11/27/2020 - Hour 2 - Steelers and Ravens Face Another Postponement


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Nfs one find your local station for the hurt at fox sports radio dot com or stream. It live every day on the iheartradio app by searching heard. You're listening to fox sports radio. What i welcome in. This is the herd wherever you may be and however you may be listening to the show. Thanks so much. I'm doug gottlieb. Filling in for colin cowherd keeping our eye on college football iowa state and texas college basketball number. One going data. Throttling dame's gonna come to an end at ninety. Two sixty seven is mark. You win wins. His six hundred first game as head coach of the zags. Welcome in hope. You had a splendid healthy and safe thanksgiving brandon weeden good friend of mine friend of my program which follows this one three six eastern pacific the doug gottlieb show former first round draft. Pick at the cleveland. Browns will join us. Get his thoughts. He's also a former starting quarterback with the cowboys. Who played in los yesterday with the texans who played in one yesterday. So we'll get brandon. Weeden starts in fifteen minutes here on the show. Charles robinson an hour and a half and we'll get his reaction and prognostication and what happens. Ravens steelers was supposed to be the game last night. Afc north last year's team with the best record in the afc mvp lamar jackson against the steelers. Who are the last remaining undefeated team in the national football league was supposed to be the deal the game until it well. It hasn't been canceled. It was just postponed. We think right we think. Because what's what's happened is they move the game sunday from semi thursday night thanksgiving night. That was going to be the. Ps two resistance. Right you going to eat early. You guys eat early two guys late. I i get these people who gets dark so early. I don't know we did the one o'clock dinner last night. And i think it worked out well because i don't believe anybody eight anything and that was just like it. I mean just look. There's not a lot of people my house and was a small bird but the part of the bird that we ate. I mean it. It looked like we. We were savages like the yankees at the plate savages a bunch of savages and then thinking like all right. I'm going to go take a nap and get up and wake up have leftovers. And then i'm gonna watch the steelers and the ravens and instead we turn to holiday movies. Christmas vacation is the go holiday movie. I think right to die hard. Those those does the two you go with the santa claus ones you can go with. There's other ones alpha's is very good. Guy elvis good bad santa's good. I'm charlie brown christmas good. None of these are bad but christmas vacation and die hard. Those are the you know. That's the less the tom brady and did. Joe montana and i got to think of what would be the aaron rodgers. It's actually actually probably more talented and has been really successful but not viewed as much as the goat right. Those are the those are the three for me when i watch and there's other movies you know peyton manning at a time was seen as maybe the greatest of all time at least regular season walked out with a super bowl win but couldn't really throw a football at the end. We might have to do that as best for last hall. Which holiday movie is which quarterback or we'll get to that but we didn't have the and this is it's kind of craziness it's kinda nutty and now you have more positive tests and late in the day. Lamar jackson lamar jackson returning raining. Mvp of the national football league. This is the madden curse. You guys will into. Didn't get hurt. And he hasn't been terrible but he hasn't been good even great right. So i i guess the question is it madden. Curse is it. Covert curse two thousand twenty or just a matter of this is how easily this thing spreads. Its stands to reason that if you're running backs have it. The quarterback would probably have it to especially if he doesn't play with two gloves on does with the mascot so in baltimore. We don't know we don't know what happens. But what could have been a really tough scenario for the steelers might end up. Being the best thing that ever happened to them. They cancelled their walk through and practice today. The steelers did signifying. That doesn't feel like this is a go. Maybe they're just trying to be stay. Everybody stay safe stay home. They'll nobody it's like remembering god's not godfather goodfellas when they had lufthansa heist you guys remember that lieutant heist in goodfellas. And then they show up at the bar to celebrate and one guy walks in his wife's got a for code got a new cadillac outside. Take it back. Take it back. What what are you. What are you more on you to listen to me. take it back. i said. Don't don't buy nothing for nobody but nothing right. That's basically what the steelers did a practice today. just everybody up and just say hey. Don't talk to nobody. Don't have anybody for house. We'll do it on zoom. Wrap yourself in a. But we're undefeated chance to win a super bowl chance cerebral. The steelers weren't going to have an off week. Remember what happened with tennessee. They lost their bye week. And there guys were ticked. And i don't blame them for being tick but it wasn't like you're going anywhere you can go on vacation or anything but you know. Look you thought you were going to have a three day weekend. Whatever gonna play thursday. And then have friday saturday sunday. Monday off comeback. Totally refreshed do's and then all of a sudden they tell you what you play sunday afternoon against your rivalry like But it appears that that game would either. I mean i guess you could push back the playoffs a week because you do have the weekend between the conference championship games and the super bowl and the super bowl though it feels like you can move anything. It doesn't feel like that dates one. You could move. Sorry i've al-. I've i think everyone in sports in medias like why can't we just play on on president's day weekend then you have the monday off for school and then you don't feel so bad about east coast especially staying up to watch the end of the big game. So i don't know super bowls movable or if you just eliminate champs week or here's the possibility the ravens forfeit possibility ravens forfeit. You know sorry. You guys couldn't stay healthy the ravens even forfeit the game. But it doesn't feel like they're going to play this weekend and that could be what look like man. That's rough on the steelers undefeated and now. Their schedules are all off. And they don't have a by weekend they're all a little bit ticked about it and you run the risk because of the start stop start stop start of. Maybe maybe more injuries night. Now you got a prep week but then you get the weekend potentially off feels like feels like to me. This ends up being a really good thing for the steelers because even if they find a way to week there's like let's make it a week. Eighteen game the steelers by then should have everything locked up clinched up they don't have to play their dudes. Could they go for undefeated season they could but super bowl is so much more important. And if you think undefeated regular season matters. I give you. What's the best team. The tom brady ever played on. It's not the one six to one simple. It's one of the three. That losses are when they. When they went undefeated in the regular season they went eighteen when they lost to the new york. Giants david tyree catch etc etc etc. Right nobody remembers that team. No one ever considers that team the greatest football team or in the conversation the greatest football team all time because they didn't win the last game people don't care about the i sixteen if you don't win the last one but kind of kind of interesting if you if you look at it that here the ravens are desperately in need of a win need kind of writing themselves and they were bad they had four turnovers last game against the steelers but still had the football and a chance to win it. Late when the mar- threw an interception in the steelers in zone so it wasn't like a hail. Mary legit throw but they needed a get right game against Against a foe like steelers to figure out what what they could change how they could evolve. Could their offense progress because it feels like it's been stagnant and probably regressed as people have figured it out and they lose ronnie stanley for the year. What could have been a tough scenario for the steelers one that could lead to their first loss and to more injuries. And what's always like that. Steeler raven game is a hard hitting football game. It's of those ones like well. That's played at a different level. There are there are games in the nfl. Most played a very high level yesterday notwithstanding but that felt like a game where the ravens are still an aggressive bunch. They needed it. It would have been played a magical playoff level and now. I don't think i don't think it gets played. I don't think there's any way coming up next. What do we make of the cowboys going. Forward twice on fourth down is that should that. Be them waving the white flag. Hey we don't mind if we actually lose we're gonna play this thing like it's a bowl game. Deshaun watson is playing outstanding statistical football. What's changed since bill. O'brien was fired and by the way. How does it feel to be a starting quarterback as a rookie and get benched. I'm gonna ask brandon weeden. Of course start as quarterback of the cleveland browns. Get his thoughts on what miami has done with to all. That's coming up next in the hurt one. More herd the herd streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio app. Search her to listen live or on demand. Whenever you like. Is the her going to. The grocery store is on everybody's to do list. The problem is how many people actually like to do it. Especially during the holidays swine happy. I signed up for butcher box. They ship high-quality meat conveniently. Right to your door. They partner with folks who believe in better going above and beyond when it comes to caring for animals the environment and sustainability. They've got free range. Organic chicken heritage breed pork hurting grass-fed grass finished beef. Fresh seafood like salmon scallops. 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Noah's cancelling headphones apply for yours at bank of america dot com slash more rewarding copyright twenty twenty bank of america corporation dugout. Leaving for colonists is the herta wherever you may be and however you may be megan as part of your day. College basketball has come to an end is gonzaga gets another dub And looks like virginia's gonna go down to san francisco san francisco loss to umass lowell. Justino like what is mass. Okay well there's umass amherst umass riley. Marcus camby remember that John calipari was the head coach. They had a little trivia. Was the the point guard. He's remember team. Yeah went to the final four okay that's umass amherst umass. Lowell is a different school in massachusetts. That's who san francisco loss to like two days ago. They just beat virginia defending nash. They're still defending national champions because we didn't have tournament last year. It's it's that kind of year that kind of year. We're watching isla takedown. Nebraska take on nebraska and nebraska. Looks like a mess. What a mess. See if they can figure that thing at. Let's welcome in brain weeden. Of course who started at oklahoma state and they beat what stanford in the fiesta bowl. Andrew luck was the quarterback in the first round. Pick the cleveland. Browns start is a rookie Then made his way to dallas where he became when romo got her. Was the starting quarterback the cowboys and then started when shawn watson got hurt with the houston. Texans and i want to start their bread and happy thanksgiving to you and your family do what is different about does shawn watson over the last four games. That's allowed him to not turn the football over and statistically be so much more successful. Yeah happy thanksgiving man he. He looks like he's playing free. Young sean just many times. I mean there's very few guys in the up. They'll have the instincts ability to kind of improvise on the fly like he does. I mean i said this for years. You know he's one of those guys. You can't overcoat you can't you. Can't make him a robot. You gotta call the play kind of lead them in the right direction and let him go figure it out. He's just he's got unbelievable insane stuff. You can't teach stuff you can't coach You know he just being smart football. You can tell. He's not his big deal. And i told him this the two years with them. I told us all the time i said. Man you're you're too good. You not have to make every single play. Let the game come to you. You'll be patient at times but he's he's doing a little bit of that and he's he's being smart with ball and and He's literally putting that team on his back and he's gonna have to for a while too. Ben wedeman joining us. Weeden join us here in in the in the heard How do you. How do we have a proper evaluation considering the teams that he's played well against bad teams right like the lines aren't a good team being the jaguars twice. They beat the patriots. Fairly close game with this is not a good patriots team. Like how it i i. It's not like i think he can't play but it's hard to truly evaluate considering the the level of of when they win games. Yeah i mean. I get it but at the same time i mean. You're still planning football team. You know and he you know losing a guy like louis guy. The andre hopkins. That's tough overcome. No who you are and you know. We'll unbelievable year. He's having a career year You know he's got brandin cooks was playing good ball on the always in the running game decent. But he's just there you know again. He's just he's finding a way to put those teams but teams put his team on the on his back to go when these games You know they started year. I mean their their schedule. So rough right out of the box i mean. I think they're going to start the year and they've played. You know four teams all with winning records but You know you gotta play the team's your schedule and find a way to win those games. I think in large part to him. He's the shots put not team on his back and playing good ball doug alley for columnists. The heard on fox sports radio. And let's get to the cowboys. Zeke elliott seems to have topped off and doesn't have the same burst now. i zack. Martin got hurt. Lyle collins is out for the year you know arguably the best left tackle in football. Tyran smith is out for the year. What are your thoughts dylan zeke. And what seems to be a lack of burst from the running back. Yeah i mean. It's definitely worrisome. I mean. I think bursting than just lack of taking care of the football. He's turned the ball over five times and he just pretty careless with the ball. I think that's probably the bigger issue The man. I mean the the truth is look at life you know. Find me one good one good football team and all the back to high school football all the way through the nfl. I mean one. Good team is good with a really bad offense. Why there's not one. And and i think that's you know why they're having so much so many issues on on offense to stay. They're just. They're missing a lot of key pieces that that have made that team go for so many years and they can't run the ball officially he's turned the ball over. He's not run the ball very well and You make tough on them so there you know. Obviously when zack went down the other day. That's a that's a gigantic blow. He's one of the better if not one of the best guards in in football so yeah that was a huge blow for them and when zeke's not playing well and and can't make up for that lack of lack guys up front it's Can we tell them offense. Four to two or three games in his third start he got pulled they put ryan fitzpatrick and to try and beat the denver broncos. That didn't work. Now they're going back to to You know brian floor is basically said. Hey we're trying to win this one game but to a still the guy. But what is that like to be a rookie quarterback and you don't feel like you have the full support in the short term of your of your coach. It's tough you know. I've been benched in and i don't care how strong your italy it's to overcome that i mean just you know you go out the next time you go out. You're going to be you know maybe a little more cautious than normal yarn able to go out and play free and let it rip you know whatever whenever they danced. Rhonda patrick i thought the timing was a little bit weird. I know through the first round pick and you wanna see what you got. But they're playing football when he was in there and You know it seemed a little rush to me. I'll be honest And not playing bad or anything else but you know to go back and forth and back and forth and that's that's tough that's tough on anybody and You know i hate it. I hate it for him. Obviously made it clear. He's going to start this week but it's I don't know when you have a you have a back and forth type deal quarterback. It's just. I don't think it's a very good recipe for an offense or for any for football team. I in my opinion they're just They need to find a guy and stick with them. Because i got a pretty good team. They got a really good defense and they got a chance to win that division. Many we our guest here in the hurt. Doug gottlieb filling in for four collin the tampa bay buccaneers. They got some offensive line issues. guard center So that's that's part of the problem but the biggest problem feels like feels like you have a coach. That's used to play one style. You know holding the ball a little longer. Throwing the ball down the field and a quarterback who i mean you. Tell me if. I'm wrong but isn't isn't tom brady. Known for getting up to lion scrimmage find the mismatch and just being not only decisive but really accurate in underneath routes option routes. Yeah absolutely. I think it's definitely different style. A ball i. I was saying this night of buddy over watching the game and and i said you know brady not having a back that he can utilize them. The passing game is is honestly. It's making them deficient offense. We just don't you know he's so used to having that guy of the backfield that you can still run combinations with running backs and wide receivers and they do a lot of that. That offense where they free released the back and you know. He's able to kind of high low dependent when they play cover two or whatever it may be still throw digs behind those guys and throw option routes bags and stuff like that. And he's used to having a back they can catch the football and is is good backfield. He obviously doesn't have that tampa. I mean i think that four drops on on four tenths early on and you know. It's just a different style of bowl. I mean i think they wanna they wanna drop back Try to protect it up and take shots. Which which is fine and dandy. But it's pretty clear that's not working. He's not throwing the ball very accurately downfield and he just doesn't look comfortable in my. He's not comfortable back there. And it's weird seen it. Because i'm not played against against him and his Several several times. And you know. I'm used to seeing him standing there and looked confident. Look just make it look so easy. And just get the ball out of his hands and just dissect defenses and and go up and down the field and right now. Just look slow out of sorts. It doesn't look like he's You know in complete control like we're used to seeing this was Bruce arians going back a couple of days ago talking about the deep ball. We've been the guys open. We just missed them. There are times when coverage dictates. You go to that guy so i think we do a better job of utilizing the deep ball in our game plan of more or less of so each each and every week so different but when they're there we need to hit him. We can't have gone off our fingertips and we can't overthrow him. He also in previous press conference said you know side. Maybe he's confused up there or hidden and practice what i mean. Look i understand that. This is bruce. Arians is and. I understand that tom brady was somebody who in new england would be called on the carpet when he didn't play well but not publicly. How do you think it goes over when you're criticized publicly and your and your a guy like tom brady here that he's not used to it. That's for sure you know i. I'm kind of surprised to hear him say that. I mean you know. Obviously you know losing a game the way that didn't play in the way they did offensively. You kinda gonna be reactionary. And i get it. Everybody's reactionary from week to week. Yeah i can't imagine it's going over very very smoothly you know. Bill chuck was really hard guys but he would do it privately. He would never do it in the public Press conference and stuff. So i don't know how i don't know how well that's going to go over you know. And you just because he's missing deep balls. I mean yeah. Large part of that on the quarterback some of that could be coverage you know that could be receivers landmarks and there's a million different things now the other night i mean the the two interceptions were clearly. Brady's brady's fault my opinion but you know to be good deep. Look guys russell wilson. I mean when he has one on one coverage a single. I'd say he's a good job of holding. The safety puts a ton of air. Let's his guy go up. And and contestant catches guys are just you know. Throw deep ball differently. Brady's not not real doubt then with the right. Now it's kinda kinda shocking me a little bit just because of the personnel. He's got on offense. He's got some guys that can they go get the football and and take the top off. So yeah i think they want to go where they need to go. They need to. They need to figure that out. There's no doubt about it. Weeden is our guest here in in the heard Okay and then as you as you have to young. have you gotten a chance to watch just to herbert. Some of the things. He's doing it. So many people questioned what he would be like as a pro because of how he looked within oregon's offense where so many throws were safe and and he's he's a really dynamic downfield thrower and he's been decisive with withrow. Those throws how did so many. I know he went sick. So it's not like everybody totally whiffed on him. But how do people missing their evaluations of justin. Herbert i i think part just because it was organ i mean everybody knew big strong kid can run around make plays with his feet and stuff and obviously strong arm but i still think he was a little bit inconsistent throwing the football at oregon but i mean he's he's proved everybody wrong including me. He's he's playing unbelievable football. I i've got a chance to watch you know a little bit here and there and some throws he's making or like you said decisive accurate I mean he's throwing them with authority. You can tell that. He's on his conviction when he's back in the pocket he's trusting when seen he's leading a rip and that's pretty impressive for for rookie quarterback because you know the defense coordinators. You know we're trying to do what they can to kind of confuse them coverage wise and blitzes and stuff like that. So i i've been. I've been extremely extremely impressed. I mean he's got to really. He's got a bunch of really good weapons but he's got he's got some nice You know nice tools to chests with With you know the playmakers he's got outside but but him personally and he's he is he's standing in there and and he's he's playing football. Ben weeden our guest here in the hurt. doug feeling filling in for for colin. What's it like. I'm trying to think when you're starting quarterback what it would be like to play against an aaron donald right like we talk a lot of the discussion about brady has been about brady and the offense but the the thing is you. Talk about russell wilson. He was uncomfortable when they're going against aaron donald then they won the game and and their ability to get to the quarterback without blitzing. Anybody because you have front four but you know part of it is you have one guy. There who even to people can't necessarily account for like it's a team blocking scheme anytime. Aaron donald is in the game. Have what you play in college against. Sue wright was with suan nebraska. You play against him was that is that similar now. they're already gone. But i'll put it gets me. Nfl and yeah. It's very similar. There's there's a handful of guys that come monday. The first thing out of the coaches now. It's like hey look we gotta neutralize. You know in this case ninety nine like we cannot let him take this game over and beat us single handedly and it's easier said than done. I mean everything you do in the run game obviously is is pretty around getting you know four hands on him. Double him to the to the mike's wills wherever you're scheme is excuse me but but even the passing game all your protections i mean everything is predicated around not letting him wreck the game and and i'll perfect example when i was in dallas. We putting against jj watt. Jj watt was defense player of the year that year and it was kind of that. Same deal you know. Jj the guy that ironically enough. You don't wanna run away from them. You wanna run right at j. c. can double team a lot of big plays are running it down from you know from the backside. And he's he's made a made an unbelievable career doing that. Aaron donald is he's unbelievable. Run games unbelievable. Passing game probably best defense plan and fall and even the other night. I mean he wasn't on the stat sheet but you can tell how disruptive he is and how much it frees up those other guys that play next to him and so going against guys like that's tough. I mean. I'm sure those offensive line coaches lose sleep at night. I know the interior office of. I'm in no what they earn store for. Because i mean guys like aaron donald i mean you just kinda slow them down. You're not gonna stop them. You just gotta gotta hope to god you can will it for for four quarters and he just doesn't the game. Yeah no it's. It's pretty pretty kind of amazing to watch and almost like that. That's their whole defense is built around that and then just kind of getting india with their With with their defensive backfield and got ramsey back there kind of locking guys up. The scheme seems to really really seems seems to work. Your favorite trick play yesterday. We saw the fumble risky. If brian weeden was a coach. What's the trick play. You would always have in the bag. Gosh that's a good question I don't know. I mean it seems like the phillies specialist kind of worn out. Its welcome that when you know that was pretty pretty popular down there in the red zone. i'm pretty basic man. I i like to trucial flea flicker i mean. When i was in college we ran at several times. And i bet we were five or five on that thing we always hit it and it was always an explosive. Plays a couple of touchdowns be honest. i mean good old-fashioned flea flickers. You can find a way to back the one that houston ran the other day. I'm not even sure that was. I'm into texas sean. To see if that was drawn up like that but it looks like there's playing backyard football but you know just a a true flea flicker man that's a you know it usually gives you an opportunity to take shelter field. Yeah no i like that. I like that i i like who doesn't like a good fleet thicker right. I enjoy that a great deal I'm i like double passes. Although when those don't work it looks really really bad. Really really really bad. But i'm i'm a. I'm a flicker guy what do you. What do you think about running fake reverses on fourth and ten. You're backed up down for like dallas. Did yep i again. I get almost feels like it. Felt like some you do in a bowl game right or or or if you're trying to lose what what do you. What do you honestly. What do you like if you're on that team. You're that sideline they call it and you're backed up. What are you thinking. i'm calling out. I mean you're still in the division. You win that game. You're in the division Your down for a one score game. You know it's like i don't know. i thought. The timing was was bizarre. Play call was bizarre. I mean if a fake. That's a pretty slow developing fake. In my opinion. I'm on special teams guy but i mean you know. I don't know i saw that now. I just i was at a loss for words. I couldn't believe that given where they were in the game. Now you know if it's a ten point game you're trying to steal possession. I get it but man. You're you're still still right there. I was shocked that just kind of put the icing on the cake. You what they're doing in dallas. It's there's a lot of head scratching going on down there. I can't fathom stuff. They're doing what what do you think there. What are they doing are they. Are they trying to win. It's a legit. Because i don't know if you saw this going into last night's game gordon yesterday's game the eagles game but they were drafting. Nineteenth in the first round the cowboys are drafting fourth. A massive massive difference in winning that division and it might sound cool to say but it might mccarthy legit knows. I'm good here. I'm good did i mean. Is it better for them to lose. And are they playing to to somehow lose without playing to lose. I mean yeah. I get i get that side of it. I mean because you know. You're decimated injuries. You know their the chances of really making a run finger for pretty much slim to none. So i i understand that. That argument I i don't know if i'm on that team. I'm frustrated because i mean you still gotta go answer the questions every time you lose especially in dallas. I mean it just you know. It's not fun week after you lose. I don't know. I mean. I i understand you have a top five pick. That's that's a nice deal. But i don't know i mean you can. I guess you could always use a crutch if you're coach. She were we're thinking we're we're worried about next year but they'll never say that publicly thought it. Oh i'm never been in that that they're still guys that you're on the bubble. The may not be with that team next year. They're gonna be looking for a job and they still need to go. Put good play on tape in my opinion. So it'd be hard to hard to keep a locker room intact. If if you're going out there trying to trying to lose games. I i've never been a big believer in that. No i'm not either. I understand culturally. But there there are also is running a franchise and you have some bad contracts and you're trying to figure some things out and it you know if you just happen to lose a couple more games. That doesn't that doesn't kill ya. I i know how competitive jerry is and how good they thought they would be but there does come a point where you're looking like we just don't have any guys we don't have guys anymore. I think now you lost sack mark. We just don't. We just don't have the dues brand. I'll be had a a wonderful thanksgiving and a merry christmas. Happy holidays to you and your family. And i appreciate you joining me on my show and on the heard here fox sports radio you got. That's one and only. Brian weeden who i'm sure. Is tina up at some point in the very near future. I may have to do the same myself. All right edge. Let's let's get to lee with the news. This is the herd line news. All right doug you had talked about two with brandon. Weeden there but did you hear that. Sam darnold is making his comeback. This sunday. yes. I know he's gonna play like making a comeback with us out of the league or he had Right it's his first game vaccines week when he reinjured that. Right shoulder is first time with his Top three white house. Jamison crowder denzil mims for shot perriman. And of course. Frank gore made it known that he wants to get a win before his It's clear by going out on oprah team right right. Do you think you could pull off the upset. Even though they are at home against the dolphins i have. I have my picks upcoming okay This is like this is adam cases last stand. Although custer's last stand did not turn out particularly good. I just want to point that one out Do i think they can yes. Do i think they will stay tuned. Alright alright alright. Bama versus lsu. They're trying to reschedule. This one of what's expected to be moved to december fifth as long as this weekend slate of games goes off as planned The game that was originally scheduled for november fourteenth of course was called off because of covid Testing and results with lsu so alabama regular season. Finale against arkansas would be moved to december twelfth while lsu's previously scheduled december fifth. Game against ole miss would be moved to december ninth which is actually the same as the sec championship game. Okay wes lsu's not gonna play sccm's gene neither of them trying to get it in. Let's just get in as many as we can. I got it. I it makes sense. You just figure it out on the fly and you kind of piecemeal together. Got doing what we can do. And what we can and It is november twenty seven. So it's time to remember a great. It was thirteen years ago today. That unfortunately sean taylor died at the age of twenty four of course protecting his home during armed robbery. So we're remembering a great good old. sean. Sean taylor was an incredible player and i still. They still have still no kill them right. They do sign. I forgot that there was a lot of weird circumstances with that thing right. There was underage. Guys yeah it was an unbelievable talent. And it's it's part of the story of the washington football team in in that the everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Don't get me wrong. i obviously. They've made some terrible decisions. But that's terribly bad luck on a guy who had hall of fame caliber talent to be taken even before. He got his prime league with the news. Well that's the news. And thanks for stopping by mike tempted to get to those pigs. I'm like so excited for it. I got to wait to wait forty minutes or so gotta wait. I have to wait forty. I gotta take a breath. Gotta wait forty minutes. There is a. There is a trend working on black friday which is very disturbing very disturbing. Why pure capitalism can in fact suck point that out next i'm doug gala this third. Be sure to catch live additions of the heard. Weekdays at noon eastern nine. Am pacific on fox sports radio f s one and the iheartradio app. There isn't exactly a playbook when it comes to podcasting but monday dot com is the closest. We've come our teams come to rely on monday. Dot com keeps us organized on track working towards goals as a team the intuitive online platform health. 'as work together on just about everything that makes this podcast. Come to live from collecting game. Stats the managing advertisers. We do it all on monday. Dot com. it really caught on with our team. Because of the ability to customize any workflow means marketing sales finance and meet all work one platform we built project. Timelines calculate expense reports. Manage our social media. Calendar everything in between using monday dot com. It's growing to it's easy for two or two hundred people to use. 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Which means your email inboxes can be like just besieged by discount upon discount upon discount. There's this disturbing trend and i ryan. I think you're part of this. Disturbing trend guys bought up. Ps fives so. There's two main gaming systems. And i'm not. I am going to bore you but i'm gonna i'm gonna list. How many gaming systems. I never had a coleco vision but i did play coleco vision. There was atari really the first atari. Right there's atari. There was coleco vision. what else was there man. There's some really good ones as some really bad ones to The i like goat. Playing system nintendo did the first ever nintendo any system. That was the one that came with duck hunt and then the game that everybody played. I was super mario brothers. Then he had all the the ability to get ninety nine lives which takes away from the whole idea of it like i we went from. You used to this. You're know you're a child of the eighties. When you've been doing arcade and you go to the arcade and there is always some sketchy looking teenagers. That kind of ran. The arcade smokes cigarettes and had like what was the coolest. Bmx bike at the time they'd cool. Bmx bikes smoked a cigarette. Hair usually long. It was like the first guys where a mullet and you go in his arcade you bring in a dollar. You get four quarters. That was most games. Were only a quarter and What was the game which was like a movie sort of game and it was dragons lair and that one was like two quarters and felt like a total rip off and this is back in the days of the miss. Pacman like miss. Pacman was the was the biggest game. And you'd come in and you slide in and somebody playing the game you put a quarter on top of the machine and that signified i got mixed flew right so we went from from playing in arcades to wait a second. I get like games here as crazy. Right there is in television as well Tari coleco vision and television. Nintendo nintendo sixty four dreamcast. Sega genesis we got to a lot of things and then we got to the the. Ps two ps three. The ps four and there was xbox three sixty and then there is xbox is one. That's the one my my son is now on right. Xbox one and now they have the new xbox which is the xbox s is that what that is which is like. It's like a it's so there's there's a new xbox and there's a new playstation and the new playstation is kind of all the rage and there's a limited supply and i love the guys in denver like now we're really surprised at the supply like come on dude supply-and-demand you made half as many as you should and then you've got mooks. That are actually look. I i totally understand that. It is capitalism. You are allowed to do these things you are allowed to buy it hold onto it resell it. Make a profit on it. If they're gonna limit the supply you become that that secondary market like the the ticket scalper guy right every. That's the weird thing now. It's mean when you start to think about things like no ticket scalpers not just because the secondary ticket market but nobody getting these games. It's the weirdest okay. So here's my thing with. I'm to mark up the ps five guy. It's for kids for crying out loud i did. You'd be you'd become the asking for the autograph at the baseball game guy. You know who you are the guy who drives up the price of the ps fi. Don't tell me you're not smart. I understand you're smart. Like look with the prophet that i make on the second. Ps five i can pay for the first five. That's brilliant. that's fair but that is that is absolutely sinister guy. It's a kid's game dude autographs or for kids video games for kids now. Maybe part of this is. I'm playing to k twenty one with my son last night. And and if there's an ea sports gamemaker out there are you guys. I get the lakers are gonna be good and that they want a championship. They're not that good. I lined up there next to them with the brooklyn nets yesterday. Katie ninety five the bronze and ninety eight. Anthony davis never misses blocks every shot. And you're like okay. I got i keep getting by the lakers. I played the mavericks. They can't guard. I play the nets. They can't guard or make shots but my point is that at at their core video games for kids. It's a kids president. You become you become nothing worse than the lady that used to buy up the cabbage patch dolls and drive up the price there. This is a disturbing trend. This is like When when when team started going running shoot in the nfl. We gotta get back to the core. The core of nasr cars in the south. The core of the nfl is running the football and the corps of kids games. Are you know. Gouge people for prices ryan. Would you make the sale of your second playstation unit thirteen fifty. How long do you think those. It's there's still a limited supply. He's got one more. It's to sell it to me at at cost otherwise. I'll just get him. Accident from the radio bringing home to my kid today. Mazing mazing stuff mazing stuff like you know. So you're asking. Your kid asked santa claus santa. I've been good. I've done everything. Mom and dad want me to do and you're like hey santa's even having troubles with supply because sam santa's like look you know i haven't been able to have all the elves in here. I just haven't cova concerns. We've had to space everybody out. We've had to slow down production. I can't do the thing on the lap thing you see. They have these kids going to see santa in a mall but santa's like in a box. That's interesting just going to tell you that of the disturbing trends in all of sports in all of media there's lots in disturbing trends guy who gouges americans for kids video game system. You're right there on the list of the adult who goes to be the worst the adult who goes the baseball game and then gives the kid the baseball card to ask mike trout to sign it and then pays the kid for mike trout signing a card or a baseball A baseball so that they can then put it out on the internet. Forget that yes. I'm not the grinch if your if you're gouging people for the price of what is what is it sticker. The ps five five hundred bucks and he's charging thirteen fifty. Come on. come on. We might or might not have football this weekend in the biggest game of the weekend. That's next. i'm dugout debates. The hurt holiday season means stocking up on some essentials like decorations and an ugly sweater with the bank of america. Cash rewards credit card. You can choose her and three percent cashback on online shopping. 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