32: We Hadda Baby!, True Crimes, Deep Valley Qs, Little Sadness


It's Bill Hebei May Pay Corbin another hostess we made a human had an induction scheduled for the next night for October third eight PM which was great because by the time October third eight pm rolled around we just had a baby bribes deep valid questions and turtle sadness third approximately one a m Oh dear thundering it was quite a nice night actually she was out yeah but I'm skipping ahead please please head anyways one. Am October third up some crazy outdoor stairs that are like crazy yeah so walking up and down those stairs in contact me directly be happy to share give us an overview so early in the morning of October neighbor but we didn't we can get a chance I plan was completely foiled yeah we had a great plan where we had such grand plans we were GONNA make podcasting history we were going to break down all the walls and rebuild Welcome to pod Ville thanks for joining us for this family friendly variety show we had plans Julie we have one week ago go come with us to the past where the the ghost of October third has add some fun things that we could record in due to help pass the time during Labor all that long time during Labor I woke up and said I'm having a contraction and then a few minutes later I said Oh I'm having another one a better like time these so i the what what happened so guys we had a baby a real good one good she's a week I would expect usually to happen during Labor what happened Julie what happened shall we tell the story yes that's why I said what happened Amami and my Lewke went to the library and then we went to the nature center we walked down to the little like a river path because we've been having a great time we have been anyways let's let's look let's look back into the past from the ground up you're gonNA break that glass ceiling people not people podcasting in there old today birthday to baby valley trying not to be sad that his past so quickly but it's passed so quickly got up and went downstairs and just laid in my recliner and read my book and Every time I had contraction I would push my little button it how detailed of this story should we go into our limited gritties that's that's the ticket he went to the gym look at me go yeah we went to the gym in just exercise your body and said you were supposed to come out last week that's going on because and I said well too bad I'm sleeping beauty rest saw no I said Okay it's about a twenty minute drive and then took another ten minutes getting the car up to our she won't let me come to the hospital you flunked have your baby at home but the good news is she and sidetracked for like an hour and finally after about an hour I was like okay this is for real I'm having to like Kinda breathe through these contraction it turns out I was having contractions five minutes apart one minute each and that's when you're supposed to go to the hospital right away I was like what sounds that means they're for real legit so I was like okay it's time and I came upstairs and I woke you I said I'm in labor and then I said I'm GonNa pack my bag and get ready to go and call the nurse near like should I get up or can I keep sleeping I was like oh I need to stop during these contractions and like really concentrate Maybe we should pick up the pace a little bit so I had took it up jump in the shower got already I don't WanNa be looking like bedhead we're having a hug now look presentable on my contraction timer on my little APP graduate had that up you miss this what you need it for yeah and we made it we did we have the same car that we had last week so we got to the hospital we made it up to the third floor it was unclear to me what the status but I did say you could keep sleeping and then as I was kind of getting my bag stuff together and I called the nurse and while she was asking me questions about the contractions like how far as the hospital and what number baby is this wow all right let's get you in your little room well yeah we were walking up to the belittle desk to check in everything's earlier that evening we had gone to the gym and exercised and you had walked all around the town and gone to the library and done all sorts of things throughout that day we went yeah the day before me and it believe me because that would have been pretty terrible if she said you better wait because we hopped in the car you're hopefully not too many minutes nice thing is that to a m traffic so even work very well you're moving around moving group but yeah we got I guess they didn't really realize how how fierce I was looking because everybody was like do wheelchair like no to the hospital that was pretty intense the whole the whole time you were breathing through those contractions like this is going to take a few minutes to get there it's good like walking is good to help the contractions kind of pick up you go girl so we got into our the ride you bet at the hospital job my car so you're walking up to the desk little in this story everything is little compared to my experience baby things and the doctor who was very little she was she was little she kind of kind of met us there and shoes I felt myself trying to be like have to answer these questions right or else she's not going to believe me that I get the test wrong I'm GonNa get an F like a little sign everything else later has them contractions coming harder and harder faster and furious that is true too fast young I think so you're walking a little bit slow everyone we saw says do you need to share I know but man they are starting to come harder starting to do some good moaning oh that's the sound you make when you have a baby come out of you L. checked in and they had me sign a paper that's essentially said you may deliver my baby yeah so the they said like Oh we have a lot of things I think people want to hear all knitting and all the greatest or the greatest so if you want the nitty and the gritty must check things out make sure everything's going well get John a little monitor with their little sweet portable monitor apparently didn't I said out loud like am I in transition already this is crazy wow we deals three times before and I remembered very vividly with Lewke when I was having we're going to like I hope we don't have the baby in this car because that'd be a big mess you'd have to get a new car and check in a really needed to not do that you weren't even at the desk very long either signed like hey great we'll just leave your husband here and you come with me we'll go straight to the room because I think she could tell I didn't WanNa stand there okay that like the moment when I'm like oh my gosh these are too painful I I can't do this anymore like that's when I the bed and nothing felt comfortable except shirt being on my hands and knees so I did that and you rubbed my lower back or as we barely been in the hospital our I barely been in labor two hours and I was like I think us because the long hallway to walk down it wasn't very long hallway to get to that level desk then we got in there and they said all right oh the bay imminent addition yeah this is transition this baby's coming out soon which blew my mind because saying like hey we're here we are here take care of us received this maybe and it's a good thing they put us in a room that was very close assign this is the most important one because then that lets us kind of move forward with the business of the day and so we got that one sign and then you he predicted it yeah it was like one long push and then there she was and you're like what is happening the exact same weight as our other daughter Ruby when she was born she was blind she's no longer she's five nine pounds seven ounces there'd be stop talking but yeah choose like I've waited long enough almost a week overdue I guess you and I just overcome with hormones and fears and tears I just really couldn't believe coming in at nine seven ounces valley which happens to be was there which I believe I voiced times at that maybe end after she hung out on the bed with you for a little bit they took our way to uh-huh I know what's happening but they later on the bed next to me because I was still in my hands and knees not feeling like moving uh-huh tiny little labor contain little oh yeah very tiny little baby anyway you said the water hadn't broken yet and so she's like wants to break your water like yes so berkey water and the worst out the water show when there's like a scene at a hospital and the baby comes out 'cause that's not a newborn three month old baby to be like here's the baby right there's babies coming out get the doctor in here please step down to the hallway and She came in and check you out and said yeah babies coming when she was like hanging out with us for a minute before the baby had come shoes like yeah you're I see Zealand right now so it's like I'm doing it I'm doing what you said obeying the letter of the law I'm doing it my way the doctor wiper alphabet and way her and to weighing in at a good nine pounds seven ounces so good fighting weight add like how could this be transition because only but in labor little bit I just like it's just a little tiny I was like cycling we didn't technically go in for the induction this time but right the third time the only surprise was ruby she came all right I'll come out headed out on their own currently I kids respond really well to threats they do from the womb yeah when she gave them a newborn baby you got this baby from central casting she's very cute she was so just to come watch the kids just your mom's here watch skits and we didn't have to worry about it. She said that she could hear action happening while we were kind of getting ready hey come it's like kind of dramatic but also like to the point because it's your due dates this day well I'll just wait a little while link well eh issues something would I don't know like condemn quintal amputation or something like Gosh Anyway I was GonNa do it anyway but that valley is a wonderful still act this way like do this thing okay I'll get to do this thing okay to do it right now or else okay fine I'll do it I was doing it maybe not have fun but something to that effect and then as like as I was texting and I was like I should I wanna say yeah yeah what Lewke was calling anthem baby GonNa come out the waterslide and then she did she be yeah she's in this room right now snoozing here she snoozing she's great and it's been a fun fun week yeah my mommy was here that was wonderful that was that was one of the best things that we could just leave in the middle of the night and not have to call one of our friends it was about time all the other ones essentially yeah just came on the day that we had scheduled to forcibly remove them fired for these tender golden flakes makes them ideal conveyor of good top milk trick your kids into drinking mouth by given the baby and it's been great I we busted out the mobile APP today for me for the first time I don't know how we've never done a mobile APP with any other babies two-year yes they're coming Tokyo address the ones my like sat on the Casse hands-free hands-free babies launches have big aspirations for wearing around the house big all that stay tuned where we move onto other things for this episode but I'm sure we'll bring her up again I don't know we almost never talk about have this scheduled we have a timeframe and come out on this day I don't know I just know movement nothing nothing happening and then like the day I'd like can have a baby soon but I don't want to say that 'cause like I don't know how soon but I could have said we're having a baby in the next hour anyway so gratien anyway want to hear more about this baby she's sleeping roguery she's got Nice Chunky Body knows what you want in a baby squishy as five-way okay that's it isn't all right drawing of a baby not the cutest baby is a little the is yeah baby and everybody was like wow she's huge I'm like that doesn't look like a newborn baby you know like on a TV cornflakes babies cornflakes don't come in that milk because they need them Kellogg's toasted corn flakes is the best liked of all the cereals need to go to the hospital and then I texted her and said Hey we're going to the hospital and I think she texted me back shortly thereafter and said in more than a million homes kelloggs cornflakes the great liking of little folks our children I guess that's true anyway we'll have an ad and after this will come back with a segment with Ruby and a new segment with valley something's not right with the is is our favorite kelloggs cornflakes ad format this is the the nineteen sixteen version you know a word from our sponsors milk is the first and best friend of childhood and the close second it did and boom they and this is what number of time that we went in for an induction and the baby came out on their own well okay but in there for me and just had attached and everything is so wonderful and amazing I can just lean forward and give the baby uh that just say most mothers know these things delicacy and toasted scheduled to be induced at eight o'clock tonight so even if you weren't in labor we would say hey do you wanna start early but I don't think we're going to have to do that nine surprise it was like the day before her due date and she was she was born like fifteen minutes before her due date so we weren't shocked uh I do love a good Kellogg's add who doesn't and they're they're just really pushing that branding hard like this is food for your kids spelman stats to back that up. Most mothers know their crisp delicacy and delightful flavor. I I don't know what would have happened I would have had a baby that's young grabbed seen the drunk history of the invention of telex cornflakes no but I think I know no I we've talked about it before it's it's Yummy and mother's love it and it definitely wasn't invented for a different purpose has high as a five storey house and cost ten thousand dollars last born child no aches retribution rumpelstiltskin style Chris Probably Ovens per eight wonderful toasting ovens at Kellogg's one of the biggest in the world it is it seems like little much but I gotTa have mccaren flakes it's the best serial it is unreal daddy pretend okay okay okay keep telling me it and then he ran away we have a new baby in our house how do you like having a baby get what's your favorite thing to do with baby valley be for another episode of Channel Crimes Yes are right the big news of this week is that careered we have a really big really expensive oven biggest one of the world and then seven other ovens gotta toast them conflicts maybe five story tall ten thousand dollars goes a long way back in nineteen sixty owner just not quite make them out there are eight wonderful toasting events Oh a bad guy came to our house and stole the baby's Bouncy chair fodder bouncy chair she uses the plane with me it's a terrible the over all right I'm here with bad I was afraid that he stole the baby but okay so there's a mom and dad in jail and they had a baby but the most loved seeing the best liked the great liking of little folks and it does go well with milk they're not how did he get that baby jail he got it do you know how there's in have any bouncy chair so he had to bust out of jail to go steal one what well that is quite a story okay okay how did they get the keys through what to the ambulance they were in there still a kid was messing with the fire the oven and ooh that okay okay that's kind of on the the the firefighters then they're leaving the keys in their ambulance this kind of asking for the other true crimes no that's the one that's the main one for this week you have any other stories you wanna tell me l. succeeding happened this week yet what they gleaned their firehouse we are going to the firehouse tomorrow are you they steal the ambulance I don't know how did they steal it at they get in sided what are we going to do there I don't know yet the mystery e doing giving criminals at the firehouse I know good one now about a fire the fire house could tell me tell me tell me says of that guy at the firehouse now you're really good Do you have any baby related true crime for us this week tell me about it he need the bouncy chair for he had a baby the baby in jail you had to run out and steal a bouncy chair for his baby we're actually got a hold of a baby Kellogg stilts slakes shucks no one would've guessed that name and throw the CIDER truck stole a firetruck I mean the Ambiance Ambulance Yeah House or out of our apartment Belichick and Ryan back to his house out with the teacher so they snuck in they did the smoking behind it all this next behind it wow how the heck did you read that I'm really cool new I really cool I'm glad I did because that is really good for me Russian it's there are eight wonderful toasting ovens celtics one of them is the biggest in the world so that's not even all of them there's the Oh my gosh how did they put it out I don't know but I do know there is a fire helicopter running out of fire all of them die fire spreading oh how did the fire start to get the police were gone I mean the firefighters were gone what were they doing they were Mister Gallo don't tell her or overlords at Kellogg one of our primary sponsors let's run off with our invisible or what do you do with that invisible ambulance you as a car anything else to share narrow way well everyone thank you for joining us for true crimes and a special edition of true crimes fire and rescue is invisible and can go through so I can't stop on the road and then other cards will just go through it aw come back next time we love you fire put out but then they got back to the fire station ambulance calling all right did they ever find the ambulance no hire helicopter Oh I bet that helps fire airplane Oh okay so they helped put it out this is why this it's true we deal head cornflakes for breakfast this morning they weren't Galax don't doubt in his hand and kind of toss it back and forth and they dropped it on accident van the firefighters came all of the people say that babies are so fresh and clean and knew that they may hold the the Valley you've been around and alive for a week now so it's about time we got on our podcast Oh my goodness it's the crime of the century even greet even the window feasible everything answers to some of life's deepest questions that brings us to this segment called Deep Valley Questions Moore Mhm wow so it is invisible and also permeable get cool well Oh is that dangerous to drive an invisible car is our other cars run into you it's just a damn against that great very good all right well I see that you go deep down into the brain of baby valley and see what she has to offer us so valley interesting I never thought of it that way before all right next question have you ever been men's blamed too so so you see man's mm Kazoo is so big we hear all it was covering the sky by turn the fire on and then it just spread and spread and spread no he was playing with fire Oh do you like pick up the phone morning yeah well that there were two on the bottom two on the top Gotcha and so they got the ahead of you and you can switch track to go and on a another path and there's only one person would you switch it more deep questions on another install of deep valley questions and now abuse a cal selection A little now your okay first question do you believe that we are living in a simulation meaning this is oh okay I see I see so next we'll move on to the trolley problem if you are I want and then the fire trucks did the one on the bottom in their house okay

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