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Thank you for listening to this. podcast one sports net production available on Apple podcast and podcast one okay. This is a thirty second commercial. Jill and I'm going to throw a lot of numbers at you but please stay with me and just fifteen minutes. You could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance. This company's been offering great rates in great service risk for over seventy five years in. Anytime you need help you can speak to one of their trained specialist. Twenty four seven the company is GEICO. Go to GEICO DOT COM today. Sorry for all the numbers and in five four three two one amount of time now number two the rich Eisen show on the air. Peter King joins join us in the last hour And he's the one who spoke to Tom Brady after the Saturday night one and done loss to the titans and he surmised from Brady that night that Brady wants to keep playing and then brady on his instagram account. Today comes out and says I'm a man in the arena. And that's where you're gonNA find me so on and so forth and Brady's told Peter King that he will hope to keep playing with the Patriots if not whole explore other options. So that's the conversation with Peter. How long can join us? Top of hour number three so He's gotTa Bust in Canton where Brady's headed can't we T- what how he's thoughts on all that and of course course how he will have quite the day on Sunday He and the rest of the Fox crew will be leading up to kick off of the seahawks packers. You know it's pretty amazing using Is You take a look at the combined. Career playoff starts of the quarterbacks remaining in in the playoffs I love doing again. The chiefs are the only repeat customers in the final eight from last year to this this year everybody else. Seven eighths of the final eight are newbies compared to last year. Obviously Aaron Rodgers. Seattle in Russell Wilson. I have been through this Rodeo before. And that's the game where pretty much the entirety. The lion share of the career. Previous playoff starts are jammed in that game. Aaron Rodgers has is the dean having started seventeen playoff games coming into Sunday Russell. Russell Wilson Fourteen put them together. That's thirty one. Career playoff starts after that. It's quite the Lulu. It's quite the drop off the next. Most seasoned quarterback duo in a playoff game. This weekend is Texans chiefs so long in the Tooth Shawn Watson to career playoffs star. He's one and one. Patrick Mahomes to career playoff starts. He's won on four total and then Titans Ravens. Vikings Forty niners to Total Ryan. Tannehill coming off his first career playoff start and then Lamar Jackson was one and done in his rookie season last year. Two and then kirk cousins coming off of his second career playoff start taking on James G. Zero Career Playoff Starts James. G Does have three three career playoff snaps they all came in the deflate gate. AFC championship blowout at the end. For did I think he's the one who victory formation Bright Brady was long gone air pump or the pin them. Sorry take deflator later by the way. Can you believe all of that was a real thing no no really report and lawsuits. No and there was a guy that poor Guy Prescott guy was nicknamed the Deli. Check this guy who was nicknamed deflator because he lost lost a ton away. Oh my gosh. All of that as a real thing that was like leading the six o'clock national news. Oh Gosh I I know thank God we have to deal that the five years ago five years ago right was when we first. It was our first playoffs that we covered the of the show the first super. Yeah Yeah Yeah. The two thousand fifteen season twenty sixteen now fourteen fifteen fourteen and fifteen oh my God deflate gate who Carson Palmer is GonNa join US shortly you know what I want to ask him about Janus US perfect guy because James through thirty picks in his first year in the system thirty touchdowns two and fifty one hundred yards Carson through twenty two interceptions career high in his first year in the in the Aaron System in Arizona two years later they were in the NFC championship game together. And I'll tell you what man he would know better than most James's cut out for it or what areas might be thinking and and then of course we'll ask him about our poll question as well. That's coming up here in this hour. How Long Stephen Dorf the actor from true detective? Three most recently in the new talk show deputy. He plays a former deputy. That's now Los Angeles. Sheriff take a call before we get to your Your news update okay. Christopher Christopher. Let's go to Dan in Ohio hanging on for a while. What's up Dan? Thanks for taking my call you guys in. We should appreciate it thank you. I have a question for you. Rich Die Hard Cleveland Browns Fan. What is it GonNa take for the NFL? Roger Goodell to get involved and make an owner solid team. Talk you're sitting. You're sitting there the Knicks Fan with dawn as owner. You can't tell me if Adam silver wouldn't get involved with the NBA would not be a better off place with a new ownership. It'll never happen then. I mean I'd love for the NBA to pass a rule saying that any owner that shows up to a game came in a schmucky scarf. Schmucky hat may no longer own the team. I'd love for that to happen. But it's not going to happen and you know so visit okay. Dan Thirty two million dollar houses billion dollar houses. Let's say you're one of the owners on paying my mortgage but my grasses asses growing windows are broken. You're not gonna get together and make me sell my house. 'cause it's lowering the value of everybody else's. I don't think it's lowering the value of anybody else's also Dan. I'll tell you what though if my neighbor had a dreadful lawn and the dreadful house right next door to my house and the The issue wasn't my value of my house. Because I know that's going to go up. The issue was do I get to wins every year. For having the Best House on the street I will make sure that that My next door neighbor's house is law. Never gets cut and never gets a fresh coat of paint. That's the problem and you just got to get. This is what has to happen man. You GotTa Get lucky that at some point the hassles are gonna go ahead and actually hire the right person for the job and that they strike fire fire they catch fire where the draft choice. And that Mayfield could be that guy. I appreciate the call I mean that's it. That's the only way out look if the NBA didn't get involved in Donald Sterling until he said all those horrible things that were caught on recordings. Nobody's ever going to force a team to be sold all because their owner is incompetent trying to put a championship structure together. But it's a nice try though. Do you think the NBA could would pass a rule that you cannot own a team and also have a Schwanke jazz band. What if it's just a regular jazzman? That's fine but if it's Schmucky I'm sorry can't have it out you get your news update over there. Christopher yeah yeah all right. Let's get an IT's brought to you by as always our friends at Honda the HR V. in particular stupendous stylish available with the all wheel drive the HIV is ready to team up your next adventure so hurry into your local Honda dealer today with a report of the day's news from the world world of sports and entertainment someone who is not a journalist or news man by any definition of the word whatsoever which Chris brought by I just a few things today Wednesday midweek care division around weekend coming up Cowboys tweeted out a few minutes ago. Kellen Moore we talked about this yesterday. Expected acted to return to the team as offensive coordinator though. We all expect Mike McCarthy to handle the in game play calling duties. It's going to be at least a couple of years before people start putting the pressure on him to give playcalling. Would you have done that if you were Kellen. Moore would you return. You're the you're the offense coordinator the Dallas cowboys. Your what is he even. How old is he thirty two? It's not even like you can be the offensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys. Albouy sit in meetings ruined thirty one now. Okay with Mike McCarthy. I don't know if he has a family if he does. He has a wife and children. They have any kids. Have One okay and if that kid. I'd love where that kid going to school. And if the Moore's Love Live and where they live don and you get to sit there and so what McCarthy does so by say you win a championship there with McCarthy and everybody there suddenly. You're the hot coaching candidates for being a head. Coaching job at age. Thirty four. Thirty five eight two point. Oh so long. It's a marathon not a sprint updating. Also something from yesterday. We talked about Key injury to keep an eye on a Ravens Ravens. Titans this weekend. Yes Eddie George on tomorrow's show to go down memory lane on that front Ravens. OC Greg Roman Mark Ingram dealing with a calf injury did not practice actors yesterday. He's day-to-day they're going to really women him this week to keep him fresh for this week. I hope that he's ready to go. He's one of our favorite guests then. He's obviously a huge piece to the puzzle. What a dynamite season he had? What a shame that would be if he's hobbled in any way shape or form and Mike? Del TUFO 's weather report on Friday show is going to be lit. Do we do it when Nick. Swartz is here in Studio Knicks. Coming in. He's fantastic. I think mix word since coming into set the table for the first divisional playoff game his beloved vikings at James G in the forty. Niners if you you don't follow Nick Sports and on social media. Do yourself a favor airing viking game. I know as soon as the as soon as the Vikings one as soon as kyle Rudolph's touchdown catch stood as cold. Chris Brockman sent me texting. We should get mixed Mortenson for next week. I'm proud to say within a half an hour. He's like I'm in Teamwork so but the weather report The reason I bring it up. It's supposed to be particularly inclement inclement and earl. Thomas basically paraphrasing. What the Future Hall of Fame Safety I think he is? That good basically said Patriots shirts didn't want a piece of Derrick. Henry we have a different approach you're tackling is essentially. I definitely am paraphrasing but to me -taying which is a weird statement to me. Yes Henry Ran Wild but if you look at the titans offense they average twenty eight points a game with Tannehill asa that's the starter and the PAT's D.. Held them to have that. So I'm not really sure what earls actually saying. Well what actually saying is that. The Patriots had did not have a desire tired. Put Derrick Henry on the turf. Forget him his way. They didn't score or do anything in the second half of that game. They got enough first downs to win that football game. Derrick Henry was absolutely the difference maker in two ways one before the end of the half. When you have to score if you WANNA beat New England in New England you must score at the end of your half and leave no time left for Brady to scored Mr Okay and certainly GonNa get the ball first and the second which I believe they did they did and what did they do? They didn't try and light it up with. Aj Brown in order find Johnny Smith Down the seam. They handed it to Henry and Henry took the time off the clock and got the big chunk plays with his legs. That's number one and number two. He was the closer he came out of Penn.. It didn't tip his pitches like PAPPA. Blonde or or Craig Kimbrel or Kimbro to use your vernacular. He came out and he closed. I mean I would say the closer would be eshelman dropping. That keep you know. And that's what you know. That's what I thought of when Peter King said in the first hour that the results of the wildcard game and the way it played out did not surprise. Tom Brady because Brady knew that. This offense wasn't super bowl. Quality Politic which is what we said in his post the day after. They lost the dolphins when he was asked. Can this be fixed. Is this an offense offense and go to the Super Bowl and he basically said well. You know we're in the tournament they give that sort of one game at a time thing as opposed to the previous seasons of well not. Yeah well nobody says you guys. I think we can't do it so it was. You know he didn't so he knew it but the one thing I think that did actually surprise him was dropped the ball I mean the fourth quarter house and they played this season with the. Let's let's be very honest. The reason why the Patriots are home right now is not because as of number eleven all right guy did what he had to do. Gamer every particularly shocking. Okay so you you mentioned it earlier. Rich Larry David Co joining us. Next week you'll be here in studio Friday the Friday before curb returns fantastic. Were all excited about that. So David was on the radio yesterday with our friend. Michael K yes I made ju just roll it Mike. This is just hold on a second hold on a second. I have heard this story and I'm thrilled. That he's telling it publicly that he's loved Lamar Jackson he has an actually used his insider died with the jets right to try and affect what Mike Maccagnan was going to do in that draft with the third overall selection. Okay now we can you. I did call Mike maccagnan before the two thousand eighteen draft and I recommended that he draft Lamar Jackson. I have a witness really. Yes apple witnessed. I'm one of these shady you when you said that he kind of gave me the most condescend really. Wow so you told them that. Tell them that and he kind of laughed after. Be who can blame them. Nobody thought Jackson. We're going to set for the ravens except for the radio show. What are your thoughts on base? I can't I can't I can't take the hat. I can't take coach wearing a hat constantly. Tells me that there's something about him. He's not comfortable with himself. Because I I when I started doing standup I wasn't comfortable and I start putting a hat on because it I was like a different persona different character. 'cause I was was hiding. That's what he's doing. He's hiding either hiding baldness or there's something about his personality. He's uncomfortable but you can't trust a man who wears a hat. He's got to take take the hat off. He's got to face the public. He's got the hat I agree you know what again again and I can't wait for L. D. to come in and I know this is gonna sound like topping in a way but you know what they're what's the name of the a show Mike del Tufo. Just there's a certain name of the show richeisenshow I've had this conversation with Larry And we're GONNA have it again next week. Can't wait and he has posited this theory and then I showed him. The photograph of gas without the added added his introductory press conference. That's what he's already. Yeah crazy is Larry know about it is I cannot tell you how amazing I have not seen all the episodes of curb that's coming but the ones one's you've seen amazing they are and again. I'll Bristolian when you're sitting in an Edit Bay as part of this group. That's how many people in that about seven ten sometimes okay and sometimes it's different sometimes. I'm not there whatever and Airy Jeff Jeff Schaffer is in it sometimes yes and again. It's shown to people have no concept of the making aching of the show right because so much of its AD libbed to make sure that the lint the the the story make sense as they put it together because they're too close to it to get people have nothing to do with the making of the show coming in and having it described Is One thing but showing it to me is another so when you're there and it's the first first one that you're seeing and the hasn't hasn't been on in two years three years you are sitting there and you're like for just a small a little bit of you sitting there saying what if it's not as good what am I don't laugh. What if the fastball? That's been ninety. The fire is now suddenly eighty nine my Kershaw Bryant. Well he needs some Tommy G. What if what if the curve doesn't spin? What if the the pitches are now hit a ball? Oh what happens then like literally. I've never talked to anybody else in the room. WHO's done near after year and had this conversation but I know now they're all? were all thinking the same thing and then they press play and then you hear that you know the HBO the Then bum bum Data loan gets everybody laughing it but then you need more after that right you got to keep it going correct thirty minutes then. This season the the first scene hits and all of that one away within literally two seconds. You're you're really build on this up. It's that good. How many have you seen rich said that again? How many have you seen There's like ten of my at. I've probably seen half of them a little bit more than and have them. It's it's Phanom can't we. And there's one that involves sports that's GONNA be great amazing. Oh man so Larry's next Friday and great stuff but with K. Yesterday I enjoyed C. N. I.. Let's take a break because Carson Palmer I'm GONNA keep him waiting too long and then later on on this day in history is going to be. It's amazing there's two plays in. NFL history incredible. What a day this? Unless you're a bills are saints fan. It's not such a great day true yes all right Carson Palmer. Next year on the rich Eisen show. What's happening everybody? This is the official Lakers acres. PODCAST I'm your host micro super pumped to be your flanked by Erin Lawsuit Wolf. You ready to go. I'm ready. The Lakers will be a top ten defense team that has to start or two thousand this case Lebron. ADP A deep sometimes can't presented out. I think they're both good candidates for. Mvp I really like the way that this team just feels to be around the. It's a it's a very clear message to stars in the broader ad and it's everybody else on board the relationship that is developing between those two off the court and on the pork cohesiveness. The court I think in this case is a special case that the two of them will enhance each other at the post. You taking away from each other. Be sure to rates. Subscribe and Bieber of you available on Apple. PODCASTS and PODCASTS. Welcome back to the rich Eisen. Show pro football hall of Famer. Howie long still to come here on the show As you know when we go off to Miami for the Super Bowl we'll have that whole. CSI Miami Theme Reis Miami thing very very excited about that Also as you know we have all our guests stop by once in a while we will turn our attention to the end of the year awards on the NFL honors in. That means it's time to start setting the table on that be fedex air era and Fedex ground air and player of the year nominees are out and the man to help us walk through all of that as well as get us set for a little bit more football this weekend longtime friend and a good friend of the program three time pro bowl quarterback Carson Palmer how are you carson a rich. I'm great how are you I am doing better talking to you. Doing better Where do we start? Let's let's start. I guess with With these nominees. Let's just jump right into it. How does your thank you despite Mahomes and Wilson being on this list? How does Lamar not win this one when we were all expecting to be MVP Carson not win. Both I mean he. It's such a great year on the ground to. He had almost ground nominees. I I it's it's I mean Russell. Wilson's years been unbelievable. We'll Patrick Mahomes was hurt for you. Know essentially two and a half games and still was spectacular statistically so You know it's it's that's what's so oh great about it is. It's voted on and and awarded by the fans to to the winter. So it's it's so important for the fans to vote and they can vote by log onto the NFL twitter page or NFL dot com slash Fedex. Patrick mahomes wanted. I feel like he won it last year and week. Seven I mean he he just ripped off fifty touchdown years five thousand plus yards. It was amazing This year it wasn't as dramatic especially with the injury but will the market Through the air on the ground it was just a spectacular year for Barbara and the Baltimore. Ravens you make a good point. I think they just The folks at Fedex in the NFL just want to give Derrick Henry Nick Shove and Christian McCaffrey. They're doing not put Lamar in the running category. Either that's fabulous grouping of of three players player. McCaffrey though joining my Buddy Marshall Faulk and Roger Craig is the only one thousand thousand rusher receiver running backs in the same season. That's a that's it's a pretty hefty number to try and compete with despite what Henry was able to do the job. Go down to the last game of the year for the rushing title. What Christian did it with two as you head coach get fired in December he had you know two offense coordinator at Cam? Newton Will greer you know Allen. You you know two rookie quarterbacks what he did it with Is Truly amazing without a real number one threat outside you have to worry about it receiver. Where every defense is just focused on him and I think back to my last year second last year in Arizona David Johnson was so close to getting thousand thousand we went into ah the La Coliseum to play against the rams week seventeen. I think David had like you know. A thousand or eleven hundred yards rushing. He had like nine hundred forty yards. It's receiving and we went in with a game plan to get him the ball to get him back thousand yards receiving any ended up hurting his knee like with three minutes left in the first quarter and didn't get it. Yeah so I I saw firsthand. How difficult it is It happened right in front of my eyes. And we we were forcing him the ball and trying to get in one thousand thousand and I. I saw how difficult it is weekend week out. Touch the ball. That many times taken those hits And for Christian to do it with two two different head coaches multiple coordinators nadirs multiple quarterbacks ever truly Just a fantastic year by him. Yeah sure was do you know Carson how many career rushing yards. You had like you've maybe asked me that before and I've been hitting the head so many times that my short term memory that good. No I'M GONNA say around around the around one hundred come on now no no now. Now you don't. You're you're a tremendous slouch. You aren't just a regular slouch don't where you are. The tremendous slouch four hundred. Seventy four career rushing yards on three hundred one totes Carson. No we'll do the math for you. That's a point six three yards per. Carry in your correct for a half a Canadian kid from southern California. uh-huh so do you remember what your longest Ron was do. You remember that one I remember my longest running college. I ripped off like a fifty yard Reagan Reagan. Ucla in the Rose Bowl because they were playing prevent defense throw a hail. Mary and I just decided not to throw. 'cause I don't WanNA throw the pick and I ended up having the longest run in my career but I don't I don't remember my long according to this This pro football reference to they get everything right You ripped off a sixteen yarder is thirty-seven-year-old and you're second to last year in the national football. I'd probably you know six to seven miles per fewer to so you were to have maybe eight man Carson Palmer here on the rich Eisen show. You are a perfect guest to try and I guess solve the James Winston Riddle here Carson. Because the Bruce Arians offense usually does lead to a high rate of interceptions for the quarterback in his first year in that system. You through a career high twenty two of them back in two thousand thirteen for areas and we saw this year James head the thirty for thirty you don't WanNa have What what is it about the areas offense against Carson? You know I just think you know deep down inside you know. Bruce knows. It's so hard today's Day in game now. Today's Day and age to put together eighty five yard drives That are fifteen plays sixteen seventeen eighteen plagiarize which is hard to do defenses or so good he will he likes those those three or four plagiarize with the sixty yard touchdown pass and you know he's he's you know he's famous for saying you know no risk it no biscuit right You Know He. He wants his quarterbacks to play with that mentality and you look back at some some James's picks I mean he he hits them receivers dead in the hands are in the chess and bounce off their hands and Wentz that's with defender so they're not all on him. I mean not not all thirty or all on him and and very rarely are all the picks on the quarterback but when you drop back and throw it forty plus times the game you really focus on the passing game and really. Don't run the ball as much as most quarterbacks would like to Picks are going to happen. But you gotta take those chances especially actually if you're not real good on defense Tampa Bay was and they knew they were going to get some points scored on them. They had to take those shots. James had to take some you know Some opportunities just throw some balls and some windows unfortunately more often than not you know those balls seem to get picked by him But that's just the mentality that Bruce plays with. He's not going to run the ball thirty five times a game and and try to win a game seventeen to thirteen. He's going to go out there and he's GonNa try to throw the ball and in general down down the field and throw the ball over your head and try to score forty forty points every week. Well the next year you certainly got a better hang of it. Just three interceptions for you the following year and obviously you had An injury marred season. Then you come back and when you are starter again. This is the year where you you made the deepest run in the playoffs Just eleven so you kind of cut it in half in the same amount of time that you played what what gives you any sense that perhaps James might have the same level of success in year two two and his full year Carson. But I believe he'll have a big jump if he's back In Tampa with Bruce. I really believe he'll he'll come back. It's such a difficult Mentally it's such a difficult offense. It is not easy there are tons of formations tons of shifts. Every play can change the Linux scrimmage protection wise There's so many different concepts we we would go into game plans. I know Tampa went into game plans with the possibility of having you know three to four hundred plays. He's come off the play sheet so it's not a simple offense. You Know You Watch you watch Baltimore play and you watch some of these teams. That are Just dynamic on offense and and they're putting in each game plan probably half the amount of place that that Bruce Carey so it's not as simple offense to just pick up and and and start off year one and go out learn how the pro bowl year it takes years It takes years for the quarterback and it takes it takes years for the guys outside. 'cause there's you know there's multiple opportunities where receivers have the option to run one of two routes and it doesn't they don't make that decision to make that cut until they get the top of the route and that's just something you need time you need. You need experience within that system and that's something you don't have you don't have that experience in year one. You need year one to go back and watch the film see yourself doing it wrong and the receiver seeing themselves do it wrong. And then year to really things start to click and that Chemistry starts developing that trust and that confidence in offense starts developed so so if if James is back in Tampa I would expect you to To be a massive uniform again The the the first pair of pro bowl teammates In Evans and Godwin's since Anquan Boldin Larry Fitzgerald in two thousand and nine for for the Arizona Cardinals Team that went to the Super Bowl Before you arrive there that said you also need a thick skin carson. I mean with with areas after the game in which the season ended on a pick six th to give james the thirtieth interception of the season Arians when asked about Winston says you look at it and there's so much good and so much outright terrible I mean literally he puts everything on the table like that What was the difficult part of that process for you and Bruce when you were together well Oh that's nothing? I mean. What he said to the open media is nothing compared to what he probably said the Jameson things he said to me over the years the the guy with the beat button would would be holding that thing down for a duration of the conversation probably So yeah I mean the thick skin. There's some every quarterback needs to have extra specs thick skin or something. Every Bruce Arians quarterback needs to have because the stuff he says. The media is is is rated G. compared to the stuff he says. So your face on the sidelining after locker throughout the week. But you know. He knows how important each quarterbacks thick skin is he knows the importance of being able to to move who've passed a really bad throw or really bad decision and be able to make a great decision. The next one So he you know it starts. Ot as it goes through training camp obviously throughout the season. And that's how he coaches and that's how he tried to get the best out of his players. He's not you know high fiving and hugging and saying you know blowing smoke. He's he's real. He's authentic check in. He gets after you and he puts you in tough situations on purpose to maybe if you need a little thicker skin he puts you in situations where you can grow that thicker skin so I I hope James Gets shot with them. Because I think we'll see a much better year in year two Carson Palmer here on the rich Eisen show courtesy of our friends at Fedex. You won't ask him the poll question before we send him out in the rest of the day there Christopher Yeah Carson which quarterback under the most pressure this weekend divisional round weekend Lamar Jackson to Shawn Watson Kirk cousins Jimmy Garoppolo. What about Aaron Rodgers okay? What's your thoughts on that? If you want to go to the most pressure with the way things went down with Mike McCarthy With the way things started off with with his new coach and Green Bay You know there's there's been shots taken kind of by everybody of he doesn't win enough that he's he's not really the greatest or one of the greatest. 'cause he doesn't win enough. I just feel like this is such a a big year and such a big post-season maybe the biggest postseason of his career including the year. He won the Super Bowl. I'm kidding I just feel like he's got the most pressure on on him because he's got he's got a higher seed he's at home. He's Aaron Rodgers. You know he's everybody's touted him as being one of the greatest ever If if he's going to be one one of the greatest ever and he's going to hold on Hold onto that. Then then this is a big game obviously next week and the Super Bowl be big if they get that far But I just feel like inside at the most pressure on him throughout the year just with the way last year ended and with with all the accolades. She's he's gotten over the years. I mean it's interesting. Take Their Carson. Because I think he's is one of the most overlooked quarterbacks one would think because his coach of the year doesn't get any credit for As coach doesn't get any credit for coach of the year because Aaron's a goat out and he's just rolling the footballs out and yet Aaron Rodgers doesn't get any. MVP talk because apparently he's not as good anymore so those two statements. You hear that you can't really square and a circle you know so. It's been interesting that you would out of everybody saying you know what I don't even want to go for for any guys that you put up there you'll go for our rogers well if I had to pick Of the other guys okay Probably Russell Wilson just. Because he has the most on his shoulders he has to. He has to play perfectly to win. He doesn't have the threats outside that he had in the past. He doesn't have that defense that he had the past. He's got marshawn back who hasn't played football for really two years so he's got probably a of the poll players. He's got the most pressure on him just because because he probably has the least amount of Weapons around him. But I just feel like an with all that's gone on with their and You know people talking talking about him being the goat and and Brady's seven or six superbowls He's got a lot to prove and and I I think he's definitely feeling it. I think he's very excited about this opportunity unity but I think he realizes that if he's one and done this this year in the playoffs there's GonNa be a lot of repercussions that are going to be had his latest offseason. Put the pressure pressure on on Chris. Brockman the rest of our production staff here because Russell wasn't a choice in that poll question another listener. They know each. Maybe we have to Redo question. Came up with four guys that you read them one more time Mar Jacks and the presumptive. MVP Repeat to Shawn Watson who had to do it all himself last week kirk cousins. Everyone said can't win the big game. and Jimmy Garoppolo is really never been tested broker Carson wentz. I'll take Jimmy G. I'll take DVD. If I have to take one of those guys okay just Jimmy G. 'cause everybody feels like the team is so good except for the quarterback and he's gotTA prove everybody wrong. But the team is so good because of the quarterback Carson. Well done sir of Fedex air air and Fedex ground player of the year nominees are out. Go and check them out at NFL DOT com slash Fedex. Voting is open. You can vote all the way up up until the Thursday before the Super Bowl and the winners will be announced at. NFL Honors in Miami. On Saturday February first and Fedex is gonNA make a donation totaling up to forty thousand dollars to the USO in the name of both the winning quarterback and running back thank you Carson Palmer appreciate the time. Thank you hoes. Get to catch up. Thanks for having me right back. Catch that's Carson Palmer. Right here on the rich Eisen show during that conversation an insane amount of news popping the quarterback draft half class for twenty twenty. Just grew by one. There is news involving a Michigan head coach not current and twitter changing the way you might actually have the platform used against you. How about that as a phrase uh-huh and a crazy this day in history all next before Howie long and Stephen Dorf join us and our three? Hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors and all of you great listeners for supporting this podcast certainly couldn't do this show without either of you. I wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsored sponsored by going to my show page at podcast one dot com clicking on the support this podcast button and there. You'll see all of my wonderful sponsors. That help make this show possible well. So thank you for downloading subscribing and of course supporting now back to the show. Okay so lots to get to here. don't usually talk about San Diego State football very much certainly when Marshall Fox not here the greatest Aztec of all time is a guy when Brady hoke was hired from there to coach Michigan. He was like you're GonNa love the guy and I did. I mean you know. I know the results weren't up to par on occasion but just a great guy and he was hired hired by San Diego State last year to be part of the staff of rocky long who replaced Brady hoke there. Well San Diego states about to announce that rocky long out as coach coach being replaced by Brady. Hoke crazy how about that. Meanwhile Jake Frahm just told Georgia. I'm done I'm going in the NFL. Draft your thoughts. Chris Brockman Pretty shocked. I don't know much -ssume that because this class is so loaded but trigger laurencin there is going to be loaded class with Franz not likely to be in the top of the first round or maybe even the first round at all Georgia has a chance to win the national championship again again. Next year I guess I just assumed he'd be back or second round. You could be picked by team like say New England who needs somebody three year starter in the SEC sec between the hedges forty plus Games. So Jake from Brooklyn Out Jake Brockman out okay. Twitter's announced it's going to put options to limit replies directly actually on the On your screen on your composed screen. What do I mean by that? What does that mean twitter? Just announced in Vegas at the event that It's it's going to add a new setting for conversation participants. Rod McCall your screen where you can pose a tweet so when you send the tweet you can click on four options. It's Global Group Panel and statement global. Lets anybody reply. Group is for people only you follow and mention. Oh I like that. Panel is only the people you specifically mentioned in the tweet and statement means nobody can reply. It's just my statement. I like that one. Oh my gosh. Now that the cons are now you could just basically fake news. Fake News people can respond. You gotta threat of fake news but also so people who are now being trolled on and also threatened or stock tech and just basically say I'm on twitter and I don't you can't get it and everything is statement tweet or a group or group statement just people I follow that. Yeah that's actually a good idea. I like that. That's they're they're saying they're gonNA tinker with that in the first quarter of this year. We'll see what happens. It could be a good idea. So for instance. We could send out a tweet of this day in history but the group would exclude bills fans because of this date in history or saints fans because of this date mystery. Because we're being respectful agreed. Go ahead Mike Del. Tufo this date in History Ariza this to the respiratory brought to you by capital which is reimagined banking by offering savings and checking cows. No fees or minimum is one of the nation's best savings rates capital. One what's in your wallet. Christopher do are you going to steer this ship first stop instead eight. Two Thousand Christy kicks at high short GonNa be fielded by via Lorenzo Neal at the twenty five years you sit back Hawaii check. He throws it across the field. I said he's got something he's got something he's got it. He's got it what he's got. It wound up there the tennis club. Tighten my Keith. At the famed call is is it. Twenty years two decades January two thousand. Say Gosh Wild Card weekend two thousand. The bills drought is still going to imagine if that happened. Now how long the review would be lengthy all right and nine years ago. Nine in Seattle Saints Hawks Roll Tape Route Silence now when the saints at the ball is hard the state now. I don't know how many tackles and broken tackled. We're in there I think about. I think at least a half dozen tackles that Lynch broke. What I run that run so amazing just shoving people Awful recall Seattle was like why do they get a home playoff game against the defending super bowl champs when they didn't finish five hundred to win their division that was fresh rush off game to fifty-six between Sam Bradford and the rams announced the Seattle seahawks. They won that one. Got The home game. And that touchdown was thirty. Four thirty touchdown you're just thinking okay. Just run out the clock or just get into field goal position. So if brief scores a touchdown you know the worst. You can get his overtime and instead he he does that with about three and a half minutes going as the story goes it. Actually set off a true seismic event in Seattle people with the shaking stadium. HASHTAG beast this quake nine years old today. Happy Birthday to quick crazy man and wait till you see what decay metcalfe's going to do with these throw. That's going to be amazing. I'M GONNA keep track Stephen Dorf our three. There are things that should not be copycat killers they exist. Those who are compelled to turn bloody eddie fiction into a real life four story inspired by the joker they do it because the accident of power and control the license assist kill life imitates art and unfortunately so does death reels and podcast. One Who brought you. Murder made me famous comes the next great true crime podcast copycat killers join host. Dr J. Buzz. Von Ornstein as he analyzes true crimes based on Hollywood hits new episodes every Tuesday on apple podcasts. And podcast one.

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