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It's the guy there line pilot guy episode three eighty eight. You're listening to the airline pilot. Show the few from our side of the cockpit door on captain jeff. Your host broadcasting live from studio one a at a p g headquarters in roswell georgia. Today show was recorded on the twenty third of august twenty nineteen today's episode the pilots of the miracle on the cornfield twin engine flameout crash landing are awarded heroes of russia by president vladimir putin a light twin crashes into a home in uniondale new york killing the pilot and a person inside the home more news your feedback doc and this week's plane tail all weather heather so get all settled in tray tables and seat backs in their upright and locked physicians electronic devices powered on white. Three eighty eight is ready for pushback. Is this week's episode of the airline pilot guy show. I am captain jaffa captain for a major u._s. Legacy carrier and here with me today from his studio on the english countryside a professional photographer former r._a._f. Aren't double af fighter pilot current captain for an international airline based in london captain nick. Uh yeah hi jeff. If only i was still carrying. I was just reading the script. I forgot to change sorry. If i'd be <hes> well well. I suppose i could be since i wouldn't have to officially retire until the ninth of september so i would have a few days left but they're fast approaching. Now now. I'm i'm not gonna climb into announced another flight deck and this is for fun. We can get you into the simulator and get y'all re qualified and everything else calls in just a couple of days dry. No thank you thank you all right. Well glad to see you sir. <hes> how's everything over there <hes> <hes> in england i pretty good. We're having a warm spell. After a period of a rather dubious weather the australians are over here <hes> telling us <hes> play cricket <hes> which is quite amusing but at the moment <hes> there in the lead and doing buddy well <hes> and more importantly. I've got a small shoutout. I've got a lovely email from <hes> one of my first officers <hes> william <hes> <hes> will <hes> those of us who don't want to use his full name <hes> who was on his way in an airbus to a of delhi and he happened to be going through the moscow control zone and control of ladd piped up and said do you know <hes> camp nick and he said yeah i used to wi with him so control of live very kindly passed on his best regard sun warm wishes as for my retirement and i appreciate that very much date black very kind of you and he's a shot at you and only the most gay controllers who looked after so so well when we get through that space i say thank you very much indeed palate and also showed up for my dad pump who who <hes> sir and i believe watches the show regularly and is still doing very well indeed so <hes> great heavy onboard pop and you keep going wherever hoping still to come out and see you before too long in the meantime i hope catching up with us on <hes> video well <hes> <hes> remind you of how ugly your youngest son is and how and how good he feels about how good looking and it's why grab bid you should hide allies wrinkles bits well. That's awesome mm-hmm yeah controller vlad big part of our a._p. G. community over there representing russia who absolutely yeah i don't know if you noticed a vlad if you're listening now <hes> <hes> but <hes> the last episode i put in a couple of your individual recordings of some of those moscow airports and i don't think i got him in while we're recording live but i did <hes> in post editing. I was able to get those oh yeah i just listened to show yesterday and they came through very well indeed so thanks very much indeed. So what else am i doing today. Well tomorrow is finals day. <hes> in <hes> the bowling club so <hes> having fought fought my way through all the various rounds. I'm at least <hes> working to win. Two trophies tamara sadly the championship trophy if he which i lifted last year all i've <hes> been able to do to that today's polish it in preparation for giving it back because i'm not in the final for that <hes> this year it'll go to somebody else but i am in the handicapped final <hes> which i hold the highest number of shots. I have to give give to anyone in the club which is a bit tough but <hes> <hes> so. I'm playing that tomorrow and also more of the pays so i'm really looking forward to that and perhaps helped bring home. Some silly inevitably okay that is fantastic can't wait to hear about the the results of that on the on the next episode. Yeah fingers crossed if mentioned in the so if he does well. We'll hear about it if he doesn't well. We'll just move onto something else and quite right too. <hes> steph is going to join us as soon as she gets back from <hes> <hes> work today and it's a friday afternoon where recording on the twenty third of august and a typical friday afternoon traffic that she's in right now <hes> also <hes> dana is not going to be able to join us today because he's on his captain dana birthday motorcycle trip trip ride whatever he's calling it <hes> i was looking on the community calendar and he's got a big banner on there that says that he's on something like a four day adventure on the motorcycle with a bunch of other fellow pilot harley davidson riders so he is unable to join us today. His birthday by either way is to morrow. I believe the twenty fourth of august does that make him a gin like me. Excuse me <hes> he's virgo is not of virgo the virgin i hadn't thought of it. I guess he is because i am a time which is very very app considering. They allina which will sam is right. I don't know what the crossover is in the horoscope. <hes> if it's is right around this time time of month isn't it like the twenty second i i. I would have thought so yeah. Now you very <hes> stalwart on our show carrying on not feeling well you better now. Oh i'm so much better <hes> yeah. I limped myself home the next day and <hes> basically said i think i can make it home but i i'm pretty sure i'm not going to have the stamina to do that last turnaround it wasn't a bad turnaround but it was just <hes> you know going to get me home late in the afternoon and they said oh that's good you know we can we can get somebody else to cover the tripoint those last two legs from atlanta to columbus ohio and back and i said thank you very much so i just went home and basically went straight to bed took more <unk> aspirin slash advil other an s._a._d.'s or inset wonder how you say that n._s. Aides or something like that. Anyone thinks wchs is seasonal affective disorder now. That's not then pretty sure those pills weren't for that anyway to try to get rid of my my <hes> fever and headache and it just wasn't going away and i had the best i could do what the fever reduction analgesics was to get to a low grade fever but at least it wasn't a my tapped. My fever was or the temperature was in the one hundred to two hundred and three degree range range but don't worry you know i was looking at all the all the symptoms of whatever i was experiencing and one of the things that kept popping up was <hes> meningitis they went <hes> but the thing that they said about that was pretty common on for most people who like neck pain and the fact that you can't take your touch your chin to your chest and so i tried that and i could do that. My neck really wasn't hurting so i thought i don't think i have meningitis so i decided to not go see the urgent care folks and just kinda lie low but i was like that for several more days and so so much so that i had to stay on sick leave for the four day trip that i was scheduled to do this week so i've i've been home basically since last good for you yeah that's tough so steph. Steph says it and sets and said okay. That's the way you said to say. Thank you <hes> so yeah. I been feeling pretty much normal the last maybe two three days also so thank you for asking. I'm better now normal for you. Yeah normal for me okay well. I still kind of foggy to my normal. Body confused not the i had an enhanced version of confusion in vosges when i was should've been. I'm doing the cat three then. Why did i get my f._a._a. Physical this morning and <hes> mentioned to the doctor said asked asked me if if <hes> you know anything was going on with my health since the last time he saw me in february and as a well as a matter of fact just a few days ago and so i told him about the whole thing is that i'm just assuming it was some sort of virus and he said <hes> probably so and he said that if you start getting those symptoms again then you know you need to go and have it checked out because it might be a symptom of something more serious happening with your body bent <hes> the thing that he was looking at a my but my charts going. I know i've said this before and he goes knock doc on wood but he said so. You're about to turn sixty one. This december and you're not on any any kind of medication. I said yep and he goes well. Hope you stay that way. He's a very very uncommon for somebody my age so yeah. I mean it's got a u._s._b. An excellent health and somebody is looking off to you well. I hope so oh you know. I try yeah anyway <hes> so i'm good for another six months with my f._a. A class one medical certificate certificate and <hes> my next trip is the sunday. I normally don't fly on sundays but i needed to pick up some time i ended up having to drop trip at the end of the month and i had to pick up something so leaving on sunday and it's a three day and get back on tuesday so that's pretty much what's been happening with me mostly just kind of lying around <hes> sleeping trying to kick whatever virus was going on me and and that's it nothing l. Let your body heal itself while done exactly okay. <hes> since <hes> staff is still not with us. Why don't we move onto into the coffee fund. If you're ready yeah. Let's do it. Johnny how much more coffee love coffee. I love tea a._p. Community coffee and tea and the java and me accomp- because the cut all right right the coffee found is your way dear listener to support the shelf financially and if you're if you have the resources to do so <hes> you should check it out by going over to airline pilot dot com slash coffee a couple of different ways to do it. <hes> the clock the coffee fund classic method auto pay pal where you can make recurring donations or one time <hes> contributions to the show <hes> since the last episode we've had add recurring contributions from terry lou chris randall and david liebe and a one time contribution from randy ward who was in in italy right now with his wife enjoying a nice italian vacation the other way to support the show the coffee the coffee fund patron method. You can become a patron of the show at patriotair dot com for you. Uh pledge a certain amount per episode and since lascaux no new patrons so kind of quiet on that front but again if you're interested in helping us out financially head over to airline pilot guide dot com slash coffee. You'll be glad glad you did and we will to stay on mm-hmm sad news in new orleans on well. Just a few days ago nancy parker a journalist at fox eight which is a local news affiliate in new orleans was killed in a small plane crash. <hes> the pilot of the plane franklin j p augustus was also killed. They were shooting a story in a stunt stunt playing. It's a <hes> pits <hes> nineteen eighty-three pitts s to be aircraft and just shortly after takeoff it crashed about a half mile south of the airport report and i read an update to the story that said that <hes> the pilot had radioed the tower indicating that there was some sort of problem with the engine and the airplane plane went down killing both <hes> nancy and franklin and that's the only information bill ben able to glean from that but that's one of those high profile things that <hes> and one of the sad things that you read and hear about and you know you don't like to see <hes> but it looks like <hes> you know she was making some effort to promote aviation and <hes> it all went bad and <hes> she was fifty three years old and survived by her husband and three children and didn't say anything about the age and <hes> family of the pilot of the aircraft so sad. Isn't it jeff tuesday. She's just doing her job at probably a complete one off and <hes> there <hes> the guy was a member of the of a louisiana group that on the sieg hammond <hes> i mean he was obviously well. Known affiliate could pilot. He had a fine airplane <hes> and just awful to think that they both die doing something they they both love <hes> but i guess if you're gonna go that's better pipes than some ways yeah true instead of a long drawn out illness or something <hes> but still quite ashok 'specially young i think the <hes> the pilot the guy that <hes> <hes> supported the tuskegee airmen <hes> was was an older gentleman gentleman not that that makes it any less us a tragic but <hes> the news reporter was only fifty three and i i can say only fifty three because i'm only sixty so anyway <hes> for here any updates on what caused the engine to fail will let you know <hes> speaking of <hes> engine failures and this next item be from the poughkeepsie journal dot com <hes> and also the the <hes>. Where do i get this from the aviation safety network <hes> a cessna t three zero three crusader november three zero three tango lima impacted a residential structure on south road and union vale nor new york shortly after departure archer from the sky acres airport in new york the plane i departed from gumri orange county airport new york then stopped refuel forty miles away at this airport. The sky acres airport before continuing toward the east farmingdale republic airport in new york on long island. I believe the aircraft was destroyed during the accident sequence quince one of the three occupants aboard was fatally injured. <hes> the remaining occupants survived <hes>. The residential structure was occupied by three people. One is a key unaccounted for one received fatal injuries and the last one was not injured <hes>. There were also three dogs inside the house. One was found deceased. I <hes> one puppy survived and will make a full recovery and the last puppy is still missing so hopefully we'll find that maybe it still hiding <hes> <hes> that was a twin engine airplane as i mentioned <hes> cessna ts three zero three and <hes> <hes> not sure exactly <hes> the story here. Did they mention what happened was it an engine failure. Young says not long after the succeed of plane left <hes> the airport turn john had engine trouble that went down yeah <hes> so i don't know if that is one engine both engines of fuel issue causing the engine starvation or whatever fuel starvation. We're not sure the the crash site sydney two thousand feet south of the runway so it didn't get trifle now didn't didn't so that's all we know about this one again the f._a._a. And the n._t._s._b. will be investigating the cause of the gresh. Yeah i always try to when <hes> people who really are in bold in aviation get drawn into an accident might this side of the ball. You're pensive house <hes> very sad <hes> uh-huh because they just sit and they go about their day when an airplane full of fuel plows in particularly side <hes> in a hum gonna suck very big soft spot in my heart for bora dogs <hes> for any animals because <hes> apps humans. We're often more capable of <hes> getting out of the way or sorting ourselves island. They're often left completely vulnerable in these sort of circumstances in the fact that attack. There's a puppy still missing hang. It's very sad yata and of course sadly. I think <hes> you've had a problem with your breath donning. It'll happen to you. Oh yeah yeah thank you for mentioning that greta <hes> the very very very very old dachshund that we <hes> ended up inheriting a after my wife's mother passed away back in two thousand seven. I thought it was two thousand nine but she said nope. We have had greta for longer than her. Mom had greta and we've had her for twelve years and <hes> her mom had well. Greta was like nineteen years old almost twenty twenty years old and her health. I ventured at many times last. Few months has been kind of taking up a nosedive so so to speak and mostly blind mostly incontinent mostly deaf and you know not much living much of a life and <hes> we learned last checkup that <hes> she had lost a lot of weight and she was probably in pain because of the dehydration and the lack of eating and that kind of thing and then finally only the decision was made <hes> that we should put her down so sadly <hes> she <hes> is no longer with us and and if there is a doggy heaven hopefully she'll be in doggy heaven so no no more greta a very sad thing for the family. I'm sure i used to be when i heard a yipping in the background and you had to rush off upstairs. Going let are out again. Stays on now but you know honestly honestly she was <hes> quite a handful to take care of as you can imagine and so in a certain way you know we're it's kind of a it's a nice thing that i think she's you. You know in in a better place now. She's not in pain and and it's easier for everybody here as well. You know as far as not having to take care of her or anymore so absolutely it's often a very hard decision but it's also from the best <unk> yeah yeah and i know you've had to deal with this kind of thing as well. Well this past year absolutely ross. It was easy yeah all right moving onto news item seaver seve word is really cracking on with these things. This is some <hes> positive some some happy news you know we talked about on the last show. It was breaking news in fact the <hes> the miracle on the cornfield. We're calling it <hes> the twin engine <hes> flame out of the three twenty one and they crashed in the cornfield successfully and <hes> no. Nobody was killed in this incident. <hes> this news item from the new zealand herald dot co dot new zealand and russian president vladimir putin on friday awarded the nation's highest medal hero of russia to the pilot who manage to smoothly land his disabled passenger plane in cornfield after a flock of birds hit both engines and knocked them out the experienced captain forty one year old demere yusupov said friday. Hey that a quick landing was his only chance and he was not afraid of handling it. He said he had hoped to circle the airport and land normally when one engine shutdown due to the bird strike moments moments after takeoff from moscow's jurkowski airport but then his second engine cut off moments later leaving him no choice he landed his euro airlines line three twenty one so gently in the head. Hi corn that just one of the two hundred and thirty three people on board was hospitalized. People all across russia have hailed <hes> yusupov as a hero. The accolades he said were embarrassing feels odd and i'm shy he said putin also awarded the hero of russia to the airplane second pilot twenty-three-year-old gregory <hes> a note georgi murzyn and bestowed other top awards awards on the plane's cabin crew. I didn't feel any fear again. This is the captain quoted. He told reporters in a televised interview. I saw <hes> cornfield ahead hope to make a reasonably soft landing. I tried to lower vertical speed to make the plane lands muesli as possible and clyde softly yusubov hailed his cabin happened crew who managed to evacuate the passengers. The also apologized to passengers for failing to get them to their destination which was very concerned about sorry. I didn't really i mean that was what i was supposed to do. Get you to some federal poll or did you call it s- murph some reports smith out in the crimea. I wish i quick recovery to all those injured and i wish them not to be afraid of flying. He added now. This sounds like a really nice guy doesn't it it does it was concerned about you know wanting to ever get back on an airplane. I don't know about you but i'm thinking if i'm on an airplane that crashes i'm thinking what are the chances of that happening thing again remind you i see it but a video some blake being struck by lightning three-ton remind that i wouldn't mention it to the people that were on this airplane probably not a good. Let's see the emergencies. Ministry said seventy four people asked for medical assistance after the landing health authorities said twenty-three people were taken to the hospital but all but one was released following the checkups <hes>. Let's see yusubov was the son john of a helicopter pilot. He worked as a lawyer before he changed course and joined a flight school. When he was thirty two. He has flown with euro airline. Since his graduation nation. In two thousand thirteen logging over three thousand flight hours he became a captain last year and this sounds very similar to the time line of <hes> <hes> someone we know in our a._p. G. community <hes> captain craig right didn't he absolutely he graduated from college twenty twelve and just a a couple of months or last month became captain for his regional airline and <hes> yeah that's that's cool <hes> so that even happens wins over there in russia for people people get the bug they quit a promising mid career mid life career and go for a flying job yeah definitely i should greg idea and if they're in else out that with a pretty boring profession who was turned the handle aviation. Don't leave it too late but thirty two is <hes> is built two hundred yep okay well. The article goes on to talk about <hes> a former member of the us national transportation safety board <hes> john goglia godly said the bird versus engine problem has been under study for years with no permanent fix available yet. He said a cornfield was a good place to land because it's free a big rocks and trees that could have damaged the play. I mean yeah. I really can't think of much better unprepared landing surface to land upon them a some kind of them crop like <hes> like a corn field or something like that absolutely and they've been some indication that the birds were flocking around unauthorized dommage dumps near the airport others flocking birds saudi gonna do absolutely horrible things so i'm sure they sort that out too sweet. Oh yeah i'm sure they'll be right on that well. In the short term they definitely will but they should yeah exactly right but i mean they are a problem and and whether they could feel near an estry or <hes> that just passing through and that's often the way with the big migrating flunk slang at the kennedy suit garb down the u._k. And they're starting to head north already you know and they usually around thousand fifteen hundred feet. They can be a rail problem pie though madman who very needed austria's time to money in just a bunch of geese onshore finals but he managed to get the runway so well. I'm walter is now very good. <hes> camped him with british airways. No good all right <hes> moving on autumn d <hes> a delta seven fifty seven two hundred at ponta delgada on august eighteenth two thousand nineteen gene hard touchdown causes creases visa launch <hes> this is from the aviation herald and simon rat radetsky or a decky <hes>. Let's see it was flight four fourteen from new york j._f._k. To ponta delgada in portugal landed on ponta delgada 's runway twelve <hes> this is in the azores believe <hes> suffered a hard touchdown. The aircraft rolled out and taxied to the apron. There were no injuries. The aircraft sustained substantial damage however and there are some photos here of the seven fifty seven with the very large wrinkled skin creasing and the fuselage and you know i'm not an aviation fuselage expert but <hes> looks to me like this might be yet for this airframe. I i don't know i guess maybe that's something that they can. They can <hes> fix. I'm not sure though while whether it's going to be economic that's the problem blah yeah. They can fix almost any airplane if they throw enough money at it but i'd end about the age they're crafter not what it's worth is now but <hes> that sorta order damages in the indicative of a major airframe <hes> major structural damage so yeah you don't get type two creases and falls in the skin light that without something severe <hes> having occurred underneath so. I think you're right jeff. I think that will probably louis strip the parts and it may well end up being <hes> something the fine can practice on or maybe <hes> beer cans yeah yeah. Oh i'm sure if you <hes> if you look at that website that sells you bits of aeroplane. You'll fail to see <hes> <hes> some fifty seven two hundred. They're a by some of the skin and as a back tank they go. That's possible looking at the weather conditions there. <hes> let's say first of all <hes> eight thirty eight z that would be probably early in the morning for that flight. Would it be <hes> <hes> yes. It would have been in the morning but not a not a conditions i would consider <hes> difficult on the wind varying a little bit of wind really on each twelve knots mainly across steady and no sign <hes> assent scattered <hes> tea or is that supposed to be scattered <hes> yeah gutter the houses scattered up full. I felt for many it might be tiring but it's certainly there's no mention of any cumulus nimbus or anything about oh no build up so i would have said that straightly benign <hes> but it sounds to me like it might have been the hanley problem yeah yeah puch. There was a fault with the aircraft that you never know but anyway <hes> nothing really stands out to us as far as extreme weather conditions here. You're not going back to the <hes> you know. The the possibility of you know whether that airframe is going to be used again or repaired or scrapped apt <hes> i guess maybe another consideration would be whether or not it ruptured any of the pressure bulkheads of the airplane and that that's the case. I hear that that's pretty much. It's the death knell yeah yeah that will most certainly you don't really want to <hes> i. I hate to think of flying in a plane with a re pad bad about had because <hes> you know you think of the accidents that have occurred and <hes> years down the road with that crowd that <hes> whether pressure bulkhead specially especially fatigue found someone awfully accident so i'm supposed if they do everything fine and boeing a pretty good at that sort of thing now they'll come up with a fix if they want one but the other thing is <hes> you know who's going to go out there to fix it <hes> it's it's not like it's near a major maintenance centers. May why not be even worthwhile sending the guys out right look at this. It's a lobster eater. Yes you hear that music that means for my side studio in south carolina. She's a doctor skydiver. Grammarian runners strength training junkie v._a. Connoisseur and commercial multi engine instrument rated pilot. We know her as dr stuff. Hey guys good to see you. Thanks for thanks for waiting to start the show for me. You're welcome probably the start of the show. I'm right on time. I would not be here on time to come on now. We've planted that way right. I know i'm just feel bad. I'm good. I'm good just finished up with work and looking forward to relaxing and not doing work for a couple of days to excellent excellent. Hey as anything unusual or interesting happened with you. Let's say between now and the the last time we recorded the show last thursday. I don't think so okay well then. Let's move on with item. <hes> beyond say yeah well you know we had some issues some technical issues with this <hes> new <hes> streaming service that were experimenting with and but luckily hey we can hear her today. So that's good of course it was you were you were <hes> panelists number four last time so hopefully <hes> you you know who knows what what's going on but don't be number four. You don't be nosy but i can hear you just just fine and see you just fine and that's that's good that's <hes> so we are having issues with adding staff but honestly we weren't gonna have stuff on with very long anyway because she was busy and final preparation for this big trip that she was undertaking and <hes>. I'm assuming that that it all happened and wanted you. Tell us about it. I'd be happy to i did put out a couple crew logs. I have one left to do to kind of tie it all up but i might get to that a couple of years from now. Three croutons were public. You're like alum never see one for years and then three come along wanted wanted. Hey take what you can get pointing out. Yes this was a kind of <hes> just a funny thing to do something to do. <hes> for a long time my dad and i have been going back and forth between <hes> who will be the first person to put their feet on the ground in all fifty states and for a very long time. He's been in the lead <hes> by quite a bit. He has only had the state of hawaii for the past several years. They actually needed to get to which doesn't sound that difficult but hawaii's a long way from the east coast of the united states so <hes> finally he <hes> the opportunity came up then he books booked a flight and i said okay <hes> where does that leave me in this race. Oh i still have eleven states to get to now honestly at that point said there are absolutely no way that i could pass god okay you win <hes> <hes> or whatever not stuff never never say never never surrender never die now so i started looking like well all right well. They're kind of all in a row. I and they in a row. I mean all the way across the country that was organs sort of idaho montana north and south dakota oklahoma kansas mississippi kentucky west virginia and maine. Get them all set eleven. Do that include arkansas' no. I've already been to arkansas okay fair enough. Arkansas' is the different yes. I've been to little rock for a conference actually but one of close <hes> so yeah the goal is to get it done in a weekend because he was arriving in hawaii on sunday evening. I think local time in hawaii at the time he arrived was like seven twenty year seven fifty pm which is like one twenty year one fifty in the morning the next day here on the east coast so that was was my deadline so i left here <hes> almost immediately after i talked to you guys on thursday last week and i took a flight out to portland oregon which i assigned was going to be my starting point and then the the following day had a series of flights that took me to bite aho montana and north dakota with intermediate stops through seattle and salt lake city get from one of those states to the very easily without going through kind of a major city and once i got to north dakota i rented a car and drove to south dakota and back just to say they're just about an hour's drive each direction and spent the night in fargo. North dakota got up the next morning. Another series of flights went the two that took me to a ultimately wichita and memphis occupy went. Wait stuff memphis tennessee. That's not a state that you need to go to that so to get to wichita had to go through denver so i had a nice little stopover in denver got to wichita which is in kansas kansas which was one of the states. I needed same thing as like in north and south dakota rented a car drove to oklahoma turnaround my back to the airport in wichita and then i was going to go to memphis which is actually very close to the border of mississippi and also arkansas or or kansas as nick lake seagal. I didn't go to arkansas' her arkansas. <hes> flew from wichita through dallas to get to memphis and my plan from there was to rent a car hard drive south across the border into mississippi drive overnight through part of <hes> tennessee all of kentucky and into west virginia virginia. Excuse me i was going to go as far as huntington west virginia to catch another flight which would ultimately take me to maine via charlotte and got off the plane in memphis and found that my flight from huntington west virginia to charlotte had been cancelled though that was not a good thing do so <hes> which airline cancelled your flight american airlines boo do probably have sure which regional regional for sure and i don't remember which one doesn't matter so anyway and they they said well no worries. We've already <hes> saved you a seat on this other flight if you would like it leaving from charleston west virginia going through d._c. And getting to portland maine at like four thirty in the afternoon on sunday well. Let's not really ideal because i have plans in maine. My bait plans to meet up with mica who lives in portland. It's been the day with him. <hes> do some sightseeing around town up some of the athol mentioned lobster. The nice local beers like well if i get there at four thirty i'll have time to catch is my flight back home but not enough time to do anything so i started looking real quick. This is all we're like taxiing to the gate and before i even get off the plane i see that there's a flight <music> out of charleston west virginia at the same time as my original flight was supposed to leave out of huntington which is like five thirty in the morning except that i'd given myself take time to drive to huntington. Charleston is like another hour east well to calm vassar. Ask the other problem so i was supposed to return the rental car to huntington west virginia so like well okay well. This is only gonna work. If i can take the car to charleston instead of huntington that was originally a one way rental one way rental correct the rental car counter. I said hi <hes> i ever relation. They need to make a change and the guy goes. Oh are you taking it out of state and i was like yeah and he's like no no. No you have to stop taking it out of state. I'm not changing the state. I just need to change the city so we can do that and then it was like geography lesson for this poor kid trying to get him to know where charleston west virginia was look at my come from america yeah the poor poor immigrant now when you say say like charleston in this country most people think of south carolina carolina and then add only editors confusion because i handed him my driver's license which says south carolina i know he was very unsure where i was trying to go for a few moments there but we got it all squared away okay. I really don't have time. He's he's like how about this car is like that's fine. I don't even think that's what i rented but i don't care. I don't have time to argue this like up to get in the car. Go <hes> so did that made my stop in mississippi and that i was like okay. I've got just under eight hours and i'm looking at the time like that. Puts me there like an hour before. My flight leaves barely if i don't stop but i'm going to have to stop because i'm gonna need gas. I'm going to need like of his illogic break. I'm sure i'm not gonna eat apparently i. It's like stop. Stop in <hes>. Where was i going to stop somewhere in tennessee nashville. Maybe get food tossed. Those plans would go into the biscuit gravy breakfast place. We went to the nashville biscuit company like like eight o'clock at night nine o'clock at night twenty four hours a day. Okay fair enough though but <hes> long story short i've made it <hes> shoutout to <hes> dispatcher mike for he was at work. She chatted me for a while during that drive which was very helpful and awake <hes> because i'll tell you what most of that drive in kentucky was along the bluegrass parkway which is different than the blue ridge parkway and they were not a lot of vehicles out there from the hours of eleven p._m. To about three a._m. Little quiet very quiet while nice kid you could do one hundred and fifty miles an hour because there's still plenty the of state troopers all along way counters people also. I was really terrified about hitting wildlife because i passed lots and lots of deer. You're not too far from the side of the road. There was no speeding it did drive right very good speed limit and got to charleston west virginia returning. The car was a breeze because there was no in there to actually talk to because they weren't open yet but just left the car in the parking lot. Put the keys on the key box got to the <hes> the t._s._a. Check in and it looked like there was only one line it wasn't terribly long but it wasn't moving okay and then after standing in line for like take three or four minutes i was on one of the <hes> wasn't even a t._s._a. Officer it was <hes> was it just like some security personnel and the airport. It was like oh by the way there is a t._i. Way pre check line way over here that you can't see from where you are if you have pre checked and i was the only person that moved great well excellent <hes> see i've made my flight. No problem promptly passed out. Don't remember any of that. Flight spent a couple of hours in the charlotte airport which was great because i just dropped my bags back at my car and then i went back to the lounge out a nice comfy chair slept for a couple hours got on my next slate and spent the rest of the day in portland named with mica eighteen lobsters. <hes> you know what i think. We might have actually some audio regarding that sure okay here. We go well. There's only one way to start this and i've gotta tell all a._p. Listeners that dr steph has a great eight piece of tail. Okay let me explain that. I'll let steph explain that i think you're referring to the three lobster tails that i just consumed absolutely positively. You just managed to do it. I think you may have even outperformed our good friend. Captain al you have eaten three entire entire. Lobsters plus plus a few of the clamps. I didn't quite get through all of them but i had to try them. I mean i'm here. I'm in maine might as well right absolutely absolutely and you should just take a bite of the corn just to say you had to complete thing. I will do that definitely so yes. It's dr steph and it's your main man. Mike and we are here at ocean farms here in gore main the scene of the crime. We're dana and i last met and now where i have brought dr staff. Who is is a lobster eater extraordinaire yes to be fair though i have never had authentic maine lobster like this before it's always been in a hesitate to even say in here like red lobster or better legal seafood <hes> but not necessarily not these same experience at all this is this was very special and wonderful and thank you very much for the recommendation and bringing me here or fortunately the restaurant is pretty close to empty so that no one has heard you say that but lobster is very much like surgery surgery. Did you notice it's see one. Do one teach one and now you're ready to teach it absolutely is <hes> it was definitely an educational experience for for me because as i mentioned my previous even though it was fairly extensive <hes> lobster experience has all been at <hes> prepared for you establishments schmidt's and this is definitely the authentic deal where you just have the lobster and yourself and you got to figure it out now just one last thing because this is going to be very short short but what we really need to say what you're doing in maine and what does mean mean to you in terms of the number fifty so main gene. Oh i was gonna say something about being last place here but that's not fair at all. Let's let's rephrase showy. <hes> knows head to do with a little trip. I took this weekend in an attempt to put my feet on the ground in the eleven states that i had not yet been too so i started <hes> three and a half days ago thursday evening in portland portland oregon that other portland maybe we perhaps should not say anything else about and ended here today in portland maine with you and it's so wonderful call the c._u. And it's only been a few hours but we've had a great experience glad to be able to watch you eat some lobster which we have some photos of. We don't know if jeff will use them or not but we'll we'll certainly send them to him and thanks so much for coming to visit our absolute pleasure. Thank you so much for having the <hes> making the time to <hes> show me around today and for a few hours of good conversation and <hes> we'll have to do it again some time because this was not nearly enough time to catch up and enjoy each other's company and hopefully we will so as i sign out specifically for pilot pip this is you're not creepy main man mica citing off. Eh and it's dr staff for the airline pilot now. He's just dallas. That's all tied. Oh that i love that was to say things. She's going to have to press the button. You mean that mute button. It's shows up in a different different place on this new stream yard. I mean to be fair. It's like right in front of me but i'm looking for in the corner. It's just too easy now. That was a wonderful time and again my thanks to mike oh for joy me round and for <hes> accompanying me will i had to try the authentic maine lobsters and we had a very nice. I saw the picture there was from a local brewery could bears good i._p. Excellent stree- loftus them with butter or what now well i mean there is butter on the side like melted butter that you could dipper spread on slide down <hes>. I'm sorry i i hope i hope that you use that melted butter a little bit older. I mean you really the the lobster itself is so good. You don't really need to add much to it. Oh good point so there's only i've yet to do. I would love to <hes>. I think jillian. I will probably head out that way one day because i think it'd be a lovely idea. Well we know somebody. That's a very gracious hospitable post a really yeah. I can't think of his uh-huh lives up in that area somewhere. I can highly recommend genesis not creepy mica definitely not creepy <hes> <hes> something else. Oh i was gonna say my dad did make it to hawaii. Okay here either loved too late. She cried. I almost feel bad. I'd like a little bit so now what would have kept him from if it were me if i were your house. You just left a couple of days. That's what i've changed my plans in. Oh you're going to beat me. I'll leave on thursday or friday. Instead of sunday did not divulge my plans in advance saw i would've figured it out. What doesn't he listen to the beach hurley. Not that'll teach you well. I mean i did have sitting yeah. My <hes> apparently did not venture into my office which sometimes he does because there's filing cabinets and stuff up here <hes> by nort went but i did have like little scraps of paper where i had been writing down flight numbers and times you probably somewhere we're here. We're headed like albritton out. We'll do wonder where you were like on thursday night friday. You're not there all day because what he had done. He left earlier in the week because he made it kind of more of a road tripped out west see some family members for a couple of days so he was not here or you see i would have given you a full state. When i was going to arrive a hawaii okay and you had more time and then i'll just pitch up and go <hes> in the competition starts again though because now he is officially been to one more more hawaiian island than i have to now behind again to hawaii to island kadian provinces than i have his landed at more countries more countries yeah yeah. They're more competitions to be head. Don't worry well. We know you stuff. There's always a competition to be happy. I'm kind of glad. I'm not part of your family coat with this. Oh it's it's all in good fun abigail hiber you win. If anyone reviews of <hes> you know <hes> airline experiences. There's i flew three different airlines multiple different aircraft types and feel like i should do a doing his passenger experience thing anymore. I don't think he is do on like 737. Cr j nine hundred zero two hundred zero. Seven hundred did fly on an m._d. Eighty-eight brilliant well. I hope it was a good experience. Yes there was good. I think down the back with the noise frontal as a finding whisper quiet yes yeah well done brilliant congratulations anyway. I suppose either either that many but in the united states who've actually managed to do what you've achieved is not as common as you thank. Although some people <hes> their definition of to visit a state is some more different than you know just the geographical put your feet across the border type of thing rest assured i'll probably go back to most of those places at some point see more stuff good even our kansas. I saw enough in arkansas. It's a beautiful state action. It is actually an actually one of my very good friends and actually my very first flight instructor. They live north of arkansas. <hes> <hes> and i've been meaning to go visit them north little arcs. Maybe that way up that way yeah yeah. It looks like beautiful. Area royals will excellent. Were were so happy that you <hes> won the challenge and you're you're safe and sound and you didn't kill yourself trying to beat your father now now. All the appropriate safety precautions were taken. I'm not sure what they were but excellence one speeding ticket. We're impressed. Nope okay shall we. We didn't really have a big intro segment. We were kind of waiting for you and all the cool stuff that you did and we started to say a little bit <hes> <hes> tobacco. I don't remember how much of this i talked about in the crew logs because i did most of those at like one o'clock in the morning after travelling all day so if i'm recuperating rejuvenating myself here apologized but if you're ever in if you ever find yourself with extra time in the billings montana airport you should leave the airport go across the street into the yellowstone county museum kind of an interesting little quirky place with free admission and nice way to spend a little bit time and i think there was something else i want to say but now i can't remember what was the most i mean of the eleven states that you went to know that we have people probably listening from most if not all <hes> which which one was your favorite oh this dangerous territory feared well the little of an unfair question because i didn't spend equal time in all of those places <hes> right you know certainly the highlight light was spending. A little bit of time in maine with with mica and portland was absolutely gorgeous. We saw a couple of different lighthouses. <hes> the town is really cute friendly. The people <hes> good food good beer can't beat any of that so cancun true all right well. Are you ready to move on then to weird started the news folder believable. I've been listening to circa. I'm caught up all right right. <hes> i think we were just about we just finished talking about the seven fifty seven that had the hard landing in the azores and you're trying to decide whether we thought it was going to be able to fly again or if the if it's going to be totaled airframe pictures don't look they. They don't want it now. Looks <hes> not promising anyway. We can move on to item. E plane erupts in flames flames after a failed takeoff at oracle airport and that's an <hes> a believe northern california yeah <hes> cessna cessna husna <hes> five sixty x l citation excel suffered a runway excursion after an aborted takeoff at oroville airport in california a fire broke out in the grass besides aircraft after all ten occupants have been evacuated <hes> or had evacuated the aircraft the fire spread and engulfed the aircraft was being operated by delta private jets and <hes> you know one of the news articles here kind of makes that sound like the the the reason why they stopped the the the takeoff was because it was on fire but i think that the fire came about as a result of the aboard aborted takeoff gough and subsequent runway excursion and looked very very dry up there <hes> the pictures that i saw so in if you have some hot breaks aches i can imagine it would be very easy to start the grass fire and eventually you know engulf the airplane and fire as well l. but we're not sure exactly yet. They're still doing the investigation but the good news is that all of the passengers made it off the airplane and including cluding <hes> the <hes> the pilots <hes> as well so no no fatalities on this when i say important. Didn't it really i. I mean losing. The aircraft is a real shame. I must've meant when i saw the video <hes> i was thinking to myself although safety personnel though there and everything around them the grass is on fire does not i. She looked very a safe area to be so <hes>. I'm assuming dale and managed to get away from the area without any injuries. Sir sir i guess well handled <hes> but not nice to have uh-huh runway excursion on then have a big five spread of not just around the aircraft that goes around the surrounding area of the few yeah so again <hes> no idea yet <hes> why the pilots made the decision to abort the takeoff but <hes> <hes> i think the the airplane claim was pretty much destroyed <hes> and hopefully we'll learn something from this after the investigation by the way <hes> just an update on the other <hes> citation incident was a landing incident the one involving <hes> the race car junior yeah dale jr. <hes> up in <hes> elizabethtown <hes> tennessee <hes>. I guess there are some surveillance wants video that shows that the airplane came down <hes> and touchdown a ride around the landing threshold area bounced once bounce twice and then on the third bounce it <hes> the right main gear collapsed. The right wingtip hit the runway. I think it was only about a thousand feet from the end of the runway. At that point ended up excursion you you know doing an excursion of down embankment up an embankment through <hes> some chain link fence and a lot more so <hes> it was must have been quite wider ride and luckily everybody got out of that alive but <hes> still no no indication of why <hes> they they suffered the the the bad bounce victimizing how often those bounce landings of mishandled a <hes> people try to salvage <hes> situation when the aircraft is now in a while back up in the air again at a much lower speed than it was when it made the first arrival <hes> and very few so winning at that point to go while i need pilots around from him because that's anyway anyway. We're going to salvage the situation surprising how many position trying to make a bad situation goodbye trying to make a second landing quite obviously you're a lot safer could in the power on getting the airplane flying again. I think there was something in the narrative about the tried to go round after the second best after the second so now that for the first one but after the second tried to were unable to do so successfully and how they made the attempt on the first you know after the first balanced perhaps they would have been more successful at least a pile of cush cushion the second bound so they ain't gonna minded gutless list i mean all right and then now finally item f- in our news folder <hes> this again from from the aviation herald and simon <hes> decky <hes> this was something that occurred on the sixteenth of august and n- maasai mauri mariah masai mara somewhere in africa. I think it's the maasai mara is is located generally prasada howlin maasai mara okay maasai mara and <hes> kenya leave and it was a havilland dash eight two hundred registration five yankees era lima mike performing scheduled scheduled flight number one from nairobi wilson to masai mara ki ki schwa- tembo landed at <hes> keach wa timbo airstrip in westerly direction at about eleven o'clock local time but collided with a number of news which are also known as tastes good news while these are world willoughby so good news and wildebeest. We'll do you knew guy go new new. I would've said you i i so. I knew that going to well now. I don't know you know. I think we have some audio from the from the area. <hes> let me see if somebody was had a field recorder shortly after for this accident i i the gun nights good nature in resume so apparently it's canoe. That's that's from one of the news on the scene that actually wasn't killed the unlucky one and then he felt like bursting into song about it yeah well. You know. I didn't really say what happened here. Did i yet <hes> yeah well. We talked about the strike strike on the landing or new strike. <hes> caused the left main gear to collapse in separate from aircraft. The left propeller impacted the ground ejecting one blade. The aircraft veered off the runway one way there were no injuries i beg to differ. The aircraft sustains central damage another just sleeping. Those are just sleeping often that they included the pictures of the <hes> no. I guess i didn't mean to include that. Did i have not had a picture of the news uh-huh well anyway but it's nice to see the time tracks didn't to upset them too much right anyway no human injuries or fatalities. Unfortunately there was a loss of two of these beasts <hes> as i sat in my the title of this news item i knew it to the damage to the plane to. I didn't do it all right at the show. This week could be going to it. You want it to be it. Yeah i can with a canoe okay. Let's do it don't use the poor deceased once. Please live canoes. They're okay with that. I guess now it's time for us to move onto your feedback. The incoming message a right item one from brett fry remember we we met brett fry at oshkosh. She's a producer of the a._p. G. and <hes> let's see he's hey there. It was great to be able to meet you all at oshkosh this this year. It's fun to see the reactions of the first time visitors <hes> like you were this year l. k. so it was interesting for just to see the reactions from those of us who had never experienced oshkosh before so <hes> he's when i was working slash volunteering in the south forty parking working airplanes we had a great view of all the aircraft arriving on rome with three six including when the c five arrived. I had only heard brief comments the next morning about this fire that they had on the c. fives breaks after landing <hes> there is a video in this link that shows the event as we all know there are many incidents and events that occur each year at oshkosh and it seems that nothing is out of view of some recording device and then he gave us a link to an adult web article goal which has the recording in it and we'll put that in the show notes for you all to see and basically <hes> it's taken from the vantage there's point of the nose <hes> area of the airplane <hes> pointed back and it looks like the one of the right main <hes> wheel assemblies assemblies on the c five got a little bit warm and was on fire and fire truck arrived in sprayed it in put it out and so apparently <hes> they say that it it wasn't too extensive because the c five continued to go on static display there at the show so apparently they weren't too concerned. It must not have done a lot of damage no but we were <hes> there were a few of us who are waiting for the <hes> the the short takeoff landing showed up and they had to and they ended up canceling that portion of the show because the fire rescue. You folks were tied up with this incident. This is what was happening. Then whatever night that was thursday night which was ashamed because we've made <hes> <hes> there's a long walk yeah it was. I guess yeah okay the next night. I went back on friday night and saw the short on that will twice. It was way too far for an old man. What a mile hike. It is immoral activities. It was a mile from the bus stop yeah. I'll give you that g._p._s. Data from from my watch kids i was kind of interesting because we were sitting around for a while and we didn't really know why they were delaying from the start of the short takeoff landing competition where you watched a bunch of guys with flying lawnmowers mos- kind of fun that was amazing actually with how little powered parachutes that thing is that was neat and then after that they had the <hes> the r._c. Models out there doing crazy things. Get mad skills very old very it professionals yes. They brent was nice. Meeting you up at oshkosh hope to see you again sometime in the future and thanks for being a producer the show <hes> i'd number two from ham radio jim. He's also producer <hes> he says. I thought you'd all find this interesting especially captain nick this is ben so far my only life experience with g aircraft. I had a ride in a piper cub when i was ten years old out of maddock airport. Only one north dome were that is nil denver is ask around the globe to on one november. Oh okay. I don't hello what does that mean. It's g airports <hes>. It's a long island east hampton. Okay or wait gotcha. That's the name of the airport so it'd be left kilo to one of new york long island okay long. I long island where they drink. Tea is on long island. You don't want to drink too much long island. I mean yeah the ici that'll get to you pretty quickly <hes> anyway <hes> he says seventy-three jim <hes> whiskey to november sierra foxtrot and i'm not a ham radio guys who can't come back atra jim with my call sign seventy. Three's means <hes> <hes> in <hes> goodbye and good wishes and that's his coal. Yeah what's yours. <hes> mike von johnny beck uniform and one sikh you okay seventy three's and he sent a link to a show <hes> something like the history guy or something like that <hes> a the gentleman who does youtube videos on various things in history and this one happens to be on the venerable piper cub and so i will put that link in the show notes for you all to watch it if you so yeah took a look at that very professional very impressed nice play and the he great speaking voice and but sal the good show but <hes> he's. I think he's got a fairly professional team that helps him out. I may wrong because it does seem very well produced and he wears a bowtie yeah. That's why isn't it. That's very professional if it it wouldn't go with my teasha but i take whereby ties lots of neurologists is that right i the vans people live tied dipping into the brain. It makes this. That's the neurosurgeon. I think there are a little different but said okay. I don't know it seems to be a fashionable amongst them. Ni- i think a neurologist same deal with people who are a bit <hes> oh i i shouldn't go there sean really i'll start right now. We'll do it tutorial after the show about what neurologists do and who they take all the people that would grab hold of their a ties and try and strangle them no okay so i can't see why they would wear bow ties then nick getting angry feedback from dot com. I'm just making an observation. Just i know the number of neurologists they all all seem to favor the bowtie very spooky looking yeah all right moving on autumn number three kevin jeff. You've inspired me to start my own aviation youtube channel and it's called many aircrash investigation where i analyze is an aircrash or incident on each episode since you flew the l. ten eleven. I'm sure you'd love the story about an l. Ten eleven crew that landed a crippled l. Ten eleven let let me know what you think so he did send us a link to his youtube channel many aircrash investigation and he has several videos already and he only started a few months back and let me play a little snippet of this one that he thinks i might be interested in hey. This is the story of delta airlines flight ten eighty. This is the story the of bravery skill determination and outstanding airmanship flight ten eighty begins on the ground at san diego international airport on the twelfth of april april nineteen seventy seven today there were flying and that's a little snippet for you and if you want to this is a very good story by the way and yes we knew all about it <hes> those of us who flew the l. ten eleven. This is one of those things that they tell us about while we're in training now back in nineteen seventy seven april i was getting. I'm very that was like the last month of my high school. I graduated in may of nineteen seventy seven so obviously i didn't hear about this. <hes> i don't recall hearing anything about this <hes> when i was in high school but <hes> <hes> several years back but it is a great story sorry and thank you for telling it run and check out all the other great videos. He has on his youtube channel many air crash investigation instigation. Let's move on item for from craig who is also a producer coffee fund qadri member. I crew any thoughts on how an airliner roughed up by. Severe hailstorm could be repaired in the field or was it possibly just a matter of inspection and end sign off until it could be returned to a hub clear skies until wins montana's craig. This is chris roman from missoula and he it gives us a link to this article. <hes> storm damages commercial planes at billings airport in this is from the billings gazette was just there. Oh that's right that. Did you see the airplane damaged airplane there while you were there no okay. It was a lovely nice day not a cloud in the sky. Oh okay okay. <hes> you know that that are there that airport i've been into and out of many many times is up sits up on top of a plateau yeah little bluff area or bluff. I guess <hes> frontier and alaska airlines both had planes damage by the hailstorm that battered much of the region on sunday evening. Both planes were supposed to the juicy. I've highlighted that that's an f. Journalist there that misspelled small town. It's both planes were supposed with with a d to depart sunday night instead they were roughed up enough by the hail and wind that crews were required to keep them grounded overnight while they repaired the damage. Judge said kevin clone billings airport administrator. The alaska airlines plane was repaired early enough on monday that it was able to depart by the afternoon crews. We're hoping to repair the frontier aircraft in time to get back in the air by monday night. The storm moved through the area at about seven pm sunday and left a wide swath of damage fallen trees and branches knocked out power to about fifteen hundred residents and emergency crews responded to a car wreck in the heights reports of people trapped in an elevator anyway it goes was on tells a little bit more about the damage of this storm caused but the thing that we're concerned about here or what craig is concerned about and pilots should be concerned about this as well <hes> the hail damage. What do you do when you're jet is damaged by hail on. Is it really possible to repair it and i would say yes <hes> they go out and and do a full inspection and any areas that have been a significantly damaged. Now you know you might see some some little dense here and there that may not be something that a mechanic would consider significant as far as affecting airworthiness but there are and i don't know what the what the parameters are as far as you know how a big of a indentation is required or where like if it's on this part of the wing. It's okay but it's on the leading edge of the wing probably not <hes>. I don't know all the details tales about that may be a air maintenance technician listening to the show might have more detail about that or may be one of the <hes> fellow house here might know something about <hes> that sort of thing that <hes> yes <hes>. They're not just paying lip service to repairing these things. Are they really do require <unk>. A full inspection and repair is necessary. They have to do it. I believe unless i get some kind of special permit like a fairy permit or something to you. Fly the airplane back to a maintenance base but yeah it's already show they will have very specific <hes> size diameter of the indentation depth position in <hes> in their <hes> requirements <hes> and they will measure those very carefully mark them are locate them on now. The configuration in deviation list are so that they can be inspected on further flights <hes> and each one will be individually measured checked and what they often do they get seven little guys with hamas who come out turned they fix their pilot in the singing a a whole and they're always very happy to go to work and they get on the inside there and they tough out all the little dents and they're fixed and off you get no idea idea that it was the southern dorks excel hail damage. How long were you waiting for that. That was awesome elite license engineer so she knows all about that stuff. Seven guys and hamburgers and there's going to be a rewrite of that story now uh-huh the mine dried out. What are they gonna do. They know it just got me thinking. I wonder how often stuff like this really happens. Especially some of these airports like billings or even denver <hes> storms with significant hail happened quite often in that part of the country and that's that's a pretty busy airport with lots of aircraft and <hes> yeah. It's a good question craig how long it takes to <hes> fix that kind of damage and get those aircraft turned back around so they can continue to operate flights. Apparently is my car. I'd wanna get fix by might dealer pretty quickly but it goes an airplane's made much much tougher stuff. It's aluminium instead of stale so an air dynamics on your car or not quite as important as the aerodynamics on airplane yeah. He's all the downforce. He can get on his most most. I can say oh. This reminds me of an incident that occurred several years back at acme airlines where <hes> the f._a._a. Was trying to pull a captain's opens certificate because he was out at a place. I don't know let's say oklahoma city. I'm not sure if that was it or not but somewhere in the midwest they had a a significant storm run through the night before there was some hail and he did a preflight inspection of the airplane airplane and was satisfied that there wasn't any hail damage however he didn't look at the top of the tail of the airplane that we fly it was a <hes> i think it was a seven twenty-seven in this case a t tail <hes> which would require a cherry picker or some kind of a vehicle that has like a crane kind of thing that gets you high enough up so you can actually inspect the top surfaces of a detailed airplane and <hes> he didn't wasn't able to do that or didn't arrange for it or whatever and when he got back to atlanta <hes> apparently the f._a._a. Gone involved and basically said that he flu or potentially flew on air. Were the or potentially airworthy airplane <hes> and everybody was like were really. I mean how's was. He supposed to know you know so. How are you supposed to. I mean here's a hypothetical question but say you're at a small airport. That doesn't have equipment like that. You know way to assess it looked at everything else and it looks okay but you go all no. I'm not gonna do it until the company or the airport or someone gets the appropriate equipment out here. That seems reasonable to me to if you if you're inspecting everything else that you can actually see and i think it would be reasonable to assume assume that <hes> that surface would not be damaged as well <hes> but and that's what we were all thinking at the time thinking well okay that doesn't make a lot of sense <hes> apparently apparently <hes> the union lawyers got involved in the company. Actually <hes> defended the pump the captain in this case and anyway. It's one of those things that really ah makes me think every time i go out to an airplane in i know aura here that there was some kind of a big storm the night before and <hes> the thing that's also. I'm very the thing that i'm also very sensitive about is <hes> the damage to the control tabs on the elevators of the of the mad dog because we've we've talked about in the last couple of years a couple of incidents involving <hes> the control tabs and damages to the control rods that control the control tabs on the elevator elevator and how you know they're in a couple different cases where either the airplane wasn't rotating for takeoff and another case the airplane was rotating before the crew <hes> called for it and both involved damaged control tabs <hes> for the elevator system so when somebody tells me that the there was there's a lot of win the night before or i know that there has been a lot of wind the night before <hes> for instance just a few months back i think my first officer probably thought it was it's crazy but <hes> we were in wichita and it was a very very high wind kind of a of that storm that went through and thinking that the you know in the back of my mind i was thinking of these incidents where there was some damage that one in no willow grove <hes> michigan near ann arbor with the michigan basketball team and and and pep band and other people affiliated with it. We're heading from ann arbor or <hes> willow grove airport to <hes>. I think it was washington d._c. Where they were doing like the one of the call that a the final four kinda thing whatever march madness kind of thing l. yeah <hes> willow run. Okay thank you liz <hes> and <hes> the <hes> <hes> the airplane had been there for a few days and there were some really super high winds up in that area <hes> during that time and apparently the wind and the the the the way that airplane was parked up against between two buildings or something like that and the wind flow around the buildings just kind of enhanced the <hes> the the amount of velocity the wind <hes> in did some the thing was you know as we know <hes> or most people know from listening to the show the <hes> mandar nothing the m._d. ninety but the man the m._d. eighty through eighty eight <hes> is a has an unpowered elevator and so just kinda flops around and and in the wind and the wind and it can left one might be up and the right one might be down and it's kind of crazy anyway there's nothing keeping for moving and apparently this had been when exposed to a quite a lot of wind and was banging up and down and apparently <hes> i forget which side was the rider left <hes> but one of the control arms for for that <hes> control tab which is actually controls the movement of the elevator had been damaged and they were rolling down the runway and they you told the yolk back for rotation and nothing happened and that was one of those situations where the airplane was not gonna fly and would they yeah well past v one when they realized that there's no way the european was gonna fly so they had to abort the takeoff and you know miraculously. Nobody was killed in and i'm not even sure an anybody was seriously injured <hes> but it could have been a huge tragedy <hes> had that airplane actually gotten off the ground or if they made the decision to stop up even later that <hes> so sasha difficult decision that i mean <hes> we talk about bonnets have to make the decision of v eighty one losing an engine but after make a decision after v. one <hes> just a requires real courage. Yana in this case was like <hes>. There's nothing else i could do really right leaving about. I'm just saying like the startled factor there. Were you expect a you have no reason otherwise suspect the airplanes not gonna fly except that it doesn't respond to control inputs. You're giving it so we do control checks and stuff and there's nothing that we showed you because there's like a little tab. The only thing that's moving <hes> connected to our controls and there's no kind of electronic display that shows the movement of these towns and there is nobody outside outside looking to see if the tabs actually moving in response to the control input so what i did because i knew that the night before there was a lot of wind and these stories are still in the back of my head thinking that that's what's going to kill me is that stupid control tab on the elevator of this mad dog and so when i did the walk around i ended ended up calling on on the cell phone of the first officer and as a note this is crazy but i explained what i was going to do before i left the cockpit and so he pulled the back and and then i can see the tab was moving in the proper direction and they pushed it forward. It was both at the tabs. We're moving in the proper direction and that was you know that satisfied my <hes> concern regarding whether or not that there had been any damage to the control tab of the elevator in this case but <hes> i mean. I think that's a really wise thing to to do. Though why wouldn't you if you have the ability to do that in check it before you go. There was any concern at all yeah. So i know probably looked foolish doing it. <hes> you know i'm still lynch then to think about doing something and not do it and then have that be the problem as a lot more foolish and is like nothing in our books books say anything about doing that sort of an inspection but you have to use your pilot brain right now we do shows and we we see an awful lot of accident incident reports arts and <hes> you know you can't help but you know started thinking about these kind of things anyway just thought i'd throw that out <hes> so do we thoroughly answer craig's question regarding the <hes>. I seldom and i said nice little tornado going on in that picture. Yeah i saw that is that actually from the the storm <hes> from <hes> from another storm as severe storm. Yeah not sure which one well yeah. That's pretty severe actually okay <hes> speaking of severe storms. Hopefully my power stays on. There's a impressive about of lightning on the radar heading my way okay. Hopefully you'll keep your electricity <hes> hoops but if i disappear all of a sudden that's probably what happened. Okay we'll hang in there stuff. I mean i'll be here. Okay we'll be able to see it. Just sounds like you'll be finishing the show all on your right now. I have great faith. The power power will stay on yeah. Okay <hes>. I'm getting <hes> internal communications. That says that <hes> that nick wants us to do the plane tail right now or but it's coming up to eleven o'clock at ninety okay very early tomorrow soapy. I think that'd be great idea. Knock it on the head and i'll then i'll say when we finished. I'll say mica pies. You're very good. I have not even thought about that. Thank you very much. <hes> how how how <hes> what's the word i'm looking for not rude but <hes> insensitive insensitive of me not to think about the fact that you're up really really relate cheese yeah no problem until normally i have a hassle i just i don't wanna to in the morning but perhaps not tomorrow no day very good very good so here we go so we're going to play this week's episode or installment of the plain old pilots plain tales here we go. The pilots played all weather headlock. It's twenty years in the past and lucky chuckie. <hes> is a dusty fly blown kenyan frontier town that is a long way from the tourist images on african safari. Choose news the m._a._c. consul of the takao. No wonder the streets and the place stinks foul garbage john excrement but flies flies off the committee says dangerous here as it is trout has decimated cattle hood so the desperate to kana have mainly become bandits robbing anyone careless enough to risk travelling at night and a few days before a driver was shot dead ed and his passengers robbed arrows so at wal with the neighboring tried to posada nightly gunbattles can be heard in the the distance as an ashtray here with a few buildings offices in compounds one with a poom and above six o'clock sharp an attractive blonde can be found there sipping g._m._t. While the ice sitting hug gloves first us clowns she looks out of place petar easy man on familiarity marks as a local. She's well spoken with the classic classic british accent. If the well-to-do minorities direct and her style betrays upbringing she's a product of the british empire self sufficient and capable born in england but brought up in nigeria father was a mine manager at eighteen she married an army officer and had two children by him but at twenty one she left him and married an older chap who owned his own aircraft a craft. She was keen to learn a flyer but i knew husband said that she would be an awful pilot. She was terrible at maths. Eventually she persuaded him to let her try and despite having to mull children by the age of twenty five she hadn't he gained a pilot's license falling in i love with her instructor along the way and having another child by him a girlfriend described harris stunningly beautiful with natural control grace a very open and honest character who wouldn't try and hide anything even high lovers. She took a commercial examiners and flight test in england flying out of gatwick apple and landing sandwiched between boeing seven hundred seven's. She needed money eight to keep her children in boarding school so she started bush flying something she loved initially for flying doctors on the police say a wing building up experience and learning to find the half hidden strips that were ahead destinations flying curious dotted and honest with kenya kenya flying freight. This was followed by a job for kenya air charters taking wealthy white hunters out into the sedan bush in a beechcraft baron fifty five good years she says staying in hunting camps for a week or more and floating down the nile on river barges searching for lion antelope an elephant landing on poorly prepared strips that would difficult to find particularly just using a simple map. She learned in her trade. Flying the bush the hard way the careful pilot meticulous about looking after her aircraft she knew that flying in some of the most just remote parts of africa killed many slapdash aviators who took risks there was enough excitement to be found without the additional l. thrill of risking and engine failure through paul maintenance. She continued to progress gaining her instrument rating in nineteen seventy in in qualifying on the island. Come on chee as take seneca an cessna four zero two to name a few despite a measured should approach to flying. She gained a solid reputation for being able to work in the worst of conditions and earned a nickname that would stick with her for life. All whether heather heather stuart's meticulous attitude didn't always prevent the unexpected she she experienced the usual problems that africa with throw away flat tires flat batteries broken radios and villages who siphoned off the aviation fuel left airstrips these were the kind of problems at all bush pilot suffered from but heather soon gained reputation for toughness reliability and safety that got her work flying the rich and famous film stars on the link. I think she even met the pope. If you wanna get a feel for what kind of girl she was try reading about the pioneer aviator beryl markham who captivated hemingway and wrote the book west with the night she was even involved with joy and george adamson who gained fame for their efforts to introduce lions back into the wild documented in the famous book film and and foundation bone free heather is mentioned in the follow up book christian the lion flying into cora the book read it says always exhilarating. The camp is located in a very remote area of kenya and for the last hour of the flight there are non of the cultivated patches riches or gleaming tin roofs that usually betray human habitation terrence had plan to extend the landing strip off to some pundits had expressed that concerns about its length but this didn't worry on pilot had the stewart who was an excellent pilot. It wasn't long long before we had touched down safely. She did a stint flying the lawrence of arabia film director david lean around and took into delivering cat into somalia. The mild narcotic is legal. <hes> and since alcohol is available to the muslim population. It's <hes> <hes> drug of choice. I never had enough fuel for a round trip. She said and i had to get out onto the wing with jerry cans to refuel while a gun battle between warlords bro count and they were bullets whizzing around i finished off and got into the cockpit but my plane had six bullet holes in it and one pass right through close to the back of my head missed me why that much he said spreading her thumb and forefinger offing up that made me think so when someone said go fly in the sudan they really need people there. I went with a short blond hair. Good looks and brilliant smile had that could easily have been mistaken for the hostess of an english garden party not but she was never afraid of getting a hands dirty the u._n. Needed a base for their operations into the sudan operation lifeline more than two million had died there if not by bullets and bombs then from the famine and disease brought about by war drought and flood the united nations classified the region as a state in chronic emergency. I'm was trying to fly in supplies lies. The sore opportunity to help with another pilot american called jim gaunt she said about building an strip but lucky lke chucky and she started a charter company called trackmark aviation thus began ascending point in his life from the glamour and flying flying of the rich and famous to the down to earth work of transporting aid into desperate regions of africa. Sudan is the biggest country three on the continent but for years at suffered from intractable civil warms the pilots who operated their work team conditions that will give the average bridge airline pilot palpitations panic attacks no control towers where the forecast navigation beacons right all the like. These aviators didn't have adventures. They live them on a daily basis. One trip heather was flying three c. One thirty hercules pilots to look at possible asterix to operate their crop from they got to a town cold kabo that had had an aircraft landed sunday for years and overflight showed the strip as dry and clear but underneath the crust of dry laya soft blacken the sulky foundation indication of the tells of putting the cessna four right to down but it sank through the crossing got completely stuck. It couldn't take off and nobody nobody could land that a rescue the eight a few biscuits will they had an purified river walter whilst heather radioed for food and water trump but it was three days before anyone could get the n._f._l. Had been the scene of a recent battle. The sudan people's liberation ration- army rebels at driven off the government forces. There were thousands of mosquitoes. The heat was terrible and there was always the fear that the army would come back and attack. There were many dead bodies lying about she said and you can imagine what it was lying. One of the passengers was survival expert but then he got bitten by a scorpion is in a great deal of pain. The plane with the food and water dropped dropped morphine as well and we shot him up with so much of it that he can't stand finally one of the catholic missions was able to get a helicopter to them strip the radio from the cessna and they got out. It was quite good. She said to change my clothes and have have a bomb track marks at a small beginning just me and my airplane she said but the islamic government in khartoum in who seized power declared the war in the south to be a jehan in the following years it would deny aid to southern sudan and drop cluster bomb in some churches missions and defenseless villages massacring thousands and driving thousands more from their homes into concentration. Listen tracing cancel the bush it even revived the ancient practice of raiding towns on horseback killing the elderly and men of finding age then rounding up the young women and children to sell them into slavery the work of the u._n. Began to grow and dozens of non-governmental organization. We're bringing in tons of aid that needed to be flown into the sudan. The amount they shifted exceeded the total flown during the berlin airlift heather began taking on all the pilots and at one time her company employed twenty not too she invested in lucky chunky by building a safe enclave with a bond even pool as a side note it still lab. Should you ever wanted to explore the real side of africa and they'll wrench room. The flying was still dangerous. The government insisted on advance warning of aid flights and it sometimes dispatch militia units to seize the s._p._l._a. Rebels controlled old vast areas of the south so the government frequently deny permission to fly in an attempt to stop the rebels into submission aw in response to the dire need for aid the bush pilots delivered their cargoes to the no-fly zones in defiance of cartoons threats threats that their planes will be shot out of the sky. They cooled it flying on the dark side and filed fulls plans or planned lands toll the risks were hi. Heather did a lot of flying for the catholic missionaries in sudan's western province taking the off before dawn she would land in the early light and then throw camouflage netting over aircraft to keep it hidden until it was safe to depart aw nine. These astronauts had no lighting so she would line up takeoff and aim at a single torch held up by someone standing standing at the other end of the strip. A friend recalled another a harrowing flight. We were on her caravan across ready to leave and find a group group of slaves. We were attempting to reach in another region. When a number of men came up to the plane carrying a youth who had been shot a number of times times during a raid he was barely conscious and had lost copious amounts of blood and with no medical assistance available and he had a few hours to live. I'll fly him to nakae as it was affectionately named on the red cross hospital there heather said at the time lucky had the largest field hospital in the world but i need someone to come with me. While i fly the plane. Jane volunteered the the task and in the end. It was decided that the young man's mother should come with us. We'll never describe what we endured on that flight blood continue to run down the floor of the aircraft as we sought to administer morphine and check his vital signs. We felt so helpless at one point. He opened his eyes and his mother went to the site. He had a huge wound onto his arm on. The blood was escaping rapidly. There's duct tape tape in the rear compartment had the yelled from the front and we wrapped the wounded it watching as the bleeding somehow stone five house later we arrived in lucky where the boy and his mother were whisked off to the hospital from the estrin later we happened upon him and and he had recovered though with the loss of the use of his arm heather invited us to the hospitality camp. She ran that just off the single strip rip treating us to a sumptuous dinner and her best room. Even they're exhausted from the flight. She constantly looked out out for others. Heather stewart spent years flying. People like us into some of the riskier situations and on many of those occasions goes to park her plane with us for the night in case something serious where to occur she slept on the ground with us endeared the heat the food food the massive scope of human suffering and the shed grief at the senseless deaths of hundreds of thousands she helped testified slavery assisted others flying in emergency supplies and workers and constantly used lucky cam to assuage the pains wins heal the wounds and recover the spirits hatha tried to stay neutral in her opinions about the conflict to avoid getting caught up in the causes but she admits to flying medevac for wounded guerrillas when called upon i always carry a jar of vick's <music> smelly chest rob with me she said am i put a little in each nostril. The stench of gangrene can be overwhelming and a small plane. It's dangerous flying. It's quite a buzz really add much rather do that than fly a bunch of tourists to look at lyons the one thing she wouldn't do was deliver weapons possibly as a result of her decision as dried up cited the money and the company shrank back down but have kept flying. You wanna her efforts. The missionaries brought to rome for a private audience audience with john. This protestant woman of dubious morals a multiple marriages knelt and kissed the pontiff spring to cover her basis. We laughingly admitted she later flew the archbishop of canterbury on tour of south sudan the dying peacefully of leukemia in her home in kenya nearly a year erica h seventy she left many full of admiration nations and the world is a sad place without her and another great plain tale. Thank you captain nick well. Thank you to jersey being left on team for the great suggestion because i had never heard of <hes> all-weather heather and <hes> you know as i dug go into how story and it wasn't easiest story <hes> to research this one i ended up to buy book because there was a single chapter in there which had an account <hes> all <hes> and i thought well that's it's worth spending the money just to you get that little piece that will give me more detail of hunt life but she sounds like an unlikely character to do that sort of thing being but ideally suited to it because i suspect that with her flying skills which were on her commonsense and her drive <hes> and fearless approach to life in kenya and more importantly in the sudan somalia malia during that awful complex <hes> she did an awful lot of good <hes> and regardless of what sex she was she was a fantastic bush bush pilot and much admired so when i found out about her life i really <hes> took an interest and belt. I had to tell that story because i think she was one remarkable. <hes> lady an amazing pilot as you say regardless artless gender <hes> an amazing pilot great story and i do have a question though <hes> did they change the formulation of vicks because i don't think that that vicks is a horrible smell strong odors mental yeah. It's a mental menthol kind of uh living. It's a it's an unpleasant smell but it's <hes> it's all she had to try and hide the stench of the things she had to carry him. Her cannot imagine this. What gangrene must smell like must be horrible. It's not yeah you had the opportunity <hes> pleasure. Yes oh letting displeasure from medical school. You kind of get exposed into that sort of thing yeah. There's a smell ever forget no. There's there's several full. Infamous smells the in the medical field that once you smelled you will not forget ever right yeah well. Sorry sorta ended on that note. Thanks for reminding me of all no no. I i just i during my this woman. I thanks very much for zhou seeing who who we love anyway because she sends in great favor a great support of the shown an actually for a rare rare occasion. She's not in the chat room tonight so he's not watching live which is a shame. I hope she gets to hear this under realize what a great story was. She revealed to me so that i could talent on delighted available to that exactly i'm sure she will listen and she will. Thank you in due course for scher us. Thanks josie okay well nick. I am going to direct you now to leave us because we've had it with you. Gone my pleasure to ta- take an early bath as they say when you leave the field of play before your time go for nearly baath because <hes> potent tomorrow playing my finals at the ball club so <hes>. I need to get some sleep on. It's it's it goes fast approaching midnight by the time i actually get my head on the pillow so yeah. I'm gonna wish you you guys will and you had the lucky to staff to give expert advice on the remaining feedback. I'm sure she is quite capable of filling mount place more within capable than case. We're in good hands berlin anyway. Have liberty show guys expectations for much on your on your by okay and then there were two. Oh jeez sorry. You're stuck with us yeah. You know i can think of worse things yeah. I could too all right well. Let's see let's go back to where we left off offer. I think <hes> grow number five. They'd be the next one. You're right greetings p._g. Crew and the world's okay assed airbus us guy <hes> too bad. We didn't do that just before nick anyway. It's your favorite millennial tom from pittsburgh reporting from the opposite outside of the fire hose of part one twenty-one training. I'm happy to say i'm officially through my first typewriting typewriter. The types rate type rating off. I o e and a full-fledged first officer on the jungle jet a <music> but can only find my applause. Imagine it mattering. It's coming in. It's just awesome here ago taylor congratulations on that he says although i am sorry to say i i haven't been able to catch up with the show lately as i've been busy trying to keep up with the jet. I'm starting to catch up with every layover and long set. I have and <hes> you know what i think. We can give them a break since era cut for him to come back to catch up but right. I i mean that time off. That's fine yeah. Let it go. You will allow it. We'll let it go this time. Okay <hes> let's see i've been traveling a lot even to atlanta and one of these days. I'd love to have a meet up with y'all also like to say congrats to captain nick on his retirement. Such a long fruitful career finally comes to an end and and enjoy your retirement. I know a little late but i'm playing catch up here again. I turn to you guys for some advice for anyone just getting off low time at their first airline. If you could go back to your low time selves at your first airline. What would you tell them. I look forward to hearing from you guys again. Hopefully having a meet up. Well sadly sadly. I'm the only airline pilot here. That can really answer that question tom. <hes> perhaps maybe you can remind me staff on <hes> the next show when dana and nickelback circuit if we think about it <hes> if lizard kind of did may be the can keep that in the year and the koran that <hes> in okay so let's see if i could go back to my initial self <hes> at the first airline <hes> this is the acme airlines by the way is my first airline and only airline one of the lucky ones so i got <hes> <hes> hired out of the air force and right on into <hes> a major legacy carrier which i'm very fortunate to have. I've had that experience <hes> and i think that the only thing that i can advise recommend is to to try to keep track of everything that's happening to you. <hes> i never kept a diary and didn't even keep a log book. Actually a logbook would probably be a good first step <hes> and not necessarily kind of record all the exact details about the exact take time like a typical logbook but more that the block of the logbook where you put like notes remarks in things up if i maybe log is not necessary may be <hes> like keep a some kind of a ledger or <hes> or journal or whatever you call it where you could or even something on your computer in to to keep track of to to write down you know something about not every single leg of course because you know sometimes and you'd you'd be hard pressed to think of anything that was worth writing about on every single leg but you know on on each trip. There's always something odd or unusual that happens or maybe something that at the time doesn't really seem important talk or significant in your life that <hes> ten twenty thirty years from now it might be kind of fun to read something that you wrote that long ago and bring up you know some memories from <hes> from that time so <hes> just something to consider sitter. I'd say just <hes> because you when you're at your age right now and you're starting off <hes> you don't realize the significance significance of a lot of the things that are happening to your now and you will understand it once you're older. That's the only advice. I think that i can give yeah. <hes> you know there's kind of a famous <hes> this has nothing probably generalized too many professions but there's a <hes> or maybe not i don't know <hes> famous line from a book called the house of god which is kind of a interesting read <hes>. I'd say even required league for anyone going into medicine <hes> before they start there in turn. Your <hes> at one of the rules is <hes>. I check your own pulse. So before you you get excited worked up about something you check your pulse and then it's kind of like the wind the clock thing and the okay for or not sure i quite understood stood what that meant. We know what the significant of check your own pulses so just before you know before you start getting caught up in the need to do this. Though so severe present was a situation that seems a little overwhelming. Just take a moment to take a step back for half a second remember. You have time most of the time think through it logically early and that's really important. I think that is important. I just had that much okay and and <hes> our producer in the background there has already taken care of <hes> making an effort to revisit this on on a on a future show so that's good <hes> hopefully that gave you some. You know some advice tom and hopefully so you'll receive more and congratulations again or your your progress <hes> item six from moshe aw <hes> in israel moshe in case you haven't yet seen it attached as the terrific field guide to know thames produced by the ops group <hes> creators of death to notams dot com. I expect god will be especially used for useful for captain. Nick who in his retirement has plenty spare time to seek out and photograph no dams that are in danger of extinction and again this is from <hes> moshe greenberg born in israel and <hes>. I have a <hes> the p._d._f. Of it in our show notes staff. I don't know if you had a chance to look through it but whoever came up with this <hes> field guide to notice as a very very good sense of humor. It's really yes. I funny. I have seen this. I've read through a little bit of it not real. I just read a little bit of the forward for the last hundred years the know tom has existed without fear of predator unchanged and unchallenged it has lived freely in our aviation ecosystem blissfully unaffected by technological development that has long seen the demise of other primitive species such as morse code the telegram and lorenzi navigation no thames to will disappear take advantage of their abundance while you can with field guide you can embark upon your adventure finding the multitude of varieties that still exist <hes> so that's just a little <hes> a little taste. The next page talks about for an a another little snippet here the crane not him no thomas construct construct us a nice latin <hes> version of the crane not very common in europe and north america the crane note him as part of the larger irrelevancies family relevance. Most airports are near cities. Most cities airports have construction so there are a lot of cranes. These are at most few hundred feet high and usually very far from the runway nonetheless any crane with an uber distance of an airport is is added to the note and system and then has an example <hes> this one from <hes> lima india mike echo milan obstacle crane rain erected with f. w. f. l. w. characteristics carousel foreign characteristics p._s. N. w. g. s. dash eighty four four five two four five four two three two point nine zero north zero zero nine three nine zero four point seven five five east elevation a._g. L. ninety eight point four feet thirty meters goes on with some other. They've given some helpful. <hes> <hes> diagrams are <hes> at diagram pictures of different types of crane so that you can identify if i like that. They've included the crane. Yes which is actually a bird common cranes tower crane truck crane terrain whooping crane after then it has a little section for your own notes <hes> and then have some nice <hes> some nice quotes from various people this one in american airlines pilot or an american pilot. I'm sorry i'm not going to read it because it does have some foul language in it like i like the quote from donald trump though <hes> missy further down such as that make no towns great again yes donald trump captain air force one well you know we've talked about 'bout no thames in the past on our show many times actually in how <hes> so much of what is there is completely irrelevant and and even the n._t._s._b. The national transportation safety board chairman robert sue malt himself <hes> during the <hes>. I guess they were discussing the final report of the canadian air canada near crash at san francisco <hes> and they were one of the things they were discussing was no tam's and again here's his quote. No dams are they're just a bunch of garbage that nobody pays an an anti so. We have that so really do need to check out the show notes. Let's hear to <hes> get download the field guide to notams from the neth death to know dams roop people <hes> very very funny. Thank you moshe for vergara giving us that lincoln reminding us of this great piece of literature now. It's very funny at definitely drives home. The point of how ridiculous a lot of no temps are yup it really does. It's a great read. <hes> seven from producer steve an interesting development in the investigation of this light aircraft crash <hes> a fairly extensively earlier in the year correct. Yes <hes> the soccer or the footballer. <hes> emiliano sala allah <hes> was the passenger the single sole passenger aboard a small commercial flight <hes> single pilot and he says an interesting development <hes> might you might want to mention <hes> clearly. We don't yet know the root cause of the crash but the hi c._o. Two in the in the passengers clearly a big red flag. I now we've done the co two debate to death but <hes> or before are so probably not one to dwell on but it does serve as a reminder of the potential dangers of c._o. Two poisoning in general aviation again this is steve hurst and he gave us a link to this article and <hes> as i said or as steve said they found that the footballer emiliano salah how was exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide prior to a fatal print plane crash in the english channel. A report has revealed he was twenty eight and the pilot david edison fifty nine crashed on the twenty first of january while traveling from dante's in france to cardiff. I'm not sure that announced dante's you know i've. I've lost it in the other n._a._t._o. Pronounce it <hes> but i'm not gonna say eight either so okay. That's my church. <hes> toxicology tests on salah's body showed c._o. Levels in his blood were so great could have caused a seizure unconsciousness or a heart attack <hes> so steph so you're the doctor here <hes> to me not a doctor. <hes> looks like a fifty eight percent level of carbon monoxide dockside <hes> oh no no. I'm sorry that's what <hes> oh yeah. He did have a level of fifty eight percent. That seems really high to me. It is really high yeah. That's not normal. I mean i don't know what a normal amount would be. Would i would think it would be like single. Digits at most may be very close to duro yeah wow so they still haven't found the body of the pilot ibbotson that <hes> they do where the the wreckage of the airplane is and i think they're still trying to get funding to bring the thing up service yeah nantes yeah. I'm not the i don't know i can't. I can't make that sound quickly. I know how it's supposed to sound that. I can't do it correctly. Okay thank you so. What do you think stuff. You think that this is <hes> a i. I think we probably don't know for a at was part of of their final report or hard. This was just an intermediate a we found this <hes> yes. Certainly you know this was a piper malibu. I believe leaps odell system engine <hes> so certainly could produce carbon monoxide if you had faulty heating or ventilation or something along those lines <hes> yeah and if you're you're exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide like that that's really can result in a situation where you're <hes> not able to think clearly unconscious and would not be able to continue to safely no pilot and aircraft and could result in a crash <hes>. That's one possibility of what may have happened here. <hes> i'm not sure how else you end up with such high levels of carbon monoxide in your system if that was not a significant contributing causal factor <hes> but we'll see. It sounds like we're mike. It's more information again in the future. Yes i had not read the update on this <hes> steve so thank you for making us aware of it and <hes> hopefully they'll get get whatever is necessary to retrieve the wreckage of the airplane so they can inspect it more closely to see if that is perhaps <hes> one of the causes of this tragedy. I don't know we'll see. How did you see did you say c._o. Two level at some point okay so carbon monoxide. Yeah okay carbon monoxide to see oh. I coulda sworn i was reading something that said you may have been. I was looking back. I just wanted to make sure we <hes> okay <hes> sometimes. It's just easy to resolve steve said c._o. Two okay <hes> so the oracle is self. I think has just c._e._o. Yeah downright and sorry. I was not even paying attention to those. You'll writing down into the the article to look through it. Yeah you're right. It's a carbon monoxide not dioxide soaring c. o. Oh steve you didn't do well and kim chemistry digital. We're just getting steve back up to fifty percent here twenty. You're better than that. Yeah i'm just we. We knew what she meant. Everyone knew what you meant. It's all good so i didn't notice she was the one and the tara <hes> <hes> honestly you were reading through that and i was actually looking down the article and i wasn't paying attention to you. I'm sorry i was my close attention to what i was saying. Either which is normal. It is here to pay attention to one or liz. Actually she's a whiz eight attention. What are you taking about carbon dioxide. It gets very distracting. Sometimes when i'm trying to read things i see all these messages going on from thinking okay. I'm not gonna look. I'm not as as usual. I've done a lot of preparation for the show <hes> <hes> so and by that i mean i've done zero preparation. Yeah we know we understand your sarcasm so as you know as jeff like starting learning to read the <hes> whatever the commentary is from whoever sent in the the item of interest. I'm actually reading. The item of interest for the first time for the first time yeah collided we. Can we take whatever we can get here. You're era fast. Read okay <hes>. Let's move on to item number eight <hes> robbie my name's robbie. I'm an aviation enthusiast interested in getting involved in aviation. I'm interested in taking flying lessons of some variety when i have time but i'm leaving my home in westchester pennsylvania just outside of philadelphia or virginia polytechnic institute and state university and i don't expect to have a lot of time for anything other than studying and drinking beer speaking of which i plan to study aerospace engineering since there are so many interesting in topics tracks that pertain to it none of this is particularly important to the podcast so i'll get to the important stuff i i'm not asking any questions today as i only discovered your podcast a month ago and i've only gotten through episode fifty eight a chuckle every time i hear someone saying that they are working to catch up because they have a lot less to work through than i do and i'm not going to bother answering your questions about show length favourite weather app etcetera the only purpose that will that will serve to you and your listeners is a trip down memory lane for anyone who has listened to the early episodes the two topics that i have been building up to with the the deliberateness of a cow meandering its way about do relate somewhat to both the past episodes and the present i i'd forgotten that the boeing seven hundred seven had been ungrounded for awhile not long after its debut yeah they had all those battery problems of course a seven thirty seven max aircraft groundings are not directly comparable but it makes me you feel better overall about the eventual return of the seven thirty seven max aircraft to everyday use the other topic i wanted to bring up was the following article i saw all this morning which can be found at the link and then he gives us a link <hes>. Let's see in the the title of the headline of this link is flight attendant. Forty-three contracted measles on flight dies after battling the disease for five months so going back to robbie's feedback here just yesterday i was listening to episode fifty eight in your rambling on and on and on no just kidding. You spent an appropriate amount of time on the topic anyway you were talking about. Two british airways crew members who have both died at forty three and <hes> posthumously accused. I said that right posthumously posthumously accused arrow toxicity city. I think that's what it was called to be the main cause of their death again. They're not entirely related but it's still close enough that i felt like i could take up some valuable podcast time well. You can always take up valuable podcast time robby <hes> obviously i won't be in pennsylvania very often in the foreseeable future and even if i was i'm underage but in downingtown downingtown or as downington probably never been there as philadelphia. There's a call downingtown. I want to say yes. You have has been recorded. My answer has been recorded has been recorded. I will be corrected in due time. If i am incredible more time. No please downingtown ch- downing took the <hes> the judges say judges say yes that is correct. Okay 'cause very good. We don't have any judges. I'm just making them now. At many things i did live in that area at one point in my life hyphen. I really should know i have an excuse. I have never heard of that town in. I've never lived close to philadelphia in philadelphia anyway. He said admittedly not very close close to philadelphia. There's a craft brewery called victory brewing company. Which i've been told is superb in. Yes i can verify that victory. Brewing is awesome. <hes> <hes> particular that i've heard are the dirt wolf my mom's personal favourite your mom good taste which is a w._p._a. And has a bit of a grapefruit taste to it. Hop devil a regular i._p. Being must give hop double. That's a good one and golden monkey. Belgian style beer not tried that one <hes>. I also hear that you can find some of these around the country of your lucky so keep an eye out. I think i can get them at total line here. In <hes> <hes> alvarez i'm eager eagerly awaiting to hear your response which i probably won't get to for another sixteen months your question your show as amazing and i can't wait to listen to the next three hundred twenty ish episodes so i can ask you all of my questions right now. I have enough to fill a whole episode committee. We should do that wishing you clear skies unlimited visibility and tailwinds when appropriate and again this is robert. Excuse me robbie gould e and the <hes> the article that he refers to staff <hes> again is the flight attendant <hes> for el al <hes> was working on on a flight in late march when she contracted the infectious disease measles and then she was hospitalized and <hes> she he died this week following a five-month battle with the infectious disease rotem a multi a forty three year old employees for el al passed away on tuesday after contracting measles at the end of march and following into it falling into a deep coma the washington post reports she was flight from new york's john f kennedy international airport to israel around the time she began to show symptoms of the virus. She was later hospitalized after developing encephalitis an inflammation of the brain caused by the disease according to the outlet <hes> days after landing in israel. The israeli ministry of health released an alert about a measles patient onboard an l. l. flight from j._f._k. Into israel on march twenty six to twenty seven but did not mention specifically whether she was exposed to the illness while on the aircraft at this time or at the time officials also could not confirm where where or when she may have contracted the virus but noted that she did not appear to spread measles to anyone else on the flight according to the report from the washington post medical professionals were unable to speak with her after she fell into a coma but eventually got in contact with her mother there who verified that her daughter had received the required vaccines as a child still the vaccine from her childhood may not have been strong enough to prevent her from crying. Contracting the virus as patients were given a single dose of the vaccine in the seventies these days israeli medical officials recommend giving children one dose when they're twelve months old and another other one when they're in the first grade what they say one year old but that'd be easier told months never get that like when you have kid and there's how old is your child away eight four from <hes>. I feel like that happens outside of the we like to say year year and a half yeah i just i was at the places that's more news i eighteen hundred dollars a year and a half right eighteen months you know those parents have just been counting every single month though if it's their only their first child or their only child pictures for instagram with the cute little number. I'm just no and that's why they do that. The clothing and all against <hes> yeah okay so one does when they're twelve months old and another one when they're in first grade in a statement to the jewish press spokesperson looks person for el al expressed their condolences to her family said they were properly handling the matter accordance with the health ministry's guidelines <hes> the company is bowing its head over the death of a member of el al's aircrew the spokesperson told the outlet the company will continue to act on the matter in accordance with the health. Ministry's is guide lines once the case became now on the company acted to vaccinate the company's aircrews the spokesperson added the company shares the deep grief of the family and will continue to accompany the family which was very nice of them to say that and to do that <hes> so what do you think stuff <hes> you you know you hear about these measles outbreaks and such <hes> yeah so we've. We've definitely got a problem with that right now. With some of the trend of <hes> parents not choosing not to vaccinate their children or at least not keep up with the he suggested timeframe for vaccinations recently because of other fears which have since been mostly since bit completely debunked. I should say <hes> but it's really really really important that people get these vaccinations especially for something like measles. Measles is really highly contagious. <hes> <hes> something like it can live up to two hours in airspace where an infected person has coughed or sneezed on a plane with someone who happens to have a measles infection and and they call for sneeze air around them as virus live for up to two hours and that can be enough for you to become infected if you are not appropriately vaccinated against the disease but we should also say something about the fact that it's not necessarily as as serious as it was for this flight attendant as far as getting the lights and i mean no no no but i mean it does have the potential to be that way and the the the point i'm trying to make is that there is a vaccination for it that is highly effective and especially if you're going to be <hes> kind of working in close quarters especially for folks like me working in healthcare medicine <hes> and really just for everyone should be vaccinated against this particular paris now the m._w._r. I think is the vaccine the they referred mumps and rubella harder m._m._r. or m._r. Thank you m._w._r. Is the military welfare and recreation department am which has nothing to do with paxon's interestingly. I just pulled up the c._d._c. Here and it talks about <hes> planning for travel and <hes> <hes> protecting yourself against measles says most measles cases in the united states result from international travel <hes> <hes> so make sure you're protected. If your trip is less than two weeks away and you're not protected against measles. You should still get a dose of the vaccine okay there. You have it. That's from a doctor okay. Thanks robbie and and good luck with your college education and hope halftime or naptime fun at where where did you say was going <hes> selena polytech or something like that. What is that <hes> virginia polytechnic institute and state university. Okay all right moving on number nine nine in <hes> this is from anthony and also <hes>. Let's see this is <hes> he gave. There's a link to an article for mental floss. Dot com was enjoy reading their stuff and he says and you drones are problematic all the best of the best crew through anthony s in west caldwell new jersey and he <hes> this link to mental floss magazine mental floss dot com a refers to to <hes> in nineteen fifty-nine the u._s. Postal service attempted to deliver mail via missile for missile if he prefers yes s. fear from if you're british right is that the way they would say missile in the late nineteen fifties of future was up in the air. <hes> the space race was okay in the late nineteen fifties. The future was up in the air excellent. The space race was just getting started and the u._s. Military was working on missiles that could reach around the world and even to the moon the u._s. Government didn't just see new flight capabilities military priorities though it also thought that the abused carry mail as we recently learned from today. I found out yes. The postal service wants tried sending letters by missile mail in june nineteen fifty-nine the u._s. Navy sent three thousand letters. Here's on a guided missile toward a navy naval auxiliary air station mayport florida launched from the u._s._s. barbaro a submarine that was stationed one hundred miles off the us coast in international waters the thirty six foot regulus one missile made it to mayport in twenty two minutes whereas fast asked that is pay fast held to metal containers that was supposed to be the missiles warhead chamber the letters onboard were copies of a letter from postmaster general arthur summerfield to then president eisenhower vice president richard nixon individual representatives of congress members of the supreme court the crew of the barbaro and and more the letters carried regular mail stamps not even airmail as the a. p. story that day noted okay turns turns out. There were soaking wet because they were a submarine. I mean come on now. I'm just going to marry. The postal service heralded it. As the first successful delivery of mail by missile there had been previous attempts like a swatted nineteen thirty six delivery on a rocket powered playing across a lake between new york and new jersey despite several attempts that one never fully made it <hes> made a successful delivery but delivery quote unquote was a bit of an overstatement. Most of those letters had to be sent by regular mail service at a post office in nearby jacksonville since the three thousand recipients weren't sitting around the naval base in florida waiting for their letter well why not i don't know i mean come on. It's going to be here on this day. You're going to have to go pick it up. You watch out for the incoming missile. They should have known. I mean if they had known that a missile was bringing their mail. They may have actually shown up. I would have asked me my mail. I made even like nope. I got a postcard coming today going to have to go down to the naval station it will be. Let's see now that we can now that we know we can do it. Summerfield filled told the press we plan a series of discussions to determine the practical extent to which the method can be used and under what conditions it never did become practical as we now now now summerfield success successor. J edward day killed the program pointing out that letter sent from the u._s. Barbaro ended up taking some eight days is to reach their intended recipients. Not exactly rocket speed <hes> anyway so it goes on to talk a little bit more about that yeah yeah well. That's interesting. I have no idea that there was a point at which they were considering sending the mail air mail but missile nail rocket mail rotman eh rocket l. donna nano okay <hes> tim sent us. I'm not tim jim jim malloy this little bit. I'm wearing my <hes> year crosses uh-huh ha. I can always tell a vision range in. I can see there's riding. Do you hear that going on in the background right now. It is absolutely just coming down cats and dogs. They're pouring thunder lightning all kinds of waned. Yeah that's saga. That microphone is yeah. It is like so he's only six fifty two. It should still be daylight for another hour so it is pitch black outside right now. It's impressive to hear that's what a dynamic microphone a good dynamic migrant microphone does for you because we can't hear a thing except little boys little soundproof box right here yeah all right. We'll be safe hunker down pursue the wall collapsing on rain and everything else tree branch. Call somebody just call someone. It's fine now. You might wanna head over to this address. Go check it out. She may or may not be live. Okay item ten from jim. Just a navigator also the producer <hes> he says here is a one drive linked to a two minute feedback concerning the b a e one forty six and navigators. He says as usual feel free to use it all part of nut part or none of this audio file <hes> i had a conversation with captain nick in which i mentioned podcast about f four's that i thought he might be interested in that was the fighter pilot podcast and here's a link to that what's the guy's name nello jello yellow yellow nilo the guy that doesn't let her pilot august. The one that he's referring to isn't it. Yes servers listen to like a episode. I think dame's like jello or okay. Somebody in the chat room will though i'm sure jen probably <hes> anyway <hes> so we have a link to that <hes> jello. Thank you glenn dang being a._b. Community karst yes our right. <hes> we'll put that lincoln the show notes for nick and let's play the feedback that jim just navigator senan howdy a._p._g._a. E._p._g. cockpit crew in listeners. This is jim just to navigate her in texas. I wanted to thank the p._g. Cockpit crew in everyone who showed up at the oshkosh gathers that we had it was really a lot of fun to put so many faces to voices and meet so many new people from all over the world old single out <hes> colonel jeff who taught me a whole lot about the f fifteen e e that i didn't know sounds like a really cool airplane. I i have a tattoo feedback for a p._g. Three eighty six. I believe it was where we talked about the b. One forty six while i was is an upper hafford in england in the late eighty s there was a a one forty-six accident. A member of the british royal family was flying in what i think was a one forty-six belong to number thirty two squadron in ran off the end of the runway. There are many reasons why an airplane might run off the end of the runway anyway of course but the problem here was obvious there was a navigator on board so obviously it was the navigators fault fault that the royal family member pilot ran his airplane off the end of the runway. Obviously the the inquiry took more than five minutes to look around point to the poor navigator and say obviously his fault so some things are international. I have another similar story about a navigator who was blamed for not dying in an airplane. I'll save that one for another feedback later anyway again. Thank you for everybody who who showed up at oshkosh and milled milled around the the a._p. Luxury bus and all the people especially the a._p. J. crew who put all that together. <hes> thank you very much look forward to listening listing more. This is jim in texas a gem. It was our pleasure. It was a blast literally an osh blast nash blast yeah it was great seeing new gym at the <hes> at the show and visiting the the g. mobile palace <hes> ooh yeah yeah. It's about <hes> yeah. Obviously that was that it was a navigator is fault for that incident cleaner. Come on goes without saying and let's see look forward to the next or the <hes>. What did you say the <hes> other instance at least that he could think of where things were blamed on the navigator when clearly in his opinion theme okay <hes> moving onto item eleven which believe it or not is the last item in our current show folder. I i do have some extra stuff here and there <hes> that we can use if we want to. We may want to disseminate it <hes> early bente. We'll talk about that in a second <hes> but this is from robert and he says he's checking in from l._g._b._t. With long beach airport and he said record this quick video for your guys for you guys at unique retro l._g._b._t. Yesterday <hes> the reason why says retro because they still believe it or not don't have what do you call the jet ways and stuff the jeff bridges yeah still have stairs yeah yeah and the weather's usually great so it doesn't matter if you walk outside a little bit not like albany new york where they had air stairs for many many years including in the middle of blizzards. How's the weather in albany. In in january. I saw old ladies getting blown off the air stairs into the into the taxiways. Thank we haven't seen these. I don't know where they went anyway. <hes> back to <hes> roberts <hes> feedback. I didn't make it to the mad dog factory nearby right by that has been turned into a mercedes-benz plant but up the crew as well and <hes> soldiers play a quick <hes> snip oh. I thought i got some audio from this missing. What happens if i press a button. Nothing hang on may p._g. Crew and <hes> check with you guys. Try to stop by the mad madder birthplace here a long beach down here in beautiful california <hes> but i hope all is well <hes> <hes> see chicken with episode or too lightly but <hes> oh you guys were at oshkosh that's right so thanks for the updates up there and the about a week and a half and sunny california and <hes> maybe eight point two percent chance of rain will see out here thus catch up with you guys soon. Thanks bye okay. We'll put that link to his facebook video in the show notes. If you wanna see the the beautiful background he has the he's. He's framed it pretty well so you can see the long beach airport tower behind him beautiful blue skies and and i'm sure non humid air <hes> and that was not far at all from where i grew up. Basically i was actually mourn in long beach. I grew <hes> couple of years in lakewood which is very close to the long beach airport and los alamitos which is also very close to the long beach airport <hes>. I'm so glad you had a good trip there <hes> roberts thanks for sending that in and let me see here. How's it. How's it going out there. Purpose stunned dark still very loud and <hes> very radi and wendy. Oh okay well. We can end the show if if you'd like are we got me <hes> find afteh okay. Here's a good one four heavy their hangar one and also florida american airlines places united ninety humid service detail wants cleanups on here. We'll be ready to go see. This is awesome nice about forty minutes. An average tacky sometimes take off the air at five hours. Sir say rice found the only way out of the southeast at seven houses surly partly cloudy skies fifty five degrees. Yes i know mostly. You're gonna wanna relaxed also his k._f._c. This is only in house <music> absolutely very last. It wasn't just one thing is in west virginia. The problem is when anyway. I hear it's funny. Take notice everybody's trying to trying to transmit as well and all you hear is like the critically periodically yes i did here that has actually shook with that one. I was gonna say if we can hear it through that microphone. That's how how it's stored. I hope that there are no tornadoes <hes> avenue wow yeah that was impressive. Yeah and i'm not talking about the p._a. On ground control at l._a._x. No no no. I mean that was also impressed. It was very nice and it was interesting. He kind of let go of the button for a second and i think that most everybody thought oh thank goodness. He's realized that he has trent no he was. It's going to take a couple of air and let's continue with this. It's going to be best ground controller. Oh my god because you can imagine trying to work to do los angeles. International airport is busy place and she's trying to keep everything moving and everything else and basically he's blocking everything. Everybody's got stop like you said though not the first time at the last time a nut last time it would probably happen to any of us either nope. I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna shake my finger at that guy. Do have you done it. I'm not gonna say i've i've done it on a <hes> in-flight frequency like a center frequency which is not doesn't have the same implications right so not not as much going on a time critical wise <hes> as is on ground around control frequency at a major international airport <hes> so i have not done that yet. Yes yeah <hes> and <hes> let's see i'm looking at maybe despite what was this one here <hes> now say that one for next another show this is kind of interesting also at los angeles international airport as the last few times three miles john nine four nine one four o'clock. Let's amount of northbound one thousand two hundred six. I know <music> us. Eleven hundred seats three miles east of elliott's air airforce suzy heirs ask three miles houston l._a._x. Here's how alhassan late us especially senile and see three zero six one five t five. Just please sixteen. Are you on the call. All right. We just had a violators sounds awesome near mid air. That's <music> silence to force <hes> he's. He's he's coming coming back to nine. Traffic alert trying to twelve o'clock three miles southbound indicates one thousand three hundred type unknown. It doesn't transponder there. Nobody is talking about crafts including the traffic concerned. We gotta say says across all southbound two nine. Excuse us trying to actually start. He's amy's floors other right now right behind him on a one mile filed title to four. We think it might be a house. That's worth talking on air for right now. Good okay. Oh dryden. Stop it right there. So how three mile final final thousand feet <hes> do that math three to one it sounds to me like which is a standard that slide pout city of the glide path exactly i mean that'd be like right on three two one glide path where this guy <hes> obviously lost obviously understanding that he is being here in. Let's just make a little turnaround. We'll go back again and take a look at the airport here and <hes> to four is that those are the runways on the northern side of l._a. So he's on the northern finals in hawthorne is south east of the <hes> of the two fives pretty close to the los angeles international airport actually and so he actually in basically later in this recording it talks about the fact that they think that he finally made it to hawthorn in landed and if that's the case that means he went right through all the finals at l._a._x. And how they it didn't have a mid air there. I have no idea but terrifying as the only information i could find about this and whether it was a helicopter or whatever kind of airplane that does did they say at one point and it sounds like he was circling back around to actually like be in the way of an aircraft well. I don't think he was intentionally. Stages meanders flying around. There's been a runway here somewhere. Where's that where's that in and out burger. Everyone talks think down here. He wasn't far from that. Actually no no i know he was on the north side of the two forests. That's exactly where you have a nice view of that. Whatever kind of vehicle it was <hes> helicopter fixed-wing anyway. Just i thought that <hes> that was interesting as well. Sometimes i like to <hes> kind of check out live a._t._c. and they'll have interesting record interesting recordings and those were both <hes> on that <hes> bulletin board so. I thought that i could throw them in there just in case we needed to talk about something now. I think those are interesting yeah so check out live a._t._c. Dot net a lot of the audio that we get <hes> air-to-air or air-to-ground. <hes> audio is from that site and make a great app. Have you ever used it while you're traveling are used it. Yesterday was driving is so so this thunderstorm on this going on out here. This has been kind of the this is the typical summer end of summer south either these late afternoon thunderstorms where things are just kind of crazy and i was going back into the art actually come home earliest rate because thursdays my early day driving back into the city to meet up with friends in the evening and dan kind of stop and go traffic going back into charlotte time of day too <hes> but as you're driving north is seventy seven they were landing aircraft to the north sea getting nice view of airplanes coming overhead on final and the lufthansa eighty three fifty that they fly in flew right over my head knowing you fifty coolers 'cause that's the only one of that type that lands at charlotte currently <hes> and i mean it's usually it's like cr jason stuff landing so it stands out. It's much larger and then you bet you'd have somebody crashing to your garage oregon thunderstorm okay so anyway you can see this thunderstorm like approaching approaching charlotte from the kind of north of west yesterday and i'm watching the flight watching the flight and then isi them going around. Are those like the kind disappeared you know behind the tree line for a second and then coming back around <hes> kind of made a nice dramatic. I wish i had a better camera way to take a picture of it because it was really cool with the storm coming in and turning turning around doesn't understand what was going on because the storm look close at that point but apparently there was some pretty significant wind shear already occurring because of that storm so with the app you can up. I pulled up the tower in control and was able to listen to what was going on and and and get a little more insight great network of people out there volunteers that have these scanners sat up and then as a lot a live feed to live a._t._c. dot net. You can listen to it on your computer or your mobile device enough. You had the app and it's basically real time. I mean there's very small leg right in terms of how how fast gets uploaded. If you're listening to the live feed yes especially handy for you aviation enthusiasts in spotters and of course at various pottery you probably already know about the a._t._c. up but <hes> check it out if you haven't yet and with that i think it's now now time for us to and the show unless you have anything else stuff no nothing else here okay good show we need to end the show before <hes> staffs demise exactly pending doom here. You're tending to <hes> okay <hes> if if you want to send us feedback there several different ways to do that <hes> one of which is good old e mail feedback feedback airline pilot guy dot com where you can send us text expe- back or do like many of our community members do send audio and you can attach it to the email address feedback at airline pilot guy dot com and speaking of airline pilots dot com great website where we have all kinds of good stuff on there about the crew and the community and merchandise and <hes> the plane tales of and so much more including the a._p. G. library haven't mentioned that an while <hes> librarian tiffany maintains that so if you're looking for a good read that's related to aviation. Please check out the library and as i said many many more things there at the a._p. G <hes> website airline pilot guy dot com and we are also on the social needs fish. We head over to twitter dot com and are handled areas a._p. Crew <hes> you can find our individual twitter. Information also pinned to the very top of that page. We like to <hes> a brief conversations. They're two hundred eighty characters or less. If that's your your thing if you're a little more long winded head over to facebook dot com slash airline pilot guy and again lots of good community interaction <hes> place to share different links the articles and discuss some happenings in the world of aviation and information both of those places but if you're really looking for more of that type of thing a head on over to slack l l l l the timing pillow. Don't e yeah we it's. You're you're on man. It's your segment. Thanks jeff. I don't wanna know p._g. Listeners please join us on our slack teams. Slack is a communication coordination in an sharing platform that works on your mobile laptop or browser on slack. We share news and ideas who suggest episode in plain tales topics we plan events and beat ups ups to get into the slack team. Please email me at slack at airline pilots dot com. That's s. l. a. c. k. sierra lima alpha charlie kilo at airline pilot guide dot com or semi tweet with your preferred email address to the well and i'll send you an invitation. That's l l spell hotel india one one one echo one and see you in slap us dollars okay. Thanks so al her shit replace that i'm sure yeah and that's about it for this week's show thanks everybody for listening a big shout out to our producer liz who's back from her <hes> couple of week vacation we missed you and thanks for being back full-time for us and and thank you to all of those who showed up to listen watch the show live and hang out in our chat room and that's about it so until next time wishing you clear skies limited visibility in tailwinds take care and goblins cheers. Y'all sky talk day <music> stay. It's to be such a good good deal. I started a._p. It opened doors for them to this city <music> guy for brands. 'cause i'm always by august. Don't have the time and dan this sold play. Just fine the guy eh yeah <music>.

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