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We'll tell you why there will be laughter and tears on bourbon street and with all eyes on Brady and Rogers one NFL team is lying under the right arm. We'll tell you who will be visa apprised on the second hand get up. Let's start now. And good morning. We are delighted that you chosen to start this fight with us. Greenie Louis Riddick Jonathan Vilma. We have a lot of football again too. And then whatever it was last night that we were watching. I don't know what they'd call it. But that was the Thursday night kickoff on your weekend. Featured Louis the San Francisco forty Niners in Oakland Raiders that is Nick Mullins getting good wishes. From Brett farve is fellow southern miss Alami. Never thrown an NFL passing till this. I drive this vintage Kyle Shanahan as far as the boot and play Acton passing game in the raiders at Newlands support all night long. It creates throwing windows you see everyone flowing one way no-one picking up the here Garzon just walking down. I'm not sure that could even be described as a window open. That's a twenty four yard score. Here we go now to the second drive from certain goal before yard line for Kendrick born. This is a tremendous job of holding defenders with his eyes opening up going windows because he's holding dependence. What is this? On the laser you can see right there. Don knew he was in for a long run. That's exactly right. It was still hot in the third. They're up seventeen three. And here's ghetto. This is one of the unsung superstars and one of the unknown superstar the NFL that being it'll tight end from the San Francisco forty Niners. He's all he's like up in the league among tight end in terms of average per cat. He's a big play machine. Tremendous open pills run because he's been doing this all year long is one of those guys you've probably going to see in the Pro Bowl deserved to score the touchdown on this drive, and he did Mullins through three thirty four three. The final score not pictured the raiders because they were abysmal in every conceivable way tough and long night. Brutal starts to the season for John gruden's raiders. Larry's is more prepared than coach shannahan. I swear for our games. And he doesn't care if he's on practice squad as does Matvey second-string third-string. He is a guy that prepares every week. Like he is the starter and the guy and I mean that's completely on him. And that's not anyone telling me he should study more at his him. Just being a hundred percent prepared think I'm here for a reason. And it was my opportunity to prove that I could play. But the biggest thing is just you know, attack your job and worry about what matters. And what were what mattered most tonight was the team and how we played. I slept. Good except I woke up about every hour, but those hour periods are great. No slept. Pretty good. Yeah. The Mary spent plenty of nights there. We all like that up here. I'm not sure waking up every hour constitute sleeping good. But either way that part of the story was good the raiders part. Not so good last summer. They may Derek Carr the richest player in history last night. He was played by Nick Mullins who only made twenty three thousand dollars this week. And now has as many wins this season as the raiders do Jon Gruden why? I'm just trying to get people excited about the the Oakland Raiders, Oakland Raiders. Is a great organization. I know it's not looking pretty right now. But I've heard a lot of negativity over the last six or seven months, and rightfully so. But we're going to build a championship football team here. And I know a lot of people as players as fans and. Just in general want to be a part of this. Okay. I mean, I don't want to make a joke. I like John very much natural question would be are any of them NFL caliber players because they don't seem to have any. And look the worst thing you can say about a professional athlete is that he looks like he quit. But that was hearing a lot of that during this game last night looked like the team that spirit was broken team that looks as though they believe that the organization has not invested in them in their short term goals, which is the win football game. The same way that they are are counted on to invest in the organization. It depends. Really, it looked like that in particular these guys out there look down at the you know, how it is. The play deepest defenses about attitude really about this muscle. If you play one defense all night, you should be able to put on a better performance than what the raiders did last night. They like a team that's broken. They look like a team that has lost. Its will. They look like a team that knows that they're building for the future. And when you're building for the future, it's hard to keep guys invested. It's hard to keep guys playing to their potential and putting in the work in order to put on better performances than that. And that falls on the coats at Bozon organization because. They have laid their cards out there about what they're trying. But Louis what is the future? They have no identity right now. He's completely lost the team. And I'm just watching a former player that effort. There's no effort on the offensive side. There's no effort on the defensive side. And you mentioned it's simple stuff. We're talking about a boot away. We know how Shanahan's going to do yet. They act like they never practiced it before. So I said, okay. The immediate is that they stink the future is what there's no identity who aren't they? Like like most teams, you know what? Because of all the draft picks that they have coming up in two thousand nine hundred thousand twenty. They're going to sell hope, and that's what you know. A lot of fan base is unfortunately are relegated to believing in. Which is hope next year. It's going to. It was great. There's no question Jonathan he's got a lot to prove a lot. He's going to have to win back. A lot of fans 'cause they can tell you this. You believe what you want to believe about Twitter Twitter isn't always just jump. There's a lot of junk on Twitter. But there's also a lot of passionate fans on Twitter who go there to express their feelings, and I can tell you this raider nation. It's ticked. They do. Not like, they don't like the fact that it seems as though they are selling the present this down the river in look to talk. They don't let one of the best game changers right now a little MAC, you don't get rid of guys. Like, they just don't get rid of players like that. I'm watching this guy and say man, I would love to have had him on my team know as look as someone who wore those colors, and I can tell you that look I believe John when he says this there's a lot of players who do want to be called raiders who do want to say, I wore the silver and black at one time because I'll tell you this when you put it on and you hear the raider anthem plan when you come out of the tunnel in the raider rats are going crazy and the people in the black hole or going crazy. It does make you feel different. But this makes you feel different in a bag. Kind of way because you feel the people aren't looking out for you. It is worth a reminder also that the people who are currently rooting for them are going to be left behind soon. This is a franchise that hitting the reset button in twenty twenty when they move into a new stadium in Las Vegas. And so well these draft picks come together, maybe they'll have it together then. But for the great football fans of Oakland is the way it's going to meanwhile, much better game. We debate on Sunday night. Packers patriot Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady meeting for only the second time as starters, we all can't wait to see it. And you know what? Probably we all should be looking forward to hearing it too. You're going to see everything you probably want to see on that position. Thomas guy grew up watching I watch his game. And it makes me want to get out there and practice and improve sounds top this game for over a decade when MVP's went Super Bowls. You know, he's he's been a phenomenal player in this league. To throw the football. You know, unlike anyone in the history to league play against Aaron Rodgers, very very difficult. He's as good as anybody that I'd faced what he's done. It a quarterback is I think it's been it's inspiring. If you want to study how to play quarterback then you need to watch that game Sunday night. He can do everything that quarterback needs to do. He's got every Gill you need to be a great quarterback. I think Erin one of the best ever to play the game. He's gonna find championship. So that ends most discussion. Tell you don't need me to tell you. These guys are great. But let's give you a little taste of why no quarterback ever has owned the middle of the field. More than Tom Brady since he SPN began tracking QBR in two thousand six Brady leads all quarterbacks with an eighty six out of a possible. One hundred on passes between the numbers they throw the tight end. They throw to the running back. How about Aaron Rodgers he thrives on his ability to improvise he's been on sixty four touchdowns from outside the pocket over the last ten years. No other quarterback has done for more than thirty seven in that time sixty four versus the next closest at thirty seven. So that's just a taste of what makes these guys special and unique to each other John you face to them both what is different about going up against Brady versus going up against Rogers. What would Tom Brady I remember going against game planning for him going against him? He can come out in literally any personnel grouping and beat you with before the first half for the whole game until you try. Until you stop it. And if you did try and stop it, then he'd come back with another personnel. Another formation another grouping, and he was extremely accurate and extremely successful. Aaron Rodgers we always used to say everybody's lot. Everybody's on every receiver the whole play is alive because he would go. He would scramble at improvise and Lyrica Chuck at the other side of the field on target for touchdown. So it was it was a great match up on talking one in one eight between Brady and Rogers, but Brady was much more difficult to debate. I think with what Tom in Aaron the contrasting styles in this game were very interesting with Tom you're talking about a surgeon a guy who is very very meticulous in terms of just done as you just laid out as far as he's going to pick in probe and find where it is that you are weak, and he will continue to its would when you that down. He will pick in probe and find your next week this and that also is a testament to Josh mcdaniels. They're one of the best. And you're right. That about owning the middle middle of the field since I joined the SPN I've been talking about this because when I played for Bill bell. That's all he talked about the fend the middle of the field in attack the middle of the field because it's the quickest way to really just take the will out of a football team. And they do it better than anybody in the history of the game with Aaron he's an artist right everything for him. Like, they can come out in one personnel grouping the same formation, and they do a lot. There's not a lot of creativity to this offense. But you're right with her next. He's going to dry deep. It's Beck's crazy. Yes. Because it's never going to be on time. It's never going to be in rhythm. Which means you're going to hear the word plaster, plastic plaster in practice all this week meeting this when the play goes on schedule find a guy and cover them because Aaron will throw an eighty or it could throw at eight it doesn't matter which so you have your work cut out for you. There is so much to look forward to in that game. I tell you what this is the best football weekend of the year. And we are just getting started previewing all of it for you. Coming up here on get up this morning as we speak of all time. Great quarterbacks. Drew Brees has led the saints to six wins in a row. We'll show you exactly what he needs to do to make it seven straight in the monster NFC showdown this weekend against the Rams and keeping the conversation on the bayou LSU. Only shot and an upset will be decided by their defense. We'll tell you what they need to do to stop tour and the tide coming up next. But first we have this trivia LSU was a fourteen and a half point underdog against Alabama tomorrow night that begs the question who was the last coach to beat Nick Sabin as a fourteen point dog or longer. The answer is next to get started on Friday get up on ESPN. Get up is brought to you by McDonalds. Before we go to Baton Rouge trivia here Jonathan Vilma LSU was a fourteen and a half point dog against Sabin Saturday who's the last coach to beat Sabin as a fourteen points or more under. I'm going Jean to all burn two thousand thirteen not even close. It was Bob stoops Oklahoma beat Alabama. Does you said was right? Goes eight. Oh, my God the setup that is what we call him. Hembo with that thought we bring in David Pollock who is in Baton Rouge for game day tomorrow for the game of the century. And we've been talking about it already a bit this morning. David remarkable that in a one vs three battle the team on the road is a fourteen point favorites. So if LSU wants to make this a fourth quarter game watch the one most important thing they need to do. The better start fast. Alabama is one of the fastest starting games in the country with average twenty one points per first quarter Grady, so they get out the blocks really really quick you've been out the blocks quick Devon white suspended your best player on defense. So they better start fast. They're not a team that's Bill that can that can play catch. They're not a passing team. They gotta stay exceptionally balanced. So they'd better start really really quickly. If they want to make this competitive ballgame, we all understand the enormous playoff implications of this game. Then there are some other places to look in the first rankings this week. Michigan is five Ohio State is ten. So the winner of the big ten feels as though what has a path to the playoff, which of those teams, do you? Trust more. I trust Michigan more right now. And that's hard to say. Because Michigan the last couple years hasn't been trust worthy. Defensively. Feel like they're one of the best in the country. Sean Gary should be back in the next couple of weeks out imagine, maybe even for Penn State, and that makes him even more dangerous, but their running game is is better than it's been in years past they have an identity shape. Patterson, I trust Michigan more. If you watch Ohio State too, many Dag on big plates too much to to to little running the football team that I mean, it's up and down competitive against Minnesota competitive and games that it shouldn't be competitive with their talent level. So I definitely trust Michigan more than I trust Ohio State and then tomorrow night at the same time, basically as LSU Alabama. I'll be in Evanston for northwestern Notre Dame, which is a very big game. For of reasons, Ken, Ken my beloved northwestern. Wildcats pull off what would be a huge upset. Of course, they can greenie that they've been doing it this year. I mean, if you look at northwestern Clayton Thorson getting more healthy protecting him better of late. They they had a seventeen point lead against Michigan. They blew it. But they were competitive game. They've already beaten Wisconsin. They've got some big wins this season north western is a really really good football team. I think their defense can absolutely one percent kiva minute stymie the run game for Notre Dame. Notre Dame's than Pat on the back. Here's another thing. To greenie Notre Dame went all the way across the country last week. The San Diego comes all the way back. Now, gotta go to north western. I think you know, Notre Dame better be ready to play because north Western's gain ISM stain. They're a fun team to watch and Clayton. Thorson? It might not be the best numbers all the time. But he's found a way lately to get big wins. And find a way to get things done. I can have this conversation literally forever. We'll be watching tomorrow morning, David. And so his a pleasure college game day tomorrow in Baton Rouge now to the big game of the weekend in the NFL. So the state of Louisiana is the epicenter of the football world this weekend. You got the game tomorrow night. And then Sunday, we have saints Rams in a battle for the top of the NFC and anything you want to show me about this game. I want to see well, I'll tell you. What what we're going to talk about here is about owning the middle of the field. Again, we talked about what the patriots patriots generally team like the one in the middle of field the saints like to two and they better on the middle of the field, especially when drew was on the football field, and he's going up against the Rams defense because that is where Mr. Donald resides. So this is take a look at this area right here from guards to guard. This is where the saints are going to have to be solved because one of these guys right here. Yeah. It's going to be number ninety nine there. And Donald the other one's going to be Michael Brock the other may be Indomesia consume. So let's just take a look at the saints try to do here. They're gonna try and make sure that they secure the pocket, and they're going to try and get Michael Thomas right here on a crossing route out of this twelve personnel, which is too wide. Receivers tight ends in one back against the Redskins based defense and they want to get him matched up. On this guy right here a linebacker, which I have been saying for the ramp all year long is one of their weaknesses. So let's let's take a look at it here. Let the play run until brute drew hits the top of his drop. Now, you see pockets secure. This is what it's going to have to look like against the Rams have probably won't Aaron is going to be back here somewhere. But now look exactly what they got. They got Michael Thomas on linebacker, and they do it better than anybody. They put their personnel and situations to match up against guys who they know that they can beat and Michael just going to run a crossing around and is gonna throw it. He's gonna hit his back foot. And he's going to let it go and watch it. It's right on the money. They've been doing this all year long. They've been doing it. Drew's entire career down there in New Orleans because someone Peyton will not play any favorites. As far as he's gonna go after if you still a weakness he's coming to get you. He's going to attack the ribs linebackers in the middle of fields. And I can tell you this now Marcus Peters who was acquired by the Rams in order to be shutdown type of corner green. If you watch the Rams lately, and I know you've been trying to poke holes in them and Ryan Ryan Clark. Has not happy. He's not happy. Look, they're gonna go after Marcus Peters. Michael Thomas is going to go after Marcus Peters. So what's that watch number thirteen for the saints? Watch him on the outside against Peter's watch him on the inside against these linebackers and watch the middle of the line of the New Orleans Saints if they don't block ninety nine it's over. I think they'll be able to handle it enough to where drew has the ball last. They wind down there. And so to simplify it. The key matchup here is can the saints. Give breeds enough time against the weakness of the Rams defense, which is their backside. Absolutely. Look it's going to be about air and getting pressure up. The middle will Dante Ballard do now when he's got all these one on ones that'll be about sue and be about rockers. Isn't it? Look, there's this matchup galore in this game that are gonna be fun to watch. But drew drew was an artist, and he's gonna paint a masterpiece, I believe in Sunday down at the Superdome, pellet Rogers. And Brady are the stars. People will talk about that. But this is the biggest game. Yeah. The NFL weekend and could easily determine where the NFC championship game winds up being played. All right coming up here. Alabama looks like a clear favourite to capture. Another championship. We'll tell you why the tide aren't the only team looking to go back to back plus NBA history was made last night in an unexpected place. We'll show you one player who put his name on a list above Jordan and magic don't miss. If you're a smoker. Switching isn't easy. You've tried vapes. Andy six they just didn't deliver the satisfaction. You expected jewel is different. It's not an e cigarette. It's vapor product that actually satisfies plus Jewess simple to use. And there's no cigarette. Ashen no lingering odor as a smoker. You expect a certain nicotine experienced right jeweled delivers give Julie try check O J U, L dot com slash sports. Switch and be satisfied. Yes. You can do both. Warning. This product contains nicotine is an addictive chemical. We are back on get up throwing up all around the NFL Jonathan Vilma. Nick Mullins was spectacular in his NFL debut. What made him so good? He was able to get into rhythm burly. It was going to get open scouting. So you had. Over the targets. Everything was going. That's what look at the Phil effort. Not argue with great topic Mon man take advantage of this the raiders resting their starters for twenty twenty next to some of the games this weekend. Louis Steelers ravens is the key in this rivalry game this weekend. It's going to be about Joe flacco playing the first matchup when it's also going to be about the Steelers played better in the secondary. Not giving up too many big play. Then when the other side of the ball going to be about can Ben Rothlisberger handle ravens, deepest that that's gonna come and bring the house against it. And they are masters at turning the ball over. It's going to be on Connor continue the miraculous absolutely spectacular two thousand eighteen that he's having and it'll beyond the ball. Tony Brown producing some big play. Because in that first game. The big plays all came from the enormous game a very competitive division in that AFC north the next game lions Vikings Jonathan Vilma in big one in the. NFC north the Kate. Yeah. The keys the run game for the lion. They have been very very good running the ball when they're doing. Well, they don't have Kate anymore. But Matt Patricia struggle keeping that run game going against the Seahawks last week the the run game down and law. So they figure out how to run the ball. Vikings defense if they can have a chance to win if they don't it could be Vikings member the lines traded away. Go take this week, which was interesting move for a team coming up one bad loss. But certainly still in the playoff picture to some degree. Let's go to the next game here. Louis Riddick Chaves will face the Browns in Cleveland. Let me point out ninety six percent of the public money is on Kansas City. That's an indication. You look the other way. What do you think of this one here for Baker Mayfield? It's gonna be what kind of does he show now that they have wholesale changes in Cleveland? Now, you know, I guess they have all the problems that they have had so far in Baker better. We're gonna see we just wanna see make some. Incremental improvement not turning the ball over getting the ball out of his hands quickly. Like he so early on when he started playing and playing with more competence. And then for the chiefs is going to be about batch homes in the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs not having a letdown in a game. Whereas you already alluded to everyone expects them a win. When everyone expected to win. Don't correct. This would be stunner. But if you look at maybe not Jonathan chargers Seahawks. What do you have? Well, I have the Seahawks fans gotten a lot better over the past four. We finally playing defense. We remember the legion the boom they're playing. This is Hugh. Tally with the defense against that Elliott Carter's office rivers Bill playing a nominal place pays a nominal rating willing that team right now. I haven't doing the wild part into play off the ten they slow down this chargers offense. Russell wilson. He's gonna give me twenty points. Usually we need a twenty seventeen game. One win one more game. Louis Riddick Atlanta Washington falcons trying to play their way back in skin off to a really solid start. What do you think? Yeah. With the Redskins. It's really sticking with the running game here on your screen. Put ten developing big play component as far as a downfield passing it if they can get that going. If could start letting go and putting up some big plays, Paul Richardson consent healthy because he's their primary. This is a very very dangerous football team folks because on deep there's gonna play championship caliber if Adrian Peter thinking keep drinking from that. They're gonna run it down your throat. It's can they get up. Over the top of opposing team secondary. Because you know, this the falcons about can light it up in a hurry on offense. They're not gonna play defense. You know what? But they up on offense for the Redskins. They had to do the same way. I don't. Washington. Look, I mean in that division Philly making the big acquisition of the receiver. So we'll see if they start turning it on if you get the sense from that it is a huge and fell weekend. I'm gonna pick every winter towards the end of this hour. Meanwhile, in the NBA, you probably didn't wake up this morning thinking about the Aaron FOX, but you probably should have. He's set career highs with thirty one points fifteen says and ten boards for his first career triple double and Sacramento wanted straight game reading I get that Atlanta's bad, but the kings are six three, and here's what I was talking about Darren FOX became the youngest player in history, but thirty points, ten boards and fifteen this in a game, the hind as you see your magic, Mike the also joined the Bron the only players league history with a thirty point triple double before turning twenty one. And I'll say because I know you're thinking he has better hair than all the rest of them put together. Then there's this guy. Also, good air and his freakishly talented. My preseason. Big for MVP. Joe Alabi had a big night. Sixers not to a great start. But if you were playing fantasy you love Joe while I'm beads night last night. He has played his best basketball of the season coming off of Sixers losses doing it last night. If you see there with the forty one point in the four games, he's played coming up losses and beat his averaging thirty two points and nearly fifteen boards with a plus minus of plus forty three they need consistency. But he's been occasionally spectacular. Okay. And Celtics last night with the World Series champion Red Sox. They're boys thing the trooping in the midst of the celebration and Janas back in the lineup for the last unbeaten team in the league in Milwaukee. Here is on getting it going. Spin move has Gordon Hayward Yata showing the moves in the paint. He was thirty three and grabbed eleven rebounds, the euro step there. He's doing every which way still more Yana still in the first with the finger roll of core forty in the paint in the first happened. They were down two at halftime of the third quarter would belong to kyri Irving and particularly from three using the screen there from Horford fifteen straight Celtics points from Kyrie he was six twelve from three south of franchise record twenty three pointers in the first three quarters fourth quarter. They continue the barrage from downtown Jason Tatum getting into the he would score twelve cynically is six later. They're up by three. It's kyri. Second verse same as the first actually much more than second. They would make twenty four threes. But the game would finish what twenty eight less than thirty seconds ago walking still has a chance with the chance. Can't get it to go Celtics. Get the rebound. Would hold on to win one seventeen to one thirteen. And so for more insight in that game. Let's bring engineer Guba came back. I've been Bristol as the Celtics not the last unbeaten and they'd beaten a lot of the big teams as you watch the Celtics play right now. What is the biggest impact you seeing on their team? Well, the biggest impact in the biggest question, obviously is the return of Gordon Hayward, and Kyrie Irving, and I know from personal experience it's not easy to be one hundred percent game one. But with about seven games under their belt. They'll take and their stars are rounding into form. You know, kyri is back when he's clown people out the dribble. Gordon Hayward is also back when he landed on that left leg yesterday push through the pain and finished with the season. High eighteen this team is special in relies largely on the integration of Boston stars. So when I see both of those two players who had top injuries. But then also bounce back for about seven or eight games. I something says the team to beat in the east not the raptors even though coach Brad Stevens think so fair enough you might get some arguments there, and then let's talk about. Quickly about Milwaukee and the MVP candidate and Janas again, they were the last unbeaten. They fall night is he right now the early leader for the early. Repeatedly as great Steph. Curry has been for the word shooting the ball great. Lebron has been trying to research. The Lakers Jaanus is the most important player to his team in the NBA. You will see that man. Contest at the rim on one end. And then go and finished like right there on the other. He's averaging about twenty six thirteen in five. But this is the winning edge for me. It's supporting cast and they're better this year. You saw they were unbeaten until last night. If Chris Middleton who's one of the most underrated players in the NBA, Malcolm Brogdon of former rookie of the year Eric Bledsoe. After the trade has a year under his about if these guys continue to win at this rate. I can see you on the Greek freak has MVP this year. All right pleasure to see as always say next time. You're in town thanking always and now let's jump to the college football because there's a team that people don't talk much about. We all know who they are the twenty seventeen national champs of swords you see taking their twenty game win streak into a game against temple. That's Anthony Russo for temple finding van tell Brian temple out of thirty four. Twenty eight lead at four hundred forty five first-half yards quarter UCF down thirty four twenty eight that's Greg McCray. Look at breaking tackles for thirty two yard touchdown about thirty five thirty four later in the third look at this tackler. Cac watch this McKenzie Milton to Michael cool Yali spectacular grabbing UCS lead is eight. It's still an eight point game in the fourth. This russo. This is Brian. That's a touchdown temples. Gotta go for the two is trying to pull off what would be a huge win. Any major upset Russo Jagger gardeners stopped short of the goal line. The UC fans continue to celebrate they want. Bannon don't think they're gonna get that chance. But they get a fifty to forty win will finish another season unbeaten happy, I expect them to at least seventy five percent chance to win each of their remaining games. Throw in one more in the conference championship on December. I UCF as thirty eight percent chance to winter. Both. And undefeated, so Jonathan Vilma. This would be the second straight here. They would do that. Is there any circumstance that you could see in which they wind up one of the last four or is there is very unlikely. If you have two more losses to Michigan, Ohio state, Oklahoma LSU, and then some other stuff happens. They just maybe to get it. So to be clear what you're saying is they need all these other teams that we traditionally think of has not just two losses three. Yeah. They need to more losses. They already have Florida ranked ahead with two losses. So they're saying that even these two loss teams still be better than you undefeated. So they need to relaunch by all these teams. I think in the centrally what you're saying tear. It's a chance there's don't count on. Meanwhile, that's one run the option here with Jonathan normally hear this while asking you watch the game with the biggest impact and watch the most interesting, but we all understand what the game of the is you tomorrow night. So. What can LSU do on to score again family? They needed confused that Alabama defense I've seen it. When Mizzou went up against Alabama defense with the ships with the motions they start busting coverages LSU has to be more creative on offense. If they wanna score point. You're not just gonna wind up and sit there and think you're going to run it down throat a pass it on you have to be better on. Yeah. This isn't one of Nick's great defenses in Alabama that some of that may have to do still good enough. Yeah. And it may have to do with the way scoring points on the other side. So let's go to that. Then what does LSU need to do defensively? The slowdown to and company. They need to create pressure with happened with two he's so comfortable sitting in the pocket, but three four five seconds binding. His man down field LSU has create pressure with the brunt. Poor. Because you can't let's blitz them. He's going to be able to see the blitz and he's gonna throw to man, and it's going to be such. So you had the find the four guys that moved to one side of the other Cree pressure. Get him off his office. Rhythm early. And that that's not the only game on the slate this weekend that has consequence. Let's go to upset alert came here ranked team. You could see falling again. Oh, I can easily. See Michigan fall in this weekend. I know James Franklin his record is horrible on the road. I twenty five team, but they are desperate team talking about Penn State. They need to win James Franklin Meads to win this game. Well, if you hear the rumblings from the banned from the booth about their next year, so I can see upset with. It's all things goin' Penn. State team going to play Michigan and beating them on the road. That would be fascinating. All this talk about Michigan. Whether or not they make it to the national championship. This is their last turtle before they get the buckeyes. Yes. Exactly. So they need this victory. That's the game that we would expect. Okay. And we take you through the NFL and the basketball and the college football, and we are just getting started. I'm get up this morning. Still to come is it over for former number one pick in Tampa. We just get on ESPN. One of the big stories of the NFL weekend passed it was James Winston benched Tampa against internet after throwing four picks. Ryan Fitzpatrick coming in showing you the it's magic and now named the starter for this weekend's game against Carolina yesterday James asked if he sees himself on the bucks a year from now. Hopefully, hopefully, I know him when we work my tail off to be ready when my time comes again. So right now, that's that's what I'm going to do. It's a setback. But it's a modest for major comeback. I've never been in this situation before so I have to learn to grow. I have no choice. I'm really interested in this. From your front office perspective, you see understand the ramifications of the decisions that an organization is making. How do you see what they've done here with James and his future? This is a tough one for me. I don't think it's going to be good for Jameson Tampa Bay because look right now has a fifth year option about twenty million dollars almost twenty million dollars for two thousand nineteen that's guaranteed for injury. Meaning if he gets hurt it's guaranteed for two thousand nineteen is not guaranteed skilling cap right now. And that means they're going to take a whisk having a guarantee that thousand nineteen continue to put him out on the put ball field. And he does get hurt. And they in fact, aren't sure he's going to be their quarterback at the right now to me doesn't look like it's going to be. I think there's a trust issue. There's a trust issue. Obviously feel there's a trust issue on the field. Those said he had against Atty could easily been six easily. They dropped to. So could have been six it could have been one of those games where you literally go. Okay. That's it. That's enough. I don't know. I don't know what they're thinking is down there. I'm just saying this if I'm Jason light if I'm buccaneers management considering the entire body of work. I am seriously considering moving on, and I probably I've look I've already said I would have moved on by this point anyway, just because of the trust factor. Simple as that. I just don't know if this guy is willing to be to do the kind of things. Even within there. You look at their division. They have drew Brees. Matt Ryan, Kevin. They're not going anywhere. They're not going to the playoffs. It's always been a rotation of the saints Panthers. And the falcons going to play. Also, he's not adding any value. I like James Winston. I think he's a good quarterback. But he's not going to take the books anywhere. And frankly, no quarterback is gonna take the books anywhere. They need more than just a quarterback. They other positions not supposed to be good quarterback. He was the number one pick in the draft who came in. As highly rated, I think guys like Andrew lock. You you still believe he's a good quarterback? Have you seen nothing that you would be moving on from him? I've seen enough I would move on them. And I've seen a bunch of number one quarterbacks that were just good. They weren't great. And he's one of those quarterbacks who was pick number one all these high expectations. He's just good. He can't beat his own division. That's about it. The the bucks problems are not just his the defense has been dreadful. They should have moved on from Mike Smith along time ago as far as deep as a coordinator concerned in their secondary awful. They're scheme has been awful. They give up yardage is easy as I mean. It's it's disgusting. Watching them play deep. They need a lot of help GM has a lot of work to do on. Fortunately, I think he's going to have a lot of work to do as far as finding the next. I understand that. But I mean, it is inescapable that when Ryan Patrick is on the field. They put up. I'm not arguing I'm not arguing with said, I would have moved on. And that is a big issue now. Because now it's easy to say moving on. It's this what is your next best alternative because it's not the long. You can't keep Bryan his next three four. That's what makes it a bigger problem. It's an enormous problem draft a quarterback number one. And you miss if indeed we believe they haven't missed. It is something that sets your program back for years. And that is where they are sitting now in the very complicated place of making a decision whether or not they're ready to give up on the number one overall pick. All right. Let's go back now to Baton Rouge. You. Pusher smell to be the best that you can be. Turned into robbery. Two throws. Now comes up big. They don't have. Big games. Office in the SEC. As we look ahead to the first monster game of the college football season. No one better to preview Alabama LSU than the the math of the south Paul finebaum. Who's whether here. Let's start with this. There are many people myself included who believe Alabama is like the Golden State of college football. No one can play with him. This feels like the one spot. They're gonna fall if they're gonna fall how does LSU beat them. They have to find some way. I don't know how they do this screening of intimidating to of shattering their confidence that can happen. With a mistake early in the game. Fumble an interception. Scooping score unfortunately injury because to has just been unstoppable year. He was banged up one game affected him. But if he is healthy of Alabama doesn't lose the game. Really? I don't see a path. Now, the one thing that hasn't favorite in spite of the crowd and all speak of tiger stadium. Is Devon white is not playing in the first half. I give Mike walk the offense coordinator in favor of aggressive. I say that because in years path remember saving was LSU when our national championship there when he used to face west miles in these games of the century every year he was he knew he had to avoid mistakes. He was conservative and you saw ten ten to seven half times. I don't think you'll see that Saturday vastly different Alabama on different ways. They go about trying to win. I'm surrounded by LSU players here on get between. Ryan Clark had Marcus spears and booger McFarland. We're always talking in the one thing. Ryan Clark said to me was. Every week Alabama goes out on the field, and they faced guys who are scared of them who basically look at them and don't feel they're they're equal. Not this week the LSU kids those players they recruited by the same schools. They believe there is good as Alabama. Is that true? It's true that they're not intimidated. But there's there's no way anyone on that LSU team really thinks that they can match Alabama. All eventually, they can't job is a service quarterback people hate Monica. But it's true. They don't have any offense at LSU that I think can can stay with Alabama in a shootout. They would have their defense is very good. The one thing I think maybe the candidates game is Alabama's defense. We're talking about it as if it's terrible. It's just not one of saving a leaky. But it's good. And it's probably good enough to slow bro down in that may be all being need to do. So then let's talk about what's at stake with Alabama wins. They are probably looking at a clear path to an undefeated season. Getting the SEC championship game. We'll see what happens from there. So that's easy. And it it probably eliminates LSU. Two losses more than even if they deserve probably more consideration than they get. How about on the other side? If Alabama loses a close game. Do you believe they still find themselves on the final four, I think they could. But because they have been dominating the one thing that will be used against him is the schedule. They they have nothing to hang their hat on right now. Their best win is at home against Texas, which could lose Auburn, and ultimately could lose Hugh five. Log team the win the Louisville beginning work. Even if they're losing team. They get nothing out of that. I have a problem there with the committee. All right, then it is the first game of the century for this season. They will be others reason why the playoff is perfect. As it is you get a post season game on the first weekend in November. Coming up we go back to the NFL. You don't have much time. And you need to know who's going to win every game. While I've got you covered. All my picks in the blink of an eye next. Hiring is all about finding the right person for the role. That's why when it comes to posting your job go where you have access to engage community that people. Visit every day Lincoln mostly than members haven't recently visited the top job boards, but nine out of ten members are open to new opportunities. And with seventy percent of the US workforce Lincoln posting on linked in is the best way to get your job opportunity in front of more of the right people. It's no wonder new hires made every ten seconds using Lincoln Lincoln dot com slash get up for fifty dollars off your first job post. That's Lincoln dot com slash get up to get fifty dollars off your first job post. Terms and conditions apply.

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