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Welcome into the QB SCO show. This is episode number sixteen brought to you by the fine folks at SP nation and bleeding relation. I'm your host, Michael kissed. You can follow my work for Lena, greenish dot com. Follow me on Twitter at Michael kissed NFL, vets K, I S T here with me to break down the quarterback situations around the league and in the draft is QB one in my heart. He is Mark Scofield follow him on Twitter. At Mark's go field, Mark. How you doing brother? I'm doing better than say Charlie casually for that way. We're going to get into that. And we're going to get into that. But having a little bit of better week than a ham though. That's probably a pretty low bar. It is March seventh and for her store. Go reference today, I was going to go down the road and get into like battle fatigue at battle. Josh jackson. But then I realized that look as tiresome as the time Lanc can be at times, it's not like sitting in a trenchant dealing with trench foot and lice and Josh in and shell shock. So instead of going down that road, and we'll just point out that on this day in eighteen sixty two the battle. Of peerage or the battle of Alcorn tavern was fought which was a major battle of the American civil war near lease Lee town, which is northeast of Fayetteville Arkansas. And this believe it or not was one of the few battles in the US of a war, which a confederate army, outnumbered. It's opponent. However, the confederates did lose the federal forces led by Brigadier General Samuel r Curtis move south from central Missouri. Drove confederate forces deep into northwestern. Arkansas the committed forces were led by Major General Earl van Dorn who decided to sort of split his army in half and now in mortared warfare that might make some sense but back in those days Spinney army and half typically ended about as well as Charlie casualties week. You know, and I think about the time line, and I think, and I think about what kind of experiences that is for me. I'm often reminded of the battle of canal. I almost want there. That's hannibal's double envelope ads that they were. They just slaughtered the Romans after crossing the Allison. And all that. And every everyone knows that story. But the time line beset on all sides by the takes in the idiots and bless them. They're doing their best. Meet it is issued exhaustion. Yeah. That's why you're like almost Don rewatching game of thrones. Like three half weeks, you're working through the so quickly you're gonna need. It's going to be like, April first, and you're like, I need to rewatch get thirteen days to do it. And I'm going to get it done. I could probably turn through the books right now to at the pace that I'm going you'll finish the books again before George RO, finish another one could certainly say that, you know, and it's funny too. Because my God man, like, I just I I don't wanna be on the time line on the time because like especially right after the combine we were like man post combine Twitter is just terrible all the all the players that you never talked about that you've loved this entire time. Just had just so happened to test really really well. Right. And now you're digging into their affiliates that works, but then again, though, pre free agency Twitter has asked you to hold its beer here. We are now wondered if owed L is going to be a Brown by the end of the day. If Antonio round is going to be a raider by the end of the day. Josh Rosen apparently is going to be a garbage man by the end of the day. And I can't take it anymore. We're going to get into Rosen and everything that's going on in free agency. Mark quick news before we forget and get into quarterbacks at all of that. The details on eagles guard Isaac c Malo is deal are out. We're going to get into all of that on the next kissing so elect show here in the next couple of days. But here's how Benjamin select described it in this lack chat to me. Just now, quote, we promised to keep you on the roster in two thousand twenty if you make it so that we can have you very cheap as a starting guard the following two years who we can then cut with no penalty if you suck. So that's how that's going there. Joe banner on Twitter added. This is. Of the worst contracts for a player I have ever seen. Absolutely awful great for the team. So. Yeah. Team friendly deal for the eagles. Howie Roseman continues to GM out of his mind Mark first topic of the show. We're going to keep an eagle Centric kind. I guess the reports are that Nick foles is expected to sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars. When free agency starts on March thirteenth bowls one of the chance to start, and there's no better competition friendlier than one with that of Blake Bortles that that's a touch of hyperbole there. But you get the point, and it's not even going to be a competition from overhearing because Bortles from what the reports are saying is likely to be cut Jacksonville can free up nine point five million dollars in cap space. If Bortles is designated as a post June first released spreading out that dead cap hit, which is sixteen point five million between two thousand nineteen and two thousand twenty eagles fans will will know this situation very similar to the very Vinny curry situation, which they passed up on. But it all depends on. What type of bullet that they want to eat hollow point or split point? He could also be traded to Vic maybe think Washington, I have no idea what his trade value is. But I'd offer FA pick those don't exist. But that sounds about right back to foles though. Mark, obviously, there's the flip connection and offensive coordinator. At shouldn't be too hard for them to adjust to his game. Right. I mean, they no, no. I mean, they know meant so you can see a path where they think that they're going to be able to get the best out of him. The interesting thing with envisioned in Nick foles sort of go into Jacksonville, which gives you said that seems to be the expectation, and obviously Blake Bortles not experiment has craft Barney like we all sort of knew it would. I mean, we saw that iceberg comfortable long way away with full though, it's I'm curious to see how they're going to structure the offense around him because from everything I've been told that was on with Matt Williamson are locked on NFL Wednesday. And he was like, look I'm being told they're going to move on from Nick from Leonard fournette, Ed. So that's sort of out of the pitcher that sort of lends to sort of what you saw with no. Foles in Philadelphia. They're gonna try to get a couple of different running backs not gonna try to lean heavily on a guy suck and be three is in a cloud of dust. They're gonna try to spread around route. And so if you're Jacksonville you're hoping you're getting playoff run Super Bowl win. Nick, foles, not the low variance guy that he can be at times. I mean, you look at some of his numbers, and you get some great games for him. Where for example, he goes out and win Super Bowls and things like that. Didn't remember that. I'm glad you brought up. I'm glad you brought eight I I know the I know the audience here going to his career game. Log right now not like quarterback rate is sort of the best indicator of how guys playing UC some starts where he's got sixty sub fifty raiders as a passer. And so there are struggles to and the thing to remember with fulls the backup quarterback is the most popular person in town for say sixteen seventeen eighteen twenty NFL cities. Right, right. When you come into town, and you get the big payday, and you get paid like a starter the dynamic changes and fix about the locker room situation that. Does is going to be walking into he's going to be walking into a locker room that has perhaps the Premera quarterback evaluator in the league right now in jail. The Rams a move. We all know is Konitz and how he thinks about quarterbacks, and we read them and G Q once he retires his for my job. And I get it. I heard he was your second hand on the inside the pylon draft guide last year. He was cross echo your work. Look, I think I could be honest haired admit that he gross running for me. But the thing is though if he struggles out of the gate if he has a game like he did against Atlanta to kick off the season last year where he goes nineteen of thirty four for no touchdowns one pick for quarterback right in a fifty point seven. You know, if he has a couple of games like those out of the gate that locker room situation might be similar to what we saw with boards. And how that defense was like when not get any help from the offense. Then go self, Ed. So it's going to be interesting to see how that dynamic changes. When Nick foles is not backup quarterback behind. Carson wentz. You know, you're playing with house money because that's what you're doing as a backup quarterback you play with house mind or when you're the star. The money's differ. It's interesting with falls too. Because you think how could a locker room turn on him. We'll losing color is a lot of things like Nick, foles, inspirational, dude, and is a great person to have in that locker room. But if you're not winning and you look at the the locker room that the Jaguars have his very different than the locker room that the eagles have. And you saw how that all unraveled throughout the season last year. When things started to go south for them. They weren't able to rebound. The eagles were there's a big difference there. So that he can't put it together. And Jalen Ramsey starts. Putting things out there. That's interesting. Do you see foles as it? We don't know the money on this yet. How many years is going to be or whatever the case may be is this a stopgap situation for foles? I would imagine it would be more in that vein. I mean, I don't know in terms of dollars two dollars. But I think obviously this is going to be a contract that is closer to last year's case keenum deal than last year's Kirk cousins deal. I mean, I think we can be pretty clear on that. Yeah. And I think Jacksonville will be looking. This situation because with falls you get on a quarterback that he's thirty right now. He'll be he just turned thirty. So he turned thirty in January. So you probably get maybe, you know, this should be the prime of his life. But you never know. So I'd be surprised if it gets sort of a term type deal I'd imagine would be like a three year deal maybe with a team option for four maybe with a mutual option for four type of situation that would make a lot of sense where they can pick something up. So where he could be a stopgap. But then they also have the optionality to extend him for longer, and then kind of rework his deal as they go. Yeah. I mean, I think that makes more sense because you know, if pans out completely for them than you're going to be glad that you've got a lease of some lights to the deal because if you sign like a one year deal and he rushes to year while we lot of good that did Tom coffin OB get to. I mean, that's the situation you're in. So I they'll be a look some years to it. But other they're gonna wanna lock themselves in for any sort of extended period of time. They're gonna want to have some facts ability. So if it goes the other way, they've got some. -tunities to sort of move on will kill them. Because look, you know, they're gonna have a Blake auto sized anchor for at least a little bit here. So we know the store term situation for Nick foles. Not exactly sure yet. How many years is going to be or the long-term situation and other quarterback with some long term questions and some sort term ones? Apparently is Arizona cardinal quarterback. Josh rosen. And now it's being said, it is being rumored even more. So there is a ton more smoke and fire to these rumors that we laughed at. I mean a few weeks ago. So we look like dummies if if this comes off, but it looks like our Murray or there's a very good chance that he is going to go number one overall to clip Kingsbury in the Zona cardinals at that's the case. Then the Arizona Cardinals will be looking to deal. Josh Rosen, which is insane to me. And you know, everyone is breaking down Josh Rosen's rookie season. How fun with all that and the supporting cast and judging quarterbacks off the rookie season. But apparently, the NFL is kind of loan that same line too. Because. Peter King put out that he asked the people and the trade value for Josh Rosen was rumored to be a third round pick. And I gotta tell you because you wrote this up for pats pulpit dot com, our friends at SP nation. They're the patriots site. The headline was trying to answer. The Josh Rosen question for the patriots. If it's a third round pick. What in the patriots just be all over this? If it's a third round pick for Josh Rosen. The other thirty one teams need to be all over this idol rare. If you've got Sam darnold, you've got all of this. Because let's look Josh Rosen in terms of the contract. He's under contract through the twenty twenty one season. And his basically is his numbers, basically, go from like three million in terms of a cap number two like five million so know by year, and that's just a cap number his guaranteed salary for this season is one point two seven. And then it's two point. Oh, seven two point eight seven over the next three years. That's his. Guaranteed salary, Mark. We're talking about drew lock and Daniel Jones as first round quarterbacks. And you're telling me this guy's worth the third with that contract. I'm honored saw like a comparison where those numbers are basically the range of what you would pay the thirty second overall pick. He's got a very team friendly deal. And let's now talk about Josh Rosen. The core back at it is important to preface by saying look this was my QB one last year. So of course, I'm going to sort of ban the table and die on the hill. And all those cliches we throw out of time line. But I like this kid I think from what we could study from him on the field. He was just about as clean as gut in terms of draft prospect of the quarterback position clean mechanics scheme. Divers had it from a mental perspective all the stuff that was a problem with him was the sort of off the field all he has interests way from football or he's opinionated or his head coach who's former head coach Jim Mora trying to go to bat for him saying that always a millennial and you're going to challenge them a little bit because he wants to know. Knows the know the ins and outs of coverages and route designs, and I'm sitting here saying is that a house that a badge? Do you want your quarterback not to know that stuff like what God's green earth has that becoming Batman? And so for whatever reason Josh Rosen becomes quarterback for in this last year's drafty off the board tenth to a gene that we did the exercise a couple of weeks ago. And it was a trick question. When I through four names out there, actually, which ones were the fake receivers. And they were all real receivers. Because what is it Trent sherfield? I don't know what that is. But apparently, it's a wide receiver in the NFL who caught baked passes from Josh Rosen auto believe you I hand to God is the honest truth. Okay. That's sort of the context of the situation. Then you get to what he did on the field. I think there is an I wrote about this a little bit. There's some recently buys a player because he in his first start against Seattle. Great. Yeah. The completion rate presented wasn't fantastic. But you saw you know, the the manipulation the good stuff that we liked about him yet a game against Green Bay in week thirteen at lambofield where he converted a number of thirty lawn situations showing you processing speed. Spinning safeties and stuff the snap. And he's reading the perfectly. They had thirty twenty three backed up in their own five yard line with four minutes to go on a tie game. And he made a scramble drill played hit. Larry FitzGerald to move the change. They go down they kick. What would have been the game win fable, and it ended up being the game when people so he goes into lambo and each Aaron Rodgers on the road in sort of snowy conditions in a game. Where at that point the Packers struggling they needed a win to save their playoff lives. They lose Mike McCarthy gets fired after that game those happens week three and week thirteen. But then the past couple of games after that he struggles he gets pulled. And so there's this impression that people are left with of him, which all he struggled mightily. Well, maybe he had some bad games down the stretch. But you look at some of the other stuff. Did there wasn't as bad as people are making notes be. And then that's remember this and terms of the rookie quarterbacks in who they faced defensively he faced in Warren sharp Twitter. This outs on stealing his work credited to him, of course. But the face the most top fifteen. Fences out of any of the rookie quarterbacks and the least bottom fifteen defenses out of any of the rookie quarterbacks. And so he was in a bad situation to begin with because of the talent around him or lack thereof. He was planning tougher schedule than the other rookies were planned and oh, by the way during that stretch down the end when he was getting pulled from games there were starting five backups along the offensive line in front of that's the season that Josh Rosen had now if you're AirAsia and your cliff, and you think ok well, he's great. He's nice whatever I made my pitch to get this job on how can fix Josh Rosen. But now how the Murray is head are measurable stressful than he fit our offense better fine. But if you're just going to get a third row back form just keep just keep in Thurs, then if column odors, workout, you've got a guy that started thirteen twelve games for you. So the roasted that is curious me. But if the asking price really is just a third round pick like I said all thirty one teams they got to be in on it. Because let's talk about I hit rate on third round picks and Arrowhead pride. This study a couple years ago where? They looked at the hit rate, and they tried to determine like what was success successful pig by position by route of the defining successful pick somebody that started more than half of their games in their career. So it's a pretty low threshold the biggest hit rate on third round picks was at the office of opposition for forty percent under their terms for quarterbacks. It was seventeen. Josh Rosen has already hit that threshold because he started more than the half of his games in his career. So you're guaranteed to get a guy that hits at least in terms of that study by giving up just a third round pick. And he comes basically cheaper than I am. Yeah. Come on, Mark. I actually looked up that play while you were talking there that third in twenty three seventy seventeen there's four minutes left in the fourth quarter. Packers got like a like a quarter type look there. They're all playing off everybody spot drops underneath that. There's no one there. There's no one there initially scrambles to his right on the move to his right fines fit sterile down the field signals to him. Go that way and puts it the only place. On earth. You can put that frigging thing. I'm putting that on the time line to hide this show up. That's that's incredible throw. What was one of the biggest knocks on him? It was all he can't create structure. I wrote stuff like that. Because it's not a strength. But if you saw moments of him like what am I favor plays of his at UCLA? And I wrote about it. I mentioned I clicked in two different articles, basically because I just repeat myself from basically February through April, and all I do is recycle my own takes that I die on those who else. But there was a trick play where he like either pitched it or tossed it to somebody then he drifts back to the left side. And they throw back to him that he's looking to throw downfield. And I forget which team is against but one of the defenders sniffs it out and has a free shot him. So while Rosen's waiting for the throw to come back down. This guy's lining up. He's like once Rosen gets his ball t off on and Rosen catches and just deftly steps around this guy that has a free shot at them and throws a strike on. A dig wrote. Now a called back due to a penalty. It doesn't even go in the box score. But when you see the guy that's unathletic and can't make plays out of structure make that kind of nimble move in the open field. And the reason why I left it was because it's an unfamiliar place for a quarterback. You're not used to sort of catch it in the open field and stepping around somebody. That's new so it's athleticism and muscle memory. And quickness at that point. And he does it in the blink of an eye and then throws a strike. So yeah, the guy like he's not a super athlete, but he's athlete enough and that plate affixed, Gerald, raise direct in traffic and making that throw on the move puts it in the only spot and the pats piece, I broke down three earlier third lawn situations in that game that he converted where he's, you know, reading spun safeties or manipulating defenders thrown an absolute rope a abandoned post route the kid is good, and he's probably better than a handful of starting quarterbacks right now, and you can make the case at least I would that. He's probably a better starting quarterback. I think than the Mark Jackson now. The bark and do some different things and be successful. And I think when the mar- gets into the full next year with a full offseason workout schedule something that he's going to be better. But as far as right now. Yeah, I think you make a strong case for Rosen. So they do that he's going to be available that much as a third round pick. It's crazy to me. I've gotta think you know, this is lion season. No, maybe there's something here. Whether cardinals are trying to drive up the price for I'm a bit. You know, maybe they still end up dealing him. When if I'm Washington, for example, and you're thinking right to be go all in on Nick foles to try to get ahead of the Denver Broncos attend to get a drew lock. Do we sort of try to move up a little bit? So we make sure we get Daniel Jones. Like if you're gonna come down to pay drew lock Daniel Jones, give draft capital go get one of those guys or have Josh Rosen fall into your lap. Yeah. What are we even doing out here? Yeah. This is a good lesson in not box scores scouting. And watching a film with Rosen because there's definitely something there for him. We'll see how it will see all that whole situation. Unfolds. Part of that situation is going to be obviously the conversation surrounding Oklahoma quarterback. Kyle Murray we are going to get into the back and forth between his agent his new agent recently acquired in the last month. I believe and the he Charley Casserly that we have mentioned a couple times on here. So we're going to get into that whole back and forth here on the QB SCO show episode sixteen on bleeding agree nation. We'll be right back. I'm using collagen. Nate Sloan I'm songwriter. Charlie. Harding. We're the hosts of switched on pop the podcast where Charlie I breakdown pop hits to reveal how the music works. And why it matters. It's our job to help you find those a ha moments within the music, whether you're a pop fanatic or skeptic, a teenager or an octogenarian non musician or professional composer every music lover. Will discover something you're opening in switched on pop. Yeah. And we think you'll have a lot of fun with us because you're going to get to hear from amazing guest musicians. Song writers producers in journalists. Listen to switched on pop. Every week starting in March on the apple podcast app or wherever you get your podcasts. And we are back on the QB SCO show here on bleeding green nation. Brought to you by SP, nation luck. Reality teased it Carlow Murray. A ha- his agent, and Charley Casserly former former GM just getting into it. So this is what kind of sparked Casserly was on TV. And James Palmer at James Palmer, TV tweeted this out. He said Castellini is coke it on NFL network said the comments he heard about Cuyler Murray were the worst. He's ever heard at the combine on a highly rated quarterback. He's been doing. This awhile said leadership not good study habits, not good board work below not good. That is some scathing criticism now Murray's agent who just hired in the last month. Eric Burkhardt has added his voice to the defense of Murray. Burkhart gave the following quotes on Wednesday afternoon to pro football talk, and I'm gonna I'm going to quote, a lot of this. Because this this is fire. He says my. Reaction was to laugh because I knew the old guard would have tried to come up with the usual pre-draft nonsense. But when I laid her watch this man say what he did it was over the top and definitely felt personal. And that's when I got pissed off first and foremost Keiler is an exemplary person, and he goes on to say, you will not even find one former teammate or coach at any level in sport who's played with Kyle Murray who has anything remotely negative to say about in his leadership or his work ethic. Now, this is where it gets fun. This is where he turns the focus onto gasoline who what do I think about an agenda driven analyst in air quotes there assuming he did like the bunny ears who's never even once talked to Cuyler or any coaches or teammates. I think it's disgusting and embarrassing Catholic should be ashamed of ashamed of himself further my business partners. And I personally represent coaches and executives who sided on eight of Cuyler, ten former combine interviews, I spoke directly to each of them as well as executives from the other two teams and many others who I don't represent but reprieve. And all of them are extremely positive about his entire interviews with each citing specific examples as to why now this was the starts to turn up the heat a little bit right here. Quote, the bottom line here is that it calls into question. The motives of a man to get on national television and cite anonymous sources on things such as leadership and study habits about somebody. He's never met. Look if you don't like Tyler's game. It's cool. If you don't like his size and wanna talk about that, that's fine too. If you're into a heath shoulder type of looking guy than hype those guys in say why? But when you slander the character and work ethic of a young man who's worked as but off his entire life and done everything right to put himself in his current situation. You'd better cite your sources and come with a better record than eighteen and forty six as a GM of Texans, and whose own leadership and accountability has been questioned by his old bosses and colleagues as well as the greatest coach on the planet, unquote. And I think right there he's talking about Bill Belichick when he called castaway meteorologist, Mark. What do you think about this exchange? I have never seen. Okay. And there'd be preface this by saying put it this way. I was a lawyer for ten years. I've seen a lot of like arguments. Okay. In court depositions. I've seen a lot of my day. Okay. I have never seen a verbal one two combination of Heath Shuler with a left hook. And then the eighteen and forty six with the right cross. I mean, come on. And then Bella check things are a hack and that owned, by the way, you're still standing. Okay. Let me hit you one more time with the the greatest coach of all time says that you're on more than a meteorologist, which by the way is just tremendous language anyway, by burkhart, he's got to defend his guy. And so I got it at he did it first of all did Mari have some bad meetings. Maybe okay. Does it matter because at the same time the casually saying this stuff about Mary? He's also out there. One of the people of the forefront saying Josh Rosen is actively being shopped around by the Zona cardinals. Now, if Kylo Mari was that bad at all of these meetings. There was at least one he must have been pretty good at because the Zona carnivals if they're going to trade Rosen the probably need a quarterback. I don't think you trade and Josh Rosen to draft annual Jones first overall, well like to your point if Murray knows that he's going number one. It's like the Dion Sanders things over the he's in the room of the giants. And he's like where do you pick? And they're like over at ten or whatever he does you're not even gonna get in ten lunch. See ya. And we see this in pro days and T visits and official visits. Like, I think it was Baker Mayfield last year when he took it was supposed to visit with the chargers. And he just did it. He said, look, I don't have enough time writer and take this meeting and study and do the to do. So I'm not going to go. Why waste anybody's time. Because he knew it was going to be picked by the chargers. And so if you're kind of Maury, you're in Indianapolis, are you gonna take these meanings? Anyway, if the patriots are picking thirty to you sit down with Bilbao check, I mean. Yeah. Maybe. You go through the motions. But you might not be fully invested in it. And we've talked on this show about how these meters can be important for some quarterbacks with Mario. I think is a little bit different. Because with Murray, you know, the kind of offense you're going to be running. Right. You know, you know, the kind of athlete that he is kind of kinds of things you can do and like Barkat pointed out, look, you don't get to be the first person or so drafted in the top ten potentially in two different sports, right by being a lazy nonchalant, or whatever you want. And so we know who Kawamori is. And if the only interview that mattered for him was eras Ona's, seemingly he knocked that one out of the par right? The final thing to remember here is this it is lines. These people get used during this process, and it's pretty likely that Charlie casually has been fed some things to say by teams that maybe wanna get their hands on Murray. They wanna see him fall down boards. Maybe you think all we spent some stuff about him. Maybe cliff starts to second guess himself may. Arizona's such second guess what they're thinking, which is why Burkhardt made it a point to say, look we represent other people that were in those rumps. So now that didn't happen. So he brought receipts. He brought a one two combination followed with a, you know, actually kicker at the end of it as far as defending your guy. I think that was a master class. Yeah. I mean, just the follow up 'cause he could have stopped. He could have stopped at any point. That would have been like home. No big deal. He is defending his guy, we get it. And then he just came in with a double stop off, the top rope and went after the neck of Casserly. And I applaud them for it man, if he wants to come at your guy like that Glasser him like that because his record definitely isn't the the cleanest of the mall and these frigging rumors and whatnot. Like, it's out of control. It is out of control this entire process. And we talked about the the Marcus mariota red flag. Red flag, then the Bridgewater doesn't have a girlfriend type thing for faints. They get magnified during the course of the next couple of weeks are going to be if you're in. In Tom's with some of the stuff we read about quarterbacks. And again, you know, we don't have to go down this road. But there's always some coded language hairs. Well, because with Kyle Bari all he doesn't do well in meetings while I mean, come on if you watch him on film. That's the other to the combine is supposed to tell us. It's supposed to tell us it offends that we saw on film, or clarify some things we saw film or things that we did it. And if you watch him are the entities to get better at from a mental respective. Yeah. I don't think he's a natural manipulator with his is. But I think he's a much better anticipation thrower. Yeah. Particularly over the middle of the field. And he's getting credit for is a much better pocket passer than he's getting credit for and a lot of that stems from the mental side of things you see him running some concepts that I'm sure cliff is going to brain to Arizona, and you see a working through those rates quickly deciphered man versus own known where to go with the football. Get the ball on out of hands on time into them with anticipation again between the hash marks. Where a lot of other quarterbacks. Donate -ticipant throws. That's all mental stuff. And so could he stand on a whiteboard breakdown yo- f- fly disease? Scat three choice ninja H or something like that which is a cow Shanahan play. Maybe not. It's not going to be running that offense. He's not going to be running that offense. So who cares could break down? You know, why cross that? Sure boy. So I think that's going to do it for the Cuyler Murray chat, that's style. As fun. I love that. Love CNI media analyst just get taken a task. We'll see if Castellini wants to respond to that. That should be interesting. Maybe we'll have a little bit off the bat. Charlie don't get off the mat just wait out like to stay out, man. The flag of Mark. So that's it for today. Thank you for joining me. That's gonna do it for the cubes go show up next here on bleeding nation. You're going to have your regular weekly BGN radio with John Stolnis and Brandon league out and breaking down all this off season stuff for the eagles. After that. We have a Twitter mail bag open for the kissed and Solex show that's going to be number eighty three of our episodes. So check out at BGN underscore radio. Get those questions in we will be answering. Those that will be released later on Friday or Saturday morning sometime in there. We'll talk about the model contract and all of that remember to go to apple podcasts. Get those five star reviews close to almost eight hundred total reviews get on those ratings reviews. Give us some love help us screw with tunes. Algorithm. Get us to the top of the charts. Get exposed to more eagles fancy. You can discuss the show that is going to do it for the QB SCO show episode sixteen. Thank you for listening. Gee. My name is Spencer hall by name is Jason Kurt. My name is Ryan nanny week combined. We form the shot. Keep telling you this said now is technically college football podcast. But it's also show about care disaster regional grocery stores. We have Tennessee Batman homeowners associations bears in video games. Pittsburgh Batman, the hell of being trapped group, text unreliable legal advice. I mean, there's also some actual football discussion about coaches, having used contracts coaches making terrible decisions or coaches, saying really stupid things or the NC double A's saying released. Yeah, there's lots of stupid things in this big dome. Beautiful sport like time Arkansas decided to use a captured feral hog as a mascot, and it escaped and it wound up killing seven rattlesnakes a pig and a Coyote, sometimes we talk about okay allegedly. If you wanna take football exactly seriously as it deserves to be taken come find us on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever else you listen to podcast like this one. Defa cast. It's not voltron on less is Cam.

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