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Thank you for listening to this. podcast one production available on Apple. PODCASTS and podcasts one today on the Charlie Kirk Show we explain why public support for impeachment is falling off a cliff. We talk about white. Democrats can't walk and Chew Gum at the same time. President trump is winning the battle for swing swing voters and finally Holcombe delivers sweeping electoral wins for democracy and freedom. We got a great show in store for you before we get started. A lot of you are not yet. Subscribe to the Charlie Kirk. Show so pick up your phone. Go to your podcast provider type in Charlie Kirk show make your subscribed. Didn't one friend of you the same help us. Surge the charts this Thanksgiving weekend. We are fighting for freedom on the front lines every single day. We got a great show in store for you. Buckle up this is Charlie Kirk coast to the Charlie Kirk show. Your whole conservative Libertarian. Rational thinking here we generally. What you've done is incredible here? Maybe Charlie Kirk on the college campus. Won't you know we are lucky. The have Charlie Charlie running the White House. I WANNA thank Joe. He's an incredible guy his spirit his love of this country. He's done an amazing job job building one of the most powerful youth organisations ever created turning point. USA He will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries destroyed lives lives and we are going to fight for freedom campuses across the country. That's why we are here. Hi everybody I hope. You're enjoying your Thanksgiving week. There is so much to be thankful for. We like to say quite often on the Charlie Kirk show. You should be thankful not bitter that you live in the greatest country ever to exist in the history of the world but while I hope you're enjoying yourself and seeing some family or maybe wrapping up some work We are here at Charlie. Kirk show on the front lines of America's culture war the front lines of the political battle for the soul of America. And we're here to interpret some of the news that I'm sure a lot of you are going to be hearing around your Thanksgiving table. We're going to give you the truth straight up and we. We are going to dive into the stories in ways that the media refuses to do so the first thing we want to start with is how the public support for impeachment falls off a cliff and is just boring. I mean I've had so many people that are non-political friends and family and they say Charlie might missing something or is this just over the top boring. I said no no. It's very boring and equally confusing. And it's the Democrats had these long almost soap opera style. charades where they had. You know the deep state murder on the orient-express crew where they paraded them in front of Cable Television They had vin men. They had a Marie Ivanovich. They had all these people that never actually were witnesses businesses to what happened but they were playing the game of telephone and overheard things. And how you're GONNA impeach a president behind that is astounding to me. So here's one of your talking points that you can in use around the Thanksgiving table with your family and your friends. This was a pre meditated impeachment against the president of the United States fact. This impeachment idea began eighteen minutes after president. Donald Trump was inaugurated in the Washington. Post where they said quote the case for impeaching. Donald Trump. Now begins Mollie. Hemingway in the federal suit is such a great job by the way she said this. How Republicans one phase one of impeachment? She said the following and I quote the first phase of impeachment did not go well for Democrats and needed to be a time when support for the inquiry and impeachment grew instead. It shrank and quote the some really interesting polling to reflect this. Yes and it's from Emerson polling. It says support for impeachment flipped from forty eight percent in support with forty four percent opposing an October impeachment support. It was ahead by four percent now forty five percent opposed and forty three percent and support opposition for impeachment. Now ahead by two percent a net six percent shift but but again we have to break down these polls beyond the top headline in national numbers. And I'm going to do that in an add. Some context that I think is really needed here especially with this new Marquette University Law School poll and hang tight before I get into it because after mine back injury I know a hardest to stay in shape. It's more than just losing weight. It's a whole holistic lifestyle. It's not just about working out. It's not just about waking early going for that morning run. 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If you want were all strapped for time but neum just asks you to commit to ten minutes a day for for yourself your human if you go off track there's no shaming. So here's what you do. Go to NEUM DOT COM slash. Charlie that's an show 'em dot com slash. Charlie you'll chattel your goal specialists a-list and Neum community to get and give help to people that are going to the exact same thing. You're human if you go off track. There's no shaming just tips to help you get back on tra- that's it's new dot com slash Charlie and m dot com slash Charlie. This Marquette University law. School poll found something. So remarkable arkell found the following but only forty percent of registered voters in the swing state of Wisconsin think that trump should be impeached and removed from office. Fifty three percent. Do not think so. So so here's the amazing insight here. Impeachment has become a wedge issue in favor of President. Donald Trump especially in the critical state of Wisconsin and Wisconsin. Johnson actually might be the bellwether state if you come from the presumption that President Donald Trump will struggle to win Michigan and Pennsylvania. Might not struggle is the right word right but there could be very competitive but he will probably win Ohio Iowa North Carolina or Florida. In fact he has to win. Those states and Arizona will the way. The electoral map works in order to get to two eight hundred seventy electoral votes. Wisconsin would bring him over the top. You might remember back in two thousand sixteen president. Donald Trump won Wisconsin Michigan Pennsylvania and a singular electoral vote in in Maine which brought him way higher than people thought he actually broke the three hundred electoral vote threshold. Something that people thought was nearly impossible but now in the key. State of Wisconsin impeachment is now a wedge issue against the Democrats fifty three percent of voters in Wisconsin. Do not think he should be impeached and removed from office so amazingly early that his these impeachments numbers are actually higher than some of his poll approval. Numbers which means that people might say. I don't like the guy but why don't you. He just beat him next November in an ironic twist of events impeachment might actually be contributing the president trump becoming more popular in these key states. In fact as president trump does more rallies and goes out does and communicates the American people. He's going to win more voters over by talking about the outrage and the injustice and the double standard of this ridiculous and Asinine impeachment process so basically on Mollie. Hemingway talked a little bit about this. About how the impeachment flipped lipped but the Marquette University Law School Puhl showed that it's underwater by thirteen points. It's amazing and by independence are the key according to Emerson. Currently the forty nine percent of independence oppose impeachment while only thirty four percent supported so among independents impeachment underwater by fifteen points. This goes back to one of our big points that I'm making on the Charlie Kirk show and one of the big kind of thesis is that impeachment is now in electoral winner for president trump. Not Loser impeachment would usually be a US this way to try to sink the approval rating of the opposing party. People are so against impeachment. This will actually contribute to his rising approval ratings. The smyth be really tough news for the coastal elites the people that are in the Malibu or Manhattan demographic. I always like to say that the Democrats are becoming the party of wine slippers. Zippers and the Republican Party has become the Party of beer drinkers. There's a lot more beer drinkers than wine suffers in this country. Let me tell you what but guess. What the impeachment sham is failing And there's a pretty pretty solid analysis from the Great Tucker Carlson over at Fox News specifically regarding independent voters. He says the following quote independent voters were asked to rank eleven issues in order of their importance. First on the list was fiscal health. Seventy four percent of independent voters said that the budget deficit was their main concern. Seventy two percents. That healthcare was their main concern. Certain seventy percents that infrastructure pretty conventional impeachment. That came in dead last eleven out of eleven. Only thirty seven percent of independence thought it was a priority at all the margin of three to one and that is hilarious. Independent said that peach was more important politicians than to the media that was them and turn crossing continues which I think is one one of the most important points and he says the following. This is what happens when you let Jeff Zucker. WHO'S ETTA CNN? Run Your political party you start to imagine at CNN's Primetime lineup somehow speaks for America. ARCA rather than for a tiny out of touch little part of it and quote so tucker hits it perfectly here which is there are simultaneous confirmation bias platforms happening in our country. And I think it's so important kind of on our team. We always like to say twitter is not real life and you have to remember cable. News is not even real life. I mean even Fox News which is an amazing platform that I'm honored to be able to go on and I'm very appreciative. Thankful for that platform they will at the top reach five or six million people. I really know heavily watched night. That's not even a majority of the country where our country three hundred and forty million people were a country where one hundred million people will vote and the two thousand twenty electra in more than one hundred million people will vote and CNN. They might get a couple hundred thousand viewers on a good time and maybe a million viewers if they're really lucky but look the bottom line. Is People stop watching these impeachment hearings. They stopped caring. Only about ten million people were paying attention to the impeachment. Hearings and paying attention is like a really loose term. What is paying attention even neat meet that you had an under the background while you're doing your job paying attention? People are not locked into this like they were in the cavenaugh hearing so here. Here's the big question that I have. I have a very very big question question about the difference between the left and the right and it's a point that no one has answered and I sent a tweet about it this last weekend. But I'll say two questions and I'll do the other other one in just one second with the first question is what was more watched the cavanaugh hearings or the impeachment hearings. The cavenaugh hearings were way more. Watch why well first of all failing a Supreme Court vacancy has much actual longer-term implications then believe it or not even the impeachment of president of the United States. Because if you impeach the President I mean the assist basically stays in place the vice president who ran as a ticket with him will take the presidency. There's an assumption around that there's not much movement but a supreme court nominee any that's culture. That is huge trajectory changing policy and personnel. Not to mention all the nonsense of accusations around Justice Brett Cavanaugh and all around. I have another question around the impeachment hearings and the main difference between the left and the right and this is the argument that all of you guys is needs us against your liberal answer liberal uncles or liberal brothers or leftist parents. It's the single question that can show you conservatives. Have the moral high ground in America. But I I'm sure your feet are hurting. 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Confirmation hearings he was interrupted over two hundred times. I with two hundred people arrested and during the fake impeachment hearings against Donald Trump is not one conservative that interrupted interrupted or protested during any of the testimonies. Why is that and you're trying to tell me that? Donald Trump is the one that is dividing America. You're trying to tell tell me that. Democrats are the ones that are trying to heal us. You're trying to tell me that conservatives are the ones that are tearing America apart from the scenes. You're the one I mean. The media is trying to tell tell us that Donald Trump is a unprecedented frets republic. Donald Trump is the one that is tearing apart this country. I can't even have my children watching by the way I am so sick and tired of hearing this argument I heard someone in the grocery store the other day. I overheard them and they said I just. I just can't have the news on. I have my kids. My teenage kids listen to this president and and I laugh. I say all the left has done. My entire life is Rob Children of innocence. That's all the left has done. And all of a sudden they're worried that president tweets a little bit too much or might use some swear words here and there from doing sex education for nine year olds or having drag Queen Child storytelling our whatever they call it trial mild drag queen storytelling. Our all the left does is rob people of their innocence. That's all they do and now they're letting kids they say that kids have to choose their own gender kids live in a perpetual state of confusion. They don't wake up on time. They abdicate responsibility. And that's okay you get older and you have more responsibility you get more mature and yet the singular thing that gets people most upset Malibu Manhattan in West. La In and in Greenwich Connecticut. The thing that gets the suburban soccer. Mom I'm so fired. Up is his tone. I can't let my kids listen to this present. Meanwhile they send their kids to public schools where teachers are glorifying. And Hyper sexualizing. Our culture. Where kids as young as eight nine years old? Are we watching graphic pornography where the language on network television is as as horrible. As as I've ever seen it and kids are playing unbelievably graphic violent video games and very very young age. And I'm not. I'm not inherently against video games. I'm not making that argument. I'm just saying Oh Barack has done in. Our Culture is Rob Children of innocence. And now I have to hear the argument from these left now. These newly found liberal suburban soccer moms who are basically the ones that are pushing forth this argument. They're basically the people that are the most Let's just say vocal around around the fact that Donald Trump's tone is so unacceptable yet. They are silent when Palestine high school which is right down the street from where I went to high school. I went to Wheeling High School district to fourteen and right down the street and Palatine High School in two eleven. They have now decided in that school district that a man who thinks he has a woman canal. Go into the women's locker room. In fact I WANNA play sound of this young lady in a daily Herald interview. Daily Herald is the local paper for the Chicago suburbs. I used to read it almost almost every morning in highschool for mostly the coverage of the Chicago suburbs high school sports coverage just because it was kind of fun to read about yourself in the paper the next day but the daily Herald did unbelievable video. I saw it on twitter. Where they they see this man who thinks he's a woman and of course we shove love and empathy and respect for this individual and their dignity however that does not mean you uproots or societal norms and rob women of their privacy and their capacity to be able to be with other women in the locker room so one man who thinks he's a woman could go into that locker room under the auspices of as the ACLU civil rights? Let's play that tape. And I'm I'm really hoping they vote for It's going to be a step forward Gordon Progress I'm I'm really excited if they vote for it A bit nervous though as Soa's just you never know no but it's definitely for step forward in in many more stops It's a great policy Unfortunately it's not everything and we want such as talking about even even less hall things like changing the name on your student. ID which are required to wear at all times So I'm really hoping that the district makes the right decision here votes. Pass it pass and I was making appeal and now oh I'm ecstatic. Just take uncomfortable that My privacy is being invaded as I am. The summer I do Change Multiple Times committed in front of the other students in the locker and speaking I I understand that sport has an obligation to all students talk about this in a different way that would also comedy central and so where are the people that are so worried about the president's tone tone that are speaking out about the fact that now men think they are women. Go go into locker rooms in Palatine high school so this is the question must ask your liberal relatives and leftist relatives where airworthy protesters. And why were the protesters treated like heroes by the media and why conservative groups insanity protesters the decency and respect for even the process assessed that the left does not deserve to let this process. Play out. It's because conservatives have the moral high ground in today's political times it's because there is no conservative urban antiga they're not conservative. Going around wearing Maga- hats bashing leftists in the face where people like myself get death threats. And people like Ben Shapiro. And so many other Steven crowder and Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity have to walk around with armed guards. The reason is because they are the violence and the outrage on the left that is normalized and when people interrupt like they did in the cabinet hearings and for those that don't remember it was one interruption after the other interruption. After interruption. After interruption after interruption it was over two hundred of them not to mention the protesters that were storming the elevators and confronting senators and bullying their way into the Senate office buildings things and yet not once during this entire peach mint hysteria. Do you see conservatives walking through the halls and what the answer that question is and by the way for those of you that ever ask questions. WHO's a really good rule? Never asked a question that you don't know the answer to just a nice little rule of thumb. Do you know what the answer to. That question is most conservatives. Were at work we were working. We don't have time to go protest and flood the Senate the Hart Senate Office Building. I say that somewhat sarcastically in facetiously but more specifically we as conservatives a whole ourselves to a much higher moral standard and we police our own bar better than the left and the media are the worst this the media are gatekeepers that validate their extremism stream ism that reinforce the worst aspects of the left wing movement and normalize it from Antifa to people dachshund individuals and still to this day. Zero people have been arrested for the assault of Andy no in the streets of Portland a day journalist who was just doing his job and reporting and yet zero people have been arrested from it so to kind of tie this altogether. There is only one person who's actually been able to make entertainment out of this impeachment mess and that person is the president of the United States President Donald Trump at his famous Turkey. Pardon he made light of this entire impeachment sham. I laughed. I thought it was very very funny. It was very well put together. Play tape thankfully. bread-and-butter has been specially raised by the Jacksons to remain calm under under any condition which will be very important because they've already receive subpoenas to appear in Adam shifts basement on Thursday through hundreds of people. Have it seems the Democrats are accusing me of being too soft Turkey. But bread-and-butter I should note that unlike previous witnesses you and I have actually actually met. It's very unusual very unusual in any the event. I expect this part and we'll be very popular. One with the media after all Turkeys are closely related to a vultures. I don't know if I like deadline but there is a little true student today. After the birds will retire to Gablers rest at Virginia Tech. There's the president of course being himself and he's just making a joke of Adam schefter. My favorite line is he's I've actually me and the Turkey of spent far more time together than some of these witnesses witnesses that they parade together on Capitol Hill. It's a total outrage. This impeachment champ is deteriorating in front of our very eyes. Hold your ground. This thanksgiving when people try. Try to save this. President should be impeached. Ask them this question. Can you cite the specific. US Criminal Code that President Trump has violated and if so why have the Democrats not introduced. I any sort of conversation around the specific criminal code not this Innuendo not. This open worded hyperbole of bribery. And oh he's he's shaking people down or quid would pro quo show me the. US Criminal Code you broke specifically you can't point to it because he did. President trump did nothing wrong. The only thing ever did was make people's lives better including your liberal liberal aunt who still hates the press. The United States is going to try to convince you of it but you can wink and nod and say well at least your life is better even thanks to President that you say that you hate. Hey guys I'm sure sure. A lot of you are going to have that beautiful Thanksgiving meal than lineup around to get some deal For Black Friday. But there's no need to go crazy I'm Linden. You know ahead of time about an amazing black Friday cyber Monday deal something. You're actually gonNA use not something that you're GonNa buy. Forget about it's called wireless ear. Buds are headphones from Rakhine. 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You'll have to check them out on the site that's by rakhine dot com slash Kirk. Kiro to get an amazing black Friday deal on recons by raytheon dot com slash Kirk. So can Democrats walk and Chew Gum at the same time. It sure seems that as a new talking point from the left that we can impeach the president we can also pass laws that matter Fox News asked me to dictate my piece so that it could be aired on Fox News Radio. I actually wrote a piece all about this about how Democrats can't walk and Chew Gum at the same time. It has gotten really good play. It was number one on Fox News Dot Com on. And it's all around this whole this kind of this euphemism. If you will that you can walk and Chew Gum. We do two things at once. Why debunk in this piece? So as every Democrat candidate says this phrase I I again I don't ever WanNa hear this again. It's just so overdone. They assured that they could advance the country's agenda while in the middle of an impeachment But like as if not putting the country to an impeachment proceeding isn't big enough deal will they can't do both. And now we have proof one such policy in one. Such example is the United States Mexico. Canada Trade Agreement the US MCA according to the International Trade Commission. That trilateral trade deal with boost our economy by a whopping sixty eight point. Two billion dollars while creating one hundred seventy six thousand new jobs jobs across the country now Pelosi says there might not be time to approve the US MCA before the end of the year. Even if she accepted a deal given a golden opportunity to prove that they could quote walk and Chew Gum at the same sometime Democrats have let this vital relation languish while they indulge their impeachment of session and Still Democrats are doubling down breaking today house. Judiciary Committee schedules their first impeachment. Hearing for December fourth witnesses will be legal experts on. My Gosh is going to be a mess. We also saw what looked like it was going to be a Democrat defection only to see Rep Brenda Lawrence Democrat from Michigan. Flip back and resume her support for impeaching trump. This all kinds of ties together with I said earlier. That president trump is becoming more popular during this impeachment. Nonsense Johnson and guess what The New York Times. That's right The New York Times has come in to reinforce this point. According to New York Times they had this piece that said they voted Democrat. Now they support trump and I highlighted one part. That's really important that two thirds of battleground state voters who chose trump a twenty sixteen but select the Democrats and midterms say they will will return to the president next year. This is massive. So I want you to read into this. But does not these people that supported President Trump and sixteen that they've pulled and it also voted for Democrats in eighteen meaner coming back that means that when president trump did really really well in states like Missouri and Indiana and Republicans have really well in Ohio. That shows that president trump's rust belt base is as strong as ever and look Democrats would be freaking out about this and understand that war and Sanders Harris and even radical mayor. Pete people to judge are no moderates Biden has even been pulled far to the left where he used to be but his durability top spot I mean it's been somewhat impressive given how weak the front runner he is but he can't be a front runner in states. Like Iowa New Hampshire. He's third or fourth at Bassey's already lowering expectations there. This is a great quote from voter that I fully represents the the typical midwest swing voter the worker. Who has the shower after work I say that a lot. I think the Republican Party has to be the party of people that shower after work. A Michael towns towns in thirty eight high school educated construction worker and done more. Pennsylvania was a lifelong Democrat until he voted for Donald. Trump is what he said. Here's Michael set quote in the last couple of years. The Democrats had kind of been losing the work and I thought trump might get us that work he said and be honest of construction. Twenty one years and the last years of the best years I've ever had and quote. He voted for Democrat in the midterms because he liked the ideas. On less polarizing local issues like veteran affairs and opiates while he said that the Republicans to focus on Washington politics he had been intrigued by Bernie Sanders. But he'll probably be back to Mr Trump again. He said everybody that right. There is a New York Times making a microcosm argument for the millions of middle class awesome Africans that are not part of the wind sipping group Malibu in Manhattan. But they're part of the folks at shower after work the people that are much more likely to have a beer and not wine and and they are the backbone of our country. The People in Missouri Montana Michigan the states that President Trump won so convincingly and guess what the Metropolitan Coastal Agenda is not going to work in the battleground states that matter. But I've always been a contrarian do not get too confident. Do not get too confident. President trump despite doing very well in this all kind of setting up nicely for his reelection. I believe that the Democrats are gonNA have plenty of secret weapons to come out the New York Times Washington Washington Post Beltway Alliance. They are very desperate. They're into everything they can to go after trump supporters that everything they can to go after the president not to mention. Do not do not underestimate voter. Voter Fraud Do not underestimate what the left will do. As I have said there are more socialists out there that I think we give credit for there are more people on the radical far left that we give credit for and if they a nominated. You left this. We're GONNA have to fight like hell to make sure that they do not win. One other store. I just wanted to talk about something that we have been focusing on a little bit here and there on the Charlie Kirk show is Hong Kong Something truly historic is happening in Hong Kong. After this weekend we have quantifiable proof that these freedom fighters are making a difference. Hong Kong delivered sweeping electoral wins wins for democracy and freedom. Take that Chinese Communist Party. America's greatest enemy Hong Kong's protests started June against plans to allow extradition to mainland England. China critics fear that this could undermine judicial independence and endanger dissonance until nineteen ninety-seven Hong Kong was ruled by Britain as a colony but then returned to China. We've done a whole show on Hong Kong on the trolley Kirk. Show go back through your archives. Make sure you press download an episode. Go back wait a great episode Hong Kong. We went into the whole history of it. What do that right now? The bill was withdrawn September but demonstrations have continued and now demand full democracy. An inquiry into police actions a clashes between police. Jason activists have become increasingly violent with police. Firing live bullets and protesters attacking officers and throwing petrol bombs. So where do we stand today. A recent district elections in Hong Hongkong so the freedom fighting pro-democratic protesters securing a decisive landslide. Victory according to local media count seventeen. Eighteen councils are now controlled by pro democracy. Macher Assi Counselors. That's they call them. Pro Democracy candidates have secured a clear majority with more than three hundred at a four hundred fifty two seats compared to forty one seats for the pro establishment camp according to local media estimates four years ago at the previous polls pro democracy candidates only secured around one hundred seats. This is a disaster for Beijing. But here's an interesting. These Hong Kong protesters are flooding the streets waiting American flags and burning communist flags. Meanwhile when I go visit campuses for turning point. USA left-wing Democrat Protectors esters are in the street waiting communist flex and burning American wants Hong Kong. Protesters represent a desire for freedom and democracy. We have to stand with the people of Hong Kong. We have apt to stand with the people that want freedom that want liberty that wants the protection of the individual and they want to preserve constitutional values. All Congress are being attack mistreat by police yet. Left wing TEPA rioters attacking police here in America. I could go on and on and on Hong Kongers Yearning for the protection of the Second Amendment. left-wing left wing Democrat. Riders are trying to balance the second amendment bottom line. I would trade these Hong Kong freedom fighters for the entitled violent and teeth of thugs that we see in in our streets any day of the week and enclosing Elizabeth Warren's national poll numbers take a nosedive. It's kind of funny when people learned that you're actually Marxists. They might not want to support you this from Bloomberg Number News not from Mike Bloomberg the presidential candidate quote the former vice president has retaken the top spot in the Quinnipiac University national poll. A twenty four percent support among Democrats and Democratic Radic leaning independence up from twenty one percent in October twenty four twenty a pack poll when Lawrence Warren led with twenty eight percent in the November survey warned was down fourteen points. The fourteen percent typically tied with Bernie Sanders. MP Boot Edge. Wow that is a massive drop. This is what happens when you lie about seven different things in your background and refused to say how you will pay for stuff. Warren reminds reminds me of that team that the total underdog memo's people counted her out after the DNA debacle but that somehow show they get ahead and they show up at halftime and then they lose because because they play prevent defense the entire rest of the game she has been her own. Worst enemy polling also shows her losing president. Donald trump in key battleground states such as Florida. Democrats this election cycle are repeatedly telling pollsters and pundits that they don't so much to fall in love with the candidate like they did in two thousand eight with Brock Obama they just want one. That isn't Donald Trump. They will take elective almost above anything else. If you show weakness and that you're in trouble look we know the left and there were able to predict them. This Democrat primary is GonNa get really really bloody metaphorically really soon I mean this is going to be a civil war. The likes of which we've never seen. There's no clear front runner their front runner. Joe Biden is not even the top two or three in Iowa and New Hampshire people to judge which is the most unimpressive political. Your that I have seen in quite some time. The guy's a small town mayor and couldn't even get elected as the head out of the Democrat National Committee. People say isn't he's so charismatic. I don't see it but I'm not a Democrat and I'm not a left winger and I actually want America to succeed so if you're those things maybe you find inspiration and Pete boot at judge talk about how horrible the country America is but as things progress watch out for Mike Bloomberg who can throw a real boomerang into this race thirty million dollars in some of the bigger states that are very expensive media markets and the fact that he's dismissing the first four states. I actually think we'll see if it we'll see if it ends up working he's GonNa try to run against the media. I want the Democrats adds to start to get aggressive with the Democrats start to go after each other. They just play Nice. It was one big bear hug this last Democrat debate the MSNBC will please tell US Senator Elizabeth Warren. How great of a person do you think you are? D- President with the questions were absolutely ridiculous. One final final thing more make America great again news. We're great again the Dow SNP MP and Nasdaq all closed at all time highs on Tuesday highest ever all-time highs. Let's play a clip from the Great Charles Pain that summarizes that another triple play for stocks. The Dow Nasdaq and S. and P.. Five hundred closing at all time highs today for the Dow. It's the one hundred record close since president trump took office in January twenty. Only seventeen. And you can bet. President trump will be playing it up during the twenty twenty campaign. all-time high everybody make America. Great again has been achieved. Did you guys have 401k's if you guys are invested in the stock market at all you are seeing your stocks to record highs and guess what they could go even higher if president trump Secures a trade deal with the Chinese which should be very very simple so please make sure you are subscribed of the Charlie. 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