Caught Offside: USWNT preview and USMNT real time reaction


Caught offside with Edry gumming and. JJ. Davani. Offside from the Upper West side of Manhattan, Andrew gun link. JJ davani. What's up brother? I'm okay. I was a bit concerned. When I got into the studio this evening to see you staring wishfully out the window. I was on the phone, and that's my phone spot. Okay. Looks like your side deep in contemplation, almost like the words, I live. I live deepen contemplates. Sure. But the words of Christian Erickson had to well, it'd be I didn't need that. You've been reflecting on the weekend because I do feel as if you're your emotional support group, were our listeners a the not a watch party watch party. Right. The Harry lemon. I'm once they were gone, and couldn't serve you liquor anymore. I mean Andrea from North Carolina was almost like I know a personal support liquor guy for you. You're right. And then like it was a good place to be after having lost a game like that, despite the fact that it was a lot of Liverpool fans. A lot of Spurs fans there, which is like it's important because misery loves company, and, and the last few days, you had a chance to reflect in in solitary confinement. And, and you lean on the things that, that help you through like, you know, so American soccer fans of teams that play in Europe. You have to find your own community. It's not like when I'm an eagles fan in Philadelphia. Open my front door. And I'm among my people as Tottenham fan, like I know Spurs fans are out there in force in this country. But you gotta, you gotta find a way to build your community. And podcasting is, is everything. Sure, so you listen to the podcasts of your guys talking about it, and like, you know, that's. To feel that community. I'm sure you've been going Liverpool crazy in the same way talking to people and listening to stuff Liverpool content. My father who's on vacation in in lovely dairy today. Tax migos the weather's not great hair. But white, what does it matter? When you're the champions of Europe, that was the takes point. Yeah. Also, it's in terms of podcast. It's downloadable therapy. Now, I would say you surely must have been lifted by that, excellent performance by the US under twenty's yesterday. It's amazing now. Look, nothing is going to in the immediacy is gonna like make up for, for Spurs losing Champions League final, but it is amazing house is like all right back at it. There's no like that was the end of the club season. And in any other like walk of life. There's now a break of some kind not for us. It's like I'm looking at my run down here of everything. We're gonna talk about tonight and it's, it's. Like in the summer it only especially here in the US where the international game is the game kind of. Yeah. No, no offense MLS but I'm just offense book, but, you know, how US soccer is it's the show. So, like, there's, there's really a shocking amount to talk about that was at the start of the podcast, the third, the winning goal that you heard there for the US under twenty's as day surprise really surprised France in, in an awesome game, which we'll talk about. We also are obviously going to talk about the women's World Cup. Because I, I believe this will be our final podcast before the US is first game. So we have a little look forward. Yep. We've selected some contenders. We're gonna talk about the US women obviously, although I'm at the point where I need them to kick a ball in anger in this tournament before I can make any more judgments on the know. And also, we look at a dark horses, we selected our own individual dark horses. My dark horse, not going to tell you what it is yet, but it's a team that even if you don't think they're gonna go far in this tournament or go to the final or win it their most watch. And then I'll tease this straight out right now because. I know if people come to us for this kind of thing, but I wanna make sure people know that we are going to address it. My red card tonight is the name our situation because I feel like it's the thing that, that bears mentioning and, you know, I there's like weird complexities to it. And it's something that I feel like we gotta talk about. So you'll be right now if they if you're really, if like you're downloading this for that, then you can fast forward right now, because you can I can guarantee you that will be on the podcast later. Okay. But we start JJ with all the USA stuff because they're so much of it. No. So we're sitting here right now. It's eight oh, seven eastern time. The US in Jamaica men are at the half. Currently. It's nil nil. So I figure this would be kinda cool for us to almost just give a running commentary, as we're going through the podcast. We have the game on two monitors right in front of us where we can just sort of give live commentary on the podcast of what we're seeing I'll say this. From what we saw in the first half, not good. It was a truly disconcerting performance in a way that I don't I don't necessarily know we've seen so far under bear halter. They've had some games where it's been shaky at times, but not like this Zach, Stephan didn't look great. Almost caught out for an attempt from midfield for Jamaica, had another one that he flubbed that almost created another scoring chance for Jamaica, if Jamaica were just like a little bit more. What's the right where I was gonna say competent around goal that feels a little bit harsh but yeah, essentially, then this, the US could be in a real hole right now in the US wasted some chances of their own? What is good job to that? It's one and just Dorf. It's probably two way until Dorf. So there's probably no chance that the. Brains trust. They are watching this on Seoul after Stephen's move. His loan move from his. Yeah. Yeah. To desseldorf. So they're about to kick off the second half right now. So we obviously are going to keep one eye on that. And we will just twenty plus about the you twenty s because that was such a fun, such a fun game from them. And I wanted to ask you right out of the gate about it because I saw you had not a back and forth. But you responded to one of my favorite US. Soccer Twitter accounts, Arthur, Cogan. He's great. And you his assessment was that the US not only was it like a fun win. But they deserved it because they really took it to a what we would say is probably a better French team. Yes. At times throughout that game. But you took exception with some of that. No, no, no. I just taught E ON and to be fair to Arthur did clarify, what he meant pheasant the second half. And particularly after the second goal after France went to one up the US played with bit more abandoned. I didn't think they. Dominate France by any measure. In fact, there was a period when I thought France, we're going to pull away particularly in the at the start of the second half. But this was the perfect blend of what the US is that French team has players like diabe, who was twenty five appearances for PS g senior, you know, their first team, they've got zag do who. All right. Maybe not didn't have a great time Russia Dortmund, but it was starting for them for a period during the bonus season. There's a lot of US players that aren't at that stage yet. And this is a French team dot is better than these US tame. But what does US team did was marry two things that are absolutely crucial Andre? If you look at the goals, look at the opener, it's a turnover on its grit run by at the desma, and then a perfectly weighted pass. So that is marrying commitment, unskilled together. And that's what all those US goals war. No, they got a lot of look on the winner. But if you watch the lead up to it we're winning our tackles. If you watch the lead up to the equalizer. On that wonderful piece of skill from way to slide in social. Again, we're winning our tackles actor had an ex g graph, which I, I mean said that France had magically the better ex expected goals. But I mean, on the preponderance of chances, I thought it was pretty even to be fair. I taught France were. Less of a team, then our team were less less cohesive less committed on look, I'm gonna play a cook from Julian Ron know who kind of backs up what I'm saying here. It is not an insult in the international game to be, you know, nobody's patting you on the head and say, no, you're grittier more of a team we have in this site, a nice marriage of skill way assault. The desma on a nice, kind of complement of the classic things that we socio what you a soccer, which is never giving up grittiness gaudiness on, I think this is what Julian speaks to a love that phone three of Conrad. La Fuente Tim way, I'm and so two. Depend really, well, you saw you saw on the to go and especially the movement of the boat through the I thought the intent. And again, just to come on my last point, the men quantity for the US team, togetherness and the father fight. Each other and play for each other. And the level is a key part of what you can offer. It totally is, I'm always going on about the Liverpool midfield. It's not the most creative midfield in the world. But it wins it's tackles and gets the ball to the players who can do the dangerous things. There's nothing wrong with that. But the idea that we, you know, we pass them off the pack in, in the traditional sense of dominating team, simply isn't true. There are still some failings there. Look at the goal we gave way for the equalizer right before halftime. Like the ball is coming to the left. Cited para can't remember who it was right. No doesn't really matter. And he just shanks it gives it straight back. He's out a position on the French are in our goalkeeper comes out leaves the whole goal open instead of just banking on his defender closing angle. And there we are. It's one in the flash of a night. This French team are, are much more experienced. We still have that naievety that's gonna make teams you know, you're still going to concede to goals like the French promise. Great gritty performance married with the skill needed to be. Team like France. No problem saying that. And you know there were moments throughout that, like, really exemplified. What you're talking about exact marriage, even the third goal like you said there, you know, it took some, some luck like it was poor goalkeeping back in the ninety something or the eighty something bomb and forward to blast one but e-, but like you say in the build up like a great ball. Who was it was at Linas, who came in who played a great ball, and then palm Cole was kinda slow to react? But still the grittiness announce a fifty fifty he wins it correct. You know. And then we, then we see again. Okay. So now a blast from about thirty yards out. It's blocked but there's was way, who then collected the that one and then fired his own shot on target. And then like more grittiness Renick's never gives up on the play. He's right there to pounce doesn't get the keeper a chance to to grab that rebound. So, you know you saw that throughout and you need that international levels, not the highest level of football guys. That's not even the highest level of football. Those guys will have played this year. I'm saying that right now. You could see it with the French they're not cohesive. They're not a union. They played like individuals. Our guys were much better to drill Tab Ramos deserve credit for that takes a lot of flack he deserves some credit here. And, you know, we have to say I mean we've spoken this long about it without really talking about the performance from Sebastian Soto. Who was he was fantastic? He's the best player falling over to finish ball that I've ever seen. You're right his first goal. Her son like a diving curler put bulk goals. But what's, what he's trying to do is open up his body's quite correctly, so he can find the fire corner an Andrew. He did it every time. And the second one I thought I thought his first touch one way, a play at him in which was the bodies wave of way on the outside of the foot pass. If you're Celtic fan watching that you're absolutely spitting fire at NEA Lennon for the way this kid was treated. He is on get your checkbook out. A good coach will make him into a brilliant player sold it. They right place, right, time bit of goosey, I touch, but it actually brought him in front of the French defender. On in classic fashion falls over as he finishes. But he's an excellent finisher from what we've seen so far. Just a good bunch of guys. Now I'm about to temporal not can do this very quickly. If Bobby warshaw. Yeah. Bobby show that soccer. Yeah. Earnest young man of MLS as I as I described him. He painted Nexen blog piece about this. Current u twenty team and the previous psychos that reached quarter finals and challenge the general view that, that automatically bay, the fact of its almost exclusive European base excetera are not. It's not European-based, but obviously that it doesn't have a US college base at all. It's all over pro base, that this team is an indicate or the vast drives, you a soccer's mid one of his opinions that rang true to me was this, the idea that recent u twenty World Cup results. Make some sweet sweeping statement about the state of soccer in the country is precarious not to mention the question about whether you twenty World Cup results matter at all. Like what do mean you always say, we want our guys plan I football. Can we go wherever they are? We're just the current gap in perception happen. Then it seems to me that there. Two big things that play huge role look at how many team teenagers we have New York right now. Maybe the fact that more players on the current U US under twenty team play in Europe than than ever before Carlisle, declare quality. Maybe Alex Mendez Richie Desmond Sebastian soda who play for Freiburg PSV and Hanover. Respectively are better than failed. Hiber question star just who played at UCLA Seton Hall, and Clemson, heading into the World Cup are maybe the world is more globalized, now, maybe European team spend more on scouting and people travel more does the number of European players in does the number of players in your in Europe indicated change in player quality aren't change in the way, the world works, right? Like it's hard to me to say right now that any of those players are automatically going to have a better career the benefit harbor, Sasha question hot registered. We need to ran it in bit as well. You know, we've had three very good cycles before at u twenty level. Getting quarterfinals. I get what you're saying. However, like you're right. You can't predict if the desma will be. Don't. You're right. But, but you have to say, though, that this is now what we've wanted US soccer to be. Yes, are the track that these guys are on will hopefully get them to a higher level quicker. Yes. Look, it's not gonna be the case for all of them. But I think these, you twenty World Cups are to try to identify a couple guys that could make a real impact quickly like the World Cup qualifying cycles going to start soon. And these guys when the next world, couples around, many of them will be in their early part of their prime age wise. So you'll you'll see some of these guys like I thought Chris Richards in an area right now in central defence for the US that is, it's up for grabs, like, we think we're identifying certain young players like meows, go who will make an impact may be Carter Vickers. But it's upper grabs right now, especially if John Brooks can't stay healthy so all Richard's, playing well and his move to Germany, like these are these are good signs for this young team right now. The right culture that you're trying to build. Yeah, I just think you know, we should be excited about it, but. We shouldn't go over the top with it. Because we we have been here before. Yeah. But that was interesting. What you read 'cause I, I understand a lot of that because he that is what it's just what we've wanted to see from the US, and it's coming to fruition guys who are playing professionally younger rather than playing in a lower level, which is really what college is. Sure. You just want like me. You always say we I think any team that came in for Christian, pulisic, we wanted to make sure that he was going to be playing weakened weak. Oh dot remains the case. By the way, I don't know if you were just watching, but I think it was well trap who just had a terrible giveaway in an awful spot for the US led to a two on one for Jamaica couldn't tell who it was. But the shot was put on that it was safe nicely. But had had a pass made could have been one on one with the keeper. It was I think if it wasn't, we'll trap people will know by now. I'm sure who it was. I thought it was him. But yes is every time I look over, I I'm just like not seeing good things happening. Yeah. We're approaching the hour and it's still in the I mean this game look alternately. This is not look at the. Quad that's out there tonight. This team was not necessarily put out there to win this game. They're put out there. Forbear halter to try to figure out who's going to be on the rest, who's gonna fill out this roster know how many guys who started tonight will be starting the first game of the Gold Cup. But maybe Paul Arriola I don't know, maybe miata maybe maybe sergeant you think I don't think so that was surprise me likes them. He wants to get him. I think I think he'll make the squad. But he's I don't think he'll be starting the first game. I think that's still Josie outdoor spot. But I think he can well we're going to get into inaccurate noble positions, but I think he complained a different position just off the strike. He doesn't have to be interesting. Revolutionary even. Oh my goodness. Oh Lord, almost just curled one in from about twenty out. You can watch box sports one right now time. I look over man. It's just like Jamaica. They're doing something, they're generating saving going. They've been good much-maligned on this podcast. Jamaica, I remember getting emails, not so long ago truck don't talk about them enough. And when we do say, we should beat them off time, you gotta give me this oppor-. Yeah. You, you haven't learned the lessons of past are Airlie. All right, JJ. Let's start talking now about the women's World Cup because it begins begins this Friday where the home nation. France will kick things off against South Korea. I believe let's start with the US are women in action. Coming up next Tuesday, we have it, broken down into a couple of different categories here. The first one being who is your key player for this team. And this is such a difficult question to ask, because there's so many like they're all keep there's so many great players are so many timeless dairy player for me. I've been consistent with this one. I wonder if we say the same. No, we couldn't be saying the same thing here, Meghan, repeat. Alright different. She remains thirty three the creative hope of the team at the last World Cup. She had created the most chances for the team prior to the quarterfinal win over China, which he missed and we all panicked. I remember panicking with you. How are we going to break this team down? We won't kneel in the end. But still that's the kind of creative fulcrum. She is. And I know spoke Tobin, he taken that on, but I still think that Tova needs emergence at thirty one my God. But you know what? I mean, we feel as if Tobin heath is no coming of age more, and that can happen to former players, but she's decides defacto number ten brilliant set piece deliveries. The supply line for that attack thirteen goals on seventeen assists for the US sense. Seventeen dot is just incredible production. I personally don't believe the US women's national team can retain the World Cup without her in top form. This is what she told ESPN. I don't feel like we're defending that twenty fifteen title but I think we defend everything all the time. I think we're seeing one of the most consistent teams and sort of historically one of the best teams in the world. So I feel like we're always wanting to keep the place in the world. But it feels like honestly totally different team. Obviously the ones that were there. We sort of know that we have that. But you don't get any extra points for defending anything in the. Past you need to go win. Another one, Meghan repeat for me. So I'm actually going to go with Lindsay Horon for some of the same reasons that you won't with negative repeal. No. Can I can I say if that was an ardent it will be the Horan. Well, I mean, you're the same guy who refers, the last name Mahoney is Manny, Manny. Yeah. How on coastal is costal really? I actually the other ones, I think you're crazy. But that one, I like more Costello. Yeah. Yeah. Flows better. It does flow better because maybe we're saying it right. See, I went with Lindsay haram because ultimately, you're right. Megan repeal is certainly a creative hub on the team. But she his she is certainly not the only one, I think, haram is now becoming more that player she plays more centrally Renault's typically now more out on the left side. Haram is more in the middle. And I think from what we've seen from her, it's hard to know exactly how, and WFL performances will translate into the. The women's World Cup but twenty four years old. I just feel like this could be the moment where she establishes herself as the next true. Great American player n VP of the NWF L last season. Fourteen goals letter team to the championship where they lost North Carolina. She's got the ability from midfield to control the game. She makes the attack for the US work. At least that's how it's appeared to be during their lasts. Several natch is here's what Jonathan tannin walled wrote about her in the Philadelphia Inquirer. He's I he's talking about. He says Lavelle Lavelle passing skills maker, the American's best pure number ten while harangues mix of scoring passing defensive work maker, the team's best overall player that is high praise if the US wins, it's all if the US wins it all and haram is used to her full potential, she'll become the favourite to win fica player of the year. Wow. I mentioned how she's only twenty four but really JJ she's an older twenty-four. We're talking before about young American players on the men's side now making the move straight away. To europe. You don't see that much on the women's side you did with her. She was a piece g at eighteen years old. She went up to PS g so she she may be twenty four but she's like a seasoned pro. So I think this is her moment. I really do by the way, things have happened. Jamaica have scored sweet Lord on the hour. One nil. Jamaica, I'm and you know, thankfully, you know that US soccer Twitter will react with grace, patients. Jeff Carlisle, Shomar Nicholson, with an absolute laser past Steph and that had been coming for a while, as Jamaica, his look, the more threatening side, especially this half. Yes, cosign. By the way, how would you describe Manchester are? How would you pronounce Manchester United legend? Kevin m or a n I would you says last night, ran home. God. Let's move on. Morin. I mean, what do you want me to say Mr. alga minium, we have to get Lindsay Lindsay Orrin on the show? I'm gonna talk about investigator riders passed on the on the wish pronounces her name. All right. The next question here JJ for the US woman. What is your greatest strength? The team can't keep saying this and I don't know what else I can say it's the attack yet it's comfortably the attack. I read an article today which which really stated at perfectly. The US have more attackers than they know what to do with, or that they can fit on the field rather as a better way. 'cause I'm sure jealous Norsar preferred attack. But there are spaces there were players who will sit on the bench who would start for every other country. Oh and this tournament. And by the way, not just start for them. But then that may be like the second or third best attack in turn, fright dot his house stocked. We are. So it's the attack for me on this podcast. You've heard speak ad nauseam about it. I don't know what ester is to say, I will save a little bit because we talk about weakness. His later on. And I've, I've tried to come up with something else on it maybe slightly linked to that. Okay. Yeah. I mean the US over their last five games they've scored twenty two goals. They're averaging over four goals a game heading into this competition. So that is always good. Yeah. The three that you talk about. So I mean upfront obviously Morgan in the middle and then Regina out on the left heath out on the right. But the three that can come off the bench Carli Lloyd, Mallory Pugh, Kristen press, like it's impress Kristen press, maybe not so much. Mallory Pook Pugh, because Mana refused kind of just broken in over the last few years. But Kristen press who was around in, in twenty fifteen. She must think is my chance ever gonna come to, to lead this team as goalscorer probably it's going to take few more years. Yeah. I mean, I don't know some of it may be like how many years does Meghan repeat? No have Carli Lloyd, while she is a sub she's thirty six. So this will probably be her last World Cup in have to assume JJ I'm just looking we'll get back to the us woman a sack, but I'm just looking at more reaction or what are you doing? Well, I mean, people are by the time this is out the US, Jamaica game will be over. Played poorly. So people who are downloading this podcast right now. Think that we've done some kind of USA day. Yeah, I know we have we do have to talk about it. People are going to be listening to this thing that we will. I mean, the number one fiend right now from people is just the sloppiness in possession. Our friend, Tom fits, text me, who are these guys. They can't pass fi verts. Yeah. Again, I guess the only thing that I can lean on here in the US do have another tuneup match against Venezuela before the Gold Cup actually begins. But you just have to keep telling yourself that this is not this is not the team. So for whatever freak out and panic. There's going to be in the wake of this game. You just have to remember, do you see Weston mckennie out there? I don't do see Tyler Adams. I don't see Christian pulisic, no. Like this is not. So yes, this is bad. You know, I also don't want to be patronizing to Jamaica, who have played very well in gold cups past and have been thought. In the American side. But yeah, this is just see that kind of sloppiness in possession is something that you just it's a bear, even when we have our full team out. We can't keep the ball like we'd like to so so we'll continue to watch this in the sixty fifth right now. I'm not watching it. I'm focusing. Okay. All right. Last question here for the US women. So we talk about their strength, which is for I say that it is for both of us have pretty easy question. We both agreed that it was the attack this one, I thought was really difficult identifying their biggest weakness. Yeah, I'm gonna start unsafe two things. The first one defensively. We've already said this team hasn't been stress tested defensively, and that remains the case qualifying a little bit on the road but in the Shebaa Cup not so much our issues over the fullbacks on a converted fullback, and crystal Don remain one that I pondered Andrew, I pondered Judy arts amid feeder now bushy amid. Feeler because that is your best position, or is it a means to screen that defense Gillette's aware that it's not arts going to come under duress on? They're going to need a defensive midfielder in there, allow me to add one more concern to the makes that isn't defence or goalkeeper which we spoken about before the US attack. Is it strength? But it is only scored once in its last four games on European soil. We're going to France. I two that, that Alex Morgan a goalscoring centurian scored once in the last tournament didn't have great Olympics. She have something to prove now she was playing hurt. If I can refresh correctly yet. Just saying, I'm right. Totally it's kinda hard to pick deficiencies. So, and ultimately, that's the thing is even their greatest weakness is still, it's still a position of strength is half defined picking now. So here's my thing, and I'll go to a similar area of the field that you just talked about. I'm gonna read now from Caitlyn Murray, who wrote this yahu sports, also a great book out about the US women, which I recommend but she writes that, she said the team's fullbacks are converted forward to bomb the field the center of the pitch doesn't have a stay at home. Holding midfielder, as Julia's encouraged to fly forward and my madness. The Americans undoubtedly are going to score goals, and France. That's what they're built for the question is how much they will concede in the process after all, despite everything. Jill ellison. Tried one simple. Soccer truth remains bunkering often works, that's especially true, when the defending team could be quick on the counter-attack Caitlyn Murray, Allardyce there or Caitlyn Murray, soon Haga from the way that. Has approach exactly past, but you do at points in the tournament unimportant, ornaments both men's and women's whatever grid, you do have to be pragmatic. I mean, remember what Sweden did it? It's the reason hope solo was basically kicked off the team when she call them cowards afterwards when they put ten players in front of the net she said it wasn't football. I mean like you sense, the frustration from the US, because they had a hard time breaking through, and like the worry is, you know, teams are going to do that to the US and will they will love the US forward. Like we talk about Juliet's, okay? Yeah. Maybe she's a shield for the defense, but she's also an attacker. I know. But so all the sudden are you gonna look at the middle of the field? And see no one there. And there's going to be, you know to on one opportunities on the counter if they're not careful. Yeah. We remember I think Germany Mexico is the classic counterattacking game that it was in the men's World Cup and your to center mids who are so high up the field get caught by one ball. And then the next thing you're back fours, totally exposed to central. Vendors, I'm thinking if crystal Don goals, wouldn't it be nice for earth's to slide in and fill that gap if Kelley O'Hara goals who's also hasn't played that much because of injury this season can she can Juilliard state across and do that, or at least have someone who's going to do it? That's the proper full non the proper proper football man. If he was managing this team ago, Julie what you're gonna do. You're gonna slow to cross ROY ho the dictate tempo, don't get pulled out a position, won't you know, it's sad that even when we're talking about the American team proper football man is still British. He. Yeah. But you don't want me doing American soccer voice. I really don't. It's humiliating. It's condescending and it's just mean-spirited so, yeah, that would be my biggest concern with the US, because those moments are going to happen. And it's not fair to everyone. We are making this up, though. You're right. We haven't seen it yet, but, but it's not fair. Everyone continues to be putting the spotlight on a listen. There in particular, totally unfair is unfair because she she's not another woman but because she's not hope Solel, right? But the thing that you wonder about okay? So if it's if teams are going to basically say, we have to get the US on the counter there's going to be these long ball moments where you just have to hope that if a listener she's gonna gamble if she comes running out how quick will her reaction time be. We'll she'd be first to the ballers gonna create some frightening opportunities for the opposition. You've got to say her starting position, we want to be, you know, on the edge of eighteen for a lot of the times when we dominate possession games. But again. These are concerns that are I guess we just have to wait and see. And we might not see them until the Sweden game in the group. I can't wait for it to start though it was so much fun for it was, and I do feel like it's one of those where you really grow into it. Consumes you. But you just want to start and especially with the team who are dominant in the region and team that we like that we really love this team. We know all these players, you know, this is a team that has had tremendous success in allows us actually, to be aggregate, because we are good. Right. We designed take off the electric dog collar. Right. We don't need it for this. Because we're proudly arrogant. And now on that note, let's talk about the competition. Okay. So who do you believe the US should be most worried about? I need you to have the Seinfeld drop ready to go. So I'm gonna go with France. Andrew are should I say, Olympic Lyonnais? I'm right. But seriously, France Leon is where the team. Basically, the spine of the team clones from the on the honest, where the final will be on Leon is a club are the powerbrokers of word football right now to me is crazy to look at this stock team of Champions League winners on point Anne, whereas for team that can take back the crown from the US women's national team to me. They are the top of the tree in terms of contenders. Should they both advance in the groups and win the round of sixteen a quarter-final showdown a wits? How unbelievable would that be the spine as I said of this Leon site is the strength of the French site from centre-half Wendy Renard to the best midfielder mortar football? I'm Dina NRI to usually omega front. This is a strong spine as existing in the game. And they are prolific winners four Champions League titles in a rule their home, that brings pressure, but also partisan crowds wherever they go and think, oh, France did in you. Or twenty sixteen. The men all the way to final thing, how the men did twenty years ago or twenty one years ago. Now in France. Like, so the French support will be huge for them on think about else in candidate did have the Canada was acceptable for our American outlaws. There are other challengers, who have legitimate claims to be ready to beat the ends but known ours, well-equipped are in as go to form domestically as they blew. I I couldn't look beyond them, so you're right to do. So I'm looking right now at the odds from Caesar's, right? Win the women's World Cup the US are number one at plus one seventy five France. Our number two at plus three fifty Germany are third plus six fifty. However, if you look at the five thirty eight projections, they give the US an eighteen percent chance of winning the tournament France, they actually give a twenty percent chance. They do have France ahead. And they and then Bernie Sanders firs the bronzes it while Germany. Are here Jan. Then the team that they have fourth at ten percent is, who I have. JJ England now everything you just said about Francis. Correct. Before you begin. Yeah. England or feeling themselves. I've listened to some podcasts. They are feeding themselves ritual, Yankee, their former player had this to say an eight could have been Stuart Pearce Lee Dixon are Well, Paul Merson. Maybe it could have been any of the pundits prior to a men's World Cup. It's down to the players, but they definitely there's no team out. I know Frantz of said it, but there's no team out that England should fit. I think that they can go and play against everybody else. And the, the biggest thing is that every other team knows the England can be a danger and England can be a worry. So I think that confidence in the squad. We'll, she's not she's not wrong now according to fee for world rankings, their third, so. Obviously the US and France and Germany to our great teams. But England field that they're great team to that. The last World Cup was kind of their coming out party, the third in that tournament. Who knows? I mean, they could have wound up in the final had not been for an own goal in extra-time against Japan, which was cruel. But it really was I still think there's three teams ahead of them for this, but they're in, but if they if they wind up in the semifinals, no one will be surprised just in looking at them. I guess if the women that you want to look out for look out for Nikita Paris. She recently actually moved to Leone the team that you've been going on and on about from mentioned, sorry the Champions League winners. Yeah. And I'm taking a player who is now part of that for Manchester City. Nikita pairs thirty three goals in fifty nine appearances Lucy bronze is probably viewed by many as their best player defender, who was really plays all over the place. And Steph Houten will once. Again, be the captain for the single team. They coast through qualifying with the exception of a nil. Nil draw against Wales, but I think the I think the confidence is there. I think they're returning mostly the say a lot of the same players their previous success in two thousand fifteen now like you say with France, it's on European soil. How you know, that may have helped the women for the US last time around that it was in North America that could have a similar effect for England not far trip for their fan base, and they would be a team that I would be fearful of if, if the US. France to also add Germany to. But look, I think they're good. But I'm just I don't know. There was a look you know, I'm an anglophile I but I had help but I'm also I'm in Hsun with the rhythms of English World Cup prep. And some of the little catchphrases shouldn't fear anyone things like that. So you think like the cycle? So all the stuff that happened for England's men's teams in the mid to thousands could now be like, oh, I'm not saying that, like, well, I actually think these things team is better than some of those mid two thousand seems this Englishwomen steam is better balanced bomb, just saying it's, it's interesting to me because the England men didn't they weren't able to truly succeed until there were no longer. Any expectation all the expectations are through the roof that's when they fail. You think that we could be seeing a similar thing now for the England women, the England women need to lose to Thailand or Iceland before they can really rice. And then Jay Jay, the dark horses these quite bright Hough. Is actually when I think about it, and I was listening to the BBC radio five live preview of the whims World Cup. And I was waiting and waiting to hear about the reigning European champions and awaited, and with and finally towards the end, they got a mention, and I thought, why might they be sold down the list so far down the list for discussion there, rather circuitous qualification campaign seems to have taken the dos off the fact that they romped to an outstanding European championship win in two thousand seventeen they went through a fourteen playoff for the final European Bart for the World Cups. I guess people are talking them down a bit. This team plays in the Grand Duchy traditions as wonderful team to watch from an attacking standpoint. They are the team that when the US aren't playing you need to be watching them. They'll combine pass move. Look to play between the lines. Totally enjoy before ball, some of the names, by the way, are, they are owned say household names here in America? But certainly in you. European women's football. They are leak Americans Cherie to spits, Vivianne Vivianne Medina, Daniel Vander, donc, described by one of our own spin articles as the complete McVay lurk, which is hyper is indeed. And of course, Leon's Representative Shani's van de Sandon. They're all top-class midfielder and attacking players. The they have one of the squads at the world cope with an average age of twenty five years of age, you think of where ours is trending. Why not the Iran Jay, why can't they do it? And I went back because I watched the final brilliant, finding against Denmark from twenty seventeen in the European women's championship on this was the final goal in the four to win. Tied together as me she's already schooled once today. Can she sill the deal? In the final Netherlands, champions, a seesaw finalist seem hit, full past and become quiz off your. The new queens of Europe are flying little bit under the radar for a lot of people. Well, according to Caesar's their fifth. So after England the odds for our for the Netherlands, are next I really maybe maybe uncompleted colored by the fact that they are so entertaining to watch on. Maybe the fact that they will concede goals and their cavalier and their attitude is works against them. In terms of the odds. Let's see. JJ. I went with a team that I actually mentioned already, and that is a very familiar foe for the US woman Annette is Sweden who once again, predictably are in the same group as the US because it seems to happen, every single time, really because it almost does JD US and Sweden are grouped together for the fifth straight women's World Cup and the sixth one overall. It's crazy. Now here's the thing, the US storage have a good record against weed and I think it's twenty one wins six losses. But here's the thing. They actually have a three match winless streak against Sweden, including the two thousand sixteen Olympics, where Sweden knocked the US out the earliest they've ever been knocked out in a major tournament, which in the quarter-final left, a bitter taste it really did Sweden's got experienced six players with over one hundred caps, they know how to defend against the US, which we talked about which I it may not make for the most appealing watch. However, it can be effective. They're going to defend like crazy. And if they can get the United States on the counter attack. That is a thing that could potentially happen, especially like we said, if the US are bombing everybody forward fullbacks defensive midfielders Sweden won their group, and UEFA qualifying. They lost just twice in the last year. They are a dangerous team. They shared the Algarve Cup with the Netherlands, I believe. So there is there is reason for concern. I think if you're somebody who is looking at potential dark, horses and bogey teams. For Sweden because they know the US, well, and they've played them well recently, so there you go. Those are teams to look out for. Yep. There it is. It should be fun tournament. We will, of course be doing podcasts after US game. So we'll be here on Tuesday next week to give you a podcast after the, the US and Thailand should be fun, man. My expectations are understandably high. Do you have a pick? You actually wanna make a selection now. To win this not, I don't like to to go against the US by France are gonna win. I do feel that. Well, I'm taking the US. Okay. Does that make me bad guy? No, we're supposed to be objective. And I am I can see that correlated the data and I think it's going to be France. I'm taking the US JJ maybe Scotland gonna Bramante runs final. I'm bothered that the US and France may wind up playing so early in the tournament. What depends maybe Sweden, put the fly in the Altman send a second in the group, which everyone will bemoan initially, but maybe a good way for us to advance the England Belgium. Conundrum in the men's World Cup wrecked which benefited England enormously completely. Right. Let's not go down that road. Again. No, of course not. So it's gonna be fun. We're gonna have coverage throughout the entire tournament. So please stick with us because we're going to have a great time, hopefully will who knows. We might even have more moments like this. Oh space, which came from the two thousand fifteen women's World Cup. We're in the eighty second minute. Andrew Jamaica, still leading one nil. We're going to go into a break now, though. Yep. We got plenty more to go. We've got a big mail bag coming up. We've got to what to watch for red card man of the match and our reaction to whatever continues to happen. The final moments of this US Jamaica friendly, don't go anywhere. Back now. Thank god. We didn't do a pot about this JJ during the break while we're watching the game because we don't have the volume up obvious. We're doing the show. You just kind of casually said to me. Hey, pull up the stats and let's just see what's going on. And I and I did. And at the moment, the shots, which you can't solely go off known. But kind of times it can be telling the shots were twelve to three in favor of Jamaica, four zero on target. The US have not registered shot on target up to this point in the game. This is. Like I said, in the first part, nobody panic. This is not our first team. But this is all as horrifying. I hope you got your tickets cheap for all defeating. Join disappointments onto a mail bag. Sure. Yeah. Co Axial soccer pod. Cutoffs like pot g mill dot com. Coughs ADS PIN on the Instagram gut. Another giveaway is just it is. So sloppy, you know what sloppy is your distraction on this podcast. How dare you? I'm about to do a male bike. Oh. Nobody needs to hear this. By the way, we have we need more followers on Instagram on, on our Twitter. I know we much prefer listeners which we have a lot of. But, you know, go over to our social media and connect with us there. It's, it's a fun and friendly space. Yes, people really responded, well to my emotional breakdown after the Tottenham Liverpool podcast really did. Yeah. They enjoyed the Croke in your voice. We're gonna start with rod Murphy in east Lansing, Michigan. Dear Spurs, Yandi and never welcome on jayjay your horse voices the day after the Champions League final never sounded so good. Sure the game was a scruffy affair both paucity and a dearth of memorable moments but for all of us who have been for years now loyal listeners to the podcast. It was a chance to save her how your shared love of soccer convenes us as a community of listeners, frankly, I am surprised the Harry lemon is still standing. But ideally, wish I could have been there for the event, even if Tottenham and Liverpool never again play for such high stakes may there be Manny more watch parties at which you get to see the loyalty of inspired among. Your listeners. I'm pleased that the off side called continue from all the reports the fans from both teams had a grand time Madrid and that behind a residue of much goodwill. That is very true. Yeah. I've heard that. Yep. Yeah. No. Well, we'll get to some not so much goodwill associated with English fans in a minute, not all rivalries, have to be bitter virtual. So let the ab- Lucians go on. You are each talented individuals. But this crazy partnership you formed has a special chemistry and magic. That is truly remarkable. It's like next year's rat battle is going to have to be like some kind of, you know, friendship rap. Count me in for the next five years of listening. Thank you very much. Mr Rod Murphy, in Michigan. Zach Zimmerman I, I want to say thanks for hosting the Champions League. Final watch party even though as Tottenham fan we didn't get result. We were hoping for it was a lot of fun being caught up Cy community. You guys should definitely horse more of these in the future plan to I've been following the twenties pretty closely. And it looks like we have some real talent that age considering how few spots are locked down on the senior men's team right now who bully to you think it's a possibility that the twenty twenty two World Cup team will have more players from the US twenty teen than the summers goal Cup team. Wow. What a question. My gut is to say no. However, there will like I said in the first part of the podcast night, there will be players that you're watching right now from this you twenty side that are gonna be on the next World Cup team. Tim way, a will be. It was hard to watch a bastion Soto. And not think he will be, especially when you look at that position for us, like what has happened to Bobby wood, where we'll Josie Al. Door at that stage in his career all JJ how the US shot just sergeant registering. The, the US's first shot on target and the eighty seventh minute came dangerously close to scoring but a great save. Oh man. Oh, nice torch over sharp something of bit of the Bergkamp about him now. I'm really talking to God. So, yeah. I mean like it's valid question. But like you said, in the first part, let's also not get too caught up with what the under twenty side or what if they're not starting for their clubs are there. Adrift on the bench somewhere. Are they going to be there? Like Bobby wood is a case in point a cautionary tale. Right. And just remember how many young players, which is a good thing, how many young players are currently a part of the senior side, Pule sick McKinney atoms, just to name, a few meows, go potentially. Really almost most of them with the exception of, like Bradley Josie whom I who are the obvious. I mean, well, yet, Lynn won't be a part of this Gold Cup team for unfortunate reasons with his injury. But yeah, this your point there will be players, though. There will be we've had a plethora of tweets about in article soul Andy mitten, who writes, Riesco NFC, but also is editor at large, from for four four two magazine, which was the magazine of choice when I was a kid started in ninety four started buying it loved it. He went to visit Mexico to the second division to visit with Diego Maradonna. Don't wait. Are you doing something? Now. It's Diego Maradonna. Yeah. On diego. Maradonna say is that going to form part of a red card or man of the match? No better. Can I keep talking about it? Or do you want me to stop? How about can you save this? I have a, a five stars for five years review later in the podcast. Seven don't forget, about his name will come. Oh, good. Lord, Matthew at magnum PI reduce. What is the cultural difference between the portion of England fans who are won't to make this kind of Rookus versus the NFC Tottenham fans who produced a grit, showing in Madrid that is one of the great question so tonight and portal ahead of England's nations league semi final clash with the Netherlands, there's been real crowd trouble amongst English fans. They've been charged with batons, by the Portuguese. Police they've been throwing bottles singing, anti-ira songs singing songs about the second World War. And a lot of people are asking, why does this keep? Happing and why didn't it happen in Madrid, I would say the first thing is that the Liverpool Spurs fans are regular travelers to Europe, this won't work these days, it's not the nineteen eighties. If you're in the Champions, League or European qualification, if you act, the thug all the time, then it's a real problem in the fans are much better behaved. I think it's because England fans take a lot of fans opened down the road from places where teams aren't in Europe anymore. You know teams don't get to travel from the lower leagues. You're old you're Bari's your leads. You know, your Sheffi Wednesdays I don't want, I'm not tagging these clubs. I'm just saying clubs that aren't in the primarily. I'm not saying those clubs had Anne fans had anything to do with violence night, but there's inelegant that when they get a broad, it's all about empire and the second World War, and the IRA the troubles in the north and all those things they get beers in them. They feel as if they're conquering army and away, they go, there's a good documentary from World Cup two thousand. And six from the BBC and they talk about the hooligan mentality at the German World Cup guys. Go go and watch it on YouTube. It's very interesting and get insides gets inside the mind of people who go abroad, sing these songs throw bottles of the police Mitchell in Ohio, I've been a longtime listener for probably about two years now. And I really miss an episode at work. I've had to stay by myself until about three a m on Wednesday nights, cleaning things that we can't clean. Why open and I found out listening to the pod is a great way to kill time and make it less quiet and boring. Is this good? I just wanted to send us into the mailbox to do it. It'll homeless break. I went full Spurs the Andy for the Champions League finale. I am a Liverpool supporter, and sadly had to work during the final. So I completely shut myself away from every app for sports have and Twitter. I didn't see a single second of the game until I got off work and was able to watch my recording of the game. That's awesome. When people can execute in this modern digital digital world that's really tough. But it can be done. Can be done. Well, don't Mitchell. Really? That's all I wanted to say. Thanks for making Grischuk every week for me to fill my boring life with some your lifestyle boring. You just a job that you have to listen to me, Andrew to get through fair enough. That's they're worse. Things are worse things you are valued in your loved bios. This is from anonymous got this on Saturday morning on my way to the Champions League final in Harry them, one of the money reasons I love your podcast is because my close friend, and I are also Spurs in Liverpool fan. Of course. Sensibly undeliverable fun. Well. He decided to start dating my ex-girlfriend four years, a month after we broke up behind my back. I found out on Easter Sunday. Needless to say, we are not friends anymore, but this final seems like my chance at payback goal Liverpool be my karma on a raise the memory of carriers in last year's final, please. So I guess he's laughing last, he's laughing maniacally out the window. So what am I supposed to feel bad about being Tottenham fan after? No. What was the point of that just Tottenham funds? You know, be trusted ethically morally joking joking on finally, you'll never walk alone. Gentlemen, specifically. JJ. Sorry, andrew. How are you today? I m e e mailing to revel in Sunday are Saturday's thrilling victory basking in the red tinged dove supporting the European champions Liverpool football club. Really though jen's. I wanted to say. Thanks. I mean United States Marine who was currently deployed I fell in love with Liverpool last year. And after watching them thoroughly dismantled man city in the Champions League quarter-finals on finally had a club to cheer on after years of following the competition. But I feel is superseded only by the World Cup and college football's regular-season interesting. It is also known that time that I discovered your podcast and have enjoyed listening ever since the phone you have, and the happiness you create and me when I listened to your reactions to the UCLA semi's was fantastic. Gents thousands of miles away from my home. My wife. I have not been able to watch a single match life. I've only gotten to see highlights of games. I want to say thank you for giving me something to look forward to and to take my mind off home. It has being a blast to listen on follow the European soccer season unfold through your guys podcast. I am really appreciative of that. And I hope you guys keep up the great work. I will finish saying JJ I will drink a point to you, and our boys, the next time I can, and I want to say it as a fan of money, American sports teams that have. Let me down over the years. I know the feeling and I can say, no that a truly do hope Tottenham that allusive trophy here soon. Cheers, boys, that's from JD Smith. Lance, corporal US Marine Corps. That's very nice. Yeah, we thank him for his service. And I raise a point to use or maybe we can raise the point together sometime who you a me or him in me, JD, your parents, too, so disengage because it's now gone fine. This respect five that was a lovely Email, you were doing your worried about the reggae Boyz on the, the last voice you were rolling over there. I thought I could just kinda hone in on the US just loss to Jamaica and it was just so bad. There was one mile, these reactions get out of the ground. What are you standing room for biting, your fingers, hoping the TV cameras comes across you, American outlaws? Get out of there and have a pint boy, just such a like, again, it's, it's fifty. Overreact to. But I was just such a bummer of a performance before. We join dryer Bill, Twitter, please, we don't need the drama guys in the stands. We don't need the drama. It's an experiment. That didn't go right tonight tank. You JD Smith by the way, and I apologize for Andrew phasing out four minutes into stoppage time, Georgia. Mehalla vich had move where he broke through got into the penalty area was almost kinda sorta one on one with the keeper. But his last touch let them down kind of befitting of the night. Overall sounds like Duane Holmes was really the only bright spot for the US in this game. It may be a performance like that could be enough to get them onto the twenty three man squad. But boy, there's I don't know what you do. If you're halter after a game like that, if this was a night where you're supposed to look at certain performances and make decisions is. It's just a matter of, like, who was the least bad that I can bring with me because he's rough and for Venezuela on Sunday. I'm wondering now. So do they go with like how much of their ace squad do they now they've got to play? At least one game together with his preferred eleven now, I don't think all of them will be there. I don't think Tyler Adams arrives in the US until next Tuesday. We'll have to see. I mean, I remember these these gold cups under your Clinton. And it was like the group stayed people still testing things out. Maybe that's just the nature, but they've got to be careful. We always say that, like find your squad Guyana. You're worried about them about everything. I have a what to watch for here. I don't really have much to say about it, but I do want to mention that the nation's league Thursday to forty five the Netherlands and England today. Cristiano Rinaldo what can you say about him, but it wasn't a grit Portuguese performance. And yet, he pulls out a hatches. His performance was pretty good. He has a hat trick Portugal defeat Switzerland three one, which are too much fire and lengthy lengthy VAR envir- for incidental contacts and going back and what I said on Twitter, don't think it was a penalty for the Swiss although to say they didn't deserve equalizer will be wrong on it was brilliant from Hernaldo, then too, by the way, the goalie finished at the near post where he sweeps at home. That's strike at the peak of his powers, and he's not he's thirty four own believable. But the, the one that he scored after that, even I eighty eight and the one where he painted yet we've cuts in and Bennett creek old Renaldo, go. But as strikers goal. I prefer the other one just but I'm nitpicking aesthetics are more aesthetically pleasing to watch. I don't know watched the curl then. Yeah, but to catch it as it's bouncing open, then drive low into the keeper Netherlands, in England should be interesting. It's so funny with Netherlands, the how quickly it looks like this turnaround has occurred because now I'm starting to think about it. And I'm starting to think about the next ten years, potentially Van Dyke and delivered in the central defense for the Netherlands and even some of their older players. I apply. It's not that old, he's only in his mid twenties. You know he's had a starring start to his career. No. He's being linked with Liverpool linked with Parsons, your mind, so many different clubs these Tottenham players that are on England like they're gonna go on the field. Oh, God him. Again, Van Dyke, God can't we escape you. Let's see. She'll be an interesting game. I mentioned women's World Cup. JJ kicks off Friday, three o'clock, France and South Korea. And then were often running everyday there's games up until the knock-out rounds MLS. It's a lesser lighter weekend, but there is still a couple games worth watching Friday, seven o'clock, Toronto, FC and sporting Kansas City, see who Toronto picked up hallmark kansallis back in the US AA or Canada. But back in the US leak is the point. Yeah, yeah, very interesting. We'll see how that works out for Toronto. Also this one Saturday, seven thirty Philadelphia union and the New York red bulls Philadelphia with good performance over the weekend. They have been maybe the pleasant surprise of the season so far rivalry match. We'll see if they can keep it going, and the friendly, we talked about the US in Venezuela, Sunday at two o'clock, a couple other games also that I didn't have on on here, but the US under twenty s Saturday, eleven thirty. A M. US Ecuador nice for a spot in the. In the semi finals, Ecuador apparently better than their group stage suggests so that's going to be interesting. And also the winner of Netherlands and England will face Portugal, that is Sunday midday also big European jumps you qualify for the Republican Ireland a way to Denmark again because we have to play Denmark, it is so decreed, if you're US women verse Swedish with magin had them in the nation's league had them in World Cup qualifying have them again in European championship. Qualifying let's see JJ I wanna get to this straightaway here, red card. So let's talk about this. I gave it just essentially to the name, our situation. Let's go through it. So basically every single aspect of the situation has been bad. Obviously, we'll start with the accusation against neymar, which if true would land him in prison, potentially then from there, you have neymars potentially illegal decision to mount his own defense in an Instagram video, which reveals extremely sensitive in for. Nation about the accuser. Then earlier today. There's the confusion over just what the charge is against name are in the first place. This is from the independent, they write the Brazilian lawyers who first represented. An unidentified woman who was accused name are rape say that her initial complaint charge charged. She was a victim of aggression, or physical violence, by the player though. They added that doesn't mean thirty's couldn't pursue a prosecution. The case as she reported it to police, the attorney said, in a statement, they believe their former client has has solid evidence. She suffered what they referred to as physical violence at a pair. So tell on may fifteenth later. One of the attorneys added that a private medical report obtained, by the woman showed she had bruises scratches anxiety and depression, he declined to show the report as to the allegations of rape. That was new to members of our law from the lawyers said, in a statement authorities will decide whether it happened or not they might have a different interpretation from our. So Jay now the accusers, new attorney is accusing. The former legal team of this woman of betraying their client in every possible way. So it's, it's chaos to shambles and here's the thing. So here's what we don't know whether or not a crime between name are in the woman actually took place. But here's what we do know everything that you're seeing here is why women hesitate to come forward in the first place from so many different ends neymars, most prominently among them this has been handled. So poorly, and has taken on such a circus, like feel to it that you can understand why the accusers initial desire was simply to pursue this civil court keep media attention at a minimum. And I know that there will be people who will come at me, and say, well, if name neymar didn't do this. He has a right to defend himself, which is certainly true. Look, I know it might be hard for neymar to do this. But you have a legal team for a reason to defend yourself through the proper legal channels. So now because whether or not. Is innocent. He still now may have committed a second crime that is being investigated by Brazil cybercrime division. When he posted the Instagram video, it's why you have to defend yourself through legal channels. And it just goes to show that this whole thing has been handled from everyone legal teams included, so poorly, so poorly, you've laid it all out there. I don't have a whole ton to say, except to agree with you, but I will go back to things. We've heard before in the past about name are specifically about those who advise them who is controlled here because nobody with anti common sense would ever. The first thing they would have said, is you do not go near social media, and essentially, like you say, potentially commit another crime, by by giving out sensitive information on Instagram that is wild to me. Yeah. And look, here's, here's an overriding thing, and it's today, it's interesting time into talking about this, because it's the same day that the rape. Lawsuit against Cristiano Rinaldo has shifted from being simply a civil case to now being a federal case Sam board and rights, here that the woman accusing Cristiano Renaldo of raping her shifted the venue for her legal charges against the football superstar, dropping, her case in Nevada State court, so not civil court state court, but filing identical charges and federal court, according to attorney so without even getting into that here. Here's the problem. So who are the three give or take three faces of the sport? Messy Renaldo nam anymore, and two of the three faces the sport. Right now are embroiled in some kind of rape accusation. It's terrible. It's terrible for the game. It's terrible for the image of the game. If these guys did it. It's terrible for all those involved. So that's it. And we'll obviously continue to see what happens with both of these cases. But it's just it's bad. And then I see neymar today showing up at Brazil training in his. Mercedes helicopter just like. Get a clue man. I know. But. Is who is voicing him. Who is his, his inner circle because let's be honest since the move to PS g including the move to be possibly, they've done everything wrong everything what do you have this from the BBC aspirants have been ordered to return the African Champions League trophy unto replay, the second leg of the final, I read that first line. And I thought Andrews absolute dream would be Liverpool have been ordered to return the Champions League final did unity inside lead wooden hill in Saturday's second leg. But Moroccan opponents white add Casablanca left the pitch after an equaliser scored was disallowed white add wanted the. Video assistant referee to check if the goal should stand, but the system was not working the confederation of African football. Caf said, the second leg will be played at a neutral venue, the woman draw from the first leg and Morocco stan's, the replay will be after the Africa Cup of nations in Egypt with which ends on the nineteenth of July a calf statement, said conditions of game and safety were not met in the second leg unmade Crear s bronze players. Most return their winners medals, as well as the trophy play in the second leg was halted after why taught that equalised on fifty nine minutes through while eight L cartoons header it was disallowed for infringement. The viruses, Tom was visible on the side of the pitch. Now, if you look at the picture, it's literally like, remember, one of those old arcade games with the holds over it, it looks like a battered, one of those, that's being on plugged, and had not been told at, but the players, this is the worst thing about the players had not been told. It was not in use because of a mouth luncheon. Why don't you just say at the start of the game guys? Here's the situation vire is not working. We will not be using it tonight. Are you agreeing to play if you're not we have to figure another date if you are? Let's just play without us that feels a little amateurish to me, tirelessly terribly amateur, but I'm saying even your suggestion. But what else could they do? You can't not tell the players. That's exactly what they did that every right to walk off, if you expect to be used, and that's what you've played under in the first leg, and it's not there what a joke. I just have the vision of Cope's and medals being returned. How do you even do that? You do you kind of reverse moonwalk up the podium, take it off and give it back. Did you lifted in the air and then put it down? No. You're not enjoying any of this stick. No. I'm still kind of watching the coverage of the first you ignore Judy Smith. And no. You didn't ignore JD Smith. We're gonna have a pint. All right. Caught off sides man of the match. Let's see JJ with Lennart John Johansen. It's fitting to me that in this time, we're debates are being held about this Superleague replace on the champions. We take time to time to honor the man who essentially created the Champions League. I'm reading here from the guardian Lennart Johansson, who oversaw the introduction of the Champions League during a seventeen year reign as president of European football's governing body has died. He was eighty nine new Hansen said, creating the Champions League to replace the European Cup was his proudest achievement at UEFA it evolved, in the club football's most lucrative and prestigious competition with expansion that saw non domestic champions, given the entry in addition to that J, he also ran for fief. Evident against everybody's favourite president, Sepp Blatter in one thousand nine hundred eight but narrowly lost. And then became a loud voice against bladder, accusing him of corruption and vote buying two things that we can get on board with the father of the Champions League JJ, Leonard, you'll Hanson dead at the age of eighty nine one to pay respect to him for creating what is such? I mean after the World Cup. Is it like the most prestigious competition in the world I, I guess Copa America fans take with that they would is to we considered europhiles considered as the biggest competition in the world? But I mean he he revamped it into what it is. Now in one thousand nine hundred ninety three we had the group stages on it was it was what we know what today pretty much. Exactly. Yeah. And it used to be knockout. Magin strint nocco, while, but yeah, so I wanted to get that mentioned in there, by the way, speaking of the Super League, I saw now the boondocks league and the Premier League kind of uniting is in a force again. It. So it's almost a point on I know, Lita I think, is against it as well. It's really Italy. That is carrying the mantle mashes ter- city PS, g you're going to don't let them off the hook do not off. But if the Premier League and the boondocks league are both against it then just like say, okay, go ahead with your Super League and see how it does with our teams. Yeah. Who's going to take it? Seriously, the Champions League. I'm it's so good. It's par fish so good. It's not perfect, obviously, because you would like to extend the franchise to other countries a little bit more that we could see a little bit more diversity. It's fully still see it's as good as it's going to be in the modern era of soccer, and look, we love it. Absolutely. What do you have? My man of the match is Daniel storage on. I just wanna play one of his final Manatt is finally it was back in September. One of his one of his best goal certainly for Liverpool against Chelsea at Stanford bridge in not crucial, equaliser laid on if you can play this was one of my favorite goals by him and starches decided that, well the club. Decided that he will move on from Liverpool. Where to we don't know. But at this is going to be one of my fondest memories. To the side is Chiquita. Storage? But then you'll still. Contending this season. An incredible hall of goals from guy who struggled for so long in the red shirt to be fit onto play regularly. We'll, we'll always remember that, that SAS partnership Swire's and starch from the thirteen fourteen championship run, the Liverpool put together, a never quite hit those peaks again. Because injury really eroded his ability to be on the feeling of on. I think a style is a stylistic clash Klopp. And what he wanted to do definitely didn't help either. But I just wanted to ask you, Donna storage, I will remember with nothing but fondness a bit Assad nece that he was injured as much as he was. But is there a player, you think you're sporting life that? For whatever reason didn't quite fit divided opinion in your club, but you loved him. And he gave you so many good moments. I'm not talking Iverson, who was known cold legend he doesn't fit the mill or even Sean Jackson who was a stone cold legend for the fit for the eagles. Who was this kind of just at the player that a lot of people probably when you talk about your legends won't offer him in that, same, Brandon? I always loved Eric snow. That's a tough one there on that fitted that Bill free and Dempsey, probably a while yet. But so hugely bias. Yeah. That it's almost not fair to even use him. But because he is actually a guy who like some Tottenham fans didn't think much of, but he score insured time. He scored somebody big goals. I, I mean well I was gonna say, Aaron leaden because at the end there were a lot of times fans that were over him. But I love them, right. Till the end. If I had a little bit more time to think about it. I, I don't know. Michael Dawson was kind of that player but everytime fan loved him because he cared so much. And got the most out of really having no kind of physical athletic Ledley king. Well, you know, he is he's a legend even though I mean injuries held him back from maybe what he could have been, but he's a Tottenham. He's a Tottenham. I don't know. I dunno. I love all those far too many like. How would you call them amateur physicians are Amateur Athletic trainers who were on Twitter yesterday? Chirpin wasted Thailand and shame. He what was so unfair release fan. But, but like as if an also the criticism that, oh, the slightest pain, he would he wouldn't play he chronic injuries. How do people have decided that he just didn't care enough for you to, to make that judgment? I'll be so curious where he goes neck. It's one of my own criticisms of your Klopp was that he said, what he said two seasons go, we said Daniel has to know what you know how to play through real pain. I thought that was beyond the pale. You can't you can't say things like that. So there you go JJ that is pretty much our show. But we do have one more thing, so many people have been asking for this. So I felt like we had to give the God five stars for five years memory of the week. We've gotten a lot of submissions for this one, I'm going to reach us one of the post. This is from jetty who posted hands down, my favorite moment. So far has been the Daego Maradonna clip. I haven't laughed that hard and every time of. Pops up. I can't get it out of my head the rest of the day. So to jetty and all the others. Here you go. This is from back in November, November twenty six of two thousand eighteen five stars for five years memory of the week on caught off side. Let's see my red card. Oh. O J J, Diego Maradonna. So he, I guess, just to set the scene of what about to play for you. He was being interviewed at a league match and division two, let's be honest. Okay. And so he was basically asked for his take on the quality of league AmEx here. Here's his response. If you even want to call it that. Makino in mice and foodball make Sean. By the Mazar, sitka me. Makino kigali. Hippie. And so the league I make this woman. Do you remember, do you remember? There's two things that come to mind with this. You remember the character says being retired for no good reason on family guy, he was the posh, Massachusetts guy or maybe ruled posh Rhode Island person. He was James L bottom tooth, I think that's called. What? Or it reminds me of when they take the quail lose on wolf of Wall Street and. Diamond Donny, as off is trying to say it Steve Madden and can't speak St. mad. He couldn't they didn't ask him to say the couldn't fake it. You couldn't just give a stock answer in Spanish like, oh, well, this leak is, is a great league and it's been recommended. It's prominent. I love what he couldn't say. Anyth-. He could only say this. Question must have been like did. I just ask the world's most difficult question. Producer must've needed to assure him afterwards, that was not in any way, shape or form difficult wasn't occurs. Own believable. Now Meyer, Donna has a well documented history. With substances cocaine being one of are you implying. Nothing. I'm not I'm just suggesting that maybe I don't know. I don't want to do that, but I can't explain. We know people in this industry who have what we call meaty pauses between their answers. This is hardly that so you ask an you ask a question. Oh, well, what do you think of the strength of league max? On they'll start like that. And even then you might really rice this is beyond me, pausing. If they had asked him his thoughts on the theory of relativity. And he answered that way, I would have said, do better than that. But this was just saying what do you think of the quality of this league? Wow. While your five stars for five years memory of the week that is classic that never will ever get old. I might just get a t shirt Maradona's face from that interview on the front and on the back. God. So, yeah, there you go. A lot of people ask for that one. So Andy interviewed him for four four two. Yes. Yeah. And he said, in the most throwaway fashion. Oh, Man United. Hey, I hear they're looking for a manager. I do it. I'd certainly set a lot of t-shirts wrong word if read it read it. Yeah. He said, if Manchester United Nita coach, I'm the man to do it. I know they sell lots of shirts around the world, but they need to win trophies, too. I can do that for them. He also said that Manchester. United used to be my favorite English team for so long so many great players in a great team under Alex Ferguson. But now I have to say man city, I know you shouldn't change like that. But it's because of Kuna Guerra we speak a lot, any plays a very good team. This was the most throwaway comments ever guys. I don't want you tweeting at me. He's not going to be Manchester United manager. It's not happening. Imagine the team talk day urine goal. And then as. We get out the field centrebacks molding. And then. Devotion to guys look at each other they do there's guys doing the interview DA spent deport has there's such pros and they're looking at each other. And they're just giving each other the stare, you know, the nodding, as if somebody what is profound is going to happen yet. I mean DEA jump in and help him. Do you just let them drown? He's doing their gotta get in there. Don't you gotta break up that? The lag humiliating, but you have to give them a chance to save himself. I think they were hoping that eventually he'll snap come straight away. Or is that a dago halfway through the Lao? Diego's? A silly question considering all the grit leagues. You've played in Spain, etc. Etc. He couldn't. And you're, you're hoping you're hoping that he rifts about Barcelona or something like that. Where are not believe eventually? You'll just be reduced to like keep trying to simplify the question, more and more in eventually, you'd just be like the tell us about your house. Do you have a share you like how much simpler, could it get? Remember, we met a listener at the weekend from Long Island. She's a tidy under dad's are. Yeah. Her dad's -opoly fund, so they're gonna be tuning into the new documentary that's coming out soon about mired. It looks really good. It looks amazing and I just thought of that in. Oh, yeah. So there you go as always, you can submit your I tunes review what I tunes is not going to be a thing anymore. So I don't know what that means for reviews, I guess you don't need to do it on itunes. It's like on. Apple podcast. You can just autumn of the. Oh, yeah. It's apple podcast. Don't worry about. We should call it apple podcast review. Yeah, you're right. You're right. So leave your five stars. Leave your review, we've lost to get through right? And in the review. Leave if you have a favorite memory from the five years of the podcast, like we've been doing. We'll try to find it and play it for you. There's a bunch more good ones overwhelming, Maradonna support. Yeah. But that one just knocked a lot of, of the people out who were who were making their submissions. That was a favourite apparently will, hey. This was fun man to you. I say. See later LA. Listening to KADO side. Sucker podcast.

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