Wrestling With Altitude! - Episode 19 - Duff Doyle


Four all right welcome back to the wrestling with altitude podcast host Mr Fourth row and on this episode. I have joining me the one and only Duff Doyle Duff how you doing there is a great day when you're doyle. That's what I hear a lot so first question out of the Chute. How did you get introduced into this crazy wacky world of professional professional wrestling? Did you watch it as a youngster or what as a little kid. I was a Hulkah- Maniac I was drawn into Paul Cogan rippin a shirt and just say in the coolest promos Trevor and there was a a stagnant period of my life where I just you know I didn't get stopped watching wrestling and <hes> landell whole back in high school <hes> w._w._f.. SMACKDOWN was starting to T._v.. Show on U._P._N.. And there's a lot of buzz with wrestling back in the late nineties as well. I'm going to give wrestling another. Go and Mick Foley did out sweet promo as mankind and just pulled me right back in that that was something I knew back in high school. That's what I wanted to do. Okay all right so then <hes> so that kind of made you think that you could do this as he wanted to do this as a profession so that is correct that is correct you know read after high school. You know it's back my senior year in high school. I remember the the the counselor would bring us into the office and start giving us a talk about why we need you do apply to colleges why we all can't be rockstars and we need to find an actual real job as do professional wrestling than a couple of schools in the area in one night. Yeah my mom was watching the news and there was a local wrestling promotion that was they're doing news story on my mom sent them. An email and I got acquainted with a the trainers there I went down for Tryout Mountain. The rest was history. Let's let's go was that by the way <hes> so it was at the time that high-velocity wrestling school which later turned into N._W._e._a.. Rocky Mountain they kind of had a partnership partnership and then Lo and behold it became a fusion pro and the the wrestling school is the altitude pro wrestling academy all right so some of those names are our listeners have heard before but not the the the first one you had said there so okay I just hear his background to our listeners so so then you have been doing this for quite some time then they're almost sixteen years. Oh Wow so. You're one of the veterans in the area. It seems weird to be called Abba Yes oh I would. I would say a veteran but you know if you started right out of high school. I mean you've got a lot of experiencing. So I mean I take it. I would say it I would go for it so then <hes> so your your favorites watching growing up was a hulk Hogan anybody else that Mika Mick Foley Cain. My favorite tag team was the Dudley Boyz <hes> randy savage ultimate warrior. I liked a lot of variety. I liked a lot of gimmick. Wrestlers over the top personality is brought me in so you'll you like the entertainment factor factor. They'll absolutely Louis C._K.. Hey to and I can say that with the doyle character. You've kind of showing that that's that's you know <hes> out of this world top of the line you know entertainment. That's let's see what is about. Would you agree that I agree okay all right so so far in your career well. Actually let's actually first of all start off. What was your first match? What was it like who was it against? <music> down so my first match I was not known as Duff Doyle at this point in time was known as the vigilante. My very first match was against <hes> jun-soo place called whiskey. Bills nosers are high-velocity restaurant and <hes> yeah. I was pretty nervous down that I'm beyond June. Sue is still plugging away too right so so there's a question I started to ask a lot of the wrestlers on the podcast. Did you know that this was going to be your first match or was this kind of like last minute. I didn't know it was going to be my first batch. Okay later on that night. I had my second match was in a battle royal which seems most Indians do a battle royal. What did you know about that one ahead of time? No I did not all right so those are half-and-half on that first night. What's so what's it like? Well Gosh in this case. What's it like not knowing when you first got notified that you were going to be in a battle royal later that night when what were you thinking that I thought it was Kinda cool as well at the must've did okay if they want me to wrestle <hes> again so I was a little nerve wracking but at the same time it went pretty good so so who who was your trainer br coming up in the business so my my main trainers a Jeff mcallister Billy Roberts who wrestled on the name Billy v <hes> later on there was a guy named Bison Smith who is also one of my trainers and Bison Wrestle with the are Leitch Shimoda Noah and a little bit new Japan? Oh cool now are you. Are you <hes> helping in bringing up some of the young guns that are coming up in the business like likely likely <hes> Logan austen's and etcetera yes. I'M A coach trainer Extreme Jim Twenty four seven for professional wrestling now typically run Thursday nights and a good group of guys and Gals at come up to train okay now. What's it like <hes> getting that <hes> student that comes in you know not knowing anything and then seeing them come up with their first matches? If you had that experience quite a few I it's it's a I never coached anybody in school and I'd never joined any athletic teams but to shape and mold my trainees to actually have their very first match and to know that they're doing well on getting booked with multiple promotions at actually makes me feel really good and very accomplished. It's it's fun and I'm glad to be a part of their lives and hopefully they can learn from my mistakes and <hes> I guess the keep the maintain the level of professionalism to further their career further than I've gotten in mind any of the people that you helped train was any their first matches against you. No their second matches were okay so that you know which is fine that way they they're used to train with me but if their arrests on other people branches out and you could see differently I guess risk how they reacted to their match right and there may be a level they may not be as nervous <hes> Glenn against somebody else versus their trainer you know because with our trainer you would you agree. Maybe they would be like Oh God. We got to get this right. We gotta get those perfect. Yes absolutely cool all right so then so far in your career. Have you had any <hes> great memorable moments that you got you. Were getting yourself after the match during the match going got can't believe I just did that or got the Russell that person that my very first championship win was pretty special. I one the fusion Pro Wrestling Championship <hes> as my first title I ever won as it has definitely the most memorable in the most special to me <hes> of won a championship and all the promotions at worked with but that one is regarded as my highest one <hes> being contacted by W._W._e.. A few times to do extra work with them as also Kinda geeked out the first time they ever called but it was a lot of fun and I did some stuff with them back in March that went down to Florida. The annex t extra work so it's it's fun and I think I remember seeing that you <hes> you're not <hes> you're not hard to ness yeah. I kinda planned it that way. It's <hes> goes with a Bass theory not the brighter you know. People have to look at you have if you if you don't stand out in some way shape or form you're just going to blend in easily forgotten. There's something about William Regal had told us because it he used to meet with everybody and talk to them about the business. You know what they're looking for. You know if you if you don't stand out if you're just average that's all you're ever GonNa be okay so along the same lines about memorable moments who have been your like your favorite opponents to work with either as a single even though and also attacked him even even though I don't think we see you in a tag team competition too much. What what are your thoughts? What are your favorite favorite opponents to work again? I go back a long time ago again. Paul Diamond we ended up <hes> that's that's the night I want my championship with fusion as a gauntlet matches eight of us wrestling each other and him and out of the last ones that were both baby faces and it was so loud does nobody knew how it was going ago. <HES> and I ended up getting the trailer hitch and he ended up tapping out. It was so loud. I'd never had a experience like that. Before years ago. I won a tag team. Match match was a tag team cup the N._W._f.. Western states championship with Dustin Europe. This is also back at fusion H- you'd have to be my favorite tag team partner and that's quite a few years ago now but it's a that was a lot of fun. Oh now any any memorable tag team moment <hes> people that you as a partner or and as opponents you like working with in his name was Tristan Gallo back in the day which is Martin to sows and a Dallas Murdoch they tag teamed together. Dustin denied wrestled them a few times and that was my favorite tag team match ever because even the people who booed me. were cheering for me by the end of that night it was it was a lot of fun that night you turn that you turn the tide that night. He has a the the Anti Duff's that they used to wear yellow. They used to boo me but they had talked with my little brother saying do I couldn't do tonight man. It was great you know which was good right so beyond the W._W._e.. Any other brushes with path that you've had your got the wrestle at the Cauliflower Alley Reunion in Las Vegas as the first their fiftieth anniversary the two shows the Casino Royale and I was was the only guy from Colorado wrestle both nights. They're both in battle royals but when you're going out there you know there's a huge collection of promoters and independent wrestlers in independent promotions it Kinda look so it's more of a networking type of thing <hes> and that that was a lot of fun to just. There's a lot of people from New Japan former W._W._e.. Guys impact wrestlers were there. It was a good time and I'd recommend any indy wrestler to sign up to the Cauliflower Alley Club and go out to the reunion just to learn stuff from the old timers because you you will learn stuff right and and it's for a great cause to yet it is. It's a it's a nonprofit that helps professional wrestlers something I believe in it's a truly is does a lot of wonderful things for people correct okay so let's talk about the future any <hes> nipple you would like to face <hes> anywhere anytime any promotion anyhow dough bland anyone a w._w._e.. would be great great <hes>. Let's see any time any place well. I do want to Wrestle A._J.. Holiday I don't know when that's going to happen but when it happens it is going to be a beating of a lifetime for A._J.. Holiday. And what's what's what's your your beef with him just because he's Kinda hooked up with duly trailer right now or what his team in duly trailer and I feel a little betrayed because I took that kid under my wing him he's cost matches. You Know My last match with the Bruce Rogers. He ended up distracting. Me and Bruce walked away victorious that night so I got a little score to settle with that kid I see what about the far future any plans on working other promotions in-state Outta state. There's been a few out of stairs that have reached out to me so so there could be possible futures with that will see could be Nebraska could be eastern Colorado. Just try not to plan win too much in the future because you never know what tomorrow will bring right got to spread that duff militia a little bit you know don't think that I do the militias pretty strong. Kill all right so so <hes> now you're going to have an oddball question because I've <hes> ran into you outside of wrestling a few times at science fiction conventions so what's Duff's <hes> favorite type Scifi by Godzilla and you're excited about the new movie coming out. They'll absolutely absolutely all right how did you how did you get interested in Godzilla was it was the old old movies no yeah I mean it's it's pretty much wrestling just with the monsters you know it's a lot of cool stuff. You know what little kid doesn't love a trans source you know and Godzilla was cooler because he'd longer arms orange and blue fire does sweep kill all right okay so death. I appreciate you coming on to the podcast around but before I let you go and some people wanted to follow up with you on social media. Where could they follow up with you? So if you were interested in following duff doyle you could follow me a duffed oil two thousand on facebook and just stuff toil on instagram Iran that is the the two main social media outlets you contract duff doyle awesome okay great okay and Oh and then <hes> but before I let you go <hes> you know you can follow me on <hes> on social media but what about your upcoming <hes> schedule what you've got going on now. This Saturday at Mile High Comics duffed oil is set to the action with new era pro wrestling. It's going to be taking place. <hes> will doors doors open at six thirty. Bill time is seven P._M.. At the world's largest comic bookstores I'm Ed so I do tend to branch out to the comic book conventions and stuff because I do believe there is a crossover with the fans. That's why I tend to go to those events that I agree. I mean you know you saw them either. I'm you know it's all about <hes> Phantom in you know some there other crossovers with all kinds of stuff absolutely okay all right well once again duff. I appreciate you coming on and I'll see you this Saturday cool. We'll see then all right. Thanks once again a big. Thank you to duff doyle for coming on to the podcast on this episode and letting all the listeners get to know a little bit more about him his wrestling career and how he loves good ZILLAH TESLA SO check him out this Saturday for new era pro wrestling mayhem. You can get your tickets at new era pro wrestling dot com a belief tickets are ten dollars bell time time at seven PM with doors opening at six thirty and you can be entertained by his Im- duffed oil and his entrance music of Cotton Hijo. I mean who doesn't love to dance. Ansan clap around to that song well and then speaking of being entertained. Let's do a quick review of <hes> what I experienced this past weekend. When it came to professional wrestling of course we have rocky mountain pro with their ignition and charged TV tapings for right now TV also you can see on twitch as well <hes> they're continuing to just rock on no pun intended with their story lines leading up to a believe supercharged five five five five five that was five there? Did you count along and <hes> we're just continuing to go on there. Then on Saturday rocky mountain pro in the afternoon <hes> held a live event at the Lucia Cantina in Littleton Colorado so grandjean out a little bit Ed and <hes> hitting another part of the Denver Colorado area in introducing themselves to that area they kind of looted up theme style sense. It wasn't celebration of Cinco Good Demayo even though it was may the force be with you and <hes> got to talk a little bit about Star Trek and Star Wars with the Murky Matt Hayden and Curtis Cole there <hes> on on that that day was also free Comic Book Day as well for all the nerds as Chongo Bronson with say so but it was a great event great you know being outside and watching professional wrestling in the kitchen knows nice sunrays so that was Kinda fun to see we got to see a couple of newcomers to rocky mountain pro and that was Gordo and the Blue Panther take on some of the Rocky Mountain Stars that we're used to so that's always kinda fun. When you get to see a lot of new people hey and then speaking of <hes> seems New People that you haven't seen before like I have <hes> Primoz <hes> pro wrestling held their Omega nine tournament Saturday evening at watering bowl there in <hes> Denver Colorado and they had a lot of great matches in conjunction with girl fight wrestling <hes> that was <hes> fun to see <music> some people that I have not seen before mixed it up there with the local girl women? I've seen <hes> you know in other promotions and see all the time and also good to catch up with some of the women I haven't seen in a while just is because of scheduling conflicts or whatever though we had <hes> A._J.. Pereira believe <hes> that's her name when the Oh mega tournament and then on Sunday we we had the Alpha nine tournament Lotta great matches we have special appearance by two Cold Scorpio took on the primos champion monsters zero filter big Phil Dog whatever you call him and and it was great to see a living legend in the ring take on champion and they had a knock out knock down dragging of a fight so it was fun are <hes> eventual winner. There was a hunter gray very well deserved of course I am a big fan of the norsemen hunter gray and <hes> every time get to see him. I'm enjoying my hiking experience so that was it that I attended and I knew there was some other events that <hes> I did not behave you guys ever want to send in your thoughts <hes> hey email them in or <hes> to <hes> podcast at wrestling with altitude dot com or tweet us at wrestling Russell altitude or even hit us up on the facebook so <hes> great to hear any kind of your thoughts and I'll try to read them on the show but hey let's talk about what we got on tap here for the wrestling with altitude area professional wrestling and that is we are starting the weekend off off once again with rocky mountain pro ignition and charge from the Jefferson County fairgrounds at the quarry. Get your tickets at our M._p.. RUSTLING DOT COM. com and then on Friday Colorado Springs wrestling is back the battle under the mountain events from the playing field bar in Colorado Springs. <hes> get your tickets at Colorado Springs Wrestling Dot Com. I believe it's a little bit of a <hes> later show but <hes> that should be great a fine just because it is <hes> <unk> a Friday night so hey you can stay out late Friday night. Can't you know I can what about you believe we've got <hes> Delta junior champion taken on <hes> Cormac battle as well as <hes> Jimbo Jimbo. Lucas is taking on <hes> Irish extreme <hes> we got <hes> Animal Sam versus Captain Stevens should be <hes> lots of fun. <hes> tickets are ten dollars <unk> <hes> bell at seven thirty <hes> so that should be fun. I'm planning on being there. Hope to see some of you as well and then once again on Saturday we have new era pro wrestling sling dot dot com where you can get their websites. Get Two tickets fear their website <hes> they are going to be having their mayhem event at Mile High Comics and then also we have <hes> <hes> respect women's wrestling they are having their event this Saturday as well and that's going to be a course of their volume four four and they also having <hes> a <hes> <hes> spring pole dancing showcase so if you want to get <hes> tickets I believe you can just get tickets at the Herman's hideaway a website and if you use the code I I'm not sure if this is still applicable at the time of this recording US buddy boy one of the sponsors you can get your tickets for <hes> ten dollars so going to be great can have a lot of great eight matches and <hes> let's see if <hes> Bentley Powell can hold onto her championship <hes> so <hes>. Let's see what what happens should be great to see a lot of these ladies. Get in there and mix mix it up so eight. You know that's it that I know of as time of this recording so I m going to take a shout out to any of the Lewis shows guys <hes> email me or contact me. Let me know about your shows. I'll promote them on here. I know there's quite a few every weekend. I Know I jab at you guys a little bit but that's just because I know was very popular and <hes> Lucia shows in my opinion are are or just fun. They're different in there just exciting to see then we know about the mainstream <hes> wrestling that were <hes> US Americans are used to so <hes> but <hes> <hes> WanNa thank you all for listening but before we go let's think the trending topics network for hosting the show and if you love wrestling with altitude please go ahead and subscribe or stay subscribed to this feed and you can catch other great shows such as wrestling cheers the Spanish announce table all beer inside old school at the movies and so much more you want to contact the show podcast at wrestling with altitude dot com or on facebook now trying to get a little more active there and of course we're on twitter at Russell altitude and soon to come t shirts. I'm going to be able to be purchased. GotTa figure out what we're going to Howard exactly you're going to do that. We got prototype out there. Hope you see it if not check out <hes> the facebook page. I believe there's a picture of the first one off the press well off off the printer. I should say and anyways I wanNA thank you all for listening and having fun wrestling here comes again lunch will.

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