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Dr. Chris Salierno on the Future of Dental Meetings (DHD99)


Yeah. The dental economics principles of practice management conference is like no other meeting. You've ever been to Jason and I are proud to say that a few years back the dental hacks had the very first live dental podcast at the principles of fractious management meeting was amazing. It's a limited attendance be. So there's only a certain number of people that are going to let it and it's a bunch of like minded people that want to learn how to run their businesses. You get no fluff. None of the speakers are gonna say sign up for my course, we don't get any of that kind of thing. It's all good information delivered in a more intimate meeting environment with lots of access to the speaker. So if you have questions you're going to be Alaskan, while they're speaking, Oreo people to ask them when you sit down with them at lunch or other social gatherings. The conference is in beautiful Norfolk Virginia this July. Eighteenth and nineteenth you need to go and get more information by going to dental dot com slash p p. If you use the coupon code dental hacks all caps. Dental hack. No space. You're gonna get an additional hundred bucks off the amazing price from this meeting. Plus, they offer even more discounts. When you're bringing your friends, you need to see the details on the website, you get one discount. If you bring one friend, you get a bigger discount, if you bring two and a bigger discount, bring three fronts. It's a really cool way to bring your friends to great meeting on how to run your business. So come learn how to run your practice better in beautiful Norfolk Virginia this, July. Eighteenth and nineteenth again, go check it out dental dot com slash p p. Welcome to the dental hacks daily dental heck's podcast. So short, you can listen to it on the way to work dental hacks nation. Welcome back to the dental heck's daily are shorter show where we do a deep dive on a particular topic with interesting people today. One of the interesting people we've had on before Dr Chris, Chris. Thank you, my friend. I'm doing great. So Chris, as you know, is he's the head honcho over there dental economics and all those different MAGS forget, which me, there's a bunch of magazines that you guys are kind of insurance. Is that right? We dental your hygienists will most likely beginning Ardy, h those are two flagship publications and then we have a bunch of fun, digital newsletter. Yeah. Bigtime. So you've seen him all over the place. He writes, stuff constantly in funny. We talked a long time ago about how you got that gig. So the gig is still good, though, being editors still a good gig. Oh gosh, yeah I'm by absoulutely adore being editor of dental economics. I get to just I'm. Forced to read, all of the stuff that we should be reading anyway. So that's homework. Yeah, it's funny to you. You did you know how much travel there would be involved with this whole thing because I mean, we really have to get to get around your at meetings all the time. Yeah, I had an inkling. I also looked my one of my primary lecturing. And if you're gonna make that one of your your your career goals. You're just committing to frequent flyer miles. It's just it comes with it. So I have a very understanding wife and, and we, we, we make it work. The other two podcast which is like lecturing in your pyjamas in your. In your. That's a smart play smarter than than me living. It can be it depends. I'm just curious because you see tons of meetings like we saw you last time. I saw the mid-winter men were in, you see a lot of meetings, and you have seen a lot of meetings over the years. I'm curious like what's your take on how meetings are changing? I asked this to all kinds of people, I was just Michigan meeting a couple of weeks ago in. That's it's changed, some I think it's getting smaller out of necessity. Just like what do you think about how how're meetings looking to you? And what do you what do you see coming in the future? P dentist will always want to get out of their house. Go hang out with other dentists and learn in alive lecture format from their peers. That's not going to go away in our lifetimes, or probably for several lifetimes. I don't care if there's teleconferencing becomes amazing if, if we get the technology to beam Alan Meade into holographic into my living room. I'm working on it. We're still wanna come out and hang out and blow off steam, and we're social creatures dentists in particular, that that's not going to go away. We still need hands on none of this going, and I've seen some really cool promising technology where you can do hands on courses remotely. That's great, but we're going to always want to come together. The problem is a couple of things one, there's just way more meetings now than there ever were, and they're super Nici, bright. I mean, we have a lot of dentists who are spying consultants that will throw pow-wows for themselves and interested prospective clients. We have since the quite a while ago when eighty allowed surp- certification for manufacturers and for, for media groups, you know, we have a DS world or whatever the these is a great example manufacturer throwing a party for themselves and inviting everyone. So this just so many places to get. Continuing education filling your requirements every two or whatever years. That's only so much of a draw these dates. Right. Because your people like you were filling up those requirements without much of a problem. Yeah. You know, it's more about the quality of the content, and what you wanna go to just like you sexually so many takes you out from your office to go to thing. Our friends at micro copy have done it again. This is so exciting. So Mike doesn't release new products super often. So I am very excited fuel tell you about a bunch of new diamonds that they just released their pediatric diamonds, the Neo diamond pediatrics, there's, like six times with different shapes all kinds of different shapes. They have all the Mike okapi goodness, the single patient use packaging the amazing shapes for operative dentistry, everything that, you know, migra copy is good at. But they all come in short shanks pediatric dentistry. So, so every time I've worked on a kiddo, I thought to myself got these great big adult Burs biggie, civility and pieces white in the world of my doing this. And now my very favorite burger company has come out with bunch of pediatric Burs that are gonna make your day. You have to go check them out. They don't dot com slash pediatric diamonds. You can see the selection of shapes and grits. They put together for your pediatric practice off. This is just in time. I'm so excited about this again. Go check it out dental dot com slash pediatric diamonds. You're gonna love this micro copy a new birth every time. So meetings are alive. And well, it's not that dentist don't wanna go to meetings in Mauritius. There's more meetings to go to so. Yeah, you look around some empty exhibit halls, now in that I feel like I feel like the style of meeting. The kind of meeting is really changing where people are going like we've got. Okay. So I'm going to my own horn with voice dentistry. We, it's growing, like crazy like it's grown year over year for three years in an in. We expected continue to do that. And part of it's there's a different feel to it. Then other meetings, I think what happens I think a lot of the older meetings that were always the fixtures. Maybe some of the state, Donald sociation or the some of the fixture meetings have gotten a little stodgy. They may maybe they don't they just they will entitlement because they've got membership and they figure they're just going to show up. And I, I think that's it's almost now you have to have a proposition to get people to show up to your meetings. Yes. So first of all, I'm super go to my First Voices dentistry next year. Yeah. It's not lined up with Yankee. Yeah. The reason I could go. Yeah. In years past. Ben is rallying. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. So I'm super excited to go to, to go to Boyce's that's gonna be amazing. You know, you, but you guys seem to have an this out, started perspective, then but you guys seem to have captured like part of the reason that Dennis wanna go to a meeting to have a really good time. It's, it's the C E is great learning from some of your peers meeting your peers face to face is awesome. But, but just having having a good time and you guys guys through a really fun party. You know, it's, it's interesting, the community that we've built is different. We have we have the one thing is like podcast listeners can come and meet their podcast. That's the thing right in. I mean like that doesn't change. Sometimes think you know. You know, those of us who are running this meeting, sometimes forget that, that's like that was the original proposition, even though that doesn't mean that has to be podcast on time. I think that's, that's kind of where we are community. So we kind of have to be honest about that. So nets that's sort of our proposition and other being Taft, maybe have a different proposition. You know, I don't know. I know there's a lot of people who are real sleep apnea, airway people, there's very specific or implants, or whatever those, I think a lot of meetings are now having the specific topics are kind of the proposition. I totally totally agree. So, and that's one of the issues with traditional state meetings or whatever you wanna call them. They are trying to be a lot of things to everyone. You know, it made sense to go to your local and I love state meetings. I'm not bashing them at all. But for the ones that are struggling regional meetings that are that are struggling wondering how to get people in the door. They have to reevaluate their value proposition. They have to become more friendly to, to, to folks that wanna come in the door. I will give. An example of a local regional meeting that I won't name because I'll be crucified, but there's a meeting that meets on Tuesdays and Wednesday. That's when this regional meeting kirks, and it's like why I know there's no perfect have meaningful to you. Can't have a meeting. Challenge. Yeah that's that's hard. Right. So that's one of them. But also, you know, making the make sure the meeting is convenient is one thing but. You know to to there are still meetings like I would say the Yankee and the CVA, Anaheim CD, south meetings are great examples of regional meetings that are really finding ways to become more innovative more interactive offer. More interesting interactive sessions beyond just, here's some lectures. Please walk by these before. So they're finding ways to make it more fun, more engaging so that you'll meetings like that are going to be fine. Not going anywhere. Dennis still need to buy stuffed in still need to try before they buy that's not going to go away. But the other way to make yourself more unique into and successful as you said, is to be just super specific with what you offer. Right. So to be a practice management conference or to be a sleep apnea conference or whatever that that's going to those of the meetings. We're gonna see more more of I think I feel like the practice management conference needs to be fleshed out a little bit. You know anything about meetings that would be like a practice management conference. It just so happens. I do really. Do. Sam. So you actually grace, Jason graced our presence at the first. Yeah. We were the first one man. That was awesome. That was the first time we'd ever done. Anything live. I'm gonna say that this was the first the first live dental podcast in front of an audience was ever when you guys certain that's true. I'm certain because honestly we had Mogollon all on. So I'm certain. That's true. It's gotta be we'll contact Guinness and will verify. Yeah. So we're now on our fourth year and we'll be Norfolk Virginia. And we, we've learned over the four years, we've had really successful meetings, and had great time. We, we learned that make sure we have a lot of fun at night. It's just too short days. It's Thursday and Friday pack in all of your favorite de authors. Roger, lavigne? Diane waterson. I could go on this. Josh awesome. I'll be back again, talking about social media. We Alan shift, this great CPA where it's just like a business incubator. Right. You have your business. You have your practice. Come here walkout and say, oh, God. My head is full this amazing to do to go to the next level. The I think, and of course, to were not consulted. We're not trying to sell you anything. We're just wanna fill your head with, with all the destination. No one sells you anything and go home, and you're ready to go. Let's this really cool sooner folk that's kind of cool, because that's like, that's like Jalen territory. So we'll have Jalen yarn. We'll be. That's probably will be. I see probably will be, so it's we, we pick fun locations where people are like we've been to Indianapolis to Charlotte. We pick places where like, you know, I haven't been to that city. And you know, this is when, when else am I gonna go to the city, slum, go check it out? We have fun crews that'll happen booze cruise on, on the end of the conference, fun activities. But honestly, the, the lecture, all these are terrific. But the, the real magic for me is that you get to be in a room with other people who just want their businesses to be. And you now, build that, that network of like minded dentists, whether they are, we've had people that come to the conference that literal. This is happened twice where someone said, oh my gosh. I just bought a practice this week. I'm starting my first day on Monday. So here we go this rate, you pretend. That's awesome. Yeah. We have a growing number of people also that have a practice. It's doing well, they wanna make sure they grow successful. They're having growth problems. And they wanna know how to manage those best out. Where they want to open multiple locations. They wanna not screw that up. So we bring in lectures that we have been Cardillo coming this year. We had Brady Frank last year people that know how to scale we just talked. Our last night about that. Right. He's great nice. So again, what's the date on that one July, July? Eighteenth and nineteenth in Norfolk Virginia. Come on down. We'll have a great time. Gets a meter favorite authors from D E, and the commodity is just it's incredible. We limit this. It's always going to be fewer than one hundred fifty dentists. That's cool. That's bowl, it's we keep it yet. We keep it that we'd next year we may very well have to split into an east coast west coast situation to keep that intimate. That's another. I will say that it was it was, it was intimated good way like, yeah, we're kind of experiencing the whole thing with the same crew. That was pretty awesome. Like exactly that, that we want that think tank, and you baiter five, and we've had that we me that in and you go in. I mean, like there are you get a lot of face time with these people like you're having lunch with the speakers and stuff like that? It's pretty is pretty cool. It was nice touch. Absolutely. I mean it's, it's pretty rare to be able to sit down face-to-face with an author that you've appreciated in dental economics jets, just at the pick their prank. This really cool. All right. So you guys go check that out. We're gonna have links in the show notes all this stuff. There's a lot of information that will be in the dental heck station about this. It's july. So it's coming up. We'll check that out, Chris, thank you so much for being on the show, and we'll talk to very suit. Thanks. That's all for your dental hacks, daily be sure to listen to the dental hacks, every Friday and be sure to subscribe to us on, I tunes questions or comments Email us at info at dental hacks dot com and be sure to head over to dental hacks dot com for the latest and greatest dental content.

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