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AP Headline News Nov 16 2018 11:00 (EST)


Luzi is Ron Don from my is about it. Ooh. Body fun. Somebody. Alexa, play hits from Queen. Okay. Amazon music voices. All you need get tens of millions of songs. Download the Amazon music app today. A radio news. Good morning. I'm Donahue, a federal judge in Washington ordered the Trump administration to immediately return CNN reporter, Jim Acosta's Whitehouse credentials. I wanna thank all of my colleagues in the press who supported us this week. And I wanna thank the judge for the decision. He made today and it's back to work. President Trump did not like a Costa's questioning last week at the White House e n n should be ashamed of itself. Having you work in for them. You are a rude. Terrible person. You shouldn't be working for CNN more from the AP saga megani? White House pulled a cost a secret service issued badge last week after a combative presidential news conference CNN sued and asked the judge for a temporary restraining order returning the badge while the suit went forward district. Judge Timothy Kelly a Trump appointee has granted the order. President Trump is described CNN is fake news both on Twitter. And in public comments, crews are making progress on the man. Wildfire in northern California. The most current acreage of one hundred and forty-one thousand acres showing forty percent contained the number of dead is up to at least sixty three the number of missing is up to at least six hundred thirty one but Butte county sheriff Corey Hania says they don't think six hundred thirty one or missing and presumed dead, but you to stand that there are a lot of people displaced, and we're finding a lot of people don't know that we're looking for them. And that is why we're publishing this list. The sheriff says the chaos dealing with is extrordinary education secretary Betsy DeVos proposed a major overhaul to the way colleges and universities handle complaints of sexual misconduct. Adding protections for students accused of salt and harassment, and narrowing the types of cases schools would be required to domesticate. The Justice department advertently named Julian Assange and a court filing in an unrelated case suggesting prosecutors have prepared charges against the WikiLeaks founder, this is AP radio news. A new study suggests excessive use of social media in particular, posting selfie photos can cause increase narcissism those who you social media excessively through picture. Posting selfies displayed an average twenty five percent increase in narcissistic traits. Helena hammer is a German tourist visiting Rome. Just want to. Perfect in all situations of our lives. And I think that the always see the Jose look like we can always compare as she was taking a selfie. Researchers said those who primarily use social media for Tex post like on Twitter didn't show our cystic affects a luxury hotel opening outside Shanghai is offering guest with deep pockets the chance for a very deep sleep. The eighteen story hotel was built on the side of a huge hole in the ground left. By a former pit mine. Sixteen of the floors are below ground. Ed Donahue, AP radio. News is Ron from my eyes. For my body lose some jed. Oh. Alexa, play hits from Queen. Okay. With Amazon music of voices. All you need get tens of millions of songs. Download the Amazon music app today.

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