The art of the deal?


My friends is what you call yard on the deal. Now. The always come to the long time. Or the last second pass when it comes to these. A deal. wrote a book about the art of the deal. And yet for this particular reason. We went with poor if they get an order and. Even though we have eviction protection. But I still pay my rent do this because I listened to the CEO. And I pay my rent Douala of this crap. But Nonetheless I agree with the moratorium I agree. With. You know. Helping people but don't stimulus checks. Only four hundred dollars now, people have gone unemployment because Congress won't be back until September September. September and that would be a month before I go to camp widow, which is in the second Canton Week of October. The second weekend actually I leave about. I WANNA say eight if I could or maybe the the ninth or something like that eight, nine, whatever. And it's ridiculous if absolutely ridiculous congressman acting my children and call us gross adults bone children. Very disappointing very disappointed. I mean this this year have been nothing but disappointment. The Art. Of The The Art. Of the deal. Now. While the point that. We had to do a decorative orders for them. For Thanks a lot congress enjoy your vacation. I, hope you join month vacation. The only vote that you did. Was To remove statues for Statutory Hall. And that was since. I would in my trip to termite fell down before I haven't damn nervous breakdown. Yard deal. Dr, the deal. while. The Art. Of the deal I. Dumbfounded Right now. I am speechless play now. Had the most top players. In Congress and a along with evil. Mitch. Nancy Pelosi. Touch Sumer. And he'd come down with nothing. Or they need new fight. They need meet halfway. Wow. With Dole stimulus, check at all. And yet people now more people were going unemployment because we couldn't even get to it of your deal. The Art of the deal. That is what I must say in the art of the deal. The Art of the deal, let those words sink in. This is the president book. For the president. This is what kind of an office beside the wall. Beside the mall immigration in this is what got him into DC into the White House to author the most powerful man in the country. In the world. Second. To second. Lord Comfort Second Minute Guy. Second. The. Art of the deal. Failed. Athem Li literally failed, and here we are on a Saturday we just watched for executive orders. Come into play. And our did. Kind of the case if they buy buy. For A old. BLEEP in. The cat with US American. We're rich you're not. Go suffering. That's what they're telling us.

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