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FOF #2833 Trans Pioneer Kennidi Monroe is Back!


The early days of podcasting were extraordinary. Celebrities had no idea what to do with the Internet and because mainstream representation of lgbtq folks was limped none. The online world saw an eruption of talk shows where people could go in-depth about queer issues for everyone everywhere before Liz. Oh preached a gospel of body positively before the drag race and Trans Explosion and even before folks started cashing in on their sex appeal on patron incites. One of our favorite guests on fund was Kennedy. Monroe the voluptuous diva who worked seeing producing her own singles and hosting a talk show on Trans Issues on Youtube. Her Gal Pal. Raina Valentino. Sadly we had a falling out with Kennedy Monroe in two thousand eight and then she posted a video asking people to cancel. Feast of Fools. One could say she was even a pioneer of cancel culture today musician drag performer and Trans. Pioneer KENNEDY MONROE COMES BACK ON VISA. Fun To talk about her extraordinary decade. Her new single kings and Queens. Losing the love of her life finding love again and finding joy in mentoring young transpeople. I am Fausto for NAS. I'm Mark Villian and this is feast of fun before we begin. Let's listen to Trans Pioneer Kennedy Monroe whether single second inning from two thousand eight theft real thick two straight nine ten. Hi Is this Kennedy Monroe. Yes it is for so many years or so good to hear Your Voice. Yes you true. I'm excited where are you living these days currently and Texas secret UNDISCLOSED LOCATION IN THE WOODS? High Kennedy it's mark. How are you? I'm good? It's good to hear you guys long time now for a while you were living in Chicago Than Austin Texas then Las Vegas and California. What got you back to Texas Well in two thousand team. Miam- has been pet. Mom My wasn't my husband. He was my fiance. He passed away and so That was Sean Sean. So I'd been with SEAN SINCE TWO THOUSAND EIGHT. So he passed away in two thousand fourteen so After his desk I needed to figure out a lot of things so I am. I decided to go back to my family and and try to let them help fix me. Also you felt broken. Oh Yeah I was very broken. Kennedy. I can't even begin to imagine how hard it must have been to lose somebody. You love so dearly so unexpectedly. Yeah so it's like I look back at it and it was a learning experience. It was someone that I really loved and cared for and taught me a lot about myself. Even though he passed away and he passed away because of his addiction Came out of the blue really fast literally. We were out in August for my birthday having dinner and we were walking back home and I looked at him and he looks yellow and has is had yellow in them and I said why are you yellow. And he made me take a picture of him and he looked at it and he goes. Oh my God I have jaundice and I was like what is that. And he's like it's like the yellow yellow skin in my eyes. He's like I gotta go to the hospital so I think like the next day we went to the hospital and they basically told him his liver was failing and that they had to Do something to do surgery on him and they took him in did surgery and He had to do Were they pump in your blood pump out your blood and I think our remember what. I can't remember the Audi Alice. I guess dialysis. Hey at least in the hospital during dialysis and then he came home for a week and outer. Take him relate to dialysis three like other day. He had to go to dialysis and one day. We were coming back home and he just fell he had. Um have brain surgery and from there. He came out of it fine but he was like he was in intensive care and he was doing fine. Stay in hospital and then come home and take care of our dogs and cats and then go back to hospital. Was this when you guys were living in Las Vegas? Yes we were living in Las Vegas and so we didn't have a car. So I'd basically get on a bus go to hospital. Come Home Gomez. So it was a bunch of different things also like during my career trying to support us. Because he didn't work so I had a support us. It was a lot going on and Guys insured well. Actually what was good as we were actually on. We had just earlier that year obamacare. I think it was the first time obamacare came. It was like the same time. Obamacare became really big and we. We decided we were going to roll. And because financially we didn't have the money we qualified and Las Vegas for Medicaid. So we were on Medicaid so it was a blessing and in the sense that they took care pam and we didn't have to worry about paying anything in so when he was in Hospital in intensive care. Everybody was really good to him But he was. Sean was very smart and almost too smart. That the reason I think he was an alcoholic was because so many things were going on as head. He was always. He's like he would tell me. Sometimes it can sleep because things were just processing and it's heads faster or it was just a bunch of things going on and so I think he. He felt like he had who drank her. Calm down and He was a magician. That's how I met him so he was always thinking of new brilliant ways to be a magician and I always try to push him for a go beyond A magician and that's why we moved to Vegas was because I was like okay. He's here around all these great magicians and you know he got to do a lot of things it just came to an end and he had the brain had the brain surgery and then he was doing fine so they moved him out of intensive care and when they did that there was no supervision. One day I was working and I came up and literally. He was in his bed with with feces all over the bed because no one came to change him. No one came to check on him and so he was touching he and he was any kept playing with his head where he had staples and from the surgery and he kept wanting to take him out. And so that all coincide that you've got an affection that just took over a whole body. And he passed away but if he didn't get a liver transplant they said he would have passed away in six months from the time before he had brain surgery so it was like he was going to go. It was just like he went. Instead of six months he went in a mock and it was a it was a they was a lot. It was a lot for me to deal with. You know 'cause on top of that I'm dealing with what I have to take care of my dogs. Take care of him but also make money at the same time so I could live so yeah so it was a lot so When he passed I called my well when he was. They had a week to live. They said Thursday he would pass I called my grandma I said. I just don't know what to do and My Dad just happened to be off of work like he took like he stopped. He was like out like he Decided he was going to pursue a new career so he took out his 401k money so he could get on a plane and come be with me. Bob was never. I've never been close to my father and my father is now called so literally. My father got off the plane drunk. No work so I had to deal with my father at the same time that so I had to Babysit my father and it was another person you had to manage at the time. Yes I feel like. I've always been occur persons of always just been because I'm the oldest of five. I've always taken care of everything. So like with Sean. Took Care Sean. With my dad when he's around care him it's like it's always been about taking care of others After Sean so aftershock pass It was time to focus on me on. Let's actually focus on you so we met you in the early days of podcasting seven just two years after our show had started. We were called. Feast of Fools. We met you through Tracy Tyler at the time. Raina Valentino Valentino or volunteer penalty. Valentino like the album or A. I think it was a visit with an air. Now Valentine Valley with honey. I don't mind entertainment same birthday. She's related yeah. 'cause she's related. Sasha Valentina or three s Valentina well facebook. She's Raina Valentino. Oh Yeah so she and I have the same birthday and so we met you. It was really exciting times and I explained to people who Kennedy Monroe is. Is that you in many ways. Were Trans Pioneer in terms of online content. So with you. Valentin you guys. Were doing a show that we can't say the title anthem. We hear more about. I think it's okay for you to say if you want to say it. Yes it's it was trying to talk one on one but of course because of the times and everything and that's what's so hard for me even with my music to songs that I have out that. Have that word in it. So it's Kinda like but that word is I. Try To tell Trans People that you have to understand. When like me? And Raina Valentino or any of these girls that were in that time or before even my time. It was a whole sisterhood. And that's how you communicate. It's each other in a room. You say hey tranny hager instead of hey girl was hey shanny it was it. Was that kind of it. Was kind of calm lingo. That you said to people and I feel like Because of the adult world so many girls felt like it was A word like shemale. That was very offensive. And so for so long. I grappled with I. Don't mind the word tranny. I'M NOT GONNA call you a tranny. If you don't Wanna be called a tranny just like you know. I'm black people using the N. Word there's some people that liked that will use it towards each other that are in that community but Some don't like it and so that's the kind of thing but I the older I get the more I'm I'm opening up to the way the world is revolving and changing especially under the Trans Umbrella. So it's like a whole. It's a whole learning experience for me. Because I transitioned at twenty and that was two thousand so the world was totally different than it is now like just at the beginning of Internet in being a boom but The show let's call it t talk one. Oh one right. Yeah and you know in a lot of ways it was you and Raina wanting to expand on the ability to talk about what your experiences were like as transgender women and as entertainers and of course fully realized sexual beings. And you guys had Margaret. Show your show city so fun. What is going on here and the wonderful thing? I just watched the video to prepare for the show that there was a magical time. Is that these big a-list entertainers didn't understand what the Internet was didn't understand the ramifications and so people like you and I could go up to them and interview them and it was magical time it was. It was and you know when when we were doing. We're doing T. talk when I won. It was just it just became a concept of us. Girls at Actually started the night of the Oscars that one year. We were just like playing on the video. I'd already been doing like youtube videos lips thinking and doing make up in front of Youtube but and But it wasn't until like I think Fausto you brought it up you're like you and your rain are someone. It's youngest our podcast. That trans people can like see or someone can C. N. N. Really wasn't doing video podcasts. Either so it's Kinda like all we're going to do a video pass and we're going to sit here and we're GonNa talk about drag and we'll talk about being trans and we're we took the camera out with us on the bus and the train and we. Did you ever want to take it into the bathroom at Mary's when you guys would you? Do you remember when we were upstairs at Mary's and I think you filmed. Fausto and he tried on the continental crown of it was Mercedes Mercedes. Everlasting Mercedes Tyler Tyler. Yeah she had won the crown and she was. I don't know where she was her backstage. And we put it on my face and I was like like Toronto. Do a Hannibal Lecter of clouds covering what cage over your face. He was also bad. Like in someone's ways you kind of a little very well. I was crowning myself talking. Very Hoity toity entitled Queen. Yeah you know what I have to tell you Kennedy. Our relationship with Mercedes ever since that video has never been the same. I think she's all set against us. Yeah Street other. They on the street she was having lunch. And thank you very big hug and I was like anyhow you win and there's still a lot of caution like felt. That was a huge betrayal. Veracity clowning around with her stuff. Backstays online misconduct because it was Kinda applies to just apply okay MS continent but it was a hard and now in hindsight it was probably not the right thing for us to them at least loose with unseal like somebody stole Sharon. Yeah Yeah there you go so it's like it's like but that was the that was doing these things. We were experimenting. Join things that people never seen done before so like now. Maybe a lot of people in the in the world maybe didn't know who Mercedes was or maybe didn't know what continental was in. So it's just like a way of just like bridging that whole thing and I think that was the kind of thing too we also wanted to do with T. talk was basically show The were ore. Show the community that. Trans Women are actually dragged farmers as well and were valid because that constitutes still points. That's brought up. Because like shows like rupaul won't cast the Trans Person Or the person the is Chan has come out chance after they've done the show or as peppermint did came out during the show but she had already been kind of trance before the show is like but she couldn't really talk about it. Peppermint was openly trans when she was cast on it. But she had not had a I think for Rupaul. The big issue is brass. Heady hitting look at these girls like their asses their pump their cheeks or pawn. Yes Sir Pob. They've live facial feminization surgery you know you know or the likes of it or something. So there's a lot of cosmetic surgery done. It's just that she's just hung up on tits and if you look at this season she even made Michelle visage get rid of her tits for seasons like nobody over. Sized Cup a anymore. We're not true that Michelle will say like I got them out for health reasons but Michelle basch publicly stated that she was having health concerns and she's removed or just providing cover for RU. You saw the latest episode of the first of the season twelve. I I've started watching. I'm Mad I'm I'm at the end of the the first part of the first girls with Dragila now sort of cemented showing that an camp waikiki and other projects could drag queens coking with drag. Queens. We'll get to that. You have a lot of influence on that show. I don't know if you're aware but anyways I just think it's like it's kind of like watching gay men young gay men in very expensive costumes trying to figure out how to have an entertainment career. An ally are standing there in the show and this is the the meat and potatoes of drag race. At this. Point is is rich or well-connected young gay man saying I don't know how to dance. I don't know how to sell. I don't know how to do anything but give me money. Make me yes. Let me go. Let me go tour after this with an I'll make everything back. It's a testament to the to the unbreakable human spirit that some really amazing artists. I've come out of that show but who in the early days of the Internet? You didn't wait for Paul's drag race or anything like that. You just started releasing singles and one of the songs that we one of your first songs was the song voluptuous diva yes now coined that. I'm the walk through the roof. Do you remember how nervous you were when you first went into the recording studio to record that song yes I you know I. It's like one day. I was on action littered with on the L. train coming home. I called my friend in Houston and I said because he told me had a producer friend from Mexico that Was looking for someone to do. Dance tracks with and And I kept on saying why wouldn't do something like Jeffrey Star Rubio. Because it was my space days in Jeffrey Star was really big and I was like. I want to do something like that. I want to do something. That's more meaningful Jeff. Jeffrey Star was way too far. Like I in your face that I'm like Fuck homeboys and this and all this stuff and so I was like I wanna do something meaningful. I guess. That's what I always wanted to. I wanted to do something that made awful but always also in a way translated so I was like I told my friend. I said I WANNA do a song. That's about a girl that has curves proud of her body and stuff like that and And so he can't. He wrote voluptuous diva. And so I've tried to Houston to record it and we're in this apartment recording and I've never recorded a song. I've never done anything I remember. Say put on the headphones. And they're telling me what to do and I'm doing it and they keep on salomone you're not doing right. You gotta find a beat and then guys you have to do it on the beat smells like single and I'm like well what's the be- what am. I didn't even know what a beat was so it was like they're like it was. I think voluptuous diva wet. Like I think it took us like five hours to record it and It just took a lot and they had a cut pieces together because it just wasn't getting it and then I know the next day I recorded scan and because scan is more sexual base I felt like I got it and so it isn't skin of reference to Venus Extravaganza from Paris is burning saying you touch the skin. Honey touch the skin. All of you can s might be but originally the per- The my friends who wrote the upstream who wrote skin and the reason he wrote skin was. He wanted a song that went with his underwear fashion line so he wanted to. Thong underwear and he wanted to see the video on my youtube page has like these guys in this like nude underwear and it was like this. It was about this new underwear that made you feel comfortable but awesome so unusual because it was kind of like the what we're traditionally called. Flash COLLARED LIKE IT WAS PEACHY whenever they gave us a pair but I felt like a little pig. I'm more because it was almost like color of like a pig skin or something I was underwears was underwear that looked like you were naked but it made the consequence of it was Kinda comical. Yeah in the wake of what you did the saw you told us that you were real nervous about the dog. And then they're just like and then they just gave me a bottle of vodka. I drank the vodka I on the beach. I apartments forgot about keep listening to the beat. And so what's so that was that was so funny but now it's funny as I listen to any song and I can hear the beep whereas prior to ever recording I can. I never knew what a beat was or anything. So it's like now when my producer I work with now who did fierce beat face and sickening and just did fim bought last year and then we just did kings and Queens. Together he will just throw me tracks and I'll I'll throw him lyrics and so we go back and forth. We really clever very well together. We've never met each other in person. I do all my recording my house and then I send it to him and then he does. He loves when I add some always doing ad libs because eventually the ad-lib go somewhere end the song and I don't even realize I record it now. The song fierce beat face. What you're the DOT come out. Do you remember the nine to this is before the term was was used? Beating your face and Rupaul. Yes yes we we said. Beach your faith in the makeup rooms in it was something you got all your faces d. I mean it was just that whole thing like if your face was beat you look thickening and so it was all these words. I was like because at the same time company. I had just came out with stunning and I was like I WANNA do. I wonder is like I wanNA do a song. That like rates are lingo and and that was kind of that's why fierce be faced came together was because I was like it was about being sickening. Like you can walk down the street and just be like. Oh it's just like I loved about fear speed faces. There's a line in there that says beauty made by design and basically was talking about being. I was born a man but I created this image of who I am today and that some six women can look at me and be jealous because I was not born this way but I was made this way and so I always said if I ever wanted to do a music video for it. I wanted to do something like Frankenstein. Where I was created on a lab table and Dallas always night-vision? It just never happened but it was like you know a unlike a lot of other trans entertainers and performers have always had this deep appreciation for the the the lingo but also a sense of humor in the journey that you're going through there. There's a sense of joy in everything that you're doing and that's to me. What attracted us to use. I found really exciting to hear about the term sickening like I. That's that's how I I heard about the term with you. Yes and then it's like I stick learning just paying now. You hear girls using other terms like last night. I was at a at a I was performing in. This girl has a single out called period and she just kept on saying period and I kept on going. What and this old stroke old school queens were like beard. It's like period and I was just like okay. What do y'all I'm too old. Just like that's period. It's like the end of everything just period. It's the assuming period is like the end is like Beriot moved here these kind of terms. I'm always like how is that ever going to catch on? And then the next year everyone saying like when Alaska to me for the first time so annoying. That's how you know it's a big. How annoying it's going to beat other people. It's all the girls have a cat. Geo Gun. House her catchphrase. They all have their catchphrases. That makes them and I think that's a lot of one that's going to be a one. I wanted to pick a song that the girls relying bitch I going out and I'm looking sickening. I listen to a song and I'm a feel it and it was it was also sickening was attracted to I did because I was tired of going out with my girlfriends with Tracy. For example we go out to a bar and we just. WanNa have girls time and have fun have a cocktail and we'd be out sitting at the largest enjoying ourselves dancing and all of a sudden some guy comes up to us and wants to just hook up and where do like Bitch Party. Leave US allow might not working today. The working girls here. Thank you my own thank you. We're not in that corner over there all these years later today in twenty twenty you have a new track called kings and Queens dedicated to addressing the challenges that transgender people go through and the twenty six women that were killed for being transgender last year. And the Trans Guy from this year at the beginning so he's included in there. Well let's listen to what just want they just want to be seen motherfucking kings and Queens? Yes do you feel like you're music? Writing or development has changed in God. This is almost. We're looking at eleven years. Eleven years now. Twelve years it has evolved After sickening it came out at about the start of a different career that we'll talk about it in a little bit but I kind of put my music on hold for that career and in a way I feel like I let go of a part of me that I really liked but I also felt like I was going somewhere with my music and who knows where I would be today if that music woulda kept it. Kept going Also I knew that I wasn't in a place to Creatively continue what I wanted to say. I think needed more life in me to say something so this album. The comeback is really Addressing a lot of topics not just Fun Things like FEM. Bot is came out last year and my producer wrote it and he was like. I've always wanted someone to do this song. And he always tells people that I'm his muse. It's like He's Andy Warhol and I'm his muse and so is like what you do the song he's like. I need you to sing though and I was like well. I don't really sane. He's like we'll try like okay so I sang. Fem bought for the first time and it was actually a really cute. I mean it's really. It's a love song. Basically and Ends where they're not together. But it was so much funded you because it got me into that. Okay now. I'm ready to right now. I'm ready to say something and so after Fem by I told. I started writing down everywhere. Go at start writing on my iphone lyrics to songs and I kept on so talking about catchphrases. Kings and Queens was killed in Queens. Was supposed to be called. A yes queens. It was supposed to be called. Yes Queens which fed throughout the song and the reason why I wanted to call it. Yes Queens because my husband loves to pay yes queen. He loves to say that all the time. And he's got my brother who country a redneck to say. Yes queens and my brother will say if my brother needs something. He'll say yes point eight so I wanted to do a song that kind of reference that whole thing for them but I also wanted to be a song for Trans people relate to so after set him the first Recording he sent me back a demo and it kept on going. We just want to be seen. We're motherfucking kings and Queens. And I was like from then on I was like the cell needs to be called kings and Queens and In the way he threw yes queen in it throughout the whole thing is it was just. I don't know it was magical. I was riding because I wanted to address those trans people who are like in the closet are trying to find themselves those people that want to take their life because they don't they feel alone they feel like there's no one there and then with the trump administration really just going down hard on transport. Boy I just felt like. Oh my God I gotta say something and I WanNa say something in a way that people can listen to it. Ango okay they can relate to it but also trans person a queer person or a non binary person can listen to it and realize that they're not alone that there's someone out there and that you just want to be seen if it's not publicly being seen you just want to be seen by somebody you WanNa be acknowledged you wanna be loved you WANNA be Respected in whatever way it is and so. That's why I felt like I needed a song. That was like a movement in the sense that those lines I say Were just brothers and sisters uniting as the resistors and it's like it's time for us to resist our own government and stand up and fight just like they did in the sixties and you know when you have a broken heart you make art. Steel T Q people non Binary Gender nonconformists whether you're a visiting in the land of gender nonconformity or you're a permanent resident. We are always sort of the middle children of society to some degree. So we all have this passion or a lot of us do to want to be seen to be entertainers to be media personalities. And I knew you and talk to you one thing. You had said to us as that you dreamed of being a famous porn-star Yeah Okay Kennedy. Sure sure that's what you WANNA do. I just you know. Friends share their dreams and stuff like that and part of it is like not everybody gets to live out that dream but you just relentlessly relentlessly and brilliantly figured out how to be and for a while you were one of the best known. Porn Stars in the transgender scene. Yeah How did that? Actually this is how this happened. How did you manage to do? You became a mover and Shaker in the industry I did. I did okay so really crazy because it's the first time that I'm actually talking. Ask Kennedy about my porn career. Because I felt a lot of ways that I I kinda just want his Kennedy was one thing and my porn career was another thing our never going to intertwine them together. And in some weird way the did get intertwined together because an porn was is known as the voluptuous. Diva so mine. Because it's tattooed on my chest so it was never going to go away. Anybody can recognize me from that Tattoo. So like If someone's hardcore into the transworld they knew that. Kennedy was that person that was in porn- They're people that don't know and I always felt ashamed of when I left when I moved back to Texas and I was still doing porn And I would fly Talaih and Vegas and work with people and come back It was just like Oh my God I feel like no one needs to know what I'm doing and so I always had a story for where I was going or what I was doing. Some some of your sisters and people in the an Lgbtq community can get very jealous and you are doing very well. And I'm sure that you're getting some shady bitches saying some nasty shit. Ibm from succeeding dreams. Yeah now so Why did okay so what I moved back to Texas from Chicago I was in a really. I was really depressed. Place in my life when I left Chicago And that has a lot more Addresses the reason that we all fell out to as a also had a lot to do with where was an my life as My depression and I never realized I was depressed until years later You look back on it and you see like I never really knew what depression was her. What it was about so when I moved back to Texas I was like Oh. We're going to try to start a career so man. Sean tried to start a business. It really didn't work What was the it was sailing breeding and selling multiples? Dog Soldiers dog breeding. Yeah because I had a friend who did chihuahuas and so we did that. And it just was really hard on us because It was a lot of work and a lot of money And I was like no. You can't do that and then I moved to Austin to do drag again. I had been on Hiawatha hiatus from doing track. So we'll offense a good scene for doing drag and I had my drag daughter was in Austin and I knew a lot of the girls and I became friends with girls by just going up and visiting her that they were like come up. And you can work on the shows and so I came up and start doing some of the shows and stuff like that but also at the same time. I don't know how porn came into my existence but Oh it did come into my existence so what I was twenty. This company called Schimmel. Yom which is now called groupie girls Vache contacted me at twenty and asked me to be because I had just happened to be on the cover of lady like magazine and they asked me to Would you ever want to do porn and I said Oh. No I'm going to be one of those strands girls that And no one's ever GonNa know that by sort of being in adult films that you're opening up yourself to a lot more scrutiny than you were ready for well and so. I tell girls now today. When girls asked me advice about getting into the industry I say please getting industry. If you don't know who you are I went into the industry in my thirties. The whole different ballgame that. I'm so glad I never went into the industry and my twenty s Where I didn't know who I was a so I got so I shot for Shimoyama in two thousand ten on it released in February thousand eleven on their site. And actually it's coincided in February two thousand eleven that I hosted the transgendered are transgendered erotica words how that you're opening for it and you're like a big name with the transgender. Roddick awards as well so that's basically Kerr's for transgender adult films. Yeah so basically. So it's back then. It was called the training awards. And now it's been labeled tragedy Terada car awards and so my girlfriend Morgan Bailey who I knew from Chicago. she was in shoud. We did drag out and Juliette together so She got into the porn industry like a year before me and she blew up and so I contacted her said I would like to do it. Come out come out to La and be around your guys and Try to pursue it as a career and she's a Canada come on come out and then I think in December. She called me so we had already planned. That we were GONNA move at the end of January out Talaih. We we were going to get a you. Haw move outs ally and She goes also. I got a GIG for you. She's like I know you're good at hosting. I know you're good on the Mike. She's like They need a host for the tranny. Awards would you wanNA hosted and I said sure I would love to and so basically the day before the awards we get to. La In a U. Haul we check into this Homestead suites type thing. It was like a suites hotel so it was like a it was a big hotel like. Eto Kitchen with it or whatever and so we we lived in one of those for majority of my time there because I never could find an apartment and stuff like that numb and I hosted the transgender radical work. Not Knowing any porn star in that room except for my friend Mark I knew no one. I'm walking the red carpet or ask him a question. I decided I'm going to wear some drag hair. I have some big ASS. Texas Drag Queen Hair. I'll stare sequence dress than I was just like and I came out and performed I think sickening Before it started out with like doing stuff and then I started. I started playing with the Trans Girls that were in the front row. So we were in Small Club we were like in a big club. Actually to be honest I mean not a big club. Small Club wasn't even the transgender radical was. The wasn't even big at that time. I'm hosting US. And there's trans girls in the front and there's one that's a dominatrix. So she plays with her masculine and feminine and her. Name's Danny Daniels. And she's she's really tall and she's gorgeous and I'm like Oh my God I'm like really attracted to this person. But she's a trans girl and I'm like I don't like them inanity but I liked her her masculine Bush nece that it was just like there was something about her that and she's sitting there in the front row and she has it submissive girl. Fifth woman on all fours at her legs are props on this girl. This girl didn't move the whole time. It's urge her leg. And I was just like I said so. I sat down beside her while I'm hosting and I start like making fun of it and I start talking to her and I'm like cracking jokes about this and she's laughing with me and she's like maybe another house. I wasn't even went there and I went there and after that. It's when all these girls that have been in the industry awhile. Basically just were like this girl's got it may not be a PARV got it and they all befriended me so it was this whole subculture. Thanks well at that time. Trance girl porn was changing in a lot of ways. Really how was it changing? Wow it was becoming more. The girls were getting more of their own solo sites. It was also a time when we were doing things that they don't even do. Now like these new girls coming in with know anything about it like literally. You had transfer parties every day of the week and La. You go to a bar and you just believe in. Because you're one of the girls he would just come in and you would just sit there and people buy you drinks and then This Guy Dan He He would record us. All we would be shit faced drunk in the bar and he would put a camera in our face and start asking questions like he just knew how to get us like we. So we were being documented in thrown on the Internet of just watching your favorite porn stars in the club Just having fun. But you're like oh I WANNA be there. So there'd be guided. La just because they are videos out in the clubs it want to be around us to imagine that must have had some really wonderful sexual experiences as a result of that. I did because I also got this. I got to also play with my sexuality. I got to work with CISWOMEN. He was the first time I've ever been with us this woman before I was the first time ever Wind down on a assists woman. I learned how e Jonah on film Was that learning process like it was. It was interesting. It was different and But it opened doors for things like working with Trans Man and I remember when I first met a Trans Guy. It was in Chicago. I was out on the suburbs at hunters. And this Levine by the burbs. Now it's gone. Yeah Yeah I think it. I think it'd be four Atlanta renamed. Something else that I was going to rise from the ashes but I think those are brought up to but that was the meeting place tape. The Trans Girls Trace it. That's how I met Tracy was hundreds ain't sale. I'm out in the BURBS. What is the burbs that there's like more of like a trans bar going out kind of thing happening? I mean it happens in the city I would imagine too but it seemed like there was a hotbed of a lot of trans activity was out in the burbs because I felt more safe. I don't Allen. I have no idea to us. She said that for a lot of Trans Women in an urban environment. Their gender is much more questioned because people have reference but in the herbs because there is not visible. Lgbtq community a lot of people. Take your gender as you present it you know. So they're not questioning you as March. No totally and with will any no. I I know Tracy before she even transitioning and I would always try to grow your trans. It's you just need to get ready. And I didn't realize yeah seven on Tracy before she transitioned so it was like a bunch of things so I always told tracy you got this But describes tracy as your one of your sisters like when people you've been in your life I still at our we reach out here. We don't talk as much as we used to. But we do reach out and talk to each other and We're proud of each other in our accomplishments and like that. She is one of the first people. That really just was like happy for me when I was in my adult business because You know like backside adult world I was doing. I was the first trans girls. Actually incorporate transmit and the corn Buck Angel had done it but he had stopped doing it because the gay scene is what made bookings money so he realized transplant was not gonNa make him money so he he stops working with Trans Women. So for me I had met a trans guy named James Starling and he was really big and Queer porn world and uh just in love with him and I was like I was like. Would you WANNA do a scene with me? And he's like Shir and so it was accumulated that that thing and after we did not seen I said I wanna do a whole move. Be About me having ventures with trans men and I said would you shoot it and he said. Yeah so we shot. We shot the movie In New York City we shot it in. La with me with these different transcribe had never been seen on film before and This is izzy going by the name. James Darling Triple X. on twitter. I'm yes it sounds like. He's a Cutie Pie for sure. Yes he is. And so James Darling Got Me into it and then I started and then so I was recruit guys and so I mean I I. I made people. I made these guys famous in the world of corn because I brought them in some people's lives Dick Johnson and Dickie Johnson and Parker read and Eddie Wood and let's see my husband Saint San. I mean I was also the reason that Trans Man got nominated again for. Avian Award which had never been done since bug angel. Want it so dicky and Tyler both got nominated back to back years with all the other girls and I was the first time I've been done in like ten years so I mean I did do a lot of good things I also in the porn world also When I first started doing porn and I would ask studios to let me. Can I work with you? Kind of seem for your company and they would tell me no. You're too fat and it'd be like what I was like because if you put me back to a real. Bb W girl. I look like I'm a size zero if you put me by but if you put me by a size zero girl I look like I'm Abebe W in the modern world and that's how they that's how they view things So I was too fat And one time they didn't tell me I was too bad. They told me I had too many visible tattoos and then I was like well. You're working with my good friend Morgan. Bailey who's covered in tattoos? So you can't use that excuse. So they're like yeah. It just might work for transsexual cheerleaders twenty seven. You just don't fit the mold or babysitters fifteen kids go to bed. I was like okay. Well then you know what I'm just GONNA start creating my own work and so I started creating my own films. I started producing mound. Sounds all my stuff? Started getting nominated for awards and it's really remarkable the moments in time that you've been a pioneer just to reiterate here before Liz. Oh it was Kennedy. Monroe being voluptuous diva thity. Before there was only fans. And Half of these regrow and Dracula girls. They're like one of their side. Hustles is is Doing explicit films on on only fan or Patriot or whatever. Yeah so you were adult film. Do It yourself for a drag queen before the drag explosion repulsed drag race making your singles. Just like the girls are doing today. You are a you know. A pioneer in in terms of journalism as with T. Talk One on one with Raymond Mellano. And you're part of the Trans before the Trans Explosion with I mean. Gosh you know laverne Cox opened. And so many visible well-known transgender people are being celebrated and online media. It begs Tobar task. The question do you feel like you were born too soon to some degree. Yeah you know what I did it to feel like it was like someone wasn't watching like I was just like it. I look at it like you know I think about that. I think about legal firm Cox or I think about you know like my whole career in drag started. Because I was a theater major. I was like obsessed with theater and I wanted to be an actor and I remember in college. They just basically told me. Well you're you're to gay and too feminine to be anything so I never really. I never got to pursue that so dragon. A lot of ways was my outlets to Be In an actor performing because I could be anybody in emily. Anybody I wanted to be heard motherfucker. Clean theory goes to yeah. That's what I wanted to be. I WanNa be all that now. I my grandma will tell you to this day. She's like winter. We're going to be famous. Used to always. When you're little you'RE GONNA be famous and I said any run by me a house in your take care of me while I'm taking care of them but I'm not famous. I'm not making the money a lot of people think that because I had a porn career in that Hide my own company. In the porn industry. I got screwed over I lost thousands of dollars from company that was distributing my movies They just basically closed down and I basically I never really made money off of porn. I was actually home. Listen L. A. While doing corn That's so heartbreaking. Because you know we've ever had a guest on the show. That did you know we've had falling outs with people or the gas went onto become super famous. And you know too busy to hang out with us on but you know. Our audience sends us links to the stuff that you guys have been doing. Because I think they form a deep relationship with you. Form a deep relationship with you. And it's heartbreaking when For whatever reason our path no longer cross thing I loved getting in emails. Was your porn videos and explain. Why because just like your your music had this really joyful affirmative body positively on it so did your pornography and one of my favorite things that we enjoy watching was your your tribute to Marilyn Monroe and going through the candy shop with you dressed up as Marilyn Monroe. And you're walking. And the scariest. Music comes in very film noir and attributed to the seventy ed the the UPDRAFTS the skirt up and we see there's more than meets the eye and then all of a sudden the Marilyn Monroe character that you're playing there says let's go to the candy shop and then you do a sex scene in the nineteen fifties diner win with milkshakes and French fries and burgers around and I was so wonderful. It was now what's funny about that is. That's why the company told me now. You can't shoot for us. And the only reason I got shot for them because I look like Marilyn Monroe and such away and That site was called T. girl pinups so. They told me the stipulation for me to do that was that I had to get paid so I got paid less than most girls on that site And I also had to cover my tattoos. That sounds fun. Yeah so so. Everything was covered in there by makeup and Were you kind of being deadly us a little bit in in during the because you felt like you're harming sort of compromise yourself in order to make this video or was just kind of doing what they were asking you to do. They were the director. Basically told me everything to say like. It became so point where I felt like I was that being mean it really was. And we're sensing like if someone said to you. Hey Kennedy say let's go to the candy shop. You'd be like real sarcastically. Let's go to the candy shop and Andy this whole thing that was cheesy and stupid to me and I just felt like. Oh my God. Why am I doing this but I was there and I was doing it but after that. That really made me realize that. I didn't WanNa work for a company that I didn't want our company telling me what can and can't do and that's how my mentalities always been about a Lotta things in my life where no one's GonNa tell me what to do. I've always been a rebellion. My family will tell you that. I've always been the type of person that if you tell me not to do something I'll go and I'll tell you the fuck off and And I'll just go do whatever they WANNA do. And so then you had video that you had these giant pink balloons sitting down on them and popping them. Oh what am I? Fear Fetishists lie. They say I just absolutely love that so much that we we started doing imitating you and we're doing putting it on Youtube and our dog Jesse was like barking like because he was scared of the balloon. See now and check it down as well and I'm like hold on a second all. I'm doing a sitting on a balloon going this balloon. Someone'S PRICE-SETTING THEY'RE JACKING OFF. But it's not nothing you know. I know I know that was great. The way that this is the thing that I really thought was really clever about you is that you would find these kind of ideas that we're kind of in the margins there and you would lift them up and celebrate them and that's what you did with your drag who you did with your music you did with. Adult Films Yeah. I always wanted to do things so when I was doing porn. I was like well. They're not GonNa let me do. Mainstream porn are like okay. Well so I started talking to people in the fetish were around. Like what are things people like to do? And that's how came across balloons. Someone telling me balloons. They're big. They should have video with balloon. Pop other things that you wanted to do or did that. We might have been aware of or that are like had this idea so being 'cause I was Bwi considerably Bwi Big beautiful thing. Yeah so there was a Lotta things with food that I did. What do I ate food while jacking off So it was like a month bong video where you're like. What were you eating a cake? I love you so much. There is a there was a video where ham I poured creamer all over my body and Jackdaw There was a video that I always did my own. American pie versus Alpine out of those kinds of things. I did and so So like feedback from the producers saying. Hey Kennedy got out. Pull it back. Nobody so silly dope outragous never producer because it was my content. It was me. And that's what's crazy is that Ninety percent of the content of me online to this day I personally owned so No Company owns my content. Except for you know the select sites that works for so basically Miam- edge online in the adult world is created by me and it's owned by me so at any time that I ever want to take it down except for the pirated stuff Is Mind so that was the thing. A lot of people didn't understand. Two people want porn for free and people. WanNa Watch things for free is they always people with assumed that I made thousands and thousands of dollars off my porn. None of us girls do. And you're like part of a major media machine every every every online you know whether it's a podcast or a film star. Whatever they're hustling you know you're hustling and the people that are making. The millions of dollars are the companies. That are putting your work out. There is not you and that's what you had you had to deal with as a you know it's always assists. Why man running this big company and he's making the millions while you're just making a couple of thousands of dollars that you got to shoot that scene but I know that you've you were a bonafide porn star. Not just a porn actor was when somebody went on a tour bus with peaches Christ and clean the Mothership Torino. The mothership arena. Did you ever hear about this? They donated the inside of the tour. Bus with pinup photos of Trans Porn Stars and one of the most popular images that everybody was like taking pictures of it was you and so people is this the same Kennedy Memorial from your podcast. And I'm like yes. Her dreams have really come true. Yeah sometimes I think peaches has always loved you and celebrated you but then other love feature and she loves it. She loves you back but some people are always like you know did you see what? Kennedy Monroe's Jimmy and I'm like listen. You know we we had a falling out and maybe this is good to talk about this. You have a you. I think the way the series of events happened was we were. Have you on the PODCASTS? As a regular basis and one time you posted on our forums asking what you wanted to talk. What does the audience want to talk about? And a lot of the guests at the time that were regular guests. It's this is a potluck bring ideas. Don't like do amazing things and come and talk about it. Because otherwise we were sort of like developing content for the guests to comment on and that upset you and from then on. We had a parting of ways at the same time. We were also working as referees trying to capture the cultural crisis that lgbt people went through that at least attempt an attempt to do so we got into the role of referee between really was Trans Drag entertainers and Sus Gender Gay men entertainers and you posted a video saying protests the Feast of Fools Fools must be stopped. They're tearing this community apart. Let's talk about the feelings in your heart and and just for the record. I want to say I adore you and I celebrate you. And it was very heartbreaking to see that video not just because of the fact that was definitely attempt to to stop this podcast and also because I really wanted to be friends with you and I felt that that was not a possible at the time and I also feel too. There's was some influence from outside of our community right here but we do here in the show from like people nightlife world. I think we're putting a lot of pressure on you because you were still involved with us. Yes so What's great about? Feast of fun and peaceful back then Moses that I also got can meet amazing people and friends with a lot amazing people And also at that time in my life as I referenced earlier was as that I I was in a weird place. I was in a depression and I never really thought that way. And so maybe something triggered my anger at the time that I decided to post a video that I don't even remember now but I mean it's coming back because you are saying things from it but I just. There's so many things like youtube channel and look at videos of me and go. Oh I did that or I talked about that. Or is like wow? I did that before these other bitches were doing. I was doing makeup tutorial videos before it became a thing and obviously and they're making millions of dollars off advertisements and I'm not so But yes I was in a is in a weird place in my life because I think at that point in my life I thought. Oh It'd be making more money as a because. At the time I was in cosmetology I was working in salon and a salon was closing down and I had to go to a new salon and it was dealing with a lot of things that just were not. I wasn't ready for and And on top of it you know. I was in a relationship with someone fairly new and It just like I think a lot of things. I felt like maybe at that time. Maybe I just wanted to be a trans girl more. So or just. The girl that just wasn't influenced by Also the gay scene and that's maybe where I was I felt like in some ways My Life my life has always coincide around a gay scene so Maybe it was a way of meeting going. Okay here's how I've always fucked up. Things and relationships was is if someone or something triggered me I would do everything to sabotage it so it would never be put back together again. that relationship whenever kindled again and I will I'm really good at sabotage things so I felt like that was what I was doing. I was sabotaged in there to appoint that. Never go back on the show and that I would never miss the show because in my mind I would hate the show and I would hate the people so then. That's how I looked at it so it's how it went out And you say those words. I hope that that other people who have hard feelings about working with us in the past can hear that and not because I would like for them to come back and be with us because I want them their hearts to heal as well to be peaceful. No yeah no no no agree. And everybody's gotTa we reached out to each other and I remember Tracy would always tell me girl they ask about you. You need to talk to them. Just say something or do she's like come on and I'll be like now but she always tried and show his tried and eventually he just came to a point I remember I think she said something to me. One day on the phone And to sell the blue think we contact each other and just started talking about things. And what were you on facebook? I can't remember how it all played out but bait. It became a point where I was like. Okay I'm GonNa let this happen this evolve because I'm a lot older now I'm alot things changed and something about if the fun and and is that it's a queer queer Place in our Internet. Fear I mean in our world that was doing things before everybody else through urine things kind of like in my sense doing things before everybody was doing things and bike. We all still run to those things that make us feel good so I started finding myself listening to the show again. Listening to new things going back and trying to listen to old things and It just I love podcast. I love podcasting I even did my own adult podcast when I was in the porn world and all the big names. And that's how a podcast has always been a part of my life. I would I would love to podcast again and do something like talk again. But it's it's time consuming. It's finding time that it works for me. And it's relatable to people and that's another thing is finding something that reaches an audience that what I was doing back then he was weird it just like restore audience really fast and really good and then now it's like I put out a song that's like. Oh like kings and Queens is one song I just wish Would just basically go off in that. Everybody's talking about it and connect with you. It's like it doesn't it would be so wonderful. If millions of people would love the creative work that we make the way lady Gaga Taylor Swift Dress. An old guy. You know the way the way work is celebrated. It would be wonderful. That happens that the the three hundred people who are die. Hard fans of what you do. Don't forget that that means the world to them. Oh I agree this stuff for for over a decade now and I know that there's a lot of people out there who savor your music the way they save her favourite piece of candy. They don't WanNa chew it? They WANNA slowly suck on it to get every morsel out of it because when it's gone it's going to be gone forever. Yeah I get that I do love. My three hundred from fans are followers and stuff like that and it doesn't bother me the reason why I say I want kings and Queens to be just like another element is because I just want it to be a message that people here so kings and Queens also has a censored version called instead of saying motherfucking kings and Queens. We say we're all beautiful kings and Queens from and I wanted to do something for trans kids or young queer. People that listened to their MOMS are going to be mad that they're listened some says we're motherfucking. King of Queens and so I work on my work I have a day job will nice job or whatever and I let my co worker. Air My song after it came out in a a right before it came out and I said well. That's that version. Here's the here's the clean version. It started listening to clean versions. She's like it's nice and all but she says mother fucking kings and Queens says it a little bit more powerful Claire To name. It is claiming. Yeah let's let's talk about that video a little bit more though this the Feast of fools because as I remember what it is. Is they have issues if you know anything about it. Their show is full of drama. Bear all about ratings and they love to fuck fans and just let you know fan officials and you have a fantasy to a market foul so they are not those skinny people that you think they are. They're both actually fat. And they're airbrushed or their old pictures of themselves. Just let you know and love. Love love to Used their fans for their pleasure. And just lets. You know they don't care about you and they won't care about g after they fucked you just let you know watch out. It's not a good thing. I am coming out and seeing this because I am angry. I just think it's time that we as people gay Lesbian Bi Straight transgender. Stand up for who we are as people and to not let shows like Feast of Fools Air. But it's like as much as an hurt us what had happened also to well. You know you made it when somebody like that video between the look on your face and your taxes. Twang 'cause you were raised and you're you're born to place those Ohio. You're raised in taxes. You HAVE ACCESS. Twang it was so inspiring to Fausto. Yeah although his Puerto Rican lived in Texas East Texas folks and so inspired a pretty much sell Tina. His drag character be must be stopped. She is terron whole lot. I'm so mad. My name is Saul Tina. Booby and I'm putting together this video because I'm really upset at one of my sisters who is in our community. She is doing all the wrong things and Karen this community apart. Dan must be stopped. She is airing this community apart. And I'm not having anything of it. So here's my good Gal Pal Candy Dick Tracy. Taylor's other drag name. We had an intervention with Daphne Mount. Who was humiliating and insulting entertainers and drag scene? And part of it is Kennedy. When life gives you lemons. You make lemonade. And we've enjoyed the lemonade so much that it grew into cooking with drag queens the first made of cooking drag Queens was me as Sultana with Larry Lafontaine. `As as Lolo von Miramar and mark as Daphne du Mount and that evolved from videos that we did with Victoria Lamar and Tracy Tyler and so then the also to those videos also evolved from like the fetish video that we did a forced feminization. Because I really wanted to. Have you ever done a crushing when you pop the balloons? That's kind of like crushing faddish but mine was referencing because at the time there's legal cases about these women stepping on small animals and stilettos happening but people crush other things like wonder bread between their boobs or they sit on cakes kind of stuff and so the to- stone is you have to crush it was part of fetish video which may have been inspired by you as well at the time so many good things in our lives you and part of it is like you know for us to me and then explains that is always a conversation between Gills and communities. And it's like you never know when you put something out there how it's GonNa influence somebody so put things that really. You're passionate about that that. Lift your spirits that excites you invigorate you. Because you know God where you know who knows? Who's to say that Paul's drag race would even exist? Had we not been around in that very critical first season for that and so yeah so many of the contestants from Rupaul drag rates came from cooking with drag Queens in the podcast and and in really it's Thanks to somebody like you as a pioneer to lay that foundation and we never thank enough the people the quiet heroes and Shiro's who laid the groundwork for the world to be a better place you know and and you know you've done something well sometimes is because no one knows you did. Anything at all is true. That is true with the thing. It's so true it's just like I wish I I wish thing did you always say oh I wish some happened or whatever but like for example you know me. Protesting Fun was part of my life. That and lots of ways was Sabotaging something that was really good but also for you is created something magical and and of course. I moved on and did many things too. So it's like it here. We are full circle again now just talking reminiscing and in his. It's great because that's what I love about being on the show was it was like we can sit and goof about on talk about things we could talk about pop culture. I remember I'd come into the studio and We sitting there and you would just throw You would just throw me like papers that you print it off the Internet. That way you think about talking about that. Today we used to digitally we have computers or ipads to print out like web pages and highlight stuff was. What do you think about talking about this topic and I was like the spinach? What Lady Gaga came out with a new music video and everyone's very excited about it where she plays. A A pink alien was shot on iphone. Eleven iphone eleven pro. Ooh You know. A lot of my porn was shot on iphone. Yeah too bad. We have the cameras on these new phones. Today's so good a really kind of sad. We didn't have like a decade ago. You know you so long tech companies. Yeah my My last two films in the adult industry that both got nominated for awards. Tran they were all shot on iphones. win the four. K. Once came out. So it's like Yeah it was true. I was It was It was basically a family transept with what it was called Which basically playing family members. Yeah and the first one. I was a mom to these kids. But yeah want now sisters. Yeah that was that was from sister. That was going to be something. Never call coincided into anything once brothers says so. That's how funny CERDIC was supposed to come. Something never came as something. Mr Dick was actually the name of my podcast. Bad because radio yes south. Oh my God wants people say this will make you sick the expression as much anymore though because now do whatever that too. And now it's like there's such an appetite For a lot of these you know drag Queen Reality TV stars from drag drag race all that stuff you know there's there's forums and and just for fans and all that shit where they're showing their dicks in like a queen from. I think it was a couple of seasons ago. The one with the tattoos who has a lot of muscles Cameron Michaels? Oh Camera Michael's yeah always on the Internet posting photos of her Dick and asshole and stuff like that over for money. Yeah so yes. So it's the one and so is the one from dragon season two. There was the one that really Harry one was on the one. No the one. That was the look like a club kid. what's his name runner up and the season three. I saw her at a club. Kinda wanted to talk about it with her. Just like I think it's really great. And then there's a lot of sex positive liberty that people are taking you know adult films and monetize ing it on their own and not getting third party exploiting them except taking you know five percent of what they sell and you look at somebody like Jack McEnroe to his own season former project runway and had a grand fashion and then became an AIDS advocate. Though you'd you'd see his butt all over the place now for Spang. Wow Yeah. So that's why I decided. Well it's not that I decided well because for example my music my album like I said it's called the comeback and there's going to be. There's a song that I've written for the basically basically outing myself that I was born and just because I was born. I mean it gives you the right to just assume that you can touch me. It's all about consents in such as when you mean band or so. Those are the kind of thing but also the album also has a song that is called Travis and it's basically a love song. I love break up. Song to WHO I was. Chavis was my birth name. So it's Kinda like it's a love song talking to Travis about thanking them for being a part of my life being there and my Most weakest moments so those are kind things a lot of trans people. Don't WanNa talk about people. Don't lying knowledge your birth name. They call it. The dead name Stuff like that so just like there's this thing that I just WanNa play with. It is so against the norm but also to a dance. Be On the other line breaking the day with you and Tracy a lot of Trans. Gender people saw you guys very much as rebels and we had A skit one time we did with the Chicago transgender society. Tracy Tyler must be stopped. Play that they're actually was a collective called the be all convention. Yes that were. It was Kinda like forerunner to Paul's drag con where it was mostly Tran. It was it was basically a trans convention but majority of the people that were at the convention. Were well they were. They were this man who liked across drafts It really what it was. It was a way that the these men could come and spend a weekend Actress Convention in this hotel and just dressed up and be away from their their their like a corporate lawyers and stuff like that like he would never know that they'd like the dress across us and That type of thing. I mean there was Trans Women there and I would go there all the time. I actually had a a seminar that I used to teach. And that's also how Matt Morgan Bailey was because of the all but It's it's just that's how I got interested really in the porn because it was those cross dressers the ones that really like the Trans Corn. And they're the ones that really were like It was could consider them. It's a fetish whereas US trans women not fatter like we don't like to stay if a guy goes G. Have a pair of hose. I'm like bit shuttle Onno Hoes. I don't need hose. I don't want to wear hose. Yeah so it's like those kind of begs be always a transplant surgeon to be. Although I think that they just didn't have the money to do it. No more and It it's something miss. It's like a lot of things that just just just slowly just are disappearing because of the technology of a time It's because so. Many people have facebook facebook. Lets people see that? Like for example. I've never had a class reunion because people don't feel like they a class reunion because they can. They're all friends on facebook. They know what they're doing so it's not like it's a surprise when you meet them in person it's the fight. Today is a result of the hard work and sacrifice. That people like you did in the past. Yeah and I feel this sometimes. I wonder if you feel this as well. Is that with all this visibility and mainstream acceptance. They're you know. They're still as violence towards lgbtq people and in some ways instead of sort of being able to capitalize on being unique and different and special now as content creators were having a fight with VH1 and Dino The New York Times and all these giant wealthy corporations who are trying to do their own t talk one on one. Yeah it is true. It's like that's what that's like so in a way it's Kinda like you know. For example like the other day just going through. Once Youtube converted my youtube channel to Ah Musician Channel. Artists Channel I just started going and looking at videos I did and I'm like I look like wow. I was doing things before. Any of these so called influencers. Were doing like if you look at the views of some of my videos. There's so many of us and I never made a dime off of because it was before Lose really way before they were monitoring things that you could make money Like these people do today so it is crazy. It's just like it's it's I was like. Wow I was doing things for you. I had my hand in everything I feel like the surface Kennedy so good to hear your voice and it's so good to Kiki with you know that's a term we got from you Spilling that's another term. These are all terms that like people ask us. Why were you so guys so ahead of the curve and it really was. Thanks to Victoria. Lamar and Tracy and to you and to Raina Valentino and other people who I don't WANNA out because they're not out as trans but you know people who contributed a lot to the early days of this podcast where people who really influenced and shaped The public's appetite for gender non conforming artists matter. Learn to through this whole process of me growing up as a trans person. So for example you know gender. Non Conforming became something really big. Wow is in the porn industry and it became something really at first I was like. Oh no you're either boyer your girl. I'll say like she's not really trans. She's only passing as a woman. Some of the time and there was a lot of discussion on like authenticity right Taylor and not a resident. There was a lot of clubs. Yeah yeah there's a term. I always tell my husband now such as they were out. And we see someone that's like. They look very feminine or I would always say that's a lady-in-waiting and my husband does you know. Every bag was having China. Wrap their head around the idea of non binary nece maybe that's non binary person and so it's crazy them living back where. I grew up in and I'm going to this town that's like grown so much since I was a teenager trying to find myself and discover myself and being out as a young gay person And a small town where everybody knew everybody's business now. It's like this big suburb of Houston. And so you go go to the movie theater. And there's there's boys there that have makeup on and have their nail Polish timber like yes quyen and like yes. We incur like me and my husband anytime we see that we will stop and say get a girl or anything just like say I love your nails. We we let them know that we know and that were a part of you. Were part of your world and we also know that. It's hard to be doing this in this kind of environment that we're living in. It's still red neck country but you but he liked that of the grocery store. I go to this amazing. Thank you for and the reaction like margarine fucking business. All Man I saw on facebook. Did you build a house building over it so when we started this? House that we're building on my grandparents property so he could be aware so we're living in an RV While we're building and my GRANDPA was helping us and he had heart surgery and put on pause those now trying to do it again but originally it was gonna be like a tiny house and then it turned out. We were GONNA do It was going to be like a barn turned into a house. It was like this little two storey barn. That was GONNA be turned into a house and then it turned in. My GRANDPA goes. Well we can have more square footage to so. We came as big two story house. It's not big in the sense of big but it's it's already to the point where probably we're going to outgrow it by the time we move into it but it's like It's is it's a work in progress. It's like a mating to build. A house is in the hanging like. I'll I got well. We thought it was going to be easy because my GRANDPA and my brothers contractor. We thought he was going to help. And it just became. My brother's job just became really busy and he couldn't help us. And so it's Kinda like now. It's just like studying. There is basically stores all my drag right now and it just got yourself a drag studio yes I do and I think you guys are finally finished. It's going to be a really cute place to live it will. It will be and I told my husband today. I was like it may not be perfect and I may not be what we wanted but It's something that we can work towards make better Men that's how I look at it. It's like how I live. My life now is totally different than I did before it was like now. It's like my husband sometimes which my husband's Trans Male Guy And he'll he. Sometimes stresses out about things he also has asked Burger so he'll stress out about you know like finances and stuff like that now sale on you know what sometimes we just want to go out to eat. He's like well we don't have the money I said. Well we have the money. We may be broke later this week. But let's go eat and have fun and live life because too many people around me of you know left this earth way too early or too young and you never know when it's your time and we're so consumed about you know living paycheck to paycheck and Some of us being starving artists. I mean me being starving artists for so long that it came to a point where I had to go get a real job just so I can get health benefits for me and my husband and and different things that eventually if I retire quit or whatever I at least have some kind of money sitting in a 401k. Sister I'd say path has been very similar. You're working for a large. Let's not say the name of the company just in case of trouble but you're working for a large very successful retail giant. Part of your job is mentoring other people. Yeah I mean I train people. It's one of the few one of the few companies in the United States that Support Lgbtq people their healthcare sports Trans surgeries like. My husband. Got His top surgery because of My Insurance Through my company so I mean you can be a leader. Mb Trans I remember when I started working there. I didn't out myself at all. It was almost a year before outed myself at work And I remember girl one day. I was teaching. 'cause I would train new associates the come in how to drive pits B.'s. Machine that we have to work on Alex train them how to drive. I remember the one girl goes. You don't who you've found. Mike and I was like who she says. You sound like the seventies show go for a second year like you remind me of Kennedy Monroe. That's me so yeah I was like get that a lot in so I remember out on a started slowly coming out and they they have a group at work for LGBT Q. People I remember. We all went to this meeting. I was like five of us and we're looking at each other and I said is list away for a doubt ourselves. The rest of the building or We can be sabotage and stuff like that and I know this is the way that you can report stuff that's happening to you and so It was crazy it was like a lot of things I found out something. Like six months ago A guy got fired because he basically said a lot of transphobic things about me but never to my face but to other people. Bam immediately fired him As it's yes so it was things like that. That was like wow. It's great I can come out here and so it's like well it's really can do your job. Well when you got the good support from leadership yeah like people ask me like that. All the time is like why am I able to do this? Podcast or be successful the jobs that I have. I'm like only because I stand on the shoulders of giants because I get love and support from the leadership in the various positions. I am and I'm not going to be fully my itself without that support and it makes all the difference like when it's so beautiful to see someone blossom and a workplace environment when they get the support that they need totally. I agree and you are part of that support you know. And you're able to pass along the love and kindness that you've received in the past to somebody else. Oh yeah totally fair like I work We have this trans girl who was at work We just became really close and I noticed that her name badge didn't have the name that she wanted to be called and I have her birth name and I was like you know you can get them to change her name. You don't have to have a goal change and she's like well. I've tried Chris. She worked at another building and then transferred our building. And I said Oh honey now so I put her to connections and I went to HR NSF. You gotta get her name changed. I said there's other people here that are not even trans or anything. They can change their name to wherever the hell they want. They can change their name to their nickname for. You know what I'm saying. Though is like sh she change her name and she was just so ecstatic that I was able to do that. And then she got to transfer back to the building that she came from because they gave her a hard time at their the building and eventually she got the transient for about two that building and just with her grow. That's great I rain I remember when you lived in Chicago if I if I remember correctly. You said you went to the DMV and you had the m marker on your driver's license and this is before the legislation was passed. And you just kind of look person and he was like. Let me fix that for you. Yeah how I went to the DMV named James. And so I went to social security and I went to the end. Because that's what Raina Valentine. How do so I go to those security? Then go across the street said the entry and get it all chain though I walk and said the MVP out and Mike in Lombard or Glendale or something in the suburbs of Chicago. And I go in there and I go I needed honey. Trains my name. No Man Does he looks at the paper and he looked at my idea then he looks at me and he goes do made a mistake. You'll have an m. down here on your I D. Did you know that I said no? This is all that they have in them and should ask. She's like he's like you didn't know that there's a m on your ID. And I said No. And it literally changing my name from Travis the Kennedy. I'm not getting that. The and the Info he goes he's trying shit and Raina told me that was hard to do. I did it and I was like okay. So it's fine everywhere. I wasn't ally or do you just think he was just kind of like Did know kind of what was happening. He was an old man that was clueless. And it was in a until it's fine. It was great it was like all I got something it was like something is given to me so then. I moved back to Texas and so for like three or four years. Trying to get my. Id changed say at Texas. Because I happen to once live in Texas under a different name. Anytime they pulled up my social security it came up as travis and not Kennedy so so they wanted a legal document from court saying that my gender has been changed so I had a fight back and deal with that and I was like I'm not paying all this money to go to court for my gender marker to be changed when everything on everything I have. My Gender Marker Changed. My passport everything. The government looks at me a female. Why can't the state of Texas and so I had to go through a law firm that did on pro bono work and they wrote up the paperwork and I sent him to send it to us into a judge and it took about a year for them to actually look at it and they finally looked at it and the judge assigned was he basically was like? You've already been living like this. Everything's changed but the Texas is being stupid so he was just like here. He signed it and it was just like nothing But there's so many people that don't have that luxury that I've had I've always had Being in the right place at the right time are doing the thing at the right place the right time in my whole life in my whole career it's always been shaped and molded by Trans Women. Who and Trans Women of Color? I should say club molded me as a trans person so everything I do and no is owed to buy Trans Women of Color. Here's how I look at it so when I was in Houston doing drag on how to drag family. I'm that I left Houston in Chicago on transition and that's how I met Riina and Angelique and it became this whole thing I adopted. I was adopted into a whole nother drag family so and a lot of ways I HAVE A to drag families but one like my Houston. Family is more so they know the old part of me whereas Angelique and the Monroes is it was for me to be on stage whereas Mike Houston Persona taught me how to do make address and then Chicago taught me how to be an entertainer. Much fun hanging out with you and and And Raina in the CARBS and it just around and causing a commotion. We'll get your video camera and start filming. Shit and it was it was it was really just a wonderful time to be alive and and to be around and you know. I miss those days terribly because it was a lot of freedom there. Oh Yeah it's like I tell my husband's like like people always go. Do you Miss Chicago. I Miss Chicago tremendously for the fact that I miss my friends that I created there because I moved to Chicago not knowing a soul I left Chicago knowing so many wonderful people and that I call my friends this day. Chicago is such a beautiful city. it's it's so beautiful it's so different and so unique and that's why. I tell my husband about the club scene just for example like going to the Green Dolphin on a Monday night to just listen to house music and I I know I know heart but you know what I'm saying but you know what I'm saying. The thing is like you had like for me back. In that day I never had a weight in a line to go into a bar or a club. Like someone knew who you were and you got put into a club. You didn't pay an entry fee. You didn't have to do all that stuff. Like it was fat. Was like that those days. It's like so now I see so many bars in gay clubs just disappearing are being reformed or whatever and it's just like in you see drag shows that are all about hiring ru Paul's girls and there's something about Trinity The top ranks isn't that AM I. Right Tuck Taylor. Tt Yes yes trinity Who Admire is. She's always talking about. Tip Your local entertainers anywhere. She's at I see a video. She's talking about tip your local entertainer support drag Best stuff that is just priceless to me. And so Dragging a lot of ways as you know I can go i. I don't do drag to make lots of money and in to me. It's never been about money. It's about just being able to perform an express yourself and I may be Megan. Fifty dollars for booking when the rupaul girl that comes into town from the new season has not even been seen on TV. And she's getting her full booking free at a bar down the street. So what is I mean working these days? I'm sure a lot. I don't know exactly. Let guidance within the wing. Yes but you don't have to pay and there was a girl from this season and appeared club on Friday night. No one knows who she is. She wasn't even on the first episode. Either so you don't even know who she is like. You don't even get to know her. They did a viewing and then had her perform. And it's like but we don't even know who she is. Well did people turn out to see her. I don't know I think it's a co- Zia before become hot. Yeah again is is like you know. I think the positive thing that I see down the highway is that we're going to start seeing other ways for marginalize artists to be celebrated and lifted. And I it just you know if you Paul's drag race this season really. I'm mark thinks that there's a I'm just saying there's no secret Teddy Queen. I'm hoping hiding and they can only disappoint for so long. Eventually they're going to have to answer that call and that call is liberate. The brass yes. I agree I hope so. I mean you know. I've always admired rupaul. There's some things were Paul does that. I don't agree with the things he says but he's also I've also some of the Queen's that come from the show I feel like do so much good for so many things There I mean I mean for example. Look at Nina West She's very vocal about things. She was an activist before she went on the show So it was. It was great to see someone like her who I've always idolized and admired from afar. I've never met her but my husband was used to be friends with her and so when he lived in Columbus. So those are the kind of things that you know. I love seeing but this queens like Alaska who I feel like is doing a lot of things special for not I mean she had a contest In La that featured trans women performers and drag Queens in club King? Yeah she just did a whole different thing and I admire stuff like that. So listen as long as you can create a path to celebrate the misfits. The square pegs around hold world the the gender nonconformists the eccentrics the the children who sparkle and beat to a different drum. That's all we can really ask for and able to do that anymore. And and all the people that you have on your show whether they're you know a podcast or Rupa's drag races just a clone somebody else then it true it makes us not want to be so passionate about it you know so if drag race wants to stay in business the gotTa do it or. I'll see you at the Museum of Television. Yes and that's what and that's what I thought that was gonna be like and then I feel like drag started to convert to be like Boo Paul's drag race in his third season with Landon. I actually just turned it all hours just like I felt like it was forced. I felt like some of the Queen's on the show were forcing their to be in that box of weird when they're not really we're I don't know I just and just the the scope of how was film season to like. We dived into a little bit better production than we did in the one so I didn't mind season two so much but season three hours. Like Oh my God here we are. We're going to work room just like we do on route. Paul not now like season one where we go on a tiny ass dresser ram and it's seedy a looks like a dump about each other. Vivacious feels very strong. My friend vivacious. From you Paul's drag race. She feels very strongly about the fact that the torture physically tortured. The drag Queens. She won't she won't WanNa Watch if he was taking fear. What is that? Fear factor and tighter. Who's a drag king? One of the challenges that they had was to eat a goblet full of live spiders. So yeah I remember that part of it is like what does this have to do with anything but you know I know it is it gets people tuning in and I think it's fun and I do feel that the belay brothers in their heart and their core really understand that dragons are an art is subjective. They say that in every yes owed and they have a good head on their shoulders. Good heart and I feel like they're more amenable to figure things out but I want to me is like it's a big world. The market is still not supersaturated. It's still enormous. Oh No yeah I mean look at pizzas for example. I remember when peaches was on the show. And we would talk to Pete. And she'll be doing these shows. That are like crazy in San Francisco and now you look at her. And she has all these rupaul. Girls with her on the stage doing these shows. And they're selling out and their traveling and their touring and they're doing things that probably peaches never even thought of before. I mean so in that way like when I see that are when I watched Dragulescu and I see her. Judging I'm this like oh I know keyed said I don't know pizzas like we're not see her at a show. She would remember you for sure. She might speak for pizzas but I love beaches area when I just like. Ooh which she comes close to me. Yes and so. Those are things that Like Margaret Show when I interviewed her the second time which was years later She remembered me. She knew who I was. She was like here. I'M GONNA put you in connection with Delapraz people so you can try to get Cindy lauper and we are in the locker and she had something happen or something came up or whatever and I couldn't but you think about that like you said earlier how those all came into play like. Who could you do that with now? It's like pulling teeth. Even ask a Rupaul girl they WANNA come be on your podcast. Yeah even the first eliminated. Queens have contracts preventing them from do all kinds of shit girl. You shouldn't have signed that contract. I you know you can't say Shit. Now and part of it is like listen. You know what it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. I don't hold it against anyone but you don't either contract or solve. Hell now it's like you know. Juju be Hosted the transgender erotica awards for like three years and I got to work with her. And I get a lot of insight about the rue rupaul process and I know she told me things that you're not even allowed to say even these many years later like the secrets and stuff like that she's like I never public and talk about things. But there's only like all these I'll tell you this. There's a lot of people I can't talk about this other production and I'm like I don't think it's a secret how reality. Tv shows work anymore. Where yeah? I don't know anybody who feels like if your conversation is about you. Know centered around how Rupaul drag races. Failing Trans Women or if your conversation is about the mechanisms of reality TV show. You're not doing it right. It has to be about your story your journey as an artist. The work that you make outside of that show and that's really not interested in what I don't WanNa hear about which cameraman had sex with him. I don't really care I don't care about You know and and and you know for somebody to think that that's important or interesting. I think they don't understand. What drag Queens are about to begin with no I agree. I agree and I think and people don't know how can you as a transfer some watch proposed drag race. I'm watching it for entertainment. I'm not watching it because I'm mad because there's not a trans person on the show I look at. I look at it like this. You know eventually something's going to happen. It's going to be another show is formed. Or something's GonNa come out of it. Maybe not Rupaul. Maybe something else but I look at it like this. Is that you you have to just like the problem. Is We want to attack every little thing nowadays and we don't we want to attack each other in our own community and we don't want to sit down and try to find the love between everything and the loved that that was my dog. Yes and then the love between Assets people in humans. And that's a that's another reason why I just wanted to come back and do the show with you guys because yes we had a falling out but do I. Did I ever hate you? Guys know about it a really strong at the time. But you know now. It's like you know what I have. Lots a love for exactly what you did because I owe a lot of things to being on that show. I O friendships. That had because of that show. So it's like I cannot deny that show and as much as I wonder if the process that you know there's a little part of me that always would go listen to it when I was mad because I want to listen. I guess because I always wanted to hear fausto voice because there's something about Fastow's boys moving cast is over you forever an an a deep cosmic way. And we're you know we're just a attached and some atomic level and you love mark. I love going out. See we'd go out see. We used to talk. Yeah Jerry but what about that diner? We used to go set the E. Yes we used to go. The Golden Nugget out at the time a loved that We do the numbers we used to get kicked out of those old. Oh No Fausto. Commerce are asking US. Take pictures of me a march together. Let's talk about some. Let's talk about something that we were eating ice cream cones soft serve ice cream. Sounds like do time? You know this is by Hanania. Yes that was very sexual still though I was like expressing myself but yeah the world so I just have to say that's what I WANNA see. I just wanted to see I would love to see like everybody not hate each other and just like just. I'm brace all the difference is that we have as queer people gay people online area. Trans people whatever. It is thinking you've got to find that common bond. You're all fighting for a good cause and you're all human beings like that's where everything lies you know this year. I'll turn forty so it's Kinda like I've spent half of my life as a trans woman and I've seen so many things chains it's like I tell Young Trans People tell them story about you. Know the thing to do to transition and get pill than all this stuff and they're just like Brown. You had to do that if I had. Any wasn't fair but are also looking at a row. I didn't have anything handed to me in the sense how to work for and so feel like my transition is in a sense you know. I got lucky I was like I said I was in the right place right time. Always meet the right people that help them shape and mold me so he's a very lucky person. I'm very remember. Sometimes after I told my grandparents I've heard all my family I transitioned. My grandma will be watching law and order all the time and some trans character beyond their murdered and she'd calming are you okay because Trans Personnel Law and order. Jad and I'm worried about you. I mean but like I said that she would be like that. But it's like tell tell my grandma Write a book I told my grandma one day she got mad at me and I said you know nothing about how hard my life has been and I said I said I've had a gun to my head. I said I've had I've been robbed. I've been molested I've been raved I've been homeless. Oh but I've never let those horrible things that happen to me reflects how I live my life or I'm always trying to be positive. Even when I'm not in that frame of mind I try to do my life and Sometimes it's very hard but We go back to. And that's why I think kings and Queens and this whole album as it's about that for me it's about the comeback but also it's about giving birth to a different generation Something that I was taught and and and how I look at my life you know so for me I have no shame of being born a boy Or my birth name and stuff like that so for me. It's like I love where I came from and where I'm going and where I've been so that's what the comeback album is going to be about. It's going to be some fun stuff but it's also going to be something that I talk about or thinking about. That are really impactful in a sense that I want people to hear it. Thank you so much for talking to us. I know you gotta get to work today years. I do go to ours but I sure am glad to. Yes anytime anytime and tells the purse sized honey for your email and I just wanna I just WanNa tell all the pizza fund bans Who still contacts me are follow me. It's very special that they still follow me throughout these years. Because there's a part of who I it's part of a great time in my life that I had and so I'm glad did thank you for saying that and I'm sure the Israeli appreciates either really wants my heart to hear you say that because I really you know. Our audience really is an incredible audience. And we wouldn't be able to do is to somebody like you. I mean what was that twelve thirteen years ago and then to still be here. Twelve thirteen years later into into reconnect with you and this. Now we've been friends on facebook probably four or five years now but it was. It was so nice to get you back on the podcast and to be able to reminisce about old times and just to talk about your amazing journey as an artist as a creator of content as a drag queen as a trans advocate. I'm really just. It makes me proud to know you thank you. I'm proud to know you guys because Y'all also are innovators and have launched things for a lot of people and then things creators yourselves you know. And that's what's great about us. I wish soft serve ice cream right now. I know when I come to Chicago to visit. We are GONNA go get an a place that does dip cones like deering lean Ooh I love Gelato. Fancy schmancy ice cream. But with the the the dip the deer yes abs- yes the B2b to be to even though it's just mostly wax with a little bit of chocolate in it. I love it Kennedy. Thank you so much for also a mentoring so many young people over the years at your job and as a trans woman out in the world. I think you know we don't we? Don't thank people algebra people in workplace environments in corporate environments enough. And and I really you know as somebody who's shares a similar role as you do. I really appreciate what you do for the people in your job. Thank you I do too. I just I people always meant toward man held with me. I'm like that's excellent. I mean that's the best thing I can give. Someone mentor them. If it's drager it's in transitioning or if a thin questions about life. It's just like I could tell you my story. I don't think it's going to be your story but if it helps you. I think we all learn from everybody else and I just feel like being a mentor or something I was meant to be but also So many people influenced me and mentor me. So it's my it's all it's the best thing to do is that we give back to our own people in our own community and you know you never know when someone's struggling to find themselves and maybe something you did Made them see something in them. I I know importance. I always got told that you know you know what I was always told I was ugly or was fat or something watching you on film just made me realize it. Okay I can love myself for who I am. And that's something I took away from. The adult world was is. It didn't matter what size my body with because I've fluctuated and waste during their my Eight or nine years in the industry but I never really with ashamed that my body at any point I have no problem being naked in front of people and so That was the thing that I learned and the reason why I want to say stuff about is because for so long you can still to the state drag pageants or or Drag Queens can find out that you do porn or did porn and they're like Oh for real that's gross but they're on twitter hunting down those those gay boys on the APPS Open that they. You know what I'm saying so it's like it's it's it's it's okay for a gay man to be a porn star but it's not okay for a Trans Woman. Reports are and there's where a lot of the things I've been quiet for so long about not intertwining Kennedy with my adult career because I was like it's going to ruin me if I ever wanted to do something down the road and I've just come to a point in my life where I don't care no more. I WanNa be that mentor to somebody. I want someone. Someone asked me about the porn industry. I'll tell the gritty true facts about it. And I never sugar coder and from scratch surface. Please come I wear will so much for talking to us today. Thank you guys. I love you bye. Thank you and I love you and I think that around what you've done is amazing and I can't wait to see what happens down the road me to me to Kennedy Monroe lives in the suburbs of Houston Texas and the cute little town of Tom Ball. Tom Ball Texas. Rv building her own home with her husband. Yeah that's amazing. Did you hear the birds in the background and the dog and the dog? That's such a great. I'm so happy and I hope that you guys are as as we are right now and. I'm there many times during this conversation that we had with Kennedy where I was like moved to tears about it might be just you know Medication have react Matt full-time and especially you know when I think about her about her with Raina Valentino. Who is a good friend? Sorry we lost her She died she was living with HIV and AIDS for a long time. And I know her organs failed. I'm not sure exactly what caused her death. But I'm sure that probably HIV and AIDS was involved in it somehow. One of the last things Raina Valentino did was to come and do a podcast with us here in Chicago and for people who don't know who Valentino. What she was a big she was a very much loved and celebrated drag entertainer. Trans Pioneer Trans advocate she spoke many times of the gay and lesbian community. Sorry the gay and Lesbian transgender bisexual community center here in Chicago about her experiences and she was striking. She was six or to just gorgeous. Afro Latino Puerto Rican Chicago and and so we had invited Raina to come and do a podcast with us. One last time and she showed up at our home in the buzzer ringing the Buzzer but she was in a wheelchair didn't realize she was in a wheelchair. She it's okay. I'LL CRAWL UP THE STAIRS. And do you know what she crawled up? The somebody dropped her off. She made it to the door. Rang the BUZZER. I need help. Calm bladder we were home. What I was just like why we had no idea at that point in time and that's another thing is like she. She had her. She had heard her knee something happened. She didn't go to the doctor and the next thing you know she was having. She couldn't walk anymore. She didn't have access to good healthcare And the last photos of Raina Valentino that you see on her facebook memorial page. Now are the photos that we were able to take that day when she came in dressed up to nines but in a wheelchair to come to the second floor of our of our apartment who radio here and you know I was just I was the determination she had. Yeah it was not something that we can all bring it into our lives. You know maybe not none of us not all of us obviously are drag entertainers or or trans or non binary people or even you know. There's a lot of heterosexual people. Listen to the show. You can learn a lot about just listening to the stories of these amazing people and how they may not have always overcome some of the obstacles that they did but they still manage to have a sense of optimism sense of resilience the hustle with a capital h. Honey well I'm being your authentic self. You know no matter who you are that strive to present yourself to the world is who you are as very important and subjects. When we tell people to be authentic cells. There's a little confusion about. It is okay to pretend to be somebody else. When you're trying to figure out who you are and in fact Halloween costumes and drag and theater and performance. Art can be a wonderful resource for somebody. Who's trying to find their voice and that's the magic of art. The magic of self expression is that you can be anybody you want to be and if tomorrow you want to be somebody else that's okay to who you are is good enough. That's certainly true. I hope that everybody who may have had a falling out with us and the past is able to listen to the show and I hope that you guys are in a good place. And then your hearts are healed and that you're surrounded by love and happiness and creativity and if you ever want to have a conversation with us we are here for you We're more than happy to listen and come to some understanding of what went wrong. We're never going to ever close the door on anyone because everybody is welcome and the progressive movement now even the Bloomberg Bros. Remind folks that we can't do this yesterday. Sports if you're not a plus member yet sign up today at fees to fund dot com slash plus your contribution to the show is what makes it happen? We rely on your support. We're going to re riposting the the podcast with Raina Valentino on our face a fund plus and our patron pages. Patriot dot com slash. Feast of fun and you can. Also just scroll back into our histories. If you're listening on apple podcasts or Google podcast. Just go back back in the seasons to listen to Raina Valentino's last podcast with us. And we have fabulous t shirts on our store dot com slash store where on social media feeds to fund. Bg See Instagram snapchat grinder. Scruff not really but we. We are on on twitter and Youtube and Graham. Facebook join our group groups at least to fund on facebook and continue the conversation with everyone again. Thank you Kennedy Monroe. Thank you thank you everyone. We're GONNA leave you with her. First Song here VOLUPTUOUS DIV Takeaway Steve Mesmerized Mesmerizing Mesmerizing of twenty to eighteen. Thirty six. Twenty four triplex down walking down looking next phase three legs.

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