Spittin' Chiclets Episode 189: Featuring Jeff Marek


and where everybody welcome to episode showed one hundred and eighty nine of spitting chiklis presented by new amsterdam vodka coming to a little late this week because of free agency but it was well worth it lots of stuff going on we're gonna jump into it shortly without now jeff macro sports net but let's say the boys first might eager nelia producer what's going on fellow gentleman big show this week i'm excited absolutely let's talk about next up biz nasty paul bissonnette where you that's not your host behind you victoria happy canada they everyone i know you guys got fourth of july coming by the way i went seven weeks sober and after a great to week work trip a we popped off in nova scotia or no excuse me halifax and then i came to victoria and a i've been in one yeah you're even in newfoundland newfoundland before that to get to that i've been i've been stored india jim detox is how much alcohol i've been drinking all natural hangover cure living off that stop and last but not least a boy ryan whitney what's going on buddy tells what's going on we haven't seen each other since a friday night in in hollywood water city hey halifax nova scotia it was exactly what i remember like the world junior days who is perfectly at a hell of a night in listeners let me tell you guys something paul bissonnette and that was a fucking hollow do if you were really bold and you're even drink when we were golfing but i knew of like you had drank and what was it five six weeks it felt like in seven weeks has like he's gonna get waffle sure shed all of a sudden i usually don't beckett bali way to second kate i don't remember much the second bar the last thing i remember that funding was danny green from the toronto raptors coming up shaking my handcuff somehow he was texting me dude and i told the communist bar and then boom blackout woke up at five am from pashas calling me face time audio and there is a girl next abed don't remember anything before that and almost miss my flight got and a quick rock and then went to the airport and fake got it wasn't international fifty minutes right before my flight first class check the bags power you keep the chains so i'm at the second place i think philly that was ale house yeah that's i don't make it that that's where he is michael okay so i never saw you but i'm like where's biz where's this 'cause you were behind me and then i was in there in our and i hadn't seen yeah i saw you know i'm over the course like where's where's business kid that i think he's down the bottom were on the second floor so it's like a dance or i looked down i'm looking i'm like he down there he's not i don't see him all of a sudden i step back and i see this guy michael jackson gold jacket that is forever forever wandering around three there is there is like nine people around you as you're walking like flashes were going off it look good mark walberg and rock star like walking bar like i saw your face i was like oh he's in more to we may be said hyper one second but like you were gone argo low and next thing you know to i kind of had like a nice little buzz i was getting ready to leave you guys already gone aunt danny green then my face on my who is this guy's a monster so i shake his hand have no clue is and i turn the couple sit buddies were some random guys always chat would like who's that they're like he's on the raptors on my does he play fun like he's the best in the league i i i didn't have a clue but that whole night was a blast anybody end i didn't say goodbye to sit there and say goodbye mccain and it was just one of those you later just the irish exits it's a no one felt bad but a so i i was calling everybody being like what happened last night 'cause i obviously blocked out and cornell said that i was walking home and he saw me on the way home yeah i read in debate as we're walking there no in leave together we just happened to be like walking into the hotel at the same time in the girl who is where he he walked in with his finger up like like even like the number one like you just wandering around on a she kept on now a but you're heading down any just stick it right back out the second i'm not conquest so it's hilarious i've never seen bits so drunk though yeah you'll you'll bockel irish goodbye that power stat dirty now he's was so fucking hot man i frank three all you can do all that everything there are really no dude at dinner i drank three glasses of red head seafood shot i didn't have one drop of sweat fuck and we will not buy some turned the fucking sauna and so i i reached out of my who's got a bone fucking in hollywood fined by the way i'm alley with the the best name in the world by the way halifax were a good time beautiful women very underrated no it's on a scene mini boston to shake but any boston it's exactly like it on the water hubs in bars everywhere good restaurants i mean that play i sent a couple of guys from them and people from boston after sir comedy and more like a guys weekend up there would be a time and a half i'm telling you i know guys weekend any you boston guys one hour and a half flight but unreal time go up the house i am thirty cents on the dollar yeah it's like i just i love that spot i really we can't give too much away boys but that might have been the biggest day in spit in chickens history we got sidney crosby for an hour and twenty minutes unbelievable mckinnon followed he was about fifty to fifty five minutes very candid a we can't think those guys enough these guys last i would put mckinnon second and behind mcdavid right now and based on crosby's rap sheet i think he's the goat right now three stanley cups and all these other hardware he has but just just a big that's fucking massive rush you guys also got hit the golf course into i'm gonna cut out of that kelly so we i think we talk about this yet we can't so 'cause we have a nice car you're talking about a mechanic crosby brought us to their course their their home court new ashburn thank you very much i don't know the name of it nor do i care 'cause i ripped up 'em i'm now known as the sand bagger phase is an absolute bag fast know where fuck you talk to anyone that i've gulf fourth ray whitney specially sentiment that you don't i don't blame you i i really don't so i want everyone to watch the contents decent afterward were gonna have to give it a public opinion to whether i'm a sandbag or not all but i'm gonna plead my case and say definitely not i just had the round in my life and that's all i'm gonna say no he's the only thing that you don't understand this is why i said i didn't blame you is that you thought because if you shoot like eighteen over par say you shoot ninety hi andy you think you're in eighteen handicap 'cause you're like oh 'cause you kept saying like she part wanting to and then you tripled three and then you part for so you were three overthrew for but you're like yeah but dude like that's three extra shot so i'll i'll end up being nine over after nine eighteen over after eighteen but handicap is like you're you're most recent twenty scores i believe it's you're best ten so if you're in a way like a decent amount morton say five times yours swing is good you'd probably and we we we came to the realization you're probably twelve maybe even a ten handicap the natural when you came in and said like you're in eighteen we were just like oh we expect to see a complete hack like when i start business like wait some people a hit ground balls and stuff i'm like yeah dude that's eight teams do but he's hitting like bomb three at all nellie pulls up at one point like i like golf with biz in vancouver last year he's unbelievable i'm like this mother fucker on my team and i still disgusted heart on your back home rocky like i used shipmate okay all right i'm not gonna say any more than my last comment before everyone sees the content piece is we go from the whites yeah we're getting a hundred yards off everywhere or maybe it's forty five sixty two hundred yards on his way out wrecked 'cause you're heading our way from their eight irons a seven iron hand ad we adjusted on the back nine so that's all i think you have already given up now that much now are we gonna shift towards you you're flight was delayed and actually in europe saturday night and montreal yes a and i thought it'd be home eaten fucking pizza in bed by saturday night but instead i was at shape hurry in montreal and eating some done smoked meat the clothes eight to eight to eight am in the morning yeah i got so the airport in halifax sadly i was supposedly the quarter five a at three thirty the flights canceled and it's like what the fuck am i gonna do now and you can leave in the morning fight the montreal connect and then fly home or even go to montreal tonight and then wait connected in the morning so i figured if i leave in the morning i get the montreal eight i'm fucked and i'll be stopped at least if i go montreal saturday night you know it's a thirteen hour layover i won't miss the flight so a i got a hookup someone apostles falling along my instagram they hooked me up with a hotel room luckily and i just two blocks from shaper he wouldn't you know it on my first time montrose thirty years ago when i was a kid so i was like hey i'm gonna go old school up in shape briefer a couple of beers there were some chick let's listen is in their walkout is a couple of come over selling what you're doing here is like oh man i'm supposed to fly out of halifax and and now i'm looking at fucking pussy right now so a lap dance of you out there i just still one you know it's been so long no i got one oh one just happened to be nine song she come over you know she's like ten dollars a song or fifteen in the private booth i was like hey you know fifty inside of books that have been or should we paid over so i go the price you pay like fight all at fucking scripts dourson fee just go into the booth and not you know she does the first song and she has she has a top the bottom on like hey you know ceelo something she's like oh no you only see if you pay ten dollars you get to see it outside the credit but if you pay fifteen you could you could touch them but they don't take the bottoms out he gets them between the legs but i was kind of like shit man i wanna see the whole package so i wish they spent the the ten bucks outside the and i don't even get the sandy fucking mud flaps so it wasn't even fuck i would have ven mo i spend more money in inside but i think yeah but that's i just wanna season bringing all right you know us over at spitting chiklis love talking about wrenches so it's time for a little wrench talk brought to you by a new friends over at trojan condoms sex we all love it there is no denying it i mean you all know were pretty open about are personal love live i'm a single man still meeting girls and living my best life just like i did when i was in nhl rookie widows all wife up now we all know back in his nhl days when crosby was helping them cash checks not a big deal he was running wild are raised inexperienced that that lip through the sex crazed seventies god i don't want imagine that fucking even grenell's out there giving us packer wet it's a big sexy world out there dammit we at spit in check and brady said we all have done it and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon and you shouldn't either sex is the best but when you're out there the trenches getting the deal done we want it'll all be safe you never know when some rocket at the bar will want to bring you back to your place and it's always important to be prepared and that's why you should always have a trojan brand condom whiffed u s t eyes and unintended pregnancies are something we all want to avoid and there's no other brand out there i would allow anywhere near my rich or trust like i do trojan condoms i want you guys out there having a good time but i want you guys staying safe while you do it no other brand out there would get my recommendation my trojan condoms so anyways i spent the night in montreal flew back then i get i get to the airport and i check in and i don't have a clock and seat you kidding me i was gonna go nuts and i ended up getting the seat so i got home it was it wasn't adventure but i was dying 'cause i can't imagine if you is how much he would have been flipping out by like nine o'clock at montreal i was on that flight originated yeah than the night before when we were at dinner in these clowns said they're leaving like six in the morning hours like dan yellow helped me out she switched my flight nf i wish any airport with doing that thing got cancelled the youtube click guerrilla films me having a complete meltdown because i want you know after big night oh you just wanna get home almost like i didn't wanna wait around all day and we spend another night now is that shape free with you i would is well just jumped out of their point on the way there so i was happy that i switch but i did feel free oh man when you text me like oh like just stuck so it's like oh my god yeah yeah i don't like coach at that point it sucked but fortunately i really don't have much to do so you know like i said when you fucking life gives you lemons make lemonade and just the jump on the halifax point again a great city great time there was actually a couple of bats apply these guys coming from toronto the go halifax just a piggyback on your point about being a good potty town and also to big dance didn't date those guys awesome guys man i mean not just doing the interview that just genuinely nice guys we sat down and had dinner with him had a lot of laughter just regular guys i really enjoyed they're dumping and you know i said sidney crosby just a fantastic fellow soldiers but hanging out and end of story centered over the jeff america 'em bernau you chime in here on the schedule or we have a lot of content that's gonna be coming out i'm gonna calgary stampede middle of july i i would imagine that the said stuff and mckinnon stop including the content comes out in early august we had the trip to newfoundland and in saint john's which we got a cherry ryan and terry ryan senior 'em i would imagine that's coming out late joe why hopefully if not it would be coming out mid august 'cause we wouldn't wanna overlap with the crosby and making content so we have a ton of stuff coming out you we will be dropping down to one episode a week as we mentioned but a plenty of stuff for summertime wants to john dropped down to one episode in order to keep you guys entertains all right well said now let's go to jeff america get the lowdown on a wild opening day of free agency this interview is brought to you by stitch fix personal style is like a fingerprint everyone has their own in whatever you style expert stylist at stitch fix are ready to help you express yourself because not all pose a fit for all men with stitch fix your personal stylist will send you 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friedman of excellent thirty one thoughts podcast he's also just a great guy we love shooting shit what welcome back this fitting chip it's jeff merit a thank you very much all right and i talked to a win it's been a while and catch a bit but i see you on twitter asks you having lunch today with someone who is trade i did do this rumor launch wow yeah he does that he could do that okay let me ask you let me turn ari i hate to do this and i apologize crappy hosts for two seconds dr love you boss okay hang on i'm boss hang on does she did he get the call while you're there with the nfl was joe sakic or what the hell do i he got he so he took a phone call quickly then came back to the table and he goes i just got traded beliefs and i was like fuck you you don't get they'll they'll yeah 'cause there's all this talk between him and vancouver an down but you when you looked at a fish like oh shit this guy just dot delta lease and he was very excited of course a bitter sweet sweet 'cause he's got mckenna news one of his best friends colorado in a team that's up and coming in is gonna be extra sex successful using that's a big word from me offer for four years the comair but now he gets to go to a team whose i would say what top top five league they're they're one of the contenders yeah an at the fishbowl right like i always say about about players and listen you mean you'd say you know this more than anybody else on this podcast right now like players always say maybe coaches were a better example generally hockey people always stay i know what to expect when i go to toronto and then when they go through the experience they say wow i had no idea what like that on the one hand it's great and you're treated like a king and oh man look at this the food is great personal chef taking care of it i could just turned my brain off and go through my day and i could just be a hockey player a lot different than it is but man when it bad it's bad and and the the the the awful thing about playing the maple leafs is for whatever reason and i cannot understand and i hope this doesn't happen the titan berry consort every the maple leafs fans always pick on one defense like they get on they find one defense and then all of a sudden that defense been do no good whether it's corey cross or accu burglary murphy's probably the best example of it i mean you could be brian mckay jobs are done in mj claw and jane gardner yeah gardner they get on him a data most recently as well for whatever reason and i dunno like this in other markets for whatever reason maple leafs fan all we fixate on one defenseman and then she began to epitomize everything that is wrong about the toronto maple leafs so of i'll do you offer notion another one i would say the toughest position of clay on the maple leafs is always the trenton because the fans just pick one and then that's it like they find one note on the middle and they just keep plucking it over and over again with dark they're pretty quick we talk about the positive stuff baltimore titles k a sunshine lollipops that's great marketing the stanley cup and where you're let's say you're really you're just a real is bro you're gonna miss of writing a decent tyson berry before he's even play the game from a man i'm just i'm just i'm just truth on your podcast cast today i feel like they were today was my last shift i'm just i'm just choosing on you well any oh i just any demon being high risk you're probably gonna end up being fucked in a i think the funniest part of all that is the fact that larry murphy was maybe the biggest whipping be more of all time for the lease and ended up all this incredible shutdown defender nicklaus the shrimp and let people said was impossible the play and so we sent you don't know what you're talking about when talking about defenseman thank you larry murphy by the way three in fans who who who followed a hockey in april certainly appreciate that larry murphy okay was probably the best be coy i've ever seen if you look at nineteen eighty seven canada cup watch that that the championship winning goal okay to its gretzky the view and scored its a three on one after dale howard chuck a hoax down yet at the soviet player behind behind the scene and of course no call the game is in hamilton after all it's a three on one end you know for with the minute you had the pocket there's no way he's he's taking that shot but larry murphy goes hard to the far post the goaltender had the cheat a little bit to murphy or at least respect murphy any freedom in the meuse sending a perfect shot timmy there's a lot on the plate our check when the dry it's fantastic gretzky pass and the great news shot his iconic in canada but to me the unsung hero on that play he's larry murphy who goes to the post stand there and freezes the goaltender jimmy great song playing no no he was burnt burnt that's key passes it over sixty six get the larry murphy with the game on the lie that is freed you gotta treat a good stuff eight jeff we had a very rare offer sheet today fans love these i dunno just for the drummer clauses but the montreal canadians of all teams they signed sabbatical a five year forty two point twenty seven million dollar offer she comes out to i got it right here a eight illicit eight point four million over eight point four million first off the number was even that high for an offer sheet i it didn't seem like a number that's gonna be tough on carolina even match where i know that i think are aided they're they're banking on you know the first year being frontloaded to the tune of twenty one million dollars that was gonna be the pill that went down sideways on the hurricanes and they work in a bite on it but you know i know where the money averages out is you know find the hurricanes i think it was like a nine point five read ten you know they would have you know sort of you know step back a step back on the table and said okay let's talk about this folks 'em but i mean this one i mean he's gone rebelling his press conference on even joking about it by saying like look you know they got do not do much work this summer a i'm not the negotiating a contract montreal made it a symbol for me i i think what you know we offer sheet is that that bogeyman that they're that cautionary tale will offer sheets are common owes spooky appreciates her comments you know it's it would kind of a letdown like you're right all right like wow we finally saw offers she keep sharing of boats he may be deep these unicorns in the tv aid and there we finally had one but unfortunately she it was it was a week like it's a it's a late offer sheet it's one the carolina hurricanes we all expect will match quite quickly after i would imagine done with down the hurricane kinda wanna freeze montreal here a free the might of doing business her seventies and then just saying okay we're gonna match on a on a whole year i think we may want an offer sheet wisdom teeth with some clause that would really you know force a force the team to consider you know not not matching it but we didn't get that with the montreal canadians today i think this is one that easily matched by the hurricane is it a lot of sugar in the coffee upfront protected under the carolina hurricanes yeah probably she lives in after the season and they just had i get that like the chiefs freshen up here expression here in canada and you know it is you know each cleaned up anyone who's like that squeezing the beaver on the nickel a toasty quilt and we understand that i get it but if you can't find sebastian hell with that team after that season then i i don't know what you do with the carolina auto there yeah exactly then it's time to call up houston and see if you want to pay quebec city how's how's that new video trying arena looking looking tread ending like good to me this is the lay out the two foot but you're not you appreciate me move on i was actually not surprised at all to see him get offer sheet it i mean i guess they offer sheet as a whole is not very popular but he's the type of player he's so so silky i love a host game so a he's worth the money i really think you'll only get better and better these other teams main guy offensively that at least i was looking at a west point aaron end so you're in the know merrick's got all his buddies all sources you always knows what's going on that's something about you people don't realize merrick you always know what's going on around the league so why last night my here in like an errand to the islanders is a done deal and then he ends up but the rangers and it's under twelve million per year so it's a huge win for the rangers what everyone was saying long island last night yeah i think it was a smart play by d h in policy offense you know try to create the marketplace try to drive up the price and then signed where you wanna sign no much on tomorrow's last year who left money on the table the san jose offer 'em you know with more money than toronto offered but ultimately he wound up playing toronto and ultimately i never wanted to be a ranger and i i think you know although the legal never come out and admit it publicly like the lee has to be thrilled at at this you know and if you're a player in the nhl and you're concerned about esco you have to be thrilled about this because he nhl stronger league when the rangers are powerful team a an as a player you want you're wealthiest team and not just making the playoffs but going his deepest possible olympic the rangers rebuild although it's not be end were starting to see the beginning of the end of the rebuild i want this next wave of rangers team is is gonna look like and i think this was a this was a really nice job of of of business being done by paul you're fat heavy pronounced want it to go to new york that was something we heard about no going back to last summer andy made the marketplace whether it was florida whether it's the new york islanders and ultimately settled into where he wanted a what the number he wanted no but i don't think anyone is crying about an hour and a just making shy of twelve million dollars an interesting thing about him as well you know you consider you know the level of his compensation and where he's at in the nhl guy i would never draft right and guys come over to north america until he was twenty four years old and now all of a sudden he's one of the richest players in the game and the most highly sought after free agent this year and you off season so up and down and a derogatory about rumor has it colorado action baiter pretty good style and i'm too yeah yeah i could see that i can see that and he would have fit in well there but nothing i mean as you guys a well know where the brighton beach you know that community although the russian hockey players made famous by cold eleven cheat off and all those rangers the russian rangers that they won the cup back in the day a that is a very much preferred destination for a lot of russia born hockey players i mean as good as any aren't is is it any bit of an overpay outlet eleven point six million i mean i know talented he is but obviously knock it is what it is you get what you pay but it is it is it any bit of an overpay jeff i you know i dunno 'cause i love in our game and normally i would say well you look at the age and you look at the term and that's a pretty big investment a to make for someone like that but when you look at where the game is is that right now are eight and where it's headed i mean he's a threat on a lot of different levels i mean he's an elite level playmaker he's one of these new wave of of a winger deal the playmaking winger only that the guy that just finishes but we're starting to see whether it's cain whether it's martyr a lot more players coming in nhl that you know they're not shy about carrying the puck over the blue line and making the plays so he has that 'em in his in his bag of tricks and he's off to a scoring threat is well he makes players better around joe biden normally already i'm wicket i'd be concerned about that level of competition about term for that age but when i look at the game now look at how the game is played like this guy this guy in a lot of weight and body exactly where the game is at two nights in two thousand eighteen well another former blue jackets and and fellow countrymen upfront when aaron bobrovsky right it made sense everyone would say in florida forever long ago retires it's pretty much a done deal when we saw that go down but give me your honest opinion ten years or seven years ten million ear like that man yeah how could you not in two years be see like a complete disaster and be like oh my god we saw this coming yeah i think the last two will be like that which i think he probably you know stick that one in the long term deposit is the result there might be guaranteed i just don't know eight seven seven years seventy million dollars i just don't know where the market watch that ten million dollar hockey player that would be islanders a were gonna offer her boss you should do you know committed the the the bears are tommy laron before they went the varlamov fruit i just don't know where the the ten million dollar market was a particular brosky i mean the one thing you know treatment at talked about this on the podcast countless times whenever joel quenneville goes into a new situation or whenever clinton goes into a is interviewed for new job the first question he always asked the gm is crews are goal and the goal is so there's a dancer so joel quenneville had this guy in in sergei bobrovsky but i think you're point the good one you know here's someone who know we've we've seen 'em have a brutal body before we this is someone that we've seen although not so much the season we've seen you know the player falter in the playoff numerous times is wilders cleared the get you there and clearly get you through i'll tell you what there there are two guys that the minute that signing with me but who's smile just got deeper and richer and one of them is brayden hopi and the other guy is that pending net for the other team in florida right now if but brosky the ten million dollars those two other goaltenders niece accomplish it got a whole lot richer nike when's the last time a goalie making that much won a stanley cup though i mean corey crawford i know why just over six and he got paid out proven himself by winning one i think it's ridiculous the big boy that much money i mean carey price shirt 'cause he's you know he's he's he's the natural but nonetheless when's the last time goalie making that much of a team's cap even before that even before there were hard salary cap has won won a championship yep okay let me let me try to make the case on behalf of billtown again i i listen i don't disagree and then you're you're you're factor bang on let me make the case ridell talent you have the florida panthers who last year offensively red top ten team in the nhl the power play second any nhl this team had euro problem scoring and we suspect next season this team will have euro problem scoring the thing they kill the florida panthers they couldn't get a save an you guys played you know what it's like when all your hard work it's on done because you can't get a safe and that's what happened along who couldn't stay healthy rhymer couldn't couldn't make say like all season long no matter what they did it all got on done by bad goaltending so maybe ask yourself what's that worth to us is worth five million sure there were six million seven now were certainly getting the dangerous territory but about the market and you stand up for a top ten team offensively we are chillers on the power play if we could just get it saves saint louis why can't that be a then maybe do make decatur overpaying what the netminder jeff some signings ended up just as we expected but rashida florida do shane in nashville biz called that one a boy did and everybody all right buddy tagging me about like ours insider you know one of three teams going to i know is it gets hot joke i'm i'm having some folly a bunch of woodside who's the biggest surprise you total amount science bar where a guy ended up what surprised you the most i can't believe what minnesota's doing right now are oh i think he's not the matt matt liquor rallo a the minnesota wild six five five at thirty two years old you know doubling down on age i mean when you're already in the central division not getting any easier alright saint louis the stanley cup champions of chicago's on their way back then bowman rebuilding that'd be he would have paid for gonna be there nashville got mad the sheen like that that division is real hot an already you know you've you've you've seen the past couple of seasons the minnesota wild plano in it and now all of a sudden you doubled down on age age by bringing in mats zuccarello at thirty two years old i man i i noticed they were i noticed they were quote i think the money with other similar or they're the same spot with the dallas stars are true as we all know wrote a different spot in their winning cycled and minnesota andy hold up worthy extra year i believe dallas with doctoring for minnesota was the only one that was willing to go five but man that is eight tough one to take if you're a minnesota soto wild fan i know the a sentence got a tough job they're married to a lot of long term deal been tops the undo alive contract and get things going with the minnesota wild but this one to me is this one to me more than anything else has has made me shaking my head on on free agency i'm also surprised 'em that wayne simmons didn't get anything more than a one year contract i know colorado is entrusted i know there's a couple of other team though that the rich in wayne simmons i you would get more than that in a one year contract the ultimate we ended up signing with the new jersey devils at apparently minnesota's auction was phil kessel first but he wouldn't waved a no trade clause them he's like no i'm not going there who might play end yet engine jason's decker it's gonna be the guy jason zucker through all of this like you go to the calgary stuff at the trade deadline now you go through this with the pittsburgh penguins i mean if there's one player who you know who shields you know like not wanted on the voyage more the northern jason zucker i don't know who that guy is any good hockey you player to that's the thing like i love jason's i think he's a hell of a hockey player an here it is you know twice once a deadline with the flames and they went to pittsburgh penguins say what's whoever ends up at the end of the day 'cause you know like minnesota whoever ends up with jason zucker this off season is getting one highly skilled in a highly highly motivated hockey players like see we know dallas and far both lot better today jeff but who got worst anybody a who got worse while i mean be islanders islander yeah var varlamov people i mean the islanders capitol they have great like yeah i mean they they lost leonard but they added varlamov you know some people we talked about goaltenders being brittle you know that could you know sometimes varlamov and fall under that umbrella as well he was i mean last season and we've seen before from sergei varlamov mean he'd like a he's like a toilet seat a sagging go up and down and up and down he had that great october last year and then month after month after month decline the decline of yahoo turned it down with him and then picking back up again losing a spot to grow byron back and forth like he's had a very bizarre career in the nhl 'em the islanders retain their captain it almost feels as if that was a fallback plan to retain anders lee if they didn't end up getting a are coming from aaron 'em i i still wonder about the winnipeg jets you guys an i wonder if winnipeg it's going could be that team that this you know that and get more expensive but doesn't get better i'm a big kyle connor fan i think call connors one of the most underrated players in the league all this guy does every morning is put his hands on it score bold and no one talks about him fence wiki good hockey player if you haven't watched winnipeg jets game checkout college connor i'm not the biggest patrick lining guy you know he's as we've seen before i know all goal scores were street even eman don't bounce quite take it to a whole different extreme but i i wonder about the winnipeg jets here who you know they they move away from they move away from trueba 'em they a kevin hayes they couldn't hang onto end up you know he ended up with the philadelphia flyers 'em and now you're looking at least signing patrick line eight that's gonna be at expensive ticket on its be expensive ticket as well i like brandon anna not sure that i like money in there but i liked the player i ended up her mother stored know something something we don't that's a great rest of known for a guy who's playing on the bottom six for the winter page i know i just loved by thaws like him though like he's a pit bull on a workshop like i love the weight and play i just i just love that player i thought that bird lime is one of the best entire nhl a news a big part of it i i know it's a it's a lot of money in a lot of term for him but i i do look at winnipeg and i'd say they got more expensive i just don't know if they got better to all of you're busting out all the dan rather sayings tonight i love it i had never done before like a toilet seat at a staggering dough that's that's like i'm not i listen i didn't i didn't come up i pick that up somewhere along the line trust me but what you're saying greatness borrowed a genius ill i'm sure i stole that somewhere along the line that it's worth keeping i know joe pavelski went the dallas style three times seven i did any elements of that deal surprise surprise i guess just 'cause he was a captain in san jose and he's thirty five five and he gonna raise doing a dallas i think just the whole every element kind of blew me away collectively but what about what was your take on it a birthday is july i wanna say ten so he can still be bonus so he's not thirty five until then so he slides and on a technicality a which is good and listen i like the fact the dallas dallas going forward here in dallas you know brings brings in sacra after he gets brought up columbia buddy edmonton oilers 'em in you know joe pavelski is a huge upgrade upgrade to what they have right now like there's a lot of reasons i think it'd be should be excited about dallas mean tyler sagan is front and center i think radic fox is always a sneaky silky trophy a candidate their blue line is a murderer's rivers row 'em and if you haven't added look at a man you guys have but if you're lizard haven't had a chance to watch dallas stars a games a mirror light skin is worth the price of admission him and john klingberg are fantastic 'em this is really good dallas thirteen and they just got better immediately by bringing in a joke developed who makes them better on lights and make some better in the room again like this is this is an impressive showing here from from jim no end they might they might already have the best goaltending antimony nhl well the goaltending was phenomenal that guy from the coyotes chime in their case tight coyote did a wonderful job and what could happen with the starter next year or who's gonna be the starter next year nobody knows that's that's business problem that no one knows well the thing about dallas's to that the goaltending has a question for so long when they went through the latin in years and then bishop as it was so good this year then they added belsky like you're bringing you're talking about for me it's like i look at corey perry and you're talking about jason zucker being a guy that's gonna be ready to play and i think corey perry's gonna have a bounce back year i i know the speed isn't exactly there but i think he has the game where he doesn't necessarily need to be the fastest guy in there's been so many injuries in such a shit situation in anaheim i just wouldn't be surprised to see him come back and him in wolski could make such a big difference in care who take heat a mainly 'cause he gets injured a lot to that kikkan adam down to the back against that team up she could be ready to make a huge step and they lost game seven double overtime to the cup champs anyway so it's like they're right there i oh man end you're right there and there's there's a lot to like the boat listen i i mean i love the andrew coughlin story like i love players that realize what they did when they were playing you know junior hockey in canada isn't gonna work in the nhl so there'd be create themselves and that's what andrew coughlin it is in her you know my money should always be in that soggy trophy 'em conversation and she did that consideration like i i like i to me it it comes down to know where do you getting out of you're top guys how far can you blue line k u n timmy the lesson of the dallas stars and dollars a few years ago and his managerial travel until you want the minimize the td goaltenders went through and you know dallas and we all know has the worst travel of any team in the entire nhl like i think it really gonna start to see more teams do without it with their mind again that is split gloat you know that it's not gonna be you're traditional eighty twenty starter backup sure you're gonna have that in places like montreal now carey price and keith kincaid but you look at how ben bishop anton khudobin split the duty and what ended up you look at all the teams that did it last year right whether it was on the boston bruins weather with the new york islanders whether it was the dallas stars like all these teams a colorado avalanche like all these teams a platoon the goaltenders you know all that killer first around where everybody's healthy and everyone every game game seventy 'cause you're playing ball that was fantastic lock in those teams that rested goaltender throughout the season that were the ones that were able to excel i i think that for my money the the combination battery of ben bishop anton khudobin is probably the best combination entire nhl a lot of it again out of necessity i get that but i think the dallas stars of really stumbled in the teaching me nhl a significant lesson on how to manage the load on goaltenders in in two thousand nineteen going back to the office she fermented again you know we know the cans and got a matchup but will we see any actual repercussions against the haves by other gm's so she office sheeting that that that's why they don't do it by repercussions so we connects you see anything like about variety even happen like carolina turn around and proceeded player down the road m i don't know that's a that that carolina has the budget to do things like that you know what i do wonder about all right i wonder i'm still thinking about this today with the with birkin preach about this on a on a panel is where we're leaving this afternoon i wonder i really wonder if montreal did every other general manager of the rfk a favorite here by pricing sebastian i host so low what does that say about you're negotiations with tomorrow with brayden point with matthew could shock you know all these other teams kyle connor that have players of similar elk or all expecting to sign upwards of ten million dollars all of sudden here comes the montreal canadians and church frontloaded and twenty million bucks in the first twelve months the deal but all of a sudden the boston now who's an eight and a half million dollar hockey player i really i i wonder if that has any fact on negotiations with any of these other group to free agency this off season called also eligible robbery she don't sober i i wonder if some guys guy collusion but you're saying you don't you know they you know they shake federal okay let me ask yeah yeah they should sell it arm wrestling contact to in mark berge amana rod brindamour no rain in a mother's jeez that's a rough outing very hard every thursday jack man who wins that arm wrestle speaking speaking of jacked a big trade by the arizona coyotes giving here's what you're gonna say here's what i like about that deal and this is where i always find value in a player like so cal 'em beds sweat you know where it's like the happy grind out every single that when you spend an entire game grinding hard every single goal it's hard it's taxing physically taxing mentally what i love about social capital and players like that they can give you the easy goal you know the guys come down the wing it take it in and it's like oh god that's so nice so now you get such a breath of fresh air up and down the bench we just got it easy call one that we didn't have to work for why don't we just put the puck on this guy stick and all of a sudden the red light is going up the fans cheering that the value one of the values timmy ever play like full cancel anytime you can have someone that could score that easy goal and it's almost like a release valve the players in a release all up and down the bench oh thank god show just gave us an easy one huge value there the cooking it's okay to ninety four go ahead go by i yeah i like china might he he was shattered really hard time with the way he handled montreal like here's a kid that was you know he's listen he's a he's a center 'em am but when they brought him in montreal how many times did we hear yes we were gonna put him at center will be leaving center because that's gonna develop and then every time they were like unimportant a defensive zone face off a yeah go check out w taken the draw like he was false start in so many crimes that center but the montreal canadians that i i wonder sort of how much long term damage that did a to this you know young players now development and ultimately we do we still see the repercussions are we still sort of coasting on those teams i don't know but i i look at genyk and i say man if only montreal would've just put him at center left them at center center i understand you know you put lars eller beside him with a little bit of a babysitter here and there i get that but i think i make mistakes but the guy learn let the guy grow right now jimmy it now it's a guy clean out playing on his third team in in three seasons and i can't help but going back there how handled by the montreal canadians and how things maybe would have been different trickled shenyang had he been handled differently with the have well jeff we wanna thank you so much for joining us on short notice i noticed one of the busiest days of the year for you by the way happy canada day as well to you i know it's a big day few you guys up north sola again thanks love you're inside the it's always top notch you boys have have a wonderful dumber always good catching up in a you got to dedicated that year balls right here keep up the great work well thanks as always and i know you were you pry hard as a rock when you heard that no offsides anymore talk and then it ended up being phantom i know how you feel about offsides i know man i had to like oh man i hope i'm wearing black pants could hide the bone around the corner but no no come back rationing down a buddy that my my my all my old are hiv little bag so much reading a as already said happy kennedy would talk to you soon thank thank finale already got the best thank god that interview is also brought to you by quip went up the first say it sometimes we need a vacation from vacation delayed fights have hotel snafu chatty travel companions i think i had all three last weekend or getaway for two minutes twice a day with quip their wireless electric toothbrushes lightweight income tax packs await easily india tote a carry on you all this stuff your luggage happens to all of us 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is a free agency frenzy broke down yeah he's great at his driving congratulations jeff i i wasn't aware of that thanks for sharing that with that's a nice little hot woman stories and go along with that free agency breakdown and boys we got off she like we did mention the jeff i will get a little more detail on it then we did not do within a restricted free agents have bashing otto signed a five year forty two point twenty seven million dollar offer sheet with ls habit pumps the hurricanes have a week to massey offer they say they're going to a we like we just said what jeff it's not that high of a number now guys i wanna ask you something now sebastian novel let me said he signs and actual contract track of montreal north carolina's gonna match it you gotta be a hurricane will he get any funny looks in the room from from the teammates at all well they understand you know all the all the teammates says i man you're gonna have an unreal tim dinner the paid for this year the at one point point they'll be on the board but that's just getting a deal put right in front of your face hey and you sign it and the funniest thing is you don't really i shouldn't say you should you don't care but doesn't matter who who ends up giving you the contract you're good to go i'm going ryan hartman style so i'm going dark for a week after i signed i don't care who fucking what team i'm on 'em i said you only it was a snowball's chance in hell by montreal carolina's gonna match that it was that front loaded money that that maybe maybe montreal is relying on the fact that carolina's owner is a very cheap that maybe he wouldn't wanna pay that upfront 'cause that's hard we saw it with a the shea weber deal in nashville that was difficult at the time for a small market team and correct me if i'm wrong where i wanna see he got paid like what twenty six million dollars signing bonus money on that offer sheet from philadelphia right around there enough where in the first thirteen months anywhere it's all right away that was the one thing an even though carolina's cheap i mean it's it's pretty well known right when when when the new owner came on i mean they were they were looking at court costs in every in every aspect of their organization but that's their best player right and they have the he has money you just about don't want to spend it on a guy like that after the season you've had merrick said it perfectly how do you not an and i actually it's shocking to think that he will be an eight and a half million dollar player now because you look around the league and you look at how good he is i mean that could easily next year of eighty five ninety points i mean he's he's that good he's that talented and if he's making that that really does affect some signings going on here in the future was a really good really good point that merrick man yeah he's his points have gone up forty nine to sixty five to eighty three keeps getting better and better every year a this is the first offer sheet more than six years last on natural way back in two thousand seven with dustin pena but you know like i said the merit when you reid the numbers yell at you kinda like why the fuck down what teams do it i mean you didn't grab next week you know basically given up a few picks they got a guy is but as awful i think we might see more teams daughter i think they might they might off a little more money they could then the canadians did because they really didn't blow anybody out of the water that number either they should've thrown in some shape free gift certificate or like took them all last weekend a oh so anyway that's the big the big offer sheet again carolina's gonna magin but that that's a big growth of the day now let's get to the big signings out a lot of these weren't too much of a big surprise some alright nuts interrupt you go ahead before you kinda going a little list here it kind of sucks it all start breaking last night i mean i know that that's what happens now but what's the point of july first at noon if all of a sudden last night it was like i think at some point i saw a couple of tweets like bush will the sports not even have a show like everything i mean not everything's done but it kinda rattles made it all breaks the night for now yeah it's it's tough when you know journalist get a school that that's their job they wanna get it out there but yeah you kind of wish they would sit on a little bit 'cause you know some of the trades frankly we we did know about last night and it definitely takes a little air out of their own what's up as well now saying that that was that's all because of the period that opens up in order for potential free agents in order to talk to other teams and that was something that the the nhl pva worked out for the players 'cause like i mean ultimately they wanna know their best option and how much they could make in go make it so i mean that that helped the players were players podcast so fucking rights pay the boys yeah but like you said it would be nice that they didn't take the surprise element of it but whatever ended that all comes out in the wash shot so without further do i i am an air and he did go to the range is after all seven year deal worth eighty one point five million comes out you eleven point six foot two million dollars that's a big hit whitney which i take on this one brother it makes total sense so is it seemed it seemed destined yeah he's gonna end up in new york ranger and all of a sudden the rangers and they're rebuilding their letter to their fans that year right around the a i think it was the deadline maybe when they said you know were not really going forward it's gonna be one of those things where we are looking at a rebuild and that word is is i think teams try not to use it but that look like the case now things have it quickly turn i mean if you if you look at the money they spent on canarian i think every fan of the rangers happiest under twelve million per season so if you look at bennett jet and how good he's bad and you can picture pronouncement them you can picture some high end off and you still have lung close to skip continually playing you know out of his mind in a sense if you look at all these getting any still just top goal it seems like every year but he puts them on the edge of thinking that they compete and get into the playoffs and kind of get away from this little rebuild in this plan of maybe being batra three four years so i think he's worth that money i think that if you look at the seasons he's had ever since he came over he's dominated at the beginning of his only because he played with patrick kane and then he was gone and then he continually did it on his own in every single time people question he could he he produced improved in the playoffs you is good 'em is at the top free agent on the market i think in in you if you look at the rangers going out and getting that guy i i do think it makes a lotta sense when america mentions this is a top market this is a big original sixteen there on national tv a lot it makes sense but the rangers it'd be good and i think they understood that in fager and i forget this rebuild thing let's go after this guy and get going off the top free agent winger available i i think he's worth every penny i think if i'm him i sign in colorado not many people talked about the fact that the last minute colorado offer them maybe even more than what a new york it offered him i heard it was around twelve million a year for seven years a i think corrupt colorado is ready to win now 'em i i think that rangers have a decent squad i don't i don't see them as a playoff team in the next few years 'em from from what i've heard it was a family decision on parents a side where they want it to be in new york and colorado so as far as hockey sensor i think it's crazy that inside of colorado 'cause automatically you're kind of on a i i would say with him in that lineup you're an automatic playoff team if not top why seven rake contenders to win the stanley cup so whatever if he's happy in new york he he he could be happy there but a m i i would have liked the steam in colorado that's all i'm saying all right another big name we mentioned 'em matt do shane he went the national seventy is fifty six million dollars eight million dollar cap it ties fellow center ryan joe hansen for the largest in history in speaking you'll hanson those two are gonna make a nice one to punch up the middle of the reds a they were lacking in scoring last year you gotta you gotta magic do change gonna help out a big time biz which i take on this one my man a straight up the middle east you said a one two punch and now they got kyle tourists third line center making six million dollars 'em i you know i i think that i think it's a great signing i think he fits perfectly there it's where he wannabe people stop tweeting me in dmv me about the fact that i was zone broke that news it was between what who is either gonna sign of columbus nashville or who who is the other front runner the land you even know if there ever was he joined i he denied it whereas he going in that this guy's already recordings courting as new country album and not that hard to predict it folks so happy for him in a i regret not taken a shot in right well that's my single well i mean i dunno i just what it was supposed to say i mean he will go in there is the fact that you think a or people think you broke it is hilarious i guess that's the power of decide or check us army 'em i wonder what the the insider commie he took the day off today we never saw him he must have been on the core somewhere but you shave gonna make them really good in the sense that they never they they they haven't had it gamebreaker i think or heads great at times i think inconsistency sort of an issue of thumb we'll see flashes of brilliance but over eighty two games is it there do shane could take over games i mean you you see nights where he gets to water will you know one in three he has big nights where he's treating every shift so them they have a guy like that through the middle and also having a huge number two center in ninety two there it makes total sense there de still good it's a team that you thought last year would have been better than they were and you're like oh man through window closing well no i mean david while he's not satisfied he knows they're still out there there's players players there that have a lot of a lot left the given and used you'll see them right back in the mix the season they transition from being strike from the back end which they still have a nice back and losing poop pk sue ban so now they want the strength up the middle of the ice still a contender i'd say top five in the league right now and yeah that's all i got all right next up boys a florida panthers will probably the team to improve the most a on a monday and that's largely because they went out and they got themselves a bonafide goaltender sergei brin bobrovsky they sent into a seven year seventy a seventy million dollar deal that million dollars per year huge deal but they do like up the biggest issue last year the goal attendance was was a problem father longo battled injuries that they didn't get great working james rhymer and if they did they would have made the playoffs now they bring up bobrovsky they also added a couple other guys to they added a military they signed him who the hell is the anton strommen in a rut calmly so florida man they they had quite a few guys on the roster this year i'm sorry today much better team and they were certainly yesterday i did like the tweet from frankfurt tronto he basically said chihuahua ross you could have my number but you're gonna have to buy me a rolex and dinner all yeah i thought that was pretty funny but with dog again there's not much that this fucking florida got their goalie finally i would say if you're a bruins fan you gotta be a little wary this divisions only getting better florida team that wasn't in the mix at all last season in new glenville coming in might be the biggest addition right they got a goalie but to get get him as their coach like i can't see them if they don't make playoffs next year disaster happened that way that team now who you know we heard jeff say they can score i mean that's an issue at all the there'll be the chance of of of keeping the puck side of the net it's just it's just so much much money so much fucking money this guy is set for life now i mean i don't know like every player isn't the same like he could easily be driven and be ready impeach training his hardest arab for the next six seven years but it could also be like i'm set i'm living in florida this is the good like man it's something you'll see it in all sports you you you get paid and you're living in a comfortable place i mean there's there's it's an easy way of of not living up to expectations or the money that you make i this is me guessing writers may not happening maybe fabulous there but if he's not i won't be surprised at all i think it's a bit of an overpayment a very desperate for goaltending based on their their their last few years i mean especially america mentioned the fact they couldn't keep the puck out of the net last year being one of the top ten offense of teams in the league history tells me when you overpay goalies and not the phase out of his prime 'cause i would say he might not have success the future but boy she had some injuries i mean he's not playoff proven like five i mean corey crawford as i mentioned german american interview that he got paid just over six million any proved himself at that point an ten and a half million for a goaltender who's thirty two years old is a lot of money i wish the best of them and i think that that that team deserves success and how to grow that market to but fox me ten and a half ouch yeah a lot of money for a goalie no doubt about that we already mentioned joe pavelski wants other stars three is twenty one million i i wasn't shocked by the seven million just to clarify my tweet from earlier in the day when i said while he obviously deserves it coming off the year he had i like i said i was just he was a captain another team and you went to another team for a raise at thirty four going up thirty five years old and just the whole the whole thing to me kind of caught me a little bit off guy but i clearly deserves a wet what is it what else does he do this dies their leadership in a guy but the ultimate pro his entire career anytime you have a captain come over to a new team you know he immediately gets respecting mean every guy in the room when when you're a captain of another club i mean do you have all the respect in the world every guy in that locker room i think because of that he makes a huge difference so good in front of the net on the power but i mean like maybe one of the best if not the best in the league tipping crocs have always said that 'em i speed isn't isn't it gave it never really has been though like from the time he came into the league you'd never one of the fastest players these great positionally he he knows what it takes to like earn a goal that makes any sense i mean he takes beating sometimes just simply injured please do a lot of different things and i think dallas gets a great guy who's proven it in just three years right so it's not you're not looking at at worrying about oh my god five six years what's he gonna be i think he he has three good years left in a man hyperbolic twitter was going not saying this is a bad deal this guy had thirty talks five of the last six seasons only off theory had was twenty two goals and that was the year before this past season 'em if you could provide them thirty goals again for even the next two years that's a fair deal they got a nice little window here it's a tie potentially take a stab at a cop i think that's a great signing where you mentioned the leadership aspect in a team that i mean like jamie benzel leader but he's he's never taken his team to the next level i mean i don't develop she's never wanna cop but he's brought into the finals they had a ton of playoff experience and it's just gonna add to that locker room so i think it's a great signing people or people are weird about the number seven seven million he he's consistent enough where i believe that with that lineup he's gonna put up another thirty the next two maybe three years yeah great signing man he's one of the better goal scores i think there's only like what three guys who have more goals than him over but like the last ten years so l of a sign of a dallas got to keep their captain is on disley went back to the island seventy is forty nine million comes out the seven year this is a guy who's had a hundred and two goals over the last three years if he left the islanders without a gaping hole upfront rent but he returns what else does he do for this team that is 'em i think it's a great signing i don't know if it the fact that they signed him after they didn't line and aaron had anything to do with it but another guy where he's gonna add goals that lineup on a team that starving for often so they sold the big hole and i i i think it's a fair number for him a great guy great leadership and uncomfortable in that locker room what they had to resign him who is it was it was a done deal once i think and aaron didn't go there the he would be back but we saw a tweet earlier in the day i'm i'm sorry i don't remember who sent it but then he was in the nine million per year ranch and that columbus who's gonna be out of it because of that i couldn't believe that i mean maybe that's a great job by his agent but if he ended up signing for a you know a yearly average of that it would have been insane book where what he's done with the islanders this is made a huge difference in raleigh on the ice leadership stuff you mentioned this the jet ad devour goals he's able to produce i mean on is not on his own but just in ways that not a lot of guys can do it i mean like i really good around the net but he's just such a beast i mean you can't move woman's in front of the net all the time you know what you're gonna get most nights so to lose him would have been a heartbreaking and i know i said with american everyday got worse 'em i just saw you know phil pool left i know he didn't do it on i mean but still he's a guy that had a really good season and now he's gone along with lehner who is so great so far lama may be awesome but any any islanders a reset even with the same thing they had this year would they be able to kind of do what they did again and i i don't think they'll be able to all right thanks so that input wet and there were so many free agents science we can't go every single one of those big once you once you get through for us we're gonna talk about a few of the trade that one on go ahead buddy there's nothing more he mentioned net front presence bonders leaders one guy that we we need to mention it's wayne simmons signed a one year deal with new jersey for five million dollars 'em i think he's gambling on himself and i love it and i think he's gonna go have a very successful season there that's a great addition by the new jersey devils ratio is ailing it in new jersey no doubt about that yeah that was the last one i had i'd written down one year deal phone wayne five million dollars and like you said he gets he had a kind of prove what he has left i mean we people kind of guvener enough 'cause we were calling underpaid and goal for guy only made four million it's like well it's not that we would tell you the feel bad from we would just stand the timing him sock he signed a good could deal last i'm alright we just talked about talking about guys getting thirty texier assigning seven two eight nine million dollar deals well this guy was doing it in philadelphia making for so it wasn't that he's suffering for money yeah four million dollars years very nice but based on what he was producing here's underpaid absolutely no doubt about it so if he if he knocks him down this year then you get a nice little ticket from south next year but we'll see what happens with what's your take on that one what i i dunno i mean i think that he's been as good as anyone in front of the net power play in in plain talk for a long time but i i didn't see anyone giving him a four five year deal even three years tough so i know you're saying he's betting on himself self but it's gonna get harder just as it gets a little older a still though if he goes out and has one of those wayne simmons gets twenty nine goals honored and tony pam's i won't be surprised at just what we ended up getting the next year 'em we've talked about it a lot and the fact that people think they were saying saying like feel bad from when he talks about shut up it was just more of the fact that a lot of guys you're making more money than m the word is productive or is hard to play against and it was that way for a long time yeah i thought five five most by a little bit more than i thought just given the way he you know he didn't end the season that grady i kind of a top playoffs but we'll see what happens if you can prove it now now gonna move over to the trades will check back with a few other signs of bit later but jesus in big trades in one of the biggest names on the block like move saturday night as we said what a few minutes ago feel thrilled castle one of the most consistent goal scores of the last decade plus which traded for the third time in his career pittsburgh sentence of the valley of the sun to join biz in the coyotes how the pens also sent defenseman dang burks in a fourth in twenty twenty one in exchange forward alex spellcheck end defenseman yet olivier joseph a the coyote salvi huge need by picking up some much needed scoring punch they scored the fewest goals five on five last season they were twenty eight the goals overall is you're gonna show this kid the robes and what very happy to have him i'll go to china first a had a really good start in pre season was feeling kaput i remember he had two goals in one game and then he went down with a lower body injury had a real tough starts the season is first battling off that injury in coming back in the lineup and finding his stride struggled in the first half of the season until they actually funny i played montreal of course they were building up the dome ego china trade then in montreal fans were raving about how the fact they fleece the coyotes 'em i thought he had a very strong second half of the season but you know never really got the show us what he was truly about i wish nothing but the best in pittsburgh and awesome guy a light by his teammates might imagine he's gonna have success just a success excuse me surrounded by all skills guys skill guys in pittsburgh they also gave up a very skilled defenseman appear olivier joseph a he wasn't up and comer a first round draft pick for the coyotes but a i i think coyotes have that win now mentality talk it wants to bring his teams in the next level very comfortable with still 'em there's a very good bond there i think that he's gonna provide that easy often says america mentioned a type of player that the coyotes he said not having a long time i mean you're talking about an eighty point guy nhl this is a pig in searching for the coyotes i just hope that he comes over the hungry in ready to prove himself in the desert i think he will i think their back there has been talk at the respect talk and has for him goes a long way i mean he's not he's not a green go there if he doesn't really wanna play for that guy and i think the talk it'll be able to get the most out of them he knows how to work with them i don't think they're being a hard ass the fills gonna work is the the little i do know him it doesn't sense like any coach it's gonna be a tough guy ham will end up getting through i mean he doesn't give a fuck what you say mean he goes out scores goals producers point doesn't miss games so don't try the bully around i think talk talk still like a human they probably have a joking relationship and it'll be a little different with him as head coach is opposed to assistant that changes relationships for sure but it's true they haven't had a gamebreaker at all have him there they gotta get have somebody make sure they get the puck but still merrick said it best you know you can end up seeing that guy get a goal and in the quick instant and all of a sudden it's like oh wow that was pretty easy you just got it at the red line beat a guy one on one at the bruins snap one bar down from the top of the circle and that's kind of what he does and arizona needed that yup and we also had an interstate trade between two new york teams on the range just sent jimmy visa buffalo in exchange for a third rounder and the twentyone draft a vcr get the play with his boy jack eichel he's got one year left at two point two seven five mil 'em would you take on national what i mean third round of easy sounds about right he said pretty decent career but he hasn't really like i don't maybe as max expectation that i think but i think what eichel man sky might be the limit that he's still got some chemistry yeah i saw funny picture i think buccigross tweeted it of those to sit and it's a whole baker 'em award ceremony when when they were be you and harvard and now they're back together in buffalo is actually the team who traded first rights and he chose not to sign there when when he originally signed with the rangers out of college and when already said that maybe hasn't reached expectations i mean they were ridiculous and they were made by him a lot's been made that a the bc watch was kinda what's kind of nuts in terms of him having not played in the nhl at all yet but still like if you look at people acting like all of this district doesn't matter he he he wasn't any good in new york it's seventeen goals last jeremy sabres had seventeen goals i dunno if the top my head betcha wasn't that many though so he's gonna make a difference i mean they're looking for death they're looking for guys you get fifteen twenty goals that matters and you don't have that so i think you'll be good there in the millionaire already has with eichel huge that's important an i mean you could say that he's not sixty five point guy but let me say this guy doesn't matter in this in a good player is fucking insane i mean i i'm gonna take you back which i think that's a i think he's gotta be better than he was in new york especially with the film familiar harrity they say that right no word check stacked i wait a minute ago the familiarity 'em fourth with jack eichel is gonna album and hopefully as a better i go there in new york yup 'em toronto very very busy teen they had to huge trade lots of fall has all gonna slow it down a we mentioned the tyson berry trade but we didn't give all the principles involved the lease i got tyson berry alex stra foot in a six rounder in twenty twenty from the avalanche four nazem kadri kelly rosen in toronto's thirds election in twenty twenty a colorado also eight fifty percent of berries annual average value which is five point five million a muslim cadre he's got three more years left at five four and a half man that's a great bogut colorado right there at berries in the last year of his four year deal it'll be usa after this season in line for a nice big raise her foot is in our our faith who made nine and a quarter last year in rosen is a un organizational depth guy making seven fifty a which i take on this deal altogether a business fires cadre going back w avalanche do think bench and played a role in getting traded what did you think about anyways please god i dunno i don't think i'll ever know the answer that unless a dubious says something but a great value for what kaji brings up a great second line center for colorado it's gonna it's gonna get tougher slide infer firkh guardrail 'cause now he's gonna have tougher line matchups that four and a half million you know it's kind of i would say hidden toronto but there is a lot of different weapons and guys taking me eyes off him 'em so did did they cain the colorado retain half of tyson berry salary in order for tronto tummy salary cap they did they did repaint fifty percent of his salary yes so to me it's a very fair deal where the the little the little then deals turf and i think he's a very underrated player yeah it's a great player going back to a toronto of course you're only getting tyson berry offer one year i'd imagine that they're not gonna be if they're not gonna be able to afford to resign him so this is kind of a a all my chips in the middle move by do this in order to take another stab at a making a run you take the shows no chance they reach china very difficult i mean imagine if they get martyr back they're gonna have matthews into their some of those deals there's no way you're gonna be able to afford to pay him doubleheaders morgan morgan riley should have been norris finalists this year he got snowed in the reason he got snow just because the voters i believe favor older guys on me a war they don't wanna give it to the new they wanna they wanna make them earn their stripes in that category i would imagine if morgan riley put some another season like he did last year eight and a half minimum and that's i would say eight at a hometown discount three years and you're gonna have to pay tyson berry if you i would say seven and a half minimum i know i've said nine before but i pam twelve he's he's a fucking unity tom but you can't pay to defense that much money no you would i go over the salary cap because they're fucking awesome guys and these are they gonna help them like the way he moves the puck i mean it's like guard it he's he's gardner but better you know what i mean gardeners kind of like a poor man's tyson and berries that makes sense i would say the risk to reward is not worth it with the gardner as opposed the tyson berry like tyson berry yeah you might throw a pizza now and then but he said map and that thing around in many moving and he's absolutely bozing he's he's an elite offensive defenseman and that's what you should be expecting toronto maple leafs so lay off my boy enough not uncommon after all if you like i mentioned the leash also made deal without you auto senators that was a pretty significant deal is well a auto a god defenseman keita's lights if there's a deal toronto's trying to get out from under a auto also lead for connor brown in forward michael kohn shown a toronto got defenseman cody she she defenseman it's been a ben hopper forward aaron loup chuck in columbus is third round selection in twenty twenty draft that was previously a quiet by auto a so like i said toronto got off in that type of deal as five more years at four and a half million per are they still need the science dc the sends get a solid folded connor brown could be good fifteen twenty goals and they also get some help on the back of woodside with john what do you got on this one for us the craziest thing of all this cody cc played junior the auto is sixty seven nhl for the ottawa senators and now it's been traded and the maple leaves like let me get this guy out of ontario she's like fuck me see some content in north america jesus but giants have had to be moved i mean it's it's plain and simple they had they get rid of five more years at four and a half and cody cc i think it's his last year already did you just say that he's rfk he has to be signed by todd toronto okay so skews me i had i thought he had one year left but 'em this is all all base to mix tomorrow right you gotta create room say wasn't producing offensively i don't think it at the level at the maple leafs thought was legit per what his salary is a he had the go corner brown is a big loss for them though 'em i wonder that there's nights you know you see implant on top by any could see him play in the fourth on but he makes a huge difference i think the cap and it is good enough where in highland is similar in a sense of they're both righties and they play hard they play fast but still he's a player that made the maple leafs better many times we could score and breakaways i mean he probably thirty goals year but a a trade that made sense i mean you don't often see in a division trades i don't feel like but still it it sent and it wasn't a surprise i don't know nothing about either of those guys so we can move on easy enough that i the blackhawks got andrew shot back and sound he may want a couple of cups back in the day well they got him back from montreal in the bounty of that was let's see let's see they got andrew sharp seven then twentyone he went back the chicago and they sent three picks had a second in twenty twenty seven and twenty twenty in a third and twenty twenty one of the seventh round is a basic cancel each other out so it's really shot for a second and the third he's got some hot miles on a couple more years left on his deal a he hasn't really produced a shitload of montreal just because of his injuries biz what do you think you might have left in the tank after his high plains area 'em i dunno i dunno i i've night i i'm walking hammered i love it it's candidate based you deserve at checkout it i'm great nations are my country's fucking birthday times at six fifty they're gonna start i better after that they heater my ear and start ripping it after this a major shaw yeah i mean man made a difference there before i don't i don't wanna say not not as good as he was but i you never really made the same impacted montreal they did with with with chicago chicago is so deep when he was there though made total sense is like the eight best forward then he gets paid a lot of money i still think that he's familiar there clinton ville gone but a lot of his teammates you're still there and and and you know the type of game you're gonna get out of 'em it's just about what could he produced offensively in at the number a he earned it should be probably a little bit more than it is i couple more hill will fly if you have any a any takes on it speak climate offer a sack i remind whitney about a funny story because we were talking about it was said and bear that vail colorado on a training session where they went one on one that's all i wrote down padras you you should be reminded by that oh yeah i i almost wanna save it for cleary 'cause he's gonna fucking come on at some point danny claire bearcat 'em he ended up having a there is a one on one drill where i think you basically lit up all lined up along the boards right in all going to read then you throw the puck out there right and then you start off one on one team gets the guy and then the other team gets guys and it ended up three on three or for some reason it ended up one on one for like maybe three minutes and it could have been down low i don't exactly remember the story it's likely we need the help but it was him against air on one let you have any cartilage in his other need couldn't even move out there said was just it was just barest port they're working on getting work like you've never seen somebody get work one on one and ice hockey right so beryl never forget it he text me say jesus christ fear off my life jason tell the story better someday when he's on but yeah all right let's take a little break from freezing say all right boys i know we got a lot of information lotta tedious detailed set a goal but so we've got a few more trades we're just gonna run over these one real quick and listen guys there's a shitload of signing see today this is impossible for us to over every deal a an analyze it because frankly there's just too many of them and you're you're fucking i will get claes all listen to it as well as talking about so we're not gonna go over every single sign and we when we went to the major ones and we wanna finish on finish up on the trades a the colorado avalanche quiet food andre burke hausky and the capital's before scott costs chuck in a second and third round picks in twenty twenty a the vegas golden knights traded offensive minded defenseman calling no it's a buffalo for a second in twenty one in fifteen twenty two mil is got three years left at three point eight seven five million per a vegas also sent our call it a carolina nicolas roy in a conditional fifth and twenty one florida sent james rhyme at the carolinas scott falling in the six round one twenty the panthers denver auto down so they'd have money to throw it but brosky in again there's so many other signings i mean tyler myers onto that connects five is thirty mil a baggage free up a couple of their hometown veterans tons of ju guerrilla five is dirty mel millions of fucking deals out there with any take on those last few trades all what not really not really i right now it's like there's so much stuff that's happening there's so many different moves that have gone on it's information overload it's like well what's gonna happen every team nobody is a fucking clue how people are gonna fit in so all these trades that ended up getting broken down in the winners and loser name nobody has an idea of what's gonna happen so that's kind of where i'm at right now you hear about all this stuff you gotta take in where they'll spin in the lineup where things will end up working out for each player individually in at least see training camp to wonder what's gonna happen here who will be the winner of this trade i think this is the first time we had a trip of free agency we couldn't name every signing is just you know like i said we don't want a bar allison's redone fucking numbers off all day gustaf maquis there's another guy for years twenty two mil want the columbus so i'd already heard he could have gone edmonson 'em you know can haul and then detroit there's a lot of familiarity there that's how you say the word an i thought that might be an option but he wants staying columbus close to his home in detroit if he's still has it hell the golfer i've mentioned it before a but that's gonna be a good player for columbus i mean they they lost the game breaker but the ad him in that at least helps a little bit yeah oh there's one other story to i blocked at this morning 'em andre natural flees the fight in the nhl years ago he coaches at tj galley out his old team in the nhl i'm sorry the gay joel he got word of tj these comments on spit in check that's all he did was say that the county plato is a shit hole and you had some words about the hospital well now they're upset said that he should be arrested if he ever comes back to russia and it's been fifteen days in solitary no toilet a quote a bad mouth in russia a how this is good pf it's been shepardson not playing with fire but but either way a yeah we get not fucking i guess a threatened with arrest if they go to russia which you might wanna stay profitable and he would i get if he gets fifteen days in by the way like you guys can tell what yeah they want you but you're in now all three of you you drag you right right in the mud with russia so it's not just whitney it's all spit bloody i'm going drought is here thank you go out and shit man i know russia shit like i'm not run this there's no denying that kinda sucks that if we if i ever entered that country that i i'm probably dead or i'm getting waterboarded or or something's not gonna happen well or just having a b there's is punishment enough but yeah it's it's not good yeah and that happens that fucking someone taste my teeth on me going forward but i lot of news again free agency trades lot of stop the cup i know we didn't get every single little bit but we are we hope you enjoyed it any way you hope you enjoyed jeff merrick what do you got for us rally a you know bent biz mentioned this we give a special shout out to our guide ben who picked us up from the airport he showed up by in halifax is waiting at the airport for us with the twentyfour rack of here's a just waiting for us oh shut up that kid he's the man versus or out and canada i mean drew now if you had to incoming flights the canada are now i guess sorry you you had one incoming fight the canada from boston internal a it's a saint john's newfoundland and there were three guys waiting for you there then you went the halifax and there is ben waiting for us you think these guys are looking for residual kills though is this is this a one hundred percent team play move or is this more of a a fifty fifty selfish move it's a little of both i mean why not kill two birds with one stone you get a picture based fear instagram andy together is that you'll kill out of it i think it's worth it where it's just so stupid shit like dog in the social media era people were coming from different angles yeah i know i don't i don't understand the whole that whole social media lifestyle really don't like the instagram stuff it's like you gotta get a picture with this person like everyone with all they'll get you on their instagram is like those big forever one so i don't i mean sure picture friction and they tag you want it and then maybe they hope you reach tag them i guess that see i'm like basically do plenty of tagging view if you're instagram picture wreck almost a boy's mom shot that job thanks to jeff merrick an congratulations the every man then became very rich provides free free agent frenzy be so i began the day a

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