What is your number one tip?


Net asks. Tell me your number one. We knew and you are advising us. But my number one tip would probably eight just five to get a sample as quickly as possible safe. If you have a product that you bring in the moment, you have it in your hot little hands. You start actually thinking Newport. This would be get get your first point as soon as possible you have a sample, and you really are crucially Newport, I for one country greed read some of them want to find the product kits amply straightaway. I that once people do that something she's sitting that brand it's real for them. And then they get the book. And then the lock in is the people who spend a damn he trying to find a product that eating sample eight, you know, more than a very frustrated to get a practice as possible. This is one more question. I tended you'll Milton carpets and a woman named Cathy Seacombe six mentioned that she was Amazon slow I tried to find a still have often, but she didn't want to. She didn't give me the night. So maybe septum skeptical. Look if one of my students one of out people who try when it keep these companies actual than I'm going to respect that to fight on shit. All of the details up to them. You know, you're welcome to share what you wanna cost monthly with another three ran one yesterday. We probably had a seven to eight questions with students op mentioning the, and they polite me me not to share. If if that's the case, they went in case of students in to shed. So really it's out to people to choose what level competence coming in geology. That is often found have once I can share with you, Lauren. Who's doing millions of dollars a year seven figures doing children's toys, and she's very sacred by the productivity, but she's very sacred. She might help to actually sell the property benefit a lot of people don't like to share. They think I'm we people. But I do if you look at my cat. You would say that their table behind me with all my products share within the members that are shed I'm necessarily with everyone else, which is cool.

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