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Live from NPR news I'm Korva Coleman stocks opened higher this morning building on a rally that pushed the S. and P. Five hundred index into record territory last week. NPR Scott Horsley reports the Dow Jones industrials jumped more than one hundred fifty points in early trading. Stock Traders welcome news that the food and Drug Administration has granted emergency authorization to treat more covid nineteen patients with plasma from people who've recovered from the disease president trump touted the FDA's move on the eve of the Republican. National Convention tens of thousands of people have already been treated with convalescent plasma the world, health. Organization. Says, results so far have been inconclusive. The rate of new corona virus infections in the US has fallen by about a third in the last three weeks. Oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico are being evacuated as a hurricane and tropical storm make their way towards the Louisiana stocks in Europe and Asia were also up overnight Scott horsely NPR news Washington Tropical Storm Marco is expected to make landfall later today in Louisiana followed by tropical storm lure, which may become a hurricane before it makes landfall close. To the same place in about forty eight hours, some government buildings are closed today in Kenosha Wisconsin. After a night of unrest demonstrators filled the streets of the city south of Milwaukee after a police officer shot a black man in the back the incident was videoed reporter Kim. Shine of CBS affiliate W. DJ says Wisconsin Governor. Tony. Identified the man as Jacob. Blake. The video you you pretty much see the man identified as Jacob walking away from officers and then one eventually as Jacob is trying to get into his suv one of the officers seems to be pulling on his shirt and then you hear seven gunshots and and why that actually happened we still don't know police haven't said Blake is hospitalized in Milwaukee in serious condition postmaster general. Louis to joy will testify today before the House Oversight Committee the joys under scrutiny for recent changes to postal operations that have raised concerns about mail in voting in November NPR Susan Davis has more Democrats called for joy to appear to explain the decision making behind the removal of certain sorting machines and mailboxes. As, well, as changes to overtime pay for carriers that coincided with reports of male delays, Democrats alleged that the trump administration is meddling with postal operations citing the president's repeated attacks on mail voting, which he believes will hurt his reelection chances despite no evidence of that to joy already testified under oath before the Senate last week that he has never spoken to the president about postal operations he also testified that the postal service is capable of handling mail in ballots this November, but advise people vote early to ensure they are delivered on time Susan, Davis NPR news Washington on Wall Street. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up one hundred, sixty, two points. The Nasdaq is up nearly sixty nine points. You're listening to NPR news. Two of the largest wildfires in recorded California history are burning out of control in that state started last week, and each has burned about five hundred, forty square miles the L. and U. Lightning complex is burden north of the San. Francisco Bay area the S. C., you lightning complex fire using central California west of Sacramento hundreds of thousands of people remain under evacuation orders in California due to the wildfires. NPR's Lawrence summer reports because of the pandemic many evacuees are being sent to hotels. Instead of shelters evacuation centers can be crowded places during natural disasters but concerns about the corona virus are changing that the Red Cross says it's spreading out cots and tables and requiring that masks be worn by everyone. To, maintain that distancing almost half of the evacuees who contacted the Red Cross are being sent to hotels in northern. California. Those most vulnerable to the corona virus are being prioritized. Local officials want to make sure that the pandemic doesn't stop anyone from evacuating who should be lauren summer NPR news. The Republican National Convention has gaveled into session this morning in Charlotte North Carolina, a few hundred delegates are meeting to conduct party business but the big event of the day will happen when the state delegates place President Trump's name in nomination. Again, as the party's presidential candidate president trump is scheduled to be in North Carolina today but it is unclear if he will be present during the roll call of states. Again Wall. Street the Dow is now up one, hundred, seventy, six points. I'm KORVA COLEMAN NPR news.

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