Tara Reid, Aimee Carrero & the Busby Quints


I've honestly had a hard time focusing on books to be honest I'd you're a big reader reader. Well I read novels but the thing is I don't really read non fiction but if you do and you're having a hard time getting back into the swing of things with this sort of new lifestyle these new anxieties your brain and heart to focus. I think is kind of a good way in right. We've talked about blend guest. Yeah we. It's this cool APP on your phone. Your tablet or your web browsers. You can do it on your phone computer. However you WanNa like chill in quarantine and it takes the best key takeaways the need to know stuff from thousands of nonfiction books and it condenses them down in just fifteen minutes you can read or listen to so it's like you can ingest all of this stuff all this information from nonfiction books quickly. If let's say your mind is elsewhere. 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You don't Bobby Finger Lindsey Laver and we're delayed today because I've been trying to figure out why I stand with the Lesbian Babcock is trending and I figured it out and honestly I was like what is this because I had to click. I'm just sitting here for like fifteen minutes. Bobby's like okay. All all died. Baba thing is an old thing like an old me or just like Bob Duck being gay or Baba being like part of gay culture has already been a thing. I will explain this. I will explain this and I will. I will note. There's Oh I got it right okay. So there is an actor her name is Aimee Carrero. She is the voice. Shira in the new version of Shira. The NETFLIX Sheera Disney star and she was a free form star. She was on that show young and hungry which I never watched but she was on that the Shiro thing is the big thing because she is Shira okay. Fine Okay and people are watching. She's acting she's young. She's like thirty one years old. Okay whatever she's very active on social media. She has like a couple hundred thousand instagram followers. She's like being linked vocal about corona virus. Like this trump's fault blah blah blah blah blah. She's very woke. Okay that's the back story but she's also very famous right. She's famous. She's rich she's beautiful. Okay there's important someone tweeted you. Know the name of the little boy putting bullets and a gun and and always like when the class war starts and I got a like an. I'm the one assigned to kill Ex. That was the one about Bona Petit. And it's like oh he's sad he's like crying. Yeah the MEME is a Sad. Little boy loading gotta go loaded gun. Who has been assigned to kill someone they stand? Okay yes yes. And it's all a reference to like a vague class our like the French Revolution. Someone tweeted when the class worth starts. And I gotta put the Voice of Shiro in a guillotine and the little boy had a little boy that here okay. This got the attention of the voice of Shira Amy Carreira and she was really mad and she tweeted. Here's how it works. You Post about slicing my head off with the Guillotine or any other scenario that ends of my death you're getting reposted. Don't want that for you. Don't make jokes about killing me. It couldn't be simpler and then the Emoji of the woman going like whip with one arm. You know and people were mad at her. They were like why. Do You keep reposting. This person who said they were going to be sad about per year status out sad and she's like I get death threats all the time. This is not cool. I want to show the world because I am this person. Yeah that celebrities have to go through this bullshit a lot. So people are mad at her for continually repose. Doesn't it as a team that has been deleted that has been deleted? They're like it's been deleted? So why are you still riposting it? Okay who originally posted the joke about? Not Wanting to put the voice of Shere on the Guillotine at Lesbian Bob on twitter. Oh so it's not even about a lesbian Baba Doug. It's just it has to do with the somehow lesbian. Bob Is trending to what is trending as Hashtag. I stand with Bob Dole. I stand with lesbian. Because she's mistaking this. This memed joke this like standing. This announce you announce you stan. She's mistaking that for an actual death threat when what it is it's A. It's a construction of a name that means you stand. I guess and it's not that she even did anything wrong. The only thing she did quote Unquote Rung is be in the upper class so now people are comparing her reaction to someone else. Did you know the meme of The Wesley Snipes crying. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's like you don't want to someone did that. And it said when the class war starts and I've been assigned to kill Tony Blair and Tony. Hawk responded to someone posting that I appreciate the hesitation. Yes that's right. That's the now the Hashtag ice stand with Lesbian Baba is being combined with the Hashtag. Be Like Tony Hawk. It's very funny. We but so so this. This sheera actress is she's like she didn't the meme and the keeps riposting the mean that has already deleted but like she keeps posting it. Yes so there's a screen shop on on her instagram story. Right now and someone responded to her reposting the meam and then they said Holy Shit. Will you shut up and she said literally never. Here's how it works. You Post about putting my head on Guillotine or anything else that ends with my bloody minimize you are getting reposted so the answer is to like not make jokes about killing me sound good. Oh boy. But it's the number eight hundred right now. I love you honey literally. The whole premise of this joke is about hesitation. It's based on the popular as that went around the race war. Antonio it's about calling our classes and going I love you but this is about class. Okay everyone's trying. It's funny but anyway. That's that's really funny. I'm so glad you've dug into ice. Stand in Baba. Do I had to figure it out. And it's like most of the time when you actually dig into a trend you're like oh God. Why is this thing out of your life miserable? That was funny. Oh honey that was funny. Sometimes it's yeah we'll sometimes somebody's trending and I'm like Oh God and then I click it and it's like people defending them in the thing that they were training for was like is now a relevant. Because there's more people who are like this is wrong or I disagree than in the first place. It's a very bad system. Honestly that trending very bad system. It's badly yesterday. Dennis Quaid was trending and I was like Oh God does he like trump or something and he did so. I was just like okay. Well there you go so I was like okay like looked on the daily beast interview with him and I was like I don't care buddy says about trump. I WanNa hear what he says about his young wife. Their wedding had their delayed. I know too bad. It was like Marlow Stern. And he's like so what people are talking about the age difference and he's like I don't I don't care and then they just move on. Okay what did I expect from Dennis Quaid being asked about what is he gonNa Care? Yeah you're listening to WHO's there are weekly call in show where we take your questions. Comments concerns at six one nine. Who THEM WE'LL START WITH SOME COMMENTS? There's a really good one Right now so let's do this high. Who Weekly and I'm on. Cms BIRTHDAYS DOT COM. I would like to brush very happy birthday to the bus bus. Be Quintuplets who are so five. Five Year olds who are featured on the list today. They're ranked and they're not next to each other. So the first one is he's little who's number nine on the list and then. Riley in Asia are thirteen and fourteen on the list and they keep scrolling Parker is number twenty and then Olivia's twenty three. How that's kind of fucked up. This really made me laugh at each each busby quint. They're like five six five years old. Actually they're all the same age. They have different number on the on the rating list of famous birthdays. Like how dare they do that to the US full? I mean it must be Al. They're not they're not updating this every day like congrats as almost being number one. These the bus Quinn's are from a TLC reality show called out daughter which ran for six sees. You find out about a show that you like have never even heard. I've never seen I've never seen the title. Sometimes it's like oh I've seen the title but I have no idea is daughter'd out daughter'd so against the font looks like like that should be. It should be a really bad. Pg rated family like big budget family comedy. That's what this show is Rose Byrne and the Rock. You know that sort of thing. It's like they accidentally got all these kids. Know who's been out daughter'd he was a playboy and then you know he got all these daughters doctors like give you too much. I'm just looking at the the names of the episodes of the show. And they're one. They're all night. Four NATO warning. Quince on the high never killed. Nobody good good quince. Gone bad okay. Okay the nightmare before Easter when the busby's are away the quince will play. Why did you leave the kids alone? Okay next call. Can't wait for someone to call me like. I'm the biggest fan of out daughter. I in a long time long time listening to this week's episode and I just had to pause. She has orients charity while incredible may also be subliminal. Promo because he had a series as an estate of a care package and the care package too so I wonder if they're maybe just a little bit behind his act of giving care packages and he wants people to stream those albums from those make tapes. Still love him though. Okay that's all Kurds by it is not supplemental. It's what's going on. It's quite clear you knew that Amari and has to mix tapes each care package and get back to care. Baggage is beautiful. Art Care Package One. Twenty twelve check back to twenty thirteen. Check HIM OUT ON. Dep DOT COM Or maybe if you get a care. Package will include a copy of package. Some n ninety five masks gloves and baggage to mix tapes. I guys I had to pause the episode because Bobby said that Sally Field Son is hosting a show on Qube and that is not her. Son That is Dave Mazzoni. He's got who we comedian. And I thought it was so fucking funny to kind of do sound or the kind of look similar but without a call in because I'm making me bald and I'm dying over here Anyway Scar Jokingly Popeye to be fair. Bobby calls every gay person. He hasn't no sally field hand. That's not entirely true but it's half true. I'm Jovi thing is I didn't know so I knew who mat rogers was because he's the host of law school therese says and I'm when game show was announced I was like I don't know who that is but he looks like Sally Fields Fund and it's sort of like I told a lie enough times that it became true. I knew that he wasn't Sally Field Son but he recited like it was a joke. I on the PODCAST. A friend of mine. Dmv It was like I was laughing and it was. It's just you know it. You know what I called Christopher Walk. I called Christoph Waltz Christopher Walken and I mixed up the Hemsworth in the same quimby show. It's fine. It's fine but yes. I'm sorry. Sally Field Son. Sam grise men you are not the CO host of game. Show Dave is. I could be good. Yeah yeah I mean you know talented. He could be worse of Corn Shadow. Dave Mazzoni who is who is the host of game is the host. Okay next call. I just called to tell you that. What else said about knowing does Molly Shannon and Turlington Alia is wrong. I am twenty two. I know both of them. Are I know my cannon? Because she was in the Santa Clause two. And she's saying I feel like some Christmas and Tim Allen's character denies her and he was this custard by her. And I know Charlie Demilio. Because I'm like a little too old such a shock but I have one so we know who she is so I don't think you know I just don't I don't know like it's not that crazy. Okay I'm French. You are an older Gen Z. And I have. I found the song. Let me play it yet. It's weird knowing Molly Shannon from Santa Claus too but sure. I haven't seen Santa Claus too but I did see Santa Claus in theaters in theaters in Santa Claus with the family and then we went bowling afterwards. Oh that's so nice. Oh totally you rat Santa Rain. Just OH WATSON LITTLE WINDOWS. Pa DRANK and some a lot. Feel the stocking spray as talking sports on TV. I WANNA be three. He'll feel man. A little grass mass. I feel like some Christmas feel like some Christmas. I feel like some Christmas thought that there's all these movies where lake the man has to like go on a blind date and the woman's always crazy but it's like this dude is literally turning into Santa Claus. Why are they making the woman out to be a psycho he say like it's like you're calling me crazy that? I point out that you look like Santa Claus and our Santa Claus. Like no sweetie like that is not on me. That's on you. You look like Santa Claus. She's allowed to do Shania Twain parodies in public. If you are literally Santa Claus. She's like am. I going on date with Santa Claus. You know that that would spin you and you would lose your mind okay next call spin you. Let's do a few name blindness things. They're good coach I'll have ray league drummond race from them and then I just ray also raised done is a different person. They then read. They see me passing That's that's like I'm sorry I had never heard of radon but I looked it up. It's like a famous pottery brand That's expensive anyway. That raced rumored the the the hip hop group is. Don't forget it's ear drummer for staff. So the fact that eardrums backwards somehow matches up. But it's not really how you say it it's more just looking at it on the page. It looks just like re Drummond. Yeah they get looks just like re Drummond. What's thing where it's like? Oh we really look at the first and last letters of a word I when we see that reminds me of that like me where it's like written out without the vowels and you read it really quickly or what does that mean. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's like our break cheating when it reads and that's basically what it's doing. It's trying to do it quickly. And so when you look at race rumored. You're just like Oh. It's the pioneer woman because our brains are dumb. Oh it's raining. Look at Drummond and be like Ritz rumored. Oh it's race from her. That one really made me laugh. Okay next one then bobby. I've a serious cases celebrity name blindness that just came to me because Just Confuse Katharine mcphee. And Nanny mcphee like the nanny is like a wedge but like a nice like a nice wedge and our top just got anxious before. I called so I looked it up. It's because I wanted to make sure that it was. I wasn't correct. 'cause like what it has not played Danny McCarthy again. You'd see John Thank you crunch. Crunch I need to be done? Thank you Erin. Sarah Foster call her nanny mcphee. Oh they do no. I'm just saying be funny. That would be very then if they did. You Know Katharine mcphee and nanny. Mcphee sure they have. Maybe they're related. Maybe they had the same I eat. I can understand that. I've never seen nanny mcphee returns or did in seeing Nanny mcphee I think at this point in my life so this is like along the lines of celebrities. I feel but I just watched I thought was mystic pizza. I haven't seen it since you know like ten years Watch Mr People Migrate? I stand for Mystic River and I assumed that was mystic pizza so I watched it reading and it's not like it at all and can make it easy Imagine putting on Mystic River and thinking it's going to be a shoot Rom Com about pizza place in Connecticut. How long would it take to figure that out? I A dead. We're early stick. Here's the turned. Where does the dead girl com fast or in the mid like? When does that happen pretty immediately right? Well I haven't seen murdered. She's murdered Kinda early but there's more I mean there's plenty of other awful stuff right now. I know you were watching Mystic River. How long would it take you to be? Maybe like where is Julia Roberts they live on? I five minutes I think five minutes. It's it's like it's no it's not it's not a cakewalk. The beginning of this member. Do we talk. We definitely probably talked about going to mystic. Pizza on this podcast. It happened in the past. That was a great time. We probably went to Mr Pizza eight years ago. Oh okay so it was before the two thousand twelve thousand. It was a great time. We loved Mystic Pizza. We loved it. It's actually really good and I think about Mississippi. That's good is that it's you know it's like a suburban pizza place so it's really. Yeah it's Shitty good pizza solid good. There are posters all over the walls. It's fun to watch mystic pizza. Don't watch mystic river. I Hate Mystic River. It's just very it's like okay. It's not it's not really worth the heaviness of itself now. Let's move on to questions. 'cause WE DON enough comments. Are you stuck at home yes. Are you feeling isolated? Oh my God am i. Are you worried about the state of things constantly? Oh my God same. Fortunately better help offers online professional counselors. Who can help? 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Hooligans get ten percent off their first month with discount code who weekly so why not get started today go to better health dot com slash who weekly. That's better help. Dot Com slash. Who Weekly High? Who Weekly Medium. Time medium time Just calling to let you know that I'm watching live with Kellyanne Ryan and were pretty pounded on to explain how to make oatmeal more interesting She's people how to make oatmeal during this quarantine. That's all I have to say. Say Clean Country. There are so many cool interesting. Technologically revolutionary things happening right now on TV like the lengths that they're going through to keep these TV shows going is astounding sometimes really impressive. It's like you know it's again. It's life away on the other hand. There are some terrible things going on TV. It's like stuff ends up is ending up on. Tv that would never in a million years air on TV and we're talking about TV doesn't have like these high standards. I'm just saying like the things they are switched killing Orion to fill air is astounding and recently Laura. Prep on our favorite prep lower. Prep on WHO's prepped. She's prepped. She's out of the BUZZER. She's at home she reappeared. She had a kid she reappeared. I think she has a book coming. Out To promote the book. I don't know she went on live in Kelly. And meanwhile Kellyanne Reiner not together. Kelly's somewhere Ryan somewhere Laura's somewhere and she show them how to spice up oatmeal literally and her clip hurt the quality of her. So bathak like shocking. Please just play so to set the scene. We've got you know because it's the age of it's the age of quarantine. Tv So everyone's calling in everyone's dialing in from their own homes. So we've got Kelly on the left in her Dan guest bedroom. Not The kitchen Ryan is in the kitchen doing the work. He's like kind of following Laura's lead and making OATMEAL WITH HIS AIR PODS. And by the way he's talking on his Air Pods. Loris in her actual kitchen not her bunker because there's like a beautiful marble island some natural wonder. This is my like pod. I wonder if there's a they sent him a really nice Mike but the air pods are because he's on the phone. Yeah you probably have to hear it. Yeah I definitely have good. Mike's the two of them but Laura's using I don't know it sounds like she had what was once a good Mike but then it was dumped in the mystic river and then let dry and then she started using it again because it's crackly and it was fished out if you listen closely to what she's saying. You hear you hear. Sean Penn Go. They're my daughter and like listen carefully to what you're saying in all of this. Yes I'm really trying to look at ways to spice things that you naturally will just have in your pantry so one thing that I love to do is a lot of people have ot all and I personally love steel. Cut OATS They're less process so that the digestion process is slower keeps you fuller for longer and it has more nutrients. So that's I always go with steel. Cut Oats docker our way. This is this soggy. She's coming to you live from like a bunker in in Moscow. That's my deal. She's like coming to you. Live from from the clear the clearwater bunker me and my husband are here making oatmeal more interesting. And she's done this on her youtube channel. Because I've seen this episode. She's like Oh. My husband likes US Saverio so I put olive oil and like salty things. I like a sugary out so I put strawberries and Maple Syrup. My kids like this. So I put blueberries that's it. We have been putting things in oatmeal for as long as we've been cooking down oats ever since the first human cooked down oats and said this a little bland. We've been putting things in oatmeal okay. Early man was like this could use some sweet. We have to excuse the content because of the time that we're in there is so much bad like pantry cooking. That's going on you know. It's like don't have lemons use a potato. No but okay. You know like knock wait. What really is funny to me is the lack of giving shit about the quality burn it. We don't care. I mean. Look at look at Wendy Williams. Follow richest on twitter for leak daily updates into Wendy's descent into madness clip. The funny thing was when we were talking about it in the last episode. I put up clip of the old episode thinking when I put a clip of a new one. You'd build a tell the worst gossipers words guys were and I'm sorry for how many times we get dinged if we like possibly maybe have something in our mouths on this podcast. People are like get that thing out of your mouth. I can hear you chewing and I cannot it. Wendy is eating a full English breakfast or whatever like throughout ratio. It's a plate of food. She's just like slowly much munching. She's at one hour yesterday. She I'm going to quote rich. What will today bring Wendy? Williams roasting a slim Jim with the lighter and snapping it a snapping Hindu it on live television another reason to keep on living and then there was this then there. Was this wrong. This I loved so Naomi Campbell is doing a little show as well like an interview show and here. She is interviewing. Who was that? Marc Jacobs. Listen also the time of my life where I was. I was sober. I was clean. I was fit remember. Okay what happened right there. Naomi Campbell side of the screen just went black and Marc Jacobs's noticing. Right there justice and they only came back and said this. So we're back. We had a technical hitch. These things happen and with the climate of the way things on walled palace so in the climate and the way things are in the world. We're powerless I have to say as an independent podcast. Producer and host should really appreciating the celebrities having to hit these walls of technical difficulties that they have to figure out themselves. Now they know now they know what it's like now they know what it's like. Yeah maybe you got to figure out how to use HINDENBURG software. Our guest has to call in and can't come to the studio and you gotta figure out a way to improvise an over recording us a weird piece of. Yeah maybe you gotta Google it and spend like four hundred dollars and realized that doesn't work in can't figure it out and then you gotTa return and then you gotta buy something else. Maybe your microphone. Fill into the mystic river. And you gotTA show. Kelly RIPA had to make oatmeal like you. GotTa Roll with the punches. In the gotTa Get yourself a fishing rod because he got a fish the microphone and other water. But then you end up catching eggs instead. Because it's burning all day than make you use the exit craft something and then you tell Ryan talking about if you don't have your microphone. Valley water played in probably literally six days. Because I'm sad for you because I feel like you were so excited for the guy was and now you're like not playing the same game. It pisses me off. Okay next. Highlands Ian Bobby. This is something of an thinking about a lot lately. so Jessica Simpson's best friend is Casey COBB WHO'S MARRIED TO DONALD FACE ON. Who is best friends with that graph who is dating for Pew? So do you think that Florence q? And Jessica Simpson have hung out. I've been trying to decide or like well That's all women. Do you belong in balloons? But no right now because we all belong to the best part about this question is our friend. Matty texted US last night with these same exact conspiracy the conspiracy theory because you are not alone in thinking this and also I finally got around to. I didn't realize it was a video. I thought it was a comment. I watch the League skull deformity puberty but can I say because I like her? I was like cringing because I felt bad. The high like I like or two and I couldn't. I love that video. My play some clip of it here island line. This fact I am twenty four years old. I do not need you to tell me who I should and should not love and I would never in my life ever ever tell anyone who they can and cannot love it is not your place and really has nothing to do with you my reaction and it's definitely because I like her was like Oh like I kind of do feel bad about this because it. It's kind of an Internet exaggerated not joke. It's like clearly. She can do whatever she wants. But the the grown is on him not on her but she's bearing the blunt the brunt of it and it's like kind of sad and disappointing and so I when I when I watched it because she so well poised even though I kind of disagree with her saying anything at all. Because it's ridiculous that's my ultimate thing. Yeah I but I but I did feel bad because I thought she did a good job. Kind of shaming people. That is what celebrities do now. I feel like this one is a little bit different because it's like people are putting shit on her and not on him usually. It's like the other way around where it's like. We're like Dennis Quaid. Stop dating like a twenty twenty year old or whatever but it's because she's the one she's losing their and Zach Braff but Zach braff. Isn't the one getting right like no one's Zach? Braff instagram being. Like you know what I think people are. People are like you your gross like but but I mean it makes sense that Florence is getting the brunt of it because she's more famous. She's the one people like we are not surprised by Zach. Braff doing this. We're like Oh we roller is at Zach. Braff call this relationship grocer creepy. I'm just calling it like I really. It's just like God we want. We want Florence pugh to date someone who seems as cool as she does or not even you we just want her to make marmalade alone. It really isn't about the age difference. It's just like right. Ham really is an and the other thing is like what's weird is. There's the other side of this which you think like Os Zach braff like grown. But there is he just launched a podcast with this with Donald Trump has been with Donald Faizan and it is popular people. Love it. They're thrilled. They're listening to it. So using office ladies but you get in your own bubble of like being like no one cares about Zach. Braff he so lame but it's like no you don't understand. There's a phantom for him. That has no idea that he's dating pugh and could not give us shit so it's interesting to to see that and be like we are really kind of sometimes in a bubble of our own like who's actually maintenace weird way but the thing about. Florence pugh is that she's perceived as being very cool and the cool reaction to dating a lame person to not say anything and keep on dating them and be like fuck you. I'm gonNA keep dating a right to actually respond to. Trolls is not cool. Even if it's justified there those are those are different things and in a way. It's a little bit like the intro from today where it's like you're responding to trolls. That are sometimes not. Even trolls are just like playing with their friends and like doing like kind of a funny grown or like trying to. They're they're they're doing more of us of a signal for signal boosts known for me to signal like they do like a joke signaling like humor signaling virtuous signaling joke with their friends that has nothing to do. I mean I know I know exactly what exactly what you mean. So here's the thing. Casey Casey Cobb did on the Florence video with a heart heart. Whatever they know each other. They're they're definitely Fr- like these to double date like all the fucking time. Never Forget. Casey Cobb is Casey. Cobb is the personal assistant that won the lottery dream for every personal assistant. You know truly the question is do we know literally asking you and I haven't read open book and don't plan too but Although I will say since we talked about in dismissed it people are. It's so go phone talking about okay. Well maybe I will read. But the point is our Casey Kaban Jessica Simpson still close. I think so yes. They are Right I'm asking you do you know I haven't heard otherwise right. And also the other thing is because Florence younger she definitely maybe was part of like a Jessica. Simpson Phantom thing. We're like she was the right. Age would be to watch newlyweds and really be affected by it. So maybe it's like Zach was invited to a Jessica Simpson Event Florence. Like would come with him to it. This is just like a very high. We don't have proof but there's a high probability of this being true and Yes in December Twenty Nineteen Jessica. Simpson posted a photo to them at Christmas thing like in front of poultry and says Jessica Simpson called Casey Cobb her quote forever. Best Iraq every year you just keep getting hotter love to the Moon Heart. Yeah I had a feeling they will close because I feel like they still and Casey speaking of yet another example of us just projecting you know what we want from us liberty onto the celebrity. Casey seems of those people. Donald Casey Zach Casey's the coolest one like Casey's the one you want to hang out with whenever they're all your house. He might even be cooler than Florence. Pew. I mean I'm not gonNa say it but like I don't know but I'm saying when they double date and they're all in the same house. Florence is talking to Casey and Donald Payne Zach and everyone's happy medium time having Bobby medium-term longtime So Wayne Brady is self isolating his ex wife and her current boyfriend because partly because they live next to each other. Hi Laurent gave away is. This is amazing Wayne. Brady is self isolating with his ex wife and her boyfriend asterisk. They live next door to each other. But it's so funny that this headline makes it seem like this magazine length during a two bedroom apartment Wayne Brady and his ex wife and her boyfriend when it's like no guys. They're rich so when they're when when they described him as Iceland together. It's like they are coming into contact with each other. He revealed this a somewhere and then people heard about it and people was like he was talking to people people now their little video chat show and the host was like okay so please. I need them information out. You isolating with your ex wife. Mandy Takata. And he's like okay. Here's what it actually is. And then he explained what's actually going on so even though. He said that he was self isolating with her. He sort of minted in a weird nebulous way because their next door neighbors. And it's like they do the Vernon surely they just go inside the apartment or whatever but most normal people aren't thinking oh it's an estate with two houses on it they're thinking. Oh it's like one house and Wayne Brady's in the basement because that's like the normal description of what we're talking about here and they're probably a lot of people who are isolating with their exes or their future excess or their you know around the corner our their kids from a previous marriage or what you know a lot of situations happening. It's just so funny that people trying to convince me that Wayne Brady is doing that when it's like no no no no no another important. Little detail is that they had a kid together. And so that's another reason. Why over there is because they're literally co-parenting okay. I feel like that's adult. Why would he go over there and he would not? Hey but it is but it is more than that because not only did they have a kid together. He's friends with the ex wife's boyfriend so like they're in the ideal sort of perfect relationship between X.'s. That's what it sounds like. It sounds like a fantasy of so good for them. Yeah okay good for the Wayne Brady. Who were them We have we done him. Maybe not I really want to say one two three them. I kind of want to save them but I'm also kind of like he's does pretty who he thinks what's he up to now like. I'm not really sure. And also what would you like? Call his main thing. Like whose line is it anyway. But like is that a big enough sure but and then Broadway stuff right like seeing stuff and he was just on the mass later and singer he he almost won the massingir almost wanted more. He did or he did win the Massingir. Last season he might have wanted such a big to heal comma them but yeah so jealous of people with yards the next goal who weekly. This is Rachel longtime meet him time. I'm calling to see if you've watched tyra banks Her Food Diary for Harper's Bazaar. Tara might actually be them but she's got such strong who energy that I think she works She basically talks about eating a Bagel and performs a monologue. So check it out. If you haven't seen it yet. Crunch crimes we increase. Let me tell you how do my bagels? I take my Bagel Plane Bagel on a day that I'm not going to be in front of somebody's face onion BAGEL. If I'm going to be speaking closely to people wait opposite funky breath if I'm going to be close to people. Okay flop that you know what I mean the bill in half and then I scoop out all that extra Bagel and put that on the side. Then I take my whipped cream cheese and I dig deep into that pot of it and I feel up the entire scooped out BAGEL rounds like moat. But I'm not finished yet. Then I take that plate of that moated cream cheese BAGEL and I put it inside of the microwave and I shut the door and then I set it for twenty seconds and then what starts to happen the molecular makeup of that cream cheese starts to change like a science project and when you take it out of the microwave. It's not just heated. Oh No it's cream me. And it has a slightly tart flavor that it didn't have tree microwave. The thing this video is that tire has been like this for a while. Now twenty years. I mean Angie saying like Weeden kind of. She's been like this since the beginning since she started hosting stuff right like just the what is even her her. Her affect is like insane. She's she's she's a Hor- whole thing. She's always wanted to be oprah and she could never attain it. You know like she. She wants to be the smart sounding. Interviewer commentator and she just doesn't really have it in her and so it's always come across as a little peculiar. It's cookie in a way that it's like it's Kooky in a way where she's able to say so much and could literally talk forever but nothing seems to kind of make sense radio. Yeah we're talking about her food diary. Which is her. It doesn't have to make sense but this has always been. This is why we get like Tyra `ISMs and we get kind of the like the tyra banks that creates these clips that go viral. Just because they kind of don't make any they really don't make any sense and she hasn't really her whole her whole brand is about saying things very confidently. That don't hold up to scrutiny. Like what is the most famous thing she's ever done? Smith's slices make any sense especially the way that she defines it. She's like you have to smile whenever she every time she did in that. Show the example. You're doing this. You know what you need to do is this. You're doing the same thing. The joke is like right is is showing somebody had a model is almost like irrelevant thing. It's like they're hot. They have a certain. Look that people want they'll figure it out you know but then she made a forty year reality show based on the idea that she teach or that you could learn it or whatever and like not saying that their stuff that you can't learn but I'm just saying like sometimes the qualifications just need to be there or your qualifications just mean they don't need to learn anything right. You're so hot you're exactly the look that they're looking. I loved it every Harper's bazaar food diary over six minutes where it's like everything. I eat today. In what world is everything? Ain't today take anything over thirty seconds to explain. I now Ebola magic spoon to have some leftover chilly. And I'M GONNA GRUB STREET RIP off right. So it's it's a clear. Rip Off of this Grub Street column which is Nice which is kind of fun to read to be honest and spend whatever translating it into this format with a celebrity is insane right. You can't you can't really cut edit it down but it's like you can't really got it down like what are you gonNa cut down the part where she says like. I put my scooped up. You need the other context of the of the BAGEL before the pudding scooped out Bagel in the Mike. Way For twenty seconds can make sense. It's also youtube me. I just remembered that's really popular. Which is just what I eat in a day. It's a Youtube Meets Conde NAST thirst for like glossy video content with celebrities. Yeah I WANNA give Grub street credit for the what I eat today. That is clearly a huge youtube thing but it is normally fall. It's normally accompanied with like A. It's a voice over on the person. Cut It going throughout their day making their food so it's a little bit more interesting of a format. Then just tyra banks sitting there telling me about her Bagel or whatever. I don't even know it would be more. It would be more interesting and authentic if they were just like. What did you eat yesterday? You know or like. Give me one representative day from the past week. You cancer all performances. You can't tell TYRA BANKS TO DO ANYTHING. She's like okay bagels. I'd like you know then. It becomes like a fantasy a Bagel Fan Bagel. There's no way she does this every day. And there's no way she takes the time to scoop her bagel microwave it for twenty seconds. It's also just so that tires like I've been into bagels recently. Yeah if I'm seeing people I have a plane big but if I'm not seeing people having a Bagel you've seen devil wears Prada and you're making one joke. Okay Okay Okay. We have to move on. Air Bags is like Medicare ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever believe a celebrity when they tell you what they just don't you that's true unless it's like a lunatic celebrity like I don't know Patti lupone Barbra streisand because they might be or Salim. Dion she might be like your drink some water or what is Mariah? Carey's thing is through where she's like. I just eat salmon salmon and vegetables if the prompt is what you eat. You know. It's going to be like a fully performance written out whatever because nobody wants to eight. Okay next call weekly You figure out how Tara Reid is doing. I did a little digging On her social media pages. But I can't find anything like super reason Just WanNa make sure she's quarantining correctly Thanks crunch crunch by the La- your correct. The last thing that Tara Reid tweeted was a re tweet percent of herself who she had tweeted this on March fourth. It was a it was a re tweet of herself retweeting. Her new a repeat of herself quote tweeting quote tweeting her new manager slash agent. And he wrote I am now. Officially managers lies agent to the wonderful and extremely talented actress at Terry. Go follow her checker. Imdb instant entertainment have clue clients film. Hashtag film Hashtag success has like movies hashtag casting hashtag character. Hashtag rules Hashtag audition God and she req- that I am so happy to see Felipe. Rep Me No. But she said I'm so happy to see at Philippe but she wrote the word at at. I'm so happy to see at eighty Philippe retinue but his username isn't even at Felipe. It's at its fill anchor San Phil Underscore Ashfield. But she said Eighty Space Philippe and then she read or so last instagram with from four weeks ago and it was happy. International Women's Day from Bella and I and she posted Beleza Dog. I can't even. I didn't forget celebrities. Really need to learn how to use. I but I was like okay. Where do I think Tara Reid is? And how do I figure out what she's doing and then offered like a private detective that she's probably on? Cameo and I remembered that you can see the most instant video the most the most recent videos that somebody's done on cameo now and you can see the yes. Terroris- is in someone's house or in her house. Someone's in her house. There is a mystery man who keeps popping up. And there's somebody holding the camera in some of these because at one point she's holding dogs and he's holding the GAM rotten a mystery man. Maybe it's fully IPE. I don't know who it is But the point is is the way that she talks about. The quarantine is so good and also I feel a little bad because I think somebody paid to make her quote Carl Sagan and she does it in a way that it's the whole thing here happy birthday fortieth have you ever Jesse From your friends and they want me to tell you we love you all know worlds of late Carl Sagan. Even these stars seem so numerous are as sand or dust our lesson dust and then enormity a space in which there is nothing the Louise Erin Take Care. I gotta say it's it's not very nice to make Terry Quote Carl Sagan for your cameo. Okay okay there's also a weird snowman hovering over her on. Why is there a snowman hanging in her kitchen? Yeah there's there. I was trying to figure out where she was. She's definitely a house. There's a big kitchen. There's no man hanging from the ceiling or something. That's like kind of right above her head. Did you see the one where there's a man in the background? It's like doing the dishes or something. It's very weird but it but it does kind of set. Your question was eased. Harry Reid quarantining and the answer is yes. Because I'm seeing evidence that she's in the same place she's doing her she's doing her Cami us. She's definitely in the same place in all of the most recent cameos which is good for her her cameos one hundred and twenty five dollars. She typically responds in one day. Single recent cameo is in the same place and that snowman hovering over her. Yeah you gotTa play a few more of these or would i? I hate that. The cameras are public but I also love it. You gotta play more these the way that she talks about this time is Hey. I I heard it's your birthday. Happy Birthday to you have to you have every day dear. Kaley have you ever day to? I know we're going through a really hard time all of us in quarantine krona but I just wanted to know we're all GonNa be okay and thank you for supporting me and be my friend and also I love that you love Shark Nato Best and Kelly you rock happy birthday. The girl in the world love okay. I figured out the snowman sweetheart. Say the snowman. Okay so this angle this angle. We see a little lower into the kitchen bitch and adverb. So the she's when she's not holding herself when she's holding herself. We're seeing mostly the ceiling because of the angle and there is a giant snowman hanging from the ceiling like Chandelier. Yeah then in this. We see the actual chandelier. That's over the the the breakfast nook and on the Chandelier the lighting fixture there are little Christmas ornaments hunt. She hasn't taken down her Christmas decorations. That's what the says she hasn't taken under Chris. Oh Are you kidding me? They're just Christmas decorations or Chris Decorations. That have not been taken down but that kind of implies that it's it's her place not someone else's place because that is a terror read thing to do. Maybe and maybe she is one of those. Maybe she's like one of those three hundred and sixty five days a year Christmas stores. But it's her house so I don't know that would make sense. Christmas is the thing that makes you happy. So maybe she likes being happy anyways. I I just wanted to let you know that Tara. Reid seems to be doing what she's doing and she's doing it. She has amazing reviews. Everyone says that she always went above beyond that. She she she did. She said you're the coolest girl in the world. Okay good for. So that's what tears up to God? What a great what. A great income stream truly I know cameo is like remember. We talked about cameo five hundred years ago like we were too early on cameo and now it's literally mainstream. Whatever who's and none of video conferencing obviously skype Fan. Then well who were the? Who's in them's of in the in these times we're doing so much videoconferencing whether it's for work or for birthdays or does zoo zoo day in day in day and facetime. I think kind of dropped a little but is them facetime them but dropped well because facetime because you know we're trying to keep in touch with all of our friends and not all of our friends have apple devices and so face time sort of Google hangouts. Kinda who says yeah and it and it and it doesn't always work super well or sell badly. It works well if you have a if you have an enterprise account if you have Google if you're lucky enough to have access to Google meet you're in you're doing great but hang out his really clunky and I don't like it and House Party. That APP went from to them pretty quick because people were now talking about House party. I haven't used it skype. Skype is them but skype is so dated them but skype isn't more of an international them. It's Like v Standard for making international phone calls. Kind of your many places right. When I studied abroad. It was like Oh you have to. You have skype read well. Then there's also there's also slack. Slack does video but I think that I think slaps Larry who we know slack is self for that reason and so was teams Microsoft slack competitor. That's what the caller mentioned. Oh who else. What other ones are there What are people using? I Dunno I feel like honestly it. Just it's crazy to me. The the zoom thing is crazy to me just webex. Who CISCO Webex No? I think it's like if I worked for a fortune. Five hundred company. You're them but if not get out of here I don't know what you are. No sometimes it does. It does amaze me though. Sometimes how well zoom can work in terms of kind of man having a phone having a phone call where you can see everyone's faces and there's like ten people. It is kind of shocking that it can work that you can get more than ten. It's like good luck lady. We were in Zoom Birthday Party last night and it was like it became anarchy very quickly and it just like stopped working. It was like you're having connectivity issues and it's like I know that my internet can handle this. Something is wrong here and it just. I couldn't even get into that. I couldn't even get into that zoom. Yeah it's you know it's has technical difficulties. I did one for my birthday. Poppin WHATEVER AND WORKED OKAY. Nice and it's also just nice to see everyone's faces like even if you were all muted right and like listening to like a playlist or something. It is nice to see people's faces in this way that is not. We're talking about zooming notches for pure communication and trying to say something but more just like the experience of being with people right by my favorite thing about zoom. That one of our friends brought up in your birthday. Zoom was that it's really hard. It's really hard to leave. Zoom it takes too many steps in your life. When you're like by I gotta go. You have to click leave meeting and then you have to confirm. But every there's a lag between each of those clicks so you can't just like hang up you have to like hang up and then waiting hang up again. There is an etiquette that has not quite been established. Like don't even know it will be established by the time this is over. I pray it's not because I prayed short but like the term it. The the point is that it's you have to really kind of either accept it. You're just going to be like bye bye. Okay bye which I think is fine. Just be like okay. We gotta go by four or do you. What is the what is the term? The Irish could by the French exit. The whatever. You can't do that. You can either Irish goodbye birthday party or will you do. Is you go up to the person whose birthday is say? Hey I'M GONNA go. It's Happy Birthday. Soga like you do that like moment privately. Yes and then you're free but for zoom because you can't have a private moment you're like Okay everyone and it's not like you could slip out the back door. You know. Because the the entire interface changes like when a window goes away. The other windows reorganized. And you're like Oh someone left like I could slip out of a party. Unnoticed very easily. But not as I know you can't. I know you can't and you you have Lila of a party. Mita Bobby Tex. Did you leave bobby? Twenty five minutes though Sweetie. I'm it'll be an hour I'll be like oh you can't do that. In a zoom I was in a good zoom. I told you about this. I was in a good zoom Joshua's friends and we had been zooming for like two hours and one of them just goes. It was very clear that the energy was like lowering. One of them. Finally just goes okay. Guys I'm over at by and I'm over this by just allow okay. I'm sorry but that's so rude. I would never do awesome in a really bad zoom birthday party and then we were texting with people during it like. How do we get out of this? Because we didn't know half of the people. Yeah well right you got it you you know you make up an excuse. The best excuses the best new. Excuse that everyone's using including myself. When I got another I have I have another zoom happy hour right now. Okay but that is like everyone. Everyone has happy hours all the time. Now so you could just be like I have to go to another zoom. I'm already late for another zoom but that's the best thing to sound in saint but that makes you sound crazy. Oh no I wouldn't have enough with your friends. I have another Zoom Oh sorry I got another multiple doomsday tonight multiple nights. Well your fucking so popular see. That's the response I wouldn't want it's like I'm not GONNA be out. I guess it helps. There are two people in my household doubled. Zoom appointments just say? I've got another busy busy. Whatever you could animal crossing while us. That's what's Great. I mean you can because you have it set up on the TV so it looks like you're looking kind of at the Zuma your way on I've held. I've held the switch on my hand and played animal crossing. That's fine no one cares. I mean especially. It's Josh Zoom. You're just sitting there. Growth collaborative is an online marketplace at delivers all natural home beauty and personal care products directly to your door. Their aim is to make living a healthy lifestyle easy and accessible for you and your family. So here's the idea. You WANNA buy some cleaning products you want them to be as ECO friendly and clean as possible. It's weird to say cleaning products clean but you know what I mean like healthy for you healthy for your house. No fumes stuff like that. You won't hurt yourself. You won't hurt other people you want her to other people if you're ordering from Grove collaborative. 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Amazing Bobby is one of two million. Households Trust Group collaborative to make their homes happier and healthier plus shipping as fast and free on your first order for a limited time when you go to grove dot co Grove dot co slash who you will get a free five piece cleaning set for Mrs Myers and Grove in Crisp sense like mentor. Rose for a thirty dollar value so go to grove dot co slash who to get this exclusive spring cleaning off spring spring cleaning grover dot co Slash Hill. Hey Bobby Longtime longtime my name is Laura. I'm calling in quarantine craziness what happened to carry health in. Where did she go? Who wish she seen with what she ever? I don't think so but she definitely was on the cost at one point. Maybe like I dunno like ten years ago. I don't even know. I don't even know what happened to carry health. Then was she ever them or is she forever and Huda French French by first of all. We've talked Keri Hilson. Because she's like kind of an iconic figure in pop culture in terms of you when you talk about. Hashtag flops or whatever bio did everything and then it went away. Did you see somebody added her five G. Conspiracy to her wikipedia which is so rude in two thousand and twenty during the height of the cove in pandemic Hilson spreading falsehoods adjusted. The virus was due to five G. Wireless Technology briefly overshadowed her music career. Ooh briefly overshadowed career. The last time we talked about her was in January. Twenty nineteen what she up to and she. She's been starring in lifetime movies member. She was starring made for TV movies. Yeah she's also one of those people who's always like her new album like her comeback albums coming soon and it's like never coming. It's like never coming but it's always coming soon. That Hilson is up to. I mean I personally am a big fan. I Love Pretty go rock. I think pretty go. Rock is like an incredible songs so Keri Hilson does mean something special to me you say that a lot. Yeah but she's got. She had some heads she got fucked over a little bit. She said some things that people should have said things about a gay beyond say. Don't say Shit about beyond say you are going to get in trouble. But we've been over this honestly. I feel like if you're all seen as podcasts. You know the Keri Hilson should have it been over is five G. conspiracy theories and five G. conspiracy theorists of whom she is running through. Celebs like love this conspiracy. I think you know what I mean like. There's a strain of celeb- that loves this conspiracy. She tweeted all these things about five G. And then she had to delete them and then she tweeted. Management has asked me to delete the vid. Slash Articles Shrug Emoji? I appreciate good discourse unconventional thinking. Let's just be safe out there because whatever the cause. The virus has a real thing maybe with us prayers to all so she was basically saying that five. G. Caused it and I was like okay being Keri Hilson management right now and you have to be out here. Being like Kerry pleased delete the tweets about five. She's still has management. Like what were they managing? I mean at least there's something to manage. I'd rather manage a five G. conspiracy theory than a thing so I was like I keep hearing celebrities. Say That Five G. Causes Corona virus. And I have not actually looked into what they think that means because I don't understand how like an upgraded cell phone network and caused so it says heroi founding on G. Q. Yeah I thought they found the answer Chiku. More widespread theory is that five G. Weakens the immune system through radiation thus making you more susceptible to cove in nineteen. That's what they think it does. I don't even have five. Gee My phone is slow as hell whereas my five. Gee if I'm going to get affected by everyone else's five G. where's my just ridiculous. So then Woody Harrelson instagram's a lot of my friends have been talking about the negative effects of five G. My friend Camilla seems seems to me today. Instead of census to me today seems this to me today though. I haven't fully vetted it I find it very interesting. Meanwhile Mia who just came out as an anti vaccine is out here being like. Oh fine union here. Oh Sorry we oh. She said she says she doesn't. It gets five G. No but she says it can slow down the healing process. This is the same ship. She's not saying it caused. If you're worried about radiation there are so many other things that we own that. Put out more radiation than cell phone towers. That like if that's what. You're worried about everywhere. The Sun Radiation Your Phone Radiation Michael Way more. The Sun is way more dangerous than five. G. Radiation is radiation is all over the fuck. You take a flight radiation. You get more radiation the list of celebs that are Saas. We have John Cusak. Okay Emma okay. We will woody Harrelson and Keri Hilson. Sorry this is not my panel of of scientists that I'm going to bet I'm GonNa go to bat for in terms of this okay. And then we have an anonymous person who wrote to wrote to voltaire about getting a test faster than anyone culture thing shut with these within the as told to. There's a little drop of five G. maybe it's five G. maybe it's five. Gee that's going all over and we're just going to be feeling less than it affects us all in a major way. So it's the actress has asthma. Her husband is seventy one to this person. I think it's really because she's a little Wackadoo. Her husband seventy two hundred seventy one but it wouldn't surprise me if they either changed the age just to massacre or if Bette midler didn't know how older husband was yeah. So how did you figure out that Miller's husband you just went I literally when read it? I said this sounds like Bette midler and I googled her husband's age. And it was seventy one and Bette midler tweets would totally right exactly. Yeah and Bette Midler. Were to pitch an essay to anyone. It would be New York magazine Slash Vulture right here. She's like New York she's I think it's her. I Yeah I believe I actually I. That's not I don't know but I try my I try to use my. I tried to get figure out who it was. But they wouldn't tell me but I I think we can figure it out. I think someone call-in who is as easy. It's annoying that they would post that anonymously to begin with like fucking right. It's Wimpy it is wimpy because it's like we know. Celebrities got tests faster because they have access to private doctors who were able to get tests faster so why and if you're going to own up to being like yes. I am one of the privileged few. It's not brave to hide behind and has no. We know this is a fact that we all. We know that you're doing this. You're not revealing the truth. That celebrities are getting tests. And you didn't actually reveal any information about how just guilty and you just feel bad so either you say hey. This is something that happened to me and I feel bad about it. And here's why or you don't share this information like this because we already know so anyway. You're right okay we're done. Thank you listening to. Who's there. Who weekly our weekly call in show. We really appreciate it. Hope you're doing well in self-isolation Corentin Thank you for listening. Follow us on. Twitter and facebook calls at six nine. Who THEM IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS? Concerns rate and reviews on Apple podcast. We reading them and support us on Patriot on accomplish she weekly for twice-weekly bonus episodes and we'll see you on Tuesday by Israel. They WANNA know fame.

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