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Plants capture CO two. What if we could help industrial plants capture it to thank you? We could help lower emissions. It's one way. Exxon Mobil is helping industrial plants be more like plants. Cried passion, then Patrie of college football leaves here. This is the Paul finebaum show. Best of podcast. Welcome back in on this very special days. We commemorate birthday of coach Pat summitt, we're delighted to start our coverage off with the former head coach at the university of Tennessee. Now, the lyric director, Philip former is coach. We are so happy to have you here as we remember the incredible legacy of coach, Pat summitt, good afternoon. And thank you for doing this. This is a wonderful tribute to fat and all she meant to so many across the country and around the world. And especially here at the university of Tennessee in Knoxville. You know, I remember I know you do as well just when, when she got started, and she didn't have much going forward, but she made up for lost ground in a hurry. What, what do you remember about your first interaction with, with Pat summitt? I remember it. Well, I mean seems a young head coach. And I was a young assistant. We used to jog together. And are in, you know, different things that were going on, on campus, just became great friends. And you know, never knowing that actually work hand in hand, whether in recruiting, and, you know, representing the university, and all those kinds of things, but she was such a competitor, all the to hear about her that way, is, is true. See fought for, you know, for women's rights, and the opportunity for, for women in athletics on the local scene state seen national scene and worldwide I mean, she she believed in followed through with their beliefs, whether were their actions, that was, Pat. Summitt also very gracious, lady, she was not at all self-centered always about the people around her that she appreciated and loved and cared for and you know, or players and, and actually was fun to work with people sometimes think, well, you can't have great football, basketball and women's. Athletics. It's all at the same time at the same school, we did you know, because of her efforts and, and being around, you know, we had some success for of our own, and we helped each other recruits, all the time times families would come in. Yeah. Hey coach. That's how great and everything silting here your history and all, but can we make pets? He was always available. You know, and I tried to do the same for her. No, I know you did. And of course while she was winning national championships. You were able to win one as well and compete for several others. And I think they seem to fall around the same time, if I remember correctly and what she had a couple. Yeah. She kind of lead the way every then. And she slyly reminded me of that. But yeah we did. We won one the same year, actually. So it's ours was the same years, one of hers. I guess one of our seven. Yeah. No. She had a couple in a row. But you, you, you were certainly in serious contention a number of years as well as she was doing that. I want to go back to that moment in time because she was winning I think three national championships in a row. You were on the verge of winning one. You had Peyton Manning on campus. I mean, what a special time on rocky top. No. It was you, you throw in, you know, Bruce, Pearl for a period of frightening. Great time. All of us refrains, we work together, we, you know, obviously, we have to care engines, summer, but, you know, we spent social time together, as, as I mentioned, we helped each other recruit, and, you know, we're all cared about our campus in our city because we knew we were or we thought we were going to be there. You know, for a long time, most of its worse. So it was a special time in Tennessee athletics. And you know, in patents the center of that, if you will. Gosh, you know, people tell me I'm sure you will, your, your time talking about her, but she came from, you know, washing the cause of the players and driving the van the games. And, you know, just a menu budget, you know, to get things done to, to what she became you know. And in, in, in the sports world, not just women's sports world. But in the sports world, you know, breaking woods record and. All those things. So what a what a what a legacy left and as, as you try transcend into to athlete director, and we're faced with finding a new coach at Tennessee and you naturally landed on one of her players. And I know that was important to you to, to keep her her legacy alive. Even even though it wouldn't have mattered who the coach was, it would still be alive. But it certainly alive quite quite strongly now with with Kelly Harper. Yeah. And Kelly, honestly can stand on her own took Saint I think, but her relationship with Pat at the time, they're certainly, you know, has has its impact on, on all of us, and the, the principles that see coach with coaches with the discipline. You know, of course, all this remains to be seen, but it, it looks to me like, we, we are on a good pass to getting Our Lady vol's, you know, back where we where we should be. And we're we're Pat with expect us to be. And. Yeah. And you know, Kelly was a point guard for on three national championship teams law support just by a hair, you know. And, and actually, I mean I I I'm not I'm not trying to jinx or anything, but she has a lot of pets traits, you know, with just her mannerisms and things. So that, that's you know, that's touching to me. You know, just to see the see, you know, part of Pat here with us again and Holly was, too. I don't want to take anything away. No doubt. And you know it better than all of us. But, but, but Holly, you know, took over under extremely difficult circumstances, and did such a splendid job of holding that reputation and image of that program alive. She did. She did say happy lesson. Thank you for saying that, she, she represented well, and, and, you know, had some great years, and everything we just got the funny place. And then everybody wants to, you know, to move on from that, but we're, we're, we're grateful at university of Tennessee for just Our Lady ball tradition period, you know, not just in basketball, but I've sports and, you know, pants responsible for that. And, you know, Paul is I did these interviews around with two different people around the country. You know there was thoughts. You know, it have to be a lady, as you know, that sort of thing, why talk to the former to the president coaches around the country and, and everybody around women's athletics, it was very important. You know, they'd be be a lady at the university of Tennessee. Maybe some other places it doesn't have to be. But I really recognize the fact that it needed to be a lady here and Finally, I want to go back because here you are, you're national championship coach hall of fame coach, and we all know about coach summit. But, but as a fellow coach when, when you were with her friends with our studied her and now especially looking back on her incredible. Career what what but separated her from everyone else? Well, I mean she was obviously a great accident. Oh person. But she, she believed that this discipline and toughness and and, and effort and she, she, she did not let any of that slide at any point in her career. I mean that was that still lady vol away. You know, everybody's familiar with their definite does. And you know that she that she makes so famous and, and she lived by those, those principles, you know, of, of doing things the right way and holding, you know, h h other up and accountable and all those things. So. She definitely, you know, left left a legacy here that will be with this, this program forever. Coach, thank you again, for making time as we all celebrate her her life and legacy. We really appreciate you. Joining us again. Thank you for doing this. Yes, sir. Thank you. Coach full of former former head coach and now the athletic director at the university of Tennessee. We'll be right back listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast Walker back certainly appreciate coach Fulmer joining us Kelly Harper a little bit later on. Let's check in with Sarah in oh, I think, I know this is Sarah in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Paul. How are you doing, Sarah? How are you doing my favorite gymnastics coach of all time? Well, thank you. I just I wanted to say thank you for having this tribute to Pat because I think, wow. The world recognizes her as an icon and sports, but mostly women's basketball, I don't think people realize how she helped other women and other sports and I had the opportunity when I was coaching from nineteen eighty five and nineteen ninety five during that time I was also senior women's administrator and I had the opportunity to go to the SEC meetings in Dustin and to be around, Pat and a couple of times, we're out at dinner at the same place. And the words that she told me where some things that made a difference in our program for the rest of our career. And she looked at me. One time, and she said, if you're not willing to market and promote as much as you coaching recruit, you will compete in front of no one in Paul. You of all people know, I'd just those words to heart and tried to market for moat. Use your radio shows everything I could to put people in the stands at Coleman Coliseum Patna. I were fortunate enough. We wanted championships and ninety one and ninety six in the same years. And then in nineteen ninety seven we feel Coleman Coliseum and I have to give credit to Pat summit because I listened to her as a young coach and she held in still in me all the things that made a difference in our program, and I truly appreciate you having a special tribute to her today, one of my wondering because a known is. This is Sarah Patterson for those who didn't know who, who want a mere six I think six Nash, I, I've been wrong but I think it's six national championships there. I've. The two in the same year that Pat her, I remember one you are on our show, and you what you, I think you were going from our show to a book signing to seek Pat summitt number of years ago, but I want to ask you, though, because you, you came to Alabama a couple years, not many years after she started at Tennessee and not to, to make too much out of the difference in times. But I mean you, you were hired. I've, I've, I've, I'm pretty sure about by coach Bryant where you're not. Ameri Lawler, and there's a I think a four or five year age difference between Pat and myself, and, but when I got into the sport and get into the SEC and just, you know, having the ability to be around someone like her who put all those people in Tennessee stands, he just, you know, it, it made a difference. And I think sometimes people don't understand how hard she worked to create that culture. And, and she instilled that in me to do that at the university of Alabama. Books. And I know what she went through because I was I was a student at the time. But. I also know what you you've you went through because you've told me, but I mean it's I mean I realize it's a different world. We're talking forty years ago. Sarah, but, but, but how difficult difficult was it though? At that time to get your message across. Well, you know, I think back about it now it probably I had no idea how hard it was. But, you know, I I remember on your radio show. I'd sit on hold for twenty minutes until I could get on because to be on your show for five minutes was advertising that I could not have got or paid for budget early on in my career. So you have to use the opportunities, and, you know, working with people like Ray mellow who worked with the Birmingham, news and post herald, and, you know I've asked him. Why won't you ride those pieces there you what people in the stand, and we will cover you. And so I made it my mission that okay if we put, you know, thousands of people in the stands, these people are going to cover us. And now I looked and I see what the SEC network has. Done for so many women's sports, women's basketball, women's gymnastics. The covers the fan base. I mean it's amazing and I- tribute, so much of it to pet summit and what she did. I'm really glad that you were able to join us here because I, I know of your relationship and then and I know of the, the difficult journey that you both encountered. I look forward to seeing it. We'll be in Tuscaloosa. Hopefully, a couple of months and can't wait to see you again, Sarah. Thank you so great. Thank you, Paul. And thank you for all, you, do you bet Sarah, Patterson, truly hall of fame coach, vaguely remember writing or call once in the Birmingham, paper, suggesting that she should be the director at the university of Alabama and, and that was not the only one there were other people who followed that up over over the many, many years, a cheerleader is up next year later. Oh, I'm so glad you took my call and science. You and Pat summit, my goodness, gracious for the fine lady, and policy think there's something to be said for all people from small town. They just can get along with people and they. Foot little. I was from a small town. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I was I was. And there were sixty nine of us in the graduating senior class, and the majority of us have been together half of us from kindergarten and half of us from the seventh grade. So that was cool and, and Sarah Patterson, it just happened that I'm talking about his ladies because you do from every all the women, so well, and everybody else. And you may not know this file, but he's in a sense are a matchmaker. I don't know what I could call you. But I have had several calls can. Mortis. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. And what a great pleasure. It is for us to go to Knoxville where everyone is celebrating, what would have been Pat summitt, sixty seven per day, and who better to talk to than someone who not only played for coach summit. But is now holding the same position coach Kelly Harper coach, thanks so much for being with us before we talk about coach summit. How are you a Justin? We talked to you the day you were hired a hope. Hopefully you're old more comfortable with the surrounding today, even though you've been there, quite quite many times. Thanks, the settled down quite a bit since we've had, we've got a lot going on. We've been very busy, but in our players on campus for summer school and out in workout sets that's made things quite a bit more comfortable. Well, that was back in early April. And now we're heading toward the middle of June. In terms of being the head coach. You can't escape but we're about to talk about. And that's your coach and really feels like everyone's coach. Pat summitt the fact that we're celebrating a birthday, but I think if you've heard of the head coach of the lady value celebrate Pat summitt every day of the year, don't you. And I'm quite okay with that. You know, we, we have a statue murals we have banners and we should, and we need to celebrate her. And what she did for this program for our conference and four women's basketball. You know better than than I do. But something tells me she probably wouldn't approve of what we're doing right now. Celebrating anything that she did, and I'd like you to talk about that part of her because she was steely eyed and in serious. But this part of it, I don't think she ever felt comfortable with. Very humble and always very gracious. And I think she understood her position. And that's something that I I've remembered as of late. I've been taken back to my playing days and watching her and how so many people wanted just a piece of her just a little piece of her and how giving she was and how comma dating she was. But how tiring that must have been for her, and she always did? She always did it. And that's why she was one of the reasons that she was so beloved in coach. I think. Maybe she didn't feel comfortable, but she she also understood the importance of that brand lady vol's in, and she was the face of it, and to be the face of it, and to make it six as successful as it was, when we all know how successful that turned out to be you had to keep doing it. Absolutely right. I think you know, if she could have she would have been on the court and not really worried about, you know, having all these celebrations. But I think she got it. I think she understood her position was that, you know, that she was the face of so much, much more than our program alone. You know, and she was able to, to, to give that she was able to allow that to happen. And I know that wasn't easy for her, but she did it with. I like I said grace, I mean she was just amazing. In just thinking back, it just seems to me that, and I think you could say this about all the great coaches, maybe that, were they really found the most enjoyment, was on the court teaching would w fair statement. I think so I think Pat loved getting out there on the court with the player she had so much energy when she stepped out on the court with us. And I think she thinks she liked the teaching part and the motivating, and, you know, the chess matches that you could have that she might have had with her coaches in gain planning for, for certain opponents. I think she truly loved that part. I'm interested in in where you are right now because I, I know certainly listen, this is your program, even though you've coached at other places, and now returned home. But now that you, you sit in that share. I know how it felt on day one. But how does it feel now two months and change later? I had some moments that have been, you know, kind of take your breath away a little bit. You know, just a reminder of where I'm at and what I'm doing for the most part, just put my head down and go get my task done, whether that's being out on the court where I like to be as well where I'm teaching and working with our players or you know, could be at an event. We're, we're having a meet and greet can be an office with on staff. You know, I just stay really busy, but every now and then you know, I'll have a moment and it's a it just reminds you the gravity just reminds you how big this position is. Anyway, when you're out talking to fans and just walking through town of what kind of questions do you get? You know, I get what's it gonna look like I get can you stare like pets on it? I get crowded. And I cannot, let's go with that make sure that's clear. I think we get a lot of times what our biggest challenges, and I get a lot, how the players have been how they've received us. And everything's been positive. I'm telling you everything has been positive our fans have that we've met just really embraced our staff. And you know, they seem really excited as we are about the future. Certainly we're, we're going to move to the summer months. And the next thing you know, the season will be here. What do you think will, you'll be thinking about the most as you approach that first game because here we are talking about coach summit? And you're gonna be walking out there where her memory is literally everywhere for me. I've always been a. Person just goes out. And does the Knicks autumn Amal is what, what's Nick? So I'll be really focused in on that gain whatever that game is However, I have have made note to myself that I will take a moment before, especially our first home game. We'll take a moment to really take it all in and that's like a should, I think it showed. It's, it's a big deal and it won't happen very long. You know, it'll be brief. But when you go out on the court, and you start to coach you got to take a little bit of a moment to, to really take everything in, you know, what's what's been done before who's been there before. And you know what this really is all about? What does your summer look like the real well the rest of the summer? It's, it's not Shirley, compressed for coaches. But what's, what's on tap for you? Well, we have like I said earlier, we have our players on Kansas. So we've been working out, things have been going great. We're gonna take a foreign tour. So we won't leave early August to head over to Europe for for a couple of weeks. So, you know, it'd be time to go over there and keep practicing, and, and get some gains under our belt with a young team. And hopefully more importantly right now is get some team building and team bonding with our staff. I've talked to many coaches, and they always point to when you when you have the opportunity and it's limited to do what you're about to do it does make things not easier. But you at least know what you're you're getting into when, when, when the fall starts, or well that is. That's sounds like a really cool experience coach congratulations. Again, I know it is an awesome in a difficult challenge book. We appreciate you. Joining us to celebrate to your coach and and coach summit as well. Thank you. And thank you for doing that. Thank you very much, really interesting conversation there with the new lady vol's coach at the university of Tennessee is what we all celebrate coach summits birthday today. Listening to Paul finebaum show podcast.

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