Local Hour: One Last Dance


Bedale podcast is brought to you by the new Capital One saver card or four percent cashback on dining entertainment, two percent at grocery stores one percents on all purchases. What's in your wallet? This is in all likelihood the final home game of Dwayne Wade's career. Yeah. Because it's not the greatest situation. I'm sure they went into the season hoping that Wayne Wade wouldn't be their best player. Yeah. At his age entering his final season. But it's also testament to how great Dwayne Wade is Greg Cody is in here on a Greg Cody Tuesday, he's on time. So for that. We thank you. And we'll give you and your article some love tell the people what you wrote in the herald, Greg, Cody. Well, let's go day in Miami. As we say, farewell Dwayne and I wrote a tribute com. Unabashedly sentimental in in praise of Dwayne and in. Thanks, and I know Dan did too. Because he's he's worth everything we're going to show him tonight with the career. He's had H. And what a way he's gone out sixteen games in a row scoring in double figures off the bench. He's led the team in scoring fourteen times this season if he's not really high in the six man of the year voting it'll be a crime. He's just a really gone out with at a top level. You know, he's his tanks not empty. He. He's going out on his terms, and and he's really sticking the landing on a fabulous career. How are you guys handling today? How did you feel when you woke up today? It's really washed over me in a big way. Roy did you feel any sort of a motion. I know that's a usually a bit of an upset when it comes to ROY Bellamy. No, no at all. No, not the slightest bit done your decked out. You're wearing. Jersey doing this for the camera. You you got a number three hat, you feel nothing. I feel nothing go to the game. I'm going to work. I had to cover the game yours. You talking about the question to credential because you wanted to go I requested a credential could make some money. Why don't you give us anything? Just just you won't call Claire, and he sort of nicknames. I know you're lying. You have to call her sweetheart. It's impossible for you to only call her Clare. It stuck all these since you did that segment there is no way. You're just fibbing. You woke up. It was a special occasion you put on that number three hat, and you're like damn this is the last time I'm going to get to see the greatest athlete in south Florida sports history. Play for his team at home. No I woke up, and I thought to myself at is sleep too. Well, there's I was stuck watching it national championship game last night. I slept on the couch. Because it was a boring game like to go to sleep. Why did you finish watching it? You're gonna break it down break it down for us. I got nothing for you. Because I slept at halftime. Okay. I bet Twitter ROY has motions about this. Just you know in person ROY is the one that won't let us see anything. I mean. That's right Twitter. Roy felt more for Kyle Korver yesterday than Dwayne Wade. So this is you'd need to tap in the something because if any athlete can move you at all it's gotta be this one no emotion pass to be this night. I mean, I like you're sticking with the character. I'm not sticking with a character. This is me. Okay. How about at seven o'clock in let me tell you something south, Florida. If you're acids are not in those seats at seven o'clock, embarrass me your band, you are straight up band, Greg. Tell them, oh, you know. But the Miami doesn't do on time. The arena will be half empty at seven. And we all know it, and it's just the way of life. Is it going to be you don't think we're not going to step up one time? Time. There'll be a lot of empty seats at seven people are just too condition to to show up fashionably late. I mean, they should have known better. Maybe maybe this is actually starting at seven thirty because my whole theory is you should've told Miami that this is happening at six thirty. That's what I did with my wedding invitation. You know, anytime you throw a party in south Florida. You always gotta tell them like an hour before because people show fashionably late. My theory is at this doesn't actually start at seven. They should've said there's thirty because the game is starting at seven thirty. No, they should have said this thing is starting at six thirty and not started till seven. I I think something's in the works. I I think something because it's easier to go long like they've been running long with half times. It's easier to push back the sort of. It's not a nationally televised. Come on what you. Yeah. It's a shame on nationally televised. It's it's a damn shame greatest athlete in south Florida. Sports history. Your asses better be in those seats to honor him. It's the least you could do. It's the least you could do. Feels forced to me. Yeah. No. I'm forcing you to do know everybody waking up saying, oh my God. I'm going to be soul motion today. It seems like everybody's trying to talk themselves into it. What you haven't gone on Instagram and seeing all the photos? I that's a that's another thing. Today's just going to be about. Oh my God. I guess how many Dwayne Wade shirts. Oh my God. I owned four Dwayne Wade jerseys. Oh, look, here's a picture of me at a heat game. I was Dwayne Wade about everybody else. I was with you all seas. Well, it is about us. It is about. I think it is about the fans though, this tonight is also about the fans like we grew up with weight. I think this is just as much for us. It is for him. I mean, he's had all season. This is our chance to go to the arena and show him love like one more time. And I'm with you all season. I haven't been feeling it. But these last this last week these last two games it I've gotten like it's made me sad. I proposed in the column I wrote that that Wayne should start tonight. He hasn't started all season, and he should start tonight. Just so that his name can be called last and we can hear that introduction. One more time. I don't know if they're going to do it. But I think it would be a nice touch to an evening. It's gonna be full of nice stuff. Why wouldn't they the game? Doesn't mean anything. Who cares? I mean, they can give them the introduction and still not start. Also, are we going to see this Kobe game? Are we getting that tonight man Duane been playing within the flow the offense, especially if he if he starts there's a chance that he probably takes just a bunch of shots and tries to Kobe. How many points in Kobe have in his final game six? You went for six. He's going to get there. Like, it would be no it's going to be in his way. The over the dead body. If he does that body if he does that we have to be mentally prepared for the game where he goes, you know, four for twenty eight. Yeah. I mean, he he's it could happen that way. I'd rather play within the flow the offense. But you know, what? Tonight with tonight's on tonight night for efficiency for all intents and purposes, they are out of the playoff chase. It's going to be Detroit's playing two teams that are tanking in Memphis in York that race is over. But Dwayne will have a moment or two tonight in the game. Maybe maybe it will be a a monster dunk. Maybe it will be either end of Anneli you pass. Maybe it'll be a euro step where some defenders faked out of his shoes there will be a moment. Where Dwayne is the old Wayne? Okay. You can you sound like you're giving the motion. Well, I I will be emotional tonight. You know, this guy he's mental ought to this community. And you know, he's been a real important. Guy that I've covered in you know, other than Dan Marino. I don't think respected any athlete more. And and and I put Wayne above Dan Marino. I think Dwayne is is the the goat of Miami sports criticize his wine once and he got Mattia that that's one of the few dissonant notes. We've had. Yes. You know, what I wanna see more than bringing that up by the way, you know, what I wanna see more than anything today during way. Do I want to see him get somebody to bite on a pump fake? Yeah. I actually the Miami Heat did something cool. I guess it went through the tape because I didn't know that. This was a sad that people I think this was a project that they worked on all year. They actually tabulated all the times he's gotten somebody to bite on his pump fake, which is one of the better moves in NBA history. Five hundred eighty total pump fakes and he's gotten eleven hundred sixteen free throws out of it. Fifty eight and one's in his career ninety games with to pump fake. Aches. And did you see the murderers row of people that bid on at twice in one game, it semi in the beginning of it is Mike Dunleavy and Luke Walton CEO cow. Okay. But Shane Batty as on this, which I'm sure and the person that's been on the on the pump fake the most John salmon's. How about that? So that's what I wanna see. I won't. I also wanna see the fake to the left spin around to the right contested, mid range jumper. He's a it's a throwback. Saw Chris Whittingham on Twitter pointed this out like he's his game. His career has been built on that mid range jumper, and that's a loss. Our art form in today's NBA. So what you're seeing right now, and he's still killing that mid range game, which you're seeing right now is a throwback essentially on. I'm not really sure we'll see someone sort of build their game around the mid range game quite liked Wayne. Wade maybe an MBA history considering how the games change. I feel so bad for the person that had to look up all those pump fakes as a person that if we came up with that task would probably have had to look all that up. I feel for that person. I didn't know they even kept a static. Don't. Hopefully a team of people watching every game he ever did. You know, Dwayne is remarkable in many ways one of them is that he has really gone out. So well, you know, he he's gone out on such a high level, and he's aged gracefully which a lot of athletes. Don't and he's still got so much in his arsenal. He finds you know that step back fadeaway shot. He's got I mean, there's so many ways he can still be effective at age thirty seven and it it's too bad for the team. But such a tribute to him to actually say that he's the best player on the heat as he goes on a lot of people were sort of throwing dirt on him as recent to is like eight years ago, honestly with the knee injuries standing up in the way the game was evolving. Say no, this guy's just going to prematurely age, and as the seasons with the big three were really long, and you could see how bad his knees were you were thinking to yourself. Okay. Well, yeah. I ll LeBron's leaving make sense because Dwayne Wade's bodies broken. And here he is at this age looking at about as healthy as he has over the better part of a decade. Yeah. An aging gracefully in a way that many just didn't predict and we all remember when his minutes were managed for health reasons. And all and yeah, he's going out with his health intact. I think he feels as good as he ever has. You know, he's he's on record as saying I could play two more years in this role. You know, so he's not being forced out. He he's not going out because his body is telling him to he's just picked the time and gone out on his terms, and and I credit them for it. Where does he rank in terms of his generation, obviously, the bronze one is like the week? Like, how does this work? Does Durant fall into his generates Durant falls in his generation and sub because Kobe sort of bleeds into two generations. So even when Kobe was winning two titles San shack. I think a lot of people would rank Kobe right ahead of Dwayne so hot five easy. Dirks in there. I I would put weight over Dirk. Yeah. I would put weight over Dirk a guy. That's always sort of overlooked is Steve Nash, one of the greatest if not the greatest point guard of all time. He's certainly in that debate. Yeah. One of the greatest shooters of all time, but Wade's better than Seve Nash. I would say I would I would co maybe we'll Braun Kobe. Durant? And wait is how most people would sort of see it. I think that's reasonable. I I laughed out loud at the Paul Pierce nonsense. Let me hear what it sound like. When I left. You gotta be kidding me Pierce. You look at you laugh like that. And not coughing. I'm officially where my call. Oh. I want to declare wanna make an announcement door closes and one open officially over my call. Congratulations. Thank you for nine months out. Now Roy's overcome with emotion is. Well when the Panthers hired a great coach. I'm sure he wept openly at. There's a little fist pump though. All right. There you go. Did you write a column that that's this is the biggest higher in panther history? I I wrote that it's the most accomplished coach that a local pro teams hired since Pat Riley in nineteen ninety five and that's on a critical had you heard of him before yesterday. I'd heard of them in fact when when Chicago fired him early this season. I did look up the stance because I knew Chicago at one three Stanley Cups this decade. And I'm like did they just fire a guy who's won three Stanley Cups this decade? And sure enough they did. And and the minute they Chicago fired him the Panthers sitting coach Bob Brunner was on the clock fighting for his job because this is such a perfect pairing this guy in Dale Tallon in Florida so weird way to end the first segment Dwayne Wade's last home game. Yeah. Dwayne approves of this hiring to with a pin here. Bring bring packing. Stugatz. God's here. Spring is finally here. And you know, what that means the first tool to spring from? One eight hundred flowers dot com or in gorgeous, seasonal bloom. These vibrant tulips come in a variety of dazzling colors and are arriving just in time to bring in the new season. 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Eighteen minutes to click on the banner ad entitled, you won't believe what these child stars look like now, Vida satisfied and kind of sad about how the child stars look. And now your computer is plagued by incessant pop up ads on this can't be to add insult to injury. You could've used those fifteen click bait minutes to switch your motorcycle insurance to gyco. Geigo fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on motorcycle insurance. Donlevatar? Texter writes in talk some puck. Stugatz puck you. This is a show with the stugatz on the ticket. Jonathan says low is fired up right now texting me. And when Greg Cody had that take about Joel Quenneville is a Joel Quenneville, Joel. Yeah. That's what I said, Joel Quenneville. He you said that he's the most accomplished play head coach that this market has hired since Pat Riley and za`z techs what I was thinking at the time was what about Jimmy Johnson. Because Jimmy Johnson one was he hired by the Miami Dolphins. It was post Pat Riley. I think it was sorta right around that time. That's a good question. It was right around that time. But I don't know exactly when but Jimmy Johnson had two Super Bowl championships. He had a national championship with the university of Miami. I'm going to stick with Quenneville for this reason. And and I know that outside of hockey Quenneville is by no means a household name, but three Stanley Cup championships and the second winningest coach of all time in the NHL behind only. Scotty Bowman that Trump's for me what Jimmy Johnson Jimmy Johnson was hired in nineteen ninety six and at that time. I remember one of the when I was a little kid. I remember Miami Herald front page that had. You know, my Miami being like coaching central. They had Leland. They had Pat Riley. Yeah, they had Jimmy Johnson. And they had McLean. Don't forget. Jennings. No, I'm gonna stick. With Quinn Ville, I'm gonna stick to my guns on this aisle. Jimmy Johnson is is certainly arguable. And I wish I had tosses the who gets credit for this Jimmy Johnson point because zaslov texted in thinking thought. Knows as has text. It was like we should probably address this because I'm sure there were few people yelling at their at their radios before we get back into twain. Wait guys DJ Wakefield contest has been cold in the official winner the shipping. Container. Beer flight challenge is me. Wow. What so honored? I'm so honored a remarkable three hundred beer comeback in twenty four hours. So grateful for all the fans and support blueberries will be canned. I am honored. I finished less. Chris, Cody, congratulations, I finished last. But I was within striking distance of third. I might add it was a late surge from blueberries, but second place ROY third place in a tight contest. Billy. So your can your. People. I want to thank I wanna thank all the people at Jay Wakefield. I wanna thank you you three in here for pushing me to make a better beer. Okay. I didn't put all my effort into a last year. But after seeing you guys I just said, you know, what this year, I'm turning it. And I welcome for making my dad. Remember loving beer. You didn't love beer the way. You did. I don't think I could have won this though. I just want to thank my wife my beautiful baby. Grace linton. I love you so much. I'm so happy. I'm just I'm overwhelmed. Thank you so much. This is great looking suitable. All right. So that can that will be can ginger, yum, yum. And we'll give you details on when that is your fissure going to be on the can I don't know there won't be like miss kind of sort of part of them. Now. All right, folks. Come on we want to see Dwayne Wade put up sixty shots. Let's do that. I think I'm in on this idea. I want to Wayne way, the hang from the rim. Again. I want weighed at to pump fake somebody and get an an one. I want Wayne. Wade the hang on the rim like after he throws down Euch nasty. I want Wayne way to run on top of the scores table and say this is my house after his first bucket like meeting help to get up there. I'm kidding. He doesn't need help. Become don't be. So don't do that. Who's going to be the just because he was going to be the big we're going to see him. Be like ooh came. Well, LeBron has been shut down for the season. But I will say that what what I mean. The gutter LeBron has been shut down for the season. The Lakers do have a game today. Lebron who's who didn't come to Chris Bosh Lakers last game of the season. Yeah. It's at home. Yeah. Have to be there. Lebron here. He's like the last one I want. He didn't think the reaction would be LeBron if he showed that would be to look at me let we have his night. I think as far more likely that there will be a video message from LeBron than than him showing up. I wonder how that will be receivable building that'll be cool to experience. There's a video there has to be some sort of they'll be angry. Lebron put over twin? Wade Ron was a mercenary who came down here. And he did the same to you that he did to the team before him. Dwayne Wade was your guy. And then he did it to you know, we did it to Wayne we did it to Billy. I don't. Look real talk talk before the show. I said, you know, what I'm not going to be on the parade today. I don't wanna do it. Have the day. Instead. Want twain weight and everybody here to have the day. There was talk about me doing an anti montage for Dwayne Wade. And I said I don't like let's let him have his day today. I don't need to play the clip of him saying you always wanted to be in Chicago. We don't need that today. That's not something that is today is about let him have his day. But honestly, this LeBron how you be mad at LeBron. But not matted twain, look, you got LeBron the exact same way he left you the exact same way. And he had no loyal to this to this place for any reason. There was no reason for LeBron to be loyal to the city went Dwayne Wade was the okay, he read your homegrown guy. They drafted and then he left you. If anyone you should be more mad at him than you are liberal. But we're not like you're speaking on the way, we felt when he left we're not that mad at LeBron more. We're just saying if he made a video tribute it might be received a little fifty fifty nobody hates LeBron. I mean, maybe there are a few people most fans are over at. They're not as hard as they were. And that's it. And honestly, I think history will look back on it saying, Pat Riley's one that screwed that up with Wayne way. Because I mean, Dwayne left for more money. The Miami Heat were offering LeBron what was the most money because they had his rights and LeBron left, and it was actually the right move for LeBron and it turned his career rounding went from villain to hero by winning Cleveland that championship, but the wing was district felt disrespected by the offer he got from the Miami Heat. And he got a bigger offer from Chicago. Right. You can't ignore Pat Riley's hand in that. He was the one who was consistently upset understandably that he was the one being asked to take all the discounts. It's why he left it's why Dirk Nowitzki is still in Dallas because he kept taking all of the discounts. And at the end Wade knew there was not a lot of time left on that body. And he's like, no pay me. Now, you understand why that broke apart? Yeah. Wade's career long sacrifice of money. And ego is one of the remarkable things about his time here. Mike, you'll find funny. Chris bosh? This is funny. Okay. Because you remember when Chris Bosh got here. He was talking about very very soon. Very fast. He was profound by saying look, you don't know the sacrifices you're making until you're making them yesterday. When Bosch was roaming around here. He said something that I'd forgotten about which is you know, I was supposed to be the leading score on that team. Like people thought that my game fit with them. I figured out in like a few games. Oh, no. They weren't going to be passing to me. He thought he was coming down here to be the leading score on that the lead don't thought, but think about it because his game fit with theirs, and we were thinking, oh, it's just going to be these mid range jumpers all the time whenever he wants to mid-range jumpers, actually if his game volved earlier than it actually did in south beach session. Chris Bosh made me laugh out loud. With like, how do you solve Hibbert? How do you solve Hibbert? We were going crazy. How do you solve Hibbard and back? Then Chris Bosh is game was still mid range and inside. And now, he's like in retrospect, man, I should've just shot a three all I had to do was shooting off three and ever would have been gone off from the series word of made like he makes tens of millions of dollars less in his career Hibberd is a non factor if Chris Bosh just takes a step back. It would have been interesting to see and the big three have a large hand in the games. Evolution the pace that the pace in space that they were playing with. But if they just recognize too. Chris Bosh at the five step in up to three a little bit more often earlier, man. Holy crap. Probably three titles. They would have been better. Yes. We were talking about Dwayne Wade's. You were here sitting silently, there's no way Dion waiters. Let's Dwayne Wade. Put up sixty shots today. Right. Those waiters leads Dwayne Wade start. Nope. I think you have to sit the waiters just to prevent him. Jed round body. There's no way the waiters thinks tonight is for him. Dion waiters is going to be like, where's my like might remember my shot against Golden State where the shirts for that? I mean, remember that. Ooh. Remember that sixteen game streak? Have you guys? Probed? Greg cody's inner jealousies about me, thundering out of retirement and putting my face in the paper today like this makes him crazy. Every time never told his don't do. So Dan asked me to tweet out the column right because he can't find it because he's he's million years old on and it will say this one was tough to find. But I put it out there. They now though, I it's out there on Twitter and its being very well received. How do you know that coincidentally areas about five minutes five minutes after I done? Let's get into this second coincidentally, five minutes after you tweet it out my column and pinned it to the profile and everything I got a request from Greg. Then I never get which is hey, can you tweet out my car, right? Yeah. And I said in the text you I said, I don't ask often. Thanks if you can. And I meant it off. You don't ask for that? Or as for Petula making as facts, we in fact, no one makes more asks around here than you do about anything by leaps and bounds. There is no close second place. Right. Well, it is true. That that I wished the show would would tweet out a link to everything I write because it's only about four things a week. But you know, that's not really your the amount. We tweet out which was everything I wrote. Okay. Wow. Okay. And see there is Chris. That's what it's like to forever disappoint your father right there. You try to please him you give him something and he wants more. Yeah. Because the show only tweets out. Maybe what one hundred tweets a week. But there was no she not adding four more. No hesitation, no hesitation. It's a great day to have all that content out there. It's twain way day it is it's goat day in Miami. Yeah. Are you sad? I'm sad. I'm sad. But not as sad as I'm going to be tomorrow. I think tomorrow when I'm like damn I'm never I'm legit never going to see him again yourself to be said to you. Why don't you just say tonight's going to be a fun night? And it'll be good because I don't think this whole I'm going to cry tonight. Tomorrow is gonna suck wind can make tonight fun. If twain goes off has a big moment or we see flashes of flash. Like we've seen many times a season. Hell if he has just a game that he had last game in Toronto where he was a times a best player on the court had a both teams. And that was a team that was featuring Kawai Leonard. I'm I'm going to be, you know, perma smile like that. I'm going to be so happy to see that. And by the way, tomorrow night is going to be tantamount to Dwayne Wade night over again, I think a lot of celebrities and athletes and everything going to show up for well. There's a lot of Miami people that usually when the he play in Brooklyn. They get a really strong crowd out there. Pro heat fans sound like a heat crowd because of the reaction. Wade gets in a few Miami friends that are going to that game and got and got tickets. Oh and Dwayne. We'll probably do the right thing and play that back end of a back to back for those people that are going to feel like you're totally. It'd be different. If this was a Marlins thing that was happening today. Like if they are bringing back Louis castio or Miguel Cabrera feel like even though those guys went to other teams, I feel like your tone would be a little different feel like you just have something something about Wade. I don't I I honestly like it's just everybody's coming in like, I'm going to be so sad. Why don't you just live tonight? And see how you react when you react. Like, you're building yourself up to be miserable or happier. Whatever just live your life. Man. Like, why do you need to prepare in advance? I'm going to cry tonight. Tomorrow is going to be terrible for me. See that's the thing though. There's no equivalent with the Marlins. There's no Dwayne Wade in Marlins history. You know, they call Jeff Conan, Mr. Marlin. He he doesn't carry Wade's duffel bag if in which isn't even a phrase, but I just thought pulled it out. But you know, what? I mean, there's no like woodland. There's Dan Marino chronologically. There's Dan Marino. There's Dwayne Wade. That's that's the end of the debate. There's nobody else and there's nobody on the horizon who's third. I mean, there's sports radio. It's such a goal. Find out who's third. Donlevatar Paula Famer, Tony Burrows peas in the show. Hall of Famer Andre Dawson does not stugatz. That is the news that I bring you. I'm a journalist disease lebatardshow with stugatz on the ticket. Wait who the hell is third. If we're doing sports figures, I think I can make a solid argument for Don Shula. But we all we all agree. First and second it's not even close is not a reconnaissance Jason Taylor now. Third third. It's a hall of Famer first ballot. If we're including coaches, my mount Rushmore is Wade Marino, Shula and Riley. But what if you're not including coach, then then JT definitely is is up there. But is he third who would go ahead of Jason Taylor? I think you put Jason Taylor. Zach Thomas together. They were literally family, right? Oh for doing combos. I mean third might be LeBron for years about how about third being LeBron. About that. Because Jason Taylor was beloved down here. Even though he played for the jets people seem to forget about that. And the Redskins. While he was traded there. But the he made the decision to go to the hated rival jets. But it's all brawn. Okay. It's not that hard as I thought it was run. I don't think. Oh, Mike because it's got it. Can't just be excellent. Gotta be excellence and emotional connection to a dude that endures long after he's done playing it. Yeah. Well, two titles blue. No, none of those number one. And he didn't even win one titles. I think in this conversation longevity does come. That's why Zach Thomas would be up there. Very very popular for a very long time. Lonzo morning. Oh that that's a better one than I think Jason Taylor. Honestly, that's just because you're a basketball kid you football. I know you didn't love the dolphins fan. When Jason Taylor was close to his peak because when the Browns moved to Baltimore, I wasn't going to support the raven. So the dolphins were my team that whole Jimmy Johnson era. I really liked that team. But no, I think Alonzo Mourning if you're doing coaches, I know you do Riley and Shula. But Jimmy Johnson is well, no because of the hurricanes, right? You have to add the hurricanes. Still the only guy who's coach both teams. Yeah. But it did end as a bit of a disappointment down here. Head coach both teams want. He was a part of that that hurricane staff, and honestly what a legend. Cody, did you ever get into did you ever confirmed in anyone ever confirmed? The Dave wants that at one point was offered a ten or twenty year deal to be the university of Miami coach wild. He was the dolphin coach. It was something that I saw reported at the time. But I was never able to confirm it from anybody. I don't think it's ever been confirmed. But you remember what I'm talking about? Right. I remember hearing the speculation about that. I don't remember who reported it. I just remember hearing it as rumors and stuff. How jealous was Greg? Cody, Chris, how jealous was your father this morning that my Wade column got out there minutes before his did? He was on Twitter yesterday telling everybody, my Wade column drops at six AM. I did six AM sharp. Right. Wade column. Trump's right. I wanted online before you're calling and I did I'm not even kidding. I had a conversation yesterday with two of the herald sportscenter. Unlike oh, lebatardshow embargoed until seven. Thirty you know, what? He takes this morning asked me to unpick in your tweet from the that is not the truth. It would have been a good idea. I didn't think of it. I didn't mean to steal your thunder. They asked me my Mike knows because I was trying to I was trying to pawn. This piece off on billion Mike wanted them to do a sports center piece about their relationship about how he taught certain people in this town how to be sports fans because to me were you startled where any of you startled. I know it's been a septic tank down here in sports for a long time. But we're any of you startled by the fact that the Marlins have had ten managers and no playoff appearances since Wade arrive the dolphins have had nine coaches including Nick Sabin, and no playoff wins. The the hurricanes. Haven't won even the cruddy ACC one time since Wade start it and the Panthers haven't won a playoff series either. ACC clemson's won two national titles. Florida state's one won three national titles. Cruddy ACC. This guy mental punch in the face. Yeah. The Panthers just hired their sixteenth coach in twenty five years. No, no stability. Now. The coastal though, where you buy where you guys surprised by that at all that the losing has been that much around this winter also they did win the ACC in basketball. I I was aware of that. And it's one of the many reasons why Dwayne Wade is special. Why he's so beloved because the franchise is the only winning team in town over a sustained period of time. It's pretty remarkable when their average when they're five hundred and fighting for the spotlight this season. It's monumental disappointment. Only because we expect so much. It is a monumental disappointment. The most expensive team in the sport missing the playoffs. And this twain way thing gives us a little bit of feel good. But he's right about the raised standard though. Mike because yeah playoff. I'm we're old enough to remember when Steve Smith and the heat making it to the hawks in the playoffs. It's something that mattered around here. Icke smith. Yeah. Oh, what a terrible nickname. That was a physical series to think there was a brawl. John CONCACAF was in the middle of it yet grand long by line. Grant Long was one of the scary. Miami Heat blessed with intimidating powered Fords. I mean PJ Brown Grant Long you UD hundred we handle this. You d thing too is I know tonight's all about Dwayne. But this is a little awkward coming back next season. Just because he wades gotten all this attention. He's like, I I get one of these. Well, you d hasn't said he's retiring, right? No on the contrary sort of leaking out. Although he did that thing on media day where he likes it on a hoop, and we all just assumed it was a retirement thing. He didn't say it's word, those explains Wapping jerseys with tonight is it going to be do you d I would self. The younger version of himself. They're going to have like a hologram. A hologram tonight. A cool moment will be if you checks into the game. I mean, I don't know how doing how air expulsion approaches this because they technically have to get it. So I don't know if he's like I'm gonna play you down as twenty five minutes, that'd be a little odd considering they need to technically. So when you guys sitting here doing pistons math are we doing pistons math because Orlando in Brooklyn now in your only hope is that in Charlotte beat us Detroit in Detroit the other day, your only hope is that the Troy loses the rest of it's games. Right. Yeah. Pistons a their form is as poor as Miami. Lately. They've lost four in a row. However, they're playing Memphis in the Knicks. So it's brutal man for all the indictments of this year's heat team. And Wade has been one of the few positives of one of the greatest you could file it when they needed the games the most they played their most losing basketball season. There haven't been a lot of losing streaks like this then needed all the games, and they lost all of them. Yeah. They did four in a row at the worst possible time, but they have put up a fight though. I thought that loss. In Toronto was a tremendous performance by Miami. It was a great performance. I mean Toronto's very good, and they caught up tough break with the inbounds Aaron whatever was happening with the referee also their comeback in Boston. The the the away fixture in the the back to back that was difficult because the referee. Joey Crawford would not let the Miami Heat back into that game with some very questionable. Call. I I don't think many heat fans are disappointed that that their last sight of. I said Joey Crawford. I'm sorry PTS's so many brothers also BTC Dwayne is going to beat tonight rather than in two playoff games in a four or five game series. I got a prediction, and it's the TV prediction for the broadcast tonight. Eric Reid's gonna cry? Wow. Going to be awesome. I'm gonna I'm recording. It put it on the pole. Guillermo at lebatardshow is Eric Reed going to cry tonight. I have a prediction as well. They're gonna get the way way Biscay boulevard tonight. Why everybody's got predictions. Billy. Do you have anything you've been really out predicted by the other two with strong? Predictions tonight. I feel like tonight they're going to find something on oak island. I'm telling you tonight is the night. They find something. You're gonna can you can you to be the urinate or should've let Billy Wright your way puff. Yeah. That's something that you said you try to pawn this out to you try to let me and Billy yet. That message never trickled its way down to me. And I feel like now Philly we talked about this on air. We talked about the idea that sportscenter had asked us as a crew to do something. And I asked you and Mike if not wanted to do for Senate in and ask us as a crew we came back. I'm like, oh, Dan says let's have Mike and Billy do it. Which is not really something sports and wanted to hear. It's cute that you think that they they value us as much as you. I am picturing the reaction in Bristol. They appreciate it. What you don't think that it would have been a cool story to tell Miami guys raised by Dwayne wait. No, not to them not to them to them. It looks like Uday want to do it. And hey, here's my producer and the other producer who's publicly patched him. Well, no, wait a minute. This Dr turn since then Billy hasn't been this aggressive with his criticism of Dwayne Wayne criticism. It's the truth. You people are living in crazy land where you're pretending things. Just didn't have it. Oh, you know, what we can't be mad at twin? Wait, we should be mad at Pat Riley. Godfather, we can never be bad about rally for anything. We'll never be mad pyro. He's done. No wrong, ever, accept the only way thing. But that's the way. Wait. No. It's about right? Well. Oh, I can't remember that anyone in the heat. All we always have to praise the heap praise. The you know, the he. Oh, we have higher expectations for the maybe it's because they're always telling you championship Coulter. And all this other stuff. Maybe if they wouldn't tell you constantly we're about winning winning winning you'd give them a pass sometimes and billions and billions defense. He did. Generously. Say earlier that give Dwayne his day, which I thought was mighty big of them. I did say that. And you guys keep poking at me 'cause you want this to happen. And I'm not going to give it to you. I will not say negative thing today. Forty your gave it I'm not gonna fall for the trap. They ask you what you would feel. You said I think they find the treasurer on Oakland that was you being like nights that was a kindest comment. You had about I lied. I lied. They're not gonna find anything. They'd never find anything on that show. Billy has created the nickname. Cody that used to be something that the clever columnists in this town created he's given Pat Riley, the nickname pass Riley pass Riley because he gets a free pet because when they lose against Boston at home, you're still at that press conference writing a happy Dwayne Wade goodbye column and they lose their biggest game of the season. You're still over there writing. Dwayne Wade best pass Riley pass Riley, also works. Ooh. I mean, look Riley's had a lot of high path all these too far. Pets had couple of high profile mistakes here since LeBron left. It has what does he is? He right really he acquired the acquired Goran Dragic and signed him to contract that made sense. So the garage thing honestly, it his planes were neutered by the Chris Bosh blood clots multiple clot. So you can't tell the story without saying that, but he's handed out a lot of bad contracts. He pushed away and didn't handle the Dwayne Wade Chicago thing well at all they're missing the playoffs with the most expensive team in the sport right now. They just like what they did. With some straight up assassin stuff to Rodney mcgruder no-one's crying. Rodney mcgruder running mcgruder missing this game sake. Grape variety mcgruder that was bull. What they just did Rodney mcgruder Illy. Will you get goosebumps tonight at any point watching? I don't know. I mean, I'll I'll watch and all experience it as experience it, but I'm not going to sit these expectations for myself like all this is going to be the greatest Intel Florida's sports history botch it, and however feels how I feel text me if you get goosebumps. Roy will you let me know if you are overcome with the motion at any point, though, of course, not won't give me, and he refuses to believe that he's excited for tonight, ROY Royal sandpaper and barbed wire and his repressions run deep. Doug, right. You don't think he's aware of his emotions? I mean, I think he doesn't have emotion. I think he only has emotions that are dedicated to his wife and child on Twitter. But not so much for his child that he only calls Claire not sweetheart now, baby. Not one nicknamed not ever got a nickname. Just Claire that's her name occasionally will mix in her middle name. Good morning. That's my wife that does that. I just call close Claire Claire Claire everybody else and give her a nickname. That's all we find. On fodder. All right caller. Claire, that's it. What if you did have an affectionate nickname? What would it be? What would it be come on? I haven't thought about it. So I don't know. Okay. Social places that he does not go. These are closed down quarantine. They're covered. In termite tent. What was yours for Chris? I've always called them Christopher. I'm the only one on earth who calls them Christopher. I mean, he's always called Greg. I call some weird thing going he he doesn't even remember this. But when he was a little boy I used to call him handsome. I do actually remember that that was the code word at my aftercare, you needed a code word member if you wanted to pick. All right. That's right. Yeah. Code word. Then you stop being handsome, right? And when he was playing baseball as he was walking to the plane had to go go because up. That's true. By that. At what age did you become announcer in high school? He'd be like now batting Chris, Cody, and they turn the Mike off go Chris. That's true. I do that on a whole big done on his wedding day as they're taking their them like go, Chris rock a conflict of interest. Gods? How are you going to experience night? We haven't had you on my couch. Really? Yeah. My listen to this emotional guy over here. The only thing I've heard him say the entire season about Dwayne Wade was the other day when caught up in the emotion of things he said, Mike, we sold our tickets to early we could have gotten a lot more than we did. I mean, I'm telling you some guy got like thirty something thousand dollars for two tickets. I mean, I gave him up about three years too early. Just sat on them just for this game. And that's courtside though. I, but you remember the LeBron games? Like, LeBron, you know, like the heat wolves on a Thursday night would fetch a fifteen hundred dollars. Those were good times. I don't remember that. Really? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. It's guy first season. Don't you remember this? It was one of the great scams in the history of south Florida sports where he would buy season tickets. He would sell his season tickets for a lot more than he bought them. And then he would ask the heat for two more tickets and sometimes he'd sell those two. That's why I drew the law and my friends. The American publicly like through the line like flipping houses, privately was a different story. Receipts and good times actually one eighteen a worse guy. Dion waiters is not going to let Dwayne Wade shoot tonight. Right. Those going to steal the ball away from 'em rights to that's right later shouldn't play. I mean because I am worried about that. Yes. He will not allow way. I'm just I won't wait taking all the shots. The last one doesn't matter. Do they let him do the last COPA game? If the last one isn't for a playoff spot. Do you start doing way not tonight? But the last one if it's not gonna matter if the pistons win in Brooklyn, I mean, I don't think I think tonight Wade's going to treat this as a sendoff you'll play in Brooklyn out of respect for the people that are paying to see him one last time. There's a lot of Miami people out in in Brooklyn that go to those games. So I think you'll make an appearance but tonight if there's a night where Dwayne can go off his career, highs fifty five I don't think we're expecting that. But nice little thirty five to forty burger who's feeling that went thirty five to forty. No, he should start tonight. Dwayne just so that we can hear his name called one last time. I don't care if he starts. He shouldn't start a one minute. He should start. He should start alone. You d two. Players. That's it to on five with that. For the first three minutes. Get it three. Wait. They're not gonna be down fifty five to nothing in matter. Did the Sixers need this one. Or are they pretty much locked in hanging? This is the saddest thing I've ever seen right here. Ending the local hour with looking at the Sixers does this team needed. Are they trying they're locked him? They're like ten eight donate it. Yeah. The game. Take the l it's doomed. It's pretty doomed. Like, I can't see them making the playoffs. Why would Blake Griffin and Detroit lose to both the Knicks and Memphis? Yeah. I'm Memphis starting a bunch of G league guys there. There's no way they're going to win in Detroit tonight where you get emotional. Well, you I'm going is that enough? Will you get emotional? So emotion fist pump on the U. Based on j will you be there at seven? Will you be there at seven? I mean, you are a softy for like a community connection. And this the city is really connected to Dwayne Wade. Even though as Billy said, he left that one time. But even in his leaving not you said, it's a fact this isn't something I invented in my head. Speculate. Will you be overcome with the most? We'll poppy has poppy ready to forgive father won't for. No, no, come on. There's a night. I write anything positive about it. It's father going. My father will be there and will be booing during the ceremony. Well, eating free chips and hot dog. Dog.

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