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All right we are live. We have Marshall Marshall What's going on man has lowered it. It's fantastic. I live in Arizona and it's hundred two degrees outside but. Sixty five in my office. So. As hot as that is in. Just been a crazy crazy year. So. You're here to help us move past disaster is that which here for I am and you've come to the right spot because not just wrote a book on that. Thank you, sir, he is here in. That's what we're doing here on this episode. CRUCIAL EPISODE OF THE AUTHORITY PROJECT Alrighty, Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and Girls Feast your is tune your ears. It's that time. Again, we are live with another episode of the Authority Project. It's the video podcast dream. Don facebook youtube twitter, and periscope where we talk to digital marketers, business coaches, and creators of all kinds on how they built authority in their field, and you can mimic their success developing authority building your audience attracting clients to your own business. Now, without further ado, let's bring to the virtual stage your host. Brian S. Arnold. I am in building here with Marshall. And we had. A very incredible th this little a nice little talk beforehand, and I am so excited to use audience. Of just where we are in whereby now. He's crazy near. And before we dive in, I wanted to be really kind of restate way said earlier I'm sure he will. But before we even into that, just tell us who you are personally and professionally. Yeah. Sure. So My name is Marshall Atkinson I live in Mesa Arizona. Moved out here a couple of years ago a wife Jodi and son Jack My wife is downstairs in our living room doing customer service for a company and my son is an eleventh grade. He's doing his fall break right now. So I'm sure he's killing people on call of duty. Normally hear his bedroom doing school. So we're all in our little pandemic castle right now. I think we are in. Funding for the first time in in the entire world that we can all relate, right? This is the amazing thing to say. So tell us right now, what's your? What is your current project here on the thirty project? Yeah. So I have a new book called moving passes out was released in May and I wrote this book primarily because I saw a need because this country screech to a halt. I and nobody was prepared for it, and let's be honest that that's true for you and probably a lot of people and so people lost their jobs, they lost their clients and customers their Their whole business may be irrelevant right now because maybe they were. Based or they were sports based or they were all about travel? I. Mean who knows right and then what's happened is everything has changed and we have to get ready for what? I'm calling the next normal, not the new normal, the next normal and we have to put aside. The Golden. Holy Days of back in March of this year, because that time is never going to happen again and What's interesting is that you know we were we've been talking about in different industries. We've been talking about the retail pacalypse for years how malls was struggling and all that kind of stuff because everything is moving online. Well, guess what the pandemic was a worm speed time job ten years in the future, and if your business relied on foot traffic, if your business relied on actual meeting face to face with people or whatever you, you've got a rude awakening that nobody wants to shop like that more. And Sell however we adjusting. So the the book I wrote moving past disasters written for any business and what it's about is really understanding that You need to change and adapt to how you do things and I'm a big fan of quotes and there's a great quote that Wayne Gretzky. Famous hockey player once said which is. Good hockey player skates where the Puck is great hockey player Skate where the puck is going to be. And moving past disaster is all about understanding that your future is out there somewhere and you have to do some things and some exercises to understand how to pivot and how to change to bring to meet that puck is going to be right if that makes sense. Yeah. The. Grace Dawson fire a love it. You can tell he's ready guys. All right. We're we are. We're in for today so. Tells first of all, like toast wait where your journey begins, I know I've been in two couple of sites sites here. In I C T shirts Pero tells them about where you're Gerald the inverse yeah. Well, I've been in the decorate peril business since nineteen ninety three I started my own t shirt business when I was working on my graduate degree I was working my master's in architecture and I didn't I never finished that but I fell in love and the t shirt business doing that. became an art director and worked in that industry for years and years and years and So that's kind of what I know and what I do and on the business consultant in that field. So I have two businesses I do one on one coaching with a t shirt printers, embroiderers, and in people do the Promo distributors people that make their living selling decorate apparel kind of why I do during the day job I saw another company called shirt lab, which is a community that's that services these folks. But I've been I've been teaching I've been doing a lot of podcast I've been writing. I've been writing a blog every single Saturday since two, thousand, ten do alarm stuff on Youtube I actually have three shows using the stream yard APP that you're using here. I'm a how podcast I have a lot going on right But I know that the things that I've learned throughout my career can't help anyone because they're all about discovering the solutions to problems and I I started looking at different ways of looking at things back when I was an art director because I had to think of the coolest t-shirt you've ever seen. A dozen times a day. You. Get inspired because you know day after day after day after day you're trying to think of something really interesting and cool that somebody's going to buy a after a while just flat out run a ideas, right? So I had to like. How do I train my brain to think more creatively? So moving passes aster is using those mental tools and lock all these different things that I've used forever for you Mr and Mrs Business owner that you can take the same ideas and come up with you I. D- I, understand what you need to be thinking about, and then we're we're going to our rewrite you're plan and a based on the fabulous ideas that we're gonNA pull out of it, and so I have a lot of little mini lessons in worksheets in the book that people do to Kinda unwrap this kind of stuff. Says incredible. Amazing Man. So this let's talk about this tin dimic. Lots of. It really does In lots, lots of businesses have been forced to shut down. And I was reading just today about. A Bar here in Boston debt. Were Nina for twenty two years they're open for twenty years and they had to say you know we can't stay. He cannot survive any longer right? The as is so. They never figured out how to pivot so. Joe I of how to survive in this in this area where well what I opened the book with a thing called the beginner's mind. Okay and so I want you to think Olen Apple. An apple before if the other day Ta-. Chris Right knee to. Depending. So I want you to think of an apple. So if we approach our life and our business as of eating an apple. So when I said, eat an apple, your brain immediately started thinking about the tartness of an ample. You're probably saliva glands started like foaming up and you're thinking about that and your mouth started watering a little bit maybe because you know what it's. Like to eat an apple and Chris the the biting into the skin had the juice trip down your Trent Chin all that right. You get that right? That mental picture is have you ever been disappointed when he bit into an apple and it was kind of lychee or way too tart Granny Smith or just didn't have any flavor to it you know what I mean. Okay The reason why we have that reaction. Is because we're bringing to the picture of eating an apple, all the other apples that we've eaten we're not joined the apple for what it is right here in front of us because we bring to that page only our whole journey are every apple ever eaten we're not enjoying the apple this in front of us. So what happens is it leads disappointment. It leads regret at least to a lot of problems and I think a lot of business owners have the same mentality where they're stuck in a Rut of what used to be. It's like we can only bite does win apple and that's it. So for example, this bar all they could think about is the fact that you know we can't survive. As. Bar Sort of close down right. What else could they do in one thing that tell you sometimes is because of the labels that we give ourselves right. So I think of myself as a bar owner, not a businessman or woman who owned the Bar Right? We all rethink that one thing in there's no way that we can escape the label so we can't do anything else right. So what else could we use that space for in the meantime or what could we do? Could we could we do something differently? Could we do something with delivery could? We I don't up right. So I don't know people's talents are what what their neighborhood or anything right? I don't know any of those facts but what we want to be able to do is rethink and kind of come up with different ideas. Now, this bar right probably has a giant list of loyal customers. Hopefully, they have a mailing list. Yeah. Hopefully sold merch maybe they have an online store maybe they could be doing something right instead of just selling alcohol maybe they could have pivoted and done something differently right. So it's like one of these things where. We have to buy a new apple and just a joy what is right here in front of us and learn from that and understand that I can take small little steps. Act Can adjust my business and that way I can succeed because I'm moving forward with a new direction. I'm going where the PUCK is going to be right that makes I use a lot of metaphors. Right this. Yeah. So that's a lot of that. So might my next question is how do people recognize? Where to pivot specifically holiday county in then. On top of that, how did they begin to make that shift? When this All they've ever known how to do this. First off, we have to hopefully the book, right but. I can give you some tips. So the first thing you have to do is you have to analyze where you are. Right. We have to understand where we are right to second now with the good and the bat right so maybe other good. A loyal customers you've got some products you can sell. You've got some really super positive things going on, right what's the negative? The negative is that we're losing we're we can't get foot traffic or we have a large accounts receivable problem or we've got some legal issues or whatever. You know whatever your issues are. We have a face them. Yeah Right. We can't ignore them. They're not going to go away. So we have to address the good and the bad and kind of take a snapshot of where we are, and then we have to think using some different ideas. This is even make sense, right? What else can we do? For example, you know do even need employees. Okay think about companies right now who don't have their own employees? Guber. Right No. Employees AIRBNB. Right they have employees, but they don't have locations right. So what can we do to just kind of turn things on her head in stay in the same industry because you understand a lot about it you know right now everybody's discovering they can work from home right? I'm coming to you live from spare bedroom right where my offices you'll before I was in a co working space 'cause I liked the idea of going to work I don't go to work anymore I go up a flight of stairs. And so what I've learned is I don't need to pay those people five hundred dollars a month. Guess what that is called. That's called profit right? He's actually okay. So. We can do things differently. So in the book I have an illustration called a the four perspectives. Do you want to hear what that is? Yes please go ahead before perspectives there are four personalities that you need and Your Business Caesar. I want you to think of these employees that you never have to pet. Okay. So the four. The poor perspectives is one of explorer. One of an artist one as a judge and one as a warrior have you ever heard of this before? No. Okay. So the explorer is the person who maps out the journey that you want to go on. Okay. So let's take. For example, your business you want to go on a journey you WANNA plant the flag on the mountain in the industry that you're in whatever that is. Okay. Yes. From here to there. Okay. There's four is going to map out what that means. Okay. What does that mean and also map out? The danger zones worse to quicksand. What do we need to avoid their explore kind of? Out For you so you need to really think about where you WANNA go. Right. So in in. That's watching right now where do you WanNa go with Your Business Right? What does what? What do you WANNA be able to do? Right? which is like a two year twenty, four month goal right? Where do you WANNA be able to be twenty four months now? Right? That's the flag you're planning on top of Mount. Now you're not, you're not just focusing on like monetary goal you talking about it should. Be Re establishing your business that can be financial. It could be all develop a new product could be whatever. It doesn't matter and for because there's not somebody in front of me. I can't ask them questions about do. So we're going to be very ambiguous right now. So. It's really not your journey where you WanNa go right so we wanna know where the good the bad of that journey are. So we can do some stuff to get there and avoid the problems at the same time. Okay. So put it this way think about if you were going to drive a car and you're in Boston right. And you wanted to go to San Francisco for some reason, our car trip, right would you get in your car and start driving west or would you use the map? Right definitely would you use GPS? Your heart driving trying to. Get Their Lutheran. Yeah. So the explorer kind of maps out what you WanNa do right and maybe some benchmarks some things. So void along the right. So if we're driving our car, we would go hey I think I can drive this far. To Stop for the night. So I'm Anita. Hotel right. That's kind of what I'm talking about. The. Next perspective is that of the artists now artists here isn't. Painter, a sculptor anything. The artist is going to create things that you need to assist a the explorer for the journey. So the artist creates the processes, the assets a website. Creates the products crates all the stuff. So the artist is the one that's going to have to create this stuff. So what do you need created? To. Build this thing right. You need processes. Do you need a new logo? Do you need a systems engineer training manual? Do you need a whatever the artist is gonNA create all this stuff? So that's the perspective of what you need to curate to get to where you WanNa go on your journey. You know what I'm saying exactly. Okay. The next perspective is that of the judge and what judges do. Being? Away. Yes Eater innocent while we were Noah's passer fail, right? Did you do a good job or not? What does success look like in for a judge what we need more than anything our numbers are the data, right? So we have to have data remember the old axiom you can't manage what you don't measure. So. What are what does success look like? Isn't a million dollars in sales that could be a lot of money if you're a hotdog cart vendor on the street corner. For Ford that's ridiculous. Tiny. So what does success look like we want to map out exactly what that is. So we know are we hitting what we need to hit or not? Right and it's not and so the judge uses data to evaluate. So what we need is the data what so like Franks, for example, would say your social media, right? We all have accounts on facebook and twitter and linked in whatever. Right. So how many followers do we have? Right? One people get really wrapped up into I have five thousand followers, right? Ten thousand followers or have a hundred thousand followers or I've got thirty two followers doesn't the number doesn't matter it's a that is a vanity metric. What matters more is the sales from those followers. I would take you know ever the book of thousands of followers I would take a thousand customers that are actually doing business with you. Then hundred thousand people who aren't. Okay. So what we want is we want the data. Right, we want to know. So do the things that we're doing right one of the numbers what do the numbers tell us and what is the real number versus just the fake number? Right, so we WANNA be very judicious about Howard deciding things, and that's what the judge does. The judge says, Hey, we're going to set some goals and our goal is going to be we want to sell which is use a fake number. We want to sell ten thousand dollars a day. Right. Well, how do that and we know that today we sold ten thousand great tomorrow. We saw eight on Friday we sold say three thousand, right. So was this a good week or not and what did we learn from it? So the judge helps you evaluate all his data. So you can tweak and change things along the way. Remember we're not bringing it to the situation That after eating an apple idea. The beginner's mind kind of thing right? We're not gonNA bring all that baggage with this. All it matters right now is what we're doing from now forward. That's what matters. Right. And then the last perspective is that of a warrior. Okay. So the warrior is your navy seal team six that's going to repel out a helicopter and do some things right or warriors or who there are staff. Right, and you're like on the solar preneurs Ranch's me and my company, Right People to do things for me. You know I have a video got a Web guy got a drip marketing person you know. So so what does success look like for those folks? The projects on time they have the tools they need. They have the information for me. If I had employees would be I've giving them a training or made sure computer works or whatever they're whatever they do. The things are functioning. So they can do a good job with it and the warriors of course support. The date of the judge looks at the the they're going to work on the systems that the artists is going to create, and eventually they're going to achieve the roadmap that the explorer maps out for you so that all four of these things are interrelated. Right. So what we would we think about pivoting from the pandemic a pandemic. Where do we want to go and what do we need to do to get their? These four perspectives can help you analyze what you need to do to be able to achieve the success that you want. Amazing Man. Amazing stuff. If I think if people are hearing him now you can detail. That this person is true coach consultant or however you wanted to categorize it. I I, talk all day. So they give you a couple more questions for you get out of here. There are lots of business owners, Those were jobs as well. Doesn't look preneurs who are not prepared for something like this. And I think you've already kind of mapped out already. But how do we go about now? After we get pass this on pandemic Brian. How did how do you prepare us for the Knicks Downfall? How do we gird ourselves is to make sure that you know we don't. So there's a couple of things you need. Okay and everybody similar with the idea of a toolbox, right so we have a hammer screwdriver ranch and and we keep them in her closet right and what happens if you don't have tools and something breaks or you need it? You're screwed right exactly. So the tools that I want you to have as a business person are the number one tool. The need is a business plan. I started talking with folks all the time. And the reason why they're stuck at whatever level the ours because they don't have a business plan and a business plan is basically nothing more than a bullseye for who your ideal customer is. So you can't tell me who your ideal customer is. How are you creating your marketing? How do you know that your results or? Whatever right because my daily what we want is we want to be able to work half as hard for twice as much right? So we WANNA WE WANNA put together our ideal customer. Friend, who is that I mean I don't know. So for people watching right now here's a simple thing that you can do. So I, want you to bring the past. I. Don't know three years of sales per customers rights. Customer acts was this customer why was this whatever right and I want you to pull? A spreadsheet on that and I want you to do what's called an eighty twenty guys, and here's what I'll tell you without even meeting you. That the top twenty percent of your customers give you eighty percent of your revenue. Okay have you heard about this before? Absolutely Seen on talk about so it's absolutely true. So what we WANNA do is we will be focusing right now on the top twenty percent of our customers because these people that really pay our bills and do this stuff. So. Are they still with us right now or two of them go away Right, and so let's say they're still here. But they they're know like a lot of people are stuck in the mud with fear and they don't WanNa spend the money and they don't want to do what they WanNa do you're going to have to grab him gently by the arm? Okay and pull them off the road because here comes a truck fixing a run him over. Okay. You need help them with empathy and get them motivated in going by doing different things for them and one of the things you might WanNa think about is how you can solve their problem. Right. So if you WANNA stay. There they're your customer, they're gonNA be. Right if you can solve their problem for them, they're wealthy you it doesn't matter what you do or what you charge, right To sell them stuff. About then you're going to have a long road here. So the number one who was a business plan the never tools a marketing plan if we know who our ideal customer is, we know what their problems czar. With empathy with human to human marketing, using our face in our personalities are kind of touch points in creating stuff that's to them. So we can get them into our legion in pipe and Start doing some things with. Right intro it. This isn't about mass boring vanilla emails going out. I'm a big believer in video I use a lot of things. I create videos all the time. I'll do personal videos to customers to get them over onto my page here you know and. I use an APP called soapbox for that. It's basically a chrome extension you can just plug in. Video, and then senator, a lot of people use A. Bomb I think is another one for, but the idea here is that you're being human human human marketing works out and it's about understanding what their problems are, which were is that Your Business Plan right in if you know there are problems and you know how you can solve them right you need to have what I call your unfair advantage, which is you see nobody can compete with you because you've got this thing over here. Right. It's it's neat to you right and so that's kind of the three tools that you really need to kind of what you have to do but more than anything in has to be the willingness to change. I think the people that are really going to come out of the pandemic. Farther ahead than everybody else the people better changing right now they're already adapting. They're already adjusting. They're already doing stuff that people that are not going to be a success to be like barring your neighborhood where they just thought himself was a bar. Sorry we to close. Awesome. Awesome man. Gray stuff. I have I have one last question Unless question in this kind of food for you right now because it could be. Step with a with a pivot talking to topic but. The question is this people here you they like which which would, which is saying like your journal Roach in they want to know in their individual. Businesses. How they can be an authority in their space gives us an overall overall. To bits on that just. Here's how I've become authority have to teach. You have to give away the recipe. Right, if you hold things close to the vest and say I'm not gonNa tell you. Unless. You pay me right you're not. You're not GonNa get where you need to go because nobody's going to trust you right. So I've been writing a blog every single Saturday since two thousand ten. I have a podcast I have youtube a my son Jack who sixteen is helping me with my youtube channel because I'm on my blog. I wrote an article that said I down your Youtube Channel Sucks. because. You know my son's telling it like it is in it was horrible right? He's like dad you're youtube piano awful and I go. Okay. Well, what makes you the experts I watched youtube all the time. Here's what you need to do. So I put him in charge of my youtube. So now he's actually my video editor got him using adobe premiere pro he's doing work for me all I have to do film the stuff. And he's an he post. He did a video for me today actually one with me and one of my customers, right? We did not. We shared a video together we collaborate. So like one of the things that I want you to think about is you need to be using video. You'd be getting out there and more than anything if you're trying to connect with your customers, you to understand that you need to hunt deers live. Right. If, you've got customers that are on link then you need to be linked in. If you've got customers that are facebook, you'd be on Facebook, and if you don't know these channels you to get to know and what's in this is not even social media maybe you need to do a Webinar maybe you need to create a Youtube series, right so you just really kind of understand that you know this guy and this idea comes from the great book. A story brand of Donald Miller is that your customer is the hero of the story they don't care about you buddy they don't. All they care about solving the problem s in front of them right now. So if your marketing and your business businesses set up to make your hero succeed you going to succeed. So. If you're trying to establish authority, get your heroes succeeding and then everybody will beat a path to your door. As perfect. Turf weeks are dude of your nonstop I. Love it though I love it. I. Love It. I love it. Guys I. Hope You got a good. Hobby a Lotta this because he gave us a lot in in in half an hour. So just imagine if can just imagine what he can do for you on a on on real time basis of working with him. So. Masha, please tell them where they can find this book and connect with you further. So the book I think you've got my link up here this is just a bit link. So this takes YouTube. Pastor book is fifty nine dollars. It's a PDF. I. Don't have it on Amazon because they don't want Amazon to take all my money. So I just I'm website. And and then if you buy the book and you get stock or need help, you know you can email in help you I'm I'm building an online course right now for and then I'll come out in your by the end of the year. And then but my website is Atkinson teacher dot com don't let the t shirt part fool you can certainly help you stuff I've. Been Coaching businesses since two thousand ten. Kind of on the side and then two, thousand eighteen. I'm doing it full time since since then. and. I help. Hundreds of businesses real time, and then I also have events that I do and I have a new ECOMMERCE event that's for my industry that is at the end of this month place. There's a lot of things going on. And on the very kind of I'll tell you like it is right in a vital. Outside Hey, I've no idea about that. You need to talk to your account they were ever right and. But. I think I can help people I teach a lot on marketing on leadership You know the stuff that I I was I'm a former COO. Of stuff my personal customers about cost optimization. Lots of fancy terms ride but it's all about really getting better and then pushing people to succeed by by doing things differently because if you're struggling what got you here isn't the answer your change absolutely love it. I love it and for those who are listening later just the spout that that link for you is Atkinson Dwayne. It sounds dial if f why the way that sounds for slash in Mary people, D- David Book. So. I'm not going to repeat that but just rewind it if you WANNA. Hear that. Right so incredible, what's up dude? You're amazing. You're amazing. Thanks. So glad you're you're able to get on the show and I know that there are people who recent past guests who? Who dipped into the pivot thing you brought it all. Full circle though input into like a real big big huge thing which I'm so happy for the so many people were struggling don't know where to wear the businesses going where we're to do what to do with the business right now. So this is perfect. She just everywhere people know in. I want before we get out of here what would also go to the DOT COM get on that list of helping you build your own authority platform just like he is like Marshall is in. This is great. This is great. I. I can't wait to see with everybody one of. One of us have I'm going to get out here, but if if you have any final words. All Marshall Let us know before we before we go. That'd be great. Yeah. Sure. So first off. Thank you so much for having me on today really appreciate the opportunity an allergist ad that you don't have to do this all at once right Solomon big believe there's a great book called Automic Habits by James Clear in the book he talks about trying to get one percent better every day. And so you don't have to. You don't have to do crazy magic things. Try a little harder every day. Spent some time budgets of time and be willing to fail failures where you're GonNa make all your successes because you're gonNA learn what doesn't work in through that you're going to have the success that you want. You Know Edison it took ten thousand tries to light, bulb? Right. So how many tries are you on right now? I love that. that. Day Row. You are incredible. So hope everybody got that over. I'm inspired hope you were inspired by today my Marshall and. Listen go ahead. Do what he says. Build it as go along make mistakes give better grow. and. For you just don't give up. All right take care. Thank you for coming through here. Bless route. US. Oh. Rapper this episode of the Authority projects. Thanks so much for tuning in, and if you like what you heard, we want to hear from you subscribe rate and give an honest review Sharon tell your friends. So they can hear to and for even more authority building tactics b-share to sign up at the authority letter, Dot Com, get free weekly content an ongoing digital product giveaways to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. We certainly hope you got a key takeaway or maybe an Aha moment from today broadcast just remember it's your authority, build it Charrette and they will come until next time.

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