Connie Chung Compares Diane Sawyer & Barbara Walters to Tonya Harding, Halle Berry's Dating Advice - Daily Pop 12/18/20


Yeah let's do this. Is it ever okay to date your friends ex. Halle berry says absolutely not. never say. Never who knows then. Barbara walters and diane sawyer under fire. The shocking new claims plus is grey's anatomy. Really going to kill off ellen. Pompeo meredith lungs are at a breaking point. I can't even walk onto daily. There isn't surprising. New feud brewing. And all i can say is watch out barbara walters and diane sawyer because connie chung is coming for you. It's friday we've got our drinks drinking and thank you. I appreciate it okay. You guys connie just went off on some huge star. She even said working with. Dan rather was like a scene out of psycho. It's what she said about barbara and diane. That really shocked. Watch when i went to. Abc news on joined with both barbara. Walters and diane sawyer there. And i thought oh this could be great. It'd be you know three women get along. It's not unlike what what tonya harding. Nancy kerrigan both. Diane and barbara were in the same sort of arena of trying to get these big interviews so when i tried to go after them i was told i could not i had to stand down. Really alcon said that on originals with andrew. Gelman podcast. What did you guys. I think when you heard this not surprised that we just had this conversation right before we went live. I feel like everyone during this pandemic is sort of losing it a little bit and i feel like connie everyone's coming for barbara lately in the past year like all of her secrets everything about her. Everyone's ready to spill. But like i don't know. I'm not surprised at all. Feel like this extremely competitive world extremely competitive for women extremely competitive of that time. Robber was already a legend diana. I think you don't hear that that much about it. Seems like that answer. Everybody wants to have over at thanksgiving but those are always the ones career. don't cry. She will never forget that vibe from her. She always just seems like such a lover. We have to remember like we're talking about five years ago. Yeah it any industry as a minority myself. Sometimes you're made to feel like there's only room for one and when somebody is telling you that or making you feel that way you start to believe it so of course barbara and die. It's like oh look at chung coming in here. Seventeen years younger than them. Yeah right so in your mind you probably are thinking. Oh they brought this hotshot into replace us at. I'm not gonna let that happen. And i think i think women do it a lot. I think black people do it a lot. When they're minority a workspace. I think gay people do it. A lot. And i both black and gay so i feel double on on the storm from but sometimes i feel like for me. It's like if i'm the only one here. Let me just open the door for somebody to comment after me. Yeah no i love mentality but you know what it's not even just the stars themselves not just dinosaur. You're not just barbara walters. Sometimes it's the atmosphere that's created around the absolutely actual office like there's some things i mean. The fact that connie was told that. I'm sure she was told that by a producer and maybe that direct order came from something that barbara had said or diane had said in the past but i feel like there's a better check system nowadays i feel like you can check stars a little bit more than you could back been think the league was blown off of a lot of stuff and you can't. You can't get away. Like i feel at the time that yeah connie what. You're saying. chris. And i agree with you is back then when connie kind of came on the scene. That was old school. That was different. You could say things that you couldn't say and do this and you know. I put my foot down on this and yes. There are certain stars. One hundred percent can still say those kind of things but do think that there's a little bit better of a check system especially after the metoo movement and after a lot of big famous faces have been called out for like terrible behavior. People aren't keeping secret anymore. So there's a check system and whether it's may not even be like a interpersonal. Maybe it's just like someone could leak this and you're gonna look like crap so you need to check how you talk to people. Think about this all right. You've you've worked for example for seven years. How many times have you your cubicle and you said. I can't believe i didn't get that interview. I wonder are like you go. And you say i really want that interview. Yeah and they say we have to offer it to firs and it's not about checks and balances it's sometimes about seniority but it's also about almost keeping those stars at check at bay because sometimes saint like okay. You can have the interview because we don't want have to deal with the wrath of you not getting the interview. We have to wait. Until i had to wait until somebody else in order for it to come to ever want the checks contracts and it's i don't think they have this. These are eating more could be wrong. But i know that there's at other networks to help contracts where they are required to do a certain number of interviews per year per contract and so sometimes like you'll see an interviewer that is on there and you're like why are they pulling that person to come to this interview and it's like oh because she was required to do twelve interviews per year so we've got a hit the mark. Mckay tomorrow yeah. We don't know how it goes down here. Yeah black on the new man. You're like yeah let's go come up. I did after like every doing okay. We reached out to barbara and diane for comment. We have not heard back. Unless it's you now brad pitt. Then we're always exception how to Now this one. It's a dating debate. Everyone's fired up about this including halle berry. The question is is it. Okay to date your friends ex highly. Set the record straight in an episode of batum buji on her instagram. The answer is no. I would never say. Definitely not date. Any of your. You wouldn't want to. That's a cardinal sin date. Your besties x.'s. If i know you. I'm not dating your pass. Nothing because that's just not cool What do you think do that. She said she said besties. So you don't obviously you don't date you're besties x. Right because obviously you around for part of that relationship you experience with them. You went to dinner with them. I mean for me. When i the first time i dated cork. He was dating a friend of mine but we were not. We were not best actively. Thank you for that We were best friends. We were friendly. We were cordial. We hung out for sure. We had a relationship. But i knew that it was a new relationship. It wasn't going to be one that extended past. You know that period of time in my life i ended up calling her in upper he pursued me and said listen. I'm gonna date him. She hated my guts for over a year. It was a massive drama and then ten years later we got married in her having a baby. So sometimes you just have to follow your heart. But i totally dated her. Acts it was. It was nice nice. This totally happened to me before. I dated my ex because refund. Yeah that's what happened there. So i was dating this guy and we were not really right for each other. I was going through a phase in college thing and my this was literally my roommate. All the time drank all the time together. We were hanging out all the time and we broke up. You know we said like we're not right for each other and then my best. She's one of my best friends still is who is one of my bridesmaids in my wedding worked out. Yeah worked out. She told me like a year later she goes. I've got to tell you something. She's like me and such and such like we. We hooked up and we like you know mess around for a little bit. You know a little while after you broke up. And i was like more sense anyways honestly like that was my reaction to it. Because they're both donors and it just kind of like made lake. We'd have never made sense. They made more sense. They ended up also not working out but it was funny how she literally kept his secret until it was already overweight down low and then whenever it was done she finally came clean. Was like by the way this happened to me. I can't believe you're still friends with her. Though that's on shocked by that you see really. Yeah because the shady the secret like i told this girl. I'm going to date him. I'm sorry i know you're gonna hate me. But i'm going to go through with this. She knew straight up her house and she. Did you know what i think it is. I think it's because as my best friend. She always knew that. I didn't really like this guy that much. And so you peeved all about this secrecy and the lying. Did you take a second after the call and be like. That's kind of weird. you did. Little took a thought for sure. I mean the fact that. I still remember it normally. Forget everything but i remember this year. Oh yeah you get over it. She's pregnant and mary now she would still. Here's my one of my best friends defines dating something different. Like he'll be like. Why are you dating my ex. Mike earn one day with them and it did not work out. You cannot have a friend who dates everybody. Everyone's in that define it was a defining relationship. Then you're good data to gary. And i like nobody better touch gary right. That's okay. I'll go to jail for that. Oh man okay. Well what do you guys think tweet. -as has tag daily pop next kelly ripa mark swallows. They have some big news for you. Plus teddy mellencamp is here. She's joining us. Live in-studio to talk housewives and her secrets for looking so darn good. Don't go anywhere we'll be right back. Welcome back to daly poverty. It's time for the hollywood minute. Give us sixty seconds and we'll give you some cool celebrity stories. All right at the clock starting with kelly. Ripa marcus raila. They're going back to their roots soap operas. They're going to be producing a primetime version of this show. That brought them together all my children as of now the show will be called part of valley city where all my children took place. Okay from pine valley to za moon data. We're getting our first. Look at coming to america. Amazon studios released these photos from the sequel starring. Eddie murphy and arsenio hall. It seriously. Looks like they haven't even aged a bit since the original movie in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight cannot wait for that. Coming to america will be released on amazon. Prime march fifth and miley cyrus has revealed the moment where she knew she made it. She billy idol on her sirius. Xm radio show. That share came after her on twitter. And that's when she thought she'd really made it because share gave an f. about what she was doing true. True words there morgan. Do you agree that it's a compliment. If a celeb- is pissed off. A you i love it. You ask me. i listen. I've had my fair share of celebs being upset with me. And by celeb-. I mean justin bieber. He was mad at me back on how it is that cop that caused a ripple effect in the office. Everyone frozen flipped out and needed to verify that it was really him. I don't think he cares about what i'm doing now so i don't know if it's continued but it was definitely. It was a high moment in my in my day. Okay all right now sometimes very successful people. They also are very strange. Have you noticed that but generally give their unusual habits of truck like maybe it'll make accessible to. It's time for a little would you do it okay. Starting with peleton co founder. John foley told the new york times he hydrates every morning by drinking. Forty sips of water by hand. Andy keeps going until he feels like. He's about to throw up. I'm guessing like the hand goes under the waterfowl situation. I'm not trying to do anything out of my hand right now with cove it out of my faucet. I don't want to drink that water. You know you just don't trust the water in la like that but if you live somewhere else you know. Maybe that's not a big deal but if you live in the morning it seems like i'm on fear factor. Not want it in the morning. I'm like oh and you just try to chug some of it to hydrate. Yeah tro does ask. jennifer aniston. Does that they go bottle of water. But i i love what i drink. Water time fred somatic. Because he's move your water bottle out of the shot. I'm all about water but not out of my speaking out of my hand. Yeah it's very time consuming. I don't get the point of that. Oh marketings coming after your call them at this one. So jack dorsey the billionaire. Ceo twitter reportedly only eats once a day to help maintain his focus. He skipped breakfast and lunch. He only has dinner. I wonder what the workers twitter with your boss. Raging from those tweets wonder why twitter is like a fortune five hundred company. That he's hungry. I could you this. There's no possible way. I i need my breakfast every morning. I have to breakfast at the ways. I feel like my brain doesn't turn on. It's funny always find a way to spend the least amount of money and they're like no. It's good for your health. I'm like no bitch you're just cheap. Yeah you're just cheat. Steve jobs with that turtleneck. You just wanna wear black. Because you're cheap you don't want to spend money on clothes. I totally get it. Jack dorsey i get it one day. You're cutting back. You're hoping your family's gonna cut back because your jeep okay. So we're not gonna do that one all right. Hold on morgan. Who are the cheapest people you know. I know i know some cheap rich people. I really i really do like if someone fourteen bucks. You better give that fourteen bucks. Oh i know. I i've been there too. Okay there's nothing worse but you know what those people make money you know you. Yeah but at some point you got enjoy it all right benjamin franklin. Let's talk about you still way back here. He may have written the declaration of independence in the nude. He wants wrote a letter saying he enjoyed getting up each morning. The windows and doing an hour of nude reading and writing. I mean who doesn't want to read and write in the nude in the morning. I honestly. I don't think that that's weird. Lovely by the way. I already know. I've senior furniture from your instagram. It's all beige. I know that not only jordan is wearing clothes in that house at all times. But that dog has apar- on because let me nuts hidden no couch. We did get some white couches and every day. I'm like well we can't have people over. We gotta put a towel down ice away before. Welcome to my house before you sit. Let me just put the plastic covering like you need to stop. You need to stop. I'm like but i'm just scared what they're going to spill something and we waited so long for them. But yeah so yeah. It's scary all right coming up. You guys are big celebration with brad pitt. Plus steady mellencamp is here to show us some healthy twists on some delicious dishes that you can make it home. Stay with us trigger. Welcome back daily. We have my friend teddy mellencamp joya happy to be here. I know right. I'm so happy you here. Because i have a confession. I've been snacking like a bee's instagram. Snagging stop myself. So what i'm doing is not stopping myself. I need you to teach us healthy. Ways on snacking lighter and writer perfect so first thing to start the apple chips is such an easy thing to do you throw them into the oven. Little parchment paper put a little sediment cut it up. Put him in for two hours. All of a sudden your whole house smells delicious. And everybody's obsessed and then you can use it as a little dip and you can either if you wanna be. Super healthy can do vegan caramel dip. Which is a little bit of maple syrup. Coconut oil peanut butter just lifted up. So it doesn't matter what color apple no. It's your choice. I like register for the holidays because it like yeah sentiment on it. so why. never get into apple. Chris is because every time. I buy them in. The store just seems like there's a lot of sugar in them says system and there's a little crisp but it's still soft enough that it's not like in your teeth okay. Yeah that's the healthy peanut butter debt. So that's the greek yogurt that a little bit of peanut butter. A little bit of honey cinnamon lasts a week in the fridge. Your kids love it so good. This is awesome. Are you enjoying your time. And not being thumbing housewives right now. I'm george you know. I'm enjoying not being part of the drought about smackdown. Ireland joined like. Let's talk about leaving the real housewives of beverly hills to a break up so are are we past the danger we in the break you know. I think there's probably a taylor swift song about. I'm just not sure which one you you're not you're not morning yet now. I'm out of morning. Okay i'm out of morning. You know we've had a lot going on in the fam- so we've been good amazing watermelon. Okay so get your little watermelon here put it on here a little bit of yogurt dip so think of it like a pizza. Okay okay so you put the yogurt dip all over any kind yogurt greek yogurt but you know if your kids like vanilla or whatever it is. It's up to your own discretion. I like this and the kids love to my kids know. Cruise was so upset. He couldn't come today. was like mom. This is my favorite. And i should know. He won't go and camera me. Just sit down. Because i'll take a test which one of your kids you think is most likely to become a singer or cruises like the most artistic funny comedy type guy slates. The most empathetic dove is like boss. Baby back in business next question. I'm always low on fry fiber. Because i don't eat a lot of vegetables. Are these fruits high in fiber. That will help me get it moving. Yes so well but you can also add flax seeds chia seeds. You could add some nuts. You can add whatever you want. It's just it's up to your own discretion for this little pomegranate. And then you just make it make it. However you want to whatever's gonna please your taste buds and then you cut it all right. Let's see if these knives are sharp enough. Send loves fruit and loves watermelon. He'll be so excited to be calling this watermelon pizza watermelon pizza not only like culex so cute. Okay you're all in by teddy dot com. It's all about keeping yourself accountable making healthy choices so holidays hardest time. What can we do to how to keep ourselves accountable. I think the biggest thing is the reason that i think it's eighty percent of new year's resolutions fail by february is because people are like i'm going to change my fully today right. They don't make small changes ipad. So i start by going on walks like you don't need to run a marathon going to walk drink. Water start journaling. Start putting things to paper that you really want to achieve and then you will. What's the biggest mistake people make new year's resolutions. Well one they're going to be hung over the day after going to change my life today honey. Why jan fourth the day that you come in. Oh my god we love to have you here. Where can people find these recipes. Go to my instagram at go. All in by teddy has all of these so much more and and things that you want us to make for you. So we're happy to do it. This is amazing. You guys make sure to check out all invite teddy dot com and her podcast. Teddy teapot monday. We're going to have so much fun being here. Okay coming up you guys. Hollywood's shocking breakup and re who recently called it quits. And why they're still. We're still that over. I got this brad pitt. Busted him stripping down whereas birthday nineties. That's next okay. i'm map make this thing again. So okay you. You like in the peanut butter. That's the greek yogurt peanut butter a little bit of honey and sentiment and then just whiskey. This is kind of hard to believe. But brad pitt turns fifty seven today so in honor of his birthday we are looking back in his career and all the time he left us wanting more just about making mistakes. You know where we're going to keep on plugging it's all gonna be alright. Brad has been one of the hottest leading men since the nineties. He made his first big impression as charming cowboy. And thelma and louise in nineteen ninety-one. John says everybody down on the floor is definitely a step in the next metal level grad. His ayla satis with films like interview with the vampire. Seven and fight club versus club is do not talk about okay. How focused on all the films were. You showed off that chiseled. By of real bad there was sexy. Tattoo brad and snatch sexy greek. God brad and troy commander boss brad and fury and his latest. Leo's sexy stunt double brad in once upon a time in hollywood. Let's be real even with clothes on brad. As h stati. I supported desert cool now working the other pingo idea of a home personal know. Brad's one of the most famous guys on the planet and he's not afraid to keep his private life private. Don't have an answer for him. Let's move on the next question fine. We'll go back to admiring this. Ooh oh my gosh. So many sexy versions of brad. I don't know how you choose. I couldn't choose. I just literally said all the brad's my favorite. What's your favorite tested black brad. Y'all job. I like a man in a suit man as extra high. I mean even about lines it just like he was dead inside and also like my little dated. You do. that's true. okay. What did i say. Oh mrs smith honestly was i. It was really hard for me to even choose. But then i was like mr. And mrs smith who was but then i was also felt bad because i love jen and that was obviously the the beginning of the end for them but that was very very hot. You can't you can't link the it just you know makes you. Yeah again. I pick all the brad's okay. Happy birthday brad. All right sure. We saw lots of celebrities. Start a new romance this year but we also saw some huge breakup. here are some of the splits. That really surprised us in two thousand twenty family. Now you know great feeling and just knowing that he's always going to be there and we're a team. We were shook when preston and j announced in april that they were splitting up after ten years together. It's horrible there are so many hard parts The hardest for me is the kids. That's the hardest for me. That's kelly clarkson on her talk. Show opening up about her split from brandon blackstock. And it's getting harder as the divorce case he did. We try to make it to a movie once a week or go having adult lunch so that everything is always centered. Megan fox and brian austin green had their ups and downs breaking up getting back together. Several times over there sixteen year relationship before may and filed for divorce last month as a man you know he really demands does support between julianne happen brooks like continued even after they separated earlier this year. They tried to make the marriage work but julianne filed for divorce last month. Volume of someone. Who makes you laugh is a wonderful way to live your life. We thought they'd laugh their way through the rest of their lives. And that's why olivia wilde. Jason dake is breaking up made us wannacry true only justin which split shocked you the most i think katie holmes and jamie foxx alley. I think for me. It was keeping under wraps for so long. You know what i'm talking about mortgage you know in a couple keeps it under wraps. It seems like they're going to go the distance. They wanna protect it at all costs and i think the minute they took that first beach walking photo it was all downhill. I get that it seems more real when couples who keep it off the radar break got. You're like wait. What you guys were doing your own thing. How do you break up you have you had all the everything was working for you. for me. I felt like livia wild jason's you'd acres and that's kinda the same thing with katie holmes jamie fox. They weren't show you know in the spotlight for a while and then to hear them break up after such a long time. It's just like it was a bummer. Yeah that one was probably my biggest shock. To the other one really disappointed. With just kristen. Cavalier jay cutler. I just love kristen. She's a good friend of the show. And i was just really sad for them and just the fact that they've opened their doors and shared so much of their marriage on e. And that's just hard to to really put yourself out there and then have to go through a break up. That's just really out of them to okay. Are you obsessed with hallmark holiday movies. Like i am well after the break. Danika mckellar is here to share some behind the scenes. Seek that's sex. I'm very busy from working to order. Something here no no. I have a new job. I started another column. Actually it debuts in tomorrow's edition of the pine berry press quick. Well i'm very in demand. Live on skype hallmark. Movie queen danika to daily today. Have you any plans for christmas next week. Does the family have any special traditions. Well you know. We have our christmas tree and we are doing the alpha michelle if kinda funny because my son. He's ten years old. Who is kind of almost too old for it. But he's still do it But he kind of hates the. And i kind of love. How much as the that was a little bit seriously. But there's an advent calendar and so the alp is the one who puts everything in the avenue calendar every night. And it's really fun. I love hiding the. I feel like so mischievous like ooh whereas gaming hanging from today it i love it. That's a lot of that fruit. Q a little sad that these moments maybe dwindling because at some point he's going to hit that age where he's not into it anymore. Yes no. i'm savoring every single second. I just i loved every second of his childhood. So far so i i have no reason to think i won't love it but yeah some things will be changing. Oh you're hallmark movie christmas. She wrote just premiered. And it's airing again on the twenty fifth. What's your favorite thing about working on these types of movies. I mean how. How can we all get in on this. It's just look launching a part of movies that make people feel so good especially around the holidays and especially this year. We need holiday. Romance and gossiping digress. Breakup sort of pressing together. And i was a part of a lot of people's childhoods and now i get to continue that warm and fuzzy thing with these hallmark channel movies. I just feel so grateful to them. They're so fun. I want to be on one so by. That's my dream so let me know if you have any tips on side in coober. That's a good start. I can be there. I can be there eight hours however long. The flight is actually can't get in the country we can sell any. Let me ask you a question. Does it ever get weird to you that you have to get in the christmas spirit in the summer to film these hallmark movies because that would i shot a lotta movies. A lot scenes in these movies. Where like it's a snowball fight and i. It's not real snow and a sweat dripping down my back. You're wearing coats and scarves and hats and your hot sun for the cloud goes in front of the so. It's not actually like sunny in a moment and now having just pretend that its cold. When you die anything's possible. Yeah very true very true. I mean we see so many. Former child stars in these movies Candace cameron beret. Tia and tamara. Jody sweden. we'll fans ever get to see you guys all in one movie one giant movie so many people have asked about bat and i mean i would totally be down for it but these stories are all very similar at serramonte comedy. You're when you're watching one woman's journey through finding love again when it seemed like it was too late for her now. She finally finds love. I mean let's face none of which were twenty years old and your woman who's got a career your well-established but gosh you just never quite found love. And so they these movies they provide. You know hope and it's again it's the right is fantasy of of what life could still be edge. Just i love you hope for me. We wanna play a little game with you. Called mark or hall miss okay. Which one of these movies is a fake. And which ones are real movie okay. So here's the first one. No bride snow coming lettuce no or snow place like home. I wait fake. It's no place where snow place. I come fix. I know the other three okay. The next one. Let's try one other one. Which movie is a hall miss. Is it a very merry. Mix up a merry christmas match married on christmas. Ooh that's for hashtag or merry and bright derek. I'm not familiar with. But i'm gonna go with married on christmas. Yes wow it. Is you know this okay. This next one is kind of tough. I hope i the mistletoe. Promise be the mistletoe. Secret or see the mistletoe. Kiss while div. The mistletoe in awesome muscle tone the mental. I'm gonna go see to kiss. Wow it just looked like something out of like okay. One more one more in here. Okay miss the christmas. Mix up coming home for christmas or good morning christmas. Oh i think. I know say is that. Stop us even see the. That's amazing i'd g. rated for minute to bring out the wind. If i'm going to be in a movie we can do that. Thank you so much for playing with. Deanna carr's book. The times machine is out now. A good christmas gift you guys can get for the kids yes teaches multiplication and visions select second through fifth graders. And it's a great thing to do when your schooling at home because it teaches to learn multiplication facts and i use stories poems and comics. It's very entertaining. It's all about mixing my love of entertainment with my love of mathematics. I've now got books. Mckellar math dot com for all ages. Zero sixteen These books in particular the times dean and also do not open this map book. I highly recommend war for kids like elementary school kids. It will make learning. Math spun at home which is more important than ever so. Please check out. I'm on instagram twitter. facebook you name it. I ll be posting when my next movies. Aaron hallmark because they re air throughout the season. And please send me pictures of your kids with my books. I love to see them and sometimes i re post them as well. We'll do make appearances trying to teach your camera man right here that this the time she got something called the new math translation guide for grownups for that exact same. The one dan taking so much for joining us so good to see you all right. Talk to you soon or are you guys coming out. Twenty twenty gave us so many new celebrity couples. But who's going the distance and who's not gonna make it past new years. Plus i'm facing off with charlie's there and this is a challenge. You don't wanna miss It's messy. we are still laughing about this. Funny picture shirley's there and posted on instagram. It's a side by side. Comparing kylie jenner's makeup skills do hers and charlies is makeup. Seems to be done by her child. So of course you know. I wanted to see how my son chase would. Do you know what the results weren't pretty. Take a look you do make you do good. Could you help me on. Myspace just makes in. All the colors can be beautiful. Where does it go. I don't know it goes. Do you think it goes. I don't know i feel. Quite beautiful of uniqueness cheeks look a little bear beer cheese. Oh i've never felt so beautiful. My gosh and now of course i've done this once. He's like mommy. Let me help again. Let me give them like no. No no this was a one time. Joke kid We're not doing this again. Expressing chase did a good job. I love could look at. What stormy did to kylie's face the age of two. Yeah i know all right happen whatever. The next time joining twenty gave us plenty of new celebrity couples. But will they make it in the new year it is time for will at last or be end up past. Chris adjusted have a stack of this ears. New exciting they had fifteen seconds to pick three to place in our different temperatures zones. I've already picked my three. So we're just gonna watch chris and justin struggle. Okay so start. The clock dow air. We go and they're down all right. Wow fast you make those collide. You make the machine gun. Kelly's think it's gonna last. Okay these two are really on the right track. I think we're doing really good. But i'm not one hundred percent positive. It's gonna stick these. Trevor noah minka kelly. I just think they make sense. And i really believe in them. And i think it's gonna work. It's all to them right now because a porn team. But i don't know what's going to happen after quarantine. That's what i kind of put in a sack brockie in my cold division zero because i think once the world opens and he has the word but she can go on yacht. I think she it's done. And then i did this morning. Warm because i actually kinda sorta and believing this come. I also believe that they believe in the same things and they want the same thing. And i think that they work together. Because sometimes you just need somebody who understand your ambition. Mike holders your hot yes. There are star crossed lovers. She is getting some of the best d. of yes but are they gonna last until the new year. Yes i think. They're going to last until he can't laugh anymore until five tells them all right. Well that's what she can. Kelly and making fox for his hat. Okay maury what was your choice. Mine was really hard. I chose machine gun. Kelly and megan fox for coldest. That's and then i did. Tiffany haddish uncommon for warm. Okay which i think. I don't know if i'm changing my answers right now. Then hottest. I did ben and ana because i feel like i've been a little shady towards them but then i feel like they keep walking that dog. They keep living together. We're hearing about them expanding their relationship. So i feel like they're my hot couple. I've then we're all believing in that one. So i guess. We're all warmers too hot. Now i do think tiffany haddish economize. Last almost wanted to put them in there. If i could. If i could do a little cold situation i would do this right here. Then i would take this one and put it. She got sick after the break. You guys wear some feel good friday stories to start your weekend off right. I am talking dancing doctors. Dj dog and a history making moment on jeopardy. We have a special round bill. Good friday stories today because a woman just made history by becoming the first openly trans jeopardy winner. So kate ferman. One last friday in competed again on monday. She says she's proud to be out in. Representation is important. Awesome good for her. That's so cool okay. This one's so cute to the covid vaccine is here and it. Has everyone feeling good as hell. Especially healthcare workers. Boston medical center posted this video of their saf dancing to liz. Oh the day. They received their first shipment of the vaccine. Everybody is going to be doing a dance. I now and just announcement. I didn't want to see this. You know until the end of the show. I just applied for a job at cedars sinai. I will become a healthcare worker next week. Something we'll be on the show new you get the vaccine. That sounds good. I'm so excited. My my cousins a nurse and she's getting her vaccine right away so the nurses and the first The frontline workers to be able to get that now well in the show introducing you to our favorite new musician. His name is dj. Jack a tic tac user posted this ethic video and says he and his fiancee finally found someone to dj their wedding. So so cute. I loved it. So sweet i love. This is amazing. This song is a classic trooper so cute. Okay we're out of time next week. You guys we have a brand new interview. We have paula abdul. Oh we also share shepherd and tiger king star carole baskin. It's a huge week. Plus ravens amount is going to help make some holiday dreams. come true. have a wonderful weekend and we will see you monday by.

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