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You're listening to comedy central. Say goodbye to huge cable bills Filo has over fifty of your favorite channels like the food network AMC in the history channel enjoy live and on demand TV plus unlimited recording for only twenty dollars a month with no contract needed. Filo is available on Roku, Android. IOS? Fire TV and apple TV to start your free trial. Visit Filo dot TV slash ears. That's P H I L O dot TV slash ears. Please welcome. Kevin love. Welcome to the show. Appreciate you. Having me. Let's start with the most important question or statement that I have in that is how was your birthday two days ago? Happy birthday you feeling? Yeah. I just turned thirty. So I'm still recovering as he can hear my voice is gone a little bit. I was told in your thirties, you stop recovering fast. So is that something? Celebrating with LeBron James. So that online was like hanging out together was a couple couple of fastened shows together. And then, you know, had a couple of drinks and Dumbo is that much too much for people to handle lectures. Because like if I see somebody who's mega famous in the streets. Can is that is that. But if you walk with LeBron it's the two of you. The two of us also LeBron's. He's he's not really Percy's more of a planet. He just absorbs everything. So he has a lot of people fall on him. He's hard to miss, and, but he's a lot of fun to I guess have a glass of, you know, with right and going into that like, you just cute a big money deal to stay in Cleveland. Right. And now you've become the face of this of this franchise. Like, you inherited a really powerful legacy that you have to move forward. I don't know what that's like. But like, do you think you can do it? Absolutely. I feel like everything meeting up to this point. Especially my six years. I spent Minnesota not having a ton of veterans. We had seen the league for a couple of years heading into a situation in Cleveland where we were expected to win the championship. Lebron had signed back with the team in the two thousand fourteen two thousand fifteen season. They traded for me, and we were expected to win a championship every single year. So now heading into a new era. It's going to be it's going to be a challenge. You lose the best player in the world. But I think a lot of the guys are are very excited for the not only the opportunity, but the challenge and growing something, right? And when you went to China, I if there's a true story or not I heard that your luggage had been like tab, and tagged your luggage when you got to China said, LeBron James, and I posted a video on on social media and said on my story on Instagram and say, I can't get away from him. Hey, brother, you're stuck with me forever. So I appreciate that. But it was just you know, wasn't able to get away from even when he signed for the Lakers. It's going to be a really exciting journey for for both the Cavs. I mean, you're a different team. Also because you have the ring. So there's a different atmosphere to the to the whole franchise. But you're also a person who's on a journey in multiple ways. I mean, you you have this which is enough for most people to have as an undertaking. But then you also have a fashion label that you are working with you working with banana Republic designing clothes designing clothes and actually have my own capsule collection coming out September eighteenth. And this is this is part of it here. There's actually my favorite toe. Jackie wearing you'll close right now. I am wearing my clothes right now. See? That's that's the way I've read some of the things you have like some of the I talk about the collection like most motion stretch topcoat. Yes since stripe motion stretch. Suit clad cotton wool should performance stretch. Will like this seems like a lot of stuff that's gets or somebody who plays basketball and works out. Like there's a lot of stretch it is. But it's also very easy for what we do to travel with it. We're we're away and we're traveling for forty one away games out of our eighty two. And then hopefully, we make the playoffs. Right. Right. Right. And then we have to have even more of that going on. So no, it's very fun to make the collection. It was over. But probably a year and a half a foot in this together. There's a lot of legwork and things behind the scenes that would on but very proud of it. And I'm excited for all you guys to see on September eighteen did you just you just? Really want to design clothes for other people. Or did you just trick banana Republic into making clothes for you? Because I feel like you were just like the people also want stretch pants for the traveling. You know, it's really cool after a big game. People wanna wear a bomber jacket over one another jacket. Oh, no. You are really involved in the design. Right. I was really involved with this design, which was fun. Was that in the creative process? We made a bunch of tear sheets. I, you know, what's going on Pinterest doing a lot of primitive things in order to get the collection other. But when we were in the selection process, we've put together an extensive book, and it was backstage with me with my stylish, Courtney maize, and we've gotta show her some love to because then mostly mostly a creative director is right. All right. So we put together a big book extensive book that you know, probably had three hundred pages in it. And it showed different architectures showed wine. It showed classic cars at showed old movies from the fifties. Just a lot of. Banana Republic a classic American brand. There was a lot of that going on in there. So that was a lot of fun to do. And then we we got with the team when from banana Republic creative team and kind of looked at their moves boards. And we found that it was going to be be fall. So here we are. That's properly. Exciting. You have you have the basketball, you have the design and honestly, one of my favorite things that you've done is when you came out, and you you wrote an essay on dealing with depression and mental health in the NBA. I think it was a derozen who came out originally. And he said, you know, I think we should all be speaking about this. And you you came out, and you spoke, and I don't know if this has happened to you. But s someone who's spoken about depression. There's a lot of people who go you. But you, but how the u the you? Did you have people go like Kevin depression? And then they were like, oh, yeah. Or were they like Kevin how I think the sense of community has been the craziest thing for me of any time in my entire career. Plan ten years in the NBA. Now, this is what people see most. And I mentioned that. Because everywhere that I go whether it be men or women, you know, in socioeconomic status sexual preference. Anything I it doesn't discriminate. Right. And especially when you mentioned us people that seemingly have everything right? You know, you're you're in a position that you always wanted to be in as athletes at least for us. We're considered superhuman even consider the mental aspect of it because we have stuff that are that are that's going on as well. So, you know, I saw the Robin Williams documentary on HBO I saw you know, what happened take Kate Spade. And actually one of my heroes. Anthony bourdain had taken his life in the same week and Bryan Cranston, one of my favorite actors that came out and said a beautiful quote. He's six success is not immune to depression. And I found that to you know, really hit home with me because we really are all going through something. So it's it's, you know, really great. That not only athletes are talking about it. But everybody's for furthering the conversation in order to you down that stigma, definitely. Stop the conversation. What I'd mind as you pushed for the NBA to take action. But you know, you you could have come out which would have still be a big step and said, hey, I also suffer from depression this high deal with it. But you also laid out an idea for the NBA on how they should be dealing with it. And why what are some of the ideas that you've pushed, and you know, has been support for that within the league, you know, there's been a lot of support. Whether it's come from, you know, the NBA side, whether it comes from, you know, even with with our community in Cleveland our front office on the players side. You mentioned tomorrow Rosen opening the door for for myself and getting me to a point where I was able to share my story. But I think the biggest thing is knowing I'm thirty years old now that I don't have all the answers in a lot of people don't and whether that's. You know, seeing therapists, whether it's your Medicaid or not finding somebody to talk to, you know, finding new ways in in your line of work or you walk of life to make an impact or find a way to help other people. I think that's a an ever evolving process. But I believe that the NBA is going to do a great job, and they have just started on their journey with that as well. It should become a next level superstar for many people watch him. And thank you so much. Ration-? We'll be available on September eighteenth. Kevin love everybody. The daily show with criminal years. A dish wants to show weeknights at eleven ten central on comedy, central and the comedy central watchable episodes and videos at the daily show dot com. Us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to the daily show on YouTube, four, exclusive content and move. This has been a comedy central podcast.

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