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You're looking live at the site of the Kawhi Leonard and Paul George Introductory Clippers press conference at the Green Meadows Recreation Center in South Los Angeles. We're just moments away from their rival. We'll go right to them once. It begins walk into the jump. I'm Georgia Donna fearless leader Rachel Nichols today. I'm joined by our Bucks reporter Movie Andrews and our Lakers reporter Dave McMenamin. Thanks for hanging out guys should be obviously a lot to get into coming up. Jaanus was working on his shot with Kyle Korver. So of Yannis develops a jumper the rest of the lead on notice at that point well stay tuned for that but I the clippers will officially introduced Kawhi Leonard and Paul George shortly making a monumental moment in franchise history the clippers who have never even been to the conference finals as a franchise suddenly find themselves with the reigning finals m._v._p.. And the second runner up for the regular season M._v._p.. On their roster so dave let's discuss the dynamic duo here are Hawaiian P._G.. The best pairing in the league right now they're fantastic but there's another pairing right down the Hallway Staple Apple Center in Lebron James Anthony Davis. That's the Best Combo in the league and not because of any shade on the clippers standing but there's one thing that Lebron A._d.. Will complement each each other on the court with running pick and roll and that one thing they can do better with each other skillset combined than anything that Paul George and can do now. You can say that Paul Jordan quiet Leonard on opposite wings defensively is a menace if I'm talking offensively and usually when we talk about players complementing one another I it is on the offense events and that's why give the nod their and even though lebrons older they have the health and that do coming into the air. Yeah I mean that's going to be a big thing right whether or not the health of Paul George is something that's one hundred percent. I mean he's coming off of that shoulder injury. Is that something that's going to be plaguing him going forward <hes> and this season I actually I think that it might very well be the clippers. Bristow is the best deal in the League but going forward. I think it's going to be really interesting to see if we're talking just overall who the best duo is I think Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are going to be a formidable duo that being said that's not going to happen until next next year but to overlook yes. Certainly I would agree with that now. I'm with you on this Dave. I believe that Lebron A._D.. Probably complement each other better at least at this particular moment and by the way A._D.. Probably Compliments Lebron better than any other teammates ad it's not the most accomplished teammate that would probably go to gain weight at this point still but as far as the way they're games will mesh. I'm with you on that. Paul George's injuries interesting because Royce Young after the first shoulder injury had reported that he'd be reevaluated for training any cap then he had the second surgery and Ramona was on my radio show yesterday and she was saying that there's a possibility that this could lead up right to the season <hes> when he's evaluated so if he misses a couple of games to start the year in loaded western conference like how do we feel about something like that. Well I mean you look at it paid off for coli last year and obviously that that costs them a little bit in the seating and that was the east versus the West but I think that's something we're gonNA potentially see more is a little bit more of that load management that term that's been coming up over and over and if that pays off in the playoffs I mean I think a lot of teams that argue that that that's going to be worth it. Even the most accomplished smartest most skilled players take time to get to be able to know each other's game congealed with one another on the court and if you're losing time from training camp it puts them behind April so even in that part of the commerce even with the clippers having pretty much almost everyone else in place who's played together. I know that would play with goes to touch the ball the most those two players right if they are losing opportunities to work through that what it looks like in training camp because of concerns maybe come march or April when winning time really matters in the playoffs they'll will be the best duo by going into the year. You'd say Lebron so we did the duo's what about the entirety of the roster right now dave. What do you think clippers are a deeper roster and this group as currently constructed for the most part obviously they sent up gone are the summer and they made some tweaks? They took two games away from the warriors last year. <hes> so it's more complex group already going into the the Lakers have such incredible Rosser turnover that there's more on their own known there and then that's why you would give the clippers the not in terms of perhaps getting wins but then you talk in okay then there's a load management angle and maybe the Lakers you know Anthony Davis indirectly press conference at Twenty six years. I plan on playing a lot right and so if you're out there for eighty games that could be the difference. We'll do you think about Anthony Davis. Milica is that if you look at him like he hasn't had serious injuries. It's a lot of like Nixon bruises or whatever it's not really anything that anyone should be overly concerned about unlike for example as Dave pointed out and you pointed out Paul George Wardrobe to shoulders. That's a big difference a little bit more serious but to today's point I think depth especially when we get to the playoffs really matters in with the clippers you have a group that not only do they have a lot of depth but they're very solid in the roles that they have you guys that are happy to be coming off off the bench. There's not going to be that jockeying in the same way that you might see on that Lakers roster so I think that that's going to be playing a factor to you. Guys that are comfortable being the sixth man <hes> guys that were like Mantras Herro who were the runner ups in those sorts of categories so I think that come crunch time come playoff time they might have a slight upperhand there even if they have the talent the Lakers of the talent tweeting so that's not gonNa work between him and Jabil here all right. We'll be back with the I look at Kawai MPG as members of the clippers. Don't go anywhere. We'll have the press. Conference waste is brought to you by mountain dew. Do there's another live looking at some empty seats as we're waiting for Kawai and Paul George and the Clippers to have their press conference again we will go live to it as soon as the gentleman make their way up on that state Georgia. It's a Donna Andrews with this year on the jump Melinda while we wait for the clippers new dynamic due to arrive. I wonder did actually set a new president ear on how to build a new too I think so and I think that the evidence evidence of how much discussion has happened surrounding these guys and the fact that there were all meetings and investigation might be open just into the way this whole summer went <hes> in terms of of of teams recruiting guys and when they were able to talk to people bull and when they <hes> when when teams initially reached out whether or not all of that is kosher. I think all of those implications were something that then it's to me says okay because all these things happened. This is something that we need to take note of. I think we're going to see more and more in the future guys talking to each other. Wondering why are we going to team up. Is this new duo the way that we're going to try to compete for a championship. I'm not going to go unless you go and that's something that we've seen a bit in the past but the summer I feel like it just went to the next is level. We're seeing it at an all time high and so. I think that that's something that we're going to see more and I also think that in this age of information when things are spreading so quickly I think that the way that Kawai and Paul George were able to <hes> handle things so quietly and move Jeez moving silence like lasagna deal <hes> I think that's going to be more important and more threatening things as things continue the difference I mean we've seen in the past but guys would try to sync up their free agency to work together if if guys are feeling to someone else's under contract to try to force their hand requested trae. I don't think it's a good thing for the league and contract should mean something. I'm all for player empowerment. I think it's led us to a greater level of appreciating getting the athletes that perform on nightly basis in the N._B._A.. But if you make that packed and commitment you should honor <hes> that commitment and and here's the difference like the other way could be the N._F._l.. And you don't have guaranteed contracts right you think the N._B._A.. N._B._A. Once I I don't think so yeah and here's the other part of that equation and it's a good point too but I think what ends up happening here is the fans get shipped right because as a fan you're like you WANNA commit to having a team and guys to root for Jerseys to buy right all that kind of stuff of matters and I think that those people kinda get forgotten in these situations too well and you're seeing contracts become shorter now. You're seeing guys sign one year to year to year one year with a second year option deals and it's not these longer are things that are happening and so you're not kind of able to see what you're saying where where that Jersey for for ten years or whatever that and small market teams. Let's face it. We touch on this a little bit yesterday Dave with Rachel which was that they drive this stuff right. Whenever there's a tampering bring issue? It's usually a small market team was upset about the tampering for large market team so here's a small market team okay see and yes. They got a little bit of a get out of jail free card because of the Russell Westbrook contract but if this happens to a team that doesn't have one of those contracts attracts on the books h probably not going to be as friendly as this particular situation was yeah you completely in. I guess you want to be able to see the flip side to whereas the players are saying like we gotta look how far ourselves we have. We don't have the billions like the owners. Do we get the millions and we'll have such a short amount of time in this league and you know if Blake Griffin can be signed by the clippers and they're going to say where to put your number in the rafters radim year later then guess what those are the terms of engagement and so anything I Steve Kerr is never wanted to hide how he feels about issues around the league his latest concern is something like this. How Anthony Davis is trade L._A.? Went Down Kerr expressed this on the warriors insider podcast and he expressed why he wasn't a fan of the move he said quote. We're guys perfectly healthy and has a couple years left on his deal and says I want to leave. That's a real problem. The League has to address and the players have to be careful with when you sign on the dotted line yo your effort and your play to that team that particular city those fans but the Davis stuff was really Kinda groundbreaking and hopefully not a trend because it's bad for the league so dave already sort of expressed this but what do you make of what curse set I agree with the sentiment I didn't loved. He was singling out a D.. Saying it was groundbreaking move because Jimmy Butler happened before Anthony Davis HAP- right so isn't that the groundbreaking move I think Carmelo Anthony Carmel and so I think just by virtue and is your boys virtue of <hes> Anthony Davis being represented by rich Paul who just seems to be for whatever reason a lightning rod when it comes to discussion there was more attention paid to his deal and and or his request whatever but it's not just him he's at the poster boy and it's happened in the league in other instances and yeah I agree there some issue here but what does the solution perhaps I. I've had people suggest to me when the next C._B._S.. Negotiations come around. There's the the maximum lights contracts there'll be a push ownership to cut it from rather than five and four two maybe three and four <hes> and and that could be the consequences of players wanting freedom okay you can have freedom but it means. You'RE GONNA have less long-term. <hes> guaranteed stability right from financial special consideration standpoint. I mean I've spent a fair amount of time with the Pelicans this season I agree you know the Jimmy. Butler saga was definitely one that kind of set the ball rolling but <hes> Anthony Davis it played out over a long period of time and Alvin Gentry told me that it was one of the craziest things he's experienced because there were so many iterations what happened <hes> you know. Jimmy Butler played out a little bit before the season started with Anthony Davis. It's is he injured is not injured. He's going to play he wants to play but we don't want to have him become infection that become infectious in the locker room and it really took a toll on so many people within that organization I think because it had ramifications for Dell Dempsey and for all of these other people that became became why it's become the poster offer that because there were so many people affected by this and they needed a whole change of leadership basically in order for them to recover from this and and being down in New Orleans during the draft off after they got Zion there was just drastically different feeling down there. There was a collective sense of relief that this whole thing had played out because of exactly what Steve Kerr was saying it just felt like it was an untenable situation down there that was was toxic and I played out for very long but I also think that in you know and I'm GonNa push back. Steve Kerr little bit too which is every situation is a case by case situation right Anthony Davis had been there for what seven years already and had dealt with you know management but let's face. It wasn't necessarily upper-echelon as far as the League is concerned so much so that David Stern wants chided the general manager of the time they'll dem's. I'm not trying to kick a man while he's down but we know what he said about him when it came to the Chris Paul Trade. A number of years ago so Anthony Davis falls into this situation and this can be a deeper discussion that we can get into another day about when you get drafted somewhere. You're kind of quote unquote stuck there four x amount of time and once you've done X.. Amount of years and you don't see anything that benefits you benefits your brand that benefits the franchise than I could see where a guy gets fed up with it like an Anthony Davis situation so I'm with you to that extent like Anthony. Davis shouldn't be the poster child of this. There are plenty of other guys who have done it and here's particular situation has has been dealt with <hes> before all right. Let's go to the newly renovated Clippers Community Court and South Los Angeles. One of nearly three hundred fifty courts that the clippers have updated at the parks and REC Department Kawhi Leonard Paul George officially introduced as L._A.. Clippers okay so it looks like we're still waiting for that. I was still go so anyway. Let's finish up the Anthony Davis thing real quick. We wait for them but yeah I just think Steve Kerr some of this may be. Hey He went to the Lakers and that's our biggest rival. I think that plays into this some as well right like that could be it well and he got to go you know exactly where in the end it all played out to be what what he wanted and so I think you know and this is maybe parsing Harris a little bit of reading into it. Steve Kerr sentiment was but you know I is is is being a bully for lack of a better term the best way to get what you want. Is that what we're showing people because the end today this is still a business there are still contracts. These are still employees working for employers and like Dave said. I'm all for player empowerment. It's just about at what point does entitlement start to to play. Ah a factor there. I think there's just like the star factor that Lebron was evolved that it gets so much more attention and again like Maliki was fair to point out the people you have come to know in your job in Orleans that were affected but you know it's not like Minnesota. Dumped dividend lost his job new G._M.. There too so there was big consequences with the Jimmy Butler tree or trade requests as well. I just think you know again the undo and I think there's some level of fear on the Lebron campsite controlling things however on the flip side as we're looking at the guy starting to to settle in in in Los Angeles Paul George you know he had signed a contract he went quietly to ownership and said look this is what I would like and it played out in vastly different way. It was in the off-season different and we're waiting for them to obviously get going here. They're Mike's aren't hot so we don't have anything to really go to just yet other than the visuals that we're seeing but obviously there press conference. We'll start here in just a few moments. But how do you think though that fans maybe around the league see this particular situation. Actually you know what let's hold off on that because it looks like we're about to get started here in just a second but we can discuss that down the road. Let's go to the Clippers press conference. My name is Brian Stephen. I am the voice of your Los Angeles Clippers and I'm pretty sure I speak. I'm pretty sure I speak for everybody. When I say we are so excited for you to be here today to celebrate a truly historic moment for the clippers the organization you and their fans before we begin I would love nothing more than to acknowledge all of the clippers staff that are here landing the back of the gym? They know the magnitude of this moment better than maybe anybody else so thank you for joining us. As we celebrate elaborate again a terrific day as we get started would love to think Green Meadows Recreation Center for hosting US Today this court the court that we're sitting on one of three hundred and fifty that have been renovated and refurbished by the Clippers in partnership with the Department of Recreation and parks it has been truly an undertaking for the clippers organization and and the city of Los Angeles. I would love to welcome from the L._A.. Parks Foundation Caroline Ramsey and Judah Keefer California's state Senator Steven Bradford L._A.. Council member current price state assembly members Sydney Cam Logger Tiger Dove State Assembly member Reggie Jones Sawyer Senior Inglewood Mayor James t butts of course are Clipper Partners Fox Lexus Cedar Sinai and Chick Fillet and last but not least the incredible kids of green meadows who are sitting right here in the middle now to officially kick things off. I would love to bring up the team president of Basketball Operations Mr Lawrence Frank. How's everyone doing today right the they gave me these huge huge chew cards? Make sure I don't mess it up all right the first of all welcome. Thank you all for being here. This is a landmark moment for the clippers franchise and our fans. I want to recognize some of the people who made this possible. First Foremost Hawaiian Paul thank you for decided to be clippers. It means a great deal for players of this magnitude to decide to be clippers offers end to put their trust in US quite as mother Kim Robertson Quiz Uncle Dennis Robertson his agent Mitch Frankel of Impact Sports and all of his family and friends from the inland empire in San Diego. We'd like to thank Paul in Paula. George Paul's agent Aaron Mints of See as Sports and all his family and friends from L._A.. And the Antelope Valley we're honored to be united today. None of us would be here today without this man's the bomber k. back when Steve bought the team five years ago. His intention was the make the L._A.. Clippers the ultimate destinations for players in their families. He's made an unbelievable commitment to make sure every day that we're striving towards that goal there are so many people both in basketball operations and business operations who contributed to help make this moment possible I I can't possibly list all but our gratitude is there but there are a couple of vital members that I do want to acknowledge that had a huge part in helping us get to where we are today. I Doc Rivers Championship head coach. The Jerry West the greatest architect there isn't a game and then I I have an unbelievable team of guys Michael Winger General Manager Trent Reddin our assistant general manager mark use our assistant general manager and our president of business his operations Gillian Zucker who all provided tremendous support and insight throughout this process last year dot called our group up blacktop team because of the toughness and grit that they brought to the court our players players and coaches deserve a ton of credit today it was the culture that they created that made and Paul want to join our group so again we want to acknowledge just what they've set forth and what we're GonNa continue to build on and I think the things that in terms of talking and talking to Paul it's the toughness the hard play the drama free in the premier market in the National Basketball Association. We'd like to acknowledge right now to players who won't be returning Shea Gildas Alexander and Danilo Gallinari. Shea is going to be a special player in this league gallagher is already a high performer reformer. We wish him nothing but the best will be pulling for him throughout their careers as much as we loved our team last year we knew we needed a leak talent to compete at the highest level. One of the hardest things that do in the N._B._A.. is to get one superstar. Let alone to superstars who respect and complement each other like Hawaiian Paul do it was only a month ago that Tacoma another finals m._v._p.. Trophy he is a champion. He is a winner he wins everywhere. He goes from King Highschool to San Diego State to the N._B._A.. Paul shares many of those same qualities <music>. He's an elite score relentless defender who is one of the most versatile players in the N._B._A.. One of the reasons we stockpile draft picks was to trade for Foundational Star like Paul Quiet Paul or franchise changing players who are forced multipliers. They make everyone in the organization better there. The two best two-way players are game today. They work relentlessly for everything they get and they always have since they're prepping collegiate days not too far away from here. We didn't just presume because they're tremendous talents. We pursued them because they fit so well together amongst our group as well and in quiet part of the rosters both Internet's privilege and a huge huge responsibility one we take seriously they expect to win championships so do we we can't wait to partner with them and maximize extraordinary opportunity in front of us. Thank you the next I would love to bring up the head coach. If you're Los Angeles Clippers Doc rivers you everyone doing. I didn't get any cue. Cards like like Lawrence has so I'm just doing this from what I say number one. Thank you bye and P._G.. Right but this is not this is a great moment right what everybody agree with that. This is a good moment. It's not our finest moment. That's coming. You know what I'm saying and that's that's why we're here today. We're here to celebrate all right. We're here to celebrate that not only just the clipper brand. This feels more like a movement to me. It really does but this is more about what's coming not not today today is for them. Today is a great day for them and for the franchise but then when you guys leave the gym or get to work and that's the moment that we want like we've done some winning. We Wanna be the winners. That's our go. I'm super proud <hes> to introduce this next gentleman five years ago he bought the Los Angeles Clippers and if you've ever been to a game from basically two thousand fourteen to the last game we played you have witnessed. Firsthand is energy you his passion his emotion that he has for the clippers. PLEASE WELCOME CLIPPERS Chairman Steve Bomber do I have these nodes say. I'm just fired up to be here today. It's pretty cool pretty cool just delighted. I'm proud of what we did. Last year. We had a hell of a team played the right way hard gritty tough resilient. That's the clippers are about and I there's great season great season forty eight wins great season. Not We want but very great season. I'm so proud of the guys we have. I'm so proud of the guys who were coming back. We got the guys who I think will be perfect. Thick put together with Paul and Co is to really give us the chance to do the only real thing we wanNA. Do I gotta say being number two being number four. We're only here for one reason. We want win at all well. There's only one reason I'm proud of our leadership team to put us in this position where we could put together Tula guys who I have most admired throughout their careers. I'm excited about out that and proud of the guys who who got here. I'm proud to be here in this REC center. I know kids. We got shot at your routine today but I'm proud to be here with you. It's real honored to have a chance to be here. have us be so so welcome. In this place matters a lot to the clippers what our world is like off the court and the contributions we get to make and the contributions are players get to make but most of all parked. You say Hello Clippers to Paul E.. Coli come on Komo Nike. We got two guys who I am so excited to have two guys who are tough. You Watch him play their tough. I love the toughness two you guys who ever you every year of gotten better every year. That's the kind of that's I'm inspired by that work off season off court work work work work word to guys is two guys who are m._v._p.. Guys Paul was having the most impressive season year. No your little injury third in the M._v._p.. Voting Third Guy could be I third a quiet M._v._p.. Of An N._B._A.. Finals Manage Pretty Damn good you win some ball games age this year with our team. We're GONNA win some ballgames but there's only a few games we need to need. We need to win. The last game played during the N._B._A.. Season that's that's the game we gotta win quite some when they won the championship this year about the Larry O._B.. The only thing that matters delirium p when I got here I think I'd call it the Lawrence O'Brien from now on it's all about the Larry O._B.. So we're chance to hear from quiet Paul here in a minute we did a little video. We'd like to show you first. Thanks on you love for the sport Mago as it gets to the N._B._A.. Okay guys okay guys so we saw Steve Balmer. Obviously steal the show there with Lawrence Frank Doc. We're going to go to Oh break and then we'll hear from Hawaii and Paul George in just a moment we back here on the jump. Welcome back to the jump. Let's go live to the Clippers press conference Paul George speaking working right now wow loss for words but <hes> does dead. I'm extremely excited extremely happy to be back home. First and foremost I just WanNa thank the whole Thunder Organization Station <hes> Mr Bennett Sam Preston <hes> for the partnership that we had there. It was a great two years there for me <hes> but ultimately they <hes> you know helped me find my way back home to L._A.. And Very appreciative ODA moment <hes> it's pretty dull it was pretty awesome. I remember when I was in Andy and we drafted Qui- I was a little confused by 'cause I was the to guard there in my position and <hes> I was a bit nervous for that competition. I was coming <hes> we fast for that and <hes> knowing what I know now being a player that I am the player he developed into. I wish we would have kept that pig and I wish we would have progressed together and <hes> we could have distanced special things in Indiana but it's great to fast forward where we are now. We both here in L._A.. And <hes> I it just seems like is this was destined. We were supposed to play together so here. We are thank you Mr Bomber L. Frank Coach. I'm looking forward to this journey which you and <hes> man. We're GONNA make it happen L. A. Our way it now the two-time finals m._v._p.. Leonard Yeah me too just before I get started clippers <hes> wanted thank <hes> the Toronto Raptors fans. <hes> you know what I have social media. I'm not able to put out a paragraph or whatever but but like say just thank of Toronto the city the country you know a great amazing season best parade ever <hes> thanks to the doctors for delivering my baby my baby boy he's three months now so healthy <hes> also wanted also will just wanted <hes> you know think the city as far as the restaurants <hes> you know giving up that quiet and dying throughout the playoffs took advantage of that <hes> you know the players they already know <hes> you know takes facetime me. We'll talk coaches staff as well and the whole organization really <hes> just thank the whole city. Thank you <hes> Now <hes> so next journey these guys I think a great future pause always a player that I wanted to play with like you just saying <hes> and I got drafted to the Pacers. I might they already. We got a two way player pretty much but <hes> you know as our careers move for <hes> you know see how develops the develop and <hes>. I wonder if we would've stayed in Indiana but you know we're here together in L._A.. Both southern cal guys play right down the street with each other in Huntington and now with each other but game at their one another championship game been watching them since then but <hes> you know now we on the clippers and it is a thing <hes> we got some special we could make history here and <hes> you know we got the right team to do with Steve Lawrence Doc Championship coach and I'm excited you know watching video that they present. I'm ready to go. We're going to open it up for questions here. In just a second there'll be some wireless mics passed around. We are live on Fox so if you could please state your name and affiliation and wait for the microphone before you talk it would be appreciated by all all started off Kyle Senate your way I what does is it needs to be playing basketball for you here. In Los Angeles in front of Friends and family means a lot of me. <hes> you know these are the clippers probably one of the first N._B._A.. Games all came to <hes> I mean obviously it's a different staff organization known as far as people leading it but <hes> just be able to you know for my friends and family to drive to game watch me playing and seeing them at their and they will just enjoy the time here. There's going to be great Paul. How exciting for you that your basketball career brings you back here to Los Angeles? I think the same as you know what Qui- Said you know just family friends <hes> just being enable to be here full-time the interactions I have with you know people are grew up with and and people that have been around me since I've been a kid I'm here. I'm able to be touched. I'm able to you know be here. full-time be around my niece nephews <hes> my kids being here with their niece or their <hes> cousins <hes> issues you know I think it's a great field all around. I've always wanted to play back home and see what that was like and <hes> do something for my hometown so oh I think now I'm here. I can do on a full-time level. Raise your hand name Affiliation Wireless. Mike should be passed around of course I question always goes to Jim Hill first of all Paul congratulations new welcome home. <hes> I know of the love that you have for young people in the two part question I have is what does it mean to you to have all these young people here in this surroundings for your press conference and the other is what was it like in. What was it about the clippers that made you wanNA play for them? When you had so many other options for me I grew up clippers fan? I love the clippers as a kid. I think I answered the first part I <hes> I think is is pretty awesome. As much as clippers fan I was I was a Kobe Fan. <hes> and and Kobe was my idol growing up <hes> so I think now what me and quiet can do we can you know inspired at next generation <hes> to want to go out on that caught. I think how we plays a lost art in the N._B._A.. We're guys is one get after it on both ends <hes> and that's how Kobe works for me. He was a guy I didn't care who mashed up against who he's GonNa play against. He wanted to be beat them on both ends and that was what I was used to to watch and growing up so I think for us we get the same opportunity to get back to the next generation and Kinda rebrand basketball in essence <hes> but clippers been my team so <hes> you know for me. It was a chance to come back home and it'd be a part of something that was already the special <hes> I'm not a guy come in with ego with with you know that I'm demand like I want to be a part of some special. I WanNa help build something special and you know this is surreal to be home in and do it for a team that I grew up in I and wanted to be a part of ever since <hes> they missed out on me and the draft but that's another story wasn't all that wasn't no Steve's time so it's always cool. Let their growth to go away. Thank you know for me. Just feel like <hes> you know doc being <hes> championship head coach <hes> you know that's something that I wanted <hes> experienced coach and the front offices you know very transparent with me. <hes> you know they WanNa win win again and just as opportunity forest just build our own. You know what I mean <hes> to make history. They haven't been to a finals <hes> they haven't won a finals so <hes> you know that was something big and exciting for me to you know make my decision guys. Dan Waikiki with the Los Angeles Times this question for both of you. There's a culture that's in place already this team. They mentioned a little bit of team that played a certain style with a certain intensity last season. I'm curious how much what was here last year in sort of that identity factored into your decision to be a clipper <hes>. I think it's just how I play. You know pretty much a good pair <hes> like you says blacktop team. They're going hard on both ends of the floor <hes> They WanNa win and that's Kinda pretty much more competitive my said when I step on the floor <hes> I'm not a big to just have it all on me. <hes> as far as I'm seeking every attention <hes> you know of his now. My night are now my game. You know I'm willing to you know pass the ball and do what it takes to win. I feel like they have their culture. Yeah I mean I was the biggest attraction <hes> with just how hard they play and I think we coach Doc <hes> honestly getting everything out of his players. <hes> I mean that's such a special Gif <hes> when a coach can grab and and you can just see their connection on in a court you know everybody was on the same page. Everybody was pulling for one another and everybody elevated you know their games <hes> so you know to be a part of that that you know camaraderie to be a part of it <hes> what they already had just sprinkling in what we know how to offer <hes> you know that's what made a such an attract attractive. <hes> you know spot for me to be a Ramona Shelburne with E._S._p._N.. <hes> I I'm going to try to ask asked to questions if you can just because I can. I guess the first question is just what what conversations have you guys had with doc about how you're going to build this team and how you're gonNA play so far and the second question is is simply what you do i. It was a free agent Paul you got here and the different way but but obviously it factors into this idea that we have about player empowerment and players getting to choose where they wanna be and be where they wanna be just sort of your thoughts on on where you both rank in that conversation well to answer the first question <hes> me and still got a dinner to go to blew me. I'm pretty good an excuse for right now but you know I look forward to the dinner and getting to really just unravel and <hes> you know figure out you know what he wants for me what I need to do <hes> go from there and just with the whole no player in power midst of <hes>. I mean I didn't do nothing I was you know I work handing him with the front office. <hes> we had a great relationship. <hes> you know in we played played good years there in and you know it was a mutual thing between both of us that <hes> you know the time was was was was up and <hes> you know we both had ideas of of doing things differently so <hes>. I don't don't think there's nothing wrong with it. I think there should be a mutual in in in pretty even thing if both parties can be on the same page <hes> at the end of the day day got a career as far as you know the team and the players have a career as well so <hes> as long as there's there's some mutual respect between the both <hes> you know should be nothing wrong with it doc. <hes> you know we lost a few clips. Together talked had lunch but you know it's not over yet. <hes> you know we still are three list got to get no room. <hes> not just as three <hes>. It's going to be a team effort of making this work. The Fifteen Garner bench task being that Rome as well to know what he needs to do his role and <hes> you know we still got things to build on where you're still going through the transition as you know possibilities house on everybody's still trying to settle on so you know they'll work itself out and as far as a player power <hes> you mean <hes> I mean I was a free agent so I really I could choose anywhere. I wanted to go but most say hey guys Mariam Swanson Southern California newsgroup welcome back so you guys didn't congrats on the baby boy question for you. Guys is sort of you're talking about the front office transparency and how that was important. Speak a little bit more to that and then why isn't important for you to kind of keep business dealings quiet during this process just because you know a lot of things are made of now in today's world at N._B._A.. You could start a website or blog and you know push that out and you say is doing this is doing that <hes> but it's always important to me. You know have a mutual understanding between everyone. Just be transparent. If it's good our bed and you know I feel like that <hes> bills a great relationship. <hes> you know you know once we had our meeting I felt like <hes> there are true to there. Were <hes> not really got out and you know nozagaray the greatest season like I said <hes> we had <hes> head coach here <hes> when that one owner that wants to Wayne Badly <hes> you know in a good front office with Lawrence we learned frank lead and you know I just felt like it was a good decision for me over here. Bill Plaski Los Angeles Times for P._G.. And Kawhi over here you both grew up here you understand the dynamics hammocks of the of the N._B._A.. In this town and the giants shadow cast over the clippers about a lakers all these years how important for both of you to lead his team out of that shadow I mean as far as the last few two years as far as a basketball standpoint <hes> the clippers out of them better <hes> you know they've been but <hes> it just is media. You know what I mean. <hes> they're going to get the attention <hes> knowing that Los Angeles Lakers. They've been winning championships for a long time but I go saying I it's just a media aspect even even if we do win. <hes> you know who who knows how to coverage change over and I don't feel like I'm focused on that. I'm just WanNa win and you know I do things make myself and my teammates happy UPI. Whatever is on our goal in mind <hes> you know that's going to be my focus and drive to just make us happy and if we go to the championship win and we're not getting no coverage? That's fine with me. <hes> how good I mean. I just think Lakers Lakers <hes> we got our own identity. We chasing something else. <hes> you know we we not looking at the battle of L._A.. <hes> you know we've got bigger things in mind and bigger goals to accomplish <hes> other than you know the shadow and like none of that really means anything you know they they gotta come out and perform the same way we gotta come out and perform. <hes> I think for us at the end of the day we wanna be holding that trophy and <hes> that's all that matters we'll build our legacy and we'll build our our clipper nation blown away time for one more question the over here Andrey from the Los Angeles Times <hes>. There's a lot of anticipation about seeing what you can do together on the court but quite last year you had a lot of success limiting your workload in the right time for the playoffs. How important is that to approach this year the same and then Paul? What is your realistic timetable for being back on the court <hes> coming off your surgeries? <hes> I mean last year I was I came in a year <hes> <hes> you know now fully healthy so <hes> you know we laid out it's pretty much scheduled for myself in to see what best possible safer for me <hes> for long-term Javadi thing and <hes> issue and for <hes> <hes> what's going to make the team better but <hes> you know they share coming up. I feel like I'm via full strength. <hes> you know we just one of those changes. Take down the road and see how your body's feeling and you know as today today thing <hes> if if anything comes up you know how the N._B._A.. Season is it's about eighty two games but <hes> the go right now is to play the season so we'll see what happens <hes> for me. There's no <hes> no set date eight. I mean I've been progressing really really well. <hes> I'm at a great point right now my Rehab <hes> you know so as you know take our time <hes> look forward to return and whenever that day is and <hes> just being one hundred percent healthy while I'd like to thank everybody that ask questions I would like now to have doc Lawrence and Steve Come Up. We'll do the Jersey presentation for both Kawai and Paul all right. Welcome back here to the jump Georgia Donna Andrews and Dave mcminn with you that concludes the press conference for the Clippers Newest Editions Kawhi Leonard and Paul George so we're gonNA keep watching. Did you hear but let's get some initial reactions from everything that just transpired Malacca your thoughts are there other than that. <hes> bomb are really took. The Nick free-dial advice stole the show. Can I get whatever he's has bottled up so I can drink here with my morning coffee. That was awesome <hes> but to me you know two things that I think stood out one the update on on health for both Paul George and Kauai Hawaii saying you know I don't think that load management are not playing on back to back those sorts of things or going to be something that continues into next season and Paul George saying rehabs going well. Everything's on track <hes> and then the second thing for me. <hes> was was saying that they have bigger goals. They want to win a championship <hes> and they they don't feel like <hes> looking over their shoulder and Lebron and what's going on there. They feel like they have all the equipment. So those are the two things automatically that I was like all right here we go for me wearing the purple and gold colored glasses and trying into figure out the Laker angle of this thing to have say at one point we can make history <hes> in and then later on say <hes> they haven't been to the finals before to me. I it was the burden I think of the sixteen banner that the Lakers have were any part of that. He wanted to blazes on trail. Just the same way didn't Toronto first time that franchise made the finals for Senator Franchise won a championship and then the other thing. He said when he talked about why he wanted thinks quiet during the negotiation process he talked about the clippers. You said they were true to their word. Nothing really got out right and it makes you wonder about some of the reports we saw this week. I think in the athletic there was <hes> anonymous sourcing that magic the Johnsons role for the Lakers did not help things he spoke to Brad Turner. He's supposed to Ramona Shelburne. You know every Monday morning quarterbacking this thing for the Lakers. You know it's pretty apparent now. Why co I chose Louis Chelsea? I didn't take it that way though I took it as that was one piece of the Pie and like I I don't know if you're interpreting them saying right I still think that the clippers draw and the flexibility to add Paul George and blazes own trail. I think all those things are much bigger aspects than keep the code of silence per se but knowing how important privacy is too sure. I did think that that was something that was very important hit by name sure there's always going to be a variety of factors but I think that the fact that he mentioned it by name just so is that that especially in this day and age of media he harped on that is is important do think it's fascinating and I thought it was very smart on their part to just be like Yo the Lakers you're going to do their thing. We're here to do our thing. We're not here to worry about out then and let's face it. We know that nationally this team is going to get covered like a super team but locally I'm curious to see how that is. Dave you live here with me like they're not covered the same way absolutely not obviously you you know E._s._p._N.. We'll have more resources there that we ever had before but I'm not so sure it will reach the level that we have with Lebron and the Lakers because those names resonate more and the brand internationally brand breath isn't actually bringing back since I cover the eastern conference primarily maybe we can look at the Knicks and the nets as possible blueprint for this the knicks despite having a little bit more of a decorated history of the nets slightly. It's only forty and the bigger name name. Maybe that's something we're going to play out on the coast as well whether or not those superstars going to Brooklyn will be something that finally makes them register on the national so we're going to have that playing out on both sides of the country us for sure. Let's let's get to the hotter ticket in L._A.. Now Lakers or clippers go ahead and Monica. What do you think hotter ticket Lakers quiet? The ha ha ha. That's the Lakers they have the theater relating. They have the bigger celebrity they still have one of the most compelling players in all of sports in the entire World Lebron. James Clippers may be the better team. I think the hotter tickets the Lakers the drama surrounds the Lakers in both good and bad ways right and I think Lebron Ron thrives personally in those situations we've seen who kind of before and fired us a euphemism before right <hes> absolutely be comfortable being uncomfortable as one of his favorite pet saying yeah he learned that from a guy in Miami named Pat Riley and Eric's bolster who loved that kind of stuff they. They love to be a little contentious but that'll do it for us. Thank you guys Maliki. Thank you for hanging out Dave. Thank you for hanging out Rachel. We'll be back tomorrow in this chair so don't worry I won't be sitting here <hes> so thanks thanks to everyone for joining us and of course course if you missed out on any part of the show you could always subscribe to the jump podcast on Apple podcast the E._s._p._N.. APP WATCH IT ON E._S._P._N.. Plus and the APP is well and while you're at subscribe to the Sodano Show podcast you'll find great insiders like this as well. We'll talk to you tomorrow off. An interesting creature inhabits the flat arid planes of many an automobile dashboard the bobblehead it's most agreeable and will not along to anything despite having no brain function but when the bottle of head here's how.

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