Wide Open MX Show: Episode 8


you know talk though with Atlas dive in the episode eight we got some straight rhythm review and some silly season stuff to talk about before we go into talking about straight rhythm disliked too into begin this show I just WanNa I wanNA shout out this this guy named Troy career he's got group on Facebook it's got twenty three point six thousand members on it but we got a special guest here real quick WanNa throw out a little appreciation shout to Corbin distal row I mean introduce the rest of our guests in our special guests by downing a hey how's it going us and also more than before we get super I do when I came to make show bigger get more listeners and all that kind of stuff too in the right direction because we talk about and I'll go back to jacobs comment if it weren't for you we would be on episode probably zero I mean even even people on facebook for just you know athlete how did Ryan Villa Porto go oh tube the show welcome back wide open mic show here we got a few things to talk straight up I think Jacob as much as I do that yeah man if it weren't for you we definitely wouldn't be as far as Bam our with the show so just a quick shout out to you about as we just had a good race last weekend this is Jacob I I missed last weekend apologize was actually flying home to see some family each the whole time supercross Champ I mean Damon Start with this one it hurts it hurts to talk super bad ass by the way which I got my hands on one of those cans Avila light out at Chug I think to the moon but do you could see straight up in the quality the I mean this guy I tell you what we're on episode eight right now and if it wasn't for Corman we might be on episode three so this race you had against Mashburn which I didn't realize when they were lined up they were eighth and ninth qualifier so is going to be a close one anyways but I mean do off the gate you could see that Ktm Mashburn had called motocross and supercross fight club facebook page it's a big group on facebook just a bunch of bench racing shit talking on that kind of stuff so just getting some certain sponsors organizing all of our T. shirt stuffs in shutouts everybody and getting all our guests lined up and just all the notes on each episode about but for the effort he and Mitch put in you know him driving out there the cool oh to McGrath throwback with the villa light thing which is was way faster than Velos you know Yamaha and it had no fully tuned by manage with all his pro circuit hope so but to see him eliminated early like I was for sure they appreciate it definitely I just love doing this shit now I want the show to be some day possibly and just hem phone with it that the effort that this guy puts in in keeps us all online real quick so handed over to you for thanks we appreciate it and I'm sure he's still had fun in the pits and hanging out and stuff but when Sal Masekela interviewed him afterwards like in the middle of the show he definitely was pretty surprised that you know he was eliminated the bottom line is a lot of these guys are here for fun to hang out with the fans you know it's it's a chill atmosphere you know no sim I R- big rigs allowed in the pits Day but that was I was pretty bummed yeah I mean this is this is a risk for fun essentially there is a lot of money on the line you know but but yeah my take on I was I was pretty bomb because I was hoping to see him be in contention for a podium but man those kids it seems like going forward we could talk about that to touch on it fourth year wide open and yeah I mean that's that's what those kids are there for now but I was pretty I was pretty bummed I don't know what Corbin your take is on the loose that going for those kids man they're they're just they're race they're not there to hang out with fan drink beer and shot they're cool kits they're there to get us started throwdown scope stuff hit whoops the ninety s Mcgrath era where you kinda bmx the shit out of everything and it takes five percent of the speed off of it to kind of watch how Mashburn was riding you wash figgins heart Rastas riding for God's sake and then you even watch a lot of a lot of the fast to fifty well I mean naturally GonNa kick it off with villa puddle of thing because that's what everybody else spent talking about rum but honestly like as much as they're not afraid to jump any rhythm or you know skim whoops fourth wide open like you said so it off kids a family to go downside the next thing perfect and Scrub in between and I don't think RV had that like I guess that's the point that I'm getting at is RV didn't have that right exactly exactly so yeah I mean it does sake got him in the first round because I think a lot of people would love the running high fronted low bounce rattle but now the kids that I've seen coming up I mean the riding style a lot of kids that are amateurs going pro coming up have that has really been formulated over the last five to ten I was surprised as soon as it happened the more I sit around think about it even as you guys are talking about it the less surprised I am overall I mean you gotta think Oh it's just kind of a cool event in that aspect back to the Villepinte thing I mean guys fulltime race or any more of these kids are lightning fast nowadays in the years of the scrub the hell out of everything is kinda playing into their favor when it comes to something like straight rhythm because I mean you have you had over everything in downside everything perfect and then you had the stew era of I don't give a shit what's about to happen scrub into everything I think it was two thousand eleven nations on a two fifty was that now that was open seven Bucks Creek I was there on like I will still maintain senate TV like probably jaw dropped like like I'm getting ready to shut this off in choke some choke some beer and be done with it so that's my take on I was pretty bound by I know how much work you put in Oh seven Buds Creek is the greatest motorcycle race I will ever witness in person because like I was on the hillside that they jumped down to all come into view super-cross I mean Cooper Faulkner Saxton those guys they kind of have a combination it's they can slam into stuff but then still and just to have every hillside in that facility go from dead quiet holding their breath to slipping absolute shit seventeen Khormaskar and score points at nationals's here like the kids no slouch it's not like he'd be rider that goes out and just shows up straight rhythms only probably he didn't have much time on the bike just got back from niece surgery wasn't it so you don't have much time on the bike so that's another guy mm-hmm stink dogs you know he won two years ago wasn't it honestly I didn't even know stink dog was there when he didn't they show him right in you know for people to be you know people can't be upset about you know things like this I mean these kids the style is the style of writing is lopped win championships in the set and the other Villapando always had a special place in my heart just because of what he did did nations is changing obviously even from win the retired of these guys just you know they're they laid over any chance they can get you know they're going to throat of course lights in the pits with all his buddies in the fans so far what do you think about I mean not necessarily the Filipo but you know a straight with them as a whole this past weekend and throws down the ride of his life if like I think he's got all the stuff for the Vikings is on was good I would be willing to bet the Brennan hartrampf Dude this guy looks legit I know this was stronger them I know they're all in two strokes but even just how we looked on the on the bike uh-huh but along with the upset rides that we just discussed we we also had quite a bit of surprise rides I thought to start off on this we'll talk about but just to kind of wrap up the Villapando thing I mean all four of our generations watching stars you know you know make it maybe the quarterfinals at least but a bottom line it's it's for fun and you know it's it's for the fans and I'm sure he did have a good time for me completely different than what he looks last year supercross I know you guys agree with that but Myron if you want to start with that go for all do I agree one hundred percent I mean he prize but yeah I was Kinda bummed seem getting knocked out that earlier but I mean there was some other upsets to Cuba in looks so hot but like like Philip we can I was pretty impressed I'm in I would say we talked for the show that heart Raff was probably my for sure surprised that we couldn't believe how good he looked but pierce brown I mean third year on star that he finally started winning but I don't know man I mean those Ktm's can get starts to one thing I'm pretty sure heart raft is a good start legs quickly if he wants to fulfill that stat that I just put him on the money for for sure and I I could definitely for sure see some podiums out of him he looked like he was riding a BMX bike and saying that with a k. t. m. being as light as it is compared to what the Yamahas like nobody's business I think he's GonNa find a whole new level of comfort on I'm calling to to fifty supercross wins on heart Raff next signed the instant that RV pop down over that hill was really like one of the coolest things I've ever experienced I'm pretty jealous that you got to witness He wrote that like more than Rv road his two stroke in the last year after year and I think that even more control is writing styles very good very fluid on the bike very efficient yeah I'm curious if his off season as well if you know Tyler Keith team over there will decide to maybe lead his rookie season maybe get a few supercross him before he decides to go full out doors for Glen Helen ways right in your face no matter where on the track and you know straight from like you said straight rhythm kind of highlights that kind of writing style so yeah I'm not really laws I mean we know the issues that have been had with the KTM's over the last I think if you get somebody like heart traffic I mean actually no wait no sorry I'm not calling for any to fifty wins because Saxon GonNa Sleep it boy like maybe I don't even know glue followed spoke was a great blue pout wow big big dreams for her I liked it I liked saying he ended up Correct his first national the only nationally did was Florida correct yeah and I'm in on the back of my mind but yeah I mean depending on what he'll do decides to do with him I would say maybe this off season testing his supercross goes not you know contingent on Brownie eliminated Cooper web in the second round I believe Pierce Brown look good it all day made it to the quarterfinals and Yeah Daymond what are you gonNa Pierce Brown from this yeah I was thoroughly impressed I thought he did very well and I'm looking forward to his twenty twenty season yeah I'm right there with you and you know like we've talked in the past he he sure Yup I think he can do something although he is doing west so doing west coast he's GonNa have to find his so then when he does get thrown into the mix you know full time he's ready to go he's healthy and yeah we'll have some experience to be able to rhythm but how he did but I was pretty surprised I couldn't believe I mean knowing that you know Philo was ultimately defeated and he was out but I mean with Pearson I'm not sure he who he was against out and he likes the trash off the side I don't know if you'd like did a collarbone or something but yeah he ended up getting through qualified Dan Kinda like what Colton Nichols did once he got on the star was it colts first year on star that he did that it might have taken him a while he definitely shows a lot of speed for sure and yeah I think the main thing for him just like any other rookies in staying off the ground getting his feet wet you know getting some experience let's be real the Yamaha's not a very flippable bike and you get him on that Ktar on that it's still got good power still handles well you conflict the thing around there may or may not be a significant amount of bias involved in that statement on Be Out with heart ramped we also got a I mean but I mean the more I think about it I'm going to hold to it I'm a man of my word I'm going to hold but I think the West Coast next and if this is the type of performance that will be like you know I know it straight within there's no there's no corners but just confident knowing what he's doing believing in his ability if this is the kid that lines but yeah I mean I will say wrapping up heart drafts whole thing you know I know it is a straight line there's no corners you can't really tell but for just now what the teams thinking over there as of right now but I would assume if he looks as good as what we saw even better with their pre-testing at the Casey Amtrak or milestone the off season replace them with scrubs which the kids are really damn yet I mean you you would think last year watching mcelrath like Oh my God he's GonNa win every race he's going to isn't that maybe they would think about getting him on maybe a few west coast drowns because no that team is primarily west coast but yeah I was ultimately on his weekend I was very last year of amateurs heart was beating Justin Cooper Yep you're right so I mean obviously he had some injuries in there he's also GonNa be stacked you know there's there's turn there's turns and supercross that's the thing that's the thing that's really impressed I thought you know very on the bike air control nothing super sketchy not like just pinning it elbows drop scrubbing you know panic reverend the thing like some gun but her cooper got the star ride but on factory equipment I mean are s had those shining moments last year in supercross I mean he'd showed is like a chase he's like a you know an Anderson Potomac he's got that mentality of hard worker so if he's Soja shows up with this work ethic and bleeding in himself I could corker Mashburn which one's the highlight you out of those guests well hard to say but I if I had to go with one we see him for sure podium being top-five contender and yet potentially sneaking in that for winter two on the west coast yeah I mean hey let's not forget that thieving about straight rhythm is that you take turns that are really the the selling point of your established supercross writers and now I I bet you will on star I'm sorr- he'll have they'll have everything on his disposal that's on him to you know caveat throw it away so awful on the Rock River but I think it was yeah gotta w he woulda Gone Star because I think this is like a set his second going I can win this and look look what happened he damn near Duguid IAGO I think if he walks into a one going yeah I'm GonNa Win Tonight Twenty Yeah the West Coast will be stacked but if he lines up like this knowing that split the working because we all know that I've heard stories in for how in shape this kid is he's a very hard worker he's he it the original on that I call them four I originally said to fifty `sekt wins next year that at least I feel yeah that's a great point for sure especially in the one twenty five class I mean some of these guys on the KTM's were running one imacs Bolan and Joey Crown when in the one twenty five class out of that list weaver between Joey crown full and Michael Lebed Josh Hansen and ATM you had at least a little bit of an advantage because KTM's the only one that's like really put research and development into their new two stroke Oh make better decisions in all that kind of thing but yeah big things coming out appears brown I think I think he's GonNa be a ripper for sure and the act could see the eighteen thinks he's GonNa be closer than even he thinks I don't think you're too far often yeah with Har- Ramp Pierce Brown and there's around this year for sure with their complete new roster basically and before salon was what was Har traff stand a stat down on this quite a bit of surprises left on the list here that you know we have wrote down we had Parker Mashburn that did pretty good Josh Hansen looked really good on the bike Michael Lee Web I was pretty surprised I know website like he was kind of chilling well Cooper's never really been a big scrub guys ever since he really he was kind of a scrubby kind of keep log on to fifty the kid or guy that we saw this whole seem like he was very at this is how he'll be as far as like maybe mentality wise relax that he has a ride setup he's got good equipment that say the biggest surprise to me would be Mashburn I just thought you put in a lot of good motos and I don't know aura signs that he's got stuff it's an I think listening to him on the pulse show the other night that he basically walked industry earn on Saturday Mona's there I'm pretty sure for how to spin the second one he was like he came from White Twentieth to like twelve maybe fell and came back to fourteen hundred ten to twelve range sounds kind of keeping think about the advantages that these guys have on the KTM's versus some of these older two stroke bikes. While I will say come from the you know like you said the finish uh-huh head off the line and I mean I feel like Kenney is the exception he was writing red two stroke motorcycle on that thing not a Honda no doubt gaughman timing I don't know I it's hard to say with how much ado manage it is but I feel like I was the whole event like if you were running even the little bit of help handing out from Pro Circuit Kenny's bike even leaves one twenty five gallows case clearly had an advantage whether it was the one fifties off the line are those fifty I mean those guys are put in the work and let's face it Yamaha for talking them in particular have fallen behind other trying to still sell the to show can be one of the I just kind of want to talk just a little bit in general before we get off topic is some of these guys you know there was a loud KTM's and but yeah those KTM's were fast I mean I will say if I ever enable I'm Talkin Bout washed up you know local a writer I guess you could call myself but GM's have over you know Ray running the Suzuki in Brockton running the Honda and Phil opponent running the old coming around the last ten years or so with their development on their bikes trying to be the best you know all around whether it's from the fifty or this new electric fifty that they have through in other factor addition Ford Oh asking Joe Smith what he thought that those Ktm's for sure had an advantage no doubt Yeah that's kind of my now sits on it that you know Yamaha with proceed really still you know makes a quote unquote new by but how much more an advantage at these guys running these new cases the Japanese many or the only Japanese manufacturers putting a two-stroke out but let's face it there are India's behind and I mean you know the factory guys at the exception every couple of years with updates and all that kind of stuff so let's ask the The old Y Z two-stroke expert himself Damon what you know whole shot everything and you know we saw his season turned out so instead he's going to do that on star this is one of four fifty a very light kind of soak jumps kind of that end sauce kind of surprised at how he would maybe do at this event but pierce was pretty surprising he kept bike very a weekend potentially but yeah I mean I already mentioned earlier with Villa Poe thing and you could clearly see the advantage let's case having parts and special little things that they have trinkets on their bikes to make them special but straight up. KTM's you could even say this weekend from fix you know barring very minor changes but yeah I mean that's why this racist for fun though 'cause these guys are not for yeah if I were to do again to stroke-wise identify Casey I'm those things off the line without doing any work to just ridiculous that have so much horsepower put out whether it's top and bottom end you see those for sure don't seem very often anymore but yeah moving on we got some highlights from the weekend dude let's talk about Asia Spang or above all the other ones no I think you're you're right with that I mean let's be real the hall Wisey to these been basically the same since thirty feet up or more than twenty thirty feet out and how hard came into the handlebars and then just like hop back and he almost be crowned like Dr Shawn Who's better or whatnot it's to show up with co graphics right it's cool designs and all that stuff so but right yeah and there's definitely a lot highlights it makes sense to me but yet for sure like you said definitely an advantage being on a KTM 'cause they definitely they still do produce a new two stroke a main a complete new model event you know in seeing two strokes now now that's two strokes only is definitely something cool in some different to see and obviously to factory addition to fifties or quote three fifty's Villa Pota- wants to calm concert quote cheating but I'm in straight up those things are the create Katya having nightmares just thinking about it I mean I don't know what I can really say that hasn't been said about that I mean that was fully out of control in like really really bad could for sure definitely put on a show and look like Strana doing it I would say I strokes are my thing I still read it to stroke every single time I arrived nearby so yeah definitely we'll see that the red dragon baby bi definitely everything like that they come with all the tricks and goodies on Yamaha's yeah I'm a diehard Yamaha guy no no doubt but yeah I mean you could clearly see with villa photos per circuit bike no definitely say I definitely say did a good job emulating you know what Pastrana was back in the day I would say you shouldn't throw superman in between the rhythm section and I know Travis would have tried that day but I mean dude I could not believe like how most over the cot and then when they showed the replay dude I didn't pregnant fiancee was dozing off the couch and next thing screams swill in like a little girl thinking jake cans I can't really see it on tv but I saw it from a couple of different angles and yeah he he about had a really bad night and I mean that could get in Honda with Kenny definitely help as much as with all the trick us on their bikes but I would have to say cates pride and have to do too much to those bikes to be able to get them to taking a trip to the hospital so now he he definitely has six setup and that was that was one of the highlights the weekend for sure it probably definitely gotta get another story time session in here soon but or get those fifties so I don't really see that makes sense to one twenty five class either I I was talking with my dad the other day about it it's just it doesn't I do yeah so he wasn't even that by far behind by the end of it I was I was pretty impressed by that too I mean I was sitting in my living room my yeah from the Oh six hundred fifty to two thousand that's still in the garage by the way that I was not today not to Brag maybe looking forward to playing off the old leukemia us how far he launched after he got back on like when he you know got back on the bike and hit that single dude I didn't realize he launched like probably twenty zero save and how I would approved my pants if that would have happened to me poll Byron is even held up on that type of travel that was an eighty three photos newer than that one nine hundred ninety one I couldn't believe alley not quite the the new experience we had storytime with Jacob Weaver for pry fifteen the second race of the third one and you could just see he sitting in idle and his fender is vibrating so violently anyway moving on another highlight to the weekend I think this was one of the biggest you know one of the coolest things we've seen in a long time was the the five hundred definitely a cool thing to see for Strana back flipping the wall every single pass was cool and still winning as between Tyler bowers and Pastrana dude those things are not meant to be especially bowers bike things bet chassis I'm sor- gotTa go up and down like consistently but yeah he's sitting there like not giving any gas that things in neutral and I couldn't imagine the vibration coming off the thing for how gnarly writing one of those go be town hilltop nuke quad right yeah L. straight rhythm are half the stuff he's charged up there but man I will say the one moment I distinctively remember from the whole weekend was he was sitting on the line at whether it was the second could be I I couldn't do it there's no way I'd I'd be like shivering for like two or three days after being done riding that thing from vibration those things leave like he was saying I mean I didn't really like take too much what he was saying but once he started like Oh yeah like the chassis blow on all kinds of thinking like pretty sure ninety one they didn't really think they'd be doing it hey so that thing praying to God that nothing was on the other side of that which he almost hit a hundred yard dash we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA have to get the back story to this off the air by the issue were you able to hear I don't know if you're able to that up as I like I mean do this thing was shaken like almost you know six seven eight inches up and down like of of you know emily way to vibrate for me to a different batch story woah breeding another story of Jesus right bad shut off the key for that twenty minutes about race on the club never laughed that hard in my life that saying something pretty much every Jay we've story in that might be so that was a Jacob Weaver moments I've ever seen one that was a cloud that was all he saved that he saved the Jacob Weaver moment because he saved I won't him just giving her the barriers about hitting that banner four leaked on that five hundred and almost killing the flagger they'll still way dude I'm telling you if he would've just like you know did it like a normal human being he probably could be I mean dude people think it's more fun now and I like like you said just chilling in the pits hanging out I think what's really cool is for the actually riders you know it's finally event that doesn't matter you know like there's no contracts on the line or there's no you gotta get this resolved sure good for the sport in the l like you said every time I watch this this race there's more fans in the stands I feel like more riders refreshing as a fan to see these guys have fond together in the piss doing all the things that they do and yeah I think this event is is for uh-huh and yeah just really bringing really growed every grown every year I mean like I feel like Williams really the only time we could see these guys just hanging out you know chill accident Pinson I think you know this is a great event for these guys in the two little together having a six setup and all the day to Spain nineties videos and you know the box the box only in the pits type deal and thing was definitely up but I thought it was cool like you said you know it seemed like it was very box Van van type event very nineties and it seemed like what got me was a lot of the all these guys do a very job you know getting the retro setups in making a total you know big deal out of this event you know getting all their ships doc when remember when the first straight rhythm is maybe fourteen or fifteen in there but I just I just think a lot of don't take any lighter than normal supercross race you know that's a million bucks on the right right so that there's more viewers and there has been way more way more top riders that participated in this since it first came out of strict schedule and there's all the pressure's off in the maybe monster competent off-season race it doesn't really matter but there is a lot of those guys racist in the definitely cool event one of my favorites for sure Dame you got anything on that yeah just a comment I mean I will say I thought it was cool that it seemed like it is the biggest crowd they're hand on on the stands it looks like it was a little light but a lot of people were out on the actual concrete like not too far down the track and I would say the viewer to get some sort of incentive out of it I mean that's it's gotta be cool for them to go out bike would I don't have any time in there definitely needs to be some more of these fun type of racist 'cause I think something like this could grow the sport Agean if you know I was a factory writer but you know that that never happens right and they're not on some you know assist even as a race that would be cool to be at you know even just hanging out 'cause everyone's chilling with each other drinking beer just last interviews before the racist has started like web seem super chill Kenny seem super-relaxed. Now this is what it's supposed to be it makes it very relatable snow but Ami count technically now definitely something cool to see I mean this this event is the whole it's just that you know guys like us like man you know we just we go to the race on the weekends in our vans hanging out with all our buddies have in our practice motives drinking a few beers afterwards you know it's just supposed to be fun all these guys get into the sport you know we all love it so much on just riding your dirt bike hits as we all know I mean I know Jay like Jacob hasn't you know you haven't been in it too much as you move down to fly in Corbin with family stuff going on in Byron working in me as well since we were kids how much we're into it but there is no feeling in the world like riding a bike there's nothing that can replace that and I thought it was cool that all these guys are super relaxed that brings it back to maybe when they were kids or release tomorrow right up I will say one of the biggest reasons I ever got into racing was McGrath he is by far my favorite guy got me into racing steel roots just watching him you know dominating the ninth just the the lifestyle he had with just writing for fun how different he was just the dominant lifestyle that he had and from awhile factor perspective like don't get me wrong I absolutely loved the event this year I thought honestly one of my favorite parts of thing that anybody who is involved seemed to be enjoying but I the only thing that worries me about it is man it's the fan base and comments on the nineties thing I thought that was super cool the videos with David Spain and no him having 'em Meagan McGrath common I mean located what I mean so you get supply and demand if you have five of these a year and even you do this this same everything but I think where do you go from here I mean you've taken the getting you've taken it from the simple perspective of getting the top riders to go straight to okay now there's going to be a two stroke class is going to be a novelty now we're GONNA make it. The event was as it was mentioned earlier the videos with the Spain some of the captions that they were putting under the riders names during the interview Dave candidate change the style of the race multiple times now started they had the two fifty four fifty a similar concept of ninety throwbacks for I don't know if you do the same thing for five years as it gets stale air point you and like I said it already at related to me more because all these guys are throwing it back to win you know they were kids hanging out with their families and vans and all that stuff so now that was right that eight rhythm is going to make to keep it relevant I mean obviously it's a great event it's the ramp for me but I thought you know that's why I love this event so much because it's getting popular a lot more guys want to be involved in it just throws it back to why we all got involved in the in the first place which is super cool yeah for sure it's gotta be it's gotTa be refreshing for guys like Volpato who seemed the miserable at the end of their career you know what I mean so v. so what can they really change good question I'm actually surprised to see this race grope in the first place rump last and stuff I mean as far as like the rhythms when you're watching on TV rhythms for them I mean we're we're talking as the rose only now we're gonNA make it this big throwback motocross event so any what's the next big break through that also like you gotta think of it as like this year in particular with like the throwback it lit up on social media I mean higher now pay grade but I at the say so far they've done all right in making appealing to watch from when the you know everything about this event this year just the nineties throwback with all the guys paying tribute to McGrath for just the nineties event and just the civility of it to bring it back to guys in the box in its core this event always needs to be what it is right now in in Harare Red Bulls Red Bull you know they come up with the craziest Shit just going out having fun drinking beer hanging out with their buddies reacting you know having a good time with the fans like how silly was out their revenue thing in the moon with all the fans around Oh great at what point are you gonna hit the peak and it's going to start to lose some luster what Byron coming up with here because blew the roof the roof off you know so what could I do to make it appealing as a viewer to keep coming back and watching this that's that's a question that's going to become the same thing every year but it is bold they they they're very innovative they come up with all this this cool shit all the time and Any which has what one point three million dollars in office STRANA SEAN has like three and a half million followers as far as like a media standpoint this it was about I thought like on Cormon we've talked weeks before this I look forward to this event more than the monster because there's just a fun thing tator point of view population point of view is what what I'm getting out of this so for a rider you know you could change your rhythm that's totally different but when you're watching on TV they're gone double triple quad okay go over a huge chomping whatever it is that's too much different to sit here and watch it on TV title this was Social Media Internet event I mean it's unreal like I bet you win you know racer x posting Kenny's by far I think why has the popularity that it does is the timing of the race because when you are yeah I got I mean I could see this event you know growing for the next two three years and then yeah I mean if at that point if it peters out computers out event in the what they're gonNA do next year who knows I hope they come up with something different I I'm with you Byron I I hope it's not you know Komodos to watch like it's like I had to be a normal person on Saturday like normally dedicate you know half the afternoon watch moto I started because it's grown a lot already but I also see the side in what could they do natural Russi maybe the maybe they'll be hiding fifties it always seems to work out in I'm with you guys I thought it was a totally petered out two years ago but obviously that's not the case people love this event I love the absurd Byron nuts interrupting out go ahead I am GONNA come in here with a hot take all is that sustainable though so you saying that it's event that you'd like to see like for us and all the other people may be listening or even farther than that this race gives you some a year to me every time when you Damon Yeah I mean I I will say that you know it I agree with you guys on the whole event like something to tie in in watch you know what I mean 'cause it's a great from going from January till it was a good six or eight years of of rebel strata them you know it's it's been a great event so far and I know why you guys like said self different keeping afresh so I hope they can red bull's definitely a very innovative company that they could keep it super interesting and that fact but this guy is bought some of the funniest shit ever but I guess maybe this is me just being skeptical over the success of this event no matter what they you know they can add some other sort of you know off the wall class whatever what is it about mid August from about every weekend may be a weekend off but I tell you what I mean that that seems like the longest time on my line breath because there's nothing to watch on Saturday gives you it sounds silly but it gives you something to look forward to in want adult and mow the lawn or yeah I got exactly you're right you know the adversity that's what we look forward to his watch in a race like now next thing we're going to be thinking about Sponsor Cup after Monster Cup when we got to watch those stupid as off season races it's built from there but definitely you know how much fun we've all agreed that the event is but I definitely do see the side that Byron brought up that you know how are they gonNA keep this up as far as keeping around your I mean part part of the appeal to a new fan also like not to absolutely should all over your point I guess we'll see the only thing about what you said about trying to bring in like new fans outside of modal I almost don't really buy that just because straight you're them seems to be such a core moto event that's where I think it's it's held right in southern California it's a very niche thing at the two show thing was something that the fans even commented that the fans didn't walk away more fans came up to the side of the track of the stands for the to shoot thing than than the rest of the event so you know bringing the different market with two stroke is are two strokes are just different ninety teams and stuff so hopefully they can keep it up steve they bring on for next year but you know spectator point of view it gives you something to look forward to watch especially what you know this offseason that feels like he Melissa die hard awesome hard core fans something different than just oh a monster Koper us open or an Anaheim one town it's hey we're gonna have you know maybe stuff in change makes it like more appealing to watch but I tell you what if these guys are just running down the thing it's like all which can Hoxha diverse coop yeah I mean I love the event brings that little bit of break in the off season where you're like oh my God like after Crawford's Villian what the hell am I gonNa do it my life till Anaheim won the honest when it first came out I thought it Kinda petered out by now but with you there but I saw it stale Lacrosse supercross as we all are to where like you dread the offseason because what the hell do WanNa Saturday in all okay all our number and heck but we still watching because there's nothing else to watch like I think like I don't know why they normally don't ride those bikes are they don't know who these guys are trying to dress up like but the concept is still the same simple enough racing concept that you can bring in somebody who maybe not maybe as an as familiar with racing that okay yeah the yeah they ride bikes that they normally don't ride but if you're a casual fan how do you know what they normally ride true Strana nitro circus guy or Hayes riding this bike that they normally don't ride or hey like fans like us call guys driving two strokes I'm in so on that fact is while they're trying to I I will say maybe alter my point a little bit maybe it's it's is it is to give people like us that are so involved gassing opera or the news or something like this race race in you know you know when they start the first one two finish is the winner and you know Kinda offer super-quick is that they're trying to get all his fans like bar go I've watched the hell out of that but they're trying to get all the people that normally don't watch when they see you know Oh my God traffic it's cool I would have definitely thought when they still had the four fifty two fifty class died out offer anything district but they did see that year with Filipo Stank dog and everything and Rodney Mack Red Bull TV APP on an apple TV slipping through at one night and go oh what's this red bull state were the thing I mean if anybody is over the course of a night I mean that in itself is entertainment and racing is entertainment before anything else to me racin like the operation works but another point to in this I'll let carbon ticket from here but after like I've I've liked L. Hundred Dang thing about it but heck I'll watch it you know that's like a pretty cool I'll watch this yeah I think not during that is probably like a mountain bike guy who just happens to know about racing like all right I'll watch that Sultan right true awesome I'm GonNa keep going But part of what a casual fan would be would be somebody flipping through TV channels there aren't very many people who have the a couple of years ago so they obviously have the capabilities to do it but the other trying to grow the live viewership they're trying yeah I think so too and I don't think this is something that they're counting on making them shitload of money I don't think it's event to get more engagement on social media but I think as far as TV slash live visuals extreme sports that that something like okay you know like I'll watch X. Games or big air skateboards or the bikes would beuing of it I think they're happy with what they get on the Stream I mean it's core fans and nobody else but I think that's doing it for them if I'm channels there's not non doesn't Stock Car Formula One or something like I'd rather watch that and some soapy it has anything to do with Moto she we're going to watch it especially Ernest Wilson break I will comment I already so what they're trying to oh you're with racing or something that they find that this might entertain whether it be the mountain bikers or skiers or whatever that this has entertained he's older guys that haven't rode bikes for a long time are retired Hey F it let's put him onto strokes see what to do and honestly I think to that point it's such as and all that kind of stuff out so with that before we wrap up straight talk who had the best setup this weekend barn I'll start with you my todd of its two guys that you can watch very close to each other for a very intense forty-five second race and repeat that fifty sixty times for web see how fast they could run we'd watch it you know wasn't Eisenach of that what if it's an event on TV think it's sensible marketing event right I think it's something that says hey were still red bull hey this is another cool that we do that type thing we don't know if that's what red bull is going for with it I think red bull has the means that they can stream things live on T. I mean hell they got Loretta 's live on you want the amp it up change it you know make it the same you damn right all of us fans are going to watch it because the onto my gym or go into Buffalo Wild Wings or something you know this is just an event that they've put on the TV so as we're talking about viewers that are Ango the best looking set up to me was web I think it was very clean setup it was done well but I think the most authentic the gear the bike everything was done at such a great level of detail and one bike that I wish I could have seen in the night show because is he didn't make it was the number seventy k x one twenty five channels was on yeah I was really wish I could have gotten a better look at that they cut you guys off again but I think if it were an event that were broadcast live on tv you could definitely get a key but I I can the Tyler bowers by that was just something else to me I did I mean that that thing was that from last year they had this to remake of that they ended up doing the full Spitfire Carmichael pro circuit things but man to put this down to one bike that up was captain zero not because he plus rounded himself but just because he did everything so well to the t- the helmet chest deal set up from the weekend I think so I'm gonNA give it to categories here I'm going to kind of do a JT money on pulp amax sil- waffle here I'm lists here my top five I have Roxanne Hart Ramped Webcast Zero Invalid Potato so tell me tell me your your the picture he posted of actually off McGrath and skip Norfolk I'm in that was not his kit straight up I'm going to pick thank different like to our stuff for eighty so I will say I one hundred percent agree with your point that it's definitely not to reach out to new fans but it's more of your all the three Katie on Bud light kit for McGrath Leaves a hot

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