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The following is a production of the motor racing network. The Voice of NASCAR clean. Alright perfect the position of that day. That'd be they want to count the racing network presents. NASCAR law checkered. SWAG is ready to fly. Christopher Bell Leaves Two hundred thirty eight two hundred fifty laugh. I think they told us a good place. At least for me to it makes debut because it's a little less stressful. Nascar live is brought to you by wheeler on the road in the air and around the world wieland trusted to be seen trusted Austin to be heard and trusted to perform and by blue EMU Louis News family of products supports healthy muscles enjoying is family owned and made here in America. It works fast fast. And you won't stay from the motor Racing Network Studios in Concord North Carolina. Here is your host Mike Bagley hello. Everybody wants them to year. Thirty seven UH OF NASCAR live on the motor racing network like Bagley and the Marin crew with you for yet another year and yet another weekly get together. We hope you enjoy the holidays. Happy new who year to one and all and we've got a busy show here to kick off hour thirty seventh year. We're GONNA work our way through the season beginning with chatting about the Rolex twenty afforded Daytona. It's happening in a few weeks. Daytona International speedway. It's GonNa feature lots of talent from around the world including from the world of Nascar the likes of Kyle Busch and AJ the allman Dinger. We'll hear from some of them in this week. Show coming up next week. We've got the Chili Bowl midget nationals in Tulsa Oklahoma. We'll hear from the host most of the rip the fence. podcast Welsh Tower Vernet. They're gonNA stop by as they sat down with Christopher Bell Bells looking for his fourth consecutive. Win In the Chili Bowl. Oh he also won eight times in the NASCAR xfinity series last year. And he's about the make the cup into the NASCAR Cup series. Driving for Levine family racing which will kick off obviously obviously with the Daytona five hundred coming up here in just over a month NASCAR. Today's Kaneohe Ricky. You'RE GONNA stop by with some updates from some stars and some news. Plus we'll highlight highlights some of the podcast. We created last season on dot com including Corey. Lee Joyce Sunday money podcast. It's returning next year. Also hear a piece of the show featuring twenty-eight Champ Joey Logano who stopped by in-studio as well plus our Jeff Gordon podcast and our latest. Mr Presents fifty years. The Voice of Nascar are fifty years celebration content that was featured in nine episodes during the twenty nineteen season. But before all that we have some breaking news to get to and some recent that news as well here's Nascar. Today's would he gain a crew chief shuffled tops. The news this week as team penske is moving all three of its current bit bosses to other drivers. I Todd Gordon will move to Ryan Blades car. Paul Wolfe will go to the twenty two with Joey. Logano and Jeremy Bullets will shift to Brad Keselowski. The road crews will follow their crew chiefs to the new assignments. Meanwhile Richard Petty motorsports has hired Jerry Baxter to crew chief the number forty three car with bubba Wallace. That duo one five truck races together. At Kyle Busch motorsports and Baxter won the twenty-eight Gender Truck Championship with Brett moffitt elsewhere. A three day test for the Rolex twenty four at Daytona International speedway wrapped up this weekend. Kyle Busch is among the NASCAR drivers in this year's round the clock sports car race he says the Lexus he drove is a little different than cup car. We've gotten our fair share so far so good. I don't see anything that's too crazy at the moment. But a lot of that can change in a hurry completely different techniques techniques that you've got to work with on these cars you can drive the snot out of them. I mean you can just throw it off in the corner as far as you feel like you can get in there and stop the pedal as hard as your play will allow you to do it. And and figure out where the apex is and get through that and exit so it's just a completely different in that aspect. Aj Almond Nigger is also in the event in addition to being on the broadcast asked crew with NBC. Other NASCAR drivers are planning to run. The pilot challenge companion event just before the Rolex on January twenty fourth among Kim is chased Briscoe just re upped for another xfinity series season at Stewart Haas Racing Austin Syndrich and new for development driver. Haley Degan are also oh entered the pilot challenge race. RISCO is staying busy this off season. He plans to run the Chili Bowl nationals next week to scratch his dirt racing edge anytime you can be in a race car. Whether it's you know that you see four exponential. Are you know even going dirt racing at the Chili Bowl. Just get a race. The characteristics might be different but still oh the same mentality and I call it in racing shape. I look back at the year before last year. And you know when I was racing part time in the extreme series is so hard to beat those guys to do what we can in and week out is because they're so good at what they do. They're used to being in race cars Kyle Larson Christopher Bell. Emma owned Dylan Welsh aunt. Alex Bowman will all compete in next week's Chili Bowl as well. Bowman says two way for him to get refreshed before the long NASCAR season gets underway. Recharging important our schedules really long it's a long year. It's pretty mentally tough but at the same time I I work on the Chili Bowl cars. Pretty much off season. That's all I've done so far that's a lot of work on its own but Enjoying it so far and just have as much as possible and NASCAR is implementing thinks some pitstop challenges at selected tracks in the Finnity and Gander truck series. For the coming season. Here is Eric Peterson Technical Manager for the NAS car. Our xfinity series basic procedure. The field will be frozen when the caution is displayed and four teams. That elected pit on ovals They'll be allowed. Wow Dad fuel and change two tires per pitstop and on road courses. It'd be allowed to add fuel or change four tires per pitstop so That will require to pitstops for full service. Four tires and fuel at all of those events PITSTOP must be completed within a designated time period and the team roster for each teams and both Finnity and Agana trucks will consist of eight crew members and the group that goes over the wall to change. The tires must come from those eight eight members After a pit. Stop under caution. Restarts will be in the order at the time of caution based on pit stop strategy in the following order so will be a pit would be at the front of the field followed by vehicles that pitted once then those that twice and then the free pass wave around and penalty vehicles goal. Just like we have today now. XFINITY series those tracks or mid Ohio both races at Iowa speedway and Road America in the Gander Truck Series Series Iowa speedway worldwide technology raceway at gateway and Canadian tire. Motorsport Park Mike. Both of those last two races on the truck side are foia races so a little bit of a different element for the playoffs to open up the truck series this year. It's an interesting release that we got an interesting conversation that was had had earlier this afternoon. When we got this news out of folk scratching their heads wondering why well there are a couple of offshoots to this? Obviously this is going to create ate a lot of strategy opportunities on pit road. It's going to provide an opportunity for teams to save money because a lot of those teams Utilized Cup series pit crews and and there's going to be a lot to get our arms around for these unique pitting races. You mentioned seven of them not going to have to deal with this until may but when it comes down the line. I think that this is going to be something that we're going to have to see one time. And then get our arms around it. But it's very interesting and it does provide a lot of opportunity for some of these teams. Especially maybe what are some of those mid pack teams as well exactly. They can't compete necessarily on a full blown. Four tires and fuel pitstop with some of these other teams say junior motor sports or the sports in the world that are Hiring Cup crew members to service their vehicles under pitstops. Now those middle of the pack and back further trucks trucks and cars will have a different opportunity now where they can select one of these strategy options. Do I get to tires and fuel. Do I get four tires and make two stops. What Kinda on a strategy card do I play here without having to compete against a cut pit crew in also? We'll save some money because when you're already at a track say for example a Daytona Wanna where all three series are going to be there. Those crew members are already on site. These are four standalone races. Where these xfinity and truck teams would be responsible for transporting and housing those crew members during the race as well during the race weekend as well so a savings at least for those seven races for the teams lots is to get our arms around? And if you want an in-depth detail of these changes be sure to go to CNN. Dot Com. Look for the story headlined. Pit Changes for select xfinity Gander truck races and you can get down into the nitty gritty and find out the details about how this will affect your favourite xfinity or Nascar Gander. RV outdoors doors truck series teams appreciate the checkup of all the crew chief news and of course the breaking news of the day. You Bet Mike coming up we've got NASCAR live for you. That will begin as we highlight someone that we lost over the holidays. A MEMORIAM for junior Johnson. Next here on NASCAR live welcome back to sports few next topic. It is it really all about power makes me think of progressives name. Your price tool gives you the power to find options based on your budget. Let's go to chuck for an irrelevant analogy. Becca Day. People in how many oranges are in the crate. They just took the oranges. They didn't say on his six. Seven twelve fifty. Whatever oranges you get me? We get your check in word word. Oranges give it two straight with progressive name. Your price tool progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage is limited by state law. You have a car truck boat or or other vehicle that seen better days. 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You could just tell the knew what they were talking about right then. In there I felt like I had some hope. Stop the liens. Levies and garnishments fast and qualify for one of several special IRS programs that could reduce or even eliminate your tax debt. So outta go for Jake. They hit what they said they would do it through for me. I ended up saving an unbelievable amount. I was so jazzed was extremely happy if you owe more than ten thousand dollars in back taxes take Jake's advice federal tax management a phone call. If they helped me they can help anybody who call the federal tax management hotline. Now eight hundred two four to seventeen seventeen zero six eight hundred two four to seventeen zero six eight hundred two four to seventeen zero six. This is NASCAR ASS car. Live now back to Mike Bagley. Welcome back to. That's car live over the holidays that ask our community lost one of the giants of the Sport Junior Johnson. It's an passed away at the age of eight and he passed away among family and friends back. On December twentieth. Junior Johnson was inducted into the Nascar Hall of fame is First Class in two thousand ten. Here's Kurt Becker. On behalf of the entire staff to celebrate the life and career of junior Johnson in June of nineteen thirty thirty one Robert Glen Johnson Junior was born to a farming family and rule North Carolina. His family and friends just called him junior to make ends meet. His Dad made and distributed Moonshine whiskey as a young boy and teenager junior spent his nights running bootleg whiskey on the country. Roads of Wilkes Looks County North Carolina and his ability to race professionally. Came from all of those nights spits out running the law. You know. I'll I learn how to drive way for I got the tasker had either learn how to drive or get caught and that would no big thank them because the new if You know anybody's I was a bit are trained first and then I will it be unbelievable. 'cause AH is running at night all night long. Running Brody Kidney Harley disaccord pave tottering after dabbling in NASCAR racing for two seasons junior left the bootleg whiskey business and pursued more lucrative racing career. When I got into it was solder solder of a plague thing for me because I could make more money? He's not not gonNa make in the daytime racing and It's time went along. They they bounced out and then the money started favourite race in not got into the at that time over his fourteen year driving career. Junior Johnson Johnson won fifty racists. Checkered flag is out. Junior Johnson has won himself up four hundred today he was credited with discovering drafting during practice at Daytona International speedway in nineteen sixty and used the technique to win the great American race despite being twenty two miles per our slower than the fastest cars where we thought thought there when you knew you had one last lap just hope to God. They wasn't getting no rick. Six years later a racing accident at the Charlotte Motor speedway. Claimed the life of Juniors. Good friend Fireball Roberts. The tragedy was reason enough. Offer junior to retire from driving at the time he was the winningest driver to never win a championship. Trying to mourn driver We've had I'd have to say four or five came along in racing fast. Cars been form that method in Florida. Unable unable to quit racing altogether junior turned his attention to car ownership where he developed a reputation for pushing the limits of the NASCAR rulebook during your there seems to be a problem with the General Motors cars. Glenn it's been a problem pretty good while and it's probably could fix if they have aluminum center available these cars and hollering because they lied. They won't let them run away. This break in the paper as an owner junior employed some of the sport's biggest heroes. Kale Yarborough won three consecutive championships tips. While driving for junior in nineteen seventy six. Seventy seven and seventy eight looking to the inside for the final time Waltrip. Try them no avail at at the stripe. Kale Jabre WPRO win. The Old Dominion five hundred. Nineteen seventy-eight Darrell. WALTRIP won three titles wall driving junior scars and remember him as a master mechanic. One of the guys Homer who was it. Can you imagine the number races at Junior Johnson would have one or the championships. It hit a one. If he'd had the technology that these teams have today and I had to laugh. I I said how do you know he didn't. That's how forehead Kerr Junior Johnson was. I said and I've been I've been with the junior. We'd go to up to Detroit to to Chevrolet in which said in meetings things with people that would come from Europe Formula One and they would they would pass ideas by junior Johnson Junior. You think about this and junior what do you think about that now. Where you're talking about a guy that bill stock cars but junior head one? He was six cents when he would look at something he would toll Thompson and he would kind of analyze allows it. He knew if it would work or not and he knew how to if it would work. He knew how to use it as an owner and mechanic juniors appetite for finding Andy advantage over the the competition was never satisfied but after enduring countless penalties from NASCAR inspectors junior sold his teams and quit Nascar for good in nineteen eighteen ninety-five down way. The motor racing network remembers the life and career of the last American hero shoe chunks wheelin designs designs and manufacturers reliable and powerful warning lights white illumination lighting sirens controllers and high powered warning systems for Automotive Aviation and mass notification certification industries worldwide. Every part of every willin product is proudly designed and manufactured in America and is tested on site to meet the toughest industry certifications vacations on the road in the air and around the world. Wieland is trusted to be seen trusted to be heard trusted to perform Jeff. Gordon is come from virtually nowhere. He's one of NASCAR's all time. Great the third time in his career pioneering champion via the right place at the right time. The Kid who took on the good ole boys and Change Nascar. We started Goto. FM EARNHARDT ALL RAN presents a ten part podcast series that traces. JEFF GORDON'S RISE TO NASCAR NASCAR LEGEND Jeff Gordon colorful career of the Rainbow Warrior available now at M. R. N.. Dot Com Andrew Favorite podcasts sorts and the host of the RIP defense. podcast Dylan Welsh and tyler. Burnett will chat with Twenty Twenty Cup series rookie of the year candidate. Christopher Bell next this is Nascar live on the motor racing network. The Voice of Nascar. Are you ready to help. Children forget about their serious medical conditions. So they can just be a kid the support victory junction. which is the dream of late? Race driver Adam. Petty wanted to build a camp children concentrate on fun and laughter not build us through disability at victory junk kids enjoyed zip-line horseback riding swimming fishing. All in a medically safe environment all at no cost to the camper. What do you say Richard Petty? Let's do this learn more at victory junction dot org checkout MRI dot com for podcast series. Called the tough trucks of NASCAR. You're twenty five years and still trucking. We'll take you back to some great races. Can I come crashing. Stand some wild moments Fred gone. It gets turned around and slams into the inside retaining wall and the stories that go with them. We lost the championship but there is a lot of ugly things that went on behind the scenes and a lot of French. It's it's actually to this day. Download the shows for free on ITUNES AND AT EMMA DOT com. This is Nascar live now back active. Mike Bagley as always thank you so much for joining us on this week's Nascar live the Chili Bowl. MIDGET nationals are happening next week in Tulsa Oklahoma it's a popular open-wheel dirt racing event that takes place in the largest free standing building in the country and when the festivities get under way it'll be Christopher Bell who's going for his fourth consecutive win in the Chili Bowl nationals hosts of rip the fence. PODCAST here on our end tyler. Burnett and Dylan Welsh had a chance asked to sit down and chat with bell as he gets prepared to defend that Chili Bowl win to look ahead to the cup season. You're going to have a fantastic year with ecorse again. Backed by Toyota Toyota and driving for Bob Levine. Your debut coming at the Daytona International speedway in Daytona. Five hundred. Are you okay with that. I mean plate racing is rather tough but you seem going to be pretty good at it. Yeah I I don't I don't know if goods right word. Maybe lucky is a little bit better word but going to Daytona. I've got a shot to win just as well as all the thirty nine other competitors do so I think they tone is a good place to at least for me to make my debut because it's a little bit less stressful. You go there and it's not about how hard you can drive the car. Can you take the car to the limit because racing just not about maximizing your car. It's about drafting and and manipulating the air and putting yourself in position. But I'm excited about it because I've got as good a shot as anybody is the Daytona five hundred. I mean does it have the same allure and luster of all the big races. That you've run the me. Are you excited about getting to race in that event. It's it's really cool because of the history the prestige it is. You know America's race I think is what what it's called so the Daytona five hundred is one of the biggest races along with the indy. Five hundred and so so it is really cool and and I never really pictured myself as a kid getting to participate in it and now that I've been in the sport and Nascar Anyway for the last several years I've been down in Daytona for the truck race in the last two years the extended erase. And you can just feel that the excitement growing from Friday Saturday and now this year I get to be part of Sunday so like to kind of tie this all. Obviously Chili Bowl is very nerve wracking all week. You know you're not you're super nervous. Saturday night probably nervous you. Do you still get that way even at events like the Daytona five hundred. Run it yet but I mean do you does the Chili Bowl in some way. Prepare you to go into these bigger races. Basis for the first time and tax with a clear head the yeah. I think That's a good way to put it and for me I've always taken can pride and or not pride but like feel like I'm experienced in the bigger events just from what my background brings me of running the KNOXVILLE nationals. The kings royal the Chili Label. So I've been put in big event in high profile races throughout the course of my career and that's you know help me for February fifteenth or whatever it is the Daytona five hundred the Daytona five hundred is an impossible race to win. Ask Tony Stewart never wanted Dale Earnhardt only one at once wants Bush's only one I guess one time Denny Hamlin's when it twice. I mean it's a hard race to win because you don't control a lot of absolutely What's the strategy and that I mean? Are you like sitting towards the back of the field waiting to be there at the end. Are you guys wants to run up front. What's going to be your strategy? Yeah Ah I mean ultimately that's going to be up to what our team decides between my crew chief and all the other competitors at Joe Gibbs racing I know oh that as the years have progressed here all the manufacturers have started teaming up together so. I'm sure that we're going to be working. Really close with Joe Gibbs racing and all the twitter competitor's whether that's to ride in the back and stay together or I I don't think that's been their strategy over the last couple of races though. I think they've been running hard trying to lead laps and trying to be there within. I love when we get the Daytona because the biggest story in Nascar media is the Toyotas outnumbered and guess what happens the Toyota finished in the top four of the Daytona five hundred for every years like drafting partners. I believe in the Toyotas question about that. I'm I'm excited about being number one five. That's not very many and that means that our attention to detail and all five of us. Hopefully we'll get more attention than having twenty that Chevy Ford has even on the Xfinity side. How much do does that alliance that manufacturer alliance come into your head? Ed I mean when it gets down to crunch time like you've got a chevy here in a Toyota here like how much are you really thinking. I better go with the Toyota. Well that's so funny. I mean I guess it was applied a little bit more on the truck side because there were more toyotas but the last two years on the xfinity side. The Toyota competitor base has basically been Joe. Gibbs racing's three plus maybe one other backmarker so i. We haven't had any teammates support outside of our company. Where in an upside? The only thing I'm going to have is Joe Gibbs racing teammate's now so I think actually the ninety six might run a couple races or something like that obviously I'm going to gravitate towards pushing. Jr car or a fellow Toyota. But most of the time. We don't have that opportunity because there's only five of us or Xfinity side four of us out there you're going to be thinking about what's going to benefit me in the long run basically. So you're going to go with. WHO's nicest driver insurance? And that's kind of what I was alluding to is that like you know from an outsider's perspective think well it's obvious. He should go with the Toyota but the Toyotas in the outside lane and the outside lane going backwards. And you've got a chance to go to the inside line with the Chevy. It's hard it's harder to make. Yeah and a lot of. That's timing too right so there's so much shuffling on speedway racing that sometimes you're just better to ride it out and stay with your group of guys and and that's kind of where I've found my niche or whatever but I I've finished fairly well on the Races last year and and I just WanNa go with the flow. I don't make crazier attic moves. I always try and just stay in line line and try and find the most the calmest group of cars to be around you have been on live at Daytona haven't you. I have instructed her. It didn't hurt as bad as New Zealand Day. Really Yeah two hundred mile an hour you have a you have so much more. The mass and steel and aluminum around you to to absorb all the energy impacts so the it didn't hurt near as bad flipping flipping at Daytona as it does flipping it openly car. Whenever I started flipping you're on the left side of the car? So every flip it was just like a hours literally getting tossed around so I didn't get that feeling an Opel car total of eight NASCAR drivers involved in this year's Chili Bowl nationals. Jj gaily Kyle Larson Chase Briscoe Ryan. Ryan Newman Justin Ricky. stenhouse junior Alex Bowman and the aforementioned Christopher Bell will go at it in Tulsa progressive presents inspiration to help you do insurance stuff timeout. 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Here's a piece of the popular podcast series. Jeff Gordon the colorful career of the Rainbow Warrior. Next I this is NASCAR. Live on the motor racing network. The Voice of Nascar. Here's a special message for those of you who owe the irs at least ten thousand or more in back taxes the IRS has special programs in place that could eliminate or reduce your tax debt by thousands of dollars call the federal tax management helpline. That has been set up for you. Eight hundred two four. To seventeen zero six six stop the wage garnishments levies and tax liens. Now once you've qualified and enrolled the IRS will stop all the collection activities against you. These unique programs have been allocated catered to help the economy and significantly reduce or eliminate your tax burden the IRS is currently accepting reduced settlements and other favorable programs. You may qualify off for substantial savings so get the help you need if you owe more than ten thousand in taxes call for free information and to see if you qualify. Take down the number now for the federal tax management hotline. Eight hundred two four to seventeen zero six. That's eight hundred two four to seventeen zero six eight hundred two four two use seventeen zero six time now. For the wheeling pit crew member of the week rear tire changer. For the wood brothers Wayne Oval says is getting a job on pit road is competitive now more than ever. At that time the big school was to go to was the five all five on picker. You program in Mooresville so just by They were going through this program because they that was the big thing to get on the road on both the program and it was very easy to easier to get in the sport back then than it. It is now And just by getting out and know people on the weekends hanging out at different local spots they would get interviews and get picky trials and they they got you no great job making good money pit crew and so I said man. I was working at a dealership at that. Tom and I hated the dealership and I told my boss. Hey I want to pursue this happen going to be a BIG NASCAR fan. So he said man just fought in fuck out whenever you need to and Go and practice and do what you need to do on the road in the air and around the world. We'll in his trusted to be seen trusted to be heard and trusted to perform now back to your host. Mike vaguely walk back NASCAR live. We've released three new podcast. Odd passed in two thousand nineteen. You can hear them on Emma Dot Com. And where ever you get your favorite podcast one of those involved Jeff Gordon and that podcast cast name is Jeff Gordon. The colorful career of the Rainbow Warrior voiced by Brian. Nelson in those podcasts. You hear about Jeff. Gordon's rise to stardom from his own perspective effective including others like Ray ever Hamrick Hendrik and his stepfather. Jon Gruden more still single file. One last chance for Gordon Holds Low Lewa Four. Here's earnhardt on the Apron. Gordon move slow to block. They come to the trial will. EARNHARDT will not be able to do anything with them. Jeff Gordon wins the Daytona five hundred for a second time. I before I go any further. I like to recognize the man who never never let up on his efforts to win his eighth championship. Dale earnhardt is a true competitor. And a great champion and at this time I would like to offer a toast to the man. Dale great effort man. There's some milk going inside. He makes contact gets rusty about the growth goes by it goes into the lane. Here comes Gordon down to the checkered flag. And Jeff Gordon is GonNa win the Food City five hundred on myself. His tired rates this with him. I mean everywhere I turn. He was in my way are passing folly was just getting under my skin but he was a big rival with me. No doubt about that I. I was tired of raped and then look at Pie. Nine two thousand ten or was we get later into the tar run our success. I think people concede there definitely was a change in relationship and it was really because of competition and Jeff and I had some talks about look. This isn't this isn't an easy situation for either of us and and I knew then and still still say so. Today was even harder for him But we kind of at one point along the way said. Hey look you know this this. This is racing. It's GonNa be what it is when we're done racing and hangar helmets up everything's GonNa be just fine but for now we've got a got a separate with certain degree and and then just racing worry about ourself Jeff Gordon the last lap charge by Jeff. Burton wins the mountain. I do southern five hundred and Jeff Gordon win so winston million this little little plastic pedal-car that was there to pick that thing up and brought it home. And just I remember going down this hill as fast as I could in that big group of reporters and you seem an earnhardt over here. So who were they followed and it was jack compelling like wow five started go toe to toe smart you know we're leading whoop Non Points Right. We're we're having to go toe to toe with the champion. And I think some of the sanctions started to come up then then with earnhardt and now the earnhardt Fan who are fancied like half the crowds gone right so you might have twenty five percent because rusty and mark and everybody else got dressed but earnhardt had half crown and when you get that half against you can get pretty loud Jeff. Gordon begins to receive the ovation ovation for the turn. Four grandstands as he slips off the corner and heads down the short straight away back to the checkered flag the Daytona five hundred relations Daytona five hundred the winner. Mr Here is this. Is this happening this doctor after his four championship that was when he was mature. He's he had grown up a lot for ray left he had to become the leader. They really and he wanted that he wanted to be a rivalry. was definitely there. And what complicated located it was a friendship. I think it would have been easier for both of us and certainly zero for him. If we didn't have a friendship the real wanted me to sit up in my wedding. We look at the Jeff Gordon Children's Hospital and I know that the kids go with him especially at the holidays and a lot of the charity work if he does and you know just bring say huge store surprise then able to go through all of this and be himself. He's been able to give back. Jeff is kate in the commute career if he is and he has changed many many lives parents and children live with all all right so the question remains. Am I going to miss it. There's no doubt There have been some incredible able moments and experiences that will be impossible to duplicate in the next chapter in my life. I think there was a little concerned and I over how Jeff and Darryl would get get along you know anytime you have multiple champions with multiple wins at every track. We go to and records that each drivers set. There's opportunity for conflict. Dwi been a great supporter of mine. We text one another back and forth long before this partnership with Fox ever ever came about and you know all I can say is just a respect now I got a chance to race with him and and you still see him be very competitive on the track as well as what kind of a person he was as an spokesperson for the sport. You have to learn by doing. There's really no way to prepare for that But we knew that that Jeff had the information and a way to explain it that was interesting. Resting he breaks said to me. Are you coming to Indianapolis and I said Yeah. I'm coming on Saturday he goes. We better bring your uniform and I said what are you talking talking about. He said he started telling me about what was going on. I say you're messing with me. I know you're messing me and you know. I knew right away the seriousness. After that. He wasn't joking that it was serious. Jeff Gordon the colorful career. The Rainbow Warrior available on M. R. N. DOT COM and wherever. You download your favorite podcasts. Coming up corey. Joy has a great show of his own on them R. N. DOT COM. It's called Sunday money. We'll hear from him and his friend. Joey Logano Hey. There is hall of fame driver Rusty Wallace for blue EMU after spending nearly a quarter of a century and a race car. I know what it means. Banged up and bruised up spent. That's why reach for blue. EMU product support my muscles and joints blue EMU is known for Quality and innovation and blue the EMU is one of the few muscle and joint brands one hundred percent owned distributed and manufactured than USA for Hall of fame relief reach for blue EMU. Works fast and you won't stink. The nineteen Ninety-three Cup series season had more than its fair share of twists and turns checkered flags waving a look in my mirror and here of Earnhardt earnhardt right on my tail and he goes down low the past week and I said Oh no. You don't swallow spent on your stories that you've never heard before in the ten in part series called the nineteen ninety three season and baby was behind me and came off corner. And there's a gas in Laurie spare. You can download it for free on. I tunes ended. Mri Dot Com right now. Corey joy and Joey Logano on the Sunday. Bunny podcasts. 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Take down the number now for the federal tax management hotline. Eight hundred two four to seventeen zero six eight hundred two four to seventeen zero six. This is Nascar or live now back to Mike Bagley. Thanks for for hanging out with us on this reach NASCAR live. It was announced before the holidays on his popular Sunday money. PODCAST ON THEM ARE IN DOT com. That Corey Lee joy would be returning to drive in in the cup series with go fast. Racing's number thirty two car all of us here at our proud to announce that the podcast will continue in two thousand twenty throughout the year. Corey interviewed reviewed friends such as Joey Logano. Here's a clip of that. I want to introduce the twenty eighteen Winston Cup champion. Joseph Thomas Lugano's Co host with us today is not a guest. He's a Co host because our dear friend Lorne Fox's probably in labor as we speak so thoughts and prayers those guys and we're going to take this ship and sailed down the river today. Two things I like the called him. Joe Joe Lugano. What do people call you Joe? I feel like some point. I got a switch to Joe. I don't know I feel like Joey is A. I don't know I like as you get older. Your Joe go like I was like. Oh I think it just depends on where you're hairlines at gets to appoint usually I just gotta go with the Joe Job. The wiring here line goes back hope. And hopefully that'll be a little bit but I still can't grow beard like Corey also. There's not as many boos as Cobb Bush but you get probably the second Madison Boos at the at the race track. What's your opinion on that? They're making noise. Yeah Hey the year. I missed the playoffs. They didn't make any noise and that that was not fun. That's the fact that they weren't making any noise effective in the playoffs. And nobody really cares right so I mean earnhardt said it years ago right as long as they're making noise and it's true you know and and you know I guess I I said in my speech after in the banquet I just love that. Are Fans have passion right. In the fact that they're they're screaming Yeah or Nay there yelling. And they have passion for their driver or who they don't like that's what drives our sport. That's the most important piece of it. Is that our fans care. And so honestly when I go out there and they're booing or cheering. I'm happy either way. I'm just happy they're making noise for somebody or anybody and made eight a pick aside. That's okay you want them to be on your side. I never seen one of those vans. Walk Up to you and say anything but nice things they come right up with their marker they coming up with their style autographing a pager all the time now okay now when you leave Bristol after the race and they're all drunk and they're like standing right. They're on the fence. You've had people yell at you dude. I got the whole time and I was leaving there. You have plenty of people telling you how much you suck and you know a lot of not so nice things to give them a Darrell Wallace. No no it's it's I mean it's heckling. Tell people how long you and joey of known each other because maybe people don't know so when Joey moved up here to Charlotte from your living in Georgia Creek pilot moved up here when you're fifteen fourteen. Yeah so right about then. I felt bad for Joey because he had no friends so I was like. I'LL BE BEFRIEND NECE. Lanky Dufy Guy. He seems like a pretty Nice Guy. So actually I'll I'll say a story story. That's that's embarrassing for myself I. It's a racing story. Joey was racing. He was like Mr Allison legacy right. There was really three quarter scale. Smaller smaller late. Model young kids drive so joey is about a year and a half older than I am so he moved into an asa car an eye. Dad Struck struck a deal with Tom. Joey's dad let me test this out legacy car at Hickory driving probably layer or something at a time when we go to Hickory. Joey's guys. Asa Car right. And he's got he's got he's making thousands of laps or whatever and he's tall and asked him. I don't know what the Hell I'm doing still don't know what the Hell I'm doing. I didn't definitely didn't know what I was doing when I was probably thirteen. You're probably fourteen at this point in time. I think we weren't really hanging out. We weren't really friends. This really know each other that well you so we bonded over. It's destroying your house and legacy car so we got there right. We load this thing up. We'll get my seat in it and we stop putting around and and I'm starting to grow some balls right. I'm getting a little faster getting faster. And it starts to drizzle drizzle and drizzle and we pull in obviously and and one more run call. Good Day right. Good jobs He I know he didn't say good Johnson. So go back out there right and I'm getting and cruising around. Of course one more lap right out of turn four goes I lose it. SP- SAR CZAR spinning out. And I hit I hit right side. The two wheels perfectly imprinted pal right in the NASCAR says Hickory Nass America's Erica's home track boom to right side. Wheels destroyed the car front clip. I think that's still probably paying back your own Mantha that car so so yeah so that was that was really where I really I met. Obviously I knew him he was he was digging the man legends cars the man now so they can see cars and I got the chance to they still had the ten with all star on the side of legacy car jumped that damn thing so I was up there last week and a half ago I was doing a shoot for Wiley sunglasses classes and we had the Drift Cup car up there. I was drifting around. The risk. Sharing is really cool and Mike follies. There and cory's friends with him as well and I said I got the funniest story ever about this dragon. He told the same exact story. The funny part is where he hit. He hit the wall. We had our trailer Parks Free Korea. Nearly so like he hit like right where we were standing. It was like they were killed killed and the joy and Joey. Logano along with Cheryl Mon- on Sunday Monday podcast available on M. R. N. DOT COM. And and wherever you download your podcast and great news Sunday money is returning in twenty twenty coming up Nascar today. Middays Kyle Ricky with an off season update eight. Welcome back to sports view. Today's topic who deserves to win big this season my two cents good drivers that's why they're snapshot from progressive. Let's go to rick confusing metaphors. Look if you put a classically trained cellist in a garage band and you tell in the playful laming young. 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Call the federal tax ax management hotline. Now eight hundred two four to seventeen zero six eight hundred two four two seven zero six eight hundred two four to seventeen zero six. This is Nascar live now back to mike badly. Welcome back that scar live. It's been quite the busy offseason for some and others a bit of relaxation. Here's Nascar today. Middays Kyle Ricky with what's happening in the world of Nascar Mike with the holidays now behind this all focus okay now shifts to the start of the twenty twenty nascar season just over four weeks from now in Daytona and nearly every driver in the cup field feels is like this year will be their year but several of those drivers I have to learn. Why Twenty nine thousand nine hundred was not their season chip Ganassi racing driver? Kurt Busch says pit road was his team's weakness in something they need to work on. I've got a graph that shows. We lost one hundred and twenty spots on pit road. You can't do that. You gotta try to break. Even you're supposed to have a plus on pit road as far spots gained. And that's where you're going to see gibbs everybody on that at Eighteen nineteen eleven twenty. All those guys at Gibbs gained spots on pit road. We can't lose them. Any spots can sem four hundred motorsports. George driver William Byron Focus. Last year was to develop chemistry with his new crew. Chief Chad canals which included reviewing the teams in car communications. We had to figure out what things worked for us on the radio. So we we started to Kinda record every every week record the the race on the radio and figure out what things that we said back and forth that were productive and nonproductive think we got better at that. You're on and we just do. I think our team does does a good job of dissecting after the race looking at a bunch of different analytics to to really understand where we were good or where we weren't while Oh Byron has one full year with his crew chief Eric Merola will be adapting to a new crew chief this year with Mike Ravage a move that Stewart Haas racing zing. May that Al Merola field should elevate the entire organization for the same level. That is teammate. Kevin Harvick was at last year talking. About how do we make everybody in the organization better and quite honestly you know vive transparent how to make everybody Kinda step up to the level of that four team with inside our our four walls and they felt you know they felt like this would be a good move to shake things up between the fourteen and a ten team and You know create a new dynamic and see if that sparks some better performance. So I'm excited about it. I've already spoke with Yoga. And we're we're we're ready to hit the ground running and look forward to To building on the successes you know I've already had. Hr but just trying to be better. company-wide died while Al Merola will be paired with Mike Bug A. Ravage teammate Clin voyeur. Get Sal Moreau was old Fuji Thin. Johnny Loss Meyer in the sanctioning body is is learning from last year's aerodynamic package at seemed to get great results on the faster higher speed race tracks but not necessarily on the short tracks ax results. That didn't surprise denny. Hamlin I've said for ever like if you have drafting package it will only hurt shorter-range shorter-range checks where you don't draft. This is not new news. I don't know why like all of a sudden it's like can't believe this result happened like we knew the result. It's GonNa Happen. That's why we all lobbied for low downforce longtime ago. I definitely would agree. That has made half races. Better closer I don't know about the finishes. Some finishes been better but certainly you can't have a big wake on a short track if you want asking. We expected announcement from Nascar concerning the short-track rules package in the coming weeks for more off-season news and season previews from from all the top teams visit Marin Dot Com. Mike thank you kyle. We'll wrap things up celebrating fifty years of broadcasting on the motor racing network next next. Today's broadcast is brought to you by blue EMU. No chill no burn no odor blue EMU works fast and you won't stink. WHEELIN designs signs and manufacturers reliable and powerful warning lights white illumination lighting sirens controllers and high powered morning systems for automotive aviation and mass notification notification industries worldwide. Every part of every willin product is probably designed and manufactured in America and is tested on site to meet the toughest industry certifications advocation on the road in the air and around the world. Wheelin is trusted to be seen trusted to be heard. Trusted to perform victory. Junction was young race driver. Adam Petty's dream. He worked toward building a camp for children. A serious medical conditions to concentrate on fun and not growing or disease. When he died tragically his family and friends around? NASCAR made sure that dream came true today. Victory Junction is a camp that provides fun life changing experiences. The children dealing dealing with villages and disabilities all at no cost to the Campo help us serve more children by visiting Victory Junction Dot. ORG THIS IS NASCAR. Live now back to Mike Bagley about what Abo- on this week's edition of Nascar live. Thank you so much for twisting us in one the podcast we rolled out in two thousand nineteen involved us. The podcast was called emo presents fifty years. The Voice of Nascar voiced by our very very own Fred Armstrong. There were nine episodes celebrating the inception and existence of the motor racing network. We saw visions nations of making it more than just a A local run broadcast in So bill did give the go ahead and and it started already from their motor racing network presents the twelfth annual Daytona five hundred miles master at broadcasting no question about put and he had had done it for long having radio in various ways and of course public address system Like Barney that helped helped lot Barney Hall was the voice you most wanted to hear on Sunday afternoon. It was comforting. It was level headed occasionally. There'd be a joker or two but mostly it was matter of fact and really laid out not just what was happening but a great sense of why why and who the personalities in the sport were Barney is a legend You know there's there's his voice is so distinct and you know he's a soap. nope witty and and knowledgeable and just fun to listen to. You know when you think of the people on this broadcast team each person is so unique whether we're talking about the bag man or the postman or moody or Winston Alex Everybody has their own unique personality analogy And it's I think that's one reason why mix it so fun to be around them because you just never know what is going to happen next. Betty goes back. Good Friday Boltzmann there in the wall pennies sliding slamming in Bohol. He's coming down toward the finish line. Willie making peace fill. The car stopped three hundred. Four hundred big shy of the Finish Line Pearson is Phil Rod in. You're getting this picture. Like Oh my God. Are they going to make it to the finish line. They're not gonNA make and my number one is an IT seventy six daytona five hundred just the impact that that race at the great finish that it was. And that's just a notch ahead of a seventy nine. They toned five hundred but the call that can wear head at the end of that broadcast in the way that he described him. AM sliding slamming coming across the land and then describing how Richard's car wooden restart in describing How the L.? David was able to get his car and he said in the winter is going to be car number. Twenty one I mean. I'll never forget that Tony Stewart would constantly. Because he got it he knew we were life live. He knew there was nothing world we can do about it because we were alive he would walk up to you and turn your radio on your belt a different channel without you knowing it so so you think something went totally wrong with your while. You're in the middle of talking. So you stop talking it throws the broadcast out of whack. and He'd start laughing and you reach now because you knew he did something I think. The strength strength of the motor racing network is emotion. I think it's excitement. And when you translate your enthusiasm to listening fan. I think that's the secret to success because the fan wants to get excited to there are a representation to the Stars and Stripes everywhere. You look around this race track on top of the scoreboard a huge sinuses. Hi This is God bless America and as mentioned before everybody here has their all American flag. Give it to them as it came in here this afternoon. And they've been waving them all morning and probably will all all day today. This was a first race back from nine. Eleven I've never been a part of anything so patriotic in all my life. I mean we had over six hundred celebrations a memorial they weekend we've had fourth of July celebrations at Daytona. But in my opinion nothing eclipses the show of patriotism and unity of country that we had when we came back racing at Dover Nail Junior won that race that day he stood for something by being associated with the quality of the broadcast of the work by being associated with that. I stood for some why by doing that work and being part of that team my opportunities auditees to do these other things. Television shows the commercials and the speaking gigs. And all these other gut that by being involved with the quality quality of the broadcast that was that's Mr in presents fifty years the voice of Nascar available to download on all podcast cast platforms and of course that Marin dot com. That'll do it for this week's NASCAR live. We'd like to thank Christopher Bell Formula Join Joey Logano and for the rest of the orange crew. I Mike Thank you so much for joining us. And we'll chat with you right here again. Next week on NASCAR live until so long everybody. NASCAR live is a production of the motor racing network with studios in Concord North Carolina and was brought to you by Waylon on the road in the air and around the world. We'll and his trusted to be seen trusted to. I heard entrusted to perform and by blue EMU. Louis News family of products supports healthy muscles and joints is family owned and made here in America. It works bask at. You won't stay. Today's broadcast was produced. By Alexa. Henry in Tyler Burnett and rich culprit the executive producer for M. R. N. is Ryan Horn. Remember to visit of Marin Dot com for all the latest news and Information Basque. Our live was produced under an exclusive license with NASCAR. Any use of the accounts or descriptions contained in this broadcast must be with the express written permission of Nascar and the motor racing network.

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