24: The One About The Oscars With Madeleine Arthur: Monday, February 10th, 2019


Good Morning Welcome back to the morning chose happy Monday. Wow last week with such a long week and now here we are starting again. How exciting that's like blyth? Your whole life is waiting for the week to end and then it ends and then all of a sudden. It's Monday the entire week. You did last week. Didn't even matter yet but I mean just so happy to be here with all of you. Honored Hummel de Blasio happy. That award season is over same. I had such like a crazy content filled weekend like I really became yet like I really became certified youtuber this weekend. Oh because you were filming things or you know because I was consuming content. I I put the Youtube. TV You are a real Doug Youtube. I'm like actually grabbed. That's the best thing that you could do. And representing the grandma's across the world. We love watching Youtube on the TV. There's something I really like about. Even if it's small like being so close to my phone physically and the opposite really over there. People fell into the log squad which people have been telling me about for for years like David Tobruk dividend brick and it really understand. I saw him like his tongue. Hangs out of his mouth. And what's the all the hype about but my God. I've never been so wrong. I'm so involved now. Now like blogs squad. We like totally ship him. Natalie like so essentially he's just funny cool guy who started logging and it's so successful and all he doesn't videos does this give away money like he goes to camp. Says he's like if you can hit this best while shot. I'll give you ten thousand dollars to pay off your student debt. And it's funny. Because anytime he wants to give away money and he's like because there's videos it is brought to you by seatgeek seek is like his centered. You know love it love to see on. Give away money but now I'm just like so interested in his finances because he's constantly giving away money like to his friends. He's is buying all of his friends cars but now that I'm like involved in the stanhood like his videos all logs that are four minutes twenty seconds long money. It's the birthday day. And he's a big fisherman fan he can't monetize them because he's always using music and the doing like crazy stunts so he doesn't monetize them so he doesn't make any money from videos. He's a podcast with support fellow podcasters. Now I'm just invested in his finances like to his merchants. podcasts make that much it can just be giving away cars people like what are we doing wrong. Probably probably and I think people like it's like Jeffrey said he had like one room of Gucci. And he's like this. Is All youtube ads like it's a fraction of what people make. If you're making real money then the money that you make from from Youtube ads is jumped right. So those are the those are his other ventures he I think he tore a little bit on that nickelodeon show musical family which I find to be so interesting. Because before watching his blogs I thought he was like you know like a really family friendly. He's like not like they're always like doing nuts things and like cursing dick well. He's on Nickel Odeon. What would you say I get you a guy who could do both like if he could family from the Nickelodeon and otherwise elsewhere then? That's cool with me you whether it's called me too. I just didn't think it'd be cool to networks. He called on China networks are up. I mean Dan Shiner School at the network than atrial really goes so true and I just really feel like I need to sit down on my phone and watch four hundred more blogs like he's kind of hot like you know. I think that people are attracted to him. I think that's in. His assistant is totally with him. And I think he's in love with his assistant. Natalie he want her to cars ars and I just have a feeling like this whole story is going to end with them. They're like the Ross and Rachel. That's what I think and I'm just really hoping that Natalie and some other girls in the blog squatter toasters servers that they like hear my cry like let me get in a video or something like I'll film. I don't care like I'll send in the background. I'll I'll clean the toilets cool. Maybe it'll come on the show. Maybe yeah that'd be super or fabulous speaking of the show today such an exciting day because the first official episode of the red headed out if you know the scholars our academics academia world world is just incredibly show waking waking like they've never seen launch like this in their life you guys. The first episode is here we had so much. I'm recording it and I think it's like I've been getting a lot of really positive feedback. I think it's really good. We talk about the book a lot. And if you've read the book I hope so I feel like obviously most people are reading the book and are waiting waiting to finish the book so they can listen to the episode but if absolutely no interest in reading the book I think you could still listen to because like we're just friends hanging out talking about major themes in the book that pretty much explained enough that you're not totally lost right so if you don't WanNa read I think you would still listen to the podcast but you definitely should read because it's just great for you. What also is nice about it? Is that since as you're doing it every month like you don't have to listen to it today if you WANNA finish the book and weed. Yeah like it's there for you and you don't feel pressure yet. Did you assign the next. The next book was assigned at the end of the the episode and is Red White and royal blue. It's Becky's choice So you have a month to read that book going forward. The episodes we'll drop on the first Thursday of every month the Super Bowl. Yeah we're catching up with the first book. Everyone's still finishing up so many people are reading. I'm so excited. So whenever you're ready to read the second book I'm Literally Not GonNa read the second book until two days before we recorded because it takes two days to read a book and then it's out of my head speaking of books I read Jessica Simpson's no over staring at me. Like at the bottom of my bed I get myself to read. You have to read it you have to read. It's it's the best memoir I've ever read a life. Really really not only is so hot and she's not holding back the right. It's so well written she's articulates like her innermost thoughts in such a profound around way. And she's just such a precious gem of a woman in like she like she'll take us through a train of thought she had in one thousand nine hundred and yet. It's probably embarrassing. But she doesn't care will love the and it's just like it's so faith-based is who she is from when she was seventeen years old till now and like she is just really an open book kindle with me because like there was something obviously more juicy parts and others like John Mayer. I Know Shaima new. I know but John Mayer has really reformed like this book. Book is definitely like bringing him back to a dark place in his life when he says himself he is a recovering womanizer. So you know. I'm not here to hold people accountable for their mistakes. Agree but Hashtag I San with Jessica. Of course I also and she didn't say anything about like you know where he is. Today right we're going to break up the Oscars. We talk about really quickly Walking v Necks is being the voice of cancel culture to hear his own stuff on the voice of veganism. Yeah it was all over the place. He was talking about the environment and then veganism and like I had no idea. Yeah what the point of his message was but he said I'm so grateful that like so many people in this room decided to you know. Give me a second chance because I know like when I was younger than an Asshole I was all over the place and I was really difficult to work with and I was like a monster sir. So I'm really glad that we as humanity are beyond holding people accountable for things. They did years ago like he was just really speaking to my soul. He was being to twitter and it was kind of beautiful even even though it was all over the place I mean I love Joaquin Joaquin Phoenix speech. I live with Joaquin moment. Yeah and I mean now with award season being over the Joaquin moments are over. Goes back into his cabinet but he sets the bar. High for Doug WE'RE GONNA recap the Oscars. All the looks all the awards. Are I two stories too. Don't worry it was incredibly credibly boring. I did take a short forty five minute. Break in the middle of the Oscars to watch sunset which actually deserves an Oscar. Because it's the first episode. You think they haven't been filming for a while they push back filming because MJ was on bed rest from her pregnancy. So they push back. They actually haven't seen each other in like five months literally the last time a lot of them saw each other was reunion. And you think you know it takes takes a while to get back into the swing and things no I episode. They're dropping bombs. Adam had naked Strip Jenga at his house bulb resumes out of town and he's sending inappropriate text messages to justice friend. Ali like very you like this is stuff like certain seasons like work up to you and they're doing it all and I also I love that this show like everyone has really grown and they're all having kids now like really thinking about getting married and settling down their houses all the inside of their houses. Look exactly the same. It's like that Persian modern look. It's actually really car set kind of. It's actually like a really cool vibe. They all really decorated their houses really nicely and I feel like they're all quietly like very wealthy. I think that they all grew up somewhat wealthy but this show has made them all superwealthy. I think that's the vibe that I'm getting. Yeah probably go mesut lock. NASA is back and better than ever love. She fucking twisted like literally. It was actually crazy to see like she went out to lunch with destiny and they're having a little bit of an argument. Really destiny is like so cool and she's very mellow two seconds gee-gee standing up screaming. She goes outside smokes a joint incomes. Back I am sorry. She's so nuts and there's obviously a story line involving where her friends are going to have an intervention saying that she smokes too much. We lose addicted to heed. But she's pregnant now so I assume Tim. She's stopped smoking weed but whatever such great show can't recommend it enough so I did miss like forty five minutes the Oscars but I caught up on twitter and it doesn't really seem like I missed much. Yeah I actually I started watching the Oscars. I wasn't in watch 'cause I was like I'm enjoying my Sunday afternoon. I caught up on dynasty. I watched the new show. Katy keene. I episode Super Cute Like I. It was really cute. The same like pilots pilot is hard to those. 'cause like I love it. I know that I will like I love. I love writer. Ross like the style the New York City. It's good it's good stuff touching curb and I was just having the time of my life and I was like I don't WanNa Watch Oscars but then everyone in our family talking at the Oscars so I put on the Oscars and watched until probably right after until like Christy saying. Oh that was enough for me. Turn my television as well like I'm going back to curb like I don't WanNa Watch. I'm I'm done with the chose. I caught up on curb as well. Just what a stellar show. It's just so good. The new episode came out last night. So I actually actually. What I'm trying to say is I didn't watch the Oscars mostly and we're going to be recapping? It right now so I'm gonNA find out a lot of stuff I watched most of it and I did write down some notes in my phone because there were some cringe worthy moments. I just had to talk about to share with the cost. Yeah okay well without further ado it is time for the past five stories that you need to know before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toast. I that's true and I don't want to rush you you know because everyone's you know living such busy lives these days but I do have to take a quick moment to acknowledge the fact that today's episode is brought to you by look what everyone's talking about liquid. IV hydration multiplier. You've even heard about how much we love it. But have you heard about their latest product of the liquid. 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And in case you're hung over it's all you need so you get twenty five percent off when you go to liquid dot com and use the code toast at checkout. That's twenty five percent off anything you order on. What website just go to liquid? Id Dot Com. Enter the Promo Code. Ketosis a twenty five percent off and get better hydration and energy that's liquid. Iv Dot Com Promo Code Toast. Don't wait start fuelling your adventures. Today I non. Dan Don't wait okay. Verse Story Sorry. I highlight of the Oscars Janelle monae the show. Speaking her mind during her outstanding Oscars opener. Her she kicked off Hollywood's biggest night with an electrifying. Medley of songs starting with an edition of rendition of. Won't you be my neighbor Then she highlighted a lot of the year snub films like mid Somare and rocket man. I should I guess so. I was recommend snubbed. Well the movie was. The song wasn't because they won and they were nominated but like it was snubbed in the car and Edgerton wasn't nominated okay and I think he should have been. I don't think I'm sure there was other snobs. But there was a lot of snaps and she was highlighting the snubs and she did agree opener. Yeah she's super talented and I loved her red carpet dress. What of I think that might be my top look of the night but I thought the performance was kind of strange like it was just a little all over the place and I couldn't tell if like she was the host? was she the opener. There is so much going on and I'm like do they. Miss the memo where Gentleman WanNa was hosting the Oscars like it was just a little messy because like no one wants to like someone would rather mc the Oscars from start to finish than say that they hosted it. No one wants at target on their back. I don't mind the format of award shows without hosts signed. I think it's interesting. I don't really care. I think a good host can make a show but it can also break show so whatever the Oscars were so boring and. I don't think that anything could have helped it. I realized how much I need a host first of all I was so excited for the Golden Globes when Rickie Jarvis was hosting I was like what is he going to say. What is he going to do? It may made it built up excitement like as opposed to just sitting around watching these people words and then the dumbest thing that they do at the Oscars is they bring someone out to introduce. Who's going to present? It's a presenter of the presenter. It's insane so many people like beanie Feldstein presenting ending Mindy Kaelin presenting an award. This job. No that was weird for sure. And that's and that's because we don't have a host. I know we're going to jump into the show but I want to mention a few quick things about the red carpet that that I just have to make people aware of because I don't know if people were aware of the fact that on ABC Anita who was hosting Lily Aldridge. What like isn't zoom weird an ABC was the big one because the show was on she? And I think it was tavern hall and Ryan Seacrest for a minute Ryan like renfrew e onto ABC cling. I change channels for one second. I'm watching E. Ryanair. There are going to go to commercial break so I go to channel seven again crazy. She actually did pretty good. There were a few moments where she was was like. visibly nervous. Like talking to Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio and she was just like well. Yeah like she was having a hard time but I I have to imagine this wasn't you don't just get your first time at the Oscars you know. That's so crazy. It was a really really interesting choice. Yeah and she looked beautiful with what who are the other correspondence tavern and haul out and Ryan seacrest. Just I said there's GonNa be other people that know. It was just kind of strange. He has thirty people working the right billy porter to. Oh that's a great man. He was good. I mean he's great his great in the opening. Yeah any other red pepper throw. What's Ryan was doing interviews inside the Jobe theater which I thought it was really interesting at like the last fifteen minutes rent from the carpet inside and interviewed a few people who maybe they missed on the carpet? where maybe he skipped the carpet? Yeah it was Kinda Cool Charlie. Sarah was their rhymes being a freak especially on he was really being so short with people like he could not have shopped Natalie. Portman L. he couldn't have shoved off the podium fast enough because Sir Sha Ronin was coming it it was just like a Natalie Portman. I think she was like she lives embarrassed. And that is embarrassed it was ruthlessly Natalie Portman Social Ronin like same thing my notes just as Ryan being so weird in short that that's the whole thing he just cutting people off left and right. There was a ten second interview. They can't believe you watch the red carpet like I watch last hour. Especially because we've been seeing the whole award. Season is the same people over and over again like coming through red carpet. Like what are they gonNA say an interview. I was honestly on twitter instagram at alphabets. Because that's the only thing that changes I was on instagram looking at outfits. Steve Martin Chris Rock kept the nights alias audience on their toes circle hit hit Jericho. But honestly I think the best comedy duo. The night has to go to kristen. Jason Rigging my Rudolph all my they were so funny like pretending to like show different emotions because there were so many directors in the room. That was so funny and saying that they should. It hosts next year. Well that's always how it happens. I think people are probably saying that about Steve Martin and Chris Rock which I would agree with two. That's always what happens like people they can audition. Yeah Yeah I mean I I just will take any house and they they were really funny I i. That was confused. I was confused too and honestly both of them couldn't have been wearing dress up there. They just looks a little silly affiliate of the costume. Totally Adina Menzel Army L. says performed into the unknown. Okay I have many thoughts because honestly like like I'm sorry but it was very disappointing. Because here's here's why I was so confused because Menzel is up there along with pretty much the sales of every other country. Yeah so I love to the global messaging you know. The world is big and small at the same time. But I'm like this is the best singers in the world like an literally. None of them could hit the notes. That girl who at the final note the Danish girl. Shame on her like she was awful and I just love the vocals were so not up to par with with with Oscars because then like Cynthia Ariba coming out and it's like Oh that's how you sing okay like I just can't believe the Oscars is the Pinnacle of talent like the Pinnacle of everything of art and film and Music and this is this performance is supposed to be representative of the pinnacle of music literally literally these girls like they just weren't good singers on my team until she had some good moments but that was so good in their final into the unknown note and the best part. It's only one hit or notes. Well honestly I can hit those nodes anyone. Can Cynthia Rio like. Wow did you see her performance performance. No I don't even know the song but I was like I was speechless like it was breathtaking. Her voice and by the way she didn't move a muscle like she was hitting. He's not high low. Didn't even move like it was nothing for her. She was like it was spectacular. It was and then. I'm like that next to demand and her Danish friends who couldn't sing. I was like Oh okay Jaggi like you have to watch Cinzia reveal. It and I've heard about Cynthia reveal. I knew she hasn't seen her perform. I knew she was in Harriet. I didn't know she sang until your husband told me he was harassing gay. Whatever but he was totally right because Oh my God she is incredible and that song should have one literally because of her performance? which which Song Rochman? Oh okay well. Even though I love Elton John and I loved recommend like I wouldn't have chosen that song to me. Because when he performed formed in a great milken Johnson forming. What is going to sing rocket man you know? I'm still standing and he's singing that song from the movie and I just thought it was like a really really subpar. Elton John Song. I didn't think necessarily that he i. I would agree with that. And then Diane Warren you know WHO's out here getting nominated eighteen times for an Oscar and has never won. It's like let's just give it to her you. I know it's been thirty two years. I saw a headline today like this memory continues. It's crazy. She goes to every Oscar nominated every year and has never one. She's Leonardo DiCaprio. It is really crazy. I loved the army of Al Says I do think that they should have led with show yourself and maybe they would have won the award on Philly Really Irish thing during the in Memoriam saying yesterday by the Beatles how was it spectacular. She's just such a talent and you know what was so like she. Like what an honor for her to have been given that like. She wasn't even on camera 'cause they were showing the pictures of the summer had passed away it was really just a moment for her voice to shine and it was it shine bright like a diamond like it was breathtaking. Love it. I know that Luke. Perry and Cameron Boyce were left out of in Memoriam. Oh you're right not cool. No the only people people who I had recognized was Kirk Douglas. Who has recently and Kobe Bryant? Yeah Doris Day. Brad Pitt won his first ever acting. Oscar Oh my God and he was so fucking cute. He was sitting the first row. And I know it's Oscars but it was next level star-studded Leo up Bradley Cooper Penelope Cruz. Who hasn't left her house at a month Charlene Margot Robbie up? It was spectacular. And I just have to say penelope Cruz like just moment for her dress. She's up there with my top. Three best drafts like she just looked like she is the definition. Like if you were open a dictionary and you looked up the word everything of the sort probably crews would be right there. Yeah really happy for Brian. I'm glad we got another Brad. Brad Pitt speech moment. Like just to round out this award season it was nice has made it all worthwhile. Even though I couldn't make it till the end of this Oscars it was. It was a great speech. It was a great I just would like to highlight a couple more moments I wrote out. There's so many women. Jeff bezos. Yeah Jeff Jesus was in the audience. which is that? What you're saying? And Steve Martin and Chris Rock acknowledged his presence presence. And I just felt like I felt weird. I think everyone felt we are. Jeff bezos. Looked weird he was freaking me out. It was like Dad Outta here but at least he had been attitude about it and he was smiling Meiling and laughing and he could laugh at himself like I was worried. He seems really sensitive tours. Read it's like volatile because he was such an uh-huh so vulnerable for the world seem so emotional and then the last thing I wanted to discuss is the absolute travesty. That was Chrissy bats. Okay because I was GONNA call you. Route Dina Menzel such a hard time. I'm telling you okay okay. A first of all. I didn't understand why she was there but then I found out that the song she was singing that was written by Diane. Warren was is in her movie. Breaks which wasn't nominated for anything except the film was so the person singing always has to be connected in some way so I I get I guess why they chose her. I read an article. Diane Warren did not want her to sing it but then she said okay. She's good she hasn't. She has a nice voice she has a community theater voice. It's like Oh it's like a fun party trick it's like. Oh Wow. You're amazing actress. Oh and you kind of can sing. Doesn't mean you sing at the Oscars and then I mean you've seen for Lou combs and then to be so disgraceful as to literally finish singing singing and be like I love you mom. That's literally what you did. I was like what the fuck this this is. The Oscars Chrissy. This is not community theater. She was like I love you mom right before they turn the lights out. It was a travesty and honestly shape on her it. It was disgraceful. I'm sorry okay just because you can sing doesn't mean you should yeah at the Oscars unless you're things the song in the movie not Chrissy match. I don't know but whose Chrissy mets is number one fan in terms of your music Brian Kelly. He's always listening to where we're hanging out and drinking. He's always to try to make me. Listen we'll do you remember that time. Chee Jassem core combs like some country. Words I guess he couldn't make it so she sang his song and it was just like Mike again a disgrace. It was nothing of the sort that once you actually saying very poorly and no end we love that song and we care for that don she saying even though I'm leaving just didn't do it justice and she couldn't find her key the whole time at least last night she wasn't off pitch. I don't want to I think it was. I love you. Mom like it was just so disrespectful. I'm sorry okay. Well Para say made Oscar history last night. I'm so happy for the directors. They're so cute. So fucking cue getting up there. I I drink till next morning so cute I just love him say when when they won their first award in one of them was talking the other one was off to the side staring at his award like he was smiling. Couldn't believe it. I have to see this movie sweat. It's the first time any a non English movie has won best film and I also feel like no war. No movies really sweep the award shows anymore. Everyone's a winner not nuts in slumdog millionaire not like last year literally each movie. One one of each category sweet. I sweeping vibe to happen in two thousand twenty must be fabulous. It was a big deal and so he that the director has won four Oscars last night. which is a tie for the most ever wanted tonight Katherine Hepburn also one time one four and one night so he now holds the record with Katherine Hepburn? And I just think it's it's fabulous. I think Walt Disney has one five and if he had won one more he would've tied with Walt Disney. I saw a headline a really because I saw that the most ever wanted tonight I googled. It is Katharine Hepburn. And that was like that he missed it by one. Oh Really Yeah Leo and Camilla Marrone Become Award show official which I know is a big deal for him to take. He usually takes his mom to Roy chose they didn't walk the carpet carpet but they sat right in front she looked stellar. I mean she's just perfect Gig. Was this natural. Look I guess I understand why not me but it's still pretty sad it yet. It's hard to see someone love. I'm happy for them to their really. I'm happy for her. Like get across young. Laura dern won her first ever Oscar fabulous okay. Marriage story was nominated. They differ a lot. I didn't think it was better than any other movies but I did happen to think Laura dern performance was fucking amazing and it made the movie a little bit more tolerable and I'm so happy for I just can't believe she was the obvious front runner. She won the Golden Globe. I think a lot of people thought she was going to win and she showed up in that dress with activity tassels on it was nothing of the sort and I. I'm glad that she won an because otherwise than I would have been a big loss for her. Yeah I like to address. Terrible eminem surprised everyone with lose yourself. He confused everyone. Yeah does anyone know. Oh like what. He wanted that they won. They won an Oscar for. Lose yourself when it came out at eight mile years ago and he teen years ago. Yeah EMINEM didn't show up to to accept the award and I think in a lot of ways last night was him showing up. I don't know because he posted on his twitter the clip of them winning but him not being there and being eighteen years man. Like could it so I think that's it. It's just weird because most of the performances were just the song of the year. Yeah so it's just weird when it's not on. Yeah also known as El Wigger won best actress. Yes she a very boring speech but she looked snatch that one armed dresses was everything at her and Bradley Kuper used to date she like by. She went through like a weird period in her life. which like married Kenny? Chesney on the beach for five minutes and I'll never forget those pictures. They were actually so cute like you thought they would have lasted a lifetime time but they were married for like two weeks so no that doesn't surprise me and they reunite by united. They saw each other show at a at a work that I don't think that it was like the greatest. I don't think it was the green and we've been waiting for no but I like her happy me too. I didn't see Judy But now and I think Judy I saw the beginning of Judy. Kazakh was watching it and I just kept coming back DOC was watching. I kept coming in and distracting killing. took him that's so funny. took him five hours. I don't even know if you finish finish the movie. Oh my God I would not stop his goal hysteria. Come and be like. 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Would agree everything of the sort. Okay next up. Kylie Jenner Khloe Kardashian celebrate pregnant Melita Hawk at beauty shop baby shower. which was the most youthful baby shower? I've ever seen stunning. Everyone had to wear a shade of cream or grey which is a very specific borderline annoying dress code but but it looked amazing. Those you know I was gonNA say pimples. But they're balloons but it looks like pebbles. All those balloons it was star studded the Kardashians were there. The bearman were were they are Dorothy. Wang was there like look which it was berry. Bear themed Oak. You loved the bears. Yeah I wonder who paid for that. I think Khloe including in combination with sponsorships from like Mindy Weiss in and Jeff Letham because like she tagged them all and the Beverly Hills Hotel her instagram. But I think at this point like these parties paper themselves because the velvet so much press. Yeah so I don't think Mindy Weiss is out here planning parties for free not for for free but like I think. The business that she gets from being kardashian interview pays for itself. When we're having argument over the candy line kids seemed holiday? Party was in many ways. He's the reason someone else Sharon maybe for their cause. Sharon's like their friends with Chris. Got It. They have a lot of different players that they because they have a lot of different parties. They do also We totally forgot to mention today's it. Such an exciting day because we have some merged shopping today some hot and toasty Merck. Shum the booty. It's toasty on the booty this is. This is medium It's hard to see bundle so you got a pair of underwear. Three toasty condom. Yes that's right. We made custom condoms so These live at noon today. So if you want the Andes or the condoms sold together three condoms. The undies so cute. They're black they're stretchy a nice soft elastic waistband. 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You know like if my theme is incumbent upon people like wearing costumes and the person doesn't show up in costume. It's so frustrating. Yeah maybe you have like a couple of dresses in the back where someone could change into or you kick them to the curb because it's so disrespectful all right so two years ago I had a country Western themed party in for the most part people showed up like a couple of Ben's Princeton and it was so annoying and rude but I had the cowboy hats and like Little Bandanas everywhere that like people get through. But it's just honestly it's like if you're not going to come to a party and participated. Please don't come. Well if you like with the costumes different. 'cause everyone could just like pretend that there's something but when you've strict color Palette and someone says comes wearing red when it's a control then you have to go home. I'm sorry agreed. This is my party. Get fuck out. You're ruining the photos. Okay next really weird. This new Bachelor Commercial Air during the Oscars the bachelor channels ghost get it behind scenes. Look at Peter Website's celebrities sexy Oscars Promo okay. This was the commercial that nobody asked for yet. Everyone had to endure where Peter Weber is surrounded by a bunch of different ladies hands hands while recreating a scene from ghost. I didn't even realize it was a KNOB. To- you know Famous seamer no women are doing ceramics. No I didn't realize it was like a movie thing. I just felt like weird and uncomfortable the whole time. Yeah it was a movie thing but then they made it into like Polygamy sort of thing right and and it was just I feel like they're really overcompensating. I don't remember any other bachelor. Bachelorette who got like a commercial during the Oscars. I think people are really turning on Peter. Yeah and this is like an attempt to either make it worse or make it better but it definitely made it worse. But Whoopi Goldberg made it better. We'll be. He was in the commercial. She was yes she comes off at the she comes in at the end. She said Peter you endanger boy. Oh I actually love Whoopi Goldberg. She actually can salvage pretty much anything. But I do think that this was beyond salvation ACT But I do. I am really confused too. What's going to happen this season because it's not going to be what we're used to? I know that just because I can't see it and it hasn't been spoiled yet which the ending is different. It's not a traditional ending. I don't think a girl wins. He doesn't pick anyone. There's a theory that it's his producer but the evidence. I was so thin that I think literally. ABC put that out for us to make us think that. But I'm not that No the evidence. There is no evidence that someone was like. Oh Hey let's start a theory that Peter's in love with his producer and then they went and found like comments that like to shoehorned into the theory and that's just not how the work and it's just not even close to being true. No I mean I like watch how it is true. But something's things weird with the end of the season. Something happens between or could be Hanna. Yeah the fact that reality. TV hasn't figured out. Who won means that something is happening sitting right yeah? I don't know I'm just going to try to enjoy it. You know it's on tonight like Oh my God. It's just literally because it was on twice last week I feel who watched it yesterday. I'm just not ready now but it's always better when there's less people six girls now it's like an attainable number. I hate feeling overwhelmed by people whose names I don't remember. They're all name Tanah like I find it. I do find certain certain parts of the bachelor in the beginning of the season to be very overwhelming. And it makes it unenjoyable so now it's six girls. I know all their names. I know where they're from their deal. I feel like I'm more equipped to get to get started. Here's an interesting theory. Someone said that goes to the movie that it's referencing is meaning someone from his past is coming Aka. Hannah Oh oh you lose boom vinyl story a little travel news which which I just found interesting and also there wasn't much else that happened this week another Oscars and the fact that like I'm a part of the squad. Oh I share in the fact that their heads book club first episode came out. Everyone's just thoroughly enjoying hanging. Everyone's talking about how reading just getting back into eating has just been so beneficial for them. And the fact that our merch launches today shot morning chose Dot com twelve. PM Eastern time and the fact that we have some flasks up on taper you shop Morning Post Dot Com. It's just very exciting and other items like the dirty jeans skirt. I'm a lot of the stuff. Sold out the beanies. You're gone but check it out. We have a lot of stuff on sale yes stuff yeah if if you just want to get some toasty merge my closet is toasty merge like I don't know how I ever lived without host and that's another thing about David jailbreak. It makes me really good. Feel good to realize we are not the only people who exclusively where there on March crashing only wear their own stuff to like the only where Kong as close August their own makeup in their own skiffs. And they're on everything. Skim through tape. She did and I face. Hi Jackie I definitely put it on incorrectly but I just jumping the product. It is for me like I think I'm beyond the weight limit breath wise so I wanted to take a picture and like I'm just not that brave like I'm not even close to being being not I think maybe I would retry with someone else doing it for me like seeing Kim. Put It on the other girls boobs like it's hard to tape your tits. Take your back. Yeah you know what you should do. You should just rapid under your armpit a few times like for for sure but that every time you lift your arms like your tits would go up. Ud's pain it was interesting. I'm going to try it again but I don't think that it's the product for me. A British Airways has set a record crossing the Atlantic in under five hours in strong winds. This really really amazing. Where was it like going going to It went from New York City to London. It's supposed to be more than six hours. But it was under five which just feels like an exciting development. I have a theory that the government is like stopping us from getting places like. I do think that it shouldn't take six hours to get from New York to La like we're in the same fucking country. It makes no goddamn sense and I just have a feeling that like the government trying to stop us from getting where we need to go so the fact that this plane got to across the pond in under five hours is just this reinforcing that theory. Yeah it was just it was propelled by strong winds and it wasn't like they were trying to break any records or anything but they broke the they broke the record. It's weird wind. It can also impact your flight time like it can make it longer shorter yet like when you fly back from L. A.. It's an hour shorter because the wind. It's crazy so strange. It's so strange. Remember the Concord Concord. I don't I wasn't on that used to be a thing. Yeah like the parent trap. They get there. I like the code right. And it's like where's the Concord Concord. Yeah please someone help so anybody enemies. This was interesting. It took hours in fifty six minutes. Short see you can get to London and four hours fifty six minutes but still takes you six our Schizo fucking La from New York even though in the same fucking country. Yeah there's something. They're not telling US something they're telling us. Okay well we have a very exciting guest madeline. Arthur who who placed Chris onto otherwise. I love before is joining US momentarily. I'm very excited. A lot of questions for the drops this week which happens to vast all the pictures from the premier coming out in there so bovine cute like everyone's looking so snacks such an exciting time for this dropping. I Know Young Hollywood. Yes that's one of the fabulous looks. Red Carpet was like premium. Looks like a wedding with flowers hours everywhere I love. I love Netflix. Budget me too. So we're going to bring her out if you have any questions for her. Drop it in the Youtube Stream. 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Use the offer code toast when you're ready to launch a website and you'll save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain. Thank you squarespace for sponsoring the segment. We are going to take a quick break and bring out our. I guess we are so excited again. If you have a question for her drop it in the Youtube Stream we love you will see in a minute. CNN minute make sure to check out the redheads club. Leave us a review five stars please Ma we are back with our guest Madeline Arthur from to all the boys. I've loved before do very excited to have you here because what we recapped that movie on this show are we both were like Bam. We Love Chris ever needs. If I'd like to thank you for being here in timing me doing press. I'm sure you're very busy. This is a big sequel it is. It's so exciting. I can't believe that we're already here. During the sequel we wrapped the third movie back at the beginning of September to have the second one coming out already any. It's just amazing turnaround so fast for the fans. This is everything totally. I mean having shot the first movie a couple years ago now and then we got to step back into those characters and the whole cast again and we really became like a family over the course of filming three. It was kind of like filming a season of a TV series right. Yeah so much fun. It's also really crazy. How that movie changed? Everyone's lives. It was just supposed to be like a cute little movie and it was everything we loved it. I think people really connected with it. And now it's like large gene and Peter Kaminsky like they're all perfect and then like John Ambrose comes to ruin it and your large. You're such a good friend to large in you know and I really feel like everyone. Everyone needs in their life. And so can you talk to me about your audition process. Did you know the books before. Did you read them. I was aware of the books. And then as soon is I got further into the audition process and landed the role. I read all of them and loved all of them and it was pretty standard auditioning process a win for Chris in and then all of a sudden I had the good fortune to do the first movie and as you said like we had no idea. We could've imagined that right. Have this huge impact impact so to have gotten to track her journey over so many movies and see her enlarging friendship. Evolve was was such a dream when you were filming. What did you guys like? No that you had something special or did you just feel like a regular project. Well I knew had something special in the sense that there were really good people involved and and we were led by beautiful. Lana playing Laura Jean but with anything you kind of you put it all you do your best work and you just hope that the project finds an Audience Hansen people do appreciate it and enjoy it and so you can never. I think if you go and expecting that you can often be very disappointed when it doesn't really sore like to all the boys did. So yeah yeah and it was also the like the first in a string of movies. That came out on Netflix. That just be like we're served to these really big audiences results yet. Yeah you guys like set the precedent for this is the new twilight. You know but it but it's not being put out in theaters the way it used to be. But this is the new way of watching your favorite movies B.'s exactly I mean not flex gave Rom coms kind of helped with the resurgence of that hole and he missed them so much. I love wrong. Tom Com's so to have them help. Bring back this jar and to be a part of that and now we see the made Tall girl and all all sorts of other Romantic comedy yeah. It's really cute. I'm we're taking questions from instagram. That we got a lot of questions. People are really excited about this. This is from K. K. J. BB. Have you seen your co star Jordan Jordan. Fisher who's playing John Ambrose. Who Have you seen him? Indira enhancing yet. I'm seeing him tomorrow night and I'm so excited for he's great I am. I have no doubt that he is extraordinary right. He's a triple threat. That's going to be amazing. That show is so low. You're gonNA cry Really Ready. I mean I am because I've been waiting but at the same time in my emotionally prepared. I have no idea she'd have little question which is how was he a having him as an addition to the cast. Oh he brought such terrific energy to the set. He's such a gentleman and he's very fun loving and I wish we had more scenes together. Good we'll so for those who don't know He. He plays China Ambrose who was one of the recipients of the first five letters but he wasn't in the movie because he move or something whatever he just did he get at the end of the last movie the credits which turn off the credits. which most people do? You didn't see that John. Ambrose Scott the letter so left like a little bit of a cliff. Hanger didn't realize that that's who this cat was is so he gets a letter and you pay just play like a super supportive and you're there for large. Who Do you ship large with in real life and as your character repeater or Jordan Fisher John Harris. Oh Chris ships large in with whoever large gene is most happy with and supported by and allows allows her to be her most authentic self with myself kind of the same thing. Yeah I think they both have such positive attributes. I personally cannot cannot choose. That's why I feel like this movie is going to be confusing for me because I was watching the trailer and being like no one can break up large. Peter George Fishers cute. He's not like a villain he's just a nice after you do like both of them. Edward Jacob Jacob was problematic Bill and I know you're right like I could see someone can team Edward or Jacob. It's that's crazy to hear these comparisons to like twilight thing that because that was such a movie I absolutely did Jacob. I you know I was again split. I did love team Jacob. But Man Robert Pattinson Ning. He started handsome man in the world. According reliance starting to Science Magin being him acting in a movie based on a book like having read the books make it easier for you to understand like the world of the character and like their innermost thoughts like. Does it help guide how you'RE GONNA show the character on screen absolutely and thanks to Jan for creating these this dynamic group of characters and whenever you have source material to go back to and and help influence your decisions and see where they're coming from because movies are a different medium than books. You can't get everything that's on the page into the movie so to just have that that help with with your back story. Of course is is so lovely. Do you originally auditioned for the role of Chris or do you any of the other parts in the movie. I actually I for for two rolls when I first went in Because they they gave me the option to audition For for two roles I always think to why didn't why says transition for both I think for both Chris Engine. So yes jen is jen in the sequel she has and she. It has some really lovely scenes. Amelia brand says she's she was coming nicer but she's pretty great I I I love her at Chris and Kristen. Jen still have a little animosity between I love her personally. We're really good friends. Yeah it's like where do you gonNA shoot the movies so the second one when we shot in Vancouver the first and second hoover and then the third one we actually we shot here in New York for a little win and then make hoover and then they shot in Seoul a little bit. Wow Oh did you like shooting in Vancouver people love it. I heard it's like so cool and trendy. Yes it's a it's a good city. There's a lot of good food. There's a beautiful landscape scenery the mountain. Yeah yeah and the ocean and filming here in New York was some amazing English. It's hectic but I feel like I arrive in chaos chaos. I loved it. We were in so many iconic locations. Because I can't wait I hate to jump ahead like when is the third one gonNA come now. I have no idea. I'm equally as excited premise of the third wall. The books with the second one and I don't WanNa spoil anything about the third But it's I I'm kind of biased but I'm very excited about some good. There's some good There's some good seems like a good clean fun hobby movie like no one can't like it. You know. Yeah uplifting saying you. When does it become comes up this week right it does it comes out the twelve th so at the night? That's so exciting. Well thank you so much for being here thank you. Let's say you to Awesomeness TV for making these incredible movies. We have just come. Maybe more for more content for being everyone fundamentally no instagram at Madeline Moser premium content. So much for listening to the morning post Monday morning show where we go live Monday through Friday ten thirty. Am Eastern time on Youtube. So we're watching US on Youtube. Please feel free to subscribe. Give us video thumbs up a comment or else available. PODCAST PODCASTS by public. Radio area cast box so wherever you choose. Listen to podcast us the morning toast. Hi How are you. Leave a review. Maybe five stars is common about. How beautiful stunning and smart? We are much. We'll see you tomorrow. That was very.

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