism in some way most of the skepticism stuff has fallen aside. Because there's too much of import in the other two arenas and there is a lot of bad stuff. Trump has done that. I have ignored because there isn't an obvious human rights or church-state separation issue right. We bitch about that at the dinner table. Leo you're not gonna talk about here that's fraley 'cause there's plenty of actually church-state separation issues or or human rights violations worthy of covering You don't need to talk about just the pure political stuff. There are political podcast. Talk about that I know for a theus podcasts. They took the final merging of evangelism in the in the republican party to basically make politics and atheist issue and i don't necessarily begrudged podcasts. That have done that. I've just chosen to keep on topic. did not include that as a topic. Well in fact it was something that in two thousand seventeen. We talked about quite a bit on. Doesn't even make sense to keep doing the show when there are so many so much worse stuff getting done and the answer was yes. We still need to do it because somebody's still looking at the stuff that that this still matters. Even if it's not the most important it's still really matters and needs to be talked about. Yeah and so. We have kept on that that path and i. I firmly hope that at some point in the future we will have two viable parties that support church-state separation and basic human rights. I would love for that to be the case. That's just not the world we're in right now and from gloria in oregon. It is spelled o. R. y. g. u. n. Okay so intentionally during the mispronunciation of oregon. Yeah via youtube. What's so much laughing when nothing funny has been said too much rambling about nada. Try writing a script for parts of the show only lasted about six minutes in so maybe it got better later on. I love that that is there are so many troll tells here that it's not worth like really getting upset about because you know the person's won't you don't complain about show when you've only listened to six minutes of it because that's the beginning of the show that's is usually rehashing your day or a topic and then the mispronunciation of oregon. Yeah it's just like whatever now there is kind of funny though that's laughing at nothing. We post the podcast on on youtube. Because it's easy to do and one person has asked us to continue to do it so i have to do and that one person was a listener who that is her preferred place to get the show. So i've i've kept doing that Podcasts are not generally compatible with youtube. Youtube is visual content not primarily audio content right static images. Don't work great on youtube and most youtube videos are five to fifteen minutes and in a five to fifteen minute video you keep on topic or people. Click away an hour. Long show doesn't really do well there. And i did listen to the first six minutes after reading this comment. I laughed five times. Maybe six in six minutes only to your maniacal. We're full laughs where. I laughed at two jokes. That lauren made that. I thought were funny. I'm hilarious. I don't care if gloria didn't find those funny but i thought they were funny. You're married to me. You better think are funny. And i was kind of doing a nervous chuckle. Mid word like also part of speech at a couple points. Because i was nervous talking about something. That personal oh. Yeah which is understandable which is also a terrible way to start a podcast. And why you don't listen to the first six minutes. Yeah not not saying aditorial is the right not yes no. It is not considered best show to start with something that bad or something to start that week. But this was a case where i wanted to open a little more vulnerable and apparently gloria thought thinks that boehner abilities should be scripted. That's all right back into her own basement eve no. It's a thirteen year old boy. But that's my assumption anyway. Well if you want to contact us you can use the contact form at atheist. No dot com slash contact or you can email us feedback at atheist. Nomads dot com contact. Email will still be working for a while but i will be sending it to spam eventually not span but trash because it's mostly spam so us feedback at atheist dot com or. Yeah just used the form Joined the the discord channel at atheist. Ms dot com slash discord. And if you want to support the show you can find out how atheists dot com slash donate lauren. Thank you thank you and until next week remember. Not all those who wander are lost. Thank you for listening to. Another episode of atheists nomads. You can find show notes and contact information at atheist. Nomads dot com. Follow us on twitter at atheists nomads and like us on facebook at facebook. Dot com slash. Eighty snow max. Please subscribe to the show. I tunes stitcher or your catcher of choice and while you're there feel free to review. The music is courtesy of sturdy. Fred until next time. This is ben. He atheists nomads.

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