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The tool chain for modern data. Science can be intimidating. How do you choose between all the data visualization libraries out there? How about creating interactive Web APPs from those analysis on this episode we dive into a project that attempts to bring that whole story together. All of his of his coordinated effort to make browser-based data visualization in python easier to use easier to learn and more powerful. We have Philip Ruediger from hall of his here to guide us through it. This is talk, python absurd. Two hundred, sixty nine recorded June fifteenth two thousand twenty. Welcome to talk by a weekly podcast on Python, the language the libraries, the ecosystem in the personalities. This is your host Michael Kennedy. Follow me on twitter. I'm at in Kennedy. Keep up with the show and listen to past episodes at talk python. Dot Com, and follow the show on twitter at talked python. This episode is sponsored by Brilliant Dot Org and data dog. Please check out what they're offering during their segments. It really helps support the show. Bill book under attack by enemy. I'm excited to have you here now. We're GONNA talk about a bunch of libraries that are all brought together around this hall of his overall Meta Project. If you will to make yeah, exactly this umbrella to make working with data and exploring and visualizing python a little bit easier tonight, I think that's a great project in. It looks like it's getting a lot of traction and I'm happy to be here to chat about it. About the. Absolutely before we get to that, though let's start with your story. Had you get into programming in Python? So I got started with programming? Creating relates apart from like the. City's website and you hack some objects us. Really didn't get started with actual programming. Joined a autonomy engineering course monographs outside moved from. Germany to the to study electronic engineering music. Thinking is suppose better. Music was, but I took a liking to kind of programming. And See in bear log, pretty low level stuff, and then towards the end of that project kind of Undergrad degree. Simulator of BIPEDAL locomotion into us, which was far more complex than that envisioned it, but it was really exciting to me to actually get into a big projects of my own, and from there are then joined masters, course and stir going pricing in. His and we had the simulator called topographic. Ethical you talked about working on his bipedal locomotion stimulating. See plans like forget the language. That kind of stuff is trickier than it seems like it should be right. Oh, absolutely, because back naughty about more networks. Jumped in heard about no networks, genetic programming built achieved network with wage prompters and assumed like genetic. Make it work it didn't it didn't really work related works? Off around like my goal, bipedal humanoids around the but it never actually managed jared. Real emotion. Yeah, I, guess, there's something to train these models correctly and getting them set up right in the first place. It's not just magic that you can throw at a problem, right. Arkansas This thing wasn't complicated enough. solvable brains that's. Joined the lashes. A graduate. Program Moral Matic's. Actually Boring! Party It was at like trying to model the way brains and synapses work using neural networks. Yes, so it was pretty close to what? Controversial owner network nowadays or around back then they aren't as popular then, but we also have like recurring corrections. The idea was to model human visual system for your. Mailing system and so starting very what Kinda problems where you're trying to do what we tried to ask it to do and see if it was successful, you really. Organizing right so that you didn't have to reprogram a bunch of light. Into into the network or just organized like like many of the Nowadays do, but we were trying to have closer to the actual biology's. We had the all types that were interacting. Ran. Those models were tremendously conflicts, and it was just super hard zoo. Started having huge model with like I have sixty eight hundred page upwards working model run. With this? And that's actually where started talking these missiles votes. Colleague of mine where like? He's. In all these things properly, just looking looking through. When right for released deductions? And then I'd sturdily Serb writing this. Yeah, it's like trying to watch the green in the Matrix. Right like just like no. I can't see it this way. We gotta look at it better. Yes. So the idea was that we start building something like you have these huge browner spaces right like excited strings, inhibitory strings model roll over time, so we had. Very Complex Congress basically explore built this tool hall of US start digging into. Losing like what effect does prominent actually have on the illusion of the model, so you can drag a slider and see the strength to the Mojo. And so this is how it also times. That was really breakthrough actually starting. But, also meant that eventually starts being more time building this station to was wondering on my actual. S One of the challenges I found out in the NFL more rewarding. Yeah. That's the real danger. Right is like Ah, me I started getting programming, doing research on complex systems and and math, and and whatnot and I after a while I realized you know the part of this project that really makes me happy is when I'm not doing the math. That was a sign that I should probably be doing something else, but it's. It is really fun to to build these things. I also do think it's near. It's a challenge of research projects in this academic stuff in general. It's hard to get credit. That like you're not, they're not GONNA go man. That's a killer contribution to data science that you made here's. Your PSG wears the network whereas the paper right or a politician. They're exactly. Exactly yeah. Actually opposed to paper on all of these. Turned, out to be the only paper published. Rest. My models didn't work until very. Two weeks before. These models are working. Actually. Results were got around six. Man Down to the wire. The wire. Yeah well, it's. It's better late than never in that case, so that's how you got programming in February two python. Obviously, it's a a natural place to go. Python is if you're doing neural networks. What time frame was this? What year? So joined the. It was a really good program, so it was the doctoral training centre in Edinburgh had actually doesn't existing was part of the. Informatics departments, but they had close call fluctuation. Apartments joined in Tanny first year Master's program Way longer than should finish my. But Thinking Twenty fifteen on business one end season season. Yeah Yeah Cool I'm just wondering how you started in two thousand ten with some of the stuff. If you started now, how much easier you think it would be, or would it be basically the same to work on? Is The visualization problems the neural network problem? It just seems like that has come so far in the last five years. Oh, absolutely so I. Remember. We had obviously insurance with C.. Code Law had. Something held site by weeds which are maybe online about anymore now, but it was really awkward interface or seeks tensions and nowadays up the. Number. Colonels were running more words in. Victim pilot to something very often run right absolutely same with the visitation tools like so many interactive origin bills. So that gun for. Is. Using, he thought remember that's. The actual rendering. Is will on. Okay property! Sites. Such as usually. Nice all right well. What do you have to these days? Day today, so it's really nice. I have the freedom to switch between. So freedom, but we kind of joined continuing, which is now on the condor in Washington actually beforehand thesis I was running out of funding joined Congress as a job between writing my thesis. Right inside joins to do consulting. All Barney problems or various? Clients corporations is on, but from the very beginning. We had this idea of we build tools of its solve people's problems. Newswoman are. Kind of models work really well for us is the entire home? Sweet builds as as. Spending quite a bit of open source signs. Or billable time for side, but also kind of for example panel hilts with funding from US army origins so they. Built this new framework. Freedom for over basically six runs. Through two panels really cool, we'll talk about that for sure. I go between most times consulting work, but as much as possible attributes stuff work on during a time to go. Yeah, until you mostly mostly to remote work I would guess being yes, so actually. I was in Edinburgh. In Kanda in Austin. Number for years and last year I moved here back to Berlin. Grow and actually had an office any just open. You're not this year and it was. I thought it would be nice to actually spent three days a week. To the office seen people have more regular routine. Burke until three am. Before. But. Happens provocative. Yeah Yeah, well going to be around people, not everyone. Yeah for sure it's a bit of a bummer. A mean provokes like can work remotely and just carry on mostly what we're doing a bit of a bummer for a lot of people. It's a tragedy, right? It's a huge huge problem, but especially I. Don't know how people do. I know it seems really really scary. Hopefully we get through that soon and we can go back to an office a WHO knows what the desire to get back to work together. We'll be like some of these remote ideas I think we're going to stick and some kind of like Whoa. So glad that's over. Yeah, I think so particularly I mean it's really not a good test. People talking. Assuring Revolution of. Force, SCENARIO Don't have child care Stockholm yeah. Off of our Harley. I, think you touched on the real challenge. It's one thing to say well. Let's all try to be remote for. It's another to say. Let's work with your small children around you all the time. That is the real struggle I think as a apparent to find the time in the focus right so I think it's an unfair task, but if it's working under these scenario, this is like the worst case scenario so obviously. For a exactly exactly, it's interesting, so it's kind of Nice I actually like. Client, meeting. Yeah A it does humanize people a little bit I think You know it's doing too far. Innovate like you watch the news or you watch like comedy shows in that are still going in. It's just like Yup. Everyone's at their couch or they're getting table or just a little Home Office and It's funny, so let's talk about the history of this project a little bit, so you started with Hollow Viz Unites. Hollow. Birds. More confusing history. Of Talk by enemy is brought to you by brilliant dot org brilliant has digestible courses in topics from the basics of scientific, thinking all the way up to high in science like quantum computing, and while quantum computing may sound complicated, brilliant makes complex learning uncomplicated fun. It's super easy to get started, and they've got so many science and math courses to choose from I recently used brilliant to get into rocket science for an upcoming episode, and it was a blast the. The interactive courses are presented in a clean accessible way, and you could go from knowing nothing about a topic to having a deep understanding. Put your spare time to good use in hugely improve your critical thinking skills go to talk by Tondo FEM brilliant and sign up for free. The I two hundred people that use that link get twenty percents off the premium subscription that's talked by phone dot FM slash brilliant or just click the link in the show notes. How did you go from like trying to create better visualizations to this larger project I? Guess you know as as a wage reduction, maybe like Topol people how you got there and then like give us a high level view of what it is. So, we started with all of us that which was actually built on this article around as Brown is kind of like. Now have data classing. And prominent on causes other type. Products like Patriots. Bramlett is kind of the foundation everything. I've Dacian on just general semantic. With things. Not as a whole range of Actually. About kinds of the initial thing which had been around for hanging into. And then rebuilt. It's all of us on top of that and then one of our first projects at continuum bartenders. Boise you cannot office to build extending hoping to. Reports about. Attention for Hogan's and then obviously focused on you know geographical data in and whatnot, yes. Protections for you. Then I mean what we saw over and over. Are Consulting projects was whole were happy analysis and it's. Notebooks and then people would share these someone who doesn't know about code scared. Off Spy. Inland Snowbo-. Share it and that's kind of how we started building our full, so no books are pretty nice to show people, but at least in Jupiter as far as I know, there's not a great way to say. Please load this with every bit of code collapsed right? I mean there's there's templates movie kind of Obscure Law. Everyone was familiar with going on just generally. If you just want to have anything nice attended as advice. Lay Out at together. There wasn't really though. The Changed. And then we just needed name for all of stuff which decided on pirates. Angles taken and then. We had a little bit of pushback from. Sounds like is by association rights. Presumptuous to thinker. like you can't claim it all right. Boca we've got yeah, that was a totally fair criticism. We can talk to various community members, and we're like okay. His becomes general thing and we're GONNA finding. This been confusing obviously. I think this. Year, and a half ago, we kinda run with the name for year and a half as So often times. Out There, silver's office is us not general resource that it's meant to be the as videos on Youtube about some presentations you gave and stuff. And I saw sometimes it was called Hollywood subtype pivate Micah. Wonder what the relationship is here. The historically where that comes from you, so think overall. Arthur come this general resource and absolutely. Happy to have listing of all the different virtualization desperately. Labor's on there and we'd like to have more Detroit material two point two's. Justin comes General Resource and is now our efforts kind of have a coordinate need? It's a search tools at work together to have a browser-based association dash warming. Easier. Yeah very cool. You're basically making a bunch of choices for people like here's a way that you can plot. Steph here's a way you can stream data or process large amounts of data that doesn't fit in Ram or whatever. Yeah, but you're not forcing them down that path right? Roy of the things that was cool was like okay. If you need more controller, you WanNa, do something different. You can just do this yourself. If you want to do less work and accept the defaults or the the default way working right, you can use update built in not selective the idea that there is the way we fight communicates is about shortcuts up or make it easy. We should be good. We should just be able to get something onscreen quickly just. hogging particular. You just brocker data on. But then you shouldn't be Stockholm. Be. Of Her just put get your quick offense really hard to estimate from there, and that's something we had some gallons. Of hollies pretty opinionated and actually. It doesn't fit the regular model oldest boyfriend. This imperative model where you say you get your figure. Get your axes. Modifies little bit of the axes. It's about just wrapping her data on habits have visualize itself then you can tweak the options on, and that does not. have. We kind of decided now we'd rather meet people where they are people already. There's already such such big existing. Tools. Points evening, big deafening tools, and rather than tell people like this is the way you're just be able to again what you have. That's eight philosophy behind depot Sabir grounds. would. Use pounders. You'll held. A. Which? Takes your parents data Intel This next access is goes on the why axis. Colored by despair. And that gives you. The pop and we wanted to take kind of say well. WHAT'S FOR CONDOS WE WANT TO? With entire petted rights it'd be is meant to work with pandas, but with Desk X-ray now reacts Japan does the most recent Julia. GPS Yeah I haven't heard Cudi F. that sounds really cool, but like task is very powerful now. Had Matthew Rockland on the show to talk about that and it's like. Data's pandas yeah, it's like pandas, but across multiple machines, if necessary and sort of thing that has the same as necessary or Locally. and. Yeah, it's super run is particularly because we have data partner. Takes your data and it's described as like a fancy judy, instagram or get. Out, but it doesn't really fast. It's built on lumber and asked. Generates images from data points really quickly doesn't just support point data imports all Yvonne Lions Regretting rosters and called Meshes and try mashes, and basically just take your data renders with tasked. Just put something on screen really quickly. Just too fast and accurate. Of Large data sets lower soccer large sutton's money's. Yeah, that's cool I. Think it was on your project where you've got a picture of. Was it the US wanting every single person and where they were? quickly. Yeah three hundred million data points a second or less interactivity Zuma amounts I think particularly now that we have the. Video has a new initiative rapids. Rebuilding today system on top of Jesus as crazy. Busy, but you could always use like yeah, exactly yeah, using this out to write these kernels yourself obscure, but now which works so they had initial prototype for data center, and our our arbiter on these marlins defined Bali took the in boats intended. To support US needed so now you. Can Take Navy twenty milliseconds performance. Incredible civil. Scales across multiple done, we will. Never cease to amazes me. How powerful GP are. I! Think! Wow, it can do that. That's amazing like no big deal more. Likely. For us. All Circle Edgy uses JJ views graphical. Actually wanted to use it for graphical Whereas, basically, you're hot. You're right you're. Working full will now let's awesome St. Rose Brussels. That's Super Bowl. Recoil all right, so we've got all of us and then related to that the library Geo views. You talked about h plot. Data share! This is what we're talking about quickly rendering like three hundred million points on the map. About Haram as the basis for like the data class like functionality, we also have color set. Yes, is just we all know that color maps can be crucial. I don't know. I think the most famous domino's the jets. Rainbow! Soldier hide it or a reason radically database terribly galkin false movies just. Is it's. Distort things. Soap, there's actually scary about up initially like Doctors Gone Voss delusions respect looking at. Jets in misinterpreting debts zoo. Zoe critic package halls. Which? has set of social uniform. It actually takes works. I should run up on instagram. Basically, we took a set of our mouths that impose a paper about a rock. By Missing So these websites looking to look up the names I feel bad for. Crediting I it's really handy to have that. Put together and well thought through and. Choosing colors one that look good into that are meaningful, not so easy. Yes, it's. But I mean thankfully the. Aware his pocket. Actually was. The final star of the show here is panel what you talked about a being that sixty nine month project that you've gotta work on New Dash. Boarding tools yes, so the system for a long time, our hat, Johnny and Shawnee was great. It makes it easy to. Share your analysis in our. Habits. was early on. There's like this Jupiter Dashboard project you can take. Your note both rains in sells a little bit and. And he's that for a little while, but then it was abandoned, but this was a problem we can. To share their analysis without as an actual dashboard words. Apnea and so we decided to build. Just before then actually lottery in mouth with called. Dash also really nice. Nice Library. Backwards in. Requires a little bit more knowledge of accident. In cases and we wanted something where people could just off in their analysis. They're ounces it. Drop it in. You could wrap it in a function in annotate that like function depends on these things, and so on those things change updates. Model. We wanted to me where Jaap in your new house. You've got some notebook. Share it and he's affection about arts. Seen over and over again in. Fact for they had a bunch of data time. His relation team on the data scientists. Do someone else's around. Over the precipitation team. Working from where it could be. Some cussing Dallas good. or Fiction making position from sleeping analysis to terrible. What. You're right. That's how. To panels away were yeah, you can basically layout different parts of. And like organizing a notebook with not necessarily showing the code, and you get some little sliders and other widgets that you can interact with the private and to me, it feels like just a a really nice way to quickly take what you're already doing. An exploratory mode in put it in up in a user interactive way without learning flask API's Java script. This portion of Python me is brought to you by data dog. Are you having trouble visualizing bottlenecks and latency in your? APPS and you're not sure where the issue is coming from or how to solve it with data, dogs end to end monitoring platform. You can use their customizable built in dashboard to collect metrics and visualize APP performance in real time data, dog automatically correlates logs and. And traces at the level of individual requests, allowing you to quickly troubleshoot your python application plus their service map automatically plots the requests across your application architecture, so you understand dependencies income proactively monitor the performance of your APPs. Be The hero that got your APP back on track at your. Company get started today with a free trial at talk by on dot com slash data dog. Sisal. Is, just have your. He dropped them into this thing. Put it in a bunch of rows and columns laid out on your screen, and then you put one little commandment. The end of this thing built the layout built called suitable, and then you can pennells serve the notebook. Ops Up your dashboard is. How do you host it so actually? It's just built on. Bo cases just server, so you can post it on any concert providers. We are trying to control out. Process or even thinking what happened. This Yes or Cloud or whatever? Were working on, but in the end. Like a container absolutely, Oh yes, that's. For our examples, we have we build on his. All kind project wraps on the environment with some. than the boys it and what we're hoping for? Is that I think there's a PR maybes IRV emerged. Basically just give this product post. The NFL will be environments and announce it runs, and then it builds a docker container for you so I think that's super to go. Yeah everything you're environments and you're. Drunk. Yeah, maybe even go to like some of hosted Brunetti cluster service. Miss, go pick this runner there. Make sure keep running out great for me if I needed. Yes, but we're certainly over. Interested in. Friends were also. otherwise. Yeah, we're also working on. Yeah, it's a bit of an orthogonal problem and skillset solving visualization. Right like it's when they do the Josh. Scripted cool cool visualizations, another like what now I do devops you. Arden's I love it. Absolutely so on your website, it gets under the getting started section so at all of his H. L. O. B. I. Z. Dot Org. You've got a document that SORTA talks about given these different scenarios more of a picture I. Guess The answer, a couple of questions about it, and we'll help you choose the subset of tools kind of flow together. Maybe talk us through some of these scenario, so it says are you working with tabular data, workmanlike, other types of arrays, network and dimensional or streaming data, and then there's sort of this flow of a guy. Here's how you. He's together these tools to come up with something excellent. Mermaid Diagram. She looked at home the organs on their. Wives. Go. The general idea is that takes you from type data says so. Let's say you've got some tabular data. Decide like what library us to low the stand. Alone specials hand as a totally fine, and if you WANNA go to geographic data, US Japan does. Geometry's. Geometry's used you. Episode People Doubt your cut off here, you say. Do you have more than fifty? Thousand Rose I mean obviously. It varies a little bit on the computer you have. Already, arbitrary, exactly yeah, but it's it gives you a kind of it's not millions of rows, or or billions or something like that right it's it's not that high of number to say okay. Well, maybe want to consider something other than pandas or working on some of this, but yeah okay. Is it a huge amount of data by some definition huge, and if not, is it geospatial wasn't. Might, use Jira pounders. You may use Dacix for example, said warms. Dusk is a great tool. Love. got. Millions or billions of rows you. Can't loaded onto memory just the space. And then the whole point behind our existent particularly, GPO is. You should have to change any coach. Whether you choose pandas or or now the Cudi F- library shouldn't have to changing colors. You should just be able to Duncan into this framework and uncalled edgy GPO on it, and then you get your out. That's part of the philosophy here. The same applies to like. You've got some eventual rains. We generally recommend for example that you go with x Ray. Sex rate is really underrated. Delivery should be more popular. I don't know maybe not that. Many people N. dimensional raise, but it's kind of Hannah's for or in nationals for beyond tabular. So you've got. Thoughts satellite imagery over time by order alerted right or microscope data also time z stack overtime according vitamin whatever. It. Is So, You might use that instead, or you might keep simple. Just use one on. A doctorate. Lower level. But, in the audience, at Yahoo, and then he can't see just drop it into it. She will call, and then you get this holiday subject out of the holidays. It's already displays that you already have on, but then you might have the issue. Yeah. This was a lot of data. East, for reasons desperation, so you may not want to dump it straight into your browser jumping gigabytes here, browsers. Trafalgar Way to crash it. Even with the speed to download a quickly that much javascript. Is GonNa make it hurt. Hurt. Okay we'll follow. Follow so that's. Just the auction to achieve plot to say. This and so that that means that you've got service agregation. aggregating statehood as You Get out is a nice attractive bocquet fall. Or if you are ones that were has issued. OPS actually doesn't directly support. or about both. Once, you're there you can save. You can shared notebooks or you conducted. Right right turn into a dashboard. Okay, very cool. All linked to this flow chart for people over, so they can think about it when they're checking us out. And I think it also gives you a sense of even outside of his. There's useful stuff like have streaming data, maybe check out stream, Z., or in dimensional checkout x Ray, and Daska just this idea of like. How do I think about the right underlying library rather trying to jam everything into Panzer, number or something? A lot of people associated judy. Does and Try to switch rays. And actually pumped used to how this. Structure called McConnell and they record Africa. Yes disease. Who's just use X ray. Mitchell I see okay interesting. I didn't realize that when you talked about visualizing millions and millions of data points quickly in the browser. He said Okay when he's data share I. Don't know that we necessarily dove into it enough to say exactly what it does so basically move I. Get it right how it works. It can look at millions. Hundreds of millions of data, points and say well is of the graph is really this and if you look at these ten thousand at this scale Kinda going to be the same, is that how it works or does it? Does it down sample somehow, or how does it does it actually? Make meaningful pictures or process of that. Let's think about it, so it actually is that faster actually always looks at all. Your data. Okay filmed into something. Obviously, he wants out your report, even Jones like it. Has the clip an outside the rectangle? It actually does over your entire building. Anger Is Happened on the server right. Exactly. And then all it has to send the image of the aggregated data. or Hemming points or billion points when? Thousands. Images much smaller. Obits. Yeah, absolutely now the the that's basically the same size. No matter how much you have exactly the compression, little bit, but right not so much. Your present. On that works was most visual elements. We have been dominated elements for visuals first-grader thinking. Aggregated Point Beta line, Dayton. POLYGONS trimesters meshes. Just downsizing images as Got Huge. Bigger Pixel image she can dump today to. Apple it's? Great and looking at it says that it has scale ability with the desk or Khuda. Jeff. How do you configure it to make it? Choose one or the other on the? Data frame it will just take take things. The way. It works should think of it as a bunch of chunks of the underlying. These might be dragged me. Woods cost like it might be on your machine, or it might be a cost lake. clustered machines, and so it just keeps the cockatoos local. It means that the allegation for each of those chunks happens on the particular, not your cluster, and then once done. The aggregation just has to send the excise image. Main road on to aggregate and so. You can distribute the competition, but so have the world war. Okay so what you provide to the data Seder. Tells it how to process that you give it a pandas data framed. You give it a state data frame, give pdf frame, and it just go knows how to work with all of them, but that that implies how is computed is those three Anthony Blogger got it. Okay? Now see so. We actually done the interstate dot org. If you look at one of the user guards. Guides. There's. Table or this data type four point data. State. For examples might be on the and. Ask for. Image might be x ray on. Your. Back. While it seems like a really nice way to fill these things together and disintegrate API. Maybe we could talk about some of the projects or communities that are using all of us. One That's really taken consoles vicarage report. Indicator is the GIO. Which is basically? It's an initiatives by birds times. To build like this big bane of formed. So you used to have all these different data silos where you had to stay in the cloud, you'd have to download it onto your local machine export and they've been building this. Pot forums you can easily. Deployed you're on Jupiter Hug and then keep your data in the cloud, but analyze it also. In so. These people might be. On apologists or Ocean She. Option Hawkers. And have these huge data sets huge meshes Beta. But there will in Berkeley tools. To always open for tools fast. You can move the data from the clouds. And zoomed interactively around without having download. Muscle. Memory Super Happy August. Yes solving some real problems with awesome also intake Asai intake. All you really string products so again. Actually, this is also urged. Project if you've ever to. You have a bunch dating sources. Logs and if you keep track of all your data. Not have cuts and scrapes to this kind of data and that kind of data. Let's you bites one. File specify I've got BCC falls here. There's thousands of them and all of those are runoff thoughts. Their. Felt here in capsulated all this nice little, big logged loaded on. By courts. In just to your catalog low this. Thanks to specification that you're. Just love. That has integration with tolls and. Ways, so for first of all you can, you can put your into your data catalogues, and since I never had this default. That I always look at four. This data right so you can sign in Massena. Source pots the points at the long itunes in his lungs. His attitudes, none of will automatically Jarrett off on. Your thoughts in this. Okay now. That's typical thing that has it has a little league on top of. Already dominated and now you can just buy a graphical interface up around. This all this all. Specify how to import it and whatnot in visualize. Ask Great in thin. Cross filter so. So invidia initiative on the they find around with virtualization varies forms, and interestingly they built this Crossville library builds on top of annal and Boker to build crossroad obligations. Crossover, hearing will. Also referred to move brushing select something on. Bought and thank you see. That reflected OSS and. Physical Vegetables DASHBOARDS. Goal and then some space stuff as well. These are actually projects that. We work with. Is the. HOUSE COPE Recently, actually got a real languages room. largest of the hotels world when they visit the coach me, saying the ones who? Wanted some. Data that comes with this. Territory today it can be challenging because they have fifty head of bites of image has data like they're gonna be collecting and stuff in. Child take. Have to do the same else's every day. One sole that can handle this stuff. And so I handed opens project to concerts. Are. Phones? Are, CEO. Started other. And added odors, projects is I'm listening. Help for me. Is Built as. On. Will handle five hundred votes. But still that's pretty impressive. Awesome, and it's cool to see all these projects using the libraries. You guys put together. They're probably given it. Some pretty serious testing sold off since testing. In Science Rob. Hall performance issues. The job I dragged. Just building is awesome. Early feared complete divorce from any actual users of the libraries. It's really hard to tell like, are you? Just wasting your time, so it's super nice to go back and forth consulting. People's problems. Going back to tool. Absolutely, yeah, you need this blend, keep it real If you're too focused on just solving problems for consulting, you don't get that spare time to develop new stuff as much. As I want to close conversations with two quick things. One I really like to explore things like this visual lay analysis type of libraries and whatnot by just looking at examples, because usually can look at some nice pictures and get a quick sense, so you guys have a bunch of different. Utah, Orioles or simple, little examples expositions showing them off baby is there like a couple of favors WANNA? Point you bought. Kalamata does oh absolutely. Is So what we can do is so most of our websites views g views. On all we have gallery. then. We also have this website. Examples which really want. abundancy again is most general zone, so if you worst in contracting they examples yet just grab a couple that are like really cool off. The people would appreciate. Yes, let's go with the one that you talked about. Senses example Goto example or to search for census. It'll be on on the patriot. Gallery and You Click on. Of the top risers, sensitive sample much explores. How do I use I've got this status I do actually displayed certain boring. It's so it starts off by molding data, said loaded in this case with alive recall. In fact, it's just loaded with Dansk, but we've got slow wrapper around dusk, which does spatial indexing so special indexing means. It has built an index of the space. Determines archery. It's super fast to say show me. The things that are near here are right here. Yes so if In and no longer as I talked about earlier, but he faults dedicated scheduling the entire data set each time with zinc into just most. Special indexation to say okay. This stuff is definitely not for I. Don't I don't even consider it. Becomes faster right if you look at that. We can start by letting the data set data. It and we start with simple linear aggregation. Is that. It's just walked with you. Think about the population in the US. There's a few hotspots. You're super guns all the cities. Yet. And so all you see with linear. Army is York few flurries a little bit of l. a little bit Chicago, that's. The Nice thing about data shooter is that. Takes away that you can do linear log, or you can kind of adjust the color amount. All kinds of difficult, but a default actually definitely hauled histogram equalization which means that. It adjusts the history of the. Colorado in such a way that the lowest number such explained, but it kind of it causes. The Colorado that picture over audio only yes. But basically it who deals here? The your data is not the exact values, so you shouldn't use it for like reading out the exact values. To get an overall idea of something really nice. Kind of is part of what makes like. He looked at data, Shater image, or you'd like sometimes on twitter L. C. Image and OPS. The Mixture that you see the overall shape values, and this kind of goes through that example do that. Explains. What does this actually do so the census data you can see? Shape you've city now. You can see but. Not, in this area in the west of the US. MD and yet really reveals. The population distribution us and then also condensed rates how to manipulate your your. Show the hot spots especially. because. Arguments fixed image. You can say values above this This density caller bed, and so you really suggested off. Yeah, very cool and. Go into detail on some anymore to check it out share share, but it really built up. People can take all linked to each one of these steps like builds up with a liner to of code. It's not super complicated exactly right? Won't we kind of explore depressing? The Vincent has busy racist all the. People, anything really see these aggravation different cities. It's Tom Arnold. Think about yeah, that's not good. Yeah, reveals the package you look in there yeah i. see and then finally rounds out. You. Because our children work well together. You final example demonstrates how to take this. And use all of these to generate jackpot where if it was running on the server on the on the website? Zoom very much. Gets very pixelated, but if you're running on your own notebook, yourself or you devoted to serving rebuttals ample then he consumed around in pans. Zoo individual people. That's wild, so maybe there's a whole bunch of examples over examples up a dot org. Each one of the examples is tagged with the various libraries that people might want to explore, so there's a bunch of people can go. Go there and and dig into them and check it out. This is just one of. Those upstate. Builder Kolzig Police Asam I guess. Maybe you could just touch really quick on awesome dash panel dot Org, and then tell us what's next with the whole project and rb. At a time. Then I've been super happy to season, so community building is hard. I, think she. Was this and route along, but there's been a lot of interest in and marks Mattson. Works. At Mr. Built this what I call or or Julie? Show off what you can go without so are examples can try to focus on the simply south. Awesome. Connell really shows you what you can do. It's really impressive from Douglas or On. Also Honda Org has not resources for. Best Leverage things. Ideally with migrate back to our website, but yeah, he's built this complex multi page sites, which takes like love, difference Lazy Pollens. It's Kinda, matter right like panels involved in it as well. It's built on our. Website has built entirely in panel about panel also about panel and the. Trying to take that further as well so recently I did a talk for our. Our. President built. The entire nation built a presentation tool Powell demo pop. Out, some very cool all right, so what's next with the whole project where you going so one thing that we kind of working on recently a lot is all of us. Is We on late selections, so you can now in the spirit of. Guidance we can generate your holiday spots, and if they're all using the same data, you can just say link selections of pilots to these moments, and then automatically hookup early link between. On one, all the other ones update. That's really tight about them. Super. Dive into the data yeah. Particularly with. Support now let's. VP's and data explore tens of millions or billions of data points using selections releasing. One thing of doubts, another thing in terms in. This. Is the next release is GONNA have or That means is out of always had the ability to. solve. This thing does in a row with this thing, a bunch of kids going row or a column. taught here, but she wants to have more control had to write your own. Geology as s two out, you have an ability. Weights, but next release is GONNA. You might want to exercise it, yes. That's what we're trying to keep you from right. We don't want people to Right. So what was done now is at its default templates where he said I want this to go on the sidebar. Hetero is men area, and it looks like a Polish folks. It's not just a bunch of things what Fitch it's Yakuza. Also. That because. A lot of. Demos for Split to go the whole way supposed. To be a little more control. And, then last thing I'm really excited about in the sexually panel is integrating ecosystems, so you're familiar. Jupiter. Know about her widgets and our rigid has been. Lots of. Fields on top of Jeju aged student hours things. Volumes export three users just a whole bunch of Barbour's right, and it's been kind of shame that's. Roads, we don't want to have division. And this next release we're GONNA be on just put. It into your panel. And your vocab. Been discomfiting it in there and just on the. NATO servers server just work load digital instead. Now, we don't have these tunes originally. His knee more you can just use originates in panel, or you can go the other way and kind of say well. We've got this point system. Out which serves uber. While and so you can now put your power into. Just, make sure the existence verge you can use tools and miatas. Nice, because you don't have to have a separate set of widgets for your visualizations, and then people also building them for Jupiter, of course they would build them for their right, so might as well just bring together. Along effort so. Regards. All right well. That's great examples and looks like you got a lot of momentum going forward as well so thanks for bringing all your experience and talking about what you guys have built their. Great. Yeah, you bet before you get out of here though you've got to answer the final questions. If you're gonNA, write some Python, code what editor DIS own stores. Now in Boston. We so. Double in. Africa and probably Jupiter's well at some point, yes. Like four. Building things that he makes on some Dan. And then notable pipe package. You got a bunch here already I. It's worth saying you can just pin saw hall of his Oh. There's a bunch but yeah. I think I've already yeah. Harvest which is with Charriol, but I really want things over. Some of the underlying robberies. xrays, awesome harding, arguments and daffy awesome sorry. I agree all right recall, so people are excited about his tens like it. Really myself the problem, our help them build some DASHBOARDS Monaco action. What can they do? Come visit us at all of his. DETTORI oho take. Initial steps of using our projects. On the legal dashboard, so go there and check that out. Also check out examples of how to see can do. She master the stuff to build more complex examples, and then message on twitter or message are usual projects like I'll use our panel on twitter, and if you've got any longer form, questions, join us our discourse, which is at this force all right well. It looks a great project and I think people build cool things with it, so thanks for sharing with us. Thank you at by. This has been another episode of Talk Python to me. Our guest in this episode has been Philip Ruger and has been brought to you by brilliant dot, Org and data dog. Brilliant Dot Org encourages you to level up your analytical skills and knowledge visit python dot com slash brilliant and get brilliant premium to learn something new every day. Did it all gives you visibility into the whole system running your code visit talk by Dot FM, Slash Day dog, and see what you've been missing, but there in a free t shirt with your free trial. One to level up your python. 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