Wide World of Dougs episode 1: Doug Day Afternoon with Amy Miller


Hey Doug Benson here. I've got a brand. New podcast called wide world of Doug's. Here's the first episode, but to hear more pretty pleased, subscribing spotify apple podcasts or wherever you get year podcasts, you know the deal. Hey everybody welcome to? Yet, another podcasts from Doug Benson, a teamed up with my friend Doug Millard who. have standing by right now in Santa Fe Doug. Allow DB how you doing buddy. I'm doing good I'm excited to agrout on this new venture with you where? We're going to try to find all the best. Doug's in the world and talk to them and but mostly joke around and have fun, and we'll have a special guests. Every episode and today is no exception in addition to the two dogs that are hosting the show. We're GONNA be joined by our friend. Amy Miller Yeah. Or just GONNA thing up. We're just GONNA set the table. If will and you know told people what to expect from this podcast. It's funny because you said there's GonNa be a lot of jokes, but I thought this whole time. It was going to be a very serious podcast about Doug's. I wish we'd discuss. I figure you know since you are a stand up comedian, you could probably make the adjustment. And starting next week. We're have new episodes every week and on each episode. We're going to try to get a different Doug. From, all walks of life. To appear with us in. Discuss what it's like having the name Doug! Living as a doug. It's not a name that really pop through stands out. It's not the worst name you can have, and it's certainly not the best. So the people saddled with the name Doug they have to. Prove themselves. Saddled is a good word. I mean Douglas's cool I mean it's. It sounds distinguished which you know, neither of us are atal. Operate. So they should. They should looked at us as babies and went. Will these guys are GonNa? Walk around smoking cigarettes with a holder. Well Yeah. It's like you know the word. Douglas has been around forever, but yeah, who's who cut off the less at what point in history? And went with Doug because I feel like Douglas Doug. Just lose all the distinguishment like right away you distinguish. That's why some a holes like on. WIKIPEDIA DB or so they. Were their name will be listed as Douglas in quotes Doug a dead their last name. The nickname. So six. Me Up because I never understood any of those I. Don't Know How you get dick out of Richard although most of them that I've met are. It's just weird. How people just have to shorten names all the time? Yeah. But yeah that. Whoever that I douglas was cut it to Doug. Just kinda ruined it, you know. It was somebody that knows that I think he did it. Himself called me. I'm sick of being taken seriously. Please call me Doug from now on. Doug Yeah. It's just such A. It's such a weird name once you've lopped off that last part. I used to have I used to say in my act to, too. Little laughter, usually the I'd say it's true. I'm Douglas. I have no doug. Didn't make any. A non sequitur I couldn't figure out any way to really keep it in the act. But we arguably joined every week by professional comedian person. Who Will you know just sort of be there to be a? You know the non-drug point of view. To just sit there and just chip away at A. Professional panel. Yeah. So Joy us today I'm so excited I. Did already say this by repeating myself. I think you did a little bit. I did say already about that. She's going to be here. We're just GONNA. Talk thugs and I'm very excited about gauge of the theme song. a commissioning at I'm pretty happy with how it turned out Hey. Hey, doug sorry to interrupt producer Ryan here. Our guests has arrived. So let students thing. Let's play that game song. Get going. Would? You'd think aby. Stupendous. I was like it needs to be meddle in the vocals need include a child. I'm definitely. That's where we are. I mean it just gets you. The mood to talk about Doug's does. Up! So Doug's in rock and roll. Oh Man! Did we today? Give the wrong title. Episode New Different Title I'm about to get dug out. Let's at least use just have guests on the show and try to think of a better title to show. Navy! It's good I miss you guys. Definitely miss you. It's that we can't get together a person, but at least we can do this I know. Yet see you. What are you guys wearing? I Bet I bet doug DVD could identify what I'm maybe wearing what my team is. Really. I wore the same pants the other day. Oh shoot. I'm wearing. A Nicholas cage covered pants and a Nicholas cage. T shirt. By Nicholas Cage on the t shirt has a duck for body for I. Don't know what reason. DOC, not, a, Doug. Do you think. Maybe he was Nicholas Cage Free Duck. Oh? Yeah Oh yeah. You just saw the mystery. That's been lingering for like months. Most ducks. Oh, cage free, aren't they? Life of a duck, welcome back everybody to wide world of ducks. Decided changed the whole point of view of this podcast midstream. and. Amy. What do you stand on ducks? Terrified. Yeah we had pet duck says a kid. It wasn't me. Well, my mom like bought some baby ducks for Easter with is cute in that moment like in the little basket you know and when they're. They became adults and the boy one. Murdered vicar one in cold blood. And then. And then he refused to leave our property. We still have scars I have a duck bite scar on my body. My God twenty twenty so now I tell. So. Yeah, we made the right call because it was this close to wide world of duck surreal and we were like we're we're. We're both named Doug so maybe let's stick to that. How long the two of you known each other as standing up comedians? What do you think maybe like Kim Issues? You think yeah, yeah, I think so well. I I'm coming up on my tenth anniversary. So maybe more like eight, but. Their friends in the last few years. And I think. Correct me if I'm wrong. Did we meet at that? Portland Brench? Show maybe. The one that I was running. Yeah. That was such a fun. Show our, thank you so much. I guess he lives the real shows. Remember real comedy shows Brunch dive bar. Would for that right now and? yeah, there's lots of interesting venues there in Portland. Of course, that's where you and I met a knee because I rolled through A. Helium with DOUG LOVES MOVIES IN OUR BOY. I think it was Sean Jordan probably. We had so much fun and the rest is her story. Fits. The rest is your story I'll just object in it. But yeah. What's at a long time now? Yeah, we'll douglas movies has been going for maybe thirteen years so maybe you might have met Doug Mallard. N me both. Within a few a year or two of each other maybe. I did feel like my doug number went up. There was a spike. Around two thousand twelve. Oh my God. I was watching Corona virus taskforces morning talking about there's been a doug spike. Now, the country. PODCAST though? Exactly that's. Coming in by. Name an issue so. Thighs are on the right side of things and. so. How many times we've I always joke about it with you, amy. But how many times do you think you've actually done Douglas Movies? Oh, including the at home ones I don't. Like? Thirty or something twenty five. Aches. Aches! Todd. I just. Think. That it's a lot in that know, but it's also. as much as I, love amy. It's just also the number of actual episodes. So much more than that. So I think your guest made is a little. A Lo. Side may be, but I I can't be absolutely sure. Maybe so I'll do. A SEARCH Say. Several different places. So, that's why yeah. We've done it on the road and stuff so You know since Doug and I both know you. We're excited to have you be the first. Guest on the show and the first non doug guest. We thought you know we. Take one episode to just chat with you. About what we're doing here. And then Kinda set up. What's going to happen and then next week? is going to be our very first doug. Already have a lead on a pretty good dog in. I WANNA. Do you WANNA. Tell us who it is mellowed. well we've got a few good leads, but yeah, but what's the one? Yesterday you were like. Yeah. We gotTA talk about. Doug Aldrich from Wait, wait, wait, wait wait you know who that is, amy. Whitesnake. Done just. I didn't. I forgot to tell you. Doug I like to make everything into a game show also GonNa ask you knew Doug Aldridge was 'cause 'cause. He's obviously a top doug if he's a guitarist in Whitesnake. But also kind of a visible. WHO's the lead guy in Whitesnake? Coverdale. Same Coverdale. Yeah I'll be quick Sir I really have no so doug. Miller doing research on a guy that's also in Whitesnake. David Coverdale. Enlisted the lead singer. But The guy's got beautiful hair this Doug Eldridge. Yeah I know I don't know that's really. Selling Point But. We've got his phone number. We're GONNA REACH OUT AND Try To. Try to make it happen with that dude. And we also. 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We're back with more of the wide world of Doug's. There's so many dogs out there and our guests Amy Miller. Knows at least two of them because she knows both of us. But also, amy, could you just tell us? About the Doug's in that you've encountered in your life. Anyone's that you can remember that you know famous. or infamous in famous. Infamous you. More infamous than. It I think all the dogs that I really like are comedians. which is. I guess that makes sense and every single other one I ever met is terrible. Non Comedian Doug's. Oh well. Yeah, maybe the maybe the comedian. Doug's are like kind of forced into light comedy like they're forced into you know. Making people laugh and stuff, because otherwise they're just go unnoticed. Yeah or be. They just get bitter and angry because they're like. Nobody cares. I feel like Doug is like a name where you're almost forced to have a sense of humor to be taken seriously, which is ironic? And if you don't, there's something so wrong like you don't have that. We know that your name Duck. Yeah, because you'll also because. A lot and if you can't. Think that's at least a little bit funny. What's wrong with you? I don't know. I am a bit about dogs which doug seeing You once very sweetly came to see me at the punchline on a night off that I don't I know comedians ever done that ever. And in the in the two thousands, there was like a scourge in the bay area of Doug's managing, various restaurants and bars. Said I? Will Yeah. Thin my brother worked in and yet they were all bad just and so in this bit when you know around the country I've often asked like if there are dogs in the room and I have to say it's pretty rare. It's maybe you know been. You know less than five times that someone. At least admitted to being doug. Yeah. There's a lot of dogs in the shadows. Lurking, Exit. You GotTa Watch out for the Doug State. Yeah and then one manager I had was just such a just a fucking little weasel. Doug, you know just like. Bad Shore. I, you know I like short guy. There's good short. There's also bad fattened. Good fat, you know. I'm good fat, but Russell Crowe is like co quote. I was. JUST SO SNEAKY! Super misogynous descend these. Little children would come into the diner like suck on the ketchup bottles like they were bottles, Oregon, but then back on the table, but like never reprimand them off the worst. Is. Perfect I love it. We could get him on the of. Still manages that Diner Doug So. Yes, you go, oh! We'll ask about the ketchup bottles for sure that is wild. also one thing I'm looking forward. To, what this show is that? I do it not in in the media, and then I've also actually known for some reason Doug is actually a fairly frequent name for a for black men. Yeah like we can actually have people of Color I. Mean we're not GonNa have any Hispanic people name Doug. Because I know that that doesn't exist because in Spanish class in high school. My teachers like what's your name and I'm like Doug and he goes well. I get you know there's no Spanish word for that. Had He goes. What's your middle name and I'm like Steven he goes okay. You're Esteban in you. Why never learned Spanish when he would call an Esteban I was the last person to know that he was calling on meek. My High School Spanish teacher called me and Miller high life. So Oh my God I play. Years is a little more professional. What does that teacher up to these days? Send your La Desma you know he had? He loved the outfit. You because he would do head to Toe Garfield sweatpants no way. And, he called you Miller highlighted. ICON. Might be some Hispanic will take drugs. I don't know I. I I know there's going to be like maybe a lot of black guys who started as Douglas and then shortened to doug or Dougie. And you'RE GONNA get a fair amount of Asian guys, I think yes. Yeah, that's true. That's true and the I it. Seems like the world is sports has led Duds Matt also probably falls in line with why we became. COMEDIANS is kind of like those are a couple of different pats. Doug could take to your. Attention is to be good at sports or to tell jokes. You know, Mommy. What can doug still? Doug make it in this world in. Why is you give me the damn name? I should try to get Doug Marsh from Celtics. Goals that new album is incredible would be amazing. ACAI WELLS? Ills. March. Yeah, he's Great. He's one of the best guitar like. These thought of like incredible yeah, as a an amazing guitarist, but as a new album of Daniel Johnson covers. And I saw I saw I saw Delta Spill time I saw him live was at bomber. Shoot in Seattle and they stuck them on an afternoon. I think it was in A. The key arena which has kind of notorious for not having the greatest. and. It did not sound good. So I on I've listened to eight albums, so I know they're good, but it was. That was unfortunate, but if I also find his name's duck. I would've tried harder. Better venues but also looks like a dog. That would be bad and I. He's such an incredible guitar player, but I don't think he gets all the shine. He deserves because A. Like a you know he's not like a front man looking guy. Yes, L. People like forget, and also he doesn't own it. He's not like I'm one of the best guitar players. My Name's Doug. Because of the Doug name as Subdued and those. Guys the Sadun. I saw them once. A probably fifteen years ago at stubb's Barbecue and Austin. And they closed on Leonard. Skinner Free Bird, which doesn't go with anything else like their actual catalog of music. And you you wouldn't expect it, but they I mean. It was like you're seeing free bird in the heyday live. It was insane. It was like kind of hysterical in a way, but it was so good, it was really funny. Oh Yeah I lost my mind. Because, they're so mad sold. It always yells free bird like thinking. Areas thing to request when a band has their own music. So that must have made that one guy so happy when. He happened. Yeah, but that's true. We. We definitely have some. You know some musician possibilities, but let me ask you this Amy Miller. Ever. Doug I am never dated a doug. No, not even one date actually. No, no, not even one day. The only dogs that I have really adored have been Canadians and gay guys. I don't date those categories of. while. One category doesn't date me. That's, but that's a great thing to ask to wonder about is gay. Doug is. Is there any evidence one way or another? The Doug would be. I guess I guess there isn't I. Guess. It's just another name that you know when they put it on you at Earth. You don't. Be Aired, you know. Or not yet. Based on that. Might be gay. We should name him Doug I. Don't feel like that's the thing I. Hate About Doug and you can back me up if you doug, is it? It's hard for people to understand what you're saying when you have to say your name to them in a loud situation. Like in a bar or something if they need your name for your credit card or whatever? It just sounds like in a loud situation. Sounds like Oh yeah Omagh. I also I also. Book And maybe it's just me I. Maybe I have terrible handwriting, but if I'm spelling my name Gee if I put the little line coming down from the you, it can sometimes look like Dong. It turns into An. And that has happened many times I've been like. I'm not upset I would go see a comedian named Dong Millard. In a second, I actually thought I was coming on while world of dogs to. A hard to say, amy, we need you to come on podcast and talk about all the dogs you've. How much time do you have? We have never seen a dog dung. Really thought about it. I don't think that's another thing. I guess they can't know when they name you. How how big your junk's going to be, but I don't feel like there's a big Dick Doug's. Kind of an idea I have seen a lot of baby penises oddly. You can tell really. For sure. Also there is a Canadian. It's inappropriate if I say it, but there's a comedian. We all mel, tell you after who has a child I have cared for. That has the biggest child Venus I've ever seen. and His. Dad is like notorious also for I've never seen it, but. It's pretty. World of dungs. They went from ducks to Doug's to Deng. Citizen I presume will go back to Doug's. Del. How? Well that's what happens to me. A lot is when somebody tries to write down Doug. They add age for some reason at the end. I'm always like okay. Laws. Just think on my name is Joe. Is Your Coffee Bread boy? It's weird because you don't see a lot of dogs, you don't hear about a ton of dogs so growing up any doug that I would come across that there like a Doug Smith played for Dallas Mavericks and I grew up in Dallas and he was like. I think he was like bench player. He wasn't like a star, but I rooted for him so hard and then kind of silly when I saw donuts dealt with Joe in it with the word Doug I was so excited for whatever reason, maybe because stupid. That's a really like doughnuts, so maybe that was. Good. Yeah. I. Get you know. Get an occasional instagram. Photos sent my way of when when like signs you know, says donuts and the H. is out. Yeah be doug nuts. Seen any. I mean I enjoyed that one I, still the one I enjoy the most is what I drive by a black angus steakhouse in the G. is out. Just, to childers to know tonight, laugh at. I guess amy be weird. If you saw you didn't see any Doug, dogs, but you did see some doug balls for some reason. I don't know how that would work. In you, know someone cracking me I zipper thick. and Go. That game. You guys are probably it's probably before your time I wanted to talk about how 'cause I had this idea. These to be song. Really Catchy that they would sing for armor hotdogs. Oh about all the different types of kids that like armor hot dogs. Hot Dogs, that, yeah. Yeah and so I thought oh I'll just change you know. It says the word kids. I'll just change it to Doug's and we'll have like a a cute little song to go with her show. Eh then realized what a weird ass! This is the original. This is what they sing in that commercial. Fat Kids Skinny kids kids who on rocks, tough kids SEC- kids even kids with chicken cal hotdogs. Armor our hot dogs. The dogs kids love to buy now. There's so much going on there. I mean that they come out of the gate with fat kids is like wait a second? Pot Dogs here. It seems like seems very evil. Dead Climb on rocks. Okay, you know they're getting the kids out there doing some stuff, but then that the word Sissy is ascribed to just a group of kids who are sissies. Commercial for hot. And the chicken pox things you'd think. Maybe don't feed your kid. That's going through. Chicken talks a hot dog for lunch. Well. Healthier, it's a had it and then there. Is Not thing you're not supposed to get again on the air. Yeah, you go mystery solved. I think that's how it used to be. I think now you can get it again at the like you know super chickenpox or something. Just don't get it at all. Usually, but are do seem pretty dumb. We all got it once, yes. Yeah. Like chicken pox scars. and. Chicken pox duckie. We're going to be so off our tattoos soon. God No! Have, you ever had any like friends that are like a friend. That's not you know like. Obviously, we know some comedians named Doug Doug Stanhope, but right never. Have you ever hung out with another doug? That wasn't because you're both standups. Well I was named after to Doug's. My Dad had is he had two best friends name Doug and high school. They had US pretty early just after high school and his saying was I never met a Doug I didn't like. Me Doug. But. My joke is that that's a lot of pressure for a baby. Immediately you know. I better live up to those other drugs. So? There's obviously that my namesake and it was weird. One one of the namesakes I hadn't seen. Probably since childhood I saw him a couple of years ago at a wedding. and. He came up to us and his wife with a speech therapist. My wife's a speech therapist. We were making similar jokes. It was really weird, really bizarre like a Bizarro Doug. Mirror thing, but outside a hand there was one dug in high school. It also had a pretty good sense of humor, but Not a lot of Doug's outside of the again yeah, I think we all know several comics named Doug. But. Yeah, not a lot of like a non comedian. Doug's out there that I've interacted with. All right well I have been trying to think of any other Doug's I. Know that are. A comic and I haven't. Haven't come up with anybody. We, don't we don't befriend each other I think I knew. Note that guy's name was Edward. I feel like a lot of people keep Douglas either I like the name Douglas but I don't think I've ever met one that. Really hung on to it. A classy for sure, and I think part of the reason. We feel that way because Douglas is such a great last name for like Kirk. Douglas Michael Douglas Frederick Douglass Yeah Yeah So. I think growing up like your parents would yell Douglas and it just seems like a thing that stay away from because it's just a mad, yell. Very funny word. It feels like someone's just trying like. Hastily Feminizing Doug. Glass. Duck, we tried Doug at and we just didn't like him. By the way I google the female version of Doug just a little bit ago, and it says a girl in red comes, and I have no idea what that means. So maybe somebody listening can. I send it to to DB it says it is to training made up for the personal taste, but maybe appeal to you. A girl in red is correct. I don't understand that what does that mean? Now. Dougal doing, what is how you know, it's just couldn't compete female. Doug it's just not a thing. It just made up. Just starts talking about some girl in red. Yeah, it's it's it's. A girl in R. E. A. D. Like none of it makes sense. I'm so confused. Third how Rei d? Maybe I'm just illiterate. Up trying to translate these symbols online. Guys, but not very good. All right, so let's Let's take toward spitballing Know Doug's. That you know we should be? Reaching out to Starting with. Have you guys seen those commercials for Liberty Mutual. Yeah with with the EMU and Doug. Eight. That's see. That's the thing about Doug is. It's often like a comedy name like we just say Doug people immediately. No, Oh, that's some sort of mild mannered. New nerd of some kind you know and. These these commercials. Drive me crazy because it's you know this play this like exciting detective. Seventies detected music. You know they're like it's the EMU in. The. Doug just seems like so tossed off, but he does does all the talking and all these commercials. Sitting there doing nothing. Funny because he moves the joke part, but doug the doug part in that sentence feels like the punchline, just the word duck. That's the thing is fucking. Emailed emus the funny part. You know there used to be a guy that would go on TV. All the time with puppet EMU in the joke was every time. The public enriches start attacking him, and even though he's operating, the puppets is really funny. Puppet. Were just you know start? Biting him during him to the ground and but his name was Rod. and. The Act was called Rod Hull and his EMU. That's where the laugh is an email. But this these newcomers was the new and Doug, and then, of course. Doug is like way too into insurance, trying to get people insured. Insurance cop something. Confused. So could get that guy. He's probably like a UC be person. Yeah. That's what I'm saying is like. Of Sega interested in an a person like him, who is saddled down with being called Doug by strangers or the rest of? So, he is essentially a doug now. He's a door Doug. For. or He's an actor named Doug who they cast. Hasn't shot me. He looks like it Doug I. Don't know. But you guys do a few months ago. I had an audition for a TV show that I was like so excited to get auditioned for and so super into it and you know it felt like they were like reaching out for me specifically, though you know, they always bring in a million actors and. They sent. They send me the sides and the characters name is Doug and I didn't get it. Sorry. My God Perfect. Characters name is your name and they bring you in for the part. They know what they're doing right, don't they know? I've got this part well. Did you bring your e Mu? Thing I had no idea that. You know the the guy who ended up getting the part he did bring an email. That's how we got the part. Like, no I just thought I was auditioning to be. A winning new I didn't know it brings out and is going to bring one to every audition henceforth. Who wouldn't want to meet new? Right. I would get so much work all right. Who who wants to go next? Who's got another doug? We should try to talk to. Go forward, amy. You have when you're thinking of. Is Dj Doug, pounds, name actually dug. His. Name in the name Doug founded to Jeez. Must Be Doug Right. You I started to be yeah yeah. He is he was on Murray funny. It is Doug. Yeah? He was a guests on Douglas Movies one time when we did it outside at A. Music Festival. Up in a near Vancouver and Pemberton music festivals what is called and you know as a terrible idea to begin west Major Douglas Movies. Outside at a music festival. At that debate batteries worse, you know. He seemed like a very nice guy. Dj Doug Bound, but you know we thought fun for him. To have is like. Is Dj setup and he can do drops. He can make funny noises throughout the show. But like unless you're really like in sync with the funny noise guy and you're trying to do a show, and they just drop it in funny noises, and you're at a festival or none of the audience really cares about if there's any funny noises being compensated. Yeah. But I'd I'd like to. You know he's. He's a cool dude. I'd like to. I'd like to bring him on the show. Talk to him about about. I got into a country artist named dougie pool. And I grade I think you'd actually really like. Amy is got some kind of like. Haunting kind of almost site country music. It's really good, but. Out Yeah I think you'd be a good guest. I don't always from, but he has a song called. Los Angeles. Got L. A. and the title is going called vaping on a job. That is great. But I think he'd be cool. Guess, what's his name? Dougie poole. P., O. L. E. P.. O. L. E. Echo. And Anti. It's interesting that he's. Yeah going by Dougie I think that's that's pretty unique. Yeah, I mean Kaz. Add just leads to especially nowadays. Just lots of teach me how to Dougie talks frogs. Hey. There's somebody we could get the guy from Cali Swag district. Rotate Song. Spell like Dougie, fresh or dislike, dougie. Which were oh? Dougie, Pu Yeah. dougie I I Dug It wasn't even thinking I was even thinking middle initial on that I was just thinking Dargie. dougie pool all right I'll. I'll I'll check yeah. He's a grammar. Yeah, into that Doug. Do you remember when we went and talked to Tom Papa and fortune beams. Burnett. SIRIUSXM on. Their show, Netflix's a joke radio, or whatever it's called I, yeah! She, I recently saw it because binge watching a TV show from a few seasons back that I just never noticed I really like it a lot. It's called life in pieces. And it's a it was a CBS Sitcom that lasted for like four seasons night. Never seen any of it. It Stars Colin Hanks and A few other funny people, and so I was watching it at fortune shows up. As it's obnoxious woman that said a blind date with this guy and. AMMO. Her name is Dougie. Great. So they just call her Dougie of odd. She keeps socks. She says it a few times I just like it's so funny and I think she mentioned that has when we were on with our rate than I. She was like I played Dougie. Wasn't familiar with the show suits talk about then when I when she popped up on there, and I saw was very delighted, but also she's in anytime. She acts in something. So I mean I her in all areas, but she's so fucking good like. The. Did you guys see office Christmas Party yes? She's a star. He's so funny my God her scenes with. A quick Jennifer. Aniston, 'cause she's like a driving a new Bertha Jennifer's in a Jennifer's name in the in the movie is Carol. And the way fortune, says Carol and the way she constantly says because, don't you? Ever gets hits a hold of your name. Use it too much. But. She just keeps going Carol. Talks already so funny, so aiding Shay says is like it's very natural like all her roles anything she plays. With Jennifer Aniston as dead, you doug. Oh? That's true. Very good point. To us to Kevin Bacon Yeah. What's her fortunes seen? is in the you know. The outtakes from it are in the end credits because she said so many funny things use. And I didn't. I didn't have the out takes her alternate. Take some friends I got I got two times to do it in the time. Jennifer did it right was the one that used. Like the I take I destroyed it like like the audience laughs for way too long my line. Kinda threw her off so did it again, and so of course irregular laugh because they already earns A. mcadoo got her part, and that's the take years. Though the life of a doug. Really. Really something. Are the two of you familiar with A. Dog The puck. Of course now now I've missed this. You gotTA. Check it out then. I'd Plug Doug. Who is just adorable? Dog named Doug. Just a good name for a dog. It's amazing I. Think I think the as like four million instagram followers right. Any I think so I I mean new immediate. Follow for me now. Do. You think that With owner of Doug the pug be, somebody would wanNA talk to i. think absolutely a great idea. Yeah, I mean. Talat! Business is very interesting, those guys. Money off their dogs, she yeah. I don't know if Doug Miller is monetize yet, but he has an adorable dog. That has an instagram account. We really just use it to give money back to shelter that we found her at. Ace Yeah. We sell calendars every year I should send you. I'll send you guys both one if we have some here Yeah, it's It's my dog's Kenny at the luckiest penny on instagram. She has forty three thousand dollars, which is way many more than I have. He I mean it isn't. It isn't as I am a jealous man, but I'm just going to ride my dog's coattails to fame, but. Why is this dog promoting an album taping? Did? Could you may be throw in a few posts on that on your dogs? Oh Yeah. I really so could you promote? We could definitely be yeah. We were just actually talking about. It came up right before I got on my wife Flynn. On her like facebook. Memories or whatever it popped up a year ago today that penny! You called her to the stage on Doug loves. MOVIES AT UCLA Like. The pictures are insane because she looked like she was born ready to just be out there and perform for the audience. Durable, but yeah, I haven't used it too much to promote my stuff, but we yeah we could definitely promote this I. Just didn't promote my own stuff. 'cause my albums are called parts of foreign parts to and all that it just didn't feel right for a dog audience. Here's what you do. Is You promote the PODCAST tag thug? The pug Animal, oh. Yeah I like it I mean because we're going to be animal-friendly podcast because we both love and. Know, we're not gonNA hurt any animals on the show. Yeah I the least I could do not hurt animals on this podcast. I saw cut animal right before we started recording. Mike. Catt killed something it's it's fine. It was. Crazy like that. Was it a duck. I wish? I mean the things your cat is killing. The you don't know about is just. It's crazy. Now I always know about him. You can't always brings it to you like and presents it. Who makes sure I know somehow the. Ace It's very sad. People are going to be mad at me on sorrow told you that Mike has a bell. She truly doesn't like. Kill that many things with the bell and so I. Think I don't know if you're a bird in. You've got a old fat cat with the bell. Maybe it was your time. I don't know but. A lot of put a bell on it, though why don't want the birds to die? Yeah, that's so nice of you i. mean can go outside. The cats go outside naked alone night. That's death march like that's why. There's cats all over Disneyland that you don't see when you're there that they live there because. There's there would just be you know. You can't have rats that Disneyland, so they'd rather just have a bunch of wild cats, the hide from the public during the day, and then at night they go around killing all the rats. Yeah, maybe I'll send her their. Work Vacation for your cat? Have you, ABC ever had I live my brother Awhile back and he had his cat Willie Nelson It was great it. He just passed away recipes really, but sat right. The cats are yeah, Willie here and. The Internet yet today, and the reason, he was named Willie Nelson by the way, my my sister-in-law. Really wanted to keep this cat whose kind of coming by and my brothers on the fence, and it was raining one day, and she just started calling Willie Nelson she was like you wouldn't Willie Nelson. Be Out in the rain if it was really Willie Nelson he's like no, so they brought him in and. But have you ever had he? One time brought in like dot DB said Doug said. presented us this bird and we're like. What do we do this in our apartment? And we went to move it, and it was definitely still alive. It was just really stunned in his startled us so much. It was crazy. That's the worst because like I've got a fucking. Finish off this. Like some sort of person from the sopranos host. Yes I mean she usually presents it today. She was just like screaming in the backyard so I knew there was something very proud of him than I went out there, and then all the birds were all screaming. Is They were like watching? It was very sad and sorry. Everyone is a budgetary. But she ate it and so she's not coming back inside for at least a week. We just talked about this being like Tetra, now we're just talking about animals getting aired sorry. Does lots of cat lovers. We could count on the cat lovers to know that that's just the cats of just. That's what they you know. That's what they do their dignity. Yeah sustained doing his thing Don Johnson kill birds if dogs can get their shit together. Yes you I? Mean dogs chase other animals never really actually get catch them and kill them. NOPE! Every night. Our dog penny were in Santa Fe right now for quarantine, and there's lizards than rabbits all around. Countless Times a day she jason. She has not caught one thing. Not even close. okay so. What about you know we love have been women on the show we'll have. been on every week along with our Doug guests, but There's A. Comedian named Laurie. I Dunno are. where I found out about her, maybe somebody tweeted. By your. Last name, dogs will that's I'm just search just throwing it out there because you know we WanNa have interesting guests that we want to house guests every week. Sometimes Duggan I could just chill with whoever but. Amy Amy mentioned the Holy Grail of Doug Dougie fresh. She did yeah. That data would yeah when we're having the DOUGIE. How do the dougie pool debate on how he spelled it out? Yeah, yeah, yeah, like dougie fresh, yes! To me. He feels like at least until someone else convinces me otherwise. He feels like the holy grail of to me. He's the Doug that certainly has been referenced the most to me. You know. Like you say your name's Doug, you know square white guys love to go eat for ED. Yeah within minutes. You don't know this person, but they will call you. Dougie fresh and have an homes calls calls me that every time I see him. which is neither here nor there? Square white guys now. Per Kulwa and I was already. Thinking goes the what I was saying. It decided to go ahead. Throw him under the bus because that bus is. Is GonNa. Decide hit him and stop. Island. Man. Trap Four. Doug name's Doug e fresh is number one. Then you think Dougie, Doug, probably. would be a great guest and then. honorary Doug's doogie from Doogie howser. That came out the I was Doogie for awhile. And I still get that on occasion and then Doug Funny. You know because of the TV show Doug. Yeah void, so we were. We had spoken on one of the shows. We went on to promote its show about how The Voice of Doug on on the doug cartoon is Billy West. Right yeah, yeah, and yeah. Into, Priority Oakland interesting it'd be interesting to try to talk to, and also I'm saying all this because. I want people the listeners to be engaged in especially. If you're a dog, you should reach out to us, but if you know any doug especially if you have access like a phone, number and everything. To. Get us to Dougie fresh or Dougie Doug. Or Billy West. Yeah. I. Don't know any of these people, but we can. You know we could try to figure it out. John Work Together, it's a casting. Call for all Doug's yeah. Amy. How much of a follower are you of? I assume Doug knows nothing about her. How much do you know about Arianna grown day? a medium amount. Yeah, you hear about Steph. That's going on with her every once in a while, right? Her tour manager and best friend. Is Twenty five years old. and His name is Doug Middlebrook. Yeah Yeah, I thought that was a real good one. If we could get that guy. To come on. 'cause I'm a fan. I think she's very talented, so. That, he's twenty five and. Somehow she trusts him and he runs her stuff for tour. it's pretty incredible. Awesome at that age. Yeah, acting now, right? I see, should she? She does spot on impressions. Singing. Singing ones. Talking, she could do her. Jennifer Lawrence is. It's crazy. I. She is so talented and you know her. Pop songs are just the tip of the iceberg that part I I want more of the iceberg I don't like to tip. Don't Lakers songs really I don't find them. Shouldn't have too much shit. We want her. Well, no I mean. They're not for you either, so it's fine. You know I lear-. Yeah no I just think she's crazy talented so whenever she sings a song. I know I I love it, but. I just saw her acting something in those like holy cow. She's so like she's really. REALLY GOOD! I can't think. Things should be quite good at it and and speaking Acting so making There's a great director who a big fan of, but has it become I. Don't think he's known as a great director because you know his name's Doug. His name is Doug Lineman. And I've been a fan ever since He directed swingers and then go and then. Tomorrow Right. He did as a tomorrow Mr and Mrs Smith. The first borne movie. I think the first one, but I the Guy I think he's only made like one movie. That has whatever One of my favorite directors enjoy him a lot. A few weeks ago, you know of course I'm thinking about drugs. In Doug's the book on the show. I just noticed that he's following me on twitter. Yeah so I wrote him a direct message. Haven't heard a word. Come on Doug. Weight which Doug talking to. All the ducks. Dogs just get it together all done. well, this has been really really helpful start. I think I hope everybody that's listened of joys what we've been talking about and where this is going. there's you know so much more to come in the wide world of Doug's. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, you know the spotify or the. There's a bunch of them. Apple. podcast addict. Google play for. yes, stitchers ago! Yeah, there's there's a whole bunch of places now and apparently we don't care anymore. Which one you listen just as long as you listen. That's the main thing. anything you'd like to plug. Amy Miller and thank you again for being the first to come out here freely. Is and so flattered nothing to plug at just love Doug's own. I gotta go follow this Pug. A Oh. Yeah, that's right rear out couple hours of my day. Cute. Yeah I bet to. That dog already has like hundreds of pictures to sort through. Yeah I don't know what I'm doing on my instagram, but man when I go to that page where it's just like. Just random shits looks through they really. They really throw a lot of dogs my way. Yeah, I, guess I just post enough about dogs. They figured out. Wouldn't might some some doggy pictures? Dogs. Must Love, dogs and dogs. And Doug Mallard. FART Safari Three's coming out soon yeah. Amy was one of the recording, so it was very nice of you to come they. Got The one that's coming out now. The Quarantine Kinda threw it off a little bit on. Very funny as ask you to. We need a We need a closing line, Doug. We never really discussed like how we can. Jump Out of this thing at the end. I feel like we had something and then. You say Simpson than I yell on wide, world of dogs. Really did I make it up? No, that sounds good. I don't remember the beginning. Different. Doug Pawn every time. How many you can come up with. That also sound like a closing line. Like another Doug Day afternoon. Another is the first one then. I'll say get ready to play the team Ryan. Thank you, amy thank you doug. It's been a Doug Day afternoon. Got It.

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