TPC: Listener Question Time: Are Heat waves Down To Climate Change?


Hello welcome to the people's countryside environments break cost. Thanks so much being with us. I'm one of the house william ankle. There was another co host in. The room isn't there. We're recording my lounge and central excited students. I say pedrosa. Pedro we got an. I aim to be a friend in your ear. Join these strange times. we We we stopped having guests at the beginning of lockdown because always one of the most vulnerable and couldn't mix of people questions people can't move around as freely and do we want to be careful with this as much as we possibly can anyway. We have questions some you. The listeners got dozens of low. End up in the next kenny. In pembrokeshire south wales. Yes i would say at this point that we all work in through every single questions of you have sent a question and it might be several months before we get to it because we are going to answer every single question that they sent to us. Yeah we're setting ourselves up first of all. They're in some respects so can even pembrokeshire. He's set today's question. He listens on overcast A small podcasting platform. Yeah i think we had. Some new from pocket costs few a few other poker. There are so many parts platforms out. There that were were the are out there that were on is well but some of them are not even even where we are because there because we we go through a platform called anchor it gives it to the main platforms and then then those disseminate into small platforms and they probably seven even spoiler platinum saying they might one we might be on a podcast. Powerful mobile with the podcast. And if you're listening whatever obscure planet platform you're listening on And you want to support a second support some patron william safire patriots. Away of Sponsoring this every month There are different tiers and different awards. Go check out. The patriot dot com the four slash the people's countryside and have a look and we'd be very much appreciative of you could help support this. Podcast moving forward. We want to do this for by for as long as we can do it right. Yeah it'd be great to actually do food timing for a fool for life into it out entirely agree with that yes. There's the air of this is to debate big world schuyler issues and then for all of us to because we were custodians of the countryside And in the environment whatever form it takes around us and we the these conversations you'll you'll be inspired to change something Cat about the environment in your local area of the people's countryside because we all have to be involved disallow us all the countryside is ours and we lead workshops and did walks out in nature. How we doing those the moment but we are open to small socially distance groups. What would a workshop going to look like well. Quite often is based around. The alphabet isn't so myself and steer will do we. When we do any workshops together we base around the alphabet and each will take a letter in turn and it will be a word based upon our experiences and our knowledge says students very much around wildlife and the environment. I'm more around photography and more creative ideas but always with that nature adamant and always with the whole idea of engaging with the nature around engaging with the world around you know about learning what the names of the trees will birds are. It's just being aware and appreciate what's around us actually going out into nature and understanding how how important it is to you and that's the first step to actually wanting to protect the many people say we do foraging whistle one step in front of foraging. We designed to get people out into the nature and then not be worried about. What can i in the name of this plan or anything like. She's getting people out start. I taken that first those first few steps into nature again. We haven't been allowing yourself time in it reminding you of what maybe what you're missing and what you need in your life apart the package of what we do and you just mentioned that we have forgotten recently to be doing the the letters we why back in the archive material. We were picking a letter that related to nature photography. We got to the letter v and then we forgot all of our. we did. Yeah we did have to pick up with w is failing. We've got a lot listener hanging on every every every move. We get listener for every episode. That just waiting for the next letter. Exactly the next one will be w at some point. Anyway we beg onto the question. Kenny from pembrokeshire white. And so long for this and and we've taken so long to get to the question Okay the question is from kenny. Is the epidemic or pandemic on the recent heat wave in britain when we had thirty four degrees across four or five consecutive days down to manmade climate change. I'm not sure about kobe. Don't have enough information about how caveat even started i had this impression that it was somebody impacts in china bomb probably completely Far off the mark and probably started conspiracy theories on sin penguins. What's pangolin pangolin. Is sort of like a small mammal with very large scales. And in shoney's mention the chinese skyros eaten all you just so. Yeah the cups. I don't have coverage is it'd be difficult to really for my knowledge to understand that question but we definitely are in in getting warmer summers. Even the last two or three years. I can tell a a trend in warmer summers an osce a lot more periods of long periods of dry in this country which you know the uk is very well known Especially certain parts of the uk while spin example. There's always jokes about wells being always raining and Kennison fabric the asa. You'll probably used to it. Kenny right But has been a lot drier. Lot recent and not very long periods of dryness. I feel so. I think there has been you can you. Can you must be the star of what we're we're going to expansion in the future with the you know you could argue that. He got climate ecological emergency that some people think we're in odd. Believe we're in the the fact it might jump from animals to humans. The that is indicative of inviting that spiced the the boundaries between the two are jungles where we can shuming animals. Huge right is the way we live the way we live potentially could cause climate change potentially could calls so there is potentially a correlation there. But but it's got to talk about the the the heat wave we add in the uk of four or five days of thirty four degrees consecutive or and the cable thing cannot be put down to climate change. I don't think it's it's very read. Any one occurrence can ever be put down to climate change. Ecological grosses is what you said just now a period of process a series of cumulative changes the that is that can be put down to climate change. Do you think we're all almost waiting for that moment. In the film forever the change there was a great. It was a really good good film. Several years ago. i'm trying to remember the name of it I think it's the day off smarter. Have you ever seen that film. It talks about climate change in the film. It happens very rapidly. We're talking over a period of weeks potentially months at the very most sometimes days. Maybe that's what we're waiting for us like we're talking about climate change. Climate change the climate emergency. We're expecting the stock to sunday. Leap up to a fifty sixty seventy degrees. But it's not going to do that. It's it's an these things take a long time. But in the respect of the earth's history is actually a very short time as well as same time. Say there. There is definitely things happening. There's also the other element of Kennedy's question which is manmade climate. Change i want to take out the is this the actual always this man made. I want to take out of that to you said Y you know watching a film to we do. We think we're in a film is that was do. We actually think we're in it but yeah potentially I think though socially some people who believe it or not even this this isn't even a reality. this is a this is a matrix style. Reality seventy down that view. Nobody believed that until the matrix food came out. Nobody even at that idea did they did they. I would have thought somebody. Yeah philosophers talk about this type of thing anyway Boys reality and all that sort of thing but that's quite quite as may be going in the wrong direction for this. I think that maybe maybe we all waiting for Something to change rather than trying to change ourselves. That's maybe the narrative. I don't really think we can debate this much more Apart from saying that have to be careful. We're saying on this. Is you know these fall as or this this day or whatever is down to climate change is econ- put one thing down to it. I think we we. We tried to give action to most of our episodes. And i think maybe the best action you can you can take. It comes to understanding climate change and understanding whether it's human caused or not. I mean it could easily be a mixture of both royal if you're if you're Feel and ice play bacon in the sunshine. You know the sun the sun will actually heat up. But you're actually putting you on heat into it so it could be. We're going through these cycles of The sun have more activity in that type of thing. But i think probably probably the best thing to do and action to take away with you is is to really to look around at around looking into look for information and a look as many sources you possibly can from all over the world in a scientists are working right around the globe with this. This is not just one country. It's not just one politics. One point of view and form your view from that. I mean it's almost reflecting on the previous question from craig in doesn't it try to show opinion on on on on on lots of different losses of if the nation and bring it all together. It's interesting point you made about some of it may be manmade climate. Change somebody nacho. Where is the lawing between man-made or natural in. Is that moi login understanding that long i i would say say say. There's a house on fire right. Maybe it's much bigger than analogy house is on fire and somebody's pouring petrol not fire right so the fire was not true. But we're pouring. Petula what do you do east especially ill defined will still be happening. But you're taken away the you'll take it away you can control so if there is an element that is natural. This is a natural cycle. Br exasperate were exasperated that natural that natural cycle then. Let's try best to stop pushing in that direction. So like he's pushing it. I can think of seven million analogies but it's like it's like trying to push a rock down the hill sort of thing. I said if you enjoy this podcast people's vitamin debate. Podcast listen to what we say. Hopefully inspires you to make a difference in your local environment countryside. And if you do ready value this podcast show your friends. Tell anybody about it. Yes show if that's going to be something that's gonna go. Oh that reminds me of my friend that reminds me if my sister i read. They would really like to hear this. Hear this for whatever reason it could be that they agree with it all. They've vehemently disagree with him. Is just descended in that direction with the best method however that is you know how you communicate with your friends and your family the pasta onto them. The best the best way you see fit and the next question. We've just question the from kenyon. Pembrokeshire south wales. Our next question is a cracker from wayne in real north wales okay. We'll have to. We'll have to release a christmas cracker. I love i was just a robbie coltrane actually as well. Frank qasim use it to add Well that shows you where slightly different ears. Okay we'll see you soon.

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