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Party party time about it down to another episode jet show here in the mother ship which is studio. Twenty two puppetmaster. Look at me. Just look at me. I'm all slouched down and Chilin unbelievable. I'm just down here for the ride. Man It's Wednesday it's Hump Day chump. Day nobody in the room that we know of has corona virus. Thank God think God the quickest way to get tested for Corona viruses. Touch a rich person's face and they'll be right on you. They'll just check you out because only rich people get this thing saves the day's Candy she's the queen of the Ethiopians. We're going to talk to you today about a couple of different things. I know you love being put on the spot. We talked to her the silent dear but he is alas silent. Party fell Steve at the pub with the only cure for all germs right behind him. Look at that we could get that booze and of course hot news natalie hanging out. She's back she's Nathalie socially distanced I socially can't even touch each other there. You go else feed her close now. They're not two feet away. I don't catch it from feet. You get other things from feet. Yeah just disgusting. Hope everybody's not touching their face. They haven't gone stir-crazy they're having a good time at home. We're going to get into some of the wilder topics of the day. And Boy People get pissed off on social media and it is never more true than right now while everybody's board at home and looking for something to be offended by everybody's on eggshells everybody's on pins and needles. Everybody's just looking thin-skinned at something to comment on that they disagree with. Here's a message. I got just yesterday Chad. I'm really disappointed that you're spreading things such as this over positive encouragement to your followers. I think you're great funny guy but lately your posts in the handover the face emoji. You should not be touched your face even with emojis. Okay don't do it. Don't get the Emoji Kelvin. Guys wet markets are open again in China in China. I love China Right. It's been a giant a mini. Did you say wet market sweat? Dogs cats rats bats other animals that we've never even heard of their Salman these markets putting them in the stew and they're eating them now. I'm not saying that because I truly believe the Wuhan virus came from Soup. I'm saying it because you people have been nasty for five thousand years and you're still doing it. Steve and I went yesterday and had some Thai food. It wouldn't let us eat in a restaurant though no out the oddball INNIS and making sure. We stayed away from him. Yeah that's US this data. They did that to you all before this outbreak. Then ever want to come to our table at the happy tie. We got it to go. I love that restaurant is good food and great I I. Don't you know people have this idea that if you eat the stuff from Asian restaurants you're going to get the covert Willer Morons desirous from China. It's it's a disease to me about trump when he talked about him. Teeth trump voice. What he has an under bite. I saw your instagram story. You did do a trump voice. You did pretty good. I can't I can do some words but that's about it. That's about China hyped up today. I'm excited to be here. And you know what I'm hyped. Up Drinking Caffeine. America's leading veteran owned and operated coffee company. My boss black rifle. Coffee Company B. R. CECE launching a coffee donation campaign to support medical and emergency workers. That's right quarantine military personnel and their families and others working around the clock to mitigate the national and global impact of covert nineteen for every coffee purchase on black rifle coffee DOT COM during a ten day period. Black rifle will donate a bag of coffee or a can of its newly released ready to drink coffee to medical personnel first responders and service members to in the by a bag give a bag initiative visit black rifle coffee dot com purchase any bag of premium roast coffee. Their company is committed to supporting veteran law enforcement and first responder causes and the best way to enjoy black rifle coffee company. Coffee is through the Coffee Club. I'm a member. You need to be a member. Free subscription where. Your chosen coffee roasted packaged ship. Free to your door on your schedule. In addition to the convenience you're GONNA receive special discounted pricing and gain access to exclusive products member only content partner discounts. More more more like for instance Matt best his new music video which is killing it. Call Quarantine very funny look it up on Youtube. You can purchase at black rifle coffee DOT com slash. Watch Chad use. Promo Code watched Chad. And Guess what you'll get twenty percents off your first purchase go to black rifle. Coffee DOT COM. Here we go. Hey what wants you to do is go to where music is offered get. He's still your president. Get it at I tunes Amazon Music. I got on Amazon music. This week downloaded the APP. I Tunes Guy. Because a simple. It's easy is that a bad thing. Dc is I tunes a horrible thing. Now I love itunes. It's the Amazon music that I'm curious to see your opinion. Here's why there are certain things that you can only buy on Amazon music. Like for instance Garth Brooks Garth Brooks has never been on. I Tunes Tiger King. He has his audio CD on. That's true Amazon. The Milli Vanilli of White Trash. I had someone. Send me a message. Excoriating me it was a one thousand word. Monologue wound the separation of redneck and Hillbilly. I have been misdiagnosing. Joe Exotic by calling him a Redneck. He's a hillbilly. But he's not he's not I push back what. What's the differentiating factor is that the pyrotechnics or I stop reading? After one hundred words the pyrotechnics. It's either the pyrotechnics or the leather jackets. That distinguish it. Well you have the delineations of white trash in under white trash if I if I'm drawing like a pyramid white trash and then you have hillbilly and you have redneck and you have inbred. Yeah right they exist. They exist dog across the street when you can go across the hall we're bumping husbands and I'm just telling Joe Exotic is a hillbilly. You know why there's no hills that's true there's no hills hillbillies are people who live in the hill. Okay there in the holidays in the hills. Most of you don't even know what a Holler is. Yeah what does it also break up? Depending on the regions in America Like MISSISSIPPI IS TAXES RIGHT. Appalachian trail sort of area. Yeah Steve. We've been there. Yes we have been there. We have saint it and I will say. This redneck is everywhere around the globe. All around the globe. Hillbilly is not hillbillies like Bourbon. It has to be made in America and it has. I'll be in a certain region of America. Okay so I don't consider anyone in Texas or Oklahoma or anything like that to be a hillbilly. They're not hillbillies the rednecks right. And I know I told you I told you I got a cousin. That got arrested cockfight for selling chicken salad sandwiches. This if you ain't got uncle that took his daughter to the Strip club for a job. You know what I'm talking about you. Kinda people got mad at you yesterday or Monday on the podcast yeah. Did you know that I didn't know that you know Y Y 'cause you made fun of conroe actually? I mean it's funny. 'cause you're from conroe what? I what I remember what I said. I don't remember what he said it. You said something funny I said Yeah like conroe Texas and the Bill O. And they got mad at me. No didn't really get mad mad but they don't let me tell you something. I'm a big conroe Fan. I grew up there graduated from there and I love going back. That's a great place. Plus that and you mentioned East Texas earlier. It sounds like that that are keeping us read. And that's why I'm a big fan a lot smarter than these big cities you know. What our big cities want blue and exactly and I could talk about him. Because I is one I am too right so we need Texas. I can talk about conroe. I live close enough to. I'm rocket a Stephen F. Austin State University sweatshirt right now. Because that's where I graduated from National League East Texas lumberjack lumberjacks. Yeah central business you know. And as a redneck we think we can use duct tape for anything we can. We can't what trump wiping your ass with it and I did just flip it will slick. It's fine it gets a little slit. We had it with the sticky side Oh my Lord. Cd's are dumb idea. These are dumb ideas and speaking of a dumb idea. There's a nude this past Sunday. Washington state Washington state has the largest percentage of corona outbreaks. The largest percentage per cabinet right. They don't have the most cases but they have the largest percentage they're like like have a four and a half percent death rate of people who get it okay That's that's pretty big. Actually but a guy in Washington state. He took the police on a chase on Sunday and when they finally stopped him or he finally stopped. He said he was teaching his dog how to drive. The dog was in the driver's seat and they pulled over. The guy was fifty one years old. He's one hundred miles. An hour crashed in several cars. Along the way what kind of drugs you gotta be on. What kind of dog was this? He was teaching smarter than other MARLA. He's other smoking pot so you know. And that's how they're that's why the corona viruses spread so fast or passing blunts. Everybody touching each other's lips don't share the same pipe right now people. I wonder it corona lives in Bonn water. Don't suck it. I wonder there's gotTa be more to this story and I'm sure some of you out there. This is your redneck cousin. And you'll call me up and you'll send me a message and you'd be like you just don't understand what it was going on. He works for the circus and that's his job training out six. Well put them out on open-field somewhere. Okay don't go one hundred miles an hour. I'm sure there's something ticket the dog or apparently driving without a license. I'll tell you yeah you know. That's that's facts. I'll tell you I you know. Trump came out the other day and he basically said that he thinks that hospital workers have been stealing masks. Have been going out the back door and Andrew Cuomo. The governor of New York was like. Oh how dare you say that? You can't say stuff like that. Well that was on March the twenty ninth something like that and You know there's articles out there about. The president offered no evidence to back his suggestion of something so nefarious. Well if you go always back this way this is what I post. This is why we post blaze articles out there and people at what is seen that staff. Well I didn't stay ignorant. You keep your head in the sand okay. But on March the Fifth Andrew. Komo's sad people are stealing mass to another medical equipment from hospitals mark. I'm telling you mark unbelievable white trash. Did you see the picture of Andrew? Cuomo that came out Monday. He's giving his press conference. He's wearing his little. He's got that little Seal ON HIS SHIRT'S JOHN. Look Presidential right and he's wearing the golf polo. People can't see it people can't see it but there's this picture right here and if you'll notice there's something really weird going on with his. Co. You saying this picture you need to look it up. The man has nipple piercings. He's got studs through is nipples or he has six nipples now. He's got studs. I've seen another picture. Blown up cannot see that the man has so that's real. It's in several places. Oh Andrew Cuomo he got freak nipples. He's got freak nipples. Don't go too far net. I will get an education right. The I'm telling you my nipples too small for the. Oh I can get something through there. Andrew Cuomo has a Prince Albert. Oh I wonder if Prince Albert has Andrew Cuomo Tiger King had. I did have a principal a padlock. Yeah I don't know how that works I don't either. I don't I don't know what does this is the person so you know what? Let you drive that Neil right through here pierce it anyway. Andrew Cuomo Freak Freak show it breaks you. Let me let me give you some numbers people give you some numbers and these numbers are a little bit older We're about a reported if you go. January one to March twenty fifth. You had about twenty one thousand deaths by Corona virus had one hundred thirteen thousand by the seasonal flu. Two Hundred Twenty eight thousand by malaria. Two hundred fifty thousand by suicide three hundred thirteen thousand traffic fatalities three hundred ninety thousand deaths by HIV and AIDS. Five hundred and eighty one thousand deaths by alcohol. One million one hundred sixty two thousand by smoking one million nine hundred by cancer two point three million almost two point four by hunger and nine million nine hundred thousand deaths by abortion. What is the real epidemic slash pandemic puppet master Yeah see we're focusing on some things that are just not good anyway. Those are the things going on so I brought all that stuff up because there was a Brooklyn man arrested for hoarding mask and coughing on F. B. I. Agents he claimed to be infected with a corona virus coughed on. Fbi agents are investigating him for Hoarding Medical Supplies. That's just mean. He was selling on price price gouging. He suspected of selling New Jersey doctor about a thousand of the mass for twelve thousand dollars. I told you we need to start. Bottling that snake oils kidding. That's a those mass. Take eight cents to make. That's what they used us all informed And look at them getting six seven dollars or more Four now I guess up to twelve. Yeah so that's he directed another doctor to Earth models new their. It's pro their Amazon. Prime what do you got those bottles? Oh we're GONNA fill it up with all of these forty four. Yeah with the Little Vapor Rub in there. That is my mother's cure for everything. GotTa Rub it down with Vicks. Yeah put some vicks bottom feet. I secure all man that are spray it with windex but anyway to auto repair shop pick up an order. He said he'd got enough medical supplies to outfit an entire hospital hand. Sanitizer CLOROX WIPE CHEMICAL CLEANING AGENTS. Surgical supplies crazy man. And I'll tell you what that he already have all that stuff before this started going down or did he go get it right at Notre Dona. That's that's your homework. Assignment might be found out. He could have been working at a hospital. Stealing for twenty years could have been you never know. Yeah I don't know Tlc TLC stood for the learning channel. Yes that's long gone long. Gone this show that I'm going to be on after this pandemic over in quarantine my six hundred pound life. They're going to put a halt to that. Obviously there cast members or high risk. Sorry out of Houston is that is that the one that's filmed in Houston. I don't know I think he lets Texas Florida and Mississippi. Yeah okay the one. I mean. They're all over Texas Florida Mississippi But yeah I mean they already have a compromised immune system. So they're they're not gonNA keep doing the scene. The memes about the show right. Have you seen that so after this? Yeah that's a do the producers. Call me do the producers. Call me do I call them. And now they're halting interesting They're harmful halting it. You're welcome so it'll be on it now. No No. They're using the forklift to put the bodies in the trump not to get the people out of their house. Maybe they're gonna up the weight Ham. Well I can put him on a beach in Bikini and put them in. Sports illustrated swimsuit edition. That's what they're doing is anyway. Fat is in Steve. Dad Bod's that bots are in data. Keep telling people that everybody will believe it. So curves her in for women they are in. I like a woman to feel like a woman my pillow. Yeah Yeah I want I want. I want my women woman my all of my women to feel like they came out of a factory for Mike Lindell. Yeah we'll be right back with more shameful things. Don't move buddy. Is that funny? I share it. I can look at thirty pitchers. No no well I mean that was earlier This is actually. I had a video of Dana Bash. Speaking at our She's a member at Texas gun experience. Anyway someone has is he just wrote still can't get my head around the fact that you can go and shoot guns and I see on the news regularly. That people are getting shot. I guess it's something US Brits will never understand and Chris Lash. Daynuss has been got involved with somebody else. Actually not crispus. Mac It's called the second amendment suck and he was like. Oh for your calls me a sucker. I don't think you're responsible enough to own a gun and then Chris just piped in and said people still get shot and murdered in England France and Spain. We will keep our freedom. You can keep your pretend safety and they said you can keep your monarchy to we are citizens in your subject and then the Brett said really you. You're a group of citizens of a country that's run by an Orange Blob and then. Chris said CHECK CHECK. The economy and freedom scoreboard also. We are a country. That's run by the people. Say hello to the Queen for us. You are dismissed subject. Anyway guys still going. But it just made me giggle. Read all of that and they never stopped. Natalie they never stop. Everybody's got an opinion. Everybody's an expert. It's fun to watch candy well and and we'll say that a lot of people that are not in the US and people that are in the US are allowing the media to sway in decide. What their ultimate opinion is about our country. Yeah I got another thousand word. Monologue dissertation from someone who said Chat then watching this pandemic unfold from apparent can't at all I can say is I hope things come about for the better soon but you folks down there are your own worst enemies every one of your politicians including trump is making a complete aso themselves. They need to screw off with egotistical pissing contest and get on the job of protecting the people Americans lives. They're responsible for. I said I'll have a talk with them. That's what I responded with what you want me to do. I mean people are just funny man. I look I appreciate your concern you know and then I had another guy who was all about. Why are you saying everything you need to say about? Trump being the worst president ever for the Second Amendment well is true. I mean we've talked about that. He's he's been working with the Second Amendment than any other president we've ever had We've talked about it on numerous episodes and still well. We're humor show. We've discussed it numerous times. We tend to talk about the humor side of current topics which sowed pick one of the two hundred twenty. We've done in the last year. Go find it man. Remember what we said yesterday or the day before you something. We talked about six months or a year ago. No idea right. We talked about yesterday. Days ago you mentioned things that were that frustrated you about about trump. It's in you said I am not a one hundred percent die hard going to vote for president trump. Like everyone else you say it all the time because that's my heart. I'm honest about that. Guy's listening the one topic just so you know the one topic that. Chad brought up that comes to my mind. There have been several is bump stocks. So if you're questioning whether or not trump he you're on the bandwagon trump. Go back and look for that because you mentioned several times it made you mark Maxwell the on week guest talking talking about it. I'm your brother my brother. My husband both talking factor that holds all patents stocks. It's been on this so anyway. Here's the news. You can use tiger kids. Let's talk about Tiger King. Everybody's watching Tiger King. Who would have thought that Gay Redneck? Yeah he's a Redneck Would bring us all together him and his. Somebody sent me a message yesterday and said when you talk to Joe Would you please ask him why he sold lube in his zoo and I said first of all? Let's unpack your question okay. Same reason he sold a animal print thongs and condom. Possums yeah and they said but why at a zoo and I said well. Let's talk about a zoo. The zoo or the people who are working their animals were just byproduct zoo. Were the people who were working at the place. I don't that I would call it a zoo more than just an exhibition. Hey come in and see the snake lady for one down one nine come on give them a little peek. Not Too much for the show. Hey I'm telling you man. The dudes nothing more than a carnival barker right. Twenty Three Tigers Eight. They've been with twenty years ago. I got US Adam who import monkeys. You only got your care. Baskin people at Tiger King memes as my favourite page right now. Oh my God. This is the year of memes but We get to the news on this here in a second because there is news people either. Love it or hate it. There's no inbetween you just watch it casually you either get involved or you don't watch it either. Sucks you win or you ignore it right. There's no in between with this show with this series right and and you just know these producers are making bank. I mean just mopping them. But they're gonNA the the sheriff is talking about reopening the case against Carol Baskin's disappeared. Vanished husband twenty. Eight zero missing person knew it. Case Don Luis Disappeared Ninety seven. And the funny thing candice is people. Watch this and part of me wants to feel sorry for Carol Baskin's because because she has become just a villain to everyone and it's like here's a woman. Hey you cou cats and kittens. Who's got a smile on her face. She's galen about everything. I kind of like her husband. Howard I feel for him. Feel like it's like you pull his string and he says what he has to say but this girl has become public enemy number one. And I'm like I'm thinking. What did she do and say in this show? Where in the Court of Public Opinion? Everybody thinks she's guilty everybody. Everybody they're blaming Carol. For the corona virus. Now they're saying that she is the source of it so she is really taking a beating on this and that there last night at midnight laying in the bed reading those memes on Tiger King Names. And let me tell you. I've made some great ones in my opinion but there are some gold out there. There is some gold. One of them is the character that you never think about. Is The guy that used to be the drug cartel member hit the FBI agents body and he's the most likeable character he was a cartel kingpin. He's the most likeable character on the whole. He's like the most Boring Da. And there's another me where she's got him on the she's got. Howard on the leash and he squatted down a little tiger outfit. Just as watch out they said this thing even in the top ten weird shit. You're gonNA think that's true. It is true well she is the ultimate Cat Lady. She's she's cat queen like there is no other description of a cat lady than her. Some funny t-shirts other. We came up with one that we put out and There's there's some funny stuff that people have made. I'm I'm kind of jealous that some people came up with these designs. We gotta get US good graphic designer and and I know you're not if you send me a message. I got a message from somebody that I get messages every. Okay I'm not being mean I'm just saying that's not what we're looking for. I have a very specific thing that I'm looking for. You're not so anyway. We'll see what happens man. I mean that's what happened. The making was the show making making murder making a murder. I want to say to catch a killer or to catch a predator. Yeah I I get them confused. I know they're two different things but anyway was going to have an out of this. John Lewis is probably living down their in Costa Rica's best life but but I don't believe that because ninety percent of his money ninety percent of his money and if his sister would have just will go. Bass Tiger. We'll be right back. Kansas just sent me tonight's Graphic for the little thumbnail deal timeout fake news. And your pick the worst pictures is that. Dc that picks these Ju- picket. I pick it. I like it. That's horrible kit called. I mean you don't have much to work with. That's I mean it's a thumbnail little bitty picture I'm at three Chins now. I'm like Corona Woo. Han phonebook I got a whole list of Chinse. Don't look at me like you're judging me. Je Green Us. Let me see go like the. Why why is your? Where's your beer ago. I would say hear your look. You look like but I'm not going to prue. I can do that to reduce media. Here's I don't mind hangs down. That is naturally. Just get this from a mother. It's party from a mom it's genetic. Wgn's that fat covert fifteen. Now the screws up your mom does not have a beard notion of a beer. Did you say what happened to my beer? Yeah I shaved it. I know why every now. And then you gotTa plow the field. You know what I'm saying you've got to start over but I'm asking about your beard. It's gone shave. It Jake calls every now and then you got to start over. I don't like it because I like a thumb with a cowboy hat on something. You WanNa talk to us about. What are you going through something? Is that what you got rid of the no no going back? I did read for a movie. Part that You know that happens every now and then they send me these scripts and so the guy that this part represents this is a part about a real person this biopic and he's a little overweight in real life so I was like screw it it works. Yeah shaved it down to do that. Every now. And then L. A. L. A. Rules. My life get call. What just happened. What happened candy? Okay so what are you? GonNa do if you get an email to audition for the Tiger King Movie. They won't do that. I know you know after watching the other dude who lived out there for however many months and collected all that stuff and it just burned to the ground and gave my alligators in the crocodile. I couldn't be around that madness. I just couldn't be around that madness like trying to catch it look. I've done reality stuff I've done on the road man on the street. Tv and things like that and trying to set up scenarios. It becomes very stressful. Yeah very stressful. People don't realize how stressful you guys know. Tv can be stressful. I mean it really can cause so many things can go wrong. There's so many moving parts so many things that are happening at any given time. Now you know mark you take one of those Glenn Beck specials that he's doing on Wednesday night. There's a lot of moving parts to those sets in what's happening in the people who are working around that deal and that even that is scaled down compared to a lot of things. That are going on stressful. But then you add in the mix of people who don't know how to be on camera or who never have done that and you're trying to get them to natural with that camera on on that's hard. That is really really hard. It's really hard. Thanks really goes on in somebody. When at camera comes on there they can be totally like wild personality crazy but since camera comes on they they change your I mean. So what did you say Steve? Now I'm aware of the camera right there man and and it doesn't hide anything. It definitely does add weight. Yes it definitely adds weight. Twenty six pounds. I think I'm wearing about four cameras right now. Yeah it's a man I don't know I'm GonNa be on six hundred pound looking at you right now on the Monitor. Not me by. Yeah you look straight look straight. Now look straight. Well that's because you're partial. You love me. I get twenty percent better looking than you think your nets. That sounds like something. You'd come up with Morpheus or you're letting people in on in messages cheered them. I don't care what okay. We'll good you look. I have somebody on Monday night. Show who commented and said are you sick. You look like shit and I said so do you. I wish people understood mark. I wish people understood that when I respond to you won't Social Media and I've always thought about maybe coming up with just certain answers like just answering with a Bible verse. You know what I'm saying and sometimes just making a total random Bible verse. Just go look it up. And then I've thought about just different catch phrases to answer everything with that or something. They just Kinda marks you just kind of puts the mark on your like you know. Cain and Abel when God send him out into the Wilderness and put his mark on him. Like you've got the Mark Roe. Everybody knows I've thought about doing that. But people I want them to understand when I come back to you. I'm not being serious with you and I'm not I'm not mad at you. I'm not you and I know sometimes through text. That's hard to pick up the emotion right right right but I'm not like I will confront you or push back a little bit on a discussion but I'm not mad at you. I am not that shallow. I'm not that petty. You know what I'm saying. What's He was thinking of? Abbaba overset addresses that exact. What you're talking about it's Tiger keen fourteen to start sending you. Thanks from the song of. Solomon you have a neck like the Tower of David Breasts. Like two doves yeah. I sang a song. Pomegranate sat was a sexy book. It's a sexy. It's sexy book. I did a symbolism teaching on that years ago. Okay let's get into it. Let's talk about what this means. Yeah I WANNA dance in your gardens of Moore. Speaking of dancing in the gardens of murder drive in theaters. They've made a comeback amid the corona virus. We got a great one in Fort Worth Coyote. Drive in the drive in theaters you can you can get in there and get. Gygi with it in the back city your car. If that's your thing as long as you're doing it from six feet apart they don't make the backseats cars like they did when we were no man. I was saying that the other day I was watching I was watching. What movie was it? It was Oh Gosh it was the Elton John? Deal the rocket man and they come out and get in the Rolls Royce. The door that opens backwards just have like a living room in the back. And I'm like how nice with that the I'm living wrong. Can you see my redneck? Ass in a Rolls Royce. Pimping Steve Driving as long as Dr Steven oilers Houston oilers. The role did y'all ever own the like nineteen early eighties. Luxury van. But Benny and Japan vans that. I had one bad on wheels you did. That doesn't surprise me. He was a conversion van. Had A refrigerator had a TV TV like this kind of VCR in the carpet like carpet had a little had the low bistro table. Right there it was like the captain's table is what they call it. Back in the day the captain's hey they make those fans anymore. Now they make. They make conversion conversion. Vans for like touring and stuff like that. Dr Viv Taksin stuff like. Yeah I saw one yesterday. As a matter of fact part you'd had like a twelve inch lift on the top of you to stand. Ac's conversion van like that big spooner Aaron Copeland. Yeah they I A lot of musicians are done but yeah I had to Shaggy Okay. You can fold it down. Had the velour couch laid out into a bed. You could stretch out on. Is it called a shaggy wagon because of the SHAG carpet. Nope it's not because the vans Iraq and don't come knocking on wag chicks dig Chia. Yeah that's the thing was a lemon dude. It broke down all the time all the time. There was problems with that. Thanks Lori honey. We're OUTTA gas again was stuck in the mud. We're fuck you moron. You broke the shocks and we're GONNA song. I'm working on the new song. Which by the way you'll need to get quarantine life? It'll be available. It should be available for downloads tonight. We'll see All the places that you can get songs. I'm writing a new song about The Motel six and a neon sign off things that happen in a motel six hundred neon always a good Fox But it's a good slow. It's a lived in motel six for two weeks. I used to live at the old Hickory in Jackson Tennessee. Twenty nine dollars a night. Three dollars stake in the bar and the bartender was easy. Oh Man I'm telling you is like I said on Monday. Four seven years of unprotected sex women of loose morals and I'm going to die from picking my nose her touch it. Hey the stuff you here on the Chad breaker show. I'm in the mood. We'll be right back one of the One of the fun one of the fun things. That's going on this week. Is the mayor of Houston who came on Monday on his press conference and he said everybody Chiel thereby Chiel talk until all the criminals he said. Yeah I gotta take a break right. Now he's right though Yoga's to chill. Yeah y'all need cool it. Let's stop all the criminalize and until this is over a break from the crimes take a break from the crown is a good idea. Yeah I mean it works. It's a good plan. Our Buddy Jack car. His new book savage Sun. The third in the series of the James Reese series. Great great stuff comes out on the fifteenth of April. Y'All be sure to get that. We've had jack on the show. He's GonNa come back on pretty soon. We're GONNA work all that out but anyway man I'll tell you gotta watch Chad Dot Com. We are not out on the road but We're still doing things entertain you. I got the private group on my on my Chad Fraser. Page that you can join. It's not for everybody. It's for the strong at heart. We got all the links there. Watch Chad Dot Com. You can go see him and also we got cameo. I'll send you a cameo it. You can go to my Download the APP. Cameo Look Chad Razor. I've been having a blast. People asking me to say happy. Birthday and send messages are shut in right. They can't get to each other people. Send them from all around the world. So they're asking me to do been. It's been a blast man. I'm just having a blast. Colored Nineteen staying home folks. Don't breathe on each other. I love you. God bless. We'll talk to you tomorrow night.

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