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The Dan Le Batard, Woodstock Gotcha podcast is brought to you by capital on capitol. One is reimagining banking offering accounts with no fees or minimums that can be opened in five minutes Capital One. What's in your wallet Capital One and a member FDIC? This is the Dan lebatardshow with stugatz podcasts. I wanted to begin today with one story from the New York Post about how much James Dolan, the competent. Knicks owner is paid by MSG. According to a new lawsuit, I will get to that in a second. And you know, something's important when I delay mocking to God's all of us at a watch the rest of the basketball season in the offseason just to see if Kevin Durant will one last time here bleep Stu gods by choosing Brooklyn over the next. So before we get through what James Dolan has been paid to preside over that mess, though, we begin in the obvious place with the New York Post and Jellicoe Houston. You say to yourself. This is ridiculous. Why would we be talking about in Jellico Houston? What are you know about in Jelica Houston? I did she went on Oscar for preseason or she is now doing an Addams family remake. I don't know what her the Royal tannenbaums. He's now doing that. Is it it did that in the ninety? No, okay. I thought there was another morticians she's gonna play more tissue Adams. I thought this is why she was being interviewed. But I'm not politics. She's in John wick three para bellum there there will be handled family remake on. No. She's a no not no should be more tissue, Christina Ricci. Wouldn't that? Be a nice way to bring everything back together. But have you seen what Anjelica Huston is saying because you rarely see this? She is going after listen to this triumphant that she is going after here, Robert deniro, Al Pacino, and Oprah Winfrey. Oh boy, ever hike like Anjelica lake is brought out her sword. And she is going out in an interview she is going out after these. People. Listen to what she says of Robert deniro because she's arguing she's saying that these people are selling out, and what she's saying about, and I don't know that she's wrong is she wrong because Pacino deniro have been doing stuff for the better part of fifteen years. It's just cashing in. So listen to what she says about deniro. She says how big can his not be guess, he has maybe a couple of ex wives. Right. Not many. But what does this fellow spend his money on? He's got no, boo. He's got the Tribeca film festival. He's not spending the film money on that. I don't wanna see Jack Nicholson doing meet the faulkners, and she said of Al Pacino, he does some schlock. But at least he's more experimental. Super down. And and now she comes at more benignly at Oprah because you got to come at her more benignly, right Oprah. You can't become into attack Oprah. You say what are you doing? Why do you have a shocked look on your face? I had no idea Robert deniro sitting on the Nobu empire yet. You know that no had no idea to restaurants, but the scouts is strong and Anjelica Huston telling Robert deniro how to spend his money. Or how much money he should make or what roles each day that is strong and Jelica like that is rarely is she doing this alone. I mean. That calling Robert deniro a sellout. Is borderline sacrilege blasphemy in Hollywood now. And here's the other thing about what she saying. I think it's true. You're not allowed to say it. Nobody's allowed to say. Certainly not someone from the industry. You have a newfound respect for John. Gelling brave. She is. You don't go outside the industry after deniro. I think the most Agasi and thing in delicate Houston did was the shot at Oprah her beef with Oprah's that she never invited her on her show. This is a little smaller. Yes. This is where we have found. I love it down the actors in Hollywood who is most like stugatz. That's right. She beats Oprah. Okay. I think wrongly that you beat Oprah for for color purple. She beat her up for the same year. Yeah. Okay. So she beats her and now she's saying well not for the same role. That would have been weird if same. In the same color. They were both nominated one had to weigh and Anjelica Warren have to suspend some disbelief does quote, she never had me on her show ever. She won't talk to me. That's not really coming after Oprah. That's just telling everybody over secrets, right? That's not really. That's that's look she sliced deniro she kinda slice Pacino. She got to open. She's like, I'm the smaller person. She got a little frayed when she got over rips in hero. Like is that allowed put it on the poll at lebatardshow? Is it allowed to rip Robert deniro? Is it a I it's a great question. I'm wondering. Who else is dared to come at the king? Who else is there? It's an Jelica Houston. She's the one who's strong enough to say, hey, Bobby stop stops selling me, expensive sushi and make some good work. Like, I feel like I can search the internet forever. And never find another person who said a bad word about Bob de Niro, I don't think it's that hard. It's not that hard now. Now, it's a high profile beef Boyce. Got does stay away from politics. Stew guys has no idea. None that Robert. There are plenty of people saying really godforsaken awful things about Robert deniro every day on the internet and attacking way because he dared to call the president clown. I got a hot take Robert de Niro's terrible on Saturday Night Live. Awful. He is. So so bad that it actually affects my opinion of him as a thespian, and I understand SNL is difficult to do. But he is so so bad just because Lauren likes Bob. It's nice for Lauren to have Bob on that show too. Yeah. You know, Lawrence got like some really I like exploring. Learn Michaels is so mysterious and he's got like Paul Simon's his best friend, but he takes care of his buddies Paul Simon who would think of Paul Simon as an SNL host. And he's there like ten times. I was thinking just because he's boy gamble. Put it on the poll. Did you know deniro was running the Nobu empire? How how involved is the in that I don't know the level of his partnership is he the majority owner of the no boot franchise seemed like doing all these media interviews with the head. Chef like, he's a he's the main investor Nobu. I have I'm seeing behind Robert deniro's Nobu empire. How Robert deniro convinced Nobu to Bill the restaurant empire. He was the guy. Let me try in a says here because deniro exists in a world where we love critiquing movies. I mean, I think it was Ben Affleck that set in one of those Kevin Smith movies that the original internet exists for criticizing movies. But I believe the deniro's work has largely. Been above criticism. Even as all actors make terrible decisions. He's been a part of so many classics. Nobody goes after Jack Nicholson's go back and watch the original Batman and look at how bad that joker. Whoa. Whoa. Wait. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Joker Volta second-best camman who's I he led Garin whatever. I mean, I've I've felt like I really feel like Jack was better than heath ledger. But here hood hold on. He's not don't think I'm alone. There my Mike. He's not on an island or just people that are too old and didn't care to watch the last dark night. Tom hangs on that island in castaway because it's a clownish rendition of the joker. But Stu gods is more prisoner of the moment than anyone in the history of both prisons and moments because he just got done saying, this is how we opened the show the Andre eight and was the biggest bargain in the history of the sport for for Shawn. Miller in the history of sports. He said ten thousand a month. I think is the biggest bargain in the history of sports because the last thing that happened with Stu gods is always the best thing. Robert deniro a bit of a compiler rate while put it on the poll. Guillermo lebatardshow is Robert deniro compiler Anjelica. Huston was right at least Pacino takes check. Deniro's just basically deniro outside of that time in rocky and boy Lincoln, and we all know how that worked out stugatz here for one eight hundred flowers after a childhood full of unsuccessful attempts to pull the wool over. Mom's is do you really think she won't be able to tell the difference between a last minute mother's day gift and something truly thoughtful this mother's day. Don't settle for anything less than the biggest and brightest bouquets from one eight hundred flowers dot com right now. One eight hundred flowers has great deals for mom like twenty four sorted roses for just twenty four dollars. That's only a dollar per rose. But sort of roses of the perfect way to surprise all the mobs in your life white sister grandma Rosen from one eight hundred flowers picked at their peak from premier farms and shipped overnight to ensure freshness. 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So he switched and saved a bunch which was awesome donlevatar gone with the wind was four hours long for hours too long really gone with the wind is overrated is over. Okay. Very doesn't. Hold up. Stugatz. I mean, how long does it take for something to blow away? I do love how happy that makes you when you get the Akeem next laugh the hostile honor these live with our show with his two guys on ESPN radio. There are a lot of people out there talking about sports, and when people are talking about sports giving their opinions you get the occasional Paul Pierce saying inexplicably after Boston beats Milwaukee at the far ends of extreme about analysis that that series is over the Boston series is over after Boston. What are you laughing about Billy? What's so funny? Chris is doing this thing where like I guess he's trying to find his lane and he's made his lane. Just combining any two words. Well, that's his dad's lane. His dad like comedic Lii in terms of the bed jokes falling not far from the tree. Like that family corn? Is it does the same thing? It's just dumb word play. But his dad does it at somewhat appropriate times. Two words that maybe we'll be used together again at any point in human history. Chris does it with just any two random words at anytime ever? So you're laughing at it there, you burst out laughing at whatever he said in a way that was enough to derail. What I was talking about. You stop doing your job because you found it so funny that you decided to distract me in the middle of what I was doing following whatever those two words were would you like to know what the two worst glove to now at this point? You realize what you just did there? You interrupted the show with your uproarious laughter at how funny you found. Chris two words you're now going to complain about what wasn't that funny? It was bad analysis. He just had balances which a lot of times the words don't even go together. And he has difficulty with some of the words in the two words, but I just have to turn it smile because I'm like just keep going, man. We're gonna hit one eventually. It was even worse than that. And you call the balances, which doesn't even make sense. Volume shooter analysis panelists and the rules of your game for my game to go. Great point not a great game though. Paul Pierce palaces. For now uscis we know your own game you're making a banana and he wears game. Is he combines the first word the first letter of the first word, and he just puts. Is your ways Alice's analysis assist? But with a B in front of where the Daego banal assist. Allison was just be from bad. And then has that's his game. It's a good game. No. Like near curse swings a game. Forget don't think I forgot about pizzas. Knob. A good game. Two game. That's the joke. See that word. Good aim or too close. Good and game star with the same letter. So it just became double G games. Those games. He was getting into something. Good though game. Chris go ahead and walk into the Atlantic. For the fences. Chris you keep swinging but better start making some contact because swimming. Because that did not deserve to derail everything that's happening around here that Bonilla. This is. Is not a thing worthy enough. This is a consuming. People are already using it. I mean, so bad. It's really bad. It is that on Chris though. Or is that on Billy because Billy may be half. He tried to muffle his laugh. I'm usually that's a good barometer. Dan, read something that's funny in the room. And I think the majority of the time it works out. This was not one of those times, I love and hate that. You guys are so relaxed that you forget, we're working. He's offering you that to make you laugh. He's not offering to us or the audience in the doing of a radio show the reason for that. I think he even realizes how bad it is. So he just keeps toback here. Right. But it was so bad that it distracted me because of how hard Billy was laughing at how bad it was. So just to sum this all up we've now analyzed what he did banalities. So Jason, Terry, speaking of banal assists, bad analysis. Here's Jason Terry growing on here at Jason, Terry. Started talking about the bat at the analysis of Paul Pierce is what I was talking about. And now what I'm talking about is the analysis of Jason Terry this analysis. Almost every game of the rest of the series for Houston has to be a gang seven type mentality. They know date they have no room for air. They have to come out and impose their will physically mentally on state. I mean, there you go. I know. Chris Cody a big apology Salicis. That's just useless wanting to play like game one was game seven or game to was game. Seven now game three game, seven Krista Muir. I oh you apology. Walk out into the rain raining here that it's raining. Chilly out. O'neil shout. I will. Both of you walk into the rain watch. Whatever the human resources issues are I will fight with Disney over the human resources issues of me sickening. Our employees with punishments Antic in the first two letters. I'm so confused. I think it's the first letter Jason Terry, I found that to be good analysis analysis. No, you don't know what. A jet analysis is. This is will Cain and this is right here, canal assists. He just asked me will who's the greatest coach of our time, regardless of sport. I'm probably going to answer. Ballot. Check I want to answer Bella chick. I think football is a harder sport for a coach to dominate than basketball. You have to overcome fifty three men, Fifty-three egos. Get everybody every personalities in line towards a common goal. You have to rely more on systems in game planning and scheming. You're less controlled by the talent on your roster. I want to say Bill Belichick, but I cannot. Not take Tom Brady out of the equation in the end, Tom Brady is a constant to Bill Belichick or with Popovich. There is no constant it's complete turnover complete upheaval, the only constant in San Antonio is Gregg Popovich. That's been Alice's to me. It is analysis. I thought it was gone Allison's. But it's been Allison is he's forgetting the greatest power forward maybe to ever play the game. And that's when the winning stopped the rea- winning stop with him turnover. Derozen as it worked out can be real happy about San Antonio coaching job this season. They forgot how to play basketball at the end of the first round under no longer play because they don't have their Tom Brady anymore. Donlevatar? Metal nets have to be right up there with like ice skates as the most dangerous things that people do to play sports, right? Because you know, that the people that are buying those metal nets are largely kids. And if they have a hoop that they lower it's like at seven feet tall, and they're just dunking on them. And you know, the fingers are getting stuck in those nets still God's and track and field the gun they shoot off. That's kind of dangerous now, it's not an actual gun. I don't think it's harder to shoot anything. I know it doesn't actually shoot a bullet. Nothing comes out of it. No, just the sound. Yeah. This is live at our show with his two guys on ESPN radio. ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance. Guests on the Dan lebatardshow appear via the shell Pennzoil performance line. Get triple extra protection for optimal performance, which l v power nitro plus premium gasoline, here's your sportscenter update Stanley Cup playoffs, hurricanes defeated the islanders five two two services over. While they take a three to nothing series lead. And the stars beat the blues. Four two to split that series at two games apiece to game four tonight. Bruins a blue jackets and Charlton avalanche. And finally, researchers have found cocaine in all samples of Trump tested enroll rural area of eastern England. That's a tough one for me with ketamine also widespread. Scientists from King's College London in collaboration with the university of Suffolk may these apprise discovery after taking samples from fifteen locations across the mostly role county of Suffolk. You wanna keep trying that we're all there you go roll roll? What is the snowman the snowman is? Frosty. The snowman is a you. Okay. The snowman who's not frosty as vulnerable right abominable? There you go rural. There you go abominable look at your oh, you're showing now. Rural. Look what's up now. Like, let five seconds go. By asked me. Those same words again, Mike, remind me at the end of the segment to have God say the two words against central arm or something and a segment right after this rebe with one eight hundred flowers dot com distance doesn't mean anything this mother's day. You could still bright mob special day with twenty four multicolored roses for twenty four dollars from one eight hundred flowers to order, go to one eight hundred flowers dot com. Click the radio icon, enter code, Dan for all the way to said of information. Tune into sports center on ESPN radio all throughout the day. So we just played that will Cain sound for you of him. Arguing preposterously that Popovich is better than Bella check. And you've heard me make fun before of these stupid sports arguments that we have that are just impossible hairsplitting. Just totally impossible and not apples to apples comparisons. That where we can all agree. Both of these two men are great at what they do. No, one would dispute it no one. But someone has to be better. I just I just remember. So specifically that everyone blamed Popovich for a Super Bowl loss. The only time I've remembered everyone blaming Bella check for any for finals or finals lost excuse me. The only time I've remembered ever that Bella check has been trampled is because he dared go for it on fourth and short against Peyton Manning Tom Brady to get a yard it failed. His was the history proved them, right? But everyone blamed him because we are stupid and. Oh, no. Warriors, you're telling mood. It's not apples to apples will or actually have to burns apples in one Boone while have five apples. Those will grow pop overtures room in the other by Schick shop -als, those Abreu Bala trunks worry, but book opera rules. Thank you dirty demon debate. And there's the other guy. Of these things. From the angel of new ones what about radar bashing port or back, you know account for the modern a miniature much more competitive, who's got more apples more apples Galon up. Do you? Remember all the cover of thousands of on. On apples to save a lot of apple below through their stronger recon preventive near mount apples Papa the. Convert as Ramos of apples, galore, Johnny up. Sabin has the ultimate salary cap zero dollars. Become argumentative. I don't know what happened to to really look I don't like the age of the nuances more store at wires with the thirty debate. And then flying Brosio. Debater arguing I'm just presenting facts. Bluer out. Maybe we'll have a monopoly on the truth. What I what I wanted to ask. You guys is. I don't think it's possible for anyone to have grown up in this generation to be able to make an argument that anyone is ever been better than Bella. Check like how the bleep can you do that? How can anyone make the argument that anyone is better than Bella? Check in our lifetime. An older score. Trucks Toro, emails everybody. Don't work others. Probably because all not one. But no, we've opened up whole new wonderful. So that's why honestly what about reform? Call. As a coach. I mean, he's a killer code, Mr. foods here who greater Bobby Heenan is the greatest champion manager lose all. How many apples is Phil Jackson have KOMO. I could put in all those apples before soccer, Michael Jordan. Sour apple. How many does Phil have is? It is it what is it? It's ten eleven eleven bar. This borrow he'll tell you. That's what the Knicks were signing him for. He was going to bring all those apples to the big. Apple remember. She got eleven apples by I mean, Phil Jackson. I wanna get to this story. What should if I told the audience right now guests asking the audience to guess, according to a lawsuit? Involving Madison Square Garden CEO James Dolan, who by everyone's admission is not around Madison Square Garden all that much. He's a CEO who comes in and plays music plays bad music. Get some of that bad music for us if you would because James Dolan's band has had more hits recently than his team. He doesn't have any hits that he's producing. But he cares about the music will the see who doesn't come in because he's playing bad music. Elsewhere. Yeah. And so I and at and I've heard I don't know if this is true, actually, because I haven't confirmed it, but it's not I believe that he has played parties at MSG like company parties or something can someone please. Look that up for me because I don't even know if that's true. I just heard it from somebody. He's forcing his music on everybody. How about do you think he paid himself the play those parties? I mean, that's a great question. It's a Hattie polite. So according to a lawsuit filed on behalf of shareholder claims the Knicks owner spending too much time on stage with his blues inspired rock band and not enough time in the boardroom. According to a suit reported by pitchfork over the last three fiscal years MSG has paid Dolan blank. I'm not gonna tell you what the numbers yet. I'm gonna want you to guess that's a heap. More than CEO's at similar companies who made an average over the same period of about eight million dollars. Yes. Less per year than Dolan. According to the lawsuit. Dolan's pay is excessive and far from fair, especially since he works at MSG only part time, according to the suit, which was filed in Delaware. The lawsuit claims Dolan is too focused on touring and recording as the frontman and guitars for his band, J D And the straight shot. In two thousand seventeen the band performed fifty times and six countries and forty one US cities. Get down. You're that guys you here's the along. We'll get the number in a second. We have to stop everything to have Stu gods. Say the two words that he successfully said earlier in the show, what is the opposite of urban Rory. What is the snowman not named frosty? Obama. Dying for Dan to reluctantly take part in something. It's to be happier. Doing that is corrected. Bama smoke snowman. Donlevatar? And finally the Carolina Panthers have a sommelier Lear on staff. Wine expert, small EA, you want to try one more time. No stugatz. Try to get a little can I hear it. Again, the ARA silent. It's French it's French. And finally the Carolina Panthers have a Somalian staff. Not a small islet is not a Somali is not a Molly, Mike. Let me hear it again Smalley smoke at finally the Carolina Panthers have a small lay on staff. Perfect BCC. Don live at our show with his two guys on ESPN radio gear. More put it on the poll. Please is one of your favorite things in the world. When Stephen a Smith starts stretching his neck before making an argument the best it is the best. You know? The good stuff is coming man. I would like to know. What was happening during the break that all I heard from you and Mike Ryan from you. I heard the sentence filled with bluster bravado confidence. And then you immediately started walking it back. I will watch a dead show with Bill Walton. It's what you said I'm going to scam my way into watching a dead show with Bill Walton. But as you were saying that Mike was saying back to you. What do you think the deadandcompany webmaster looks like George are Martin? He was saying the scientist from independence that yet. Ron has thrown somehow lived in the sequel. The way we got to that is because there was supposed to be a Woodstock festival this summer. Now, it's been canceled their day report. You know, it's been cancelled by by all accounts, except for the co creator of the original Woodstock Michael Lang, who is insisting this thing is still happening in one hundred days, despite all the investors pulling out and no permits and all the acts pulling out as well. Right now, the last act to pull out it's been up on their website is dead and company because no one wants Woodstock happened more than dead and company and Mike made the joke that they probably still have enough on their web page. That's how we got into the guy who runs the here. I'll put it on the poll. Does anyone wanna do what stock more than deadandcompany? Does anyone want Woodstock to exist? More than than what stock is like the most iconic. I think of all music festivals. Just because it's branding. But there are they soiling the name with this new. No, no, not at all. Because think back to any Woodstock ever any Woodstock ever. Always a mess complete disaster. Even the original one in nineteen sixty nice. There was a humanitarian issue they had like drop hotdogs in there. He was an absolute disaster. Then they try to bring it back in the nineties. There was the mud people. And then who could forget the riots in nineteen ninety nine it's always been a disaster. So this is on brand gopher Michael Lang, this is part of what would stock is. I just hope it happens. Where are we in terms? You're gonna have to forgive my ignorance on this has there been a break from Woodstock's. Like, yeah. There's I think this would be the fourth. This would be the fiftieth anniversary. But there's only been three previously. Right. Okay. So it's not something that's done very often. It's been three times an all of them have been messes all of them have been catastrophe. Billy has an update there's been there's one in sixty nine seventy nine eighty nine ninety four ninety nine two thousand nine and potentially two thousand nineteen no two thousand nine the that was probably planned for two thousand nine was not an official Woodstock right away. There hasn't been an official would suck since the fires of nineteen ninety nine during the red hot chili pepper set. And who could forget those the fiftieth by the way, though, I mean people were excited for this. Mike was really excited you're talking about forget about the dead right yet Miley Cyrus you had chance the rapper. You had the black keys. You had Jay z signed automating dragons, it was one of the more. Bizarre lineups I'd ever seen and there's some confusion because. Two thousand nine was a namesake event. But officially like the woods socks. What happened here though? What's the problem? What is it just poorly organized and all the people have pulled out? There were all sorts of red flags at the beginning. Because Michael Lang was being very sue Godsey. We're the only festival to fully guaranteed talent contracts before the talent actually performs, and there's nobody that has enough money to do that before the actual festival happens. But he was saying it so huge red flag number one. Oh is this fire festival? What is this? Now. You can't compare it to fire festival because fire festival like people, actually travelled there. That was an absolute disaster this things just never going to get off the ground. It doesn't have here. He's the only one saying that he's gonna make it happen. How's he gonna make it happen? Is he going to bring in like a Saudi prince or sometime no idea how he's going to turn this? He doesn't even really have the permits. He says he's got this racetrack ready to go. But no one really believed put it on the poll. Can you get the permits if you have a Saudi prince in your pocket is threat? But right now, it stands he has no permits and not enough money. He's got anything. No music. He's about to have. He's got no supporters. Like, you haven't told me that he's got a single ally. As a business plan. The entire time is like there's an official statement from like Woodstock branding. It's not going to happen. So we have to cancel it festival. Michael Lang's is like I assure you, it's happening. He's the only one that says, everyone don't worry, you know, hundred days were doing Woodstock. I mean right now all he has is a flyer. It's a good look at flyer. It's all these names on it. It's an empty flyer. Now. None of those names that are actually doing it. Alison, can you get him on the phone? So I can ask him if this thing is happening or not or why it's happening. Why it's not happening. Michael Lang, let's get him on to explain let's see like maybe pulls a giant upset next thing. You know, Jay z just performing there. We're all wrong. We'll Jones sick. We're all going to be wrong. What if they do it without permits of aid? Just do it that way. I mean Woodstock shouldn't that permits? There's no proof in the past that Woodstock is ever had. The Gettleman of festivals.

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