Episode 76 climate change and gun violence in #elxn43


Hainer. At Hey Sandy. I've been on like this environmental. Hi for the last couple of days. A Green Hi. Oh my God all of those images from around the World Pretty Cool Huh. Yeah I mean like the the numbers of how many people have been marching in Canadian cities. That came out at the end of Friday was was amazing and I. I think that it's easy to kind of like forget that there were things that were happening in. Like many many many small communities across Quebec another seventy events held and there's little marshes but the big one was Montreal. Did you see Montreal's pictures. I saw so many pictures. It looked incredible so incredible. Yeah yeah so it's GonNa be very interesting to see how that translates into this election. And so this episode. We're going to try and explain to. Oh you dear listeners. What the role of mass mobilization has to be in relation to an election? And so I think I think it's like incredibly inspiring to see all of these young folks who've organized these these climate strikes all over the world but one thing that I already see happening that we cannot allow to happen. Is this type of cooperation from From politicians and so I'm talking about Justin Trudeau like attending the march. I was so hoping like I was going to tweet that. I really hope that we have like some sort of Australian act boy equivalent in Canada when he shows up and someone did. Yeah I someone tried some tried. Yeah to get just to act but he got swiftly arrested yes I believe tackled to the ground. Yes But the the reason why was hoping for that is because it doesn't make sense for Justin Trudeau to attend a climate strike because he he is highly responsible for some of the ways that the climate is getting worse for humans and so him showing up is just another example of how he uses his his public image to try to create An idea about who he is. That doesn't actually match with his policies and given how This country responded to say just last week's racism tobacco. It's dangerous thing when someone like Justin Trudeau who seems to have all the latitude in the world for for forgiveness and for people to trust him in in like you know amongst the populace that when he does present himself as the guy on climate change you have shows like the Patriot Act with Menendez saying that he is really great for the environment and people believing that perhaps the Liberal Party is on the forefront of climate change and they're co opting. This movement largely led by youth and That's unacceptable and dangerous because if people believe that and then go ahead voting for them believing that the liberals care more about the climate than they do about the business interests that further the the the climate crisis while they were just getting ourselves into even more trouble. Yeah it was very confusing. I also also thought it was unacceptable and inappropriate for him to be present at the at the rallies. Because well for all the reason that you stated and also because it's it's like part of cooperation is to really confuse the issues and the climate strikes. Were really amazing. Because you have this massive ground swell of support that was primarily a among youth youth who had been organizing in organizing with this date in mind since like for months right like the the last big climate strike day was March Twelfth And Not Rally like I was at the rally and March Twelfth. That was really big and I thought Oh my goodness like the next big one is going to be really big and it. Just this happens that it falls in the middle of our election and so of course politicians are going to try to make political hay off of it but for Trudeau. Dick go to Montreal. The rally rally that was the biggest and most powerful in a community where the environmental movement is actually quite strong one. Probably the strongest location of Environmental Activism Activism in Canada right now is just so offensive and gross and you know he wasn't welcomed people marched along him enchanted that he bought a pipeline which. I thought that was important. That people did that. But it's also it's it's a it's a reminder that our movements are in a location right now where politicians do feel completely safe showing up at spaces that they have no right to be in and and partly that's because glow like global climate change is just that it's a global issue and the the the solutions when you think about global solutions of course. The Prime Minister of Canada might have positive role to play in a global solution but by enlarge he is the target of our of our rage of are demanding for more demanding of action and he has to wear not just the decisions of his government government. But he's the head of Canada. He has to wear the decisions of governments that he disagrees with like. That's that's kind of how it works. You are the Prime Minister of Canada. You are the top up guy of the country and And the and the damage that the that the liberals have done by turning Climate pricing in the in the climate talks into into what has been turned into is going to be very difficult for activists to untangle from among people who are just like the carbon taxes bad the carbon taxes bad and therefore I'm against fighting to improve the environment because they they really took that issue and made that the only issue That they were that they were really really willing to fight for in. This is not an episode on the on the carbon tax. It's like not even a super sufficient measure either so I mean did Trudeau relist all all of the the the waterways that that that Harper delisted from environmental protection did he reverse any harper's like catastrophic perfect climate policies. You know no no so screw you being there you know. We're we're not just talking about two in this episode. Although we totally could like this is this is like one of the issues of our time connected to so many different issues that we will often talk on this podcast whether it be connected to issues of white supremacy connected to issues of capitalism's and so on like this is one of the most dangerous manifestations of a whole host of social issues that are happening in our time. So for this This should be the one of the number one issues that are is discussed during the election and so we do not have the luxury of You know just ignoring this issue trying to talk about something else like milk or whatever ever during during the election in these times we don't and so we also don't have. We cannot have the complacency to allow how politicians to pretend like they're working on something that they're not and so we just WanNa go through a little bit of how we should be thinking about how how politicians should be responding to such Organized Fervor around the environment as the election very quickly approaches. That's right I mean so this week. There should be an echo effect of Friday's marches and how the parties interact with what Friday delivered is going to be the test of their response to average people's demands because they think that the climate strikes were very very average people those were mass mobilizations of people who perhaps have never taken to the street before The majority of them had never taken the b-street before and the reason we know that not because they're historically the biggest rallies in Canadian history ever ever ever like. I mean this is some historic shit at. It's happening at the time of an election. And and so you know will the Liberals respond to what happened with better green policy will the Conservatives respond with better green policy and how will the end ep try to capture the excitement and the Greens. I guess as well how will they try to capture the excitement of the climate marches. And turn that into public policy. That is bold. That is clear that explains to average people how we're going to fight this massive soul crushing problem of climate change. And and you know. We're recording this on Sunday. And so the week hasn't started yet but but while you're watching how all politicians are talking about the environment like has the environment become the number one issue or are they politicians trying to push other issues that they are more comfortable debating baiting about and I suspect that the that the Conservatives and to some extent the liberals are GonNa want this issue to kind of go away because the liberals can can only go so far on the environment before they run up against the DP the Greens having much better policy than they have. That's totally true. And like I I I want to feel like it can't be left alone that you it's not worth it to talk about the Conservatives and anybody else right at the liberals on on the climate right now if you if you care about the future of the human race like I hope one that you're not even considering voting for either of those parties but like I hope you know that that is those parties Are Obviously not interested in in the difficult choices that will have to be made and the difficult changes that will have to be made to our economy enemy vis-a-vis the environment and so it's not worth talking about and part of the reason. I got some questions last week after our podcast cast of like. Why are you so focused? On the Liberals the Conservatives are just as racist or worse or whatever and it's like part of the reason is question it's a it's a great question like part of the reason we he focused on them Because like coming out of last week was well it was because it was the leader of the Liberal Party did the most racist thing but but also because they present themselves they present themselves as authorities on these topics is as people who are doing the right thing on on these topics and often as Nora gave a bunch of examples about at the top of the show will actually just further conservative actions or ignore ignore previous conservative actions allowed to continue previous conservative actions that That make things for the environment much much worse and so it's it. It becomes incumbent on people like us. I guess To sift through the bullshit quagmire so that you can see what's really underneath all all the ways that they present themselves and so that's why we're focusing on them but that is not to say the Conservatives don't deserve some flags so fuck them too but not worth talking about because he should already know that. Yeah the conservative plan is so thin that there's not there's not really much to it like they they m- mm are not publicly denying climate change so like Bravo fucking Andrew. Scheer I guess but their their plan for an environment I mean it doesn't have any more depth to it than three pillars which is that they wanna make Green tack be a big part of the economy and they want a greener natural environment. I mean they're they're kind of like the ducks unlimited conservationists right this model that you can have really nice parks or really nice piece of land. I might ignore indigenous rights entitled outlander might ignore the fact that waterways are fucking connected and so if you allow Large mining projects or large other industry projects that they will poison the water shed the Conservatives are are masters of not caring about this issue at all and what they inject in this election. which is I think something? That isn't hawked about enough. But they inject this This myth that Canada Candida is among the the cleanest countries in the world. And what our Ashok brain and our job is to show poorer countries who just don't get how important the environment is had a clean themselves up and so part of the conservative platform and in the way that they talk about the environment it is like okay candidates doing everything we can and it's really the third world countries who are polluting the most and it's them that we need to that. We need to target or we need to help or whoever however they want to massage that language rate in the in the platform it's taking Climate change fighting global or something like this and it has a very insidious if fact Especially when people who are conservatives and so if you listen to this podcast and you've got family members or friends who are conservative. This is a really important to talk to. Your family about. That candidate is still among the most polluting countries in the world. This is not a first world versus Third World thing and in fact the so-called so called Third World like a lot of countries whose whose economies are rapidly industrialising. In this moment they're able to skip the dirtiest energy apart because they're rapidly industrialising in a moment where clean energy is possible inviolable. And so you know there's there's from US shipping our fucking trash in recycling to the Philippines Philippines being like fuck you candida take this back right. which is such a a symbol of of how we treat other countries in the world? My God to to the fact that among Canadians like our our car ownership in their car emissions are some of the highest biased. In the in the world we pollute per person and we saw the highest quantities in the world and most of that isn't actually individual consumption most that's industry and so the Conservatives are useful to remind us that capitalism is the problem that overconsumption is the problem that the liberals roles just want to mitigate this stuff to make it sound good which is why they're so obsessed with the market based solution look like a carbon tax and the independent Greens. I mean the MVP. He has not been able to articulate their platform or their vision. Well Enough and the Greens baked into their brand and so they're able to kind of get away with them being the Green Party and it's kind of clear enough as it is so I'm hoping to see this week A real like Focus on climate has in this week of the Canadian in election But some of the things that I think are missing in the conversation. I'm really hoping that there's intrepid journalists out there who are willing to like Ask these parties about for example. You just mentioned candidates like you know one of the biggest polluters which means it really contributing to the way that the the climate is changing changing and how that manifests in like different weather patterns and so on and so when we see A lot of devastating Really extreme weather patterns say in the Caribbean or in South America okay and that creates a number of like climate refugees. What is Canada's responsibility To to folks who have lost their homes their livelihood as a result of some of the ways that candidate refuses to address us. It's responsibility for the change in climate. How are we like? What is the responsibility that we're going to be taking on right like these types of really big questions are things that you are talking about when they're doing these climate actions but I almost rarely ever hear being talked about at the top? I do think that Elizabeth may has talked about this but I don't think that this has been an issue that's been asked to all the leaders and I want to hear them talk about it. Well it's a foreign Foreign Relations or international relations question isn't it and our international relations. Discussion discussion in this election is so thin. It's it's like there's no mention of the fact that Canadian soldiers are molly Canadian. Soldiers like what we've committed waited more than a billion dollars to have our our ongoing engagement in the Middle East. We've got Canadian soldiers in the Middle East right in Syria and Iraq. We're in the we're in Ukraine and an end it. It's always kind of around war right and the climate fight is a global issue as you've said and so how these issues news translate into foreign policy of each of the parties and the answer is it doesn't at all at all. It's unbelievable how oh how there has been no discussions and and WHO's the only group that's all like air. We want a foreign policy debate. You saw that this past week is there's the fucking punk debates so And and that would have been ridiculous and so like. I'm super happy that the munk debates bates had to collapse on that because their questions would have sucked but the the fact that we have not moved into a direction where foreign affairs and foreign policy is is directly clete tied to climate change and climate policy and not like this benevolent. How can we give money to make people better but yeah how are we accommodating climate refugees? Jeez or how are we giving money. Are we giving expertise are we. Are we showing up to help. People who've been desert devastated by floods. Do we have flood expertise like a rebuilding force fire expertise and candid ended with our own forest fire. properties are we sending. This was going to be my response that it is a foreign policy issue. But it's like not just a foreign policy issue right like there's going to be there already are people who are being displaced everywhere and so it's a plant Scher for for foreign policy. But it's also a plan for what's GonNa happen within Canada like things were getting extreme here to like from the north to the I mean I was and literally about to name all the cardinal directions and not really say anything specific about it because except the south but the changing climate in the north in the way that that affects the type of subsistence. That people have available to them the change in climate to the West and all of the The the dryness and the forest fires it even although the kind of tornadoes that you're seeing in southern Ontario which we didn't get used to have before and flooding. It's like the way that the hurricanes are making their way. Farther Arthur north. It's it's it's all it's all bad it's all bad and so we're gonNA need a plan that is that both recognizes. It is our responsibility to people outside of the borders of Canada and within the borders of Canada. And do we have the plan. Is it there who's talking about it besides the youth. Well this is where you got to give the a bit of credit to the Green Party and I I would say only a bit because literally. That's the reason to exist so I need the green writing I would expect no less You Know Elizabeth May is an extremely effective communicators. Sometimes sometimes she's situations you're like. Wow that was bad but but You know she was on the current this past week and she was talking about the Green Party's policy and it was the first time they really felt like I had heard an explanation of any of the party policies that was very concrete in how they understood like just the enormity of this problem and how it touches every aspect of of the economy of the Society of our existence and so you know the Greens are talking about it but the problem is that the if a journalist was thinking from the perspective of green policy they would look at what the Greens are the per proposing they would say how far away all of the other parties are from what the Greens are proposing and they would look at what the what the experts are saying. We need to be doing how far the Greens are away from not from the expert advice because the Greens are not like they're they're not providing us a program to save the planet. There were. It's better but it's not gonNA actually address the problems the way that these that these mass social movements are are demanding and so And so part of this as media WHO's refusing to talk about it part of it is the fact that this two parties that are kind out of also refusing to talk about in any fundamental way and the MVP has to figure it out as well the MVP has to be more bold with their comments more bold with their. Ah Promises you know like. They got free public transit as part of their platform. Why is that not being talked about more is there? Is there a bus strategy. That will connect rural communities in this country is their strategy to To get high speed rail like between every major city in this country I mean we. We need expensive and massive infrastructure projects. And we need someone like Jagmeet Singh to be like you know what we're funding this because this is important we refunded the Canadian national railway one hundred years ago one hundred twenty years ago we can fund this now. We're going to fund this because it's important and not be so obsessed with the logic of of finding that money and making sure we can pay for because big infrastructure projects have to happen in the liberals were doing that but there's but most the pro- pro- Their their projects have our private public partnerships. And there's a lot of problems within that in that's a whole other discussion but it's very clear like either. There's a lack of knowledge or there's the total total ignorance at the level of Paul of journalists. Were not understanding those issues or the parties are reluctant because they know that the solutions are really really big and I think that they can be popular but you have to popularize them which is which is where you go back of course the social movements one of the things that I think is really important about what you just said is like and what that I think has been missing from the way that politicians talk about the climate is that you brought it really close to people's everyday experience. I think that some of the ways that people get a little bit confused about the climate or oh that's the thing there that might be coming for us but I don't know how is because they don't they can't see how it's like really directly connected to their lives. I mean obviously as the weather events intensify intensify that definitely becomes closer to people's lives but things like a shift in infrastructure policy that changes how we do transit transit or changes how we get around Those types of things need to be connected to the climate and the environment and how we talk about these things a little bit more and I don't know I wonder why they're not being connected quite so much. Maybe it's because it's too dangerous for for political parties to talk about to to you now to commit to such massive changes But those are the types of discussions that we need so people can see how it's connected to their own lives and not only feel like it's connected acted to them when we're talking about attacks. Do you know what I mean totally. I think it is dangerous because like if you take the EP their big green policy that I I can think of off the top of my head. So the policy that has gotten out anywhere is retrofitting homes right and that is we've talked about this on this episode before that is like meaningless to to me like as someone with windows and I know my windows are one hundred years old and you know I've I've just got our house off of oil because we were able to switch till at Trinity and all this kind of stuff and I'm like retrofitting my home. What the fuck like I have to go in and renovate like I got a list of renovations? We have two already too just like live here like you know and so and of course. That doesn't talk to renters out. All that only talks to homeowners. And so these these are these are like the pocket book solutions there. The environmental fucking light bulbs that don't work very well. There's the single use plastic bands. That would be great. except I mean I think I heard Justin Trudeau announce it. They had banned single use. Plastic and I was literally eating with a single use plastic fork. I'm like yeah you sure did breaking the law right now but it when we start to think more broadly about about connecting the environment to every single platform policy. That's when you start to actually point at the real problem and the real problem is capitalism awesome and none of the parties are are equipped to talk about that in a serious way and not just a capitalism but white supremacy. Because here's the thing also about Some of the stuff that I was just talking about in terms of a climate Jeez By and large those folks are GonNa be Indigenous Black and Brown folks and I you know like I certainly don't trust the Liberal Party to do anything more than Whereas like a costume as I said last week But I I need these These politicians to if they're GONNA be really talking about this stuff to understand that they also need to be talking about how the climate affects us all in different ways and particularly affect certain communities worse than others because white supremacy like these are things that That all need to be understood and tackled by any party. Who's seriously considering how they're going to to to stop the climate crisis white supremacy is the tie that like weaves everything together and it's it's interesting to think about which policies that you and I would call racists that have come out in this election and how they don't necessarily have a direct in a Tied to the environment. Let's say I'm thinking of a couple of policies in my mind right now and you can say that those environmental policies but any policy that dehumanizes and denigrates racialist people is going to have an impact when we start talking about the movement of a global movement of refugees opening our borders ars or arms or our homes to people who are in need. And you need to come to Canada. They're all connected. And when we have any policies that call into the humanity of the that call into question the humanity of black and Brown and indigenous people that's a narrative that stretches across policies. And so there's like a direct act impact on how people white people especially see up people who are in need from around the world who are not white and then that feeds into an anti the immigrant sentiment and it feeds feeds into rising xenophobia. I mean it like it's kind of Nice to look at the world through all of these systems because it's like they're all they all work together other like you can really make these conclusions. Quite simply and the job of the politician is too high of all of this stuff off to make nothing makes sense in in the last like ten minutes of this show. I do want to talk about maybe one of those issues or one of those those threads of policy that we kinda dropped like a hint about last week when when Justin Trudeau Longside Trustee Bill Blair announced at their their election platform on guns which If I can just say it's just so very bizarre. We are in the way that they talked about it. They were like. I don't know if you saw the the press materials that they created but it was like it said Thoughts and prayers are enough like it was really why like it felt like A. Yeah Oh yeah. It was like a response to American movements around gun control control from the Liberal Party like it was. It was very weird. Yeah very very strange. I don't I didn't see anyone one address that in the media at all and I was like so disappointing about also last week was like a quagmire of Shit to respond to you. So you know who knows. But that's that's how they responded to it but each of the parties seem to want to focus in some way on gang violence or violence and a criminality They've all come out with some sort of platform on these things and the way that these things are talked about are of course related related to the way that these parties envision people of Color and black people because that is who they think that they are talking about in he's in these discussions and it's very clear and so I just you know when addressing rushing gang violence if your answer to like the the Liberal Party's answer to like addressing Quote it unquote. Gang violence is to criminalise. More guns gun should be in cities I get that sure But the their answer isn't going to do anything about the root causes. It's just gonNA arrest more people and I don't I don't really like what are you doing about. The root causes because people have been being arrested for this type of thing for some time now. The problem hasn't shifted because that approach doesn't work if poverty is the the root cause if substandard access to education inability to access. Employment is one. The problems like more criminalization isn't going to assist. The problem. Just makes it worse. Is it taking a look at how the parties discuss. How how they're gonNA deal with crime is really telling about how how the party's view people in these communities who are affected hit by these violence? Yeah so the Conservatives have A whole policy under there A Safer Canada kind of thing That it's got three three pillars and the pillars are not surprised people One is like cracking down on gangs the second and his gun laws that target criminals and then number three in no hint of irony. I guess is equipping. Police gun laws at target criminals and equipment police. What if the police are the problem? Okay and so So they've got this this website and it's funny because it's like weirdly Plato and the bullet points don't make any sense And they're they're very clearly whipping up a of a feeling of fear from among White Canadians like they're they're talking about revoking parole. They're talking about tougher sentences in the in the Conservative Party of of of tough on crime rate they got rid of the mandatory mandatory minimums Or three they introduced mandatory minimums and they got rid of the consecutive life. Sentences that you can hold so people can be in jail until they're dead and they want to create new sentences for violent gang crime. Like as if as if like you can just be in jail for fucking two hundred or three hundred or four one hundred years what what really gets me in. This is that it's like there is a crisis in in cities where affordability and poverty are our or lake at the highest levels. They've been for a long time and people are super desperate. There is absolutely a crisis. And what this addresses is not that crisis races this addresses this just continues to put more people into jail criminalizes black youth it makes white conservative. Voters think that that's the real problem and ignores the fact as you say that there's re- causes but what I find the most fascinating is that Steven Harper's tough on crime policies where he introduced the ability to be in jail for back. Tabatha set length life sentences because up until then you can only be in jail for a murder first degree murder up until twenty five years. Stephen Harper let you be in jail for as many years as a judge wants to give you and And then create a mandatory minimums which puts a lot of pressure on judges to just jail people rather than to find alternatives to jailing them. And wh and what has what has Justin Trudeau done about. These really barbaric changes to the criminal code. Oh well he ruled the mall. No that's not right heated. Fuck all I think though. Additional houses official fugger balls. He was fuck all ed so it is rich to me that that the the liberals are going to have any policy that targets gun on violence. That's going to work especially now bill fucking Blair In a in the driver's seat and the Conservatives are simply pushing further for more criminalization in the same path that they had started under Stephen Harper. It's really fascinating how this is just like a continuous trend towards increasing criminalization in a fucking country where homicide rates have dropped significantly over thirty or forty years and where who is more likely cleaned. Kill somebody if you're a woman it's someone who you are related to or who you have been married to her with or or used to be with and for man. The most likely person is going to kill you is not criminal activity. It's fucking random. Actually it's a stranger stranger danger actually dangerous for men and I don't think that's a whole other thing we could talk about. That's pretty interesting. Yeah and you know part of the the thing that made me like so cringe at the liberal a I promise and announcement is because I am sure that what they were doing was they were thinking. Okay Black Canadians are probably really upset with us. Can and we announced something that will directly affect The way that The the difficulties that Black Canadians are experiencing in their communities and they probably job. We thought like this. This is it. This is the way to go forward And it's such a a gross way to think about A community the of people because they they're again not interested in dealing with any of the root causes of these things that people are experiencing experiencing in their communities. And then the other thing that I want to say about the the conservative plan is and you really should go check out this website it is. It's very funny. I who they need to fire. Whoever is working on their web design because all the bullet points are the number one? The number one is the bullet except for the liar. Exactly the laws words just a bullet like it's like a list but all the items are I in the last like there's there's a bunch of things that they talk about that. Make it very clear to me. I don't know if you're reading through the lines on this one Nora Aura. That they are interested in privatizing prisons. They're they're talking about making prison time more meaningful at the same time time. This is like literally. That's one of the bullet points is making prison time or more more meaningful At the same time that they're talking about getting rid of parole about As they're talking about tougher sentences and they also talk about in their in their platform and audit of the money that the government is spending going on prisons and making sure that they're spending their money correctly that to me is the setup for a government policy the that allows for private institutions to come in and run prison systems. And I think we've talked about on this podcast before how there are a private companies who are involved in the prison system in Canada but it's not reached the level where there's private companies like running our entire incarceration Jason System like it is in the United States. It seems to me that reading through the lines in this in this thread of plans lands conservatives. Have that something that they wanNA move forward on. I totally I think. That's totally fair. UNLESS THEY WANNA make it more meaningful because the like let the let the people who live live in prisons have like parties and celebrate milestones and have access to training programs. That are really fun. Read it that way too. I I suppose we could. I don't know if sheer end friends are truly interested in that Shit. I don't you're I think you're totally right and I and I hope folks listening to this podcast can appreciate like you know you hear you heard it here folks. I like that's not it and no one is talking talking about it We have to mention the end. EP The EP came out just this morning Sunday morning awkward day for an announcement but anyway and for their gang funding which is one hundred million dollars dedicated to help keep young people out of gangs so the Canadian Press Story has very little details and such are those details will come the next couple of days but but Singh was asked if any of that money would go the RCMP and he said no so Oh Bravo not great and and you know the probably thinking about youth programs creative programs of giving money to the cities to be able to offer spaces for youth to do stuff so that'd be. That'd be wonderful that we good Of course it doesn't touch on the affordability stuff which is elsewhere elsewhere in the Andy Platform and also not sufficient but Starting the conversation around like youth and supporting youth is is great. The other part of their of their gang-related promise is something that I think has gone a lot of plane British Columbia because I've heard folks. NBC Talk About it. But I haven't seen anyone else talkative document Canada which is that. They're mimicking a lot of the the policies that the MVP government in British Columbia has promised specifically related to anti money laundering And so that is great too. So they've they've talked about a twenty million dollar Disbursement to create specifically in the RCMP the money laundering unit. I don't know if that needs to be in the RCMP. Quite frankly but Talking about money laundering is is absolutely critical. Because you know we've got maxine Bernie okay. That's blaming the affordability crisis in Toronto Vancouver on immigration whereas the real culprits. Of course our money launderers are the banks are speculators and out of control housing prices. That have made some people extremely rich and have made a lot of people homeless to the journalists who listen to our podcast And what is because I've I've heard that there's a lot now at some of the The most interesting feedback that I get is from journalist if you folks are interacting acting with with the parties on this issue this week because it seems like that's something that might also be talked about this week in addition to the climate when they talk about being tough on crime as every party does every year every year. There's an election. It's like one of the signature promises that they promise to make. People think they care about their safety when they do. Please ask them what they're doing. That's different from what's been done before. Okay because if if again like if all that we ever talk about at which it seems like it is in every election is tough on crime means more money to the police and more power to the police and and tougher sentences and whatever and you know and it doesn't really change anything just as a journalist. Maybe ask them why. There's still going on with the same plan that doesn't change anything. Ask them to delineate how it's different. Get them to get real a little bit on this issue because I think so many of us know the issue goes so deep and is about. It's so much more than just what it is. That is denoted as criminal in our society. And I think it's really important that journalists assert quipped to not forget the last term for the liberal parties or the last term the conservatives were in power or you know for the MVP and the Greens or whomever how they're going to be different from those previous terms that the ruling parties have always promised the same shit. Ask them how it's going to be. Different communities of color black communities indigenous communities are counting on you to like make it apparent that this shit doesn't change anything for us so just get a little bit more creative a little different change it up a little bit. Don't let them get away with the same old same old. Ask a tough question. Ask a tough cool as Jan.. Did you man.

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