Death of the Doctor


<music> xtop every <music> <music> hello again everyone welcome back to next next. Stop everywhere the doctor who podcast I'm Charles skaggs back in the Tartus once again ready talk some doctor who or in this case the Sarah Jane Adventures once again with my favorite partner in time everyone's favourite partner time Jesse Jackson how you doing Jesse I am great Charles we <hes> before we hit the record button. We both are playing a little under the weather but we're fighting through it today Yeah Yeah you're apparently oh you're. You've been staying up a little later than normal. Yes I have and for good reasons but yes I am <hes> but I have done my homework. I watched this episode of the Sarah. Jane Adventures Ventures <hes> lots to talk about and I'm excited to visit with you as always well. I'm as always ready to visit with you. Of course <hes> s for me. I'm playing with a cold that I somehow picked up starting Thursday so I'm hoping that <hes> I can rebound from this before Thursday because yeah we you know that's we might be recording a second next up everywhere episode so this week we will be for this one here at episode one forty nine. We're GONNA talk death of the doctor and this was <hes> this is kind of the second <hes> Sarah Jane Adventures Story that we're GONNA talk about ear on next up everywhere <hes> this one written by Russell t davies directed by Ashley Way and the Third Serial of the Sarah Jane of Interest Series Four that aired on October Twenty Fifth and Twenty Sixth of two thousand ten this almost ten years old if you can believe it I when I I was looking at that and I I saw that <hes> you know I saw that kind of the I thought the same thing like wow that that doesn't seem like it's been that long but then again it does so yes ten years yeah yeah almost ten years <hes> starring Elizabeth Laden of course as Sarah Jane Smith once again <hes> Daniel Anthony of Clyde Langer Angie N._G._O.. Mahindra as Rani Chandra and Alexander Armstrong as Mr Smith and we get a little cameo from Tommy night as Luke Smith who's off college at this moment but <hes> so it's kind of like kind of written out of the show a little bit I was going to ask that and I go yeah. You know we're just I'm so bad about getting us off track but did did they just right the guy I I mean was he doing something else. The actor does I'm not sure I mean it's Kinda hard to say but <hes> he might have been doing college but but obviously they worked him into the episode but he is he not on the season very much <hes>. I don't know I don't think he was I think kind of starting at this point yeah. He was kind of like written out of the show a little bit were you. Did you watch them yeah I did I have I have them all. I don't know the D._V._d.. Sets so yeah. I just thought you might remember right off hand. It's been awhile it's been awhile since I've watched them all so but but I'm pretty sure that <hes> by this point yeah they had kind of written him out of the series but a little bit but kept him involve through little cameos like this okay <hes> can a marginalized him. You know a little bit <hes> guest cast of course this is a big one because we get Nat Smith as the eleventh doctor which means this is the only story that Russell t Davies has written for the eleventh doctor so this was after he had left the series on doctor who and Steven MOFFAT had taken over so he's writing a new doctor for him and does a pretty good job. I think a very good especially when you think about that <hes> you know he has not you know he's been very at least at the time he was really looking forward to being a doctor who fan again again when people would ask what he come back and rewrite he said no he he just wanted to enjoy Dr who right as a fan after the years of bringing back and working through so many <hes> this is a good way for him to return without really returning turning yeah and I will tell you I <hes> not to the stage of wishing we got another scene of crystal Akwesasne regret yes. I do have a little regret that we didn't get a Russell t davies take on Cappelli so far. We've not gotten a take on <hes> jody it. I just would've loved because he is. You could make the argument he's the father of modern who right though people might argue Moffitt but I would always give that credit and it would have liked. I wouldn't responsible for bringing the show back absolutely so <hes> you know there's always he's the chance and maybe he could do at Christmas special or something or some kind of special episode down the line. Yes <hes> he's just probably so busy doing other things other projects absolutely in an and I do know he said in an interview he was really looking forward to just being a fan again surprised the being entertained right so yeah yeah <hes>. I don't know if I could do that personally but <hes> you know maybe after if you're so involved with the show you don't WanNa you don't WanNa lose that fandom. So you want to kind a divorce yourself from the creative end of it. I guess yeah and I you know <hes> so you don't ruin being a fan of it like Russell. Waves is talking about yeah. He you know it's very clear he loved <hes> Dr Who and this was a dream. Come true by the way in <hes> I just on one of my other podcasts I do that. I never talk about <hes> the how many podcast which is basically excuse for it. If you lived in Dallas you will join us <hes> we meet about every three or four weeks and just record two or three episodes and it's basically just a bunch of US talking <hes> but we have a loose theme and we were talking about <hes> James Bond we did two or three James Bond episodes and I studied. That's up my house. Yeah we talked about <hes> the <hes> bond girls <hes> bought we talked about how many of the bond theme songs were actually great songs and then we actually went through every bond movie and said we establish all of them are good. But which ones do you really think of something special but I told the Russell t davies the story. He says that <hes> every time there's a new James Bond you just kind of pretend that the other James Bond's didn't exist you know us kind of Wink Wink wink but with Dr who you go and <hes> that my other other the other guys were not doctor who fan so. They thought that was an interesting way that you you don't acknowledge the past on James Bond while Dr who does so. I was thought that was a really great explanation when when Russell D Davis talked about that so yeah I know I know some fans of you know you know just through fan figure whatever just can't enough throughout the idea what what if James Bond is a time Lord because explain why he's he's absolutely different people play on the same role <hes> for me I just I take a very pragmatic approach because I am a big bond fan and you know I treat them. All as the same character just played by different actors like if you would on stage say hamlet it or whatever it's just it's not yeah. The hamlet is a time Lord. It's just hamlets played by different actors <hes> or or Jack Ryan or what have you <hes> and then you know <hes> but <hes> but it is kind of fun you know okay well yeah. He just happened to regenerate into from from Pierce Brosnan into Daniel Craig pre for example yeah and <hes> you remember Fox did a couple of seasons of the human target target yes. I love yeah by the way I really a well done show and <hes> and once again I I'm grateful we got two seasons. Yes I would have loved more but the idea that Christopher chance was a a role someone played and see could make the argument not only double o seven but James Bond is a a persona that M I six. Does you know that you and you could write that in where you are the new quote unquote James Bond of seven and you take on that persona right exactly yeah okay but what about really bad <hes> makeup aliens while the puppet kind of more like like puppets and we'll talk about that all right so let's get back to the guest cast really quick Ebbs La because I I have to mention <hes> this story is is if nothing else it's great not just because Matt Smith appears at it as the eleventh doctor's kind of a bonus level Dr Story Story we get the return of Katy Manning after all these years as Joe Jones not Joe Grant because she married <hes> her husband and <hes> you know that <hes> <hes> he <hes> <hes> Clip Professor Clifford Jones and I WanNa talk about him a little bit later but <hes> but yeah so now she's going by Joe Jones and obviously she's much older. <hes> she's a grandmother as we find out and then <hes> but katy manning still brings that kind of Kookiness that <hes> that little <hes> a little bit of a a little bit of hippy dippy <hes> charm that Joe Oh that she brought to the role as Joe in the seventies with during the Jon Pertwee Aaron. It's great to see her <hes> again we have the she's one of the few <hes> classic companions that have returned for the new era in it's a it was great to see her back as well so I everquest yes <hes> usually are the <hes> guidance missile or the Nagara Data Okay Yeah NAB system on the this show but <hes> I everquest the next next time we talk. I would like you to pick a perjury Joe Grant episode who look at got because well yeah. We do need to kind of talk about what we're going to talk about next month when you're back so so that's I'd love to do it pertwee story. We'll tell you because because I don't know a lot about her yeah and so I think we may have talked one episode a while back <hes> but I'm not sure but anyway I'd love to. Do you like to learn more about our heart. Yes I would yeah. That's that's that's cool. I'm always up for that and <hes> yeah we'll we'll be all over that <hes> also got Finn Jones introduced as Santiago Jones one of her grandchildren Felix a little familiar well that may be because hey a its iron-fist as in daily rand you know from the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the Netflix series I thought he looked familiar but you know I'm behind on my moral universe and so <hes> orphee seen them in the defenders which teams him up with Daredevil Luke Cage Jessica Jones and it's not going to happen but it would have been fun right. You know I've often asked that I wish Jamie's granddaughter <hes> played by the actress <hes> from game of thrones. I'm drawing a blank on her her name now but oh <hes> the headley yet no the <hes> you know nothing Jon snow. Oh Yeah you're talking about yeah so <hes> and I would have loved him to be a companion. I I haven't this this desire for a so something I think we have I have this burning desire to have a second. Third generation companion joined the doctor. I just that is one of my on my Bingo card of wishes of doctor who that would be Kinda cool. Yeah you know somebody the the the the progeny of a companion and yes you know in a way we kind of did because hey river song yes but yeah not really not really not really I get where you're talking about. Though and <hes> well you know hey if you're not a marvel cinematic universe fan you probably recognize is of course Vinnie Jones as Laura's terrell on H._B._O.. Game of thrones before he of course became dating rand and <hes> just very cool to Kinda see him here. Watch younger guy got to be one of his earlier role yeah right yeah exactly because this is before game of thrones so so this is a this is a ways back like again. It's nine years nine years ago so yeah <hes> we get the return of as body as Haresh Chandra Ronnie's Dad added <hes> Jimmy V. WHO's very <hes> notable for doctor who <hes> heap here. He plays the Gross Ke- but of course best known as Bene- Kathrada in voyage of the damned where wear probably I think is his best role in doctor who although he's done a whole bunch of out of the things like <hes> he was the mocks of Bowel Hoon in the end of the world for example and nowadays he's playing. He's the new R._T._D.. To <hes> taking over for the late Kenny Baker but so yeah he's been in the last Jedi and he's going to be in the upcoming star wars movie the rise of skywalker okay so <hes> yeah our Manica for Lada can have <hes> moving up the world. They're they're a little bit. <HES> GETS LILA ruas arouse as Colonel Tia Karim and she's quite the villain in this one. It's <hes> and <hes> a voice of one of the Shan Sheath the leads Shan Sheath Voice <hes> you may recognize because Hey it's David Bradley Aka the first doctor or William Hartnell take your pick from <hes> of course you know <hes> twice upon a time or an <hes> an adventure in time and space and <hes> or Solomon in the Matt Smith's episode dinosaurs on a spaceship. I thought that was he is <hes> <hes> voice. I thought that was his voice and I thought that was pretty cool or you know hey filch on Harry Potter no big deal. He has a great voice game of thrones so yeah yeah he's always fun and <hes> so it's very cool to kind of seed so in a way we kind of have to doctors in this story unofficially unofficially by that's kind of cool <hes> obviously before that haven't happened on the show but <hes> very cool guest cast and <hes> I do have some trivia before we get into our main. MM topics really quickly. <hes> this the scene where Clyde talks asked the doctor about how many times he can change regenerate and he says he makes this one common about all I can do it about five hundred seven times <hes> contrary of course to the original twelve that we thought before <hes> Matt Smith Final Story and the time of the doctor yeah and at the time and after this came out there was a little bit of controversy in doctor who circles because everyone was like wait the doctor grew regenerate five hundred seven times but but but but but cannon yeah and Russell t Davies had to kind of go back and say <hes> I was just kidding. It was a joke yeah yeah <hes> the doctor was kidding. I was kidding. <hes> everybody who called the F. Down Yeah and and I remember there was a lot of as it was a H.. Joke as we were losing tenant and getting Matt Smith there was a lot of how many generations does he have left. How many regeneration does he have does the <hes> new doctor regenerating from the hand does that count then Baba Baath yeah so <hes> yeah so <hes> having a little fun with it just a little bit yeah <hes> yeah because he obviously he wrote <hes> you know the <hes> journeys are stolen Earth Journey's end so which of course had that regeneration in there so maybe it's just having a little fun with <hes> the regeneration count and kind of tweaking fans a bit <hes> and then <hes> the also <hes> Russell t davies kind of fell back on the end of time a little bit because <hes> you know when that when the doctor goes on kind of his farewell tour and we've talked about that here on next up everywhere where he goes back and he kind of checks on his modern modern era companions and I think a lot of us were kind of frustrated wells like well? What about the classic Eric Companions did he go back and check on them and this one the kind of we get he he he doesn't have talk about the doctor doing it except suffrage? Oh we get a little bit of that which was great to find out that hey he checked on Joe but <hes> but we also get some updates on some of the class Gary Companions but didn't if I remember correctly didn't he say say <hes> because Matt the Matt Matt's doctor the eleventh doctor repeats almost word for word what she had said about her kids and grandkids and she said you do and he sheepishly. We said my previous one <hes> checked on every one of my former companions right because he he makes his comment like you know hey you were sailing down the Yangtze River at a tea chest yeah and she's like you. You know like he thought she was just making general comments and then she goes like wait. I sailed down the Yangtze River and the tea chest has the so that means you were actually checking up on me yes so I I believe they were implying that when the tenth doctor because he knew his time was coming in if I remember a certain co-host did not like that along to goodbye but we go into that again <hes> I did. I still don't the implication is that he went to every companion that he that was still alive right and kind of checked on them as a way to say goodbye and I like that image even though we didn't see it right <HES> <HES> so it makes a farewell long farewell tour even longer yes but they didn't show it all that is one of my complaints about the episode that we'll get to later. Oh okay all right. Thank you actually have your your upset that we got an update on companions. Oh no I I will tell you why are all right <hes> so <hes> let's see here so let's get into her main topics. Oh did you want. I didn't need to cut you off. Did you want to Oh we can. We can run down all right well. Yes okay. That's fine yeah since we're talking about when we go ahead and do that. I appreciate that <hes> now I've got the list here so <hes> obviously we get the updates on Joan. We'll talk about that when we talk about Joe of course <hes> but we get updates on Liz Shaw <hes> third doctor companion before Joe Grant who we find out is stranded on unit moon base in can't get back until Sunday and apparently the fact that she's alive contradicts. The events of this doctor who novel eternity weeps set in the early two thousands in which she died so essentially we have T._v.. Cannon overriding book Canon absolutely always because essentially yeah like I the way in the way I've talked about this the way I approach can and I think a lot of people probably should is that everything counts <hes> unless something more official official overrides it yes and like like that and the TV series <hes> Dr Who Sarah Jane Adventures Torchwood. I think those would be the primary cannon right and so if you like if you have a book Canon the kind of overrides that or you know that that contradicts it I think you you go with the TV version but that's me and obviously everybody's got their own ideas of cannon but that's that's that's the way I approach it yeah and I think I you know I absolutely and and I have no problem with. Someone's a stickler like nope didn't have it on T._v.. It didn't happen but I like. I agree with you. I <hes> I know I'm sure I'm sure there are a lot of people like well. I'll go by the book and that's Okay Yeah. I you know I tend into be Loosey Goosey on Canon and kind of I'm a cafeteria cannon person okay. I take choose what I want. You go for the you go for the the you know the the alicarte yes version. Yes absolutely got it if I liked it what the book and the Audio Drama says I take it if I don't not going to count it. I'm GonNa like this looks appealing. I'm going to take this. This looks feeling that this one not so much. I'M GONNA leave that one alone I get. I get an update on the Brigadier. <hes> WHO's also stranded in this time in Peru once again <hes> as the kind of common excuse for writing him out of the the story <hes> uh supposedly on an ongoing mission and <hes> then he was also said to be in South America in the wedding of Sarah Jane Smith and the poison sky so <hes> we got upstate on Joe and your grandchildren will talk about that <hes> fifth Doctor Companion Teagan Giovinco was very happy about this <hes>. She's an Australian companion and we've learned here that she's fighting for Aboriginal Rights in Australia so that's cool. Yes <hes> interesting little tidbit it <hes> if you ever saw the five doctors which we talked about here <hes> Sarah Jane actually met Teagan so she knows teagan <hes> in the in that story and <hes> but <hes> yeah you know here she <hes> <hes> for whatever reason school reunion implied that she doesn't remember <hes> that adventure for whatever reason and <hes> so she discovers teagan on Google here but <hes> and then <music> a weekend update on second doctor Companions Ben Jackson and poly right who <hes> are running an orphanage in India which I thought was kind of cool <hes> Harry Sullivan again God where where were they from <hes> The a second doctor you know when okay the first doctor they were the the companions for the first regeneration okay so so they were heartened companions remember they were in the Tenth Planet. Yes okay got it and then they regenerated when we had power the dialects we're in the early <hes> in the early troutman stories. Yes okay so okay so they serve their sixties companions. Put it that way <hes> Harry Sullivan who is a kind of CO companion with Sarah Jane Smith for a brief while yeah we did an episode with him. He had a little nice chemistry together. You could have thought that maybe yes here we talked about Harry with robot and also so <hes> with genesis of the daleks talked about that so <hes> very you know kind of like a doctor who's attempted James Bond for a little bit <hes> here. It's kind of address because the actor Ian Martyr passed away nineteen eighty six so <hes> Sarah makes a comment that hey he worked with vaccines and save thousands of lies but he's referred to here in the past tense which probably addresses that Harry Sullivan had passed away on the show so so his character's essentially probably dead at the as we find out <hes> two characters not dead that we presume kind of probably could have been dead or close to it. <hes> in I'm Barbara the first doctor companions <hes> there are referred to here as I'm Barbara Chesterton which means Barbara Right married Ian Chesterton and put a ring on it points to its to an and <hes> they we find out here that their professors at Cambridge and according to rumor haven't aged since the nineteen sixties so you and I think that so you think they would end up in a lab somewhere being dissected by someone but <hes> if that was the case ace but <hes> some suggesting that they account something they encountered in their travels with the doctor caused them to stop aging. We don't know that <hes> obviously haven't seen that but <hes> <hes> this is <hes> the first of I obviously onscreen confirmation that the two married at some point after the events of their final story in the first doctor era that chase but we actually got to see the wedding and doctor who magazine's Comics Series Little Comic Strip <hes> it was during an adventure called hunters of the burning stone okay which is a pretty cool story so I recommend checking that out. If you WANNA see the the wedding of INA Barbara it's out there believe it or not <hes> and then we get an update on. On eighty seventh doctor companion as during Sylvester McCoy's era now I did not catch that right and I had to go do a little work. You did a little homework on that one and then I saw that and I smile because I know uh-huh Ace is one of your favorites right <hes> and to have that <hes> I did not know she was Dorothy Yeah Yeah her real name is <hes> is <hes> is Dorothy so yeah they kind of <hes> the kind of not really addressed it a little bit but and unofficially her because her charity initials spell ace yeah so nicely done yeah they kind of came up with like in the book series they reveal her name was Dorothy McShane <hes> but <hes> so here they kind of because in the end intended to call her dorothy because when she appears it's kind of like in this time Tornado yes so as a little nod to the wizard of Oz in Dorothy and the tornado yeah yeah here we find out that yes she raised billions of pounds through charity a charitable earth which of course if you take the first initials of that it's Ace <hes> and <hes> you know that but <hes> it's it's it's pretty cool that <hes> Elwin did Russell t davies later indicated that <hes> had the series continued he had <hes> in intended to reenter introduce ace in a future storyline so so hang it so we almost got ace on the Sarah Jane Adventures Okay. That's that sucks yeah. The does suck but again you know obviously the the major sock is that hey elizabeth slate and passed away from cancer absolutely but <hes> but yeah just one of the things that <hes> sadly we didn't get yeah and has cancer socks and yes and I absolutely <hes> there was that feeling again watching this the as much as I loved the episode and smiled at a lot of the fun in it there is the sadness of every time you see Elizabeth slate and you know <hes> that we no longer have of her and and way too young way too young and obviously by this point <hes> you know she's she has the cancer. We just don't know it yet because the word hadn't gotten out and <hes> it's just it's very heartbreaking. I absolutely right but <hes> let's. Let's talk about something. A little more upbeats lease do all right so let's go into our main topics and obviously I do have a theme this week actually a double theme right so hopefully you can pick up on it <hes> topic number one Smith Smith themes in honor of the two companions. Oh I switch showing up to their okay <hes> topic number one Smith and Jones yes so I had to use that title because we get Sarah Jane Smith and we get Joe Jones and <hes> very nice tongue in cheek. Yes who the <hes> tenant the tenant and Martha Reference so I I love that all right so obviously yeah we're GonNa talk about Sarah Jane and Jo and might as well talk about the eleventh doctor as well in this segment because <hes> the love the both of them are have to get used to a new doctor because they haven't seen the eleventh doctor before and <hes> the doctor Cana- catches up with Joe and has to awkwardly tiptoe around the fact that Hey <hes> you know I just let you go off and be married and then kind of walked out of your life forever ever until this point so <hes> yeah it's a little awkward so but <hes> but it's only get your thoughts on Sarah Jane and Jo and <hes> in the eleventh doctor what'd you think of <hes> this Perry this grouping grouping and the story so I really loved <hes> seeing her back right <hes> she was a little ditzy she you mean and I- Joe Joe was yeah and and I guess that was <hes> by design because she even talked about that right. <hes> that is the shame yes. She's a Gal this kind of goofed. Oh so that's why I want to go and visit. Is it right another <hes> an episode to kind of see that <hes> I liked it <hes> I thought <hes> I don't know if I liked Matt Smith saying that you look like someone baked you right. <hes> that was <hes> seemed a little uncharacteristic yeah <hes> little harsh yeah yeah <hes> though I am not what she didn't come off of calling a baby yes that's true and so they've worked in that case yeah <hes> you know I. I'm not a fan of <hes> the Collagen in the face. Yes <hes> I just I'm. I'm always struck by that yeah. <hes> I really liked seeing the Joe back. I love how quickly <hes> her and Sarah Jane clicked and bonded because because they've never met they had not and I kinda love a specifically Joe's everyone is beautiful and she just you just she has such a love of life and of people in and that came across very very well <hes> I liked <hes> I liked it. The doctor addresses and I guess I'll bring up my nit pick here and it's not a nit-pick. It's a kind of Si- <hes> Sarah Jane Smith is very light and it is <hes> it is built for a younger audience that adults can use as well right and so therefore they don't go into a lot of deep venous in themes and I would have liked that either moffitt or Russell t davies to have devoted an episode sued to the theme of former companions and the effect of leaving the doctor did to their lives <hes> but you know Matt Smith's character always forward. It's it's how he he has to live right <hes> and so I get that and I'm glad they acknowledged it. Just I had a slight wishful nece that it it would have been as nice as was was it the end kind of talking about what the other companions were to have addressed that somehow in an episode would have been a maybe it's too deep. Maybe you don't WanNA show a there's a way to do it yeah. I think I think the way to do it personally. <hes> is kind of like well you know I think it'd have to be on doctor who yes to to really get into it a little bit. <hes> in this is me talking but <hes> but remember it you know like at previously I talked about the idea that hey we need a companion support group yes but <hes> early she no because there has to be like several competitors because of being in in our modern times times in modern being relative to when the companion was on doctor who <hes> some of them have to I mean they have to kind of exist in roughly the same time zone in the same country so so it shouldn't be that hard at least the ones that returned to earth <hes> it shouldn't be that hard for them to hook up. I wouldn't think and it would have been interesting. It's more probably like whether you can get the actors or not digital actors or if feud after recast yeah it's it's <hes> but I like what if they had their own adventure like like if the companions reunited or something yeah I want and happy ending but I think it would be interesting and then there's something going on that they had two saw like if we saw a companion <hes> like that turn to alcohol as a set you know self medicating because the idea you're seeing all this world and now you're not seeing anything and to have other companions kind of walk them through. I think a support group in every in helping them to don't be you know in to quote Dr Seuss. Don't be sad. It's over be glad it happened right. Maybe that's something you can kind of. Do a big finish yeah. If you really wanted to get dark with it. Yes <hes> yeah you want to keep like I would say if you wanted to do kind of like a lighthearted gets companions together. You know there's an alien menace or something they deal with it that would be great for television but if he wanted to kind of do something like a character Dr piece where you had them struggling and coping with coming crashing back to Earth then probably maybe like an audio adventure yeah I again exactly so anyway <hes> but specifically it's a Sarah. Jane is so funny when she's talking to Luke Right Lucas her son. Yes yell and he's like man. We all decided to go out. I hope he finished your paper. I I I knew you'd say that and then when he's like Oh and he's my best mate and the other guy <hes> Clyde Luke how sad I do that would bother you too so that was Kinda cute yeah. Let's talk about the kids here the second statement <hes> but yeah I I just I I love that <hes> I love that Matt <hes> character the mandate they captured Hispanic nece right his back and forth of trying to fix the <hes>. Whatever machine is letting him that Kinda scatter brained yet madman in a box type persona yeah and the swapping the body with Clyde was really fun? So Oh yeah I I just I thought everything was about this was great yeah for me for me. It was obviously great <hes> to have Sarah Jane <hes> realize that even though she had seen the doctrine thought maybe for the last time she got to see a one more time now yeah now unfortunately because of Elizabeth's Layton's death this is essentially the last time she sees the doctor Yes before she dies and <hes> so it's it's a little bitter sweet and they don't they don't really get a good goodbye scene. No <hes> it's it it. There's a there's a nice little scene with with Matt and Elizabeth Slade Liz and <hes> in Katie in the target is where they're kind of talking and everything and then Josiah's geeking out like you know going like hey you know it's still even though everything looks the different it's still the same old Tartus and <hes> she's just you know thrilled <hes> just to be back in it again yet and the idea that <hes> so it's kind of Nice that they got nailed the sane I have you know Joe made the comment is still smells. The same <hes> which I thought was pretty interesting because when they mentioned same Oh Tartus and Mike no it doesn't look anything at all like it <hes> the other maybe because she figures it like you know it brings back the memories yeah because the smells and whatnot yeah yeah <hes> what I did love love. Love is the whole <hes> the the way that they turned around <hes> they're using the memories to create a Tartus key because that way they can control the Tartus and we'll talk about that and with the chief third topic yeah but the way the doctor doubled down and all the cutbacks in scenes had previously it was the memory full that was really nice. Yeah obviously as is a classic fan. I geeked out pretty hard over that. I imagine because it's like hey we're getting like little clips of all the classic series and so it's Kinda and you know it's it was another example of of the modern era connecting to the classic era and it's like you know hey modern era fans like you know this is all one big story. It all connects so you really should go back and check out these classic episodes and so it because it they do still matter as far as the Canon and <hes> and <hes> I thought that was great. I loved I loved the fact that you got to see that. Yeah I do too and and being able to work. <hes> Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker's doctors. Into the story that was just really perfect so yeah. I liked it a lot. Yeah it was a lot of fun <hes> Joe. I was just so happy to see Joe again. <hes> yeah because you know we've only gotten updates you know with few companions he's here and there in the modern era and Joe is now one of them and <hes> she still kind of pretty much the same Kooky lovable person that we knew back in the day <hes> she seems much more worldly now and it's probably because you know she we find out that she goes traveling all over the world dragging her grandson and whatever other grandkids all over with her and on the having these adventures throughout you know the jungle or what have you and I thought it was a really nice little moment when the kids are all talking and he <hes> Joe's grandson you know mentions what's that sometimes I wish we were there for each other instead of just the world right <hes> I thought that was really well done <hes> in a disc- just kind of a and them telling what you need to talk to him. You Know San Diego and the other to fight Irani and I thought that was a really nice little moment and then when she's Joe's off again and he looks he goes sometimes. It's easier just to say than it. Is <hes> and you kind of you. Get that smile that you know Joe. Is this force of nature in. It's hard to tell her anything exactly yeah but <hes> but you know she's not like a you know like she doesn't just barge into a room and take over. It's just more like she's very spiritual. <hes> in that's probably because of her her kind of Hippie background then that she has a much more <hes> just look of wonder outlook of wonder yes Anami's leading and it's probably because the X. emphasize because of her experiences in the Tartus and now she goes out in kind of tries is to find that wonder on earth I think she died and and playing her against Lisboa slain Sarah. Jane was great because the two had met before like you said they get along so quickly and it's just it's I think it's their relationship more than anything that drives this story because <hes> of how quickly those to get on and <hes> you know they have their own adventures and they're kind of paired together for most is the story and it's Kinda Great Kinda see someone <hes> with similar experiences to Sarah Jane with her yet in Charles as you mentioned this was when it come at the scene where the in in the in the lead lined coffin to escape the blast and <hes> the showing their resourcefulness and <hes> just it was great to see that in what it would have been very interesting is <hes> as we've already talked about it. They were saying there's a good chance that <hes> if the series it continued they would have brought back other companion like ace yeah yeah and and and the scene that and so I think that's <hes> that would have been a great plan. I I think it would have been perfect of away to us as we're talking about so <hes> yeah good stuff goes surging they brought back the brigadier and that was great and that made for a fun story and then while Nicholas Courtney was able to you <hes> and then the here they brought back Joe and so yeah just bring it back eighth grade and obviously would have been <hes> could've saw teagan or some other companions and <hes>. I think it's yeah 'cause it's nice. You can tell that <hes> they've been great. Kinda see that you know recipe. Davies loves everything about Dr who yeah you know and so yeah that would have been great <hes> yeah wonderful wonderful all right all right what we next <hes> topic number two partners in crime I so but you do Smith and Jones and partners in crime yes and like I said there's a double theme here all right so this here I want to talk about out of the kids. I want to talk about Clyde Rani and Luke. We could talk about a little bit. <hes> who's off at college now and Santiago so <hes> you talked a little bit about the kids <hes> in partnering up Santiago. What do anything else you WanNa talk about with the kids <hes> I like them? We could talk about the gross to in this in this segment yet has partnered up with grotesque in the air vents in that little cubbyhole that the Cross has yeah the little hang out there there is such a joy among the way they interact with each other and the joy a <hes> that I love this that they they're enjoying their adventures. You know like in the very <hes> in the credit see us are always yeah yeah always right. <hes> you know they <hes> this sense of optimism and trying to enjoy this event your fan yeah yeah yeah so so so so so with your being this. I'll just kind of like interrupt. I don't mean to step <hes> so with this being your second Sarah Jane of Interest Story <hes> did you kind of get more into the show or is it about the same or because out the same way <hes> Jiffy notice any difference from the first time the U._N.. Washed it where you kind of felt a little more comfortable with it. Maybe it it it was enough. I enjoyed it but it was like <hes> I it isn't there isn't enough in it to make me want. I want to see more okay like the story was good but it wasn't that. Did you appreciate habits. Maybe because I like like hey like the kids from before and here there yeah I a little older now and yeah and you know I am a fan of a couple of <hes> <hes> Harlan Kuban <hes> who writes great mystery novels did a series of young adult mysteries stories and I really liked all the books in the stories and then <hes> John Grisham does a series of young adult novels as well with this Theodore Boone. You know kid detective live so and I really like those <hes>. I just think this was a little light for me to want to go through to go deep dive on okay yeah. I like the way we did it here. We're just guessing the doctor actor stories end. If there is another one you said maybe the like some monsters that from doctor who yeah like if you said hey this one is good Jesse. I'd WanNa strength that we saw other when we could talk about yeah I think in that that would be good. I just didn't WanNa there. It wasn't enough yeah. I just want to kind of give you a taste so I'm glad you did and <hes> not enough for make me want to go. You know sometimes it is sometimes you are but other times you just kinda go. Oh and that was enough for me now but you still like it better than class yes which is a shame what's right right <hes>. Is that an understatement. Yes <hes> how I mean. Are you feeling like when you washed it. Would you went okay. This is I would watch this on my own or is this your watching it because it set in the doctor who universe and you're curious to see what from the classic era are. The modern era is going to show up. Is that why you watched it or I think I watched it <hes>. I think I'd be lying if I said I didn't watch it primarily because of its connection a doctor who <hes> for me the big selling point with Sarah Jane Yeah <hes> like you're spinning. DECI is essentially treating as like okay. It's a doctor who spinoff which it is and Sarah. Jane has her own adventure so it's like okay. Sir James GotTa Run Adventures and okay if she has to have these kids along okay and so I checked it out and just is a very refunds show it kind of reminded me a lot of like when I watched nickelodeon in the eighties <hes> <hes> a lot of the nickelodeon shows that were on at the time so I was okay with it <hes> okay we. Laurie and I watched him together. We enjoy them. <hes> Louis Still Watch the you know when we doing this rewatch for this show <hes> we you know we watched them together and just the brought back some fun memories of watching it together <hes> and <hes> but but I don't think if it wasn't a doctor who connection action I think I would have been a little too old for the show <hes> but I think because of the Dr who connection of it it it it helped me get back into that mindset of watching younger. Tell a younger television geared toward younger viewers and it's certainly something I sought out on my own right if I if there wasn't a doctor who can action but maybe if it hadn't beyond I might be kind of like a stranger things Kinda way interested in checking it out yeah I I liked <hes> because I do enjoy stranger things so yeah <hes> yeah. I just didn't find it more lighthearted compared to things just there wasn't wasn't enough to make me <hes> as you said seek it out right and so yeah I'm I'm okay with it <hes> but it it just wasn't right. It is something I need so I certainly can understand <hes> seeing more of Elizabeth's Slayton as Sarah Jane Yeah Yeah that's a good thing. That's never a bad thing as far as down no absolutely all right <hes> topping number three yes journey's end Smith and Jones partners in crime and journeys so obviously their doctor who episodes titles they are and they just also happen to be written by Russell t Davies Nice so little double connection here so right good so yeah <hes> in this hero WanNa talk about <hes> Colonel Tia Karim and the Shan chief are baddies for for the story now <hes> obviously these are they're not guys in makeup. They're essentially puppetry or what is the what they kinda term in Britain as pantomime these the way these are depicted here the the vulture like Shannxi so we have recipe Davies coming up with another alien based off of earth animal this time vouchers puppet stuff yep you got to be very much H._r.. Puppets toughish right and and I guess reference isn't it all slightly dated and if I was back at the age it was when I watched H._R.. Puppet stuff right <hes> <hes>. I probably would've enjoyed it more. I it the puppets right. You know we just talked about farscape. Yes on our other parts are other podcasts. Yes the fan of zone where we are talking about crypt. They're kind kind of a little bit of a puppetry farscape going here and it's just not well done at all yeah. It's not not definitely not a Jim Henson production list but no eight it and I think <hes> that's one of the reasons why I I think I wasn't more drawn into Oh. I should see more of these. Is I have to get past right the really fake looking alien like the scene where the puppet is playing the harm. Yes you're like God that looks horrible. It looks like it does now Colonel Tarim Harem Korean yeah yeah awesome villain. You liked her yeah. She was really well done right. You can be with you. She had a very like ou urine evil bitch. Yes well and at first you're like <hes> a very matter of fact <hes> unit right soldier vast and then you know and then yeah I so she counterbalance the puppets well right so it made it so that it was good enough. She made the horrible puppets more credible of Avila. Yeah I think the two and. I just I thought she did a good job right really <hes> liked her. <hes> and we found out we find out that essentially that their plan if you want to call it this is to <hes> use Joe and Sarah Jane's Memories to reconstruct a tartus key so that they can get into the Tartus that they've captured from the doctor and then use that to go through time and space and kind of <hes> interfere with time line so that <hes> people don't multi yeah. That's the plan yeah for grieve just wants to get off earth. She's bored yeah so <hes> not the most elaborate right plans again. It's secured show exactly so I was happy with it. It's better than some of the dollar plans yeah. That's true <hes> yeah I just didn't it was hard to get past <hes> the puppet I also had a little bit of issue that and I realized there's budget reasons and everything but you there should have been more people. If this was is truly the doctors funeral right there should have been more people there yeah <hes> so the story with that that premise should have been depicted a little more bit broader and skimp. Yes I agree and I did. I liked the show brought in like torchwood. You should brought in yeah the whole thing <hes> and the idea that <hes> I also thought that <hes> Sarah our Jane and Joe were very like I just don't think this is true. Was I'm glad they covered that. There were naturally skeptical and then once they find out that the other was also skeptical they thought that was great and they hug so yeah and then yeah and I <hes> was a little bit <hes> the villains dying the way they did. They caused it themselves and the little bitty panic so I thought that was is just enough. <hes> gruesome nests that <hes> if I'm a young person watching it like love that right kind of you know that little I'm getting. I'm getting to see something. I normally wouldn't be allowed to see yes yeah so yes. I'm it was. I thought it was great. Yeah that's always great. If you're a kid you know some something that makes your parents. Uncomfortable is always a good thing when you're a kid <hes> <hes> usually major watch something pretty good sale exactly exactly <hes> anything else about the story before we move on no I. I <hes> like I said I I liked it. I would have <hes> I. I think it was perfect for what it wanted to do right. <hes> and you know my only regret is I wish we could have seen <hes> more <hes> companions in the doctor who proper her yeah I I I agree okay but but at least we got this. Yes absolutely I'd rather I'd rather have this than nothing so exactly yeah <hes> all right. Do you have any <hes> lines from the episode that you liked. I do have a couple uh-huh. Give me yeah the I liked. There was a lot of good discussion <hes> where <hes> and specifically when we talked about this already where <hes> Sarah Jane and Jo talk about <hes> the doctor says Hello Sarah Jane and Sarah Jane Goes Doctor and Ronnie's like that's the doctor and Jo like what doctor the doctor my doctor and Sarah well. He changed his face. I know that but into a baby's yes and you know the the dodger comes back yeah go ahead or do you have that line. Imagine it from my eight point of view last time I saw you Joe Grant Your what twenty one twenty two. It's like someone baked you know yeah yeah. I kind of chuck that after Russell t davies getting a little too carried away I think that was is a little too harsh. Maybe yeah but <hes> but <hes> again you know Joe did say that you know they made made a comment about Matt's appearance so yeah. I guess it does come off as fair but you know like I don't really I wanna see that yeah. The other great scene is joe going if they're lying that meets the doctor still alive her and Sarah Brace right in Sara's like yes and then you hear Matt's Moist Smith's voice from Clyde lied of course. I'm still alive Joe. I thought that was obviously catch up. Which is such a eleven Dr Line? Yes <hes> yeah perfect. So how about you I got a few lines here that you didn't cut you already covered the one about it. <hes> debate you met doctor like a baby <hes> love it's Dr where he talks about. He's talking to <hes> Joe and Sara on the Alien Planet and he says I'm traveling with amy now. In Rory they got married so I dropped them off on a honeymoon planet. which isn't what you think it's not a planet for our honeymoon? It's a planet on a honeymoon. It married an asteroid so which led to one of my my favorite lines is Joe going see you've got a married couple in the Tartus right and the doctor Mr Mrs Pod he so proud yes and Joe. I only left you because I got married and there's so much regret in their wistfulness. <hes> in the doctor's just silent <hes> yeah just let awkward <hes> Yeah and side Note <hes> shout out to Kim Schaeffer friend of the podcast I drink <hes> when I first started working with Ken I hired him way back in the nineties and then a few months later we hired a guy that had hair down into his waist okay and in looked at me and said my hair was that long and I cut it to get this job. I'm like I didn't tell you to grow it back because now too late now so I thought of that like you know I I only let because I got married and <hes> it it was nice said well. Yours looks better yeah exactly all right. <hes> got a couple more here real quick <hes> I like the exchange between Santiago Jones Jones and Clyde Langer <hes> whether a lot of the their their interaction was essentially kind of comparing what the other had done mutual respect Ryan admiration thing I didn't talk about we didn't talk about was how how great was it that the kids Clyde Rani immediately accepted Santiago. Yes that was really like they brought him in like Oh hey yeah you're one of us and and <hes> they weren't very Stan standoffish at all aw I really liked the fact that they were written that way in Santiago's very likable. He's not annoying and <hes> I thought that was great <hes> so <hes> just want to mention that so here <hes> Santiago says I can't believe you'd get to do this all the time. I'm like aliens and chases and stuff Cli- goes you can talk Santiago. You're off to Paraguay and Mount Everest and Santiago's dude you just zapped into another planet and Cli- goes he thinks for moment is like yeah. That was pretty cool. It was fun. Yeah I love that one and <hes> my last one is and we have talked about this. Joe Says see you have been watching me all the this time because she doesn't. She is like a little kid with an apparent that's gone. Don't forget me. Don't forget me and the doctor could have lied but he goes no. Oh because you're right. I don't look back. I can't and <hes> obviously Russell t davies gets the doctor and that feeling of you when you are mortal you lose people all the time and so you have if you spent time looking backward you would just be an emotional mess right so he has to go forward <hes> my only the last one here is that exchange with our doctors talking to Sarah Jane and Jo in the Tartus and Sarah. Jane says it's Daft though because we were both saying that we both we had this theory that if you ever died we'd feel it somehow we just know. That's just silly. Isn't it and the doctor replies. I don't know maybe not 'cause between you and me. If that day ever comes I think the whole universe might just shiver and he puts a little dark tone on on it and then he's kind of like <hes> I got you. I'll smiling. That was yeah. That was pretty good. I do all right so you're rating yeah. I write my rating. I really liked this one. I really we love the fact that <hes> Matt is in there <hes> written by Russell t davies in Joe Grant and it's great to see her with Sarah Jane. I think it works. This will works a little better in my opinion than the tenant story. I guess one nine out of ten memory. Marie leaves <hes>. I like it just a little less than you okay. <hes> I give it eight and a half sailing teacher. Oh that's good yeah yeah I this was good and this was was nice and I now looking forward to <hes> we still have the brigadier episode we should look at that so I'm looking forward to that all right awesome all right <hes> reverse the player running a little long because we had a lot of trivia to talk about some this one up really quickly <hes> GonNa go back as we reversed the player to the neutron flow back to nineteen seventy-three with the green death and this was the fifth serial from Season Ten nineteen seventy-three written by Robert Sloman and this is Joe Grand Final story on in class doctor who <hes> where we have the doctor preparing for this visit automobile is three <hes> where Joe reads about the mysterious death of a minor in an abandoned coal mine in south Wales and the minor was doing nothing spent inspection emerges dead and glowing bright green in Joe takes the opportunity to meet acclaimed local environmentalists and Nobel Prize winner Professor Clifford Jones Yep. That's the guy she's GonNa marry y'all so <hes> the doctor reaches Mandela's three but gets attacked by various unseen creatures <hes> returns with only a small blue crystal show for his misadventure in that blue crystal of course is plays important part because that turns up in his final story plant at the spiders and ninth Yeah Apps <hes> but <hes> essentially what in this one we find out that there's like these giant maggots and <hes> they're spreading this poisonous green death infection and they find out that hey reason reason they're doing this is because they've been mutated by at this <hes> Chemical Plant Global Chemicals and which is happens to be under the control of Boss Meg Yellow Main Maniacal supercomputer that runs the company control <hes> had basically mind controls <hes> its employees and key staff and so they deal with that <hes> <hes> Clifford Jones comes up with a cure for the green death infection thanks to <hes> an accident of Joe's where she spills something on one of his slides and <hes> so essentially Joe Accidentally creates the cure to solve the green death and <hes> the doctor and Sergeant Benton 'cause units involved with all this of course <hes> they scattered the fungus which kills the maggots <hes> they take care of the computer and then they hook up with a celebration <hes> because Joe and cliff announced outset they're getting married and the doctor gives his blessing gives joe the Blue Crystal as a wedding present of course later on Yes to get that back from her <hes> but since this means the end of Joe's travels with the doctor he is visibly visibly upset and quietly slips away as joe and cliff dance at the celebration. The doctor drives bessie off into the sunset alone. Yeah I had read that. I guess he was a little unhappy. It seemed losing her. <hes> don't know why <hes> the implication you know why they decided just like the team was breaking up yeah so yeah good stuff probably by via the next season was Jon Pertwee's last and the unity. Eighteen hundred broke up the Arabs over essentially 'cause by this time <hes> <hes> Roger Delgado the first master had passed away real life okay so things are changing so <hes> maybe pertwee decide it's time to move on so <hes> but <hes> definitely recommend checking out Joe's last story the green death has hey it kind of plays into this one <hes> right listener feedback. I know we have something from Holly. I have that ready all right. Once you read hollies aren't Hey Charles Jesse another fund Sarah Jane Smith Adventure. I forgot that Luke was away from the for this episode. The nicest see him make an Internet call of course unit would show up but the way they deliver delivered the news to the doctor died. I think raised Sarah's disbelief unit sure used a chunk of change for upgrades though thing to make Sarah. Jane believed the doctor is alive. No Tartus is nice to see Joe Grant again. The meeting went better than Sarah Jane rose. I admit that I felt sorry for Joe that the doctor didn't come back to see her way to go clyde spying on the Shan sheet interesting way for the doctor to reappear but leaving Clyde in the world out of possible trouble got to love the grassy for helping Rennie Clyde in San Diego the doctor explaining to Joe why he didn't come to her made sense the doctor trying to answer clydes regression ray generation questions had me chuckling and of course the Shan she would want the Tartus love how the kids the Doctor Helps Sarah Jane and Jo tilt wreck the machine that they're hooked up to love the ending with an update on former companions. I'll wrap it up here holly from Wisconsin Johnson Yea thank you holly always always great to hear from holly ruined be hearing a little bit more from you might add Vatsa Tease Charles but yes there is little bit down the road so <hes> just stay tuned Warren that later yes <hes> we also got the return of Hannah's Caraba Hi Hannah I with <hes> a very big just decline that apparently somebody's trying to call me <hes> all right <hes> sorry for that so <hes> she writes back in with the death of the Doctor Review and <hes> it's a big long one so <hes> Henny GonNa give me a break here among little six only just gonNa Skim through his partly. I we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA hit the highlights. I Apologize Profusely on that because normally I love to read all these intact <hes> greetings Charleston Jesse <hes> once again returned the land of Spin Offs with the Sarah Jane Adventures with the second and unfortunately last episode to feature the doctor this time played by Nat Smith. I just could not avoid partaking in this discussion. Let me start by saying that although Davidson is my favorite I oh my existence as a Phantom Matt Smith nothing wrong with that I I dig met. <hes> I say this because I discovered Dr who through a two thousand eleven radio interview with Matt many years ago when the show was formerly promoted in the states any interview Matt explained the concept of generation and how I loud for the shows at the time forty seven year history <hes> his interview was supplement with a clip from the eleventh hour where the doctor plead with amy to believe me for twenty minutes yeah now's a good scene <hes> it would be a long time before properly introduced the show as I caught. Let's kill Hitler by chance one day over a friend's shoulder that had to be interesting. <hes> let me just say that that episode is not at all friendly to newcomers I I I agree yeah it is that's a fair statement. Dour is he should check that one out. If you're a newcomer FRY <hes> but needless to say I felt that I was intrigued instantly. When he left the show I was gutted and took me a long time to like except here capacity all the afterwards Neil say to one day attend convention with Matt Smith as a guest to thank him personally for introducing many of US quote daft Americans Unquote to this wonderful show and community <hes> now to the subject of the story itself? If y prefer the prior crossover this one is still loads a fun to watch. It's a WHO've Ian Buffet featuring Sarah Jane Unit Joe Grant the doctor himself more passing references to the past than I can count and lows of archival footage from the respective eras of Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker. I think that this episode serves a perfect introduction that classic who for the youngsters that being said having seen the season ten box set trailer unsurprised that Katy Manning hasn't been asked to do a spin off about Joe's various adventures. I know that was that was is a lot of fun. Recently <hes> she's talking about the BLU ray set the new season temblor Mesa. That's coming up <hes> <hes> as I'm pretty sure that the WHO connection alone would allow for higher risk far reiter higher ratings that what class Scott and talks about how she was surprised that David Bradley was the voice of the Shan Sheath <hes> thought that Katy Manning was brilliant in the episode <hes> Lis- Laden is all as always wonderful <hes> she applause are Russell t davies for his ability to write for doctor who that he didn't personally create and she does have a few nitpicks. She says I being what to the colonel really have to did the did the curl really have to join join forces with the Shan chief. I'm sure that this doctor would have had more than happy to take her on a trip to the tar in Tartus has she just asked him very nicely given her unit connection. <hes> also regarding the rumor about C._N._N.. Barbara not being <hes> not aging mentioned by Sarah Jane at the end of the second part and this is all caps so are they immoral now question Mark Question Mark Question Mark Exclamation Mark Exclamation Mark Exclamation Mark R._T._d.. You can't just drop a bombshell like that. Leave US hanging one. An earth happened during their travels with the first doctor that caused this. I need explanation from big finish and then print that she says and a crossover with Captain Jack. I see what you did there trying to work him in because hey they're all immortal right. Yes <hes> let's see <hes> she recommends <hes> <hes> some audio books who related audiobooks one I which features the ninth doctor Rose Tyler called winner-take-all takes all ause written by Jacqueline Rayner. I've read that actually the the hardback novel of that okay <hes> and she says story feels nostalgic. She recommends that <hes> second recommendation she has is the secret involved thirteen by David Salomons which features <hes> the thirteenth Dr Ryan Graham in Yes. I haven't read that one okay <hes> this one is targeted at younger readers but but the writing is by no means unintelligent there are plenty of Easter eggs for classical skew fans even a cameo of Tom Baker scarf but the biggest of the mall comes in the form of the book's narrator as it is the one and only selfie all dread AK ace. That's cool <hes>. She doesn't entire excellent job with entire cast of characters offers end. <hes> sounds like she really recommends it so <hes> <hes> let's see what else <hes> sorry for long email but I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this story. I hope that you enjoyed it. As much as I did and look forward to future discussions uh-huh as always best regards Hannah awesome. Thank you very much yeah apologized for just completely chopping your email to shreds but this was really long so for forty two weeks I can read the whole thing okay well. It's it's on g mail account on if you have access but unless if you don't I can forward it to you I I never can remember the password second only off line all right. I'll tell you I'll tell you offline password. You can have access to the very nice all right <hes> so <hes>. If you want to be like holly and you I wanNA be like Hannah. Please do <hes> you can write to us at next up everywhere S. N.. G. That's next up everywhere S. N.. G. For southgate media group at were reach us on twitter at next up S. N. G. ON TWITTER <HES> facebook of course next up everywhere the doctor who podcast and on instagram you can reach us at next up everywhere podcast. Please check those out. Yes <hes> Jesse working reach you of the interwebs well. I can be reached on twitter at Jesse Jackson D._F._W.. You can hear me talk about <hes> comic books on TV on the fan of Zone with a certain Charles Skaggs as my co host <hes> we are currently currently discussing crypt on that is looking very good if you are not crypt on ratings are down a little bit if you have not if you love doctor who you should check this out <hes> it's really well done series you can hear me talk about music and Bruce Springsteen onset listening Bruce <hes> the Bruce Springsteen podcast and <hes> check me out on facebook at <hes> Jesse Jackson in Lewisville Texas Charles. How about you they can reach each me of course at Charles skaggs on twitter at Chao skaggs on the Instagram facebook of course Charles skaggs in Hilliard Ohio and my blog a geeky things damn hot damn coffee and hot where talk about all the stuff we talk about here on next? Stop everywhere including doctor who Sarah Jane Adventures Torchwood all kinds of complex Scifi news of course and news of our other podcasts my other podcasts I do for southgate media including <hes> The aforementioned Phantom Zone podcast which <hes> I'm not sure why crip Don's ratings are down because I know they're down but <hes> show's been great. I think it's better than season one and a very cool it just gets the word out I think and <hes> but <hes> other than that <hes> ghost with the twin peaks podcasts do Zan sprouse wife comic artist Chris Brass we talk about all things twin peaks David Lynch et Cetera et Cetera and <hes> Titan talk the titans podcast which will be kind of getting back to because hey tighten starts of titan season two starts in September six which is just less than a couple of months away and so we'll be back in titans tower before you know it so <hes> please check that out <hes> other than that next time on next stop everywhere episode one five have Ohio of next stop everywhere up so one fifty where Jesse Niagara to talk the stolen earth slash journeys and <hes> the big <hes> companion reunion of the Dana David tennant era and we thought that would be a fun one to talk about on episode one fifty which is also just happens to be next stop everywheres fifth anniversary so so if anybody has any thoughts about <hes> the stolen earth slash journey's end. Please write in and do it quickly. We're going to try and hurry up and get this episode posted because here just a few days from now. We're going to record this <hes> so drop us a line however you want to reaches way just told you a bunch of ways to do it and <hes> or if you've got any thoughts about Hey <hes> any congratulations for episode one fifty little bit of a milestone here our fifth anniversary <hes> talking doctor who <hes> <hes> please send those along. I'm sure Jesse would love to hear those. We we want to hear those absolutely yeah would love to have everybody if <hes> if you're joined the show we love to hear from you. Especially this time would be more than happy to work those into the <hes> the podcast that special episode so good way to get your stuff read on air to say and <hes> we're also going to celebrate not just the two of us. We're GONNA have not one not two not three but four special guests companions returning to next op everywhere. It's GonNa be good. It's going to be really good and I'm not going to reveal the names just yet no <hes> but <hes> but we're gonNA reach out through the subway of network and <hes> bring in some four special guest campaign is an and we are going to test the skype bandwidth <hes> a to the Max and hope that it holds up bandwidth be damned we're going to do our best to <hes> at fingers crossed in the hope that rubber bands hold out. Yes <hes>. We'll find out what happens but it's I think it's going to be fine and I hope everybody check it out. 'CAUSE we're trying to make this one a little more special so absolutely <hes> Jesse. Thank you so much my friend again. Thank you as always it's a lot of fun. I know we're running along but <HES> I I wanted to talk about one fifty so draw the line <hes> we're gonNA cut out now. <hes> Sarah Goodbyes and thank you all for listening and please reach out to us <hes>. Let's know what your thoughts are unsold earth journeys N. F. One fifty of next stop everywhere. It's going to be good. We see next time right here on next up everywhere the doctor who podcast goodbye.

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