In other wolf fact media rick that afternoon to you welcome. Their salaries are outrageous. You should see what kid. Chris gets paid to sit around. And we're not going to do that. We're not going to do that. Trae would you stand by that. Little red button their place michelle. You're up say something that wows me. Yeah they absolutely should not be getting a raise. Okay tell me why how. Japan is big enough. We just cleared the phones out that simply because we have a bunch of juvenile delinquents. That think it's funny to make penis jokes on the air. We're talking about a regular topic kid. Chris comprised twenty three three seven seven. Iii kid chris show It's a slow ass week man but finally were here friday. The friday podcast Don't even listen to this on a friday but listen it's great to have you here all right and Keep in touch with me. Five one three eight one. Three seven nine seven nine up of course on All the social media at kid. Chris On instagram twitter. Facebook had a fun show last night. If you missed club. Chris holy shit. I get more calls on that than i do. The whole week on the radio show so check that out. Kid chris. dot t. okay You can watch all the archives and stuff. It was a fun one last night even had like an old friend. My friend gordon. Who is somebody. Talk about on the show Someone i i. Basically he was my brother growing up pretty much. Because i was at his house. All the time would spend days at his house all that stuff and all we did was fuck around. He's actually the one that you you probably know. The bid on the show where he interviews nate dogg and keeps calling him. You know a bitch man. They work like pitch nate dogg. That's gordon that's my buddy and Yeah it's awesome hear from him. I maybe could count on one hand. You know friends especially from high school stuff. I met him when i moved to syracuse in seventh grade. So i mean that's how long known him and so yeah even checks in. I had no clue he was calling so that was cool too and while we're on the radio or why we're doing that show You know the kid chris Live from club. Chris even While we were on. I found a caller called in about civil tapes. I found a cassette on the air of old old old stuff. That next week. I'll be sharing up on there because obviously it's probably a little too explicit to be playing here on the radio side and now thanks for checking it out and you're new to the podcast or if new to our show from another town whatever please hit me up. I want to hear your take on stuff. Maybe you're confused with some things or whatever. We love the here hear from me. Okay so you could go to a kid. Chris dot com ds to get a hold of me and stuff all right. John call the show larva show calls cow anywhere five on three one three seven nine data. Let the phones just ring here in the studio. No pick it up off the air and screening. I'm a little screen in front of me as topical. You're calling about near name and all that stuff no on fridays. when the phone rings here in the studio the wringer is okay It the opposite of what you're supposed to be doing in radio. That's pretty much. The kid chris show in general But we just pick up live in take over. You could talk about whatever now if you're listening to the show you know what it's all about. It's usually a train wreck whatever Always yeah and you would think on friday you were like. Oh let's let's be lazy and stuff you know on fridays. We like the work a little bit. We don't know what you're calling about so we have to deal with it when you call in and drop. Whatever you're calling about sue on our show we call. It calls it a collar louis friday. So there's no we have no control today. I didn't know the christopher guest was married to jamie lee. Curtis if you know he's the guy in spinal tap Good for him. yeah. I didn't know. I didn't know they were related and Today she's celebrating twenty two years of being sober by the way And jamie lee. Curtis i think was one of the first ever like set a like boobs. I seen on. Tv in a movie. Yes and Trading places yeah and it was really really wonderful to see and to this day. I could look at that and get that same feeling as a young boy when i see. Oh yeah that warm feeling in your nether regions caller. You're on the air so your name and where you're from please named james and i'm from north carolina. Good what's up. Hey buddy. I just wanted to say happy friday. I love your show in the morning and make sure you pack your lunch and don't smoke from e cigarette good. It's not bad advice. Thank you very much on Black ice road. Who yes very take you brown prerogative. bobby brown. Basically killed his entire family to think about but awesome music it. I love bobby brown to this day. I would fan boy. If i saw all these hits. He's fifty two today witness taj together. I was like got day of. Oh sorry baby sweet. Good solid right song. I can do squirrel. This was remembered a video the live version. And he's all sweaty like grinding. Yeah i was re next album. Came out not only la. My wife might tend to roan. Real bad rony. What about the part where he's like bony. She's a sweet girl. Playing that stuff dances and all that hit. Oh god it's so good. Grab your girl and awkwardly dead. Yeah right side to side just rock back and forth like the the kids in that other wing at a school thought it is called so hit us up five one. Three eight one. Three seven hundred seventy seven digits baby and could be my tend to rony today wide open for your son. daddy's got a His tummy hurts again today so beasley. I'm mayor here in studio. He goes by the name of brian. Combs you know his name. You know his voice. He is the voice of excellence for the news. World here in the tri-state area. Thank you and i've curl. Virus is is well. We've been attacking it for over just about a year and it looks like we're starting to get the neck up on it. Yeah four weeks in a row. State of ohio is now seen lower number of cases. That's the first time that's happened. Eto yeah i mean since we've been in this The first time they've seen that kind of prolonged decline now. You have to get to a certain higher level to be able to do that. Yeah so That's part of the issue. Yeah but now. They've definitely say that the cases of slowed down the holidays past. That's one of the big reasons. I mean obviously we have know eight. Ten percent of the people vaccinated now especially some of the most vulnerable. Yup big news. Today was johnson and johnson finally set their date to go to the fda to get approval for their one shot. Fax nice so. I think february twenty sixth They will be ready to ask for emergency approval so you would think. Beginning march vaccine will start shipping out across the country a lot easier to get out because it doesn't have to be held in cold storage. Yup it's just one shot so a lot of people who get their shots in february will end up being behind the people who get their shot in march right. Because you got to wait renoir. Weeks for your second shot. We protect them. Yeah yeah so So we can all catch up at one time That's that's why i keep saying that. This one is a game changer. Worth noting that one of the biggest research studies for it was done right here in the tri-state right. Pi research center in norwood when they give that data the to the fda it will include some five or six hundred people from here who were basically human guinea pigs for dirt. They i saw actual footage on the phone to talk about. It's friday. What do you want from me blewett. God damn and you had one of those guinea pigs on a couple of weeks ago marty brennaman. Yeah i know. I know and you know he said you know. That's what's great about marty. Brennaman he doesn't play the whole like. Oh i got to be politically correct and stuff. He just said. I got the shot found out it was it. I don't know why you idiots aren't getting. Yeah yeah shots. Now we had seen on the floor of the senate yesterday and our little tristate congress or taisei has got into a tiff because shared brown stopped and called out rampal and said why. Don't you have a mask on when everybody else in here is wearing a mask and you know. Ask the whatever the sergeant at arms to the try and getting nowhere one. Paul didn't really respond fast. He had it. Yeah he feels like you know. He doesn't have to wear a mask anymore. Well nobody knows about the cdc says it could still be could still be giving it to other people. Yeah so why. Do you want the hassle. I don't want to be hassled by people. And then we had you know the incident in the ohio legislature. This week where see. So thomas who's a state. Senator from here a walked out of a committee hearing because so many people weren't wearing masks. Yeah and i mean they tell us to where i'm everywhere we go everything we do and yet the end of the lawmakers. Well they're exempt. That's been the argument. The whole time like some goofballs in california wherever like where you're mask and then they go on vacation inter not wearing their masks on their caught out there. There's a footage of the Of that grocery store in florida. Where like nobody there was. Yeah i saw that under dome wide open. I'm going to florida in march. Of course the whole populations probably about protected by now if they work down. Yeah right. I think about that. Everybody exactly everybody. There is old if they're living through it. It's up yeah. They got their on something plus the warmer weather. You're spending more time outside. United inside your right homes and locked in is We've been well and also. I mean the bath bath salts they will prevent you from getting reliable. Yes that's true. You know the super bowl's in florida this weekend. That's true tampa. So i think twenty five thousand fans. Yeah i mean gronk doing a video like inviting people that were in the The nurses and all that stuff them inviting them to the super bowl on him and all that. That's a cool thing. Somebody must know something because that music festival louder than life says we're doing it. It's happening at the end of september four day music festival. It's happening well. Probably because they're like were word and challenged by the fall. Thought that you know normal events could resume. Yeah that's a i mean. That's a huge gamble though you're taking well that's that's at louisville right. Oh man temples they specially with the with the governor that we've got a kentucky yeah right restrictions as anybody right and he hasn't mentioned it at all no so i don't know if this is what you're doing. What how these are these big like live nations of. How are they still alive. I don't know. I don't get it. You wonder how some of the entertainers th made a fortune. Yup tour and stuff but still i mean there but now's the living i mean the the the lifestyle that they have incredible and without that cash coming in with these guys they don't make money selling records anymore none of them because it's all streaming and all that stuff so the the the music is that's why you see so many people tore now. I mean that's why didn't but that's good for us because we get a lot of shows on the fall. It's going to be huge. Yes it's going to be the it's going to be the fall of music. It's going to be all fall shows. It's gonna be fun. Yeah it will be fun. It'll be fun just to get out. Brian combs will. Tom is simple. We got the only way i could see can make some serious money. You don't wanna put up. Some serious monitoring is find somebody. You might be an unlikely hero like the mvp thing okay. So the kansas city's third receiver also returns kicks and punts though. He fumbled in the in the championship. Mccall hartman yeah. I think that's where i put. Your money is five thousand to one So you pays out. That is worth if you now if you put two hundred bucks down on that what is that. That's a lot rand grand. Well that's worth it. I think so. I tried to cover that bet by betting. That travis kelsey gets a touchdown even money back. I think that's a pretty good still like that. Gronk bet i still like ngong. Because i think it still it was. I think plus a plus eighteen hundred plus fifteen. He's he's a little further down then. Another one i saw that i thought was good was Both of the quarterback throwing for over three hundred yards. Okay that will get you like three one money because with the defense is they're going up against everybody wants to see a shootout help that that's the case. Yeah i mean playing the money line are you know given points or whatever unless you wanna put a lot of money down. You're not gonna make laying. Yeah i did see some mattress king from somewhere. Oh yeah yeah in. Florida and a half million dollars on the buccaneers. Yes if you've got that much money to throw around anyway what's the point. Yeah that's gonna piss off the people especially that gotta work gonna be like what the hell. But it's his own money you're out but that's the biggest bad i've heard in um that would get him back like two point. Eight million That got a the jacksonville around. But i will try a couple of logs up just for the fun. Did you hear the real bride. Combs come up that jack. That's gambling terms. Put it on on the pass. Line plan crafts before i'd put it on a football team. No wow amen. What kind of knew. Everything opens back up. I wanna hit the casino with brian. Oh he's a different guy. He's jones in combs in the news cheddar. Combs need action. The breaking news. Yes it is at friday. It is now sued at five one. Three eight one three two seven nine seven off the phone rings and let you talk about whatever all you gotta do. What you call is say your name where you're from. Okay just get into what you wanna talk about or whatever. Okay so i guess that's the only rule so there's no topic at other than what you bring to the table so Go ahead guy. Hello caller hey. Good morning guys. This is frank from clermont county veterans. How you doing. Wow frank again frank. these are the guys that are trying to get the word out helping these These veterans because for example for some reason the united states decides not all the time though but These a lot of veterans out there that don't get the help that they deserve. And what was agent orange from back in the day as caused some troubles and now there's like no diseases or new links between diseases and some agent. Orange right yep absolutely. They're up to about eighteen diseases right now. They're still service connect for that. You know it's the same thing we're hearing the same thing about guys. Went down to help out with nine eleven. Oh yeah yeah all kinds of new things i. That's that's such great news. I'm going to go help out later on in life. I'm going to start dying and no one's going to help me that's is how have they not figured out that. There's a link between these things i would imagine. It's an insurance thing and they don't want to spend money and all that is that right frank. has a lot to do with it. Now wait till we start seeing new diseases. Come out for these afghanistan and the iraqi veteran. Yeah and they were there a long time. Yeah buddy several tours and all that stuff. Yeah i mean not. We're not even scratched the surface diseases. That's what frank saint here and then you got to look at mental illness. Yeah that that's an ongoing problem. Yeah that'll be there forever and for some reason. Look it's scary. I understand mental illnesses scary thing. But you gotta look at ahead on or tragic. Things are going to continue to happen. And it's not the i mean these guys. I believe that if you're not born with mental illness some of these guys could see in their life could create it. I would say with the say with a bath lights and stuff like know could be perfectly fine suffer concussion down the road boom they got. Cte issues and all that. It's the same thing. Yeah yeah and the be as on the cutting edge of all that treatment as well and and and they try to stay on top of it. you know overall they're doing a great job and it's You just got to give it time. Frank what is the word that you wanna get out and use our airwaves for well My office in clermont county. We run the transportation program where we take veterans to the. Va doctors appointments. And then bring them back and it's been close down up until Week due to kobe and Just wanna let everybody know that we are back up and running every day. Like it's it's sad that it such a good thing that you do that you have to call into a dopey radio show to get the word out like you know like like these like the news or something like that would be like. Oh yeah we got to be all over this. But they're too busy covering you now. I don't know new new rides at kings island. And you know what i mean. There's some big wrestling events wrong with that now. Well it depends on the wrestling. That's when i draw the line it back so look i'm glad that That you guys are involved with us as far as spreading the word with that's cool Where is there. there's a website. I want a website and a phone number right now. Dammit you got it. You got it Claremont county veterans dot com and the transportation hotline is five one three seven three two seven. Four seven one. And that's the important stuff you guys didn't probably didn't even know that it opened up last week right. That's true it it takes a while to open it back up and our drivers are all vaccinated. And they're ready to go. That's that's good news due. Thanks for sharing that with us. All right i appreciate it. Thanks for the opportunity to frank. Keep in touch. I have a good weekend. Yep eaker guys see is that. I feel so bad for him. Because they're real men and step they see jusu guys like me. Come on the radio and say penis and all that you know. They're fighting these. He's like these. Billy goats living in mountains and all that stress. The disturbing thing is nobody helps them. I know then they come home. And some people yeah. The radical sides of de politics are like god. These guys are heroes murderers and all that shut up to get me going okay anyway. Calls count anywhere. Chris show so when you call phone rings here in the studio we pick up three seven kickoff. You'll when the phone rings we stop whatever we're talking about okay and I was gonna talk about today. Thirty-three years ago on giant defeated hulk hogan for the title and it was the first wrestling match shown on prime time tv. How and then right away. He sold it to the million dollar man. Ted db remember. He sold the title over to him. How tear he's a bitch. So here's a real man. When you do calls to the wall we pick up like this. And i say who are you to say your name and where you're from caller. Hey chris bubbles the best call girl on the side of the mississippi. I just wanted to let you know that. I'm six two blonde and have tripled the boobies and i just had one eighty bitty question for you. How do you like your rig picks juicy sandwich shining stop. why are you going to send them. I can send him any way you want. I continued through email. I certainly hope so sir. Go perfectly good music your we need a blue moisture around. There is what it's on one to seven. That's the address off out cramp. Oh oh charlie. Horse worked out fell. Hello caller hello. Hello yeah. I got a little excited bailed on us. Now sorry about that. I'm austin from erlanger kentucky. I just wanna say thank you guys for making me laugh every morning when i get off work me and my wife and daughter eight months old so i look forward to getting off work every morning. Laugh my ass off in the truck. that's what do you do for work over. I'm yeah i'm a site security supervisor. Allied universal good. We'll stay safe. Stay warm and you just had a kid. You said yes sir. I did all right well. Congratulations on that is a boy or girl daughter right. Well good luck on that. How old are you twenty. Six twenty six as i get older because you don forty six and my kids are eight and eleven. You shooting sooner. But i couldn't have. I would still be like stuck in syracuse new york who'd bringing a carts into the grocery store. I'd that that's bad but i i had a career in mind and that would have stalled a definitely but i look at it and i go man by the time dude. By the time you're my age you'll be able to start going out with your wife again and all that stuff doing stuff. Yeah hopefully well. He's probably crank out to all tell you like right now. It's it's awesome to be able to go to my oldest ago. Hey i'm running addy the eight year old over to a friend's house he also i'll be right back and she'll be like oh okay and then i'll just go do that and come home and then you know. Because she knows the dogs there were cameras with their. Yeah she has a phone she could call me. I mean that you don't understand how liberating night when my wife and i are just watch it like we watch the bachelor last night finally. Oh boy we all kinds of drama there anyway so just to go. hey grace. why don't you go take a quick shower. Get your pj's on and she's goes and does it where it used to be a seven thirty. It's bath time. And all this the august get to bed that he had a pain in the ass now. She won't let me get in the shower and bathe her. Yeah that's creepy sorry Very important part of the day is Right now because gentleman comes in by the name of the segment with he comes in and he Updates us and all the stuff going on in the sports world. Now you've got to clear up some for a what this new guy for the reds seat for tv or radio. The new television okay. That's what we saw. His name is I got my papers all because there was a guy on television. But he's not there anymore. Right that's correct. John fox sports. Ohio says that John sadek he k. is the reds new television. Play by play man now. Will he be caught off mic saying things about mexican people or something. I don't think so He he well. We'll see we'll find out. We recently served as a national. Tv play by play announcer for cbs sports. Yay national radio play by play announcer for westwood. One radio play by play announcer for the new york mets on. Wcbs why would he come here. A big eighty hey. Why is jim day like today. It's like he gets passed up for the passive for the radio. Marti left upright up for the tv. Don't know and can't say that's our buddy. I would love to like i guess jim dave now. We'll go back to what he was doing. You know hosting the you know the into dugout. Not i mean. I love dugout. He was sitting in the stands. But i went out and had drinks a day. He lives in loveland by me. The home of the tigers. The home of chris and jim day. Oh okay big up in here would talk about sports people. Don't be you waitress been hot chicken. Chicken combo picking and yeah. Now we're talking see. They don't do that on the am side. Who because you talk over over there like you are right now. You're hot chicken chicken. What combo get picking sports straight coming from because it ain't no joke. A score is the same checking sports bad score. Same score is ain't no joke. If you can't pay the note okay. i don't get much work done. But i sure have a lot of fun. I chicken chicken. What combo was good love. Sports brought to you. By of course raising cane's with the area locations at song right there was done by a gentleman by the name of ozark mark. Thank you yeah. That was very good. Yeah you seven press. Yeah you should be now. I got more songs than anything i know. I can almost many songs. As the beatles been on the radio. Seven hundred wwl. W forty three years richard petty and during this short time that you've been coming in here and doing sports with us which is still under year right. You've had theme songs. People hitting me up on twitter and all that stuff. It's obvious that that audience is dead. We are the future. It's fun over here. Like i said if i don't get much work done but i share have a lot of fun. Yeah on the home of the hits. I get cut. Mckanie ac raising cane's for your super bowl get together at home. That's right do it. At home where mask no no massive parties or nothing. Don't go to down the street or anything yet. Raising cane's in the house Enjoy the game. As david. Julius with a career high twenty six points bearcats win over temple last night. Sixty three to sixty the bearcats first win. Since january tenth that they had eight scholarship players. They start a walk on and they got the win. Nice good news yes. It is very good news. Ohio state beat iowa last night. The big ten battle eighty ninety five looks like bob nightingale usa. Today they're baseball. King says that Trevor bauer has agreed to a deal with the new york. Mets with the reds. Didn't get him. But the dodgers are still in the mix list nothing official yet reds fans. It's easy once. I know players name. They're gone true act. There was a quote from metro. The i'm too expensive for the red. Yes yes that's true that's gonna make about eight hundred million a year if you're sticking out on that team you're worth something bango you're out of here. Plus he's going to have its new york he's gonna. He's a social media. King avodados differ because he stuck out in a red said. Well we better pay him a lot to stay. Yeah as superbowl fifty five. Of course sunday get that raising. Cane's keeps i told you giovannio one interview with us. I think he would like us. I think i think he would say get was here. Let's get it done if you were here. Why you would protect him from. When i don't know what am i gonna hit them. Yeah hit him. I think he's like oh. Yeah i like how will the fans and stuff. That's good stuff. Thank you segment. You're welcome have a happy weekend. Everybody remember. I don't get much work done but i sure have a lot of fun. Thank you sag had happy weekend. It's one chiefs super bowl seven w. e. b. n. Can i hope it hits even short simple february. Fifth today is My brother-in-law's and my father's birthday i wanna give him a shot after the ryan and they'll be cyber god don't start that crash what to seven w. e. n. for now you're on the air caller. Hello hello yeah. hi what's tell you. I got bored. Birthdays it is this breath. Yeah drunk breath. what's up girl. Barry's going to be forty seven to bury her drunk neighbor berry berry. He's only going to be forty seven. God he looks like he's ninety seven to sane majors. Yeah that's that's an insult by the way you're the same age as you know. Shut up i. I got peace on both governing. The played what do you what the hell. Where did your tongue go say. Two days apart. Two sons birthdays two days apart. Well how'd you do that. Did you get pro. Oh i see yeah. Okay how old i guess in the baked potato was around me. What what what. We're having a rough time today. Hope to god beijing. Yep yeah that's what. I was thinking. You're right here. i have a grandson. I heard that okay. How how old is your grandson. Okay what are you going. Get them for you to give them a gift or you. Just don't do that. Pack of cigarettes go located cigarettes. I don't i. I don't shave with my phone's ex wife anymore. So you don't see your grandson grandson. I haven't seen him since he was born and talks. We got we gotta get a hold of her and tell her to knock it off site. Tell you yeah bye deb. To see pictures at least says you're paying them in a while to keep holding from him. Oh damn well. You needs to fight that. He has a parental rights and He ought to call a stewart. W penrose when he comes in here art attorney because that's something that yes parental rights. He needs to go and do that. And then when he gets the weekends or something he can. Come over and you can visit with your grandson. Why bring me you love for indiana. Now h. e. loveline so well we're gonna go bathrooms. Great talking to you okay catholic. He caught up there. Want anyone taking day in this guy. Chase them out whenever you said. That's cool okay. Talking my family when trevor birthdays slob. Try happy birthday has a bird. Yeah that's my. That's my closet by the garbage can next to her. She just hawks you pieces of her life. What if it wasn't vince. Neal as a singer from molly. Crews vince mcmahon. Doing motley crue songs girl. Swear or they're girls girls girls at dick's nature okay. Then you wanna too young to followed left over there nature in my ass right now. That's not the song. Take a walk on. The wild side could think of any other old situation. What what about their livewire. I'm a live wire is that it does thank goodness. Save me from my bit. We'll see we're going to brock listener. Try if if it's these calls suck going back to vince. Mcmahon and motley crue five. Three eight one three seven nine seven nine hundred number ethnic debt. Fridays i just pick up live and talk about whatever the only rule is say who you are and where you're from god caller. Hi my name's ohi. Andrew argued back to vince. Mcmahon guess style is league man. okay motley crue. can you handle at once. did you better. I'll go right back to the bit. You better make this call. Good but i thought i was already on. You are on but you gotta make it good otherwise yeah otherwise. It's back to me a lot of pressure Okay well now. He's carsick is no car sake On the radio by. Jesus don't be a man of your word. These calls disaster calls are quite working again. Show so much after so five three eight. Three seven nine. Yeah you're on the air. You gotta say who you are and where you're calling from whatever me it's been a while we haven't heard from you in a long time. Yes while all this all this Cororavirus been going around. Yeah you hate the coronavirus. Don't you hate it all. Yeah me too it. It makes it tough to live our life Pilot is that's the way it is. Have you been able to keep going to work and stuff teddy and messed up my whole car just messed up everything so with your job you have to wear one of those face coverings. Where my face masks and everything glad you called. We haven't heard local or shot could see all the crude girl no but pretty girls teddy. Yeah i know. There's a lot of girls out there so last time you had a date with a pretty girl. Hardly oh well we listen. How old are you might be four next year next year. That's right that's how that works. You know The thing that's great about that is you know you haven't had your world rocked yet by some woman who scorned jet yeah. That's good advocate saying. That's a good thing fun doing what you like to do. That's right famous funds to do what i have to be around those bureau due to be around the girls the honey to fly huntings right teddy. Well y'all cape rock. Dan keep everything rock on the on. The on this shows. Is this a rock. That's checking in all you guys that see with john you guys are up to. We're gonna keep rockin brother take care of yourself to have blessed day and i'll talk to you guys letter. Keep iraq rocket teddy. I i by that was is it like checking in. Yeah but then that was it. Yeah blessed day and usually creepy teddy. The you'll want to take care of himself all listening to me. Maybe you're old news. Yeah kind of hope. There's another jane life off because jeff right being. Let me talk to the hot guy. That's me jeff. Now the one that's region. Hi you're on the air. Hey what's going on. I guess now it's a guy I just wanted to. He got her before but He's had this really shy redneck guy and we spent a rumor. We started calling him. You'll and all the girls like why are you calling him. You'll i'm like yeah. You can take one gas lower calling him you old any. He had all these hot girls like pins calling all over and over. You spent a positive rumor with a at all. I know but still work out for you. Though i would love girls called me mula we at a guy called for legitimate reasons because of this yes the girls hookup of god. Yes but that's not true. Women sale the time that they like funny guys and size. Don't matter they. Were the first in line kick chris show. You're on the air. Hey what's up. I came up here to get to six. But your office saying open man. I don't know if you guys can see out your window. Silver vets and have sad so. I guess i'm leaving or something you know something to do. You stay up all night. Stay up let me one here yet. They give i'm like earlier. Look out the window no but go go get a get a coffee and comeback or something around around eight thirty okay shirts for in stickers just because he had to wait okay. that's amazing. Oh i've got some amazing pictures of my that with the wgn vehicles there Sweet christmas love to see those. I'll talk something or whatever you wanna do man. I got him in the silver when today. Okay i guess we have some shirts. Okay cool i have. We have a whole box of shirts in here that we have never really gave away. Dubs had these ones made a kid. Chris sucks eggs true and they're good shirts but we just never been over there. We're like we're not used to stuff going off man i Listen to you guys for a while so off the sauce for a minute. But i'm back on. Are you on a hands. Free thing. I pulled up to work on my cell phone. What is he going to get this technology. But you know what i like my phone like when i call my wife. It sounds really clear. Because they're both on. I message thing. It's so they figure that out. Just in general everything sound so awesome. Hdtv f four k or whatever that is everything except for phones yeah porn. You could wear goggles like. You're you're getting off with a chick phone call. Have you seen the guys Looking at the airport like four in the morning wife wakes up. Like what the hell. Where's he didn't like. I can't deal with this guy. Sveum side sound like he was typing me on porno. He's watching it yeah. You don't wanna talk like that to a dude that you won porno time to teach you once again. The simple instructions on how to call a radio show. I tell us your name and keep your radio down if the hostess your name on move on. No one cares who you are anyway. What's up any really second. Don't swear i can't say don't call it hands-free it sucks and we can't understand you and five only. Don't call in begging for free tickets. We're not ticket soup kitchen and it makes you some more perfect than you already are. Please baldi simple instructions on how to colorado show or go jump in the river. Thank you in making this whole program. Work is having positive mental attitude great song. I love this jam. They do a good job. This is a what's sorry it's a little. Greta van fleet fauria. Yeah yeah so yes five. One three eight one three seven nine seven nine. That's phone number you on the radio man. It's simple who are you. You're on my dome. Oh gal we know no country jeff you feel an today. Yeah started doing. Bow to thirty years morning. I'm real happy and eating tater tots barbecue sauce. You're going to be stinky when he started drinking at two thirty in the morning thanking ireland. But i tried to call his night club. Bang whatever evan. I really wasn't that drunk. I wasn't feeling it but i i need. What's your plan for the weekend. Jeffey got any tschetter down on the super bowl. I'm thinking the city to win. Oh yeah how about you put down on it. yeah. I didn't put nothing down. I i can probably eye problem with figure out. I'm gonna i'm gonna do the point saying like i think it will be. I think that it will be. I think it'll be probably thirty. Four kansas city they'll probably the sixteen km day. Okay wow it's going to be funny is watch that happen if i guarantee you. There's somebody out there right now. Betting i wrote it down. Did you really. Yes all the people in the world that would probably get it dead on its him. It's true because jeff is actually an amazing person because of the things he's pulled off in life living off just everybody and just being alive still. How many cars jeff. I've been hit by about two or three. I'm hit by one yesterday. The crosswalk going fast. Enough yeah we tried. Yeah you know. I wanna thank you. Why am i signed today. Don't have to the market plagues all right so tomorrow. Okay so tomorrow you're off. Did you read for your vacation. He wasn't on the schedule for tomorrow. So so okay. Where are you gonna be flying your signed geoff on gilbert avenue. Martin luther king right across from shell gas station go on the shell gas based property right because they gun charge me a criminal suspects in the air. But yeah now jeff jeff. Twitter is at real country jeff. He was locked out for a minute because he threatened some guy in a. You know they don't like that stuff and they told me to eat a okay. And i only got killed themselves foyer. They lock you on a twitter. You can't do that. They don't like that kind of stuff. Okay for someone like that. Actually differently sad. But i'm just trying you didn't really good job cleaning it up for the radio but yeah he said for you to do something a gay at and Yeah as interesting that somebody can say that to somebody and that's okay. That's considered hate speech but jeff's response was just go kill yourself. And they locked him on twitter. That's interesting. yeah y'all blood y'all's planes this weekend for y'all getting down. I'm not gonna get drunk. But i will just chill out and watch television with family and Work on my radio. Show come on over and watch the super bowl gas bowl. I'll come okay. Just get to loveland. Christopher colin jeff country jeff Drunk drifter what. I wouldn't give to just have him show up here. How oh it's jeff. What tom brady was on jimmy. Kimmel reading mean tweets about himself Tom brady seems like the kind of man who doesn't know how to use a wrench. True breed be real for a moment. Is there really anyone you'd rather see drop in vat of rendered bacon fat. Tom brady tom. Brady you suck booty you ugly. You suck you throw like a fat lady with the flabby arm and a little girl but face tom brady hashtags suck. I hope this loss depresses you. So bad that you hardly have sex with your super giant mansion. That's awesome here are some late night. Guys tampa bay is the i team in. Nfl history to host the super bowl in their own stadium but the festivities this year have been scaled down drastically because the pandemic which is bad news for the many local strip clubs in tampa that make a lot of money. At this time of year. There are so many strip clubs in tampa the give out one dollar bills in town. Listen to this. I read about a man in florida. Who was caught trying to board a flight with twenty two pounds of meth in his luggage. Luggage with twenty two paths matt. Or as it's known in florida luggage dammit. You're mad. Yeah 'cause i'm like come on. The makers of peeps have announced. They'll release to new flavors hot tamales and fruit loops. And if that's gross wait till you see what you really do. it's friday. it's just need to get me to come back to pay someone to sit on choppy fi. You can't do any of this because of depend on on the call to new products aren't they. I was driving into work today from west chester. About the hop on seventy five words. Simone man rav me off the road into the grass hogs and he gave the old man the middle finger. But i didn't wanna know why goes will probably be dead tomorrow. He's old. i'll and you wanna know why else. Because that's fry his face. Looks like a harry chris show.

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