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Interruption. But on Mike robot his national sunglasses day. Tony fan of sunglasses only with a bowl of baby. I'm trying to Elton. No. You collins. Both those guys you have. Fan I more than Buzi, but booty nonetheless. Yes. But I think I think most people would look at me and they were think that the obvious choice was Elton John. That point had to read afro. You could've gone Buzi Elton John, and I both shared the gene of losing have pretty early. We're gonna PTI boys and girls and today's episode the World Cup team faces a huge chance challenge. His canter questions. Zion Williamson and Wayne Rooney scores. An unbelievable goal. But we begin today with a bombshell, move by the much maligned, Lakers, GM, rob Pelinka by unloading Wagner, and people named Isaac Bonga and genereal Jones to the pathetic washing. Pelinka got enough cap room to go after max free agent adding to this newly-acquired, Anthony Davis waved, a four million dollar trade bonus and Yahoo was reporting get this, that Kawai Leonard will meet with the Lakers, as well as the clippers will still wanna scoff at the Lakers in their prospects of sees scoff. Yes. You did. You did you laugh at you? The one who had them being unsalvageable and all that about. No, no, no, no, no. When they were installed his favorites about a week and that stuff. And that's what I'm saying. So look has also gonna meet with other teams like the clippers and he's going to have the last team off the last at bat will be the Toronto fans very day, Tony. I just think that it's some point, the Lakers have to have other people on their team. They can't go out the no matter how great the three or four people, they are have the K go three against ten or eleven with some really good teams. Like Denver could have. Later in the playoffs Toronto could have depending on kuwa-. So I'm just saying Tony, who's the one guy you're going to bring in now. Okay. Just put Jimmy Butler and play it doesn't today. What's high RIA, Kyrie Irving and play already in play? He's in play now, because going somewhere with Kevin Durant means you sit out for a year. Krantz threatened soccer play. That's right. Jimmy Butler is certainly in play and Leonard, I believe, is implied. And I'm gonna go through this at all. They often fourth guy they've got Kyle Kuzma. There are people that have won championships will the Bron James sitting around Kyle Korver JR Smith. Iman Shumpert, maybe Channing Frye, maybe Dwayne Wade. And maybe they're willing to play for no money at all to win another championship. If there is a third max free agent guy here. This is great for the league. This is this is Laker games starting at seven pm eastern time, because everybody wants to watch them. This is great for Frank Vogel goes. Whoa, look, what I'm sitting on this. Great for Adam silver. Because my these are the Lakers. This is an extraordinarily important franchise. This is all of that all I'm saying to you is, you know, every decade or so you go it gets harder for even the pillars of the league in any sport to win because other teams have really smart folks keep away. That's in the south. That's right. And they hire those people, and they go to places like Toronto and San Antonio, and San Francisco slash Oakland, and they can win there. Yes. So the Lakers are not going to just walk over anybody. I'm just saying to you. They traded three more serviceable guys you never heard of it doesn't matter. Whether you heard of you hadn't heard of the raptors people who helped win a champion new those peop-, I'd watched them in, 'cause I knew Larry new van, those people, here's I think you're just in denial. I don't want the Lakers to be good gonna be. If they get if they get the why. Irving baller if they get these people, you can put serviceable nominee bully league one. Yeah. You get serviceable people from the Geely, this, do you remember the movie last year member LeBron was didn't work didn't work all because they had this functional management last year and dysfunctional teammates, the whole mantra of the blues brothers. We're getting the band back together. Again, this is so good for the league. So good you just happy because you've heard of the Lakers, I have heard 'cause I've watched him play. I've been there. I'll tell you this. The nets are second to the Knicks even though the Knicks disaster and the clippers and they won forty eight later figure why that's an aunt who forty eight win big time deal. And if the Lakers counting with Kyrie Irving or Jimmy time deal, we move now to the much anticipated quarterfinal game of the World Cup the United States playing France in Paris tomorrow. Nobody thinks game should be around. Eight the US is the number one team Francis number four. But given the. Huge states here will Bonn, would it be a failure of the United States lost. No. You know I don't even favor the US team. I don't care what I said. You know hubadoo that not surprise. You do that either, but Francis, the number fourteen not the number fourteen teen number twenty four one therefore top-four final four. That's playing at home. I'm sorry. They France which has beaten the United States in two. Recent important competitions France oughta be favored. And if I am in any way involved with the French side, I'm gonna be favoring France to win this game. I'm going to go the other of the United States for this reason, they are the number one team understand this on the road understand that they're the number one team in the world. They have won this before. They've won this, I think three times they've won the Olympics four times. So people on that team have a legacy of understanding what it's like to play an important games, not necessarily in your own place. So they know how to do that. I wanna get to the word failure though. Because like you, I would not use the word. They've lost four nothing. I might you know, but France, for example wins and then goes on to win the entire tournament, then yourself. Okay. They're a better team. And it's not a failure the word I would use his delight I believe the rest of the world would be delighted if the United States lost to France because of the way they ran their yet will. That's the way they had celebrations they have made themselves into the New England Patriots and people like to see always delighted when teams from the United States. Do you think the only time I didn't see that happening over ten Olympus? You've covered nearly that men soccer. They expect them to lose any time that didn't happen with the dream team. And people have started out thinking I'd like to get there's nobody like, oh, no, no, no, no. They we love these peop-. That's, that's the only people want the US to lose is part of the charm is part of being the United States going into that this team put a larger target on his that we agree that they party disliked him. It's okay, just like you. That's what it is. What is what is? Vegas. You have no idea. No, you know what actually I don't have a hotline Vegas. Let your Uncle Sam and most have single. Now, you going back forty five years. The only single more hyped than this soccer game. And that would be Zay on who is now his own news industry in his canter, got himself in trouble yesterday by telling Colin coward, that he thinks is quote over hyped, and then a good comparison would be Julius Randle with hops. Actually, that sounds reasonable or even better to me. Does it to you? I watched it was the way he said it quite dismissively. It was an insult to Julius canter. It was an insult. Juice Randall juice rental who came back and tweeted this funny. This is great to cantor. Quote, last time, you guarded me. I had forty five relaxed, bro. Now, wait. Hold on a second. That is funny line. Yeah. At this point, having been reports wasn't our lives. I'm betting at that very point. You went and looked up. What Julius Randle average last year? You want to tell the people that want to nine he's good player. He was in the world when he wanted good player. And I'm not sure I on Williamson's gonna average twenty one and nine in his freshman rookie year. Whatever but, but my sensitive is that who died and made Kanter an expert on these things. Exactly did that. We'll take in his cancer now because everybody wants somebody to come on their podcast radio and be candid and forthcoming and insightful and cancer is a great author, even as the biggest bullseye and sports seems to be on his back. He comes on talks with he stands at a gay. He talks with you, and this analogy there's a reason people think Julius Randle no longer necessary on New Orleans. 'cause Arianna is like Julius Randle, plus expectations. Royal, y you're praising on prey into while you do that. You in something, he said, within thirty seconds in that interview what within thirty seconds after I believe he was dismissive only assessing that, okay? He said this quote, if Zion develops a shot he'll be hall of Famer so in Thurs Jenkins, he went from saying guy was too, if he can shoot. He's a hall of one more time, wouldn't you? If you're new warriors, if you take one nine take it take it, absolutely kanter's. Right. To me. Can't goes the way he said it was it was the, you know, the context of don't you think I thought he was all right? I thought it was all right here in the tank for him. I am. I like him. There you go. So only revenging into a new area today on what we are going to videotape comparisons of soccer goals excited, I am. This score in question is Wayne Rudy of your DC United the first goal came a few months ago and you can see him go straight, uncle Charlie on this. Right. Footed kick from an impossible angle inside the far post the second one which was last night right here in your neighborhood. Yeah. We're Rooney suckers, the Orlando keeper the same goof gave up the first goal on the shot from nearly seventy yards. And with that, Tony, we will now break it down. Which goal was better. Let me get to one thing. I my DC United, what is your mailing address? But as Maryland. That tells the soccer fish three miles from the stop it. Okay. All right. So it's which is better as interesting. They're both great these both great air Greg. If I have to choose, which is better because as you say, there's no angle, there's on the kick from last year. There's a baby, jaw March. It's always in there, whatever it is. And it hits the pose. It's absolutely perfect. It's absolutely perfect. But last night, what he did is such an embarrassment is humiliated. He gets them out of position and he burns them. And he is asked after the game about that. And apparently, he says, I work on that I've seen this goalie before I know that you can get him in a position where he's not close enough. And he kicks it from. I don't know a mile and a half away. And it in the sense of the first one is more spectacular this one seems more meaningful, at, of course when you mean all the time for guys a five iron in his hands. That's right. Because this curvature. Of the, by the way, we're all the dope. Say a ball dozen curve, these people. They're they're flatter people as well. But Tony is the first goal the first bills better because of the amicable doesn't curve ended lightning at them. I say all you just say this about ruining. A lot of these guys come over here from Europe, Washington, they stink. Here's ruining who's trying hard. He's got twenty one goals in thirty four starts. He's got twelve assists. So that's a point game. That's that's better than the cantor better quickly. See better than you'll Hong not, thank you. But. Let's take a break. I mean up Julie Foudy joins us from Paris to breakdown. Tomorrow's big World Cup game. Didn't smoke on the bench. Well, so can all you later? Tony predicts the starting lineup with the be all star game both leagues position physician. Yeah. I'm going to predict Trump. I'm just gonna take trout's trout good. Make the cut yesterday. A write in on the SP shown understand that. Story we broke in our first segment team USA takes on France. Tomorrow in the World Cup. And we are pleased to welcome back. PT is Paris bureau chief ESPN soccer analyst, Julie Foudy. Let's start with this. You played in these sorts of things you played overseas. You played in a lot of places is home field, really that big deal. It really is that big a deal, but it also can be double edged sword when we were hosting ninety nine for example that women's World Cup. You have all this energy of the crowd in the stadium, and it's and it's so it's so energetic. In terms of how just lifts you as a team. But it's also the pressure. And if France on Friday, stops, doing well or it's late in the game down a goal or it's tied, you never know could be a double-edged shore could crumble under that pressure. And that's what the United States is hoping crumble, though, be interesting. But we don't necessarily think they'll crumble Julia because Francis pretty good. Why, why is the French side? So good. Gosh. Michael, they they're so good because they're good all over the field. And in the past French teams have been good with maybe five six players. And now you're seeing across all three lines. Ford's midfields defenders strong on all three lines. They're fast. They're technical. They're good finishers. They haven't played. I don't think to their potentia and here's the one thing people. Don't talk about a lot. The one thing United States players always have is usually countries fear them, and France has had the US basically, and it's back pocket, these last two years, they beat them in two thousand seventeen they beat the United States, three nil and they beat him just in January three to one, and it could have been more, like five to one. So for the first time the US coming into a game where country doesn't actually fear them. And I think that's obviously going to play mentally and France favor. Actually use the phrase, the French side in the spirit of the go soccer here. You bet on their leave our Julius. Any concern that the United States could not score against Spain in the course of play. Only on penalty kicks this something to be wary of. Yes. Tony other some there is some concern, because Spain play the USO well and Megan repeat, no Turin emission said I didn't have a great game. Alex Morgan was quiet Tobin heath was quiet. We started the tournament saying if this team is going to win this World Cup. Unlike in two thousand fifteen when they did it on the backs of their defenders, it's going to happen have to happen, this time around on the backs of their forwards. And these are the moments quarterfinals in Paris against France, where a player like Alex Morgan, although she had five games. It was against five goal. Sorry. It was against Thailand. This is a legacy game for her. I think she's gotta show in the big moment, she's going to step up and have a great game. Let's go to goalkeeping four second because the last time we talked to you last week, we talked about concerns about US goalkeeping have those fears, Julie been allayed. Well, everyone saw the Elissa Nair mistake. And she talks about it after the game against Spain where she plays that, that short ball into Becky Sauerbrun who gets her pocket picked, and, and spank comes back and equalizers soon after the US at scored. And she says, look, and I agree with her. Those are gifts in a sense when you live through them and you live for another day for another game. Because what it taught is hey, I can I can make a mistake like that. You never want to see it happen it with a goalkeeper in particular, but I can live after it. And so, I think it actually could be a blessing in disguise, and it's a good little reminder for that team with how good that Spain game was a good little reminder that. Okay. Yes. We had some success in the group stage, but this is clearly a different level and they know France will be a different level. But your point it has not eased, my concerns with the goalkeeping position, we want to broaden this out for a second. Just ask you about the atmosphere there and about the event there. What does it feel like you've been in a lot of the? These as a player yourself. I mean, is it a crusade to beat the US in this particular around? What, what does it feel like? Yeah, it is. And you know the thing with the US is we travel with so many fans in every home game, hat, sorry, every game as felt like a home game for the United States and in Ron's and lahar, which is where their last game was even in Paris, they had twenty thousand strong they've been taking over stadium. So this'll be the first time that obviously, I think, in Paris, and they're playing the host country, it's going to be a pro France crowd, and that's gonna play part in the country. Here is so excited about their team their numbers. They've getting ten million watching their first game. They've, they've been drawing more fans than they ever had have of course, for their team. So they're entirely enthusiastic about knocking off the defending World Cup champions as everyone always is hard. So, so we'll get you oughta here on this given the fact that it is in Paris, given the fact that your. Apprehensions about the goalie of not necessarily been allayed given all of that stuff which way are you leaning in this particular game? Come on. Come on. Yeah. We go. All that they're still going to win. And that's the thing I love about this group. Honestly, is this is a team and you can hear it when they talk they live for these moments you have veterans on this team and Megara piano, Tobin heath, and Alex Morgan, you go down the list. Alley Krieger, and these players are saying, oh my gosh. This is the moment you dream about you want the host in the quarterfinal game against France in Paris on a Friday night. And so I love that they're willing to embrace that pressure, and I think they're going to do well under that pressure. So I'm taking the United States of America. It's official so. Appreciate it. All right, guys. Thanks a steak one last break. But still to come catcher. Russell Martin pitches. Second one two three inning. Is he for real? And how worry should the yanked be about Carlos Stanton's latest trip to the injured list? You know what they hit a million home runs without him. They do. You know, I don't think they need a judge. Still playing. Yeah. People have twenty second birthday Yordan Alvarez Alvarez a rookie outfielder for the Houston Astro Ria's played in fourteen games already has seven home runs and eighteen RBI which is what we call on pace for Cooperstown, he doesn't just hit home runs hit some to your home. They go four hundred and fifty fees straight scouting. Tony. You've got a great team. You can add this kind of talent this kind of back to your lineup this scary again. They're really really not. So happy aaniversary to Kwami Brown, and Anthony Bennett on this day in two thousand one and two thousand thirteen respectively Brown invented with a number on overall picks in the NBA draft round with chosen by Michael Jordan, Jordan briefly ran the Washington Wizards stay league for twelve seasons. Never had any impact to and selected him out of a Georgia high school Bennett was the first pick of the Cleveland Cavaliers out of UNLV, and he did nothing who's on the league and four just how many. Scored per game. Then it's probably the worst number one ever Brown. I would think top six eight probably all those clips with Jordan is trying to splaine to him, a, you want all these kids in the NBA. You don't want always arguing they should be. They should be in college. I mean trails Giancarlo Stanton. The Yankee slugger is back on the injured list with a sprained right? Need standings played in only nine games this season? Yankee GM Brian Cashman does not expect him back until August while the Yankees at home runs in every game. Anyway. They're killing the ball, their first place in the AL by seven games tooth is they don't need Stanton now. But they couldn't. Who else you're going to need down the line, of course? In a big reddish. The big reddish here, we've still at the Celtics are hiring Carol off as an assistant coach thoughts. I'm happy for all the things she did right here in Washington happy, and proud of is known Susic kid, real good luck involved, the Celtics USA men be Panama one mill to win their group in the Gulf up. It's a big deal. Get off the stage now. It's not your time. No, it isn't World Cup and build Michigan to win the college World Series. You had that wrong apologized vandy. I'm happy to apologize Andy and happy for them. What ending other worthies school? That's going on dodgers catcher. Russell Martin the tired, the D-Backs on eight pitches last night, impress right? I would trade everybody in the nets bullpen except Sean Doolittle for him to right now. Baseball's all-star starters announced tonight. Getting predictions hobby by a truce want them. They want them. Do you think yes? Both of those guys could make a lot of time trying to better the nets time and I'm only I'm Mike will bond same time tomorrow. Knuckleheads you can get the PTI podcast on the ESPN app. App or apple Andrei, web Blue Angel number six that shoutout to wear in the plane.

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